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A project on how digital technology generates collaborative economy

Digital technology advances daily and in an unbridled and disruptive way. This, which at first seems to have no real consequences, is affecting the behavior of society. Every day, citizens are finding new ways to interact with each other, sharing ideas, exchanging products and services through new applications that facilitate our daily lives. . In short, digital technology is changing our consumption habits, not so much in terms of “what we consume” but in “how we consume.” This interaction between people and the use of digital technology is generating, among other concepts, what we call collaborative economy.

In this regard Yaap Digital Services a common project of the Banco Santander, Telefónica and Caixabank– through your applications Yaap money and Yaap shopping is contributing its grain of sand in this transformation by helping and facilitating the user and business’s daily lives.

Access to millions of digital customers for local businesses

Yaap shopping was born with the purpose of bringing quality businesses closer to the consumer, understood as “cool and convenient” in their environment. For this it is building a nearby business community and making it available to the consumer so that they can select, acquire and consume their products and services at competitive prices. In parallel, provides small and medium sized businesses with technological tools aimed at attracting customers and thus help you compete with large chains and multinationals.

Fintech, one of the fastest growing digital sectors

In parallel, Yaap money has been created. Is the only application that allows you to carry out transactions between individuals through your mobile phone immediately, safely and for free. It doesn’t matter what telephone company you belong to or what financial institution, its function is to send and receive money immediately. At its core is its social nature that allows, beyond the monetary transfer from mobile to mobile, users to send money to any of their contacts on the main social networks.

The fintech sector is one of the biggest current trends. Proof of this is the rise of startups like the Spanish Fintonic, the full entry of companies like Apple and Google to mobile payments, the expansion of disruptive payment methods such as Square or Snapcash or a new way of understanding commercial banking as Zopa or the Spanish

Traditional banks know that their sector is very attractive for new startups and that there is still a lot of room for digitalization. For this reason they are not staying still and Large banks like Santander or BBVA are making great efforts to digitalize quickly. For example, the purchase by BBVA at the beginning of this year of Sprint Studiothe company specialized in user experience, in order to accelerate its conversion into a leading digital bank through technology and design.

Two different services, many synergies

The synergies between both services, Yaap Shopping and Yaap Money, are clear, and in a short time you will be able to provide a platform from which to send money to your friends and at the same time buy with your mobile phone in quality stores with exclusive promotions. Closing the circle by creating a complete value proposition to the user, as Yaap’s objective.

By Russell Morgan

strong educational background and a passion for programming. After studying at the prestigious Munich University of Applied Sciences, he furthered his knowledge by obtaining an MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University in 2006. Armed with a deep understanding of computer engineering principles, Russell immerses himself in the world of programming with great enthusiasm. From writing elegant code to tackling complex challenges, he embraces the intricacies of the digital realm. Constantly expanding his skill set, Russell remains at the forefront of technology, always seeking new opportunities to innovate and create transformative solutions.