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New EA titles for Valve

Now the digital delivery (thanks to which it is possible to buy games online, simply by downloading them onto our PC, after payment) is becoming increasingly successful and the Electronic Arts she seems to have noticed.

In the portal Steamother titles will be available IT’S AT recently published which ones Mass Effect, Need For Speed ​​Undercover, Spores, Creepy Spores And FIFA Manager 2009. All completely downloadable from PCs in Europe with a Steam account, while Crysis and Crysis Warhead remain accessible only to North American users.
Certainly an excellent market move, that of publishing your games on a portal like Steam.

In case you didn’t know, the latter, is a digital distributor and multiplayer platform created by Valve Corporation in September 2003. Furthermore, includes a great “Friends” feature thanks to which you can stay in touch with your friends while playing your favorite game, or follow them if they are in a multiplayer server.
The revenues of this platform are not clear but we know that more than 500 games are present on it and around 16 million users enjoy it. Steam is certainly at the top when it comes to the sale of video games, which many publishing houses now rely on for their earnings.

There Eletronic Arts, therefore, decided to rely on Valveto perhaps revive his fortunes after a less than stellar period, especially regarding the financial crisis and staff cuts which he had to remedy.

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How to get invoices for Google Play purchases

Many times we make purchases on Google Play and wonder how to get the invoice, since we may always need it for a claim or simply to keep track of our purchases more safely. This functionality exists, and today we will tell you about it in this article. Google Play invoice, where can we access the invoice for Google Play purchases? Entering from Google Wallet, we tell you in detail:

How to access Google Play invoices

To access Google Play invoices and see everything we have purchased, we must enter Google Wallet. Once inside, all you have to do is log in to access our latest purchases and invoices. Within Wallet we will see our Transactions: payment methods, invoices and accounts and much more.

If we enter Invoices and accounts, it is possible that nothing will appear, while in Transactions we should see all our purchases. But if we look In the panel on the right, when clicking on a purchase, we see that we must validate data to access the invoice. We will see the following:

If we enter “setting” (which we see in small in the right panel at the bottom, it appears in blue) to generate our invoices, we will be asked to enter our billing information, that is, our legal name, address and tax information with ID. After doing so, it will be enough to wait about 24 hours so that the invoices for our purchases appear in Google Wallet.

After having carried out the procedure, it will be a matter of waiting so that if we click on a purchase we can download the invoice by PDF comfortably, from that same panel.

Download your invoices with Google Wallet

As you can see, the procedure is really simple, since all you have to do is log in to enjoy all our invoices in PDF. Of course, we will have to enter our datawhich I don’t think is a problem for us, since when This is an invoice, we must give our legal information.

I hope you have received your Google Play purchase invoices, If you have any questions, use the comments and we will be happy to answer you.

Have you gotten your Google Play invoices? Or have you not received confirmation of your invoice registration yet?

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Hearts of Iron III

The previous chapter to this one was released way back in 2005 and praised for its gameplay, depth and excellent replay functionality. At the same time, however, it presented itself as a rather difficult game to control and many people abandoned it. If you also love RTS then don’t miss the new chapter of the series, Hearts of Iron III.

The learning curve has been significantly improved. Initially you won’t control millions of troops, but you will start with a few men and not too large a terrain to control. Continuing with the game, you can then decide whether to control multiple troops and therefore defend more points, or you can assign certain points to the AI ​​and direct the one that interests you most.
Hearts of Iron III would seem to be quite ambitious when it comes to gameplay. You can fight, of course, like the major powers of the Second World War: Allies, Fascists and Communists. But, the really interesting thing about this historic RTS is that you can decide to command countries that had little or no importance in the SGM. There will be more than 150 countries to choose from, each of which has a different approach to the global conflict.

Another interesting aspect of this game will be the difference between the various countries in battle. Fascist Germany of that time would produce troops in a short time while democratic countries such as the USA or Great Britain would take much longer to produce but, once mobilised, would be able to create technologically advanced and enormous armies.
Strategically, this will mean that Germany will be able to attack everyone before they can set up defenses.
Let’s talk about technology, which reserves us the last gem of this title. Each country will have different technologies and therefore, different performances. For example, German tanks were built differently from American ones and, in Heart of Iron III, you can see this with your own eyes.
Finally, another idea from the developers was that of exile. Imagine being swept away by German power. You will be able to settle in a friendly country and slowly rebuild your army and even attempt to retake your land.

We still don’t know much about this new title, but from the little we’ve said it seems to promise some healthy fun for lovers of the genre. We just have to wait for an official date. At the moment we know that it will be distributed by Paradox Interactive In the late 2009, exclusively for PC.

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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate receives major update

Prior to the new direction that Assassin’s Creed took with Origins, Syndicate was the last traditional entry in the series, so many people are curious about this title, especially considering that Mirage will return, in part, to this style. Now, after months of problems, A new update finally fixes one of the biggest problems with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Five months ago, users on Reddit began reporting flickering errors when playing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate on the PlayStation 5. Although at the time it was thought that Ubisoft would not pay attention to this problem, it has been confirmed that game update 1.53 will solve this problem. Best of all, this version of the software will be available today.

Although at the time not many paid attention to this error, when Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate arrived on PlayStation Plus for Premium and Extra subscription usersmore and more people became aware of this problem, which surely caused Ubisoft to take on the task of creating a solution.

In related topics, new details about the Assassin’s Creed series are revealed. Similarly, gameplay of Assassin’s Creed: Jade was leaked.

Via: IGN


Change keyboard on Umidigi Z2

In case you don’t love the original keyboard of your Umidigi Z2, you should know that it is easy to change the keyboard. In fact, it is possible that the pre-installed keyboard of your Umidigi Z2 is not suitable for the use you want to give it. So, if you want a keyboard with larger keys, a different language, or a nicer theme, changing the keyboard will be a great option. So, we will first see how it is beneficial to change the keyboard on the Umidigi Z2. We will see later the technique to change the keyboard. Finally, we will learn the technique to configure the keyboard so that its use is optimal.

Why change the keyboard of your Umidigi Z2

There are many reasons to change the keyboard of your Umidigi Z2. Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or a useful cause, chances are you’ll find a keyboard that suits you. Here is the list of good reasons to change the keyboard of your Umidigi Z2:

  • When you want larger keys for optimal comfort.
  • In the event that you want to be able to write your texts in another language
  • When you want to change the keyboard theme and colors
  • In case you want to have a greater variety of emojis
  • If you ever want to have a gesture or voice input
  • In case you want to have a good prediction of your sentences

In all these situations, installing a new keyboard on the Umidigi Z2 will be a great idea.

What is the technique to change the keyboard of your Umidigi Z2?

Replacing the keyboard on Android is a relatively simple operation. And yes, it is in two phases that we present to you below.

Download a keyboard for the Umidigi Z2

The first step to changing the keyboard on your Umidigi Z2 is to find the keyboard you like. To do this, you must go to the Play store. There are a multitude of different keyboards in the Play Store. They bring different details. When you have chosen, you can Download and install the keyboard of the Umidigi Z2. When you are done, you need to activate the keyboard you installed. In case you don’t know which keyboard to choose, here are two keyboards that work with nickel:

Activate the new keyboard on the Umidigi Z2

Now that the keyboard is installed on the Umidigi Z2, you need to turn it on so you can use it when typing your text. To do this, you must go to the menu. Settings the Umidigi Z2. When you’re there, come in Language and typing then in Default keyboard. You will then be able to see all the keyboards that are installed on your Umidigi Z2 appear. Now all you have to do is select the keyboard you want to activate and validate. Then your new keyboard is active and you can try composing some text. If you have ever been bothered by keyboard key beeping, check out our guide to remove Umidigi Z2 key beeping.

Tutorial to configure the keyboard of your Umidigi Z2

The beauty of keyboards is that they are easy to customize. For example, you can adjust the input language, keyboard theme, autocorrect, and many other things. So if you want to set up the keyboard of your choice on the Umidigi Z2, you need to go to settings / Language and input. Once there, choose the keyboard to configure and you will be taken to the settings menu. Now it’s up to you to configure the options you want to enable.

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Why you shouldn’t use an administrator account in Windows

If you use the administrator account in Windows for your daily activities, you are leaving the door wide open for all types of malicious attacks.

Windows has a bad reputation as an insecure operating system because it is vulnerable to viruses and other attacks. The fact is that Windows is the most used operating system in the world. This popularity is a double edged sword because when a malicious third party creates malware, they are more likely to develop it to attack Windows simply because it has a better chance of succeeding thanks to the large number of people using it.

For this reason, as a user you must learn to adopt some preventive behaviors that avoid putting your computer at risk, and one of them is to stop using the Administrator account in Windows.


Administrator accounts in Windows allow you to make all kinds of changes to the computer, it has all elevated permissions. The problem is that not only you will have those permissions, but also every program that is installed. This means that if your operating system is attacked by malware, it will have the possibility of executing changes of any kind thanks to the administrator permissions that your user has, which can become a big security problem. The matter gets worse if your computer is connected to a computer network where everyone has administrator permissions.

How serious is it?

With an administrator account in Windows you are exposed to the installation of a rootkit, a type of malware that takes advantage of these elevated permissions. This Malicious software can access all your data, install other malicious programs without you realizing it, erase your hard drive and can even infect your BIOS.. With all these possibilities, it is obvious that rootkits go much further than an ordinary virus, which means that they will be incredibly difficult to detect by an antivirus or some similar tool.

What is the solution?

The best way to keep your computer secure in this case is to have two accounts: one for administrator and one for daily use. The administrator account will be left alone when you need to install or uninstall programs, or any other advanced activity. The other account will not have this type of permissions and must be used daily as normal. With this type of account you will be able to surf the Internet and use all the installed programs without leaving the door wide open for an attack.


Four answers about cancer

World Cancer Day is celebrated. Patients and their loved ones often have multiple questions about this terrible disease. Here our answers:

Today is celebrated World Cancer Day. The incidence in Spain in 2012, according to SEOM, was more than 200,000 cases. This disease is much more complex than it initially seemed. Lung cancer is not the same as ovarian cancer. That is why it is also said that cancer is actually a group of diseases.

The history of cancer dates back to the times of ancient civilizations. It was in Egypt where humanity first faced this disease, documenting the first clinical cases in the Edwin Smith papyrus. Thousands of years have passed, and we are still trying to answer the uncertain questions that assail us when a close person suffers from cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disorder that occurs when our cells begin to divide uncontrollably and autonomously. If they also have the ability to invade other tissues (both locally and at a distance), we will find ourselves facing a malignant tumor.

Each of our cells has mechanisms to accelerate and slow down its life cycle. In cancer, as in life, if these regulatory factors fail, it is possible that our car (cells) suffers an accident. For this reason, it is essential to improve diagnostic methods and especially, avoid harmful habits that could damage these control mechanisms, such as tobacco or a sedentary lifestyle.

Is it hereditary?

Research has been investigating the genetic origin of cancer for some time. Does this mean that cancer is hereditary? No. Cancer is not hereditarybut what our ancestry can transmit to us is a genetic mutation that favors the development of this disease.

If our parents or a sibling have suffered from cancer, we should worry more than if a distant relative has suffered from it. Because? The probability that the genetic mutation has been transmitted to us is greater. However, it is important to highlight that the type of cancer also plays a role. For example, cancer of the adrenal cortex has a high risk of becoming ‘familial cancer’, even when there is only one medical case.

Fortunately, science has advanced a lot in recent years. Today it is possible to identify genetic mutations associated with some types of cancer, as occurs in certain breast tumors, making it easier to perform a early and effective detectionand even customize some treatments.

Why can children get cancer?

It is often said that this disorder is a disease associated with aging. It is logical: as the years progress, our cells are more likely to accumulate errors in their DNA that cause the appearance of a malignant tumor.

Why are some children diagnosed with cancer? For one thing, they may have inherited a ‘fatal’ mutation in their genome. On the other hand, we must not forget that Embryonic development is the phase where most cell divisions occurand therefore, the more likely it is to acquire some harmful genetic change.

Is there a cancer epidemic?

The increase in the number of cancer cases may make us think that there is an epidemic of this disorder. However, this is not so. Cancer, as we said at the beginning, has been known since ancient Egypt. It is not a modern disease.

The reason that explains the increase in cancer is none other than the improvement in tumor diagnosis. Little by little we are able to detect this disease earlier, and therefore, have a greater chance that the treatments will be effective.

We must not forget, however, the influence that environmental factors have on our health. Not everything is in the genes. That is why it is essential that we follow good habits, avoiding tobacco consumption (responsible for 90% of lung cancer cases) or a sedentary lifestyle.

The arrival of innovative treatments, such as immunotherapy, offer light for patients, families and healthcare professionals. On World Cancer Day, we must continue fighting against a disease as cruel as it is close. Let’s not lose hope.

Images | Susan Arnold (Wikimedia), Skeeze (Pixabay)


The fish that swims against cancer

ZeClinics, a spin off of the Pompeu Fabra University, wants to use zebrafish to accelerate and improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Can a simple fish be used in cancer research? The answer, surprising as it may seem, is affirmative. The investigator George Streisinger He was the first scientist to use this animal model in studies related to developmental biology and genetics.

Also known as zebra fish o Danio rerio is widely used in hundreds of laboratories around the world. Unlike other simple research models, such as fruit flies or worms, fish is a vertebrate. Danio rerio’s research has been fundamental in recent decades to understand the development of living beings. As an example, this spectacular video shows the heartbeat of a zebrafish embryo:

Streisinger, a great aquarium fan, proposed the use of this animal typical of the waters of the Ganges. This species had simple maintenance, reproduced easily and its embryos are transparent. These advantages allowed zebrafish to make the leap from the aquarium to the laboratory. And from there to clinical research.

Personalize cancer treatment

Ze Clinics, a spin off located in the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica in Barcelona, ​​decided to evaluate whether Danio rerio could improve personalized medicine. He did so by focusing on a disease or set of diseases that annually affects 14 million people worldwide: cancer.

As Streisinger anticipated, zebrafish have great functional and genetic similarity to humans. Furthermore, studies with this experimental model are easy, fast and cheap. For these reasons, ZeClinics decided to develop what is known as ZeOncoTest, an economical and reliable test for personalize cancer treatment.

How does it work? Dr. D’Amico’s research team set out to replicate the cancer from a biopsy of the patient. That is to say, Zebrafish become a real ‘testing ground’ in which it is evaluated how the tumor develops, and especially, what treatments are most appropriate in each case.

This methodology is also known as xenotransplants and has already been used successfully in mice. The advantage that fish presents, according to ZeClinics, is that we can shorten times and lower costs. Two key characteristics if we want to improve the diagnosis and therapy of cancer patients, in addition to transferring this technology to hospitals.

To achieve its purpose, the spin off ZeClinics is now seeking financing through crowdfunding. In order to develop the ZeOncoTest, the company needs 100,000 euros, as announced on the Capital Cell platform. If they achieve their goal, they will be able to complete the research of this service, which will allow them to evaluate the effect of oncological medications. And so the zebrafish will continue swimming against cancer.

Images | Marrabbio2 (Wikimedia), Pogrebnoj Alexandroff (Wikimedia)

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New Lord of the Rings movies are already in planning

Although it may not seem like it, the franchise The Lord of the rings is taking on new life, that is due to the premiere we had last year with the series for Prime Video call The Rings of Power. However, that’s not all, since it was just mentioned recently that there are more films on the way, great news for fans.

The news comes when Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema they reach a years-long agreement with the company Embracer Group ABwhich allows studios to make more adaptations of this franchise and The Hobbit. On the business call, the CEO David Zaslav He said the deal includes “multiple” films based on the creation ofe JRR Tolkien.

The CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery previously hinted at moving forward with The Lord of the rings during an earnings call last year, and mentioned to investors that the studio would focus on these franchises, even mentioning the possibility of making more movies of Harry Potterin its own universe.

For now there are not many details about the new film of the medieval adventure franchise, there is no talk about the placement of the story and whether old characters will return. For its part, the series of amazon It already confirmed its second season very recently, so perhaps that story will arrive before the new movies.

Via: IGN

Editor’s note: It is a joy that the adventures in Middle Earth return, hopefully in a couple of years we will see the first trailer. I would like to see well-known characters return, but that may not happen.

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How to change the PIN code on Wiko Lenny 5

Changing the Wiko Lenny 5 PIN is essential when you want to protect your phone. And yes, the PIN code is a four-digit security code that will restrict access to the SIM card. This way, if your Wiko Lenny 5 is stolen or lost, the person who owns your phone will not be able to use the package. Since the original PIN code of the SIM cards is usually the same, we recommend that you change the PIN code of your Wiko Lenny 5. First of all, we will see the technique to change the PIN code of your Wiko Lenny 5. We will find out in Secondly why it is advisable to change the PIN code. Finally, we will learn how to activate the PIN code if you have never put one on your phone.

The method to change the PIN code of your Wiko Lenny 5

Changing the PIN code on the Wiko Lenny 5 is very easy. To do this, you will first need to go to the menu parameters of your Wiko Lenny 5. Once you are there, go to the section Securityand then in Set up SIM lock either Set SIM card lock. Once you are there, choose Change PIN code. The phone will then ask you to enter the phone’s current PIN code. Once this is done, all you have to do is enter your new PIN and validate. That’s it, the PIN code has changed! If you want to know how to insert the SIM card into the phone, take a look at our guide to put the SIM card in the Wiko Lenny 5.

Why put a PIN on your Wiko Lenny 5?

The PIN code is a protection for the Wiko Lenny 5. In fact, its main use is to restrict access to the SIM card. Therefore, if your Wiko Lenny 5 is stolen, or if you lose it, the person who has it will not be able to call. This will allow you not to lose a package in a flight or loss situation.

The method to put a PIN code on the Wiko Lenny 5

If you don’t have a PIN on your Wiko Lenny 5 and you want to set one up, it’s very easy. To do this, you must enter Settings/Security/Set up SIM lock. Once this is done, you will need to select the SIM card lock. After that, you will be asked to enter a four-digit code which will be your new PIN code. Remember to hold it up or write it down on a piece of paper.

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How to prepare the LG G2 for its update to Android Nougat

Surely when reading the title of this post, how to prepare the LG G2 for its update to Android NougatAt first you think that I have gone completely crazy or that you have not read the title of the article or practical tutorial that I am going to present to you today.

The fact is that I haven’t even gone crazy and you did read the headline of this post correctly. Let me explain: everyone knows that LG decided to delete or abandon the LG G2 from its list of models to update to new versions of Android, leaving it at a version of Android Lillipop 5.0.2. This is a shame since we are facing one of the best terminals in the recent history of Android and it is capable of moving the new version of Android Nougat or Android 7.0, just as it is capable of moving Android MArshmallow with excellent performance and fluidity. Well, as much as it may be to those from LG that they only think, like all Android Smartphone manufacturers, of selling and selling more terminals, today I am going to show you how update the LG G2 to Android Marshmallow using CM13 and leave everything ready to receive the new versions via OTA that the developers of the large Android community of Cyanogenmod are releasing, including CM14 or Android Nougat 7.0, which should be available more soon sooner rather than later.

To follow step by step this practical tutorial in which we are going to prepare the LG G2 for its update to Android Nougat Through the OTA updates of the CM14 Roms that are yet to arrive, as is logical and supposed, we are going to have to meet a series of requirements that I will tell you below and provide the necessary links that will take you to the different practical tutorials to get it very easily.

Requirements to meet in order to prepare the LG G2 for its update to Android Nougat

  1. Have the terminal, LG G2 model D802Rooted and with the modified TWRP Recovery updated to its latest available version
  2. Have a backup copy of the EFS folder just in case.
  3. Have a nandroid backup of the entire system in case we back out, leaving everything as it was before the CM13 Rom flashing process.
  4. Have a backup copy of all our applications and data since in the flashing process we are going to delete them all.
  5. Have USB debugging enabled from the developer settings.
  6. Have the battery charged to 100 x 100.

Files necessary to prepare the LG G2 for its update to Android Nougat thanks to Cyanogenmod

To obtain update LG G2first to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow via CM13and prepare it for the next OTA updates, we are going to have to download the latest CM13 nightly, CM’s own Recovery and Google’s native applications to include the Google application store and the Google services framework so that we can download any application from the android application store

Once all the files have been downloaded and copied to the internal memory of the LG G2, we will be ready to completely turn off the terminal and restart it in Recovery mode to follow the steps that I indicate in the attached video that you have embedded at the beginning of this post, some steps that I explain below in writing.

Flashing method of the latest nightly CM13 and Gapps

Once inside the modified TWRP Recovery, we are going to follow these steps to the letter to flash the Rom and native Google applications:

  1. wipewe select Wipe Dalvik, Cache, System and Datawe slide the bar.
  2. InstallWe first select the Nightly CM13 Rom Zip and we delirious our bellies.
  3. We return to the main menu again.
  4. InstallWe select this time the Google GAPPS zip and we slide the bar again to execute the action.
  5. Finally we select Wipe Dalvik cache from the button that appears at the bottom right and as soon as it is finished we select the option System Reboot.

We wait for the LG G2 to reboot completely, configure it, and once we can access the system, if you want install Cyanogenmod’s own Recovery Just as I have done in the video, you must follow the steps that I will explain below.

How to install Cyanogenmod’s own Recovery on the LG G2

  1. We go to the Google Play Store and download Flashify. Just below I leave you a direct link for the free download of the application.
  2. Once installed, the we open and We grant Superuser permissionsto do this you must first have enabled them from the developer settings as I show you in the video.
  3. Once inside Flashifywe select the option Recovery, we look for the .img file that we have downloaded from the official CM page, the one that corresponds to the version of our Nightly, we place it on it and click on the YUP! button. The installation will proceed.
  4. With this we will have our LG G2 model D802, ready to receive the next update to Android Nougat via OTA and in a fully automated way.

Download Flashify for free from the Google Play Store


Waze Beacons to make navigation also work in tunnels

Tunnels are usually the most hated by those who use road navigation daily through one of the applications we have on Android that are suitable for this purpose. It is there where loses GPS signal and even the Internet connection. For this reason, there are many who are looking for a way for this navigation to continue being active in those tunnels where it is usually lost.

Waze is one of the apps that is most interested in keeping this navigation active in those moments when we drive through a long tunnel like the M-30 in Madrid. This company has just revealed Waze Beacon (a very interesting report days ago), a personalized BEEKS Plus that broadcasts precise location to driverspassengers and cars, and even in the darkness of those tunnels.

These Bluetooth beacons are not something new, but rather designed for what would be advertising and marketing. But it is now that another way to apply this technology has been found. Waze Beacons will take care of replace GPS signal in the tunnels where these are useless.

This is capable of transmitting to receivers, which are the smartphones themselves or even the navigation systems that we find in cars, the location of the beacons in order to give the navigation software a better location of the vehicle and the roads you must cross. Everything is done automatically, with the only requirement that the device’s Bluetooth be active.

Although it has been called Waze Beacon, the device is a BEEKS Plus custom beacon from Bluvision. These beacons have an autonomy of 6 years, IP67 certification and have been optimized to launch Bluetooth signals that are capable of reaching cars moving at high speed. They are already found available in some city tunnels like Paris, Rio de Janeiro or Pittsburgh in the United States.


He has 1 month of ONCE free with the UnBoxing Day campaign Bruno Coelho December 26, 2023

ELEVEN is increasingly becoming a successful service in our country. With the Premier League in its catalog it has just launched a campaign called UnBoxing Day ONCE: the best gift has arrived.

Football fans know how important this day is, marking the return of club football at the highest level with the Premier League’s Boxing Day matches. And, in this campaign, you can get a month of free service.

This is a special promotion on the annual pass. From today until January 31, In the annual subscription, the first monthly payment is offered by Eleven. From there you pay €1199 per month.

Premier League, LaLiga and Champions are from ONCE

It should be noted that Eleven Sports has much more than Premier Legue to offer you in its catalog. It is also worth highlighting all the LaLiga and Champions League matches.

In addition, you also have matches from Ligue1, Bundesliga, Pro League, NFL, Liga Endesa, WTA 1000, World Padel Tour, Formula E and Extreme E, among others – through 6 ONCE channels and 4 ONCE Extra Channels.

“This Boxing Day we wanted to offer sports fans something more than the simple gift of the return of the Premier League, whose matches on December 26 are a tradition not only for the English, but also for the Portuguese, who look forward to the next day. . Christmas for a high-level football marathon,” says Nuno Filipe Miranda, Director of Marketing, Communication and Partnerships at ELEVEN in Portugal.

As already mentioned, this Eleven UnBoxing Day promotion is valid for subscriptions between December 26 and January 31. The first monthly payment is offered, after which €11.99 per month.

This pass is available on all pay TV channel operators (MEO, US, NOW Vodafone), it is on

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REVIEW: Cheap X96Q TV-Box with the Allwinner H313 SoC and Android 10

X96Q It is a new Android Box that we present today its analysis or review, a multimedia box that has the new SoC Allwinner H313, a shortened version of the Allwinner H616 chip, which only reaches 1.34 GHz and HD resolution in the Android app environment. This TV-Box has several hardware versions that differ in their internal storage and RAM but all with the system Android 10 and intended to play FullHD multimedia content in general. Let’s see in our review how this device behaves and how it defends itself against its rivals.

  • The TV-Box X96Q with 2/16 GB you can buy it in from €18 with free shipping from Spain using the coupon NNNDBXA


Model X96Q 2/16GB
Main data SoC: Allwinner H313 Quad Core A53 @ 1.34 GHz (64bit) / Mali-G31 MP2 GPU / 28 nm
System: Android 10 (32bit)
Memories and network:
– 1/2 GB DDR3 RAM + 8/16 eMMC / Wifi bgn – No BT (XR819) / Ethernet 10/100
Ports: HDMI 2.0 / Audio Jack / AV / Ethernet / 2x USB / MicroSD / Reset
Extras: IR Remote / HDMI Cable / Manual / DC Adapter 5V 2A (10W)
Materials and measurements: Plastic / Front LED / 90 x 90 x 18 mm / 180 gr


The TV-Box X96Q It comes in a cardboard box with the image of the product in the upper area. Inside we find the small TV-Box, IR remote control, 5V 2A charger and first steps manual in English.


On the front of the X96Q we have a LED which turns on when plugged in. We have all the connections available on the sides and the rear area, it undoubtedly stands out for its small dimensions as we have compared with the remote control. Included with this box is a simple IR remote which allows you to use some functions of the TV-Box directly.

  • Remote control: Command Basic IR / NO microphone / Compare with other alternatives.
  • Alternative control: It does NOT have its own control app or we can use Cetusplay from our smartphone.

On the motherboard we can see the chip Wifi bgn – No BT (XR819) which has an internal Wi-Fi antenna. He cooling system an aluminum plate and silicone rubber stuck to the processor, very basic. Inside the audio jack hole we have the update button useful in case the firmware needs to be updated.


Environment and user experience

We connect the X96Q and it starts automatically, we have a custom launcher based on squares where we can modify only the bottom row. This is valid for use with the included remote control, in the upper area we have a clock and the indication of the connected network. In the installed apps AirScreen, Miracast, KD Player (KODI), Netflix and Prime Video stand out. We verify that the Android 10 performance is somewhat fair Yes, we demand speed when changing apps, but for normal use we can say that it is enough. Unfortunately we have Google Play Android TV version which limits the compatibility of many apps and only serves to annoy.

  • Launcher: As an alternative we have Pixel launcher to use mouse / Android UI renders at 720p.
  • Multitasking and access: Multitasking NOT available / DOES NOT have a bottom and top bar.
  • Languages ​​and Google Play: Spanish and all international Android classics / Google Play Android TV version.


We check the system data and the options it includes in terms of root, we also observe what ignition systems this device allows us. When starting the TV-Box we have to install several updates via OTA that correct errors.

  • On and off: Off NOT configurable in settings.
  • Version and root: Android 9 (32 bit) / NO root by default / NO root menu / Build 20200809 / Model X96Q.
  • Medium: X96 has NO official support website / Firmware NOT yet available for download.

Network, storage, RAM and ports

The small TV-Box X96Q It has RAM memory 2GB RAM DDR3 and for internal storage we have 16 GB eMMC. It has a USB 3.0 port, another USB 2.0 and microSD card reader. In the network section it has a wireless adapter Wifi bgn – No BT (XR819) and port 10/100 Ethernet. As we can see in the tests the results give low figuresthe Wi-Fi arrives at a speed limited by the adapter it includes and the reception is fair.

  • Storage: Total 16GB – Free 9GB eMMC / NTFS + exFAT compatible / YES expandable by USB or SD.
  • RAM: Total 2 GB – Free 1 GB / DDR3.
  • Network performance: Correct speed with an internal Wifi antenna / Scope 42 dBmlow / Bluetooth NO.
  • We recommend reading our Tutorial on SAMBA Networks on Android to play or serve files on our local network.
USB 2.0 USB 3.0 micro SD SATA
Reading writing 24/17 MB/s 76/32MB/s 20/19 MB/s

Power and performance

In terms of performance, the mini TV-Box X96Q has the SoC Allwinner H313 Quad Core with ARM processors Cortex-A53 at 1.34 GHz and in the graphics section a GPU Mali-G31 MP2 which is in the mid range. This SoC is manufactured in 28nmAs we have seen, the cooling system is basic and the temperatures are high, the chip correctly scales speeds and maintains performance correctly. In general we have enough power for streaming or KODI apps.

  • CPU performance: Min. 0.5 GHz / In use 1 GHz / Max. 1.3 GHz.
  • Check our Comparison of the Allwinner H6 SoC against all SoCs in the sector for more details.
  • Thermal: Min. 51ºC / In use 62ºC / Max. 68ºC / Maintains performance up to 95% / Surface heating / 0db noise.
  • Consumption: Off 0.1W / Min. 2.3W / In use 3.4W / Max. 3.8W.
  • Games and emulators: NOT compatible with games like PUBG / Emulators up to Wii / Does NOT support Vulkan.
  • Controls: Compatible with wired gamepads.


Playback test

For the video playback section, X96Q has the SoC Allwinner H313 which on the one hand has the Allwinner Phoenix 3.0 VE Engine that allows us to decode H.265 / VP9 and on the other hand we have the Smartcolor 3.0 DE Engine which is responsible for controlling HDR modes such as HLG and HDR10, although Dolby Vision is missing. It does not have a video quality adjustments app, but image quality is good. We can use players like KODI either PLEX, the system comes by default with a version of KODI full of add-ons that we recommend uninstalling. As for audio we can play sound DD and DTS up to 5.1 through the HDMI or SPDIF port. Check our Allwinner H6 SoC Comparison to see more details about Audio/Video in this SoC family.

  • Video settings: Image quality settings / RGB and SDR color / HDMI-CEC available / Native refresh rate change
  • Audio settings: HDMI 5.1 Audio / Stereo Jack.
  • Color and HDR: 10Bit / RGB / Support HLG, Dolby Vision (1 layer).
  • Media Sharing: GoogleCast NO / Miracast YES / DLNA with BlubblePnP / Airplay YES* / *With Airscreen.
  • CoreELEC: Not compatible with CoreELEC system.
  • Tutorials: Install KODI Addons / Guide on Judder effect / Correct dark video image / Multichannel sound on Android.
  • We recommend reading our TV Setup Guide to obtain the best image quality.

Video results

Formats Result
h.264/1080i/8bit Correct
h.264/1080p/4K/8bit Correct
h.264/1080p/10bit (anime) Frame skipping (SW)
h.265/1080p/8bit Correct
h.265/1080p/10bit (anime) Correct
h.265 / 4K@24fps / 8bit Correct
h.265 / 4K@60fps / 10bit HDR Correct
VP9 P1 / 4K@24fps / 8bit Correct
VP9 P2 / 4K@60fps / 10bit HDR Frame skipping (SW)
VP9 P2 / 8K@60fps / 10bit HDR Frame skipping (SW)
AV1 / 4K@24fps / 10bit Frame skipping (SW)
Max. Bitrate 65Mbps = 8MB/s.
  • The maximum bitrate depends on the port used to connect or the limitations of SAMBA Networks
  • SW = does not have hw acceleration and may have some jumps, since the decoding is done by Software

Audio results

Formats DD/DTS 5.1 DD+ / DTS MA DD True / DTS HR DD Atmos / DTS
HDMI okay OK/Core Core Core*
Optical output
  • PCM – Stereo only downmixing from DD or DTS
  • Core – Only the core of the format is reproduced, so we go to the Dolby/DTS base system
  • * Our AV receiver does not support these native formats but we verified that it plays at 7.1

streaming services

We carry out several tests on the streaming services to check how the most popular services work. He X96Q presents the classic configuration with basic certificates which limits us in quality in various streaming services, also by having installed Android TV Google Play Services It also limits us to Android TV apps and gives us problems, if they update the firmware by changing Google Play maybe it will be fixed

  • DRM: Google Widevine L3 / Microsoft Playready
  • Audio certificates: No.

Streaming services results

streaming service Video/Audio Functioning Manual
Youtube FullHD (1080p) / Stereo Right, problems with 4K
Google Play Movies FullHD (1080p) / Stereo Correct
Netflix FullHD (1080p) / Stereo Correct, see previous note* Netflix 4K on Android
HBO It does not work HBO on Android
Disney+ HD (720p) / Stereo Correct, it supports Dolby Digital Plus audio Disney+ on Android
Amazon Prime Video SD (480p) / Stereo Correct, requires a mouse Prime Video on Android
Movistar+ It does not work Movistar+ on Android
Bein Connect It does not work beIN CONNECT on Android
DAZN It does not work DAZN on Android
IPTV FullHD (1080i) / Stereo Correct IPTV on Android




After testing the mini TV-Box X96Q with the new SoC Allwinner H313 We can say that it has sufficient hardware for multimedia use. up to 1080pusing players like KODI or for streaming IPTV. The system is Android 10 where we do not have forced closures, the environment is rendered only at 720p and overall it behaves normally although it does not stand out for its speed. The system comes with Google Play in its version of Android TV what imposes on us limited compatibility Of applications.

In terms of power, we can run classic Android apps or games without performance problems, heavy games like PUBG are best avoided. He included remote control is also very simple and it only works for basic apps. This is a TV-Box something hot We do demand a lot of performance from it but in normal use we have no problems in this regard.

Ultimately the X96Q is a TV-Box for basic use up to 1080p resolutions and it does not stand out in anything in particular, the only notable surprise has been that we have received several OTA updates although we have not noticed improvements compared to the original firmware. You can check out other options with more interesting hardware.

Where to buy

  • The TV-Box X96Q with 2/16 GB you can buy it in from €18 with free shipping from Spain using the coupon NNNDBXA
  • Check our List of Accessories such as Gamepads, Flymouse, SD cards or external drives to expand your options.


This is Sora: the new AI from OpenAI that generates videos from text

OpenAI started with ChatGPT, and can no longer stop on its way to making its AIs increasingly useful and incredible. It has come a long way, bringing intelligence that can respond to your requests through text, or generate images with what you describe. Now, we know that they are working on another even more complex resource: Sora, AI capable of generating videos from just text.

This in itself sounds incredible and elaborate, but it is true. Currently, this new AI from OpenAI is in the process of reaching the market, having shown a little of what he is capable of doing. We will tell you about everything that is known about Sora, how she works and when she will be ready to be used by everyone.

How to use Sora, the AI ​​that generates realistic videos from text

Just as DALL-E 3 generates images using the text you type, and ChatGPT focuses on responding to your texts through words, Sora works by generating videos. This AI uses very similar language to the two that we already mentioned, being part of the OpenAI project, and of course, it is trained to understand the common expressions that we use while talking to others.

In addition, its capabilities to recreate videos as accurate as possible to our descriptions are impressing the curious. Several examples circulate on the Internet, with short videos showing Sora’s resultsfollowing certain highly descriptive prompts.

From Mammoths walking in a snowy environment, to a couple walking through the streets of Tokyo surrounded by cherry trees, Sora has known respond with realistic and detailed videos. The trick with this AI is knowing how to ask it for what you need in the clearest way possible, so that it gives you satisfactory results. Sora will be able to understand What kind of clothing are you wanting the protagonist to display?as well as its surroundings, the environment around it (sunny, nighttime, rainy, etc.), the season, and any other special additions you are thinking about.

Unfortunately, and for the moment, Sora is not available. The only people with access to this tool are OpenAI researchers, and its capabilities are limited to generating videos of maximum 60 seconds.

However, it is expected to be released for public use in the future; Sora is not the first AI to create videos from text, because while it is still in the oven, there are other tools that already do the same and which we tell you about in our article dedicated to it.

What do you think Sora? Do you see this AI as a promising tool in the future?


AUN AKEY 7 FHD projector with 5,800 Lumens and automatic keystone correction

New projector called EVEN AKEY 7 that takes off in Chinese stores with a quite attractive design that we normally find in this range of projectors.

He EVEN AKEY 7 It is a projector with resolution Full HD which has some points that make it quite attractive, such as its shine 5,800 Lumens or its automatic keystone correction, an extra that fortunately many Chinese projector brands are adopting. As always at these prices, this STILL has a multimedia player that is compatible with .MKV video and .AC3 audio formats, among others, so we can use it independently as a multimedia player without major problems. From what we see, there is another version with Android, although at the moment we have not seen it available in stores.

Projector specifications

The proyector EVEN AKEY 7 uses technology TFT LCD with a 5.2″ screen, native resolution Full HD of 1920×1080 pixels, a luminosity of 5,800 Lumens and dynamic contrast 15000:1. The focus is manual, the keystone correction is automatic and we can get a screen that goes between 60″ and 100″. Although it is not mentioned in the specifications, we assume that it includes at least one speaker within its chassis.

Other specifications

In terms of connectivity we find two USB 2.0 ports, two ports HDMI 1.4, 3.5 mm audio jack and an SPDIF digital audio connector. Among the accessories provided, in addition to cables, we also find an infrared remote control that complements the control keys that we find on the upper part of the Chassis.

  • If you have technical questions about this device, you can consult our Technical Guide on Projectors.

Price and availability in stores

  • The FHD projector EVEN AKEY 7 can be purchased in the online store from €186.95 ($222.50) with shipping included.

call duty call of duty microsoft nintendo Ξ TREND

Microsoft reveals how Call of Duty will work on Nintendo

After a promise at the end of last year, Microsoft confirmed a couple of days ago that it has established a contract with Nintendo to bring games from Call of Duty to consoles from the Japanese company for the next 10 years. However, many are wondering how this will work, as the Switch is not as powerful as a PS5 or PC. Thus, The president of the Redmond company has decided to clarify this doubt.

Recently, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, had the opportunity to clarify some of the public’s doubts regarding this deal. While he admitted that he is “not the right person” to discuss system architecture, he did claim that games like Call of Duty “They will work exactly as people would expect,” with a high technical standard, on Nintendo platforms and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

In recent years, Call of Duty has become a technically demanding series, with deliveries thinking almost, or more than, 100 GB. Although offering a similar experience to the PlayStation, Xbox and PC sounds complicated on the Switch, the contract talks about Nintendo hardware, so the company’s next console could make these ports easier.

On related topics, you can learn more about this contract here. Likewise, Microsoft has no intention of selling Call of Duty.

Editor’s Note:

A Call of Duty on Switch sounds like a nightmare for whoever is in charge of making the port. However, if the next Nintendo console is more powerful, perhaps this task will no longer be so complicated, and the ports, perhaps, will be on par with those seen on PlayStation and Xbox.

Via: Go Nintendo

dance ubisoft Ξ TREND


Ubisoft, on the occasion of the press conference ofElectronic Entertainment Expo (E3), announces the development of Just Dance 3The third episode of the famous franchise which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Just Dance 3 marks the debut of series on Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation3with the support of PS Movein addition to his return to Nintendo Wii. Developed by Ubisoft studios in Paris and MontrealJust Dance 3 will be available worldwide on October 11, 2011.

JustDance has become a worldwide phenomenon conquering more than 30 million players” he has declared Geoffroy Sardin, marketing and sales director of Ubisoft EMEA.

“THE fan they play JustDance with your own family, at parties with friends or also alone to keep fit and lose weight. Ubisoft is really happy to bring Just Dance 3 on all platforms equipped with motion sensors, thus giving the opportunity to dance and have fun to a greater number of people.”

With more than 40 songs ranging across a wide range of musical genresamong which pop, hip-hop, rock, R&B, country, disco, funk and many more, Just Dance 3 will include some of the greatest hits by current artistsaccompanied by a series of songs by unforgettable groups.

THE tracks Of Just Dance 3 already confirmed are:

• 2 Unlimited – “No Limit”
• Black Eyed Peas – “Pump It”
• Duck Sauce – “Barbra Streisand”
• Groove Century – “Boogie Wonderland”

• Gwen Stefani – “What You Waiting For”
• Katy Perry – “California Gurls”
• Kiss – “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”
• Laura Bell Bundy – “Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out)”

• LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock – “Party Rock Anthem”
• MIKA – “Lollipop”
• Taio Cruz – “Dynamite”

In addition to these first ones tracks, Just Dance 3 will introduce new exclusive features on all three platformsas choreography for 4 players And dynamic environments on Wii, the “Shout Out!” option on Kinectwhich will allow the players to realize extra points singing their own favorite songs.

All these noveltycombined with a series of unique and engaging choreography developed by professional dancers and choreographersthey will offer to players what they are looking for: fun, challenge and accessibility. Once again JustDancewill make the whole world dance!

For all latest information on Just Dance 3visit the site:

hero Ξ TREND

My Hero Academia gives us first look at Deku vs Nagant

Currently the anime of My Hero Academia is going through a crucial stage, since all the characters are fighting all kinds of exciting battles against the most bloodthirsty villains. And the creator of the manga himself mentions in some interviews that he doesn’t have much left to finish the story he started years ago.

Through social networks, one of the most anticipated fights in the anime was previewed, which will not only continue the fight between Deku and Nagant, but will also delve into his life. And this is one of the customs in Japanese fighting series, segments in which they take a break to explore somewhat emotional flashbacks.

Here you can see the screenshots:

【#ヒロアカ 先行カットが来た!】



読売テレビ/日本テレビ系全国29局ネットでON AIR!#heroaca_a #黒いヒーロー編

— 僕のヒーローアカデミア/ヒロアカ アニメ公式 (@heroaca_anime) February 24, 2023

The previous cut has arrived!]

My Hero Academia

Airing at 5:30 pm on Saturday, February 25

Season 6 Episode 21 “Beautiful Lady Nagant”

Release the scene cut!

Deku vs Lady Nagant, an unmissable aerial battle!

ON AIR on the Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV network of 29 stations nationwide!

Remember that the chapters are being released on platforms such as Crunchyroll.

via: comic book

Editor’s note: With each new chapter of the series, fans who are one step ahead with the manga become more excited to see all these fights. The franchise is coming to an end and it shows.

disney Ξ TREND

Disney+ 1.8.0, new version of the APK available to install

Available to download and install a new version of the app Disney+, a compatible application for the vast majority of Android TV-Box, Tablet, or Smartphone. This app is not available in the Google app store for some devices and we are shown the message “Your device is not compatible with this version“. This problem is not exclusive to models not certified by Disney+Even in smartphones or tablets from top brands like Samsung we find this same failure.

As we have verified, we continue in this version with the same limitations with sound which we hope will be resolved soon. You can report this error to Disney through the help center so they can solve the problem.

  • Check out our list of the best Android TV-Boxes to watch Disney+


  • DOWNLOAD Disney+ v 1.8.0 Unofficial APK for Android TV-Box.
  • Points to keep in mind:
    – Install APK from running it from any installed file explorer.
    – It is necessary to USE A MOUSE OR FLYMOUSE to control the app on these TV-Boxes.
    – 4K resolutions are limited to Disney+ certified devices.
    Solution 1 (SD quality video):
    – Go to Profile > App Settings > Wifi data usage > Select = Save data (stereo sound and SD video)
    Solution 2 (HD quality video):
    – To listen to the audio We start downloading the chapter and pause itit will play with stereo sound and HD video.
    Why can’t Disney+ be heard directly?

    – The audio in the vast majority of titles can only be heard from streaming If we have connected the TV-Box to a AV receiver that can decode Dolby Digital Plus, otherwise we will not have audio. See our Guide to multichannel sound on Android.

  • Once installed we can use it completely normally, we can Adjust the style of the subtitles with this guide.
  • The application will not be updated from Google Play, as it will be marked as not compatible with our device.
  • For any suggestion app improvement or complaint go to the Disney+ website > Help Center > Send feedback.


  1. General improvements.

redmi screen xiaomi xiaomi redmi Ξ TREND

Xiaomi Redmi K60 Pro: all the screen secrets revealed Bruno Coelho December 24, 2023

Before the end of 2022, Xiaomi will continue to promote a product launch event in China. It will be December 27 when users and fans of the brand will discover the Redmi K60 series.

Although this is a line launched only in China, you should keep in mind that it is a good barometer of what we can expect from the POCO F5, which are normally based on it.

In the last few hours, the brand revealed all the details about the screen of the Redmi K60 Pro. Through the SamaGame social network it was learned that the terminal will arrive with a panel with QuadHD+, or 2K, resolution.

Redmi K60 Pro display details

The panel will support the P3 color gamut and promises 12-bit color coverage. Users can also expect Dolby Vision and HDR10+ certification.

We can also remove from the image that it will have a density of 526 pixels per inch. As for the maximum brightness, it will be 1400 nits, which is quite satisfactory for its range.

Apart from the screen, remember that the terminal is expected to have the Snapdragon 8 generation 2 processor, so it will be top of the range. Additionally, it will have a 5000 mAh battery with 67 wired charging and wireless charging for the first time in this smartphone series.

In terms of photography, you should expect a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX890 main sensor. It should be noted that the Redmi K60 and K60 Pro+ will also be launched.

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  • Xiaomi is accused of making these smartphones slower Bruno Coelho May 9, 2023
  • 5 essential Xiaomi gadgets to face the cold in Portugal Rui Bacelar January 19, 2023
  • Xiaomi: these are the next smartphones that will be launched worldwide Mónica Marques March 1, 2023
  • Stage Manager: How to Successfully Multitask Apple iPad Like a Pro
  • MEO will have to lower the prices of these offers Bruno Coelho February 20, 2023
  • How to play Netflix games on iPhone or Android
google google maps maps Ξ TREND

Google Maps updates with some new features!

Fortunately, while the IFA in Berlin 2012 is in progress, the rest of the world doesn’t stop, it is Google releases a new version of Maps, in which we notice some pleasant innovations that further improve the usability of the application and the user-side features. In detail…

…we have the following implementations:

  • Highlighting when searching for city boundaries, zip codes and more.
  • Possibility to explore the places visited day by day using the Chronology of positions.
  • Level with information on improved public transport and added navigation by transportation mode.

Obviously Google Maps is always available on Play Store for free download.

android application development

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


lg xiaomi Ξ TREND

Xiaomi Mi5 better than LG G5 and Galaxy S7 on AnTuTu

AnTuTu has spoken for itself, proving that Xiaomi Mi5 better than LG G5 and Galaxy S7 on AnTuTu. In recent days we already told you the results of the benchmark tests for Galaxy S7, LG G5 and Xiaomi Mi5. Result? Xiaomi Mi5 eats them with potatoes. These guys from Xiaomi have not done badly at all, and they also present a very interesting price, which will surely be the key that many users will take to add it to the cart.

Xiaomi, the best of 2016

As we can see in the following photo, the Xiaomi Mi5 score on AnTuTu is 142,084 points. This score shows that it currently leads the ranking. This score is very good, the highest, and it shows that it is the best at the moment.

Things stay like this points:

  • Xiaomi Mi5: 142,084 points.
  • LG G5: 133,054 points.
  • Galaxy S7: 116,668 points.

These scores leave us with a good feeling, because it shows that even though everyone has a Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM, Xiaomi Mi5 seems to be the most efficient. Let’s not forget that in the case of Galaxy S7 we have the option of Exynos.

Don’t miss the following graph either, which speaks for itself and compares us to other smartphones like Note 5 and iPhone 6s:

Will it be a bestseller?

With this score, we already believe that it will be a success in sales. Xiaomi Mi5 aims to be the best for 2016, at least that’s how we see it because the AnTuTu benchmark test speaks for itself.

Any of these 3 terminals are great, of the more powerful for this 2016. The flagships of Samsung, LG and Xiaomi, which have no waste.

What do you think of these results? Do you think Mi5 is the best? Take the opportunity to tell us in the comments.

android google project zero Ξ TREND

Google launches a new Project Zero Prize to find vulnerabilities in Android

It is never enough when it comes to look for vulnerabilities in a system And to improve its security, one of the best attempts is what Google has been doing with those programs that encourage hackers and developers to identify bugs in their code, especially those that could be used as the basis for a vulnerability.

There are some recent episodes that continue to emphasize the need for Google’s Project Zero (already an expert in these matters), which just today announced another contest called Project Zero Prize that could award up to $200,000 to the winner of the same. The Project Zero team is making use of the Android issue log for the Project Zero Prize, as this contest focuses on the Android operating system.

The team also encourages participants to share all the bugs they find, rather than waiting for a whole chain is discovered complete bug list. Another of the bets that Project Zero is introducing is that it be fully and publicly explained how an “exploit” works. The team maintains that it hopes that by introducing this level of transparency, it would help improve the public’s understanding of how an exploit works and how successful it is.

Another important piece of information that Google hopes to glean from the contest is what parts of the code are commonly attacked or used for exploits, and how current security measures are breached. Knowing this information will help mitigate potential weaknesses in Android code.

To earn that $200,000, hackers will need to present a chain of bugs or vulnerabilities that allow the remote code execution on multiple devices just by knowing the phone number and email address. The second prize will be $100,000 and the rest of the entries could remain at $50,000.

He contest period is 6 months in which hackers must show how that code is executed remotely. The only condition is that this presentation must be carried out on a Nexus 6P and a Nexus 5X, which are currently updated to the latest version of Android, 7.0 Nougat.