Activision really likes the new generation

During the financial conference for investors and analysts, Activision Chief Financial Officer Dennis Durkin gave his thoughts on the performance of the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the announcement of the price reduction of the Microsoft console.

“We clearly have two very, very powerful platforms that have established themselves on the market much more quickly than the previous generation. Both consoles are well on their way to continuing their rise. Obviously, I think that Microsoft’s latest holiday price drop announced last week is going to be an advantage in speeding up the transition of gamers to the next generation. »

“We are very happy with the sales of our games during this console launch. You know, the flip side is that during this next-gen flow, the current-gen market has been just as aggressive. This explains this difficulty in getting our sales off the ground during this transition period. »

The head of Activision’s finance office also spoke about digital purchases on these new consoles.

“Due to the fact that the new generation has new means of transaction, users have a stronger tendency towards digital purchases compared to before. So we plan to develop this part of the business more quickly in order to grow the number of users and continue with this business model. »

A contradictory trend with certain scandals from the launch of the Xbox One such as the compulsory internet connection and the subject that Sony had fun denouncing: the fact of lending a game.

By Peter Hughes

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