How to update the Blackview A7

Updating Android on your Blackview A7 is a must if you want your mobile device to stay on top of its performance. And yes, the updates will add a multitude of features that will make using your Blackview A7 more enjoyable. However, it is not necessarily easy to update the Blackview A7 in case you do not know how to do it. That is why we will see in this post why it is essential to make updates. We will see later how to know if there is an update available for the Blackview A7. After that, we will discover the technique to update the Blackview A7 and the precautions to take before starting. Finally, we will discuss possible alternatives if you don’t see an update available.

Why update Android on the Blackview A7

Android updates bring a lot of things to your Blackview A7. One of the most important reasons to update your mobile is security. And yes, as with all operating systems, there are security flaws in Android. So the updates will first remove these defects and therefore increase the security of your Blackview A7. Another reason why updates are interesting is the addition of features. And yes, each update brings its own set of features. This can be additional applications or additional settings. In addition, some improvements will also save the battery of your Blackview A7 and therefore extend its life. Therefore, it is imperative that you update your Blackview A7 for security or additional features.

The technique to know if there is an update available on my Blackview A7

Before you start the Blackview A7 update, you will first need to check if there is an update for your device. To see this, you need to go to the Blackview A7 settings menu. And then go all the way down About the device. Once done, choose Software update et look for an update. If an update is available, your Blackview A7 will ask you if you want to download and install it. If there is nothing, you may see a message like: no updates available either your device is already updated.

Tutorial to update my Blackview A7

Updating the Blackview A7 is extremely easy. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to take some precautions before starting the update, simply because the update sometimes causes concern. Here are 3 things you can do before you get started:

  • Backup your data: In case you don’t know how to do it, read our tutorial to backup your Blackview A7.
  • Recharge the battery – The process can sometimes take some time, so make sure you have at least 75% battery.
  • Save your settings: You can take a screenshot of your settings. Learn how to take a screenshot on Blackview A7 here

Now that you’ve taken your precautions, there’s room for upgrading. To start the update, go to Settings > About device > Software update. All you have to do is select release the update for the process to begin. The operation will take several minutes and the laptop will reboot several times. When finished, the laptop turns on and your Blackview A7 is updated.

How to do it when there is no update available for my Blackview A7

If there is no update available for Blackview A7 but you still want to update it, know that it is possible. On the other hand, the process is a little more difficult. To do this, you will need to root your Blackview A7 and install what is called a custom ROM. If that doesn’t scare you, you should follow our tutorial to root a Blackview A7. With this technique you can have many more possibilities regarding the update you aspire to install.

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How to update ZTE Blade V8

Updating Android on your ZTE Blade V8 is a must if you want your smartphone to stay at its best. Without a doubt, the updates add a multitude of features that will make using your ZTE Blade V8 more enjoyable. However, it is not always easy to update the ZTE Blade V8 when you don’t know how to do it. That is why we will see in this article why it is profitable to perform updates. Later we will find out what to do to see if an update is available for the ZTE Blade V8. We will also see the technique to update the ZTE Blade V8 and the steps to follow just before starting. Finally, we will see the alternatives that exist when you do not see an update available.

Why update Android on ZTE Blade V8

Android updates add a lot to your ZTE Blade V8. One of the most important reasons to upgrade your smartphone is security. In fact, as with all operating systems, you can find security flaws in Android. MAJs therefore make it possible to eliminate these security vulnerabilities in the first instance and therefore protect your ZTE Blade V8. Another reason why updates are essential is adding features. In fact, each update offers its own set of features. These could be additional applications or additional settings. Furthermore, some improvements will also save battery on your ZTE Blade V8 and thus extend its lifespan. The ZTE Blade V8 will therefore need to be updated, either for security or for additional features.

What is the technique to know if there is an update available on my ZTE Blade V8

Before you start updating your ZTE Blade V8, you will first need to check if there is an update for your laptop. To see this, you will need to go to the ZTE Blade V8 settings menu. Then rdv all the way down in About the device. Once you are there, choose Software update and then look for an update. When an update is available, your ZTE Blade V8 will offer to download and install it. If nothing appears, you should see a message like this: no updates available either your phone is already updated.

Technique to update my ZTE Blade V8

Updating the ZTE Blade V8 is relatively simple. However, it may be beneficial to keep a few provisions in mind before committing to the upgrade, as upgrading sometimes causes concern. Here are 3 things we recommend you do right before you start:

  • Backup your data: If you don’t know how to do it, check out our ZTE Blade V8 backup guide.
  • Recharge the battery: The procedure can sometimes take several minutes, so make sure you have at least 70% battery power.
  • Save your preferences: It’s a good idea to take a screenshot of your settings. Learn here how to take a screenshot on ZTE Blade V8

When you’ve done the right thing, there’s room for upgrading. To start the update, you must enter Settings > About device > Software update. All you have to do is click on it. release the update for the operation to begin. The operation will take a few minutes and the phone will reboot several times. When finished, the phone turns on and your ZTE Blade V8 is updated.

What to do in case there is no update available for my ZTE Blade V8

In case there is no update available for the ZTE Blade V8 but you still want to update it, know that it is possible. Unfortunately, the process is a little more difficult. This is because you will need to root your ZTE Blade V8 and install what is called a custom ROM. If that doesn’t scare you, you can follow our tutorial to root a ZTE Blade V8. With this technique you will be able to have many more possibilities regarding the update you want to install.

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The Indian PP sues Freedom 251, the 3 euro mobile

No matter how we look at it, the 3 euro smartphone was a trap, a lie. So much so that the Game Popular Indio has sued the Freedom 251 company, the mobile phone intended for emerging markets that would cost just over 3 euros. It has all been very strange, because there was talk of a project with a public subsidy but that ultimately did not happen, it was all a lie. A lie that trapped more than 70 million people, who were interested in buying the 3 euro mobile phone.

They sue Fredoom 251’s company

The leader of the Indian People’s Party (BJP), Kirit Domaiya, has denounced the Freedom 251 company for scam risk. The reason? That the cost of the product is impossible, it can’t happen, and it’s not subsidized, so it had all been a hoax from the beginning. Users are concerned (despite the cost) and are looking for answers.

But the most curious thing is that it was Murli Manohar Joshi, who endorsed the Freedom 251 project and who happens to be a veteran of the party. While it was thought to be public financing, it seems that the company Ringing Bells He received the money from somewhere else. Although this does not end here, because Mohit Goel declared that his company would collaborate with the project in everything necessary, and he continues to think that they will launch quality products cheaper than the competition like this Freedom 251, of course, no one believes it. What is certain is that it aims to benefit from the ecosystem of Freedom apps, which does not convince us.

A large scale scam? 3 euros x 70 million people is a lot

Although it may seem silly and 3 euros are nothing251 rupees in your market is more than 3 euros for us, and there is a lot of poverty and people are worried. They are looking for answers, and the Indian government wants to give them to Ringing Bells with this complaint. It all started as you know, with sending counterfeit mobile phones to the press and the lack of explanation of the business model, too many lies that could never have ended well. We’ll see what all this turns out to be, it’s progress, but we still don’t have anything.

What do you think about the topic?

Via | NDTV

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Intel presents its first Lakefield processors with Forevos 3D process

Intel has officially presented its new processors Intel Core with technology Intel Hybrid Technology and the code name “Lakefield”. This is the first generation of processors based on the layered manufacturing process called Foveros 3D, a technology with which Intel can compete in size and consumption with its ARM rivals by entering low-power formats such as laptops such as the recent Samsung Galaxy Book S. .

One of the advantages of Lakefield is the possibility of having smaller PC boards thanks to the system 3D Foveros and its vertical layer system. We have in the same package a design Hybrid CPU (big.LITTLE) that integrates a CPU Sunny Cove Core made in 10nm with cores Tremont. In this small processor of only 1mm thick Thanks to Foveros, a powerful Gen 11 GPU with a performance that theoretically doubles to the current Gen 9.

In this presentation, the first processors and the key characteristics of the first processors have been revealed. Intel Lakefield with technology FoverosIts about Intel Core i5-L16G7 and the Intel Core i3-L13G4two pentacore models with a consumption of only 7W TPD. Without a doubt, some very interesting products that we hope to try at some point.

Processor Number graphics Cores/Threads Graphics (EUs) Cache TDP Base Freq (GHz) Max Single Core Turbo (GHz) Max All Core Turbo (GHz) Graphics Max Freq (GHz) Memory
i5-L16G7 Intel UHD Graphics 5/5 64 4MB 7W 1.4 3.0 1.8 Up to 0.5 LPDDR4X-4267
i3-L13G4 Intel UHD Graphics 5/5 48 4MB 7W 0.8 2.8 1.3 Up to 0.5 LPDDR4X-4267
  • The smallest packet size, enabled by Foveros– With Foveros 3D stacking technology, processors achieve a dramatic reduction in package area – now just a minuscule 12x12x1mm, about the size of a dime – by stacking two logic dies and two layers of DRAM on three dimensions, also eliminating the need for external memory.
  • Hardware-guided operating system programming– By enabling real-time communication between the CPU and the operating system scheduler to run the right applications on the right cores, the hybrid CPU architecture helps deliver up to 24% better performance per SOC power3 and up to 12 4% faster compute-intensive application than integer threads.
  • More than 2x the performance on Intel UHD for IA5-enhanced workloads– Flexible GPU compute engine enables sustained, high-performance inference applications, including AI-enhanced video stylization, analytics, and image resolution upscaling
  • Up to 1.7x better graphics performance– Gen11 graphics deliver seamless media and content creation on the fly, the biggest leap in graphics for 7-watt systems based on the Intel processor. Convert video clips up to 54% faster, support for up to four external 4K displays, immerse yourself in rich visuals for content creation and entertainment.
  • Gigabit Connectivity– With support for Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Intel LTE solutions, experience seamless video conferencing and online streaming.
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Torchlight Mobile shows its strength in a new Kitsune class gameplay video

Torchlight was like the “cartoon” version of the great Diablo II when it was released a few years ago, just before Diablo III arrived much later. This type of game is based on the incessant fight against hordes of enemies that come from all the nooks and crannies that these dungeons can give rise to. This exploration of new weapons, armor and final bosses has managed to take the Blizzard franchise to the highest levels of gaming.

Soon we will be able to have some of this on our mobile phones through Torchlight Mobile, the version for smartphones and tablets of that great PC game. Now we have a new video to take a bite out of that shows the Kitsune class and its great repertoire of skills that we will be able to try when this Dungeon Crawler/ARPG is released before the end of this year, so we will have the game for a while during those Christmases that will become something more special.

Torchlight Mobile was announced in summer 2015 and will follow the PC original in content, although it will have freemium mechanics so that anyone can jump into its dungeons and different classes. The best thing about this freemium is that it will be purely cosmetic and we will not have a pay-to-win as a game.


It should be mentioned that this is not a spin-off of the first two Torchlight titles, but rather it will be a very complete third. We will have multiple classes to play and about 64 skills that we can evolve. Among some of its notable features we have the ability to open an ingame store to sell the loot that we get other players. A video game focused on dungeons and those final bosses that will present epic battles. Finally, we will be left with a PvP mode that will turn it almost into a MOBA.

The closed beta ended in China in October, so we could see it released before the end of the year. Cross our fingers.

samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung officially unveils the new Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung has officially unveiled the new one Galaxy S III Mini: it is a mid-range device, with exactly the same technical specifications that we had already seen yesterday.

Specifically, the Galaxy S III Mini is equipped with:

  • 4.0 inch Super AMOLED display (800×480 pixels, 223 ppi)
  • CPU ST-Ericsson U8420 1.0GHz dual-core, Mali-400 GPU and 1GB of RAM
  • 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, rec. 720p video / front VGA
  • Storage of 8/16 GB expandable via microSD card (up to 32 GB)
  • Google operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Connectivity WiFi a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz, GPS/GLONASS, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB, 3.5 mm jack
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Dimensions of 121.55 x 62.95 x 9.85 mm, 111.5 g

The official press release follows.

Milan, 11 October 2012 – Samsung Electronics, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announces new GALAXY S III mini. This smartphone with an extremely compact design, with a 4-inch display, embodies all the elegance, extreme ease of use and intuitive technology of a top-of-the-range smartphone.

“With GALAXY S III we introduced a new smartphone concept that has achieved incredible success. Now we are proud to be able to present the “little brother” Galaxy S III mini, designed for consumers who base their purchasing choice on the elegance and portability of the device and on “smart” and innovative features, rather than on performance levels”. commented Carlo Barlocco, Vice President Telecom & IT Division of Samsung Electronics Italia. “Our goal has always been to think about the real needs of all types of consumers, to offer everyone the most natural user experience possible together with the best usability on the move”.

Ideal for those looking for an easy-to-use smartphone, GALAXY S III mini features a minimal design with gentle curves which, together with the home screen image, wallpapers and ringtones, recalls the elements of nature. The 4-inch Super AMOLED display ensures unique, vivid color viewing of multimedia content and web pages, while its small size ensures a comfortable and comfortable grip, for an easy and ergonomic use experience.

Equipped with intelligent technology, GALAXY S III mini is designed to make the interaction between the user and the device extremely intuitive. S Voice, the advanced speech recognition software, allows you to use your voice alone to unlock your smartphone, play your favorite songs, raise or lower the volume, organize your calendar or automatically launch the camera to take a photo.

In addition to recognizing the voice, GALAXY S III mini captures the user’s gestures, to offer even more natural usability: with Intelligent Standby the camera detects the user’s physical presence and keeps the screen lit; Direct Call allows you to call the person you are sending a message to by simply holding your smartphone to your ear; Finally, intelligent notification notifies the user of all messages or missed calls every time the smartphone is unlocked.

Sharing content is also easy and immediate thanks to innovative functions: with S Beam you can send 10MB music files in less than two seconds simply by touching another device equipped with the same function, without a Wi-Fi connection or network signal; Sharing Photo Friends allows you to share photos of friends easily and immediately directly from the camera or image gallery.

Thanks to the new Jelly Bean, the latest version of the AndroidTM operating system, GALAXY S III mini ensures amazing graphics possibilities, faster response times and the most updated version of the Google Now search service.

GALAXY S III mini will be available from November at the recommended retail price of €449, from the main consumer electronics brands and mobile operators, in two different colours: Marble White and Pebble Blue.

spotify Ξ TREND

Spotify is updated with a renewed bottom navigation bar

The existing war between the different services music streaming is very interesting. A new player was even added to the table with the alternative that Amazon proposes with its Amazon Music Unlimited. Tidal, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited have a lot at stake in that battle that Spotify and Apple Music seem to lead.

In order not to be left behind in this race without a final goal, Spotify has once again bring to life the bottom navigation bar which consists of five tabs that will take you through the most essential spaces of this online music streaming service. For those Android users who have become accustomed to the side navigation panel.

It seems that we are also facing another trend with those navigation bars that allow us to access the most important spaces of an application. This inclusion in Spotify was already present in the beta a few months ago with five tabs that navigate to those “parts.”

What happens is that that bar disappeared with an update until it has now reached the stable Spotify channel, although yes, you have to update the app via APK that we supply or the Google Play Store when you have it available.

The five tabs are Home, Explore, Search, Radio and Your Library. Each tab has its icon and the navigation bar has moved the playback bar just one step up, so now you have the operations center to move through your Spotify from the bottom side of the screen. This means that you can say goodbye to the navigation panel that many of us have become accustomed to.

If you want to access this now new navigation bar from your Spotify and you don’t want to wait to interact with it, you can install the APK below.

Download the Spotify APK

samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung surprises with updates for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy See Rui Bacelar January 12, 2023

Samsung began this Thursday (12) the launch of new software updates for headphones or headset series Galaxy Buds2 Pro and smart watches Galaxy Look. The new software is currently distributed via OTA (over the air).

This is excellent news for those who have these Samsung gadgets, taking the content capture experience for users to another level. Galaxy. Thus, the same good practices already present on your smartphones also arrive.

toast the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch

You Galaxy smartphones Samsung products have long offered good and, in some cases, the best photography and video experiences. In practice, achieved and reiterated, allowing users to create, capture and share the best moments.

Now, the already famous Galaxy camera is further improved with 360º audio recording. This is a unique feature that brings surround sound to video content and, with the camera controller, makes it easy to zoom in and out remotely.

The new 360º audio recording feature allows users to capture sound on video, exactly as they hear it. By pairing the Galaxy Buds2 Pro with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can film like a pro and capture high-quality positional audio, without the need for professional equipment and in a very convenient way.

More quality for your Samsung Bluetooth headphones

The functionality allows you to record 360-degree positional sound using the microphone present on each earbud. The promise is bold and aims to capture both the raucous sound of the audience at a musical concert and the subtlety of the natural sounds of a forest.

Users can then put on headphones and play a video on their device to hear realistic sounds that replicate the in-person experience in a much more immersive way.

Finally, this is one of the new features that already takes advantage of the LE Audio standard, that is, audio with lower latency and lower battery consumption. In practice, with LE Audio both the microphone on the left and right of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are considered for sound reproduction.

Camera Controller: Frame the perfect shot from your wrist with your smartwatch

The new update also gives users the ability to remotely control their phone’s camera zoom via the watch face.

In practice, with this new update – soon available in the series Galaxy Ver5 Is Ver4 – We will have zoom capabilities for the camera controller. This further expands the camera experience. Galaxy with the Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Look connectivity.

Finally, as reported by Samsung itself, the new 360 audio recording function will be progressively launched on Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4. It will arrive via software updates starting today.

The updated camera controller feature will be available on Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro, Watch4, and Watch4 Classic starting in February.

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iphone Ξ TREND

DigitalFun launches SPORTSmania for iPhone!

SPORTSmania it is available in Italian on iPhone and iPod Touch to the promotional price of EURO 0.79!!! Hurry!!!

There new media company DigitalFunreleased the SPORTSmania video game on the App Store platform. The product will be immediately accessible to beyond 30 million users worldwide who own iPhone and iPod Touch thanks to localization in Italian and English.

SPORTS mania is the new and exciting game that allows you to challenge yourself and your memory in a series of levels, each dedicated to a different sportwith the goal of finding pairs of identical images. Complete the game in the shortest time possible and join the online world ranking!

To help your business, some bonuses which you can obtain by creating combinations of correctly revealed images:

Lens: Allows you to ‘peek’ at a card without revealing it
Break: stops the flow of time for 4 seconds
Bomb: Automatically discovers a cup of images

The sport present are: Tennis, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Athletics, Formula One, Hockey, Volleyball and Skiing.

Between characteristics present, constantly evolving:
10 levels and as many sports
• Simple and intuitive
• 200 different cards
• Online world ranking
• Bonuses and Combos

“We have decided to launch this new production in a crucial period for Apple. The release of the iPhone 3Gs and the new firmware 3.0 are two key elements to support the sdevelopers. New features and millions of new consumers push i downloads and we can only be satisfied with it, having positioned ourselves as Italian leaders in first & third party development and aggregation in the new media sector”. He declared Fabio Viola, Founder and Vice President of DigitalFun. “

SPORTSmania is an unmissable game for fans of sport and it fits into ours iPhone lineupThat by Autumn it will be enriched with at least 10 more titles”.
He has declared Massimiliano Elia, President of DigitalFun.

SPORTSmania And on sale on the App Store at the price of Euro 0.79

Buy on iTunes:
Official site:

Here’s one for you trailer:



An artificial intelligence program writes a novel and manages to compete in a contest

Although the collective conscience speaks that artificial intelligence will have a difficult time with creative tasks, a software in Japan has been able to write, with some human help, a novel that has been able to compete for a prize.

Claims about how automated societies controlled mostly by robots will function are not new. For many years, they have been part of science fiction literature and expert analysis when they talk about future realities. It is usually assumed that, as has already happened with mechanization, simple jobs in which human thinking is not essential will first be replaced, and later, with a great development of artificial intelligence (AI), give way to others where we do provide added value. However, a Japanese AI program has written a novel, which shows the development that already exists today.

The novel is titled “The Day a Computer Writes a Novel”, and according to Hitoshi Matsubara’s team, The human part of the work was selecting words and phrases, in addition to determining parameters about the narrative and plot. before the program began literary production. Two works written with AI were presented, and one of them managed to advance to the next round in a literary contest, without the jury knowing that it had been written practically entirely by a machine.

In other editions of the contest, works written with artificial intelligence were already accepted, but it was not until this year that the participants believed that the software was ready to compete face to face with humans. According to Satoshi Hase, a novelist who was part of the jury, it was a surprise to learn how it was written, given the good structure of the novel. Although, yes, in the character descriptions, for example, there are some problems. For the team, the most difficult thing is to provide the software with human sensitivity, and for this to be perceived in the plot by readers.

It is not easy, according to them, for the creation of a machine to have coherence and be capable of generating stories with which we are able to empathize, as readers who do not know from whose “hands” that work comes.

Image: Stock Up

clone dream valley Ξ TREND

We tested Dream Machine, a Monument Valley clone

Today we found ourselves on Google Play with Dream Machine, a Monument Valley style game that aims to be a sure hit. What’s special about it? That transports us to a world of magic and puzzle in which we will have to be very smart. We will start with the first chapter, the nonconformist, and we will advance through truly spectacular environments, very well designed and with 10-grade graphics. The mechanics, if you have already played Monument, you will see that it is very similar, but in this case we will have to turn wheels to advance.

Dream Machine, our experience with the game

We have already tried “Dream Machine: The Game” and it’s very good. As I already told you up there, the dynamics of the game are basically turning wheels to make our robot advance. It is easy although at first it may take us a little to understand the dynamics, but simply we will turn wheels so that our character can advance for the different scenarios.

Every time you see a handle, it will have to be turned to pass. As it progresses, it becomes more complicated and stops being so intuitive and becomes more difficult, there will come a time when you will have to give a lot of effort if you want to advance. But don’t worry, you will have tutorials in each new phase. Not only will you have to turn handles, but touch the robot to turn it, hold down to make it stop and much more.

It is a game of mental agility, of paying close attention, of strategy. We will have to be the best to advance our character through the frozen kingdom in which he finds himself. I can tell you that as you progress it will get very complicated, this is just the beginning.

Download Dream Machine on Google Play

Dream Machine can now be downloaded on Google Play. The problem, the price, that costs 1.02 euros. Sometimes it’s too lazy to check out, but if you have your PayPal account linked it’s very convenient, especially if you use a Google Opinion Rewards survey, because with a couple you take you’ll have plenty of time to play and snack on many more things.

Do you like Dream Machine? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments. We have tested it and it is great, it works perfectly, without crashes and nothing strange. Furthermore, the ratings in the Play Store speak for themselves with a 4.6 rating at the moment.

Download | Dream Machine on Google Play

android whatsapp Ξ TREND

Changing the WhatsApp keyboard on Android is that easy

Are you tired of always seeing the same keyboard on your Android mobile when you write in a WhatsApp group or private chat? Well you should know that changing the WhatsApp keyboard is possible and you do not need to be an expert in the field to carry out the change in question.

Of course, at the moment, and we do not believe that this will change in the future, WhatsApp does not offer any option that facilitates changing the keyboard within the app itself, so on Android it is necessary to change the keyboard of the entire system, what does this mean? That the keyboard you choose will appear in the rest of the applications you have installed on your mobile.

Likewise, you can change the keyboard when you finish using WhatsApp. Even, Android offers a shortcut so that any user can change keyboards without having to access the system settings (as long as the keyboards have been enabled previously).

How to change the WhatsApp keyboard on Android?

Before we show you the steps you will have to take to change the keyboard in WhatsApp, we recommend trying other keyboards through the Google app store. By entering the Play Store and searching for keyboards, you can find endless options that allow you access new keyboardswhich obviously You can use it on WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

  • As we mentioned in the paragraph above, the first thing you should do is install a keyboard. Just by entering the Play Store and typing the word “keyboard” (without the quotes) in the search engine, a huge list will appear with different options.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the keyboard that you like the most, you must access your mobile settings.
  • Within the configuration of your terminal, you will have to enter “System”.
  • Therefore, you must click on “Languages ​​and inputs”.

  • Click on the option that says “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Click on the section that says “Manage on-screen keyboards”.
  • There you must activate the keyboard you downloaded (We recommend leaving several keyboards activated to intersperse their use within WhatsApp).
  • The keyboards that you have activated will appear in the On-Screen Keyboard list.

  • Then you will have to open the WhatsApp app.
  • Enter one of the chats that you have open.
  • Click on the field where you write the messages.

  • The keyboard that you have activated by default will be displayed, to change it you must Click on the keyboard-shaped icon which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • A window will appear with the keyboards that you have installed on your mobile. Click on the keyboard you want to use.
  • In seconds, WhatsApp will switch to the keyboard you have chosen.

Last but not least, there are times when changing the keyboard presents problems within WhatsApp. If this is your case, we advise you to update the messaging app to the latest version, as well as clear its cache on Android.


New Saitek pads

Pc Ps 2700 Rumble Pad it’s the last one pad born at home Saitek suitable for all video gamers who want to fully experience all the experiences of game.

It’s a new accessory And triformedcreated ad-hoc for PC (also supports Windows Vista), PS2 and PS3perfectly compatible with all the features of three consoles.

Easy and practical to install, Pc Ps 2700 Rumble Pad is equipped with two analog triggers, eight-way cross, six buttons, two analog sticks, a home button for activating the Ps3 menu, a double FPS button suitable for PC it’s a Precision Mode button to improve the touch sensitivity of the buttonsall characteristics that make the new pad from Saitek a unique product.

In addition to having the vibration function on PC and PS2thanks to Cyborg technology the player will be able to quickly change the game mode based on your preferences, a feature that makes the new accessory Saitek even more complete.

The pad available in one black and blue colorwas made in non-slip plasticthat makes the comfortable grip ensuring stability to every session and genre game.

Pc Ps 1000 Dual Analog Pad and the simpler and cheaper version of the 2700 Rumble Padbut equally complete.

Attractive design also for PC Ps 1000 Dual Analog Pad given by black and fuchsia colorwhich makes the Saitek accessory unique and complete.

and if you want there’s also fuchsia…

Pc Ps 1000 and 2700 begins on game!

Rough price PC PS 2700 €24.90, PC PS 1000 €19.90

android android 10 ram Ξ TREND

Android 10, 6GB of RAM and Octa Core SoC for the 10.1″ Binai M11

It seems that the chips Unisoc They are making their way in the world of tablets, since today we find the new Binai M11 which includes an Octa Core SoC SC9863A equipped with efficient ARM Cortex-A55 processors.

This tablet draws attention in the first instance for including Android 10 as OS, a version that has very little presence on tablets. Other interesting factors are their 6GB of RAMthe inclusion of a modem 4G-LTE multi-band and the presence of a rear camera with a fairly high resolution, since it is 13 MP. Regarding its design, we have a metal body, 7.8 mm thick and relatively narrow frames.

SoC, RAM and storage

The tablet Binai M11 includes the SoC Unisoc SC9863A, an Octa Core manufactured in 28 nm with 4 processors ARM Cortex-A55 capable of reaching 1.8Ghz maximum speed and another 4 that reach 1.2Ghz while the GPU is a PowerVR IMG8322. We also have integrated on the board 6GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 64/128 GB of storage memory.

Screen and other specifications

The touch screen of this Binai M11 is a 10.1 inch IPS with a Full HD+ resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and 2.5D curved glass that rounds out its design. The screen includes a 5 MP camera with microphone at the top that complements the 13 MP rear camera with LED flash. We also have Dual Band aC Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPSFM Radio and a battery 6000 mAh with fast charging which theoretically allows us to see even 8 hours of movies.

This SoC integrates a 4G-LTE modem Multibands with Dual SIM tray. In the connectivity section we have a magnetic keyboard connector, 3.5 mm audio jack, micro SD card reader and a USB Type-C for data and battery recharging. As for the operating system, it is updated in this model to Android 10, which gives us a fairly long useful life. The audio section also seems a little more careful than usual with two speakers at the bottom.

Price and availability

  • The tablet Binai M11 can be purchased in the online store from €157 ($177.99) with free shipping in its version with 6/64 GB with the coupon GKB8TH10,we also have coupon GKB8TH11 for version 6/128GB.


TripAdvisor updates to version 2.0.5 introducing some important new features

For those who don’t know him, Tripadvisor it is a tourist site where there are thousands of reviews And opinions about attractions, restaurants And hotel of all the world.

Well, today we want to inform you aboutupdate 2.0.5 released for the application of Tripadvisor For Android. Several bugs are fixed in it and two long-awaited features are added:

  • receiving notifications to notify you of the insertion of new photos or reviews but also of replies relating to discussions in which you participate;
  • display of the distance from the point where you are to any chosen destination, with attached directions to reach it.

The only flaw is that despite the update, the Tripadvisor app still has some ‘jerkiness‘so to speak, nothing that compromising anyway.

You can download the application from the box below:

android software company

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


android honor Ξ TREND

Android Nougat reaches beta testers on the Honor 8 with a clearer UI

Huawei already warned a few months ago that it would propose a not so heavy custom cape like the one I had at that time. An imperative need for Android to perform much better and not be tied to that software that usually wreaks havoc on both the performance and the battery of the terminal. He also says that the pure version of Android is looking better and better, so that Pixel will attract more and more people.

At the beginning of this month the search for candidates to test the beta of Android Nougat for the Honor 8. After choosing a good sum of them, the company is now launching the beta builds, so today we already have access to the first screenshots of what is a layer clearer personalized, as evidenced by them.

The screenshots show Android Nougat with EMUI 5.0 on the Honor 8, and as you can see, everything seems clearer and cleaner. This is because Android Nougat on the Honor 8 comes with Huawei’s EMUI 5.0, also seen on the recently launched Mate 9.

This new custom layer, or what are some tweaks that they make it lighter to look at, makes EMUI more like what Android is, instead of more like iOS. The latter was one of the harshest criticisms ever received of Huawei, that manufacturer that is currently the third best seller on the planet.

So, with a purer version of Android, the Honor 8 becomes an even more desirable phone than it was when it was released. A terminal that sold 1.5 million units in its first two months of life, as reported in this news. If you own one, it will be a matter of waiting to get your hands on that Nougat that looks great.

psp warriors Ξ TREND

Warriors Orochi 2 Preview (PSP)

Koei And Omega Force they reunite again to create the sequel to the undeserving Warriors Orochi. WO2 it blends between Dystany Warriors and Samurai Warriors, adding some interesting gems compared to its predecessor.

For those who don’t know much about the story, the series of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are third-person hack & slash gameswith adventure elements that focus primarily on the destruction of huge armies in large, open worlds.
WO2 maintains all this and grants the control of 3 charactersof which you can actually “command” only one (while the other two will be an integral part of your group).

Obviously, the game allows you to at any time change control of characters and this will be possible simply pressing the direction corresponding to the PG on the D pad that you want to send into battle. To be able to move your character in the surrounding world, you will use the analogue of the PSP and to attack, you will have to press square or triangle (respectively: light and heavy attack).
Holding down one of the attack buttons, the character ne will charge an even more powerful one (but be careful, you will be very vulnerable in that situation) and with i top buttonsyou will be able to score some special moves.

Special attacks they will obviously depend on the type of character you are using, but in any case they could take the form of smashing moves, spinning swords or several rifle shots. Most of the special attacks are area attacksthat is, they will inflict damage to enemies who find themselves in the action space of the move, so they could be very useful if you find yourself surrounded or facing a good number of opponents.

As in all the other games in the series, the action revolves around eliminating hordes of enemies which then lead you to face mini-bosses and other opponents with more energy, more resistant armor and their own special attacks. In a demonstration at E3 it was possible to notice the character San Zangwhich he found himself looking for Sun Wukong. From what we understand, Sun Wukong was imprisoned for some “misdeed”, but we don’t know anything more detailed.
This is a taste of the various types of missions you will have to face. During your research, in any case, you will have “awards” to unlock, such as: by killing 100 enemies, you will unlock a new strategy that you can use later.

Warriors Orochi 2 it is also characterized by the implementation of different modes, including Dream, Versus and Survival. There Beforeallows you to choose 3 characters with 92 names (including Benkei, but only for the Western release) and play maps based on character choices. Versuseven if it uses the same 3-person group system, will pit you against an opponent (also with 3 characters) in a battle in 4 different scenarios. Finally, the Survival mode, as you will surely guess, is a two-player mode, characterized by Infinite “spawn” of enemies.

The game looks perfect for the widescreen PSP, with some very smooth animations and a good frame rate (although at times, the textures may appear a little confusing). The audio has been created to reflect the oriental environment, at times it may be repetitive but overall it is good.
Warriors Orochi 2 is based on the Playstation 2 version and fans of the series who want to have their own hack&slash wherever they go will definitely appreciate this version which, at the moment, It does not yet have an official release datebut everything gives hope of being able to see it before the end of 2009.

samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung prepares important improvement for its Galaxy See Carlos Oliveira January 12, 2023

Currently, Samsung uses OLED technology panels in its range of smart watches, the Galaxy Watch. Despite the excellence that these currently offer, the South Korean technology company wants to improve this aspect of its watches even more.

The next step, apparently, will be the use of panels with microLED technology in their smart watches. A change that should be accompanied by its great rival Apple.

Samsung will use microLED panels in Galaxy Watch

Reports from South Korea have given rise to this new wave of rumors about the future of Samsung smartwatches. The South Korean technology company wants to get closer to the top of this market niche and believes that it will achieve this by improving the quality of its products.

It was at the end of last year that Samsung Display created a team dedicated to the development of microLED panels for implementation in smart watches. A task that should not be complicated for this subsidiary of the Korean company.

I remind you that Samsung already uses microLED panels in its televisions. Therefore, developing a port for these smaller products shouldn’t be a big headache for your engineers.

The company’s confidence in this project is such that it has set a goal of the end of 2023 to complete a ready-to-market solution. This means that the first Galaxy Watch with microLED displays could arrive in 2024.

It’s funny that there are rumors of a transition from Apple Watch because this technology emerged at the same time. It will not be surprising if American technology uses screens developed by Samsung.

Samsung is already the main supplier of OLED displays for Apple Watch. Therefore, it seems logical to us that the collaboration between both companies can last even with the transition to a new technology.

What are the advantages of microLED screens?

Many may consider OLED displays as the pinnacle of this type of technology. But the truth is that there is something even more promising in the form of microLED displays.

Among the advantages of this technology we can highlight more brightness, better contrast and even better color reproduction. In addition, they promise better viewing even in direct sunlight.

As if this wasn’t enough, we added better energy efficiency to these panels. This is an important detail, since it could help improve the autonomy of smart watches, often pointed out as one of the main disadvantages of these products.

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VLC: new update with Tegra 2 support

Updated a few days agoVLC for Android, it is further updated, thus arriving at the 5th beta version. An update that brings improvements to the UI, a tablet mode and above all greater support for different hardware.

Here is the changelog of the latest version of VLC: (0.0.5 – but varies by device)

  • The User Interface has been improved, visible improvements in the Audio and Video sections. Furthermore, it was added a tablet mode: to improve display;
  • Increased stability, speed and support is added for Intel and Tegra 2 CPUs;
  • Bugs and malfunctions reported by users are resolved, with the introduction of new features;
  • Finally, many have been added new translations.

We think VLC is an excellent product and, although it is still a beta, it can be considered a very valid application. Furthermore, taking into account the continuous development of the latter, perhaps, a stable version will arrive in a few days. And you, what do you think about it?


cloud internet Ξ TREND

Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data mark the 2016 edition of CeBIT

The city of Hannover is responsible for hosting one of the most important technology and communications fair in the world. We tell you some of the new features that have been presented at CeBIT 2016.

Thousands of people came over the course of a whole week to Germanyspecifically to the city of Hanover, to attend one of the most important events in the ICT sector. In this year’s edition of CeBITmore of 3,000 exhibitors of 70 different countries have come to show their news to more than 200,000 visitors that has hosted the fair.

Among the most notable topics of the event are Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing, which have monopolized the main launches and presentations of the attending companies. We propose a summary of some of the new features of CeBIT 2016.

ZTE ICT solutions

ZTE has presented its information solution Smart City based on technologies, such as Big Data or the IoT. The innovative solution was presented through an interactive experience, through which attendees were able to enjoy everything it offered at the moment.

The company is determined to use the information to help customers derive benefits from such data. The objective is to ensure that the cities are more attractive and companies are more efficient.

Specifically, the system consists of a mechanism of emergency management based on Big Data, together with a great security platform. In addition, it includes solutions focused on smart education, smart transportation or smart homes, among others.

They also took the opportunity to present some cutting edge solutions. Wireless and various products, such as core 400G ultra wideband routers.

Huawei, focused on creating a better world

Huaweione of the main players in the global information and communications technology market, has announced a series of solutions in CeBITto promote the agility and digital innovation of companies.

Yan LidaPresident of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said that “A new ICT encompassing Cloud Computing, Large Data, IoT and Software Defined Interconnection is emerging to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation.”

The company hosted three different summits during the show, each dedicated to a sector of the industry; the Global Safe City Summit, the Global Financial Services Institutions Summit and the Global Internet Service Provider Summit.

One of the company’s most important announcements has been its alliance with the robotics provider KUKAthrough which both companies will focus on the use of the Internet of Things.

Delta presents the most powerful UPS in the world

Deltaone of the most important companies in thermal and energy management solutions, has presented at the CeBIT 2016 new cooling and power technologies “with industry leading power capacity for high density green data.”

The brand’s star product is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) 500 kVA modular, the device with the highest power per rack in the world. To make matters worse, the device will save on operating costs and space.

In addition, visitors were able to watch the series RowCoolwith a 120 kW cooling system, something exclusive on the market at the moment, and the Single Rack Datacentera very new, very small system for high density data centers, in a small space.

destiny ubisoft Ξ TREND

Ubisoft releases SOUL CALIBUR: Broken Destiny

One of the most famous fighting game series debuts exclusively on PSP!

Ubisoft concluded a agreement with NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS For distribute SOUL CALIBUR: Broken Destiny for PSP. The game will be available starting this summer across Europe and PAL territories.

SOUL CALIBUR: Broken Destiny, developed by the Project Soul teamand the first episode for portable console of one of the most famous fighting game series.

The game It has many interesting features including Over 20 usable charactersa greater possibility of fighter customization And various game modes.

In particular it includes one new single player mode developed specifically for PSP and that you will allow you to maximize your combat skills.

In the footsteps of Soul Calibur IV’s recent hit, SOUL CALIBUR: Broken Destiny offers an equally fun and engaging combat experience thanks to intuitive controls and very balanced gameplay.

For more information, visit the website: or

Finally I propose a small one gallery:

google paypal Ξ TREND

Get 2 euros free on Google Play with PayPal

The guys at PayPal have surprised us with news that you will surely like, because it is about 2 euros free on Google Play with PayPal. I don’t know if you usually use PayPal to make a purchase on Google Play, I at least recommend it because it is very convenient, especially now that we have found out about this great promotion that will be valid until April 10. We tell you more, because you are surely interested in the news:

2 euros free with PayPal and Google Play

There is no trap or cardboard, we see it in the following image, because with PayPal and the Google Play Store we will get 2 euros discount. It is an offer that we can use on the next purchase as long as it is valid. We see the conditions in the following quote:

“PayPal offers you 2 euros of credit when you spend 4 euros on Offer is valid from March 15 to April 10, 2016. Offer limited to the first 8,000 PayPal purchases on It cannot be used more than once. Limited offer for PayPal users in Spain.

As we see in the conditions of this offer, it is only valid for PayPal users in Spain and the first 8,000 purchases. What we do not know, nor can we assure you, is that the quota has been filled, so we do not recommend that you spend 4 euros on purpose so that you receive the 2 discount. But if you have to buy something, you can take advantage of the offer, because as soon as spend 4 euros on Google Play paying with PayPalyou will receive 2 euros of credit that you can spend until April 10.

Promotion valid until April 10

It’s not like there’s too much time left to enjoy the offer since April 10 is just around the corner, but if you want to buy something, it’s time to do so and pay with PayPal to enjoy the 2 euros discount, which will allow you to buy another game or whatever you want. It’s very comfortable!

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment if you have any problems with the promotion. Remember that it is a matter of PayPal and Google Play, and you can make the purchase you want. Enjoy the 2 euros free! Tell us if it has worked for you, my colleague Carlos has already tried it.

company oneplus watch Ξ TREND

OnePlus Watch 2: Shown by the company in some renderings

After the first OnePlus Watchwhich did not arouse sensation in the way of wearableit seems that OnePlus has learned from the mistakes of the past and is ready to reconquer the smartwatch market with the long-awaited OnePlus Watch 2officially announced in advance of the full presentation at MWC 2024 next week.

Kinder Liu, President and COO of OnePlus, states that the company is

“more confident than ever about this product.”

with the OnePlus Watch 2, the Chinese company’s goal is very ambitious, namely to try to position itself among the best top-of-the-range smartwatches

The images released by OnePlusallow you to admire the design of the device which features a stainless steel structure and two hardware buttons on the right side, as well as a circular display protected by a sapphire glass.

Although the technical specifications will be revealed at MWC 2024, OnePlus promises that the Watch 2 will guarantee up to 100 hours of duration of drums in Smart mode, if this were true it would be an amazing result, in fact one of the biggest limitations of the best Android smartwatches is the lack of autonomy (usually 24/48h). It would seem that it is possible to activate an extreme energy saving mode which, without excessively compromising the functionality, could extend the autonomy to over 4 days.

As for the operating systemthe official announcement does not mention whether the OnePlus Watch 2 will adopt Wear OS. However, recent rumors indicate that the device will be equipped with Wear OS 4 already at launch.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will be available in colors Black Steel And Radiant Steel And will be presented The February 26 at MWC 2024where we hope to get further details on technical specifications, price and availability.



Geekbuying starts its 8th anniversary with special coupons

We already have here the 8th anniversary from the online store, an event that provides us with the option of finding interesting discounts in this store’s catalog. On the anniversary website of this store we have a set of offers on all types of products ideal for giving as gifts, where we have everything from the classic top items of Xiaomi to small appliances, Android TV-Box, mini PC, scooters and wearables. As always we recommend comparing before buying.

Within the anniversary promotion on the right side of the page special offers for 8th anniversary We have a menu with all the offers organized by categories to facilitate the search for the desired item. We have options for sports, electronics, vehicles, fashion and others. It is possible to order the products on offer by their price so we can adjust to what we want to spend, since there is something for all budgets.

As always in this store, several stand out among the offers. mini PC and TV-Boxseveral Bluetooth speakers, headphones of all kinds, Smartwatch and also the Smart TV Xiaomi with shipping from Germany. As always, these products have different shipping options, from China where we have them at the cheapest price with free shipping and no taxes or from the warehouses of Spain either Europefrom where we have delivery in just 5 days.

Active coupons

  • Coupon GKB8TH09 with discount of $5 spent $18 or more
  • Coupon GKB8TH10 with discount of $8 spent $88 or more
  • Coupon GKB8TH11 with discount of $15 spent $188 or more
  • See the page about 8th anniversary offers on
  • You also have available Exclusive offers with shipping from Europe or Spain