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Justice League and the Snyderverse could be resurrected thanks to Netflix

The director’s aspirations Zack Snyderin the limelight this month given his most recent work on the platform Netflix called Rebel Moon coming out next December 22ndand here the filmmaker publicly declared that he would continue what was once the DC Extended Universedefined today as the Snyderverse.

Currently DC has abandoned the multiversal competition plan with the much more consolidated one Marvelwhich although has more downs than ups in this period still has dizzying media attention, to the point that the general management of Warner Bros has severed working relationships with Zack Snyder who saw himself supplanted by Peter Safran and James Gunn who have effectively erased all the work of the previous one director.

In a recent interview, conducted by, filmmaker Zack Snyder stated that:

Certainly: if Netflix bought the rights of my creative universe at DC, I would happily continue that project, absolutely!

This all seems dramatically difficult given that Warner Brothers is trying to bring out the creative universe of Gunn and Safran mentioned above, and it goes without saying that if Netflix could create the Snyderverse If the latter worked better and captured the public’s attention, the American major would have quite a few problems.

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Konami releases new video game out of nowhere

Nowadays, video game fans have become accustomed to being against Konamithat is because it has made strange decisions such as launching pachinko machines, as well as putting NFTs of Castlevania. However, since last year they have tried to redeem themselves with the return of Silent Hill and also some published games.

They recently released a new title called WBSC eBASEBALL: POWER PROS, the most recent entry of said baseball franchise that has been the most popular in Japan. The strangest thing of all is that it has arrived at the store with a price that is quite ridiculous from a certain point of view, and it is not an offer or an error by the stores.

The price itself is approximately $1 USD, this in both its versions of PS4 and Nintendo switch, something that can be confusing, given that it is being published by a large video game company. Given this, you might think that it will have in-app purchases but no, you can play without any problems and restrictions of some kind.

It is worth mentioning that in a question and answer entry on its official page, it is said that it can be played without an internet connection, but that this eliminates the possibility of making future updates, whether performance or other issues. In addition to that, they say that two people can play via local communication with their consoles.

Via: Konami

Editor’s note: Definitely for that price it would be worth spending 20 pesos and seeing what this proposal is all about. In fact, those who are very regular with Nintendo Switch can buy it simply using the gold coins they give you for physical and digital games.

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More details for Bound in Blood

We have already talked about it a lot, but this time we present an article dedicated mainly to the gameplay and to the revelation of the various gems that will be present in the sequel to the western title distributed in 2006. Here Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

Bound in Blood tells the story of two brothers, Ray and Thomas McCall, both enlisted as soldiers in the Confederate Army and struggling with the Civil War. Very soon, however, they will become gods deserters, more precisely when they learn that their home in Georgia is under siege by the Union Army. Later in the game, you will have the opportunity to choose which character to play each level as, but you will start the first of these as Ray, who prefers close-range and explosive attacks. The second level, however, will see you at the command of Thomas, a much more “refined” character and oriented towards firearms.

The first level will see Ray dealing with the Union’s advance. He will have to make his way through the trenches to stop her. This level in particular is a good demonstration of the main gameplay features of Bound in Blood: cover, firefights, stationary weapons and concentration mode. Ray will have to patrol the trenches and eliminate any soldiers who try to cross them with his (or his) trusty guns. To take cover, simply press upwards and then lean over or to the sides, to aim at enemies and eliminate them from a good point.

The colors in the game will help you coloring the crosshairs red when you have an enemy in your target. Since you will be armed simply with pistols, machine guns, shotguns and that you will be fighting soldiers and desperadoes, it will take a few shots before you manage to eliminate them, even if a “headshot” remains lethal. Killing enemies allows you to fill a concentration bar which will later serve to activate the concentration mode which, for Ray, means slowing down time and “coloring” the various enemies present before the bar is exhausted. It’s good to always be able to “color” many of them because, once you exit the mode, Ray will quickly shoot all the marked enemies, eliminating them.

Through this and other levels, you will always have some goals which will need to be completed. For example, Ray will have to kill all enemies who try to cross the river bank with a ground-mounted cannon. Once you finally reach the end of the level, Ray will blow up the bridge by placing the charges in the specifically marked points and will discover that his brother Thomas has miraculously survived the war. However, the brothers will be faced with the choice of obeying orders and defending Atlanta, or deserting and defending their home. They will obviously decide to defend their home and will therefore return to the plantation, where you will control Thomas, the more “stealth” of the two.

In the second mission, therefore, you will try Thomas who runs home with Ray killing the various Union soldiers awaiting your arrival. Unlike Ray, Thomas cannot carry two weapons and, therefore, you will never see him with a gun and explosives (as happened with Ray). However, Thomas is truly a sharpshooter and its concentration mode will allow you to automatically acquire targetsbut the amount you kill will be limited to how quickly you can pull the hammer back to fire.
And also an expert stealth and climber. He will be able to equip a lasso and reach higher areas; to do this, just aim at one of the supports specially created for your lasso and then swing with the stick or computer mouse.
The most interesting thing is that Thomas will be able to kill his enemies from cover with throwing knives. The game was made so that these skills will always be useful. For example in one level, Thomas will be hidden in the grass to kill an initial handful of soldiers, then he will climb a tree to kill a gunner with his throwing knives.

The subsequent levels will make you experience some of the most important emotions of a Western setting, such as the duels, for example. They are “zoomed” battles, during which the camera will focus on your belt. You will have to bring your hand closer to the gun, to anticipate your opponent before the bell rings. When it sounds, you will have to quickly move your hand to the gun, at which point your character will automatically hold it and then you will have to aim at your enemy and kill him before he does (the game gives a slight assistance in aiming, but it is not a guaranteed victory).
You can too ride horses (useful for “running over” enemies on foot) or taking some diligences that you can drive on a pre-set route to destroy cities, escape from them shortly afterwards and then pay attention to the enemies who will chase you on horseback, trying to surround you.
From what you may have read, Bound in Blood really offers an excellent variety of gameplay, mainly inspired by Western films. Even the dialogues take the Western path and seem to connect very well to the style of play. As we already told you, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood will be distributed on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer, precisely the June 2nd.

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How to change the font on the Samsung Galaxy S7?

The base of Android is personalizationIf Android were not so customizable, it would hardly be able to compete in some ranges against other more stable platforms such as iOS. Now, just because Android is customizable does not mean that all companies adapt their customization layer so that users can modify certain parameters.

One of the few companies that allows customize and change the font As standard, without the need for any type of extra application, it is Samsung. Samsung has allowed you to change the font for as long as I can remember and the truth is that changing the font on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still as simple as on other phones from the company.

How to change the font type on the Samsung Galaxy S7?

In addition to changing the launcher (which is usually already from a third party), the icon packs, the widgets, the wallpaper, etc. it will be necessary change the font to feel comfortable and the truth is that at Samsung it is easy.

To change the font type on the Samsung Galaxy S7, follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for the option Screen.
  • Click where it says Fountain.
  • Now, in this window, you can choose the font size and type of font that you are going to use on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

If among the fonts you can choose is not the one you are looking for, you can scroll to the end and add more extra fonts to your Galaxy S7, it is very easy to do so. Now, once you choose the font and size above you will have a sample of how you are going to see it.

We hope you enjoy the new font that you have put on your Samsung Galaxy S7 but you will tell us what you think of this series change. Did you know that you could switch to the source on the Galaxy S7 so easily?

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Marvel’s Wolverine, here are the very first leak images

I’m fresh news leak leaked after the recent hacker attack received from Insomniac Games regarding the title in development Marvel’s Wolverine. In a recent statement, made to the microphones of SamaGame by the representatives Sonythe possibility that the attack could have also hit other divisions of the giant was excluded, therefore the suspicion remains that the objective was to recover as much information as possible on the new title concerning Wolverine.

The leaked images via leak are, as you can see, some screens regarding Logan’s dress from first teaser trailer of Marvel’s Wolverine, while in the second we can clearly see the official Wolverine costume.

The hacker attack apparently occurred at the hands of a ransomware group that threatened to make public the leaked screens and information, including the sensitive data of the developers and an actor involved in the project, Yuri Lowenthal.

This is yet another hacker attack on industry giants, just like the one suffered by Riot (the parent company of League of Legends), or the huge theft of exclusive material suffered by Rockstar Games which caused the release of sensitive leaks regarding GTA 6. The group of hackers involved in this latest heist reportedly requested $2 million in Bitcoin, also claiming that they would sell the complete package of leaks within 7 days.

Marvel’s Wolverine will be a PlayStation exclusive and will most likely be released not before 2024.

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Minecraft-themed Crocs announced

Minecraft It is such a big brand today that it has basically entered every possible market to become merchandise, we have seen that with clothing, toys, accessories and even candy. And while it was thought that he had already been through everything possible, it seems that is not the case, since he is now joining the comfortable footwear industry.

The brand of Mojang and Crocs have announced that they are going to collaborate to produce a series of themed shoes from the franchise, which will go on sale. They will be available from February 16, 2023. The best thing is that the article is not limited to just being for children, but also adults, since a large number of sizes will be offered.

A series of charms have also been announced Jibbitz, which to use to decorate the sandals. They are characters from Minecraft as stevethe Creepers, Enderman and even the little pigs. Something that also draws attention is that you can dress your avatar with these shoes, it is now available for free for those who like to download it at this time.

Users who want to get such unique products can register, which we put in this link. We will just have to see if they can be sent to Latin American countries, given that these promotions are usually exclusive to the United States. Of course, they could also be launched with authorized distributors, something that is done after the day of release.

Via: Crocs

Editor’s note: They look pretty good, so for fans it will be a treasure that they will show off wherever they walk. I don’t like the franchise, but it cannot be denied that it has come very far in fame.

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Riddick: Dark Athena

Butcher Bay was a masterpiece, Dark Athena perhaps it does not reach the same levels of excellence or better, compared to first episodedoes not so radically renew the type but offers hours of enjoyable gameplay.

AND’ the anti-hero par excellence: in normal times the bad would have been fought by Well, but these are certainly not the times. It’s ruthless, a murderer of the worst kind but still a man with his own ethics: he likes to kill but he kills opponents who are also unscrupulous.

A killer of killers, pure instinct which almost completely obscures his humanity: is closer to the beast that atman but it is also capable of risking one’s life for deserving others.

It was necessary to say a few words on this characterone of the most original and enigmatic ones ever seen at cinema: it’s a character of this charisma could not fail to be successful. But this is not enough for a video game: And Starbreeze he knows it well, the risk is on the one hand resting on the laurels of Butcher Bay’s success And on the other, not feeling able to re-propose that wind of novelty, that breeze that the first episode generated.

Subjected to this game of forcesmaybe it was the pleasure of the challenge to benefit from this video game manufacturer: and what games! Dark Athena it takes you in an instant and its “pleasant” grip lasts until you are forced to abandon the game due to external factors: like studying, friends who call you on your cell, your girlfriend who constantly interrupts you during the gameplay…:D

Well yes, There are reasons to play this title: the graphics are well donethe really interesting cinematics also to have a overview of Riddick’s troubled events; The gameplay appears to have evolved and then who wouldn’t dream of see in the dark?

In some places of game we will pass automatically from first-person to third-person view: interesting is also the fact that when you kill combat drones you can use their weapon (however, it is not transportable).

I then advise you to Hide your slain enemies in the dark so as not to get suspicious computer AI and allow you a sneak attack: the choice is yours, do you want to make a big mess or kill your opponents one by one without others noticing?

Graphics: 8 Nothing is left to chance, a good job.

Playability: 8 One of the reasons why you won’t stop playing it

Sound: 7 We expected more also because the music from the Riddick films is really very beautiful.

Novelty: 7 If we really want to be picky, not as innovative compared to the first chapter.

Involvement: 8 Fan or no fan they will find in game one more reason to stay at home for at least a couple of hours.

Final rating: 7.5 Dark Athena it’s one of those titles that they will remain in the collective imagination and an extra stimulus for Starbreeze in continuing to perfect the gameplay dynamics of future releases, whether we continue the Riddick saga or create something totally new.

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So you can share any file with Quick Share from your Samsung mobile

Do you still use messaging applications to share files with those devices you have near you? Although this is one of the simplest ways that exist, limitations make it not a viable methodsince both images and videos sent through WhatsApp or Telegram, their quality is reduced due to compression issues.

To avoid these limitations, especially when you need to share large files, You can use features like Quick Share on Samsungor Google Nearby on Android terminals manufactured by other companies (such as Motorola).

In this case we will focus on Samsung’s Quick Share, a function that will allow you to share files via Bluetooth in a matter of seconds (depending on the size of the file you want to share).

How to share files with Quick Share from a Samsung?

Before we show you step by step how to use this function on a Samsung phone, it is necessary to clarify Files can be sent through this tool to any device. Basically, the other device does not need to be Samsung, as only Bluetooth needs to be activated for the transfer to be completed successfully.

  • The first thing you have to do is take the Samsung terminal where you have the file you want to send. Then, you must display the notification panel in its entiretyand activate the option that says “Quick Share”.
  • A menu will appear with several options, we recommend selecting the one that says “All”, as this will prevent problems from appearing when searching for nearby devices. Click “Done” to save the changes.
  • If you performed the steps correctly, Samsung will indicate that nearby devices will be able to share content with your device.
  • Enter the “My Files” app, or if you want to transfer photos or videos, open the “Gallery” app.
  • Select the file you want to send, and then click “Share.”

  • A small menu will appear with several options, click on the one that says “Quick Share”.
  • Hit the “Accept” button.
  • Your Samsung mobile will start searching for nearby devices.
  • Once found, Select the device you want to send the file to.
  • Click on “Link”.
  • In a few seconds, the file will be transferred to the other device.

It should be added that the other device to which you want to send the file, You must accept receipt of the same. If the request is not accepted, the file will not be sent and the tutorial will have to be completed again.

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Apex Launcher updates to version 1.3.2

A new update is available for Apex Launcherthe alternative launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich developed by Android Does, which introduces a couple of new features and various general improvements.

Let’s see the complete changelog:

  • Added an option to set a custom background for the dock
  • Added notification support for external applications (pro)
  • Improved the switch between the app drawer tabs
  • Increased maximum grid size on 10″ tablets
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated translations

Apex LauncherWe remind you that it is available on the Play Store in both a free and full version, with extra features, at the price of 2.99 euros. Below are the usual download/update boxes.

android software company

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link

android software company

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link

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In Manhattan there are already more Tesla charging stations than gas stations

In the borough of Manhattan, the island that is often synonymous with New York, there are more electric charging stations belonging to Tesla than gas stations.

In the heart of New York, Tesla electric charging stations beat gas stations by an astonishing proportion. Manhattan has 40 of the second for 105 sites enabled to charge an electric vehicle. The car manufacturer has achieved this progress by partnering with restaurants and hotels to establish charging points in their parking lots. These agreements have led to more possibilities of refueling with an electric car in the Big Apple than of putting gasoline in it.

The next step for Tesla is the association with public parking lots, which will allow it to establish its charging points in other mandatory stopping places. The manufacturer’s strategy is bold, as the company has partnered with local businesses where cars remain parked for a certain period of time. So the customers of these businesses (restaurants, hotels or public parking lots) have other activities to do while their car is charging.

It is a different concept than what charging stations offer now. Replenishing a car battery so that it lasts a few dozen or hundreds of kilometers – despite fast charging – takes at least 20 minutes or even hours. At the moment, when someone is charging their car, they take advantage of this period to do other things, whether it’s running errands, managing email from their computer or mobile, or making calls. However, Tesla charging points in Manhattan turn things around: since the user has to go to a restaurant to eat or leave their car parked, This time can be used to charge the vehicle.

These Tesla charging stations are level 2, which means that It takes around an hour to charge the battery of a Model S for about 100 kmwhile it can take about four hours to fill the entire capacity.

A wide and distributed network of electric charging stations is one of the decisive factors for the adoption of the electric car. Tesla is one of the manufacturers that has opted to create its own network the earliest and most aggressively. essential requirement to increase sales of your vehicles.

This effort not only brings a particular benefit to the company that carries it out, in this case Tesla, but is an advance for the entire electric driving industry. Not to mention that when the time comes Tesla could license your supply capacity to other manufacturersthus becoming a key player, not only for the so called eco luxury market but for the take off of the entire electric mobility sector.

Images: Daniel Piraino and aaron_anderer


The Cuphead studio is working on a new “old style” game

The official website has recently published a job advert for a figure from Art Director for their next title currently in development: let’s talk about them, the brilliant Canadian study behind the creation and success of Cupheadled by the two brothers Jared and Chad Moldenhauer (from whose surname comes the name of the MDHR study).

Cuphead was much more than just a game for those who loved it. It was almost more of a custom phenomenon. A re-enactment of the 1930s style, so light-hearted and colorful but with a gameplay hard and pure which wore out the hands and patience of every player.

After the acclaimed success of his quite recent The Delicious Last Course (of which the acronym is DLC. Crazy right? Ed.) the studio has decided to look for a new professional figure to work on a new project which, unfortunately, we still know nothing about.

The ad mentions:

We’re looking for an experienced art director to join us and help us shape the visual identity of a brand new project here in the studio. An important part of a small, passionate team that comes to work every day to create artisanal experiences that surprise and delight people.

We just have to wait a little time to find out what new we can expect from them, hoping that this project can have the same impact that the MDHR study has now accustomed us to.

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Final Fantasy: Advent Children returns to the cinema in Mexico

The universe of Final Fantasy VII is much larger than just a video game and its remakes. Over the years we have seen multiple books, spin-offs, and even a movie that substantially expand our understanding of this world. In this way, and considering that the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is getting closer, It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy: Advent Children will return to movie theaters in Mexico.

Through its social networks, Cinemex has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the film that shows us what happened to Cloud and company after the events of the original game, will return to the big screen on March 7, 2024 nationwide. This is the description offered by the company:

“This film is the continuation of the Square Enix video game; Final Fantasy VII and is part of the company’s own strategy to complete the history of the saga. The plot takes us two years after Final Fantasy VII. Cloud Strife, the protagonist, lives alone in the church of Aeris and is affected by a strange disease, the GeoStigma, a virus that is killing him little by little, leaving him without energy…”

Currently, there are two versions of this film. The first was the original version that hit theaters in 2005. The second is an edition with 29 additional minutes that we can find on the Blu-ray. Fortunately, It has been revealed that the Final Fantasy: Advent Children reboot will feature the bonus content.

Unfortunately, pre-sale is not available at the moment, and it is very likely that we will have to wait until the first days of next month to buy our ticket. Remember, Final Fantasy: Advent Children will arrive at Cinemex on March 7, 2024. On related topics, here you can check out our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth preview. Likewise, we tell you when the third part of this remake would arrive.

Editor’s Note:

Final Fantasy: Advent Children is an entertaining movie. More than anything, the film draws attention for its most famous fight scenes, and fulfills the fans’ dream of seeing the confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth in a way that was only a dream in the 90s.

Via: Cinemex

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Preview Indiana Jones and the Staff of the Kings

The adventurous archaeologist professor Indiana Jones returns with his faithful whip to put on a show with the next video game that will be distributed on PS2, DS, Wii and PSP. After the various articles we have dedicated to it, it’s time to find out more closely Indiana Jones and the Staff of the Kings.

The story of Staff of the Kings is set in 1939 (shortly before World War II) and takes note a year later the events that occurred in the cinematic masterpiece Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indy’s Adventure begins in Sudan where he is in search of the idol of Amun. In a demonstration that Lucas Arts held for the public, Indy stood in the ancient temple and, sure enough, once the artifact was removed, the structure began to collapse.
This first level shows the basics of combat and provides the chance to meet Indy’s new nemesis, Magnus Voller. The story is very inspired by Raiders of the Lost Arkwith many references throughout the game, so that fans of the series can enjoy this title.

The above demonstration was about the version for Nintendo Wii and our Indy soon found himself in a German camp to eliminate some ___s. You will be able to make some direct shots or uppercuts moving (performing the actual movement of the attack) the Remote and the Nunchuck. To use the whiphowever, it will be necessary hold down B and give a sharp tap with the Remote. The fights won’t be very eventful; this, because it is possible dodge attackslowering, holding down A and B.
Indy has always used everything during his battles and that is why the elements of the environment can always be useful. Some objects can in fact be used as weapons (a shovel or billiard balls, for example) but you can also push your enemies against objects or use your whip to collapse a bookcase on an unsuspecting enemy.
Your opponents will also be able to use objects to attack you, so be careful if you see a German trying to hit you with a chair in a bar fight. During the demonstration, it was also very funny to see Indy push a into a huge aquarium, take a fish from there and throw it at another enemy. During the same sequence, there was also the possibility of noticing a gong in a corner. If you manage to get one of your enemies close enough, you can slam their head on it, eliminating them with a single blow.

Other heavy combat sequences were also shown, such as when you meet again to control a biplane through a narrow canyon. You can fire with B And control the vehicle by holding the Remote vertically (just like a joystick), so you can pull up, turn or do a full loop with your plane.
It wouldn’t have been Indiana Jones without some chases, so now we’ll talk to you about the one shown inside Chinatown, in San Francisco. Since the professor doesn’t like using guns much, these firearms will only be usable in some parts of the game. The aforementioned chase comes to life as a real on-rail game. Indy, aboard a cable car, will be able to shoot and hide while his enemies chase him aboard some cars in the most classic 1930s style. An aiming fence will appear in these sequences, so all you have to do is aim and fire with B. Furthermore, you will have at your disposal an infinite amount of ammunition, so that all you have to do is quickly recharge with a simple movement of the Remote.

No other action scenes were shown, but we know that later in the game it will be possible to try the emotion aboard elephants, rafting, motorcycles. When you’re not busy running away from a huge rock that threatens to crush you or other traps, Indy will do some exploration in a calm and great platforming style. The ancient ruins and jungles shown seem excellently crafted, in detail and colors.
Obviously (and it couldn’t be otherwise) there will also be gods puzzle to solve. For example, Indy will have to go through a room with giant stone heads dangling from the ceiling like pendulums. Periodically, huge stones crash to the ground, making the crossing even more uncertain. In this particular situation, there would seem to be no way out, except in pieces; for this reason, Indy must disable the mechanism to be able to pass without being crushed. Explanatory icons will appear when you can interact with objects, also giving an idea of ​​what needs to be done. A good reason for exploration is that by collecting various artifacts, you will unlock many bonuses.

A very particular and interesting addition is that, later in the game, you will be able to unlock the video game The Fate of Atlantis, from 1992. The game version, in this case, is exactly identical but adapted to the console that hosts it.
Staff of the Kings also supports the mode multiplayer and cooperative. You can play an entire and unique story with your friend or clash in combat (up to four players) using airplanes and tanks. Fighting arenas, original Indiana Jones movie trailers and new skins can all be unlocked and viewed, completing achievements or collecting artifacts.
In the main menu you will be able to see which artifacts you have collected or which achievements you have completed.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of the Kings would seem to be an excellent title, which can give the right to fans of the Indy series. The script even had the “stamp of approval” from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. As for the controls, the developers have ensured that the more “heavy” actions are well structured, so that players don’t have to rack their brains too much with the motion controls.
At the moment, we have no other details but we know that The Staff of the Kings will be released on June 9th.

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Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AC2350 a new WiFi 5 with 7 external antennas

It seems that Xiaomi has gone crazy lately, releasing routers for all tastes in all their brands and for a few days we have already had the router on sale. Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AC2350.

A router in which its 7 external antennas with independent amplifiers that guarantee good coverage of the wireless network and among its functionalities it is worth highlighting that it supports up to 128 devices connected simultaneously. It also includes a specific antenna for AIoT devices, specific functionalities for this type of device that facilitate their connection, intelligent bandwidth management and other optimizations for Wi-Fi.


He Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AC2350 It includes a Quad Core Qualcomm QCA9563 processor with ARM Cortex-A53 processors capable of reaching 775Mhz with 128MB of RAM and 16MB internal NAND memory. The Wifi chip has the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab protocols and reaches up to 2.183Mbps (1733Mbps + 450Mbps).

As for connectivity, we find it in the back. 3 Gigabit network LAN ports and 1 Gigabit WAN port. The router is configured and updated with the Xiaomi MiWiFi app, which is available for Android and iOS platforms and includes IPV6 compatibility..

Price and availability

  • The new Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AC2350 can be purchased at from some €41.24 ($46.50) with free shipping.
  • It can still be cheaper using one of the coupons from the Aliexpress June promotion.


Terminator Salvation

Save yourself if you can or play it if you have nothing better to do: after the incredible flop of the latest game taken from the Terminator saga, Grin try to renew the brand but he succeeds only partially.

I I love the Terminator sagaespecially i first two episodes where there was a certain person behind the camera James Cameron: also the third it was interesting in some ways and I can’t wait to see the fourth one.

We know though how difficult it is to transform cinematographic emotions into videogame emotions or vice versa: often games based on films or films based on games are sensational flops. I I don’t dare call this new game a failureindeed in some ways there was a positive evolution but not enough to overcome mediocrity.

Compared to a another Grin game, Wanted Weapons of Fatewe note one poor playability and high difficulty even when choosing the easy level. There rigid division into chapters accentuates that sense of closed space that there without a freely explorable world, flattening the gameplay almost completely.

The cinematic are decent but the graphics don’t seem up to par: The sound is instead the only one to save itself from general mediocrity, the themes dear to fans of the 2 Terminators (composed by Brad Fiedel) recur.

Perhaps a nice thing, but which perhaps leaves the time it finds, is that during the loading we have the possibility to move with the mouse in order to admire the 3d model of the Terminator: it seems quite well made and inspires a certain fear at first sight 😀

But perhaps there is little to laugh about and it is necessary regret a possibility not fully exploited: we can glimpse some work behind this title but a game is successful if it pushes gamers to play it and play it without ever stopping. Me, Terminator fan and strongly interested at least initially, I can’t get fully involved.

Recommended for fans hoping that they will be attracted more than myself: one day I would like to review a masterpiece game based on this film saga…what remains for me is to see the film of the same name and I hope it rekindles in me the desire to continue playing and finish this title.

Graphics: 6 We expected something more.

Sound: 7 More refined than the rest.

Playability: 4 Some levels are unplayable ance choosing easy difficulty: little freedom of action.

Novelty: 6 Nothing of note to note except that you will have to face new enemy robots.

Involvement: 5 It involves you in the first few minutes but then the interest wanes, it’s so great frustration of the game controls and the hyper-sensitivity of the mouse even when setting the minimum level.

Final Judgment: 5 No more, no less: if i game controls had they been cared for at least decently, he would have torn one sufficiency. Recommended for solo travelers fan…only in case they manage to save themselves and accept a control system uncomfortable and a gameplay Enough barren of novelty.

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How to open the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and remove the case

Opening the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and removing the case can be a very useful task in many cases. In fact, in the event that you want to insert a SIM card or an SD card, it is sometimes essential to remove the case and open the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Opening the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is also essential in the event that you want to remove the battery or in case you want to dust the inside of your laptop. We will first see the method to reach the point that allows us to open the case of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. We will see later how to open the case of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Reach the opening point of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

In case you want to open your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the first step is to find the opening point of the case. Therefore, we suggest that you read the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 user manual. If you do not have a user manual for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, you can find it here on the Internet. Often the method that offers the possibility of removing the back cover is to slide the cover or release it. Still, make sure to apply enough when operating this phase, so as not to damage your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Once you have found the opening point of the case, you can finally open your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

Open the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Now that you know where the opening point of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is, you will need to start opening the back of the case. To do this, drag or cradle the back of the case depending on the model of your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. When you are done, half of the case will be removed. This should allow you to access the battery and possibly the SIM card of your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. If you want to remove the front of the laptop case, please note that it is more difficult. To do this, we suggest you go to a specialized store or store.

What to do when you open the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Please note that the case of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 houses the fragile items found inside the laptop. Therefore, in case you decide to open the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, you should handle the laptop carefully. Indeed, elements such as the battery, the printed circuits but also the SIM card are fragile. So be careful not to let dust or water get inside the laptop. Settle in a clean environment to perform this intervention.

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The Samsung GT-I9260 is the Galaxy Premier, no Galaxy Nexus II or Plus

For a couple of weeks the first news of a new Samsung device coded as GT-I9260 which seemed to be nothing less than the successor to the Galaxy Nexus, therefore a II or Plus version of the Google phone that would join the Nexus series devices that should be produced by each manufacturer on behalf of Google by the end of the year. A few hours ago all the cards on the table changed, in fact the Samsung GT-I9260 and the Galaxy Premierwhich is anything but a Nexus.

Thanks to Mobile Geeks we can show you both the first image (which you can find at the beginning of the article) and the technical data sheet of this Galaxy Premier:

  • 1.5GHz Cortex-A9 dual core ARM processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 or 16 GB internal memory expandable
  • 4.65″ HD display with 1280 × 720 pixel resolution
  • 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Dimensions: 68.1mm x 8.8mm x 133.97mm

This new Galaxy Premier should be available in stores by the end of 2012 at a price of €480 (more likely €499) At this point, given the countless images of the new LG Nexus 4 that have been circulating online for a couple of days, the lack of other information on other Nexus devices and with the elimination of the mysterious GT-I9260 from the list of upcoming Nexus devices, it seems almost impossible that what was rumored will happen: that is, that all the manufacturers put a Nexus Phone on the market.

This yearnow, it’s up to LG.



This smart oven cooks all kinds of foods

Tovala is a smart oven capable of cooking all types of dishes, from lasagna to chicken with rice and asparagus.

We are not used to Kickstarter campaigns promoting projects related to appliances or kitchen utensils. Well, this is the case of Tovala, a startup that has invented a smart oven. Breaking the usual trend, this time the adjective ‘smart’ is not synonymous with a connected device but refers to an evolution of the traditional device. The new oven cooks in much less time and allows you to prepare dishes that today can only be achieved by combining pans and pots, such as chicken with rice and asparagus.

The creators of Tovala – the company and the product share the same name – have turned to Kickstarter to raise $100,000, in order to start production of their product. With two weeks left until the campaign closes, the startup is already has obtained around a quarter of a million dollarsmore than double the funds needed.

The virtue of Tovala is that it can bake, cook or steam any food in record time. It reaches a temperature of almost 290 degrees and Food will take between 10 and 30 minutes to cook.. The oven uses various techniques, such as a combination of moist and dry heat, to prepare each meal accordingly.

The money is in the food

Tovala will sell for $350, although it can be pre ordered on Kickstarter for $199 if you contribute to the project. The oven is aimed primarily at professionals, although the business model is based more on packaged food that the company will sell. Each package is specially designed to be cooked in the smart oven, is a serving for four people and contains between 400 and 800 calories.

The idea of ​​the startup is make a catalog of foods separated by categories, from vegan to gluten free and any other type of diet. It is a project that is underway and the company is already working with its chefs to create menus with these particularities.

In the future Tovala also wants offer six different meal options each weekin a strategy aimed at the public who works and never has time to dedicate to cooking and sees how their daily diet suffers.

Images: laviddichterman and Tovala

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Rebel Moon Part 1: Daughter of Fire – Review, The new Snyder dusts off the past

Rebel Moon: Daughter of Fire is a 2023 film directed by Zack Snyder and available from December 20th on the streaming platform Netflixand today we’ll talk about it in review. This is the first chapter belonging to new Rebel Moon saga of mold science fictionwhich will then be followed by The scarifierexpected for April 2024. Furthermore, the creators have also planned a role-playing video game, an animated series and a series of comics, with the aim of expanding the narrative universe.

The projectaccording to the director himself, it really is ambitious: initially, in fact, there was even thought of a sequel to the well-known science fiction saga Star Wars, which has now become a true cult. Zack Snyder said wanting to make a trilogy.

Loving tribute or shameless copy?

There plot it’s a lot simple: When a community on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the bloodthirsty Atticus and by his treacherous pseudo- army in the name of the perfidious Regent Balisarius, Kora (Sofia Boutella), a woman with a mysterious past saved and protected by a village elder, sets out across the entire universe in search of warriors to defend the colony. It will be the kind farmer Gunnar (Michiel Huisman) to accompany her and help her in the undertaking.

The explicit reference to the Star Wars saga allows us to imagine the mold from which Rebel Moon will start, giving us a real tribute to one of the most famous sagas in the world. From the first moments, in fact, everything seems to wink at her: come on settingsto the choice of personageseven to the construction same as the film.

Rebels, automatons, bounty hunters and shuttles are the protagonists in what seems to all intents and purposes a clear reference to the events of Luke and his infamous nemesis Darth Vader.

There is even no shortage of even more marked references to the weapons used, the costumes and the make-up, a sort of desire to awaken an old imagination now fixed in the collective memory. Although it has become a film in its own right, with its own alternative universe and its own story that cannot be traced back to that of the Skywalkers, it is impossible – even for the less experienced – not to notice the explicit references.

From homage to shameless copy, in fact, the line is very thin and the followers are more inveterate they may be disappointed or dissatisfied from this new Netflix proposal.

There’s no one missing

The construction of the protagonist with a mysterious past is very interesting, with a character and backstory of the necessary declination, useful for adapting this type of narrative to the new times we are living in. Even the village gives Norse connotationslover of benevolent Gods devoted to love and kindness, is a gem that cleverly refers to pop products much loved and followed (and Netflix knows this well!).

There’s really no one missing from the roll call: we have the initially reluctant heroine, the good sidekick, the Han Solo of the situation, even the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star. Not to mention the presence of rebels, intent on overthrowing the new universal order.

The moments are broadly all in their place, although it is often felt there annoying sensation than the movie don’t open and ever deploy. Sensation that can only be justified by waiting for next chapter. Often, especially in the first moments of setup, the film tends to disperse thus risking confuse the viewerwho will find himself having to awkwardly draw the threads of the discussion.

A sore point are some characters that are not well explored and some situations that are predictable. We are now anesthetized by stories that all take the same turn, unfortunately it is not easy to leave one speechless, especially with products of this type. L’epilogue However, the ending is very interesting and – at times – decidedly unexpected: fortunately leaves you with the desire to know what fate will be reserved for the protagonists.

The Cyberpunk aspect revisited in a modern key is stimulating: it is impossible not to notice some allusions to the Matrix itself, father of the entire filmography of the genre. A mash-up that intrigues, without annoying too much.

A special mention to the soundtrack

Soundtrack and space music, accompany the well-constructed action choreographies, but also the less violent moments, giving intensity and rhythm. I’m really notable the moments in which it becomes the undisputed protagonist, at times exciting those who are witnessing the events. It is undeniable, in fact, to recognize the technical aspects and see the truth strength by Rebel Moon. The photography, edited by the director himself, is constructed to perfection, following the rules of science fiction more Contemporary. The same signature as Snyder, the famous one slow motionis used properly and never cloying.

Also the cast plays its part: everyone is more or less in their place, with a fascinating and controversial Charlie Hunnam (best known for the Sons of Anarchy series) and a villain Ed Skrein as Admiral Atticus. Nice to meet the Hill House star again Michiel Huisman playing the kind and courageous farmer, and the very good one Sofia Boutella as the fearless heroine.

There are few dead moments, despite the duration. It certainly won’t be the saga of the year, despite the explicit desire to make it a flagship product, but the film is enjoyable and Zack Snyder can easily be reconfirmed as one of the current directors to entrust the genre to. We remind you again that Rebel Moon: Daughter of Fire is available on Netflix as of December 20th.

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Classic versions of Pokémon could have their remake

Today, fans of the established pocket monster franchise have had good news, as it was revealed that there will be a new edition of Pokémon Presents, in which they will announce news about the franchise, that includes the world championships. , new cards, TV shows and video games. Speaking of the latter, it seems that they have found evidence that classic versions of the saga will return in some type of remake, and it would not be the rumored ones. black and white.

To publicize the announcement of this presentation, a video was released through the channel Youtube official of the saga, confirming that the next February 27 at 8:00 AM Mexico time, We will see the new presentation with what promises to be something that fans have been waiting for. And within the same video, fans discovered something in particular, given that at the bottom of the description, they have linked a generation of the brand that can excite the most nostalgic.

And at the bottom they place the versions of Gold and Silversomething that is a bit strange, since in theory they should put Scarlet and Violet due to current issues. That has made fans think that there will be some kind of return to the Johto region, either with remakes that go beyond those seen in D.S. or in a recreation as a step in the case of Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

This is the description of the classics:

“Pokémon Gold and Silver” are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color portable console. These games are the second generation of the main Pokémon series and were initially released in Japan in November 1999, followed by international releases in 2000.

In “Pokémon Gold and Silver,” players take on the role of a young Pokémon trainer whose goal is to become the Pokémon League Champion. They travel through the Johto region, capturing and training wild Pokémon, defeating other trainers in battles, and facing off against Gym Leaders to earn medals. The game introduces a new cast of Pokémon creatures, as well as new gameplay mechanics and features, such as the game’s internal clock that affects certain events and day and night cycles.

We will have to wait a little longer to know the response to new games in the saga. Specifically, the February 27 thWe will have all the information.

Via: Nintendo Life

Editor’s note: I hope we don’t go back to the games in the Let’s Go saga, because even though the first installments sold well, they are actually very ugly, if we talk about playability. I prefer that another Legends comes out, even if it is going to run terribly like the one from two years ago.

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Google+ for Android updates with page support

Google today released a new version of the application for its social network Google+. From now on, page owners will be able to manage them directly from the application and a new “Find people” function is available. Details after the jump.

We divide the changelog into two parts:

  • Google+ page owners can view, post and comment from mobile devices

This feature has been long awaited, especially by those who, like us, manage a Google+ page on the Mountain View social network. From today we can post, comment and answer your questions directly from our Android smartphone or tablet wherever we are. In my opinion it is decidedly inconvenient to switch from your account to that of the page you manage as you have to exit the application every time and log back in by selecting the desired account. Nothing difficult or long, but a simple switch was enough as we find on the application Twitter.

  • Discover people and topics more easily with the Find People feature

This new function can be found in the pop-up bar on the left under Home. By entering this menu we will find a list organized by You may know, Featured on Google+, Games, Technology, Photography and Art, Politics, Sports, Fashion, Travel and Cars, Entertainment, Music, News, Fun and Interesting, and Food and Drink where we will find pages and friends that Google+ suggests we add to our circles.

What do you think of these two new features?

android developers

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 records in Pro mode

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge incorporates a professional mode that was also present in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (with variants included). Now, although the cameras of both phones seem very similar, the truth is that the new Samsung phone adds a extra functionality not present in Samsung phones launched in 2015.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 allows you to record with Pro mode activated and that will allow you to manually change some parameters while recording videos. As you may already know, or if you don’t know, I’ll tell you, the Galaxy S7 allows you to make movies like this so you’re not looking at a mobile phone that will leave you indifferent.

How to record in Pro mode with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge?

The truth is that doing so is very easy, you will just have to enter the camera and click on the MODE button, once there choose the Pro mode and record directly with the application in this mode. The Galaxy S7’s Pro mode lets you change the focus, white balance, and shutter speed while recording video.

The values ​​of aperture (simulated), exposure and ISO They will have to be configured before recording video and cannot be modified through playback, only before you start recording. Now, even if this doesn’t seem like much to you, you should know that you can apply video filters to videos. Now, keep in mind that you will not be able to change the exposure value once you have set a custom aperture value.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, despite receiving the official Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update with the TouchWiz customization layer, have not received Pro mode in the video just like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now, even so, the Galaxy S7 and its Pro mode are still a little behind the Pro mode, incorporating LG’s most cutting-edge mobile phones where you can even change the direction of the audio. Have you already tried recording a video in Pro mode from your Galaxy S7?

ubisoft Ξ TREND

Ubisoft announces Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage

Ubisoft announces that the collaboration with the Olympic champion Shaun White continue for the new video game Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage.

The gamedeveloped by Ubisoft Montrealwill be available exclusively for Wii to Christmas 2009.

“We are happy to give a following to the incredible success achieved by the first Shaun White Snowboarding and continue collaboration with Shaun in this new and fun chapter” he has declared Tony Key, senior vice president of marketing at Ubisoft. “His experience as a professional snowboarder united with Ubisoft’s creative and innovative capabilities will offer all enthusiasts one fantastic new adventure”.

THE players they will face them again slopes in the company of Shaun White and his group of friendsbut this time the stakes will be higher and they will have to participate in some of the most important ones competitions worldwide. The game scenarios they will range from downtown Times Square in New York at races most prestigious in France, Canada and Japan.

Ubisoft it was truly great partner and I’m very happy with collaborate on World Stage” he has declared Shaun White. “It’s really exciting to be able to show everyone mine daily life during competitions around the world

Shaun White Snowboarding was a worldwide success for UbisoftThe title it oversold 3 million copies since its launch (November 2008) and established a new sports brand for Ubisoft. The title was also one of the first and most acclaimed video games compatible with the Wii Balance Board.

THE players they will be able to have fun with it again Wii Balance Board thanks to Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage and improve them further snowboarding skills, alone or in the company of friends.

Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage will be shown in preview at the Ubisoft E3 press conference which will be held at Los Angeles Theater on June 1st at 5pm (5pm). THE visitors instead they will be able to try the game at the Ubisoft stand in the exhibition area (South Hall, Booth #1022).

moto motorola Ξ TREND

How to open Motorola Moto G5S and remove its case

Opening the Motorola Moto G5S and removing the case can be a very convenient operation in many situations. Indeed, in the event that you want to insert a SIM card or an SD card, it is sometimes necessary to remove the case and open the Motorola Moto G5S. Opening the Motorola Moto G5S is also crucial in case you want to remove the battery or when you want to dust the inside of your phone. First we will see how to find the point that opens the case of the Motorola Moto G5S. Later we will see how to open the case of the Motorola Moto G5S.

Find the opening point of the Motorola Moto G5S

In case you want to open your Motorola Moto G5S, the first phase is to find the opening point of the case. To do this, we recommend that you consult the user manual of your Motorola Moto G5S. If you don’t have a user manual for your Motorola Moto G5S, you can download it online. Generally, the technique to remove the back case is to slide or release it. However, we recommend that you apply it as soon as possible when handling this operation, so as not to confuse your Motorola Moto G5S. Once you have found the opening point of the case, you will finally be able to open your Motorola Moto G5S.

Open the Motorola Moto G5S

As soon as you know where the Motorola Moto G5S opening point is, you can start opening the back of the case. To do this, slide or cradle the back of the case depending on the model of your Motorola Moto G5S. When he’s done, he takes off half of his helmet. This will give you access to the battery and possibly the SIM card of your Motorola Moto G5S. In case you are looking to remove the front part of the mobile phone case, keep in mind that it is a little more complicated. To do this, we advise you to go to a specialized store or store.

Precautions when opening the Motorola Moto G5S

Be careful that the Motorola Moto G5S case protects the fragile elements found inside the mobile. Therefore, if you choose to open the Motorola Moto G5S, you will have to handle the mobile with care. Indeed, elements such as the battery, the printed circuits but also the SIM card are fragile. So be careful not to let dust or water get inside the cabinet. Settle in a clean environment to do this manipulation.