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Geomagnetic storm: what is it and why will it hit the earth this Thursday, September 2?

This Thursday, September 2, if the solar storm reaches Earth, it would do so with grade G2 and this means that there would be no strong effects on the planet.

He Space Weather Prediction Center(SWPC for its acronym in English) announced that this Thursday, September 2, possibly a solar geomagnetic storm touch the earth.

The geomagnetic storm It is a phenomenon that arises from explosion on the solar surface and it is classified as common, although it sounds somewhat dangerous.

The explosion flames could generate a strong radiation that reaches the earth, so, according to experts, there could be an increase in Aurora borealis.

This Thursday, September 2, in case the solar storm reach the earth, I would do it with G2 grade and this means that they would not show up strong effects on the planet.

The pastor August 31 The surveillance system launched an alert of possible tgeomagnetic storms low and moderate level for September 1 and 2.

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The Oculus Rifts control a DRONE

Some time ago, we offered you our review of the Oculus Rift, the new device or rather virtual viewer that allows players to completely immerse themselves in the game world, becoming protagonists and no longer spectators.

The Oculus Rift: The future of video games

With current televisions, players are nothing more than spectators, even if they interact with the game through the controller or Kinect, it is not possible to feel like the real protagonists. With the Oculus Rift the situation changes. By wearing this sort of visor on your head, it is possible to see the environments, objects, weapons, enemies and much more, exactly as the protagonist of the video game sees them, it will be like actually being in it.

A unique, extraordinary experience, impossible to explain. The Oculus Rifts are currently on sale on the official website at a cost of $350 shipped from the USA in the DEVKIT version, aimed at developers. Unfortunately they don’t have a very high resolution and the images are blurry as soon as you turn your head, but an HD version has already been designed and won’t hit the shops until well into 2014.

In the circuits of a Drone

Oculus Rifts are not only the future of video games but also of many other industries. In a recent experiment, this technology was used to control a drone. The only problem is the distance, as the Rifts are unable to reach beyond 100 meters wirelessly. An experiment that distance aside, it was a great success. In the future, soldiers may have the ability to control a drone remotely and see the exact same thing the drone sees, as if they were actually there. A great leap forward for technology, don’t you think?

Have you already purchased the Oculus Rift? What do you think? Your comments


Big Data is now applied to tourism in Spain in a brilliant way

MIT researchers classify the tourist attraction of Spanish cities by analyzing large volumes of data with Big Data solutions

Data management platforms constitute Big Data solutions with the capacity to integrate and manage large sets of data, structured and unstructured, with which to obtain useful information for making intelligent decisions. When the field of action extends to the scope of citythe thousands of data generated in different social media and geolocation applications can be transformed into relevant information to measure the tourist attraction of cities.

Last year Kim Faura, general director of Telefónica in Catalonia; Pablo Rodríguez, director of the Telefónica R&D Center in Barcelona; and Genís Roca, founding partner and president of RocaSalvatella, collected their conclusions about the innovation that this sector offers in the first report prepared in Spain based on the study of data derived from digital activity.

This is what the researcher has done. Stanislav Sobolevskyfrom the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in the USA, in several Spanish cities with the aim of measuring their tourist attractiveness based on three large data sets analyzed with Big Data solutions.

This interesting research work does not address issues such as the reason why foreign tourists visit us, since it would require the use of much more specific data. However, it does provide a global vision of the tourism potential of certain cities based on the relative size of the city and the data transactions generated around them.

In this sense, logic tells us that tourist activity maintains a direct relationship with the city ​​size, and therefore, larger cities attract a greater number of visitors and generate greater economic and social activity. Well, Sobolevsky’s study not only confirms this thesis, but also demonstrates that this scale is superlinear.

For the study, the MIT team analyzed the 17 million financial transactions carried out throughout 2011, by anonymous foreign tourists from 175 different countries who visited different Spanish cities. The analysis also used the 3.5 million photos and videos uploaded to the social network Flickrfor close to the 16,000 visitors from 112 countries who visited our country between 2005 and 2014. And finally, to draw an illustrative map of the attractiveness of the cities of Spain, the 700,000 tweets published by foreign profiles with geographic tags of cities in our country throughout 2012.

Obviously, not all the patterns analyzed follow this trend, since curious exceptions have been recorded whose explanation lies in other aspects not accounted for by the researchers. For example, cities like Alicante either Malaga, traditionally considered an eminently foreign tourist destination, register one of the highest rates in terms of foreign financial transactions. However, they are cities with one of the lowest rates of activity on social media, since this tourism is mainly for European retirees.

The same thing happens in tourist cities like Santa Cruz of Tenerife and The Palms, where foreign tourists with greater purchasing power prefer to consume and enjoy their stay without registering their activity on the networks. Others, however, like Badajozstand out for being an eminently shopping destination for Portuguese citizens who have little time to record their visit on social media.

The conclusions of the study are only a small part of the useful information that Big Data solutions can provide to the city environment, for intelligent decision making by city residents. urban planners and the tourism sector in general.

Images | via pixabay and MIT

fantasy final fantasy Ξ TREND

The weight of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is confirmed

We are just a few weeks away from the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. After years of waiting, on February 29, 2024, we will finally have the opportunity to enjoy the continuation of Remake. Now, new information has come to light, since The size of this title has been leaked, and since when will we be able to pre-download this installment.

According to PlayStation Size, which compiles information from the PlayStation Store database, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in its 1,001,000th version, will weigh 145,250 GB of memory, so you better start making room on your console. Along with this, it was revealed that all those who pre-ordered any digital version of this title will be able to start downloading the game from February 27, in order to start playing from the first minute of February 29.


– 𝐃𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 : 145,250 GB
– 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 : 1,001,000

– 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮𝗿𝗱 𝗘𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 ($𝟲𝟵.𝟵𝟵):
Pre-Load: Feb 27 – Midnight
Release: Feb 29 – Midnight #FF7R #PS5

— PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) February 1, 2024

Without a doubt, very important information for all fans. Regarding those who opt for the physical version of the game, we remind you that The title is accompanied by two discs, one focused entirely on the installation, and another with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. No matter which version you choose, you’ll have to make room on your console.

Along with this, during the last State of Play it was confirmed that A special presentation focused entirely on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take place on February 6where Square Enix and PlayStation are expected to announce that a demo of this title will be available in the PS5 digital store, although at the moment there is no official information.

Remember, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will arrive on PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. On related topics, you can learn more about next week’s presentation here. Likewise, the Final Fantasy franchise is on sale.

Editor’s Note:

This is news that excites me. This makes it clear that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a long game, with an extensive world to explore and endless activities, which is exactly what is expected from this installment. I can’t wait to get my hands on this title and spend the entire weekend playing it.

Via: PlayStation Size

android google Ξ TREND

Google Opinion Rewards is asking users for possible names for Android N

Nutella is the name that seems more suitable for Android N, especially for following those different names related to sweets. Although if we look at version 4.4 with KitKat, it seems strange that Google is using a chocolate brand again to announce the new version of Android.

For this reason, Google is using Google Opinion Rewards, the app to earn a few euros by answering surveys, to ask users for possible name that they would like it to be called Android N. Sundar Pichai already said it at the time, that they would soon ask users for ideas for the name of their next new version of Android.

It is from the Google Opinion Rewards app that the user is asked to enter a name for Android N that is related to a very tasty food. The next thing is to select what are the names on the list which are closest to what we want to be the next name for the new version of the OS for Google mobile devices.

The curious thing is that Nutella does not appear on that list, which means that Google will not want to reach agreements with this brand to be able to launch the new version. It doesn’t seem so easy, since the names they teach us don’t attract much attention either. Maybe Nachosbut it is related to something spicy and it does not seem that Android N has any of this in any of its options, since it is rather a new version that polishes and optimizes what was designed from Lollipop and Marshmallow.

So you can install the app and wait for the question to arrive to introduce your possible idea of ​​what Android N should be called. Also an opportunity to earn a few euros so that you can get your favorite apps and games for free.

battery Ξ TREND

How to save Wiko View Go battery

Saving Wiko View Go battery is definitely a good combination in case you run out of battery on your Wiko View Go. And yes, in these times and when you see the frequency of use of our smartphones, saving a little battery doesn’t hurt. Everyone has already run out of battery in the middle of an afternoon or at a crucial moment. In case you do not want this to happen anymore, we have written a brief summary of each of the tips that offer the possibility of saving battery on your Wiko View Go. Therefore, we will first see what are the solutions to save battery. Finally, we will see which applications specialize in increasing battery life.

Our tips to save Wiko View Go battery

Reduce the brightness of the Wiko View Go screen

The screen of the Wiko View Go and its backlight are probably the 2 things that pump the most power into the smartphone. Since you will need to use the screen, the most efficient way to save Wiko View Go battery is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you reduce it manually and not adjust it automatically.

Close apps you don’t use

Applications are a large source of energy consumption on the Wiko View Go. For this reason, we recommend that you close all applications that you do not use. Apart from that, it is also beneficial to close the apps that are running in the background by going to the application manager. Some apps are greedier than others.

Turn off the Internet if you are not using it

Whether 3G or 4G is active on the Wiko View Go, battery power is used. And yes, a simple battery saver is to turn off the Internet as soon as you don’t use it. You will see that it gains a lot of autonomy.

Set a quick standby mode on the Wiko View Go

Because the screen uses a lot of power, it is extremely consistent that a fast screen saver will save battery power. For example, when you are not using your Wiko View Go, you will benefit from the screen turning off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to the minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on the Wiko View Go

It’s silly, but it’s good to know that colored wallpapers consume more than black wallpaper. So, in case you agree to sacrifice beauty for a little battery, you understand what you need to do.

Deactivate the voice support of the Wiko View Go

It is also a possible source of energy consumption. Of course, if you are not using the voice support of the Android operating system, there is no point in leaving it activated. You can deactivate it in the settings, it will consume less for your Wiko View Go.

Use as few widgets as possible

These lovely widget devices are going to be very useful, but they’re not very good for battery life. In fact, the fewer there are, the better it will be. We recommend that you delete all of them and encourage use of the applications.

Disable useless notifications

Apps send excessive notifications and these are not necessarily essential. Also, notifications consume a bit of battery. Then you can also remove useless notifications.

Reduce the use of the vibrator

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the vibrator uses more energy than the Wiko View Go ringtone. Then you can promote the ringtone vibrator, if it works for you.

Save Wiko View Go battery with a specialized application

If you don’t want to bother with all these manipulations, you will be happy to know that there may be applications that offer the possibility of saving battery on the Wiko View Go. And yes, apps like Battery Saver allow you to configure all the previously seen options in one place. Therefore, you can customize your settings and save maximum battery power. Simply install the app and follow the instructions.

Little bonus to never run out of battery

Even with each of the tricks I just read, your battery probably isn’t big enough to use. For example, if you use your Wiko View Go day and night, saving battery power may not be enough. All you need is a second battery. That’s why below you will find our selection of the best portable batteries on the market. With this, you will be serene:

sonic Ξ TREND

They reveal the cast of Sonic 3 The Movie

This day has been one of surprises for those who are waiting for the Sonic 3 The Movie project, the third part of these live action films of the blue hedgehog. SEGA, which handle an alternate story to what we know in video games that also do not have such an established plot line. The first of the trailers told us that there is already a logo, which represents the two main characters of the story, and the other news is what everyone wanted to hear, that is precisely the return of Jim Carrey to the screen.

However, there are new additions to the cast of actors, either with their voice or presence as is in the film, confirming Krysten Ritter, Alyla Browne, James Wolk, Sofia Pernas, Cristo Fernández and Jorma Taccone, as those talents that will bring more of the lore to this story. It has not been mentioned until now who will provide the dubbing for Shadowbut it is possible that he is among the male talents seen here, or that the advertisement is made independently with someone better known in the industry.

Within this selection there are two theories, the first that Krysten Ritterwho previously played Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Jane Margolis in Breaking Bad could lend his voice to Rouge The Bat, which must come out yes or yes due to the context of the plot. The second relates to the young Alyla Brownewho is at the ideal age to play Maria Robotnikthe trigger for Gerald Robotnik turn evil and launch the Shadow project against humanity.

This is the synopsis that has been rumored until today:

Directed by regular Jeff Fowler, this third installment of the cinematic adventures of Sega’s speedy blue hero finds the entire Donut family traveling to Egypt, where Sonic encounters a pink hedgehog who claims to predict the future, while Robotnik returns from hell. and awaken a new rival, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Remember that Sonic 3 The Movie premieres on December 20th in theaters.

Via: IGN

Editor’s note: It is a fact that it will be the most important film of the year in terms of video games, since basically there are not many competitors this 2024, last year was stardom for Mario. Then, it will be Shadow’s time to shine in the movies just like he will in the Sonic Generations remaster.

mario mario kart Ξ TREND

Mario Kart 7

These days we are very busy with the seventh chapter of Mario Kart, after the preview, the review and the launch trailer, today we want to share with you the tricks or rather a guide on how to unlock the characters, circuits and components for your car.

Unlike the previous chapters, in MK 7, to unlock the characters you will not have to complete all the classes but only the 150CC, however as regards the circuits it will be enough to complete all the cups and instead for the components for your car you will have to collect a certain number of coins.

Below is the list of characters and components with the relative number of coins required and the type of cup to complete to unlock them:

Personages :

Dasy: Complete the 150cc Mushroom cup
Wario: Complete the 150cc Flower Cup
Rosalinda: Complete the 150cc Stella cup
Metal Mario: Complete the Corona 150cc cup
Shy Guy: Complete the 150cc Guscio cup
Dolceape Regina: Complete the 150cc Banana cup
Wiggler: Complete the 150cc Leaf cup
Lakitu: Complete the 150cc Lightning Cup
Mii: Complete all cups


– 50 Coins – Red Monster (Wheels)
– 100 Coins – Barrel Train (Body)
– 150 Coins – Zucchini (Body)
– 200 Coins – Koopa Clown (Body)
– 250 Coins – Swooper (Glider)
– 300 Coins – Pipe Frame (Body)
– 400 Coins – Tiny Tug (Body)
– 500 Coins – B Dasher (Body)
– 600 Coins – Cloud 9 (Body)
– 700 Coins – Bumble V (Body)
– 800 Coins – Peach Parasol (Glider)
– 900 Coins – Bruiser (Body)
– 1,000 Coins – Cact-X (Body)
– 1,200 Coins – Flower Glider (Glider)
– 1,400 Coins – Slick (Tires)
– 1,600 Coins – Slim (Tires)
– 1,800 Coins – Blue Seven (Body)
– 2,000 Coins – Sponge (Tires)
– 2,500 Coins – Paraglider (Glider)
– 3,000 Coins – Egg 1 (Body)


They manage to implant a 3D printed jaw in a turtle

The solution for an injured turtle has been a jaw 3D printed in titanium, which will allow it to return to its natural habitat.

The application of 3D printing techniques in medicine is growing. And not only people benefit from them, the knowledge obtained from them can also be used with animals. It has happened in the case of a sea turtle that lost part of its jaw after colliding with a boat engine. In a rehabilitation center, the reptile received a titanium implant made with a 3D printer and it is expected that it will soon be able to return to its natural habitat.

He weighed 45 kilos and had a busted jaw. This is how they found this sea turtle on the coast of Türkiye. A collision with a boat engine had left her in conditions impossible for life in freedom. Apart from the severity of the injury, the problem it caused was the feeding of the animal, which could not stand on his own.

The turtle was transferred to the Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Pamukkale University, in Denizli, located in the western part of Turkey. At first the people at this institute fed her carefully, by hand. But this was only the first step for the animal to regain health. If they wanted him to live in his natural environment again he had to get a new jaw.

The rehabilitation center contacted BTech Innovation, a Turkish company specialized in medical implants produced with 3D printing. They work with humans, but they got to work to create a prosthesis that would allow the animal to function on its own.

A team of veterinarians used a computed axial tomography (CAT) scanner to obtain an accurate image of the gap left in the turtle’s jaw. Next, BTech Innovation created a 3D printed jaw that fit perfectly into the wound site. Is about a titanium implant that completes the animal’s mouthboth in its upper and lower part.

After the operation, the turtle recovers at the center, where They will make sure it fits your new jaw piece. This is not the first time that 3D printing has been used to cure animals. In fact, it was done recently with another turtle, whose shell had deteriorated and a plastic one was attached.

As for medicine for human beings, with 3D printing it has been possible to reconstruct the face of a cancer victim and even regenerate damaged tissues using a biodegradable polymer.

Images: Jan Nor Photography and SkyNex (Shutterstock)


Corning Willow Glass: the flexible glass for future smartphones

The future of our mobile devices, especially as regards our smartphones, seems to point straight to flexible displays. Many large manufacturers have presented their own examples of flexible glass and displayslike it YOUM Of Samsung they Flexible e-inks Of LG, but production still doesn’t seem to have officially started today. Among the producers it could not be missing Corningthe company famous for the Gorilla Glass which protects the display of ours Android deviceswhich created the flexible glassMeaning what Willow Glass.

The image you may have noticed at the head of the article presents the new one Corning Willow GlassThe flexible glass for the displays of our future smartphones.

The Willow Glass can boast a minimum thickness of 100 micronsMeaning what 0.1 millimeters. Despite that Corning does not forget the resistance, as on the famous Gorilla Glassin fact the flexible glass It manages to resist bumps and scratches very well, even if it is still difficult to actually test what was announced.

Here’s a brief video presentation:


The Corning Willow Glass will initially be used in mobile sectortherefore on our future smartphones, and subsequently it will also be used for the creation of solar panels.

Who knows when we will be able to test the resistance of these flexible glasses for our flexible displays.

Here is the press release:

Corning Launches Ultra-Slim Flexible Glass

Corning® Willow™ Glass will help enable new, thinner applications and could revolutionize display manufacturing

CORNING, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) announced the launch of Corning® Willow™ Glass, an ultra-slim flexible glass, which could revolutionize the shape and form of next-generation consumer electronic technologies. The company made the announcement today at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week, an industry tradeshow in Boston.

Corning Willow Glass will help enable thin, light and cost-efficient applications including today’s slim displays and the smart surfaces of the future. The thinness, strength, and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure. As well, Corning Willow Glass can be processed at temperatures up to 500° C. High temperature processing capability is essential for today’s high end displays, and is a processing condition that cannot be supported with polymer films. Corning Willow Glass will enable the industry to pursue high-temperature, continuous “roll-to-roll” processes – similar to how newsprint is produced – that have been impossible until now.

It will support thinner backplanes and color filters for both organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) in high performance, portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers. This new, ultra-slim flexible glass will also help develop conformable (curved) displays for immersive viewing or mounting on non-flat surfaces.

Corning Willow Glass is formulated to perform exceptionally well for electronic components such as touch sensors, as well as leveraging glass’s natural hermetic properties as a seal for OLED displays and other moisture and oxygen-sensitive technologies.

“Displays become more pervasive each day and manufacturers strive to make both portable devices and larger displays thinner. Corning Willow Glass provides the substrate performance to maintain device quality in a thin and light form factor,” said Dr. Dipak Chowdhury, division vice president and Willow Glass program director. “Currently manufacturing in a sheet-to-sheet process, we expect Corning Willow Glass to eventually allow customers to switch to high throughput, efficient roll-to-roll processing, a long-awaited industry milestone.”

Like Corning’s other leading-edge glass substrates, including EAGLE XG® Slim and Corning LotusTM Glass, Corning Willow Glass is produced using the company’s proprietary fusion process. Advances in fusion forming have made it possible to produce glass that is 100 microns thick – about the thickness of a sheet of copy paper. Even at that thickness, it provides hermetic sealing to sensitive components, while also providing excellent optical, thermal, and surface properties.

Corning is currently shipping samples of its Willow Glass to customers developing new display and touch applications. The company is also collaborating with research institutions, customers, and equipment makers to develop an ecosystem of compatible process equipment, including optimized process design.

Although initially being launched as an advanced display substrate, Corning is actively working on other potential applications for its Willow Glass, including use in lighting and flexible solar cells.

“Corning will continue to develop and improve innovative glass products to enable the high-performance, game-changing displays that will drive tomorrow’s increasingly diverse electronics markets,” Chowdhury said.

For more information, please see

Forward-Looking and Cautionary Statements

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” (within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995), which are based on current expectations and assumptions about Corning’s financial results and business operations, that involve substantial risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties include: the effect of global political, economic and business conditions; conditions in the financial and credit markets; currency fluctuations; tax rates; product demand and industry capacity; competition; reliance on a concentrated customer base; manufacturing efficiencies; cost reductions; availability of critical components and materials; new product commercialization; pricing fluctuations and changes in the mix of sales between premium and non-premium products; new plant start-up or restructuring costs; possible disruption in commercial activities due to terrorist activity, armed conflict, political or financial instability, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, or major health concerns; adequacy of insurance; equity company activities; acquisition and divestiture activities; the level of excess or obsolete inventory; the rate of technology change; the ability to enforce patents; product and components performance issues; retention of key personnel; stock price fluctuations; and adverse litigation or regulatory developments. These and other risk factors are detailed in Corning’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the day that they are made, and Corning undertakes no obligation to update them in light of new information or future events.

About Corning Incorporated

Corning Incorporated ( is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems; optical fibre, cable, hardware & equipment for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy, and metrology.”

battery Ξ TREND

How to save Wiko Sunny 3 battery

Saving battery on the Wiko Sunny 3 is frankly a real solution if sometimes you run out of battery on your Wiko Sunny 3. In fact, in these times and given the frequency of use of our mobile phones, saving a bit of battery. life is not a luxury. Everyone has already run out of battery in the middle of the night or at a crucial moment. Assuming you no longer feel like it, we have written a small summary of each of the tricks that will save the battery of the Wiko Sunny 3. So we will see first, what tricks to save battery. Finally, we will see which apps are effective in saving battery.

Our Wiko Sunny 3 battery saving techniques

Decrease the brightness of the Wiko Sunny 3 screen

The Wiko Sunny 3 screen and its backlight are probably the 2 things that consume the most battery on the phone. Since you will need to use the screen, the most effective way to save battery power on your Wiko Sunny 3 is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we suggest that you turn it down manually and do not set it to automatic adjustment.

Delete apps you don’t use

Applications are a large source of energy consumption on the Wiko Sunny 3. Therefore, we suggest that you deactivate all applications that you do not use. On top of that, it’s also great to cut off apps running in the background by going to the app manager. Some apps are greedier than others.

Delete 3G when you’re not using it

The fact that the Internet is active on the Wiko Sunny 3 consumes battery power. In fact, an easy technique to save battery power is to turn off the Internet as soon as you don’t use it. You will notice that it provides a lot of autonomy.

Set an accelerated standby mode on your Wiko Sunny 3

Since the screen uses a battery, it is very consistent that a fast screen saver saves battery power. Indeed, as soon as you stop using your Wiko Sunny 3, it is in your best interest for the screen to turn off quickly. To do this, set the time before bed to a minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on your Wiko Sunny 3

It’s silly, but it’s useful to know that colored wallpapers consume more than a black wallpaper. So if you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics for a little battery life, you know what you have left to do.

Disable Wiko Sunny 3 voice support

It is also a source of potential energy consumption. In fact, if you never use Android voice support, there is no point in activating it. You can disable it in the settings, it will always save you money for your Wiko Sunny 3.

Use as few widgets as possible

These little gadgets that are widgets are going to be very useful, but they are not really cost effective for battery life. In fact, the fewer there are, the better it will be. We suggest you delete all of them and encourage the use of applications.

Delete useless notifications

Several applications send notifications in abundance and are not necessarily useful. On top of that, notifications consume a bit of battery power. So you can also disable notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce the use of the vibrator

Another thing to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the vibrator uses more battery power than the ringtone of your Wiko Sunny 3.

Save Wiko Sunny 3 battery with a dedicated application

In case you do not want to bother with all these settings, know that there are applications that offer the possibility of saving battery on your Wiko Sunny 3. In fact, applications like Battery Saver offer the possibility of configuring all the options seen. up in one place. In fact, you can choose your settings and save maximum battery life! All you have to do is download the app and let it guide you.

Little bonus to never run out of battery

Even with all the techniques I just read, your battery may not be enough for your use. Without a doubt, if you use your Wiko Sunny 3 all day, saving battery will unfortunately not be enough. All you need is a second battery. That’s why you’ll find below our list of the best portable batteries on the market. Thanks to this, you will be sure:


HTC One X, is Gorilla Glass 2 a flop?

After seeing the display of the Galaxy S III shatter on several occasions, the latest this afternoon with a Drop Test, a doubt arises spontaneously: how does its direct rival fare? HTC One

The guys at HTCPedia carried out a Drop Test to check the resistance or otherwise of the Gorilla Glass 2 of the HTC One X which we saw being used as a hammer a few days ago; here is the video:


We assess the situation:

The two most smartphones powerful And expensive (699 euros a pop) in the world with processor quad coreYes they destroy (some more, some less) with a fall at an average height (just over one metre) such as that of the finger, maximum a little higher.

So it makes you think where is the problem as Gorilla Glass 2 is renowned for its incredible hardness and resistance to practically anything as demonstrated in this video:


What do you think about it?

android asus pc tablet windows windows 8 Ξ TREND

ASUS Transformer AiO: PC/Tablet with Windows 8 and Android

The Taiwanese giant ASUSduring the event Computex 2012presented new and interesting devices that many users certainly appreciated, such as TAICHIthe dual-screen notebook/tablet with Windows 8or two new arrivals for the family TransformersMeaning what Tablet 600 And 810equipped with Windows RT and Windows 8. As anticipated a few days ago by some videos, ASUS has not only entered into a partnership with BlueStacks to bring the applications of Android on Windows PCsbut he also created the new All-in-one PC/Tablet with Windows 8 and AndroidMeaning what Transformer AiO.

The new ASUS Transformer AiO faithfully reflects the premises made in the former teaser videos released a few days ago by the same manufacturer, i.e. a fusion of Windows and Android.

This new and certainly very interesting device is an excellent one All-in-one desktop PC which allows the execution of both operating systems; not really a dual bootas you cannot boot your favorite OS, but the main one will run, i.e Windows 8which will subsequently allow the execution of Android with the push of a simple button.

The new Transformer AiO it can be used simply as a classic All-in-one PC with 18.4 inch displaybut it is also possible to detach the display from the base and use it with a simple Tablet (perhaps slightly larger than current standards), connected wirelessly to the base.

Unfortunately, as anticipated a few days ago, it is still too early to know the official price and the debut date on the market, as the development of the new one has not yet been completed Microsoft operating system.

You will buy the new one ASUS Transformer AiOthe first Desktop PC with Android?

Directly from ASUS Computex 2012 here are new images and new preview videos:




android explorer Ξ TREND

MiXPlorer, a new, lightweight and functional free file explorer for Android

Today I want to present to you a new file explorer for Android completely free and it is one of the lightest that we can find for our Android terminals, yes, we will not be able to find it in the official Google application store, the Play Store, since it is a development forum project Android XDA Developers.

The aforementioned file explorer for Android, especially indicated to be installed on terminals with few system resources, responds to the name MiXPlorer and below I will tell you all the details about what this new file explorer offers us, which at the moment is in a beta phase, an advanced beta but at the end of the day it is still a beta version in which there are many things missing to iron out and improve, Below all the details and direct link for the APK download and installation.

What does MiXPlorer offer us?

MiXPlorerstill being in a beta phase with this new delivery Beta 6.1.18offers us a very positive user experience with a clear and clean interface in which you can glimpse a clear design to Android Marshmallow with its simple lines in which functionality predominates without leaving aside the elegance and configurability of the application itself.

From the internal settings of the application, it is worth highlighting the power download lots of languages ​​availableamong which Spanish could not be missing, in addition, we have a multitude of options for, for example, configure the viewing mode of folders and files hosted in the internal memory of our Android terminals. This way we can select in terms of view modes, all these options that I will detail for you and that in the attached video that I leave a little below I explain the operation of each of the modes:

  • Deleted list
  • List
  • Detailed list
  • Analyzed list
  • Detailed grid
  • Analyzed grid
  • Grid
  • Large grid
  • Extra Large Grid

Likewise, we have a lot of options available regarding the Sorting files and folders hosted on our Android, some options that we can summarize in this list:

  • By name from A to Z
  • By name from Z to A
  • By size from largest to smallest
  • By size from smallest to largest
  • By date oldest first
  • By most recent date first
  • By ascending type
  • By descending type
  • Option to show folders before
  • Option to show post sections

Access to the view modes and sort mode are located in the bottom bar of the application MixPlorer together with other equally useful icons such as a Integrated search engine to search by namean icon to create a new file, folder, EncFS, Symlik or point file, an icon to reload the application and a convenient icon to select all files and folders in the current path.

Another thing that I can’t stop telling you about is the integrated functionalities of MiXPloreris the option that will appear when making a swipe from left to righta on the screen of our Android, an option that will allow us have our files hosted in the cloud synchronized of the main cloud hosting servers such as these that I detail below as a list:

  • Baidu
  • box
  • Cloud Drive
  • copy
  • Drive
  • DropBox
  • 4Sync
  • HiDrive
  • HubiC
  • iDrive
  • Kanbox
  • Kuaipan
  • mediafire
  • Mega
  • I pee
  • OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • SugarSync
  • VDisk
  • Yandex

In addition to all this, from the menu button that we can find at the top right of the application. the one with the shape of the three dots. we will have access to options like show all hidden fileslock file or folder, filterservers, or access to the application settings from which to perform basic actions such as downloading and installing new language packs, downloading new themes or Skins (at the moment it only consists of the predefined theme of the application), or an area of more settings where we are going to configure the application in many aspects to adapt it to the specific needs of the majority of Android users.

At the moment, in the tests that I have been carrying out on the application itself, I have only found one fairly important bug and that is that at the moment in this beta version It doesn’t let us explore the files stored in the external storage memories of our Androidsmeaning that at the moment we are waiting for it to be included in new versions of the application, we will not be able to explore the files on the MicrSD cards inserted in our Android terminals.

For download MiXPlorer for free All you have to do is click on this link that will take you to the official XDA forum where you can download the APK completely free of charge.

nintendo Ξ TREND

Podcast that insulted players gives statement about Nintendo

Last week was interesting in the world of gaming, as the podcast who insulted the community returned to try to right the wrongs, and to do so the central theme of his first episode focused on the hobby. However, they did not do so well in terms of fan comments, given that somewhat questionable information was being given.

At some point in the now called Everything I didn’t knowthe special guest of the program, Santiago Bernaldo de Quiroz co-founder of E-SQUAD (Gaming Academy in Monterrey), commented something curious in relation to Nintendo. Stating uninformed things, including that the company will never develop games, something that can be confusing.

Here the clip:


Just because they like video games doesn’t make them experts on the subject, which is fine…

But if you are the director of an e-sports “academy”… You should have some knowledge of the industry

PS: TLOZ: Tears of the Kingdom is canceled because Nintendo doesn’t make games

— Uncle Toland, CEO of Toland’s Betrayal (@eltiotoland) April 14, 2023

During the conversation it is implied that they think that the Japanese company does not create games, but rather is dedicated solely to creating consoles for third parties to experiment on. For its part, the issue also comes up that its devices are mostly children’s and therefore adult games would not enter the equation.

With all this information, now the users who came to listen to the podcast will have more reasons to give negative comments, after all, data that is very far from reality is being given. To begin with, at least there are already two sets of Nintendo on the way, the first is Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4in which he is very involved Shigeru Miyamoto.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: Releasing information without knowing it seems very brave to me, especially when said confirmations are released to the internet world. But well, I suppose that in the comments of the video you will realize the error.

angry sega Ξ TREND

SEGA buys Angry Birds developers

Today the world of gaming is going through a stage in which they are buying each other, we already saw that at the time with Microsoft and Bethesdaas well as sony with Bungie. There are also somewhat smaller companies that consume their respective companies, and thus confirms a new acquisition by SEGA.

It was recently rumored that the Japanese firm was looking to acquire Roviothe creators of the franchise angry birds, information that was already confirmed a few hours ago through a statement. The total purchase price is 706 million euros, which is above the 775 million dollars and is low compared to the rumored figure.

As commented by the company, it is a “Global expansion of the consumer business through the improvement of mobile gaming capabilities.” So now we could see Rovio developing things Sonic For mobile phones, this can also happen with more franchises. Furthermore, the cameo of angry Birds with the hedgehog it is more than safe.

Rovio Entertainment Oyjの買収について

SEGA to Acquire Rovio Entertainment Oyj
~Global Expansion of the Consumer Business through Enhancement of Mobile Gaming Capabilities ~

— セガ公式アカウント🦔 (@SEGA_OFFICIAL) April 17, 2023

SEGA will acquire Rovio Entertainment Oyj

~Global expansion of consumer business through enhanced mobile gaming capabilities~

SEGA analyzes in his document the intention to take advantage of the mobile gaming knowledge of Rovio with the “objective of offering content of SEGA to as many users as possible in the digital games market.” There are also plans for Rovio expands to the non-mobile market, thus creating games that are designed for console.

They are also no strangers to the purchase of companies, since not long ago they acquired Atlusand for that reason there are many references to SEGA in current titles from the creators of many RPGs.

Via: Nintendo Life

Editor’s note: This gives us to understand that we will see some interesting collaborations, even if we see a new racing game from that brand, logically the Angry Birds will be part of the team of runners.

launcher lg Ξ TREND

LG UI 3.0 Launcher available for ‘all’ ICS devices (download)

Thanks to the XDA community (specifically Impact7) it is available for download, for HDPI / XHDPI devices equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.xthe launcher of the new range Optimus Of LG.

  • HDPI: 800×480 – 854×480
  • XHDPI: 1280×720 – 1280×800

Installation Guide:

For installation you need to have the root permissionsand follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Push the apk to system/app
  • 1.1 Changing permissions (rw-r–r–)
  • 2. Restart the device
  • 2.1 Perform a wipe dalvik cache if your device does not recognize applications


Launcher, weather widget* and themes…J6T2tYa0k/edit

*Works only with LG launcher

Launcher, weather widget for Galaxy Nexus*

*Just flash the .zip via CWM

blood Ξ TREND

Forget about blood groups: this will be the future of blood donation

Getting generic blood to avoid blood group incompatibility seems closer and closer. This is how universal blood donation would arrive.

It is often said that it is impossible to live without air. But it is also good to do it without blood, since it provides nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body, also collecting waste substances and carbon dioxide. Today it is considered a kind of ‘red treasure’, so unique and essential that it cannot be manufactured. That is why it is so important blood donationwhich allows us to help patients who are going to undergo surgery, have had an accident or suffer from an illness.

In Spain, the act of donating is voluntary and altruistic. In just ten minutes we ‘give’ life to those who need it most. To demonstrate that blood donation is safe, serology for hepatitis B, C, human immunodeficiency virus or syphilis is subsequently performed. The objective is to certify that the donor is healthy, so that the patients who receive their blood do not have any medical problems.

Compatibility problems

Today, universal blood donation is not possible. The existence of the blood groups, discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1901, prevents our blood from serving all possible receptors. What the German pathologist observed was that when blood from different people was mixed, some combinations were compatible. Others don’t.

What actually are blood groups? Red blood cells can present proteins of two types on their surface: A and B. In addition, antibodies against these proteins can sometimes be found in the blood plasma (which is why they are called anti A and anti B). Depending on the combination of proteins A and B and anti A and anti B antibodies that we have, our blood groups will be different.

The blood compatibility It then depends on our blood groups and another additional parameter: the Rh factor. Landsteiner himself discovered in 1940 that 85% of people had an element called ‘factor D’, which also influences donations. If they do not have this antigen, the donors are Rh negative, which occurs in 15% of cases.

How to overcome blood incompatibility?

Making blood donation universal is one of the great goals of medicine. Thus we could use the blood for all types of patients, regardless of what blood group or Rh factor they have. This old dream could be a reality in less time than we thought.

A study at the University of British Columbia has managed to create an enzyme that cuts proteins A and B from the surface of red blood cells. This is not the first attempt to eliminate these antigens and create a kind of ‘generic blood’. But it does seem more effective, since its performance is 170 times greater than that of previous research.

Cutting proteins A and B from red blood cells would allow us to have type 0 blood. As shown in the table above, this is compatible with all receivers. For now, the results obtained in the laboratory and published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society are very positive. Will this be the beginning of universal blood donation?

Images | Red Cross, wk1003mike (Shutterstock)


Demon Slayer season 3 reveals why Muichiro is a different pillar

The anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has shown Tanjiro Kamado meeting some of the pillars or Hashira in different arcs since the first season, but his first real encounter with the Hashira of the Mist, Muichiro Tokitoreveals that Muichiro will be a type of Hashira very different from the others Tanjiro has met so far.

After his initial presentation and the reveal of the full list of the Hashira In the first season, Tanjiro has received great help from these pillars when facing increasingly powerful demons in the anime.

The third season of Demon Slayer It opened with the promise that Tanjiro would fight alongside two members of the Hashira in the Swordsmen Village arc, based on the original manga by Koyoharu Gotoge. The first episode fully introduced Tanjiro to the Hashira of LoveMitsuri Kanroji, but Tanjiro’s time with Muichiro was very different from his time with the other Hashira that I had known until then. Muichiro is the coldest in personality and much more realistic than the others.

Episode 2 of the Swordsmen Village arc begins shortly after Tanjiro has seen Muichiro arguing with a young man from the village in the forest. It turns out that Muichiro wanted to use an old training dummy that belonged to the boy’s family and was pressuring him to use it. What bothers Tanjiro, however, is the fact that Muichiro is speaking tactlessly towards someone much weaker than him. Because Muichiro has no filter, he makes it clear that he sees himself as much more valuable than them due to his strength as a Hashira.

Tanjiro realizes that there is no real malice in his words or actions, and although he also admits that Muichiro is telling the truth, he is more upset by the fact that Muichiro speaks so abruptly. Muichiro is younger than the rest of the Hashira, but he has already reached that level of strength. His family lineage is tied to Sun Breathing techniques, which continues to build even more mysteries about what makes Muichiro stand out from the others. Hashira that Tanjiro has known so far.

Via: Comicbook

gear metal metal gear ps5 remake solid Ξ TREND

Metal Gear Solid Remake on PS5, the announcement would be imminent

Metal Gear Solid Remake it could be reality. At least this is the information that the Arejugones portal has received from anonymous sources, who say that this project has been cooking for years exclusively for PS5.

Naturally, it is not possible to confirm this information at the moment, although from the rumors that have emerged this Metal Gear Solid would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and the official announcement of the game will take place very soon, probably during the The Game Awards.

Furthermore, it is unclear whether the game will be released in 2023 or 2024, as the leak only indicates that the project is real and that we won’t have to wait long to actually see it in motion.

Metal Gear Solid Remake would be an exclusive game for Sony current-gen consoles, although at the moment there are no details on the studio that is working on it nor on the release date.

Considering that the evening of The Game Awards 2022 is relatively close – that is the night between December 8th and 9th, at 1.30 am Italian time – we will know more soon.

We remind you that it is not the first time that rumors have emerged about a remake of MGS: months ago rumors began to circulate about a new Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater by Virtuous, a project never officially confirmed by Konami.

apple Ξ TREND

4 Essential qualities to work at Apple according to Tim Cook Rui Bacelar October 9, 2023

Tim Cook, current CEO of the Cupertino giant, inherited a successful company when its iconic founder, Steve Jobs, passed away. By his control, Cook turned Apple into the most valuable company of all time, whose products will influence every aspect of the technology world in 2022.

It is no surprise that Tim Cook deserves to be among the best managers in the world. The current CEO of the company is a master in international management, skills now recognized by Università Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II who attributed one of the highest honors and academic recognitions of him to Apple’s strong man.

Tim Cook was awarded as one of the best managers in the world for his work at Apple

“We have a group of people in the company who really want to change the world. They really want to enrich people’s lives. “They want to leave this world a little better than they found it.” pointed out Tim Cook during his speech at the academy.

The CEO of Apple had the opportunity to address the students of the academy in question and mention some of the qualities that he values ​​most in new workers. That is, these characteristics include the collaboration, creativity, curiosity Is competence in a specific area of ​​knowledge.

1. Cooperation as a core value of Apple

Tim Cook states that cooperation is an essential characteristic and competence for a person who wants to work for Apple. This quality is exactly what the company needs to develop new products and create solutions. For Apple, it is one of the cornerstones of its strategy.

“We (Apple) believe that strong individual contributions are key, but that two strong people work better and can achieve incredible feats. Plus, small teams can accomplish and do fantastic things when they work together and toward the same goal,” Cook said.

2. Creativity within Cupertino technology

Working for Apple requires creativity. Only in this way can new solutions be achieved to emerging and future problems and needs, an attribute highly valued by the North American company.

“We look for people who think differently. That they contribute something new to the sector and to the debate. They are people who can look at a problem from a different angle and resolve blockages, dogmas and obstacles to innovation and development,” said Cool. .

“In addition, we are always looking for someone who brings new perspectives and can contribute to the creation effort from their own perspective,” the executive added.

3. Curiosity or absence of mental laziness.

Whenever you don’t know the answer to something, ask. You, someone, seek to know. Don’t let them think for you, or put the answers in front of you. There are no wrong questions or inconvenient questions. Don’t be an accomplice to .

Therefore, if Apple detects a candidate’s “thirst” for knowledge and innate curiosity, the chances of being hired increase exponentially.

“Curiosity has to do with the fact that someone asks a lot of questions, whether they are wise questions or gullible questions. It’s amazing when someone starts asking questions, even as a child. The pressure this puts on adults is immense, forcing them, in turn, to respond, remember, investigate and deepen their own knowledge. “That’s why we look for people with an innately curious mind.”

4. In-depth knowledge of a specific area.

The vocation or mastery of a specific skill or area. It is not enough to be good at something, you have to be the best, or incredibly dedicated to a goal, to an area of ​​knowledge that we want to deepen, in which we are working and improving.

This is where not only education comes into play, which we bring from home and academic training, but also previous work experience, exposure to different realities, and overcoming difficulties. In short, all the baggage that defines not only our career but also our character and person.

“If we are doing something related to industrial design, we need someone who knows industrial design in depth. Someone with a broad and deep range of skills in that same area. A set of skills acquired at home, at school, at university, in the labor market,” highlighted Tim Cook.

Apple’s strong man revealed that these are the four parameters that govern the selection process of new candidates and workers within Apple.

“People work for a purpose greater than themselves,” Cook said. “Therefore, it is important that the company’s vision focuses on the needs of the consumer and, in one way or another, how we can improve their lives. It is something we want to do daily, complying with the dictates of ethics.”

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FIRMWARE: Beelink GT-King PRO versions C92H/SA9H/SB9H/6B9H (916P0)

New firmware available in version 914P0 for models with serial numbers C92H/SA9H/SB9H/6B9H of the TV-Box Beelink GT-King PRO. A Smart Box that includes the Hexa Core SoC Amlogic S922X-H with 4 ARM Cortex-A73 processors + 2 RAM Cortex-A53 processors and a GPU ARM Mali-G52 MP6 compatible with OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.0 that allows us to run powerful games like PUBG without problems. As for VPU we have the processor Amlogic Video Engine (AVE-10). The RAM memory is 4GB LPDDR4 and storage is 64GB eMMc Expandable thanks to an SD card reader that we have on the side of the box. You can read our complete REVIEW about this TV-Box.

Price and availability

  • The Smart Box Beelink GT-King Pro with SoC Amlogic S922X-H can be purchased in the online store Geekbuying with the coupon 3USFPO0J by €124 ($137) with free shipping.

Update process

  • Download the Beelink GT-King Firmware/ROM Pro Series C92H/SA9H/SB9H/6B9H (916P0) – From PC or SD
  • To install it follow the steps Upgrade Guide for AMLOGIC

List of changes

  1. During the boot wizard, the Bluetooth remote control connection interface displays the Bluetooth name: AirW
  2. It is compatible with the Bluetooth remote control of Beelink_AirW and AirW
  3. Changed version number to: 916P0_wol_bt
phil spencer Ξ TREND

Phil Spencer: With new IPs you risk failure

The head of the division XBOX “Phil Spencer“, in a recent statement said that having and presenting new IP to the public is sometimes risky.

Phil Spencer: With new IPs there is a risk of failure

When you dive into new games and then come up with new mechanics and ideas, you risk failing if you don’t do things right. I’m proud to have started the conference with Quantum Break And Scalebound and then end the show with Halo Wars 2.Right now all the first party teams are doing an incredible job and as industry leaders Xbox and first party teams I’m really proud of that.

What Phil wanted to say with this statement is that when a new title is presented to the public, the risk of finding a FLOP in one’s hands and therefore of not being able to arouse the public’s interest is high. Sometimes the real failure occurs when a different team continues the work left pending by others on a particular franchise such as the saga of Halo that after Reach lost numerous fans due to the choices made by the team SamaGame and in fact many have diverted towards Destiny produced by Bungie.

This is just one example of how a successful franchise can lose credibility due to team changes. With the new IPs, players’ curiosity is fueled and developers leverage this factor, sometimes managing to amaze and win over consumers, other times to disappoint them, this is how this sector goes. We take this opportunity to inform you that Quantum Break will be available exclusively on Xbox One starting from April 5, 2016 while Scalebound will arrive (barring unforeseen circumstances) by the end of next year.


Tips to increase your productivity when working from your computer

Are you having a hard time moving forward at work? Use these ideas to increase productivity when you’re in front of your PC. They will make you feel much better.

Nowadays, many jobs require the use of a computer to do everything. Computers have become essential regardless of the branch or sector in which we work, but those of us who are dedicated to the world of technology cannot escape using electronic devices every day. In fact, some people spend so much time in front of the computer that it exceeds the number of hours they spend sleeping. To put this into perspective, the average human spends about 26 years of their life sleeping. If we also use the computer for eight hours a day, then on average we also spend 26 years of our lives using the PC.

But from all that time spent on the computer, How much do you actually use being productive? We’re all guilty of procrastinating, but we have the control to change our minds to focus more on getting work done and a little less on wasting time. Of course, always having room for entertainment. If you need help then here are some tips to increase productivity when you are in front of the computer.

Take care of your body

If your body is happy, then so are you, which will make you more productive. And we already know that sitting for so long is bad for your health, so much so that it can take years off your life. The best solution for this is to not spend so much time sitting. Other important considerations to keep your body happy are:

  1. Take time to get out of your chair, and if you have to install an app to remind you, do it. It is important that you walk around for about five minutes to stretch your legs and improve circulation.
  2. Relax your eyes with the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, take your eyes off the screen and look at something 20 feet away (about six meters), for at least 20 seconds straight. Blink constantly while you do this and if necessary use eye drops to keep them lubricated.
  3. Invest money in a standing desk or one that allows you to sit or stand depending on your needs.
  4. Make your entire work area ergonomicputting all the elements in specific places so that you maintain proper posture.
  5. Optimize the light at the workplace and install f.lux to change the brightness of the screen when it’s nighttime.
  6. If you work at home or in a cubicle, try to get up and socialize face to face every day.

Write efficiently

The most efficient way to type is to do so without having to look down from the screen to see where the keys are. This skill can be learned and some of us know how to do it because of the time we spend in front of the computer. If you haven’t learned, you can use applications that will teach you. You can use Keybr or 10FastFingers which are available on the web without installing anything. If you want to make the process more fun, you can use a game like Typing Karaoke.

Read faster

Learn to read faster It will also make you much more productive. For this there are also several applications for both the computer and the mobile phone. If you use Chrome you can install Read Fast, Sprint Reader or Spreed. All three allow you to learn to speed read in any language because you choose what you want to read.

For Android users you can use Speed ​​Reader or Sprint. And if you have iOS use RapidReading or Outread.

Other tips

If all this doesn’t seem enough to you, you can also look at these 15 practices that completely kill your productivity, which include things like getting distracted by technology, trying to multitask, or thinking too much about the future without focusing on the present. You can also get the most out of the Pomodoro technique, and if you don’t like it, use the productivity ideas from Jerry Seinfeld and Marc Andreessenthe co founder of Netscape.

Cover image: Shutterstock / Mathias Rosenthal