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Apple offers a new service in Europe Mónica Marques December 7, 2023

Apple has just made its self-repair service available in eight European countries, where it is now possible to purchase branded parts and tools to carry out repairs comfortably at home.

Unfortunately, Portugal is not among the eight lucky winners, but Spain is, which makes it easier for Portuguese users to use this service.

Apple Self-Service Repair available in eight European countries

In April this year, Apple opened its self-repair service in its home country, the United States of America. Now it is Europe’s turn to receive this service that allows users to purchase original Apple parts and tools to carry out repairs on brand equipment, in the comfort of your home.

But be careful, Apple has made this service available, so far, only in eight European countries. Namely: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom and Sweden. No information was also provided on whether the service will later be extended to more European countries.

But considering that Spain is included in this selection, Portuguese users may have easier access to the service, due to geographical proximity.

According to the statement issued by the brand, this service provides access to more than 200 individual parts and tools, as well as manuals to help and guide the repair of the products.

Apple also offers tool kit rentals.

Still according to Apple, this service “offers customers the opportunity to carry out their own repairs, using the same manuals, spare parts and tools as in stores. Apple Authorized Apple Stores and Service Agents.

The Cupertino company also guarantees that the parts for this service are the same as those used in official repairs and that they will have the same price charged in the brand’s authorized stores and agents.

What’s more, users can send replaced parts to Apple for recycling and, in return, receive credit for purchases.

But there is more. For users who do not wish to purchase tools, there is the possibility of renting a kit with everything necessary for the repair for an approximate cost of 46 euros.

These kits can be used for a week to make home repairs and shipping costs are free.

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