Final Fantasy 14: How to Find the Best Job for You

Faced with Final Fantasy 14’s wide choice of PvE jobs, new players can quickly be struck by choice paralysis. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect remedy: a quick overview of what each task does and what types of players they’re best suited for!

Final Fantasy 14 offers its players an impressive amount of choice when it comes to its PvE content, starting with the number of jobs you can choose from! But between 19 different professions with very different roles and playstyles, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you, especially since many of them aren’t available until later in the game.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for one job forever: FFXIV allows your character to learn multiple tasks and switch between them almost any time! So if you decide that 40 levels in Black Mage wasn’t the right choice for you, you can simply go back and try another one.

Still, that’s a lot of time and effort spent on something that might not work for you. But don’t worry, as someone who has already spent way too much time progressing every task to level 90, I can spare you some of that headache! So here’s a look at each PvE task in the game from version 6.0, their respective playstyle, and the type of player they’re suitable for.


A tank’s main job is to let other roles do their jobs without being harassed by mobs or enemy bosses. And thanks to the Tank Stance ability that they all have that allows them to attract the attention of enemies quite easily, it’s not really too difficult a task to do! That said, it’s not without its flaws either, and one incompetent tank can kill a group pretty quickly. So be careful!

If you like to feel like the hero of the party, you will probably find a job for you in this section.

Paladin (PLD)

Gear set: Defense

Level 30 Gladiator and main story quest “Sylph Management” completed

Starting level: 30

Paladin is as close to a jack of all trades as you’re going to get in this game! His rotation allows him to use a standard 1-2-3 melee combo to deal physical damage most of the time and rain giant magical swords of celestial light on his enemies during his burst phase.

When it’s time to tank, PLDs can use their Oath Gauge points to grant themselves a bonus damage response at regular intervals. That’s pretty much all the Oath Gauge is for, unless something goes horribly wrong and they need to use cover to channel damage taken by a party member onto themselves in order to keep them alive.

Paladins are also truly one-man armies with their respectable personal damage output, strong damage mitigation abilities, and a surprisingly effective healing spell (which you should only use when you absolutely need it, unless you want to annoy your healer). A Paladin who knows what he’s doing can easily solo content that even other Tanks would struggle with.

On top of all that, PLD is (and probably always will be) the only job in the game that actually uses the off-hand gear slot, even in the late game. Which means they can mix and match different swords and shields as they see fit! Fashion enthusiasts can have real experiences with this one.

With Paladin being the poster child for the current expansion, he’s been getting a lot more attention lately. Maybe you’ll learn to love it too?

Warrior (WAR)

Gear set: Defense
Preconditions: Level 30 Marauder and main story quest “Sylph Management” completed
Starting level: 30

Warrior’s mission statement is pretty simple: use Fell Cleave as often as possible. His Job Gauge points are usually spent on Fell Cleave, many of his buttons increase Fell Cleave’s damage, and many other buttons allow him to spam Fell Cleave even more! If you have one of those woodpecker toys aimed at your Fell Cleave button, it will do half of your work for you.

However, you can’t Fell Cleave if you’re dead! Luckily for them, WARs are simply too angry to die and have access to truly ridiculous amounts of self-sustaining abilities. I’m serious, late game WARs can heal more than real healers in some dungeons!

It may not be the most complex job in the game, but WAR is undeniably satisfying to play, and watching your health meter do a bungee number in dungeons is hilarious every time.

Dark Knight (DRK)

Gear set: Defense
Preconditions: All PvE work at level 50 and the main story quest “Before Dawn” completed
Starting level: 30

The most daring of Tank jobs, Dark Knight specializes in dealing big damage with his big sword and giving his healers big panic attacks. A good DRK can even outperform some DPS jobs when opened, but at what cost?

DRKs keep several different balls in the air at any given time. They must carefully manage their MP and Blood Gauge points to avoid exceeding them, but keep them ready for emergencies or their explosion, while keeping their Darkside buff at all times. Try not to get overwhelmed!

In terms of survivability, the DRK is a little worse off than other Tanks, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve. His signing capacity, The blackest knight, is an exceptionally powerful single-target shield that can also be thrown at allies and refunds its MP cost when broken. And Undead makes DRKs invulnerable for 10 seconds after taking lethal damage, but die for real if they aren’t fully healed during this time! This is a job full of risk-reward scenarios.

DRKs may be the bane of any dungeon healer’s existence, but this giant sword is just too cool to resist!

Gun Breaker (GNB)

Gear set: Defense
Preconditions: Shadowbringers expansion and all PvE work at level 60
Starting level:


Gunbreaker, or as the community has affectionately dubbed it, “three DPS jobs in one trench coat”, is exactly that: a tank job for DPS who want to step out of their comfort zone.

GNB’s modus operandi is to collect Gunblade ammo with melee combos and use that ammo to blast enemies with supercharged Gunblade skills! Micromanaging your ammo count to keep some ready for your more powerful skills and combos is crucial to getting the most out of this job.

Other than that, Gunbreakers have almost as many buttons to press and track as DPS tasks. So if other Tanks bore you to tears, you might find what you’re looking for here instead.


If you thought healing was the easiest role, think again! Even experienced players who decide to give healing a chance very quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of micromanagement involved in the role, especially in high-end content. Keeping your party alive despite enemy onslaughts and their own stupid mistakes while contributing personal damage can really test your patience and concentration!

If this level of responsibility sounds like the right time for you, then you’ll want to take a look at this section.

White Mage (WHM)

Gear set: Healing
Preconditions: Level 30 Summoner and main story quest “Sylph Management” completed
Starting level: 30

Much like Paladins, White Mage is your typical Lawful Good healer. He has a wide array of instant heals and regeneration spells that allow him to comfortably heal just about anything the enemy throws at you!

The most interesting feature of WHM is the Lily gauge: while you are in combat, it will accumulate Lilies which can be spent on powerful healing abilities without MP cost. And once you reach level 74, using 3 Lily will grant you a Blood Lily which will allow you to use Afflatus Misery, an extremely powerful offensive magic spell!

But don’t get too zealous: Afflatus Misery deals exactly as much damage as four of your regular offensive magic casts. So this is really just an opportunity cost reimbursement, allowing you to use Lily Heals guilt-free. Yet a free heal, on top of all the other free heals WHM already has? No wonder they rarely have trouble keeping their party alive.

WHM is about as simple as a healer, so you can’t do much wrong with it! If you’re looking for a high skill ceiling, you won’t find it here, but not everything has to be Dark Souls, right?

Scholar (SCH)

Gear set:
Preconditions: Level 30 Arcanist and main story quest “Sylph Management” completed
Starting level: 30

The Scholar is a bit of a unique job: he shares a base class (i.e. Arcanist) with the Summoner, meaning that leveling him also levels the Summoner. A true 2 for 1 offer! However, this also leads to many summoners ending up with a level 90 healer job that they don’t know how to play. So let me try to summarize what this job is about.

The Scholar is one of two pet professions in the game., meaning he relies on a summoned familiar for many of his abilities. This pet is a separate unit that can be moved freely around the battlefield, but don’t worry: for the vast majority of encounters, you can simply order it to follow you or place it in the middle of a boss arena and let him do his job. thing.

SCH’s pet variety, the Fairy, is essentially a healing turret that will automatically cast single-target heals on party members who need it. This makes healing almost trivial in the early game, but in later content their poor fairy can no longer keep up with the damage dealt on her own and needs a little more guidance in the form of commands like Whispering Dawn, Fairy Blessing And Aether Pact.

Even then, Scholars will often need to take a more hands-on approach to healing in the late game, and they have plenty of options in this regard. Their Shield spells are unrivaled among their healing peers, and their abilities interact and synergize so well with each other that the right combo can easily negate most damage taken! If they know it’s happening, sure.

If you want to feel like a true combat strategist, then Scholar might just be the job for you!

Astrologer (AST)

Gear set:
Preconditions: All PvE work at level 50 and the main story quest “Before Dawn” completed
Starting level: 30

Have you ever wanted to play solitaire in the middle of a raid? Then Astrologer is perfect for you!

The main gadget of AST is to draw, redraw and…


Where to find a cardboard box in Fortnite

If you want to get the new Solid Snake skin in Fortnite, you need to know how to hide in a cardboard box. This is a Metal Gear crossover after all – were you expecting something smaller?

After weeks of waiting, Solid Snake and all of its matching cosmetics have finally arrived in Chapter 5: Season 1 Battle Pass. To celebrate the occasion, two Mythic items have been added to the game’s loot pool: the EMP Stealth camouflage and the Cardboard Box.

Where to find a cardboard box in Fortnite

Here you will find Cardboard Boxes as loose loot or by searching chests, but remember that these are mythical items, so the risk of encountering one of them is quite slim. I tried to find one this way.

To make sure you get the cardboard box, go to the small island north of Lavish Lair to find it Solid Snake NPC who will sell you one for 100 gold bars. I have marked its location on the map below.

I would recommend doing this at the beginning of the match, as Snake will most likely be a popular NPC to talk to! Every time I visited it I was attacked by other players, so be careful.

How to hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds

Once you have the cardboard in your inventory, simply aim and throw it to the ground like a grenade. Then approach it and press the interact button to jump inside! You can still walk, but you can’t use weapons, leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire.

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The Solid Snake quest you need to complete requires you to “hide in a cardboard box for 10 seconds”, which means you should probably go somewhere quiet, inside a building, so other players don’t notice you and take you away finish it before you!

That’s everything you need to know about Cardboard Box! Visit our Fortnite homepage for more guides like the best places to land and how to get free skins.


In Saint-Denis, a deputy mayor, Oriane Filhol, beaten up in the street

A deputy mayor of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) was violently beaten in the street on Wednesday December 20, Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned Thursday from police and municipal sources, in a context of increasing violence against elected officials.

Around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, the 6the The deputy mayor of Saint-Denis, Mathieu Hanotin (socialist), Oriane Filhol, was leaving a work meeting when she felt herself being followed in the street by several men. Caught, the person responsible for solidarity issues in terms of women’s rights for the commune was swept away before receiving kicks in the head and body. His attackers fled. Injured, the delegated departmental advisor “has no fracture or excessively serious injury”Saint-Denis town hall told AFP.

If the motive for the attack is not “not clearly established” As it stands, according to a police source, the attack could be linked to his elected status, according to the Saint-Denis town hall, an aggravating circumstance in criminal law. “A complaint was immediately filed and the ongoing investigation will determine the exact motives for this attack, which seems closely linked to her commitment as an elected official”according to a press release from the municipality.

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“Cowardly aggression”

Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, it was entrusted by the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office to the specialized territorial security service. No arrests had been made as of midday.

“The commitment of the elected representatives of Saint-Denis to carry out their mandate is total. Nothing will change their determination. The perpetrators of this cowardly attack must be apprehended as quickly as possible and punished by the courts. »reacted the Saint-Denis Town Hall in its press release, expressing its “strong emotion”.

The attack against the deputy mayor sparked numerous reactions of solidarity and indignation in the political spheres of the department.

The constituency deputy, Stéphane Peu (PCF), denounced a “heinous act”. “Attacking a woman alone in the street who is returning home is undignified and cowardly”, he said in a press release. The mayor of the neighboring town of Aubervilliers, Karine Franclet (UDI), estimated the“an elected official attacked, it is the Republic that is injured”while his counterpart from Saint-Ouen, Karim Bouamrane (PS), declared that he “shocked” .

A demonstration of support will take place on Friday at 6:30 p.m. in front of Saint-Denis town hall.

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Violence against elected officials is a sensitive subject which has gained momentum in recent months. Public opinion was marked by the arson of the home of the mayor of Saint-Brevin (Loire-Atlantique) and the car attack which targeted that of his counterpart in L’Haÿ-les-Roses (Val -de-Marne) during the summer riots.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, attacks against elected officials are expected to increase by 15% in 2023, after an increase of 32% in 2022.

Le Monde with AFP

gn france


Deal : France wants minimum age for social networks

No access for everyone under 13: French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal wants to keep children away from social media more in the future and is in favor of tightening the existing rules.

France wants to create an age limit for social media. “I want to work with the platforms on a real digital barrier to ensure that no minor under the age of 13 has access to social networks,” French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal told the newspaper Le Parisien. Young people between the ages of 13 and 15 should only be able to use social media with parental permission.

Prime Minister hopes for willingness to cooperate

In France, adolescents are already legally only allowed to set up an account on social networks from the age of 15. They need their parents’ consent beforehand. Attal was confident that he would be able to take action on the issue. “This is a very difficult but not impossible construction site.” But in collaboration with platforms there is a way to achieve the goal. Facebook or TikTok are aware that their reputation is at stake. “You’ll play along,” said Attal. (With material from dpa.)


6 Tips on How to Compress PDFs for Faster Uploads and Downloads


In today’s fast-paced digital world, we all know the frustration of waiting for a big PDF file to upload or download. Time seems to slow down, and our patience wears thin as we eagerly await the document’s arrival. Efficiency is no longer just a choice; it’s a must in our busy lives.

Luckily, there are simple and effective ways to speed up this process. In this article, you’ll dive into six easy tips to help you compress PDFs, making your uploads and downloads faster without compromising your document’s quality.

Pick the Suitable Compression Software

Starting on our journey to streamline your PDF experience, the first step is selecting the most suitable compression tool. In the vast landscape of software options, both free and paid, there are gems available online.

These tools not only provide a range of customization options but also empower you to strike the delicate balance between file size and quality. Your choice of compression tool serves as the cornerstone of efficient PDF management.

E-Sign Your PDF

In our quest for efficient PDF management, consider the art of electronic signatures. Imagine a world where signatures seamlessly merge with your PDF, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

Embracing tools that allow you to sign PDF electronically simplifies the process further, making your document management experience seamless and hassle-free. Beyond the obvious time-saving benefits, electronic signatures offer a hidden treasure, reduced file size.

By directly embedding signatures and annotations into the digital fabric of your PDF, you not only save precious resources but also create a leaner document, ensuring swift uploads and downloads.

Opt for PDF/A Format

Delving deeper into our exploration, let’s consider the PDF/A format, an ISO-standardized version crafted for digital preservation. By converting your PDF files to PDF/A, you embark on a transformative journey.

This format retains the essence of your content, fonts, and images while shedding the unnecessary digital weight. The result? A streamlined document that effortlessly combines preservation and efficiency, making it a quintessential choice for modern file management.

Use Online PDF Compression Services

Picture this: a swift, seamless process where your PDF undergoes a transformation, shedding its excess baggage in the digital realm. Online PDF compression services such as SmallPDF, iLovePDF, and PDF2Go offer precisely that.

Their intuitive interfaces provide a user-friendly haven, where you can upload your PDF, customize compression settings, and witness the magic unfold almost instantaneously.

These platforms simplify the process, making efficient file management accessible to all, without the need for complex software installations.

Compress Images and Graphics

The images and graphics are the vibrant elements that breathe life into our documents. Yet, they often come at a cost, inflating the size of our PDF files. Fear not, for there’s a solution.

Compressing these graphical elements is akin to finding the perfect recipe; a dash of reduced image resolution and a pinch of quality adjustments can work wonders. Through experimentation, you can uncover the ideal blend that maintains visual appeal while significantly reducing the file size.

Remove Unnecessary Elements

In the intricate tapestry of PDF files, there are elements like annotations, bookmarks, and form fields that don’t always serve a purpose for every reader.

Unraveling this complexity, consider a meticulous pruning. Removing these surplus elements is akin to sculpting a masterpiece; the removal of excess clay reveals the true form.

When compressing your PDF, consider decluttering, removing annotations, and form fields, ensuring that your document serves its purpose without unnecessary digital baggage.


What happened to Cyrix, the company that dared to manufacture its own x86 processors (and was involved in litigation)

If we think about x86 processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD usually come to mind. But the reality is that throughout history there were also other companies that marketed their own chips under the aforementioned architecture. Cyrix was one of themand from its beginnings it strived to get a place in the sector based on a very peculiar strategy.

To immerse ourselves in this story we must travel back, specifically towards the end of the eighties. Jerry Rogers and Tom Brightman, two former employees of the American semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments, founded Cyrix in 1988. The firm’s first business was offering floating point units (FPUs) for the 286 and 386 processors.

Cyrix enters the CPU market

The FPUs turned out to be a real success for Cyrix. Their coprocessors were so good that they surpassed those of the competition. In practice, for example, using this component made it possible to significantly improve the performance of the 386 processors, all with a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new chip. Those results prompted the company to take the next step.

The idea of ​​jumping into the world of CPUs made a lot of sense. Cyrix was sure it had the talent and resources, but it also had a major obstacle: to manufacture a processor with an x86 instruction set, it was necessary to have a license. And, to have that license, he would have had to knock on the door of Intel, a giant that could have felt threatened.

That’s when Cyrix decided to take a different path: resort to reverse engineering. After hard work, and hiring external foundry companies, a characteristic that would make it a company Cyrix began to market its first processors, the 486SLC and 486DLC, which could be thought to compete directly with Intel’s 486SX and 486DX, but that was not really the case.

Cyrix M II – 433GP

The disadvantage of these products was that, no matter how cheap they were, they had lower performance than the “equivalents” from the Santa Clara company. The 33 MHz 486DLC, for example, had performance comparable to Intel’s 25 MHz 486SX. Despite this, some enthusiasts found economic advantages in these chips and opted for them, although their nomenclature was clearly confusing for many.

Now, things got complicated when Intel launched its first Pentium line processor in 1993. As a result of this movement, the price of the 486 plummeted, so there were fewer and fewer reasons to choose economic alternatives. Cyrix’s strong point was allowing users to upgrade their existing motherboards and get a performance boost at a low price.

The rise of Pentium and Intel’s new P5 microarchitecture only complicated things for Cyrix. The company tried to catch up with new versions of its processors, even scaling the speeds to 100 MHz and 133 MHz, but these lacked many performance-enhancing features found in processors from Intel and even AMD.

Intel Pentium processor

The new Cyrix 6×86, for example, ran at a slower speed than the direct Pentium processor with which it intended to compete and, as if this were not enough, it did not support the instruction set full Intel P5. This is where everything became much more complex. The software world was optimizing towards Intel’s P5, while Cyrix was playing catch-up with some delay.

One of the hardest blows the firm received occurred after the launch of ‘Quake’ in 1996. The id Software title became a real success, but computers with the most advanced Cyrix processors, which even promised to surpass The Pentiums were not capable of offering a decent gaming experience. Meanwhile, Intel customers did not have these problems.

Battles, victories and defeats

At first, Cyrix could not convince large computer manufacturers to incorporate its chips. This came amid a court battle in which Intel alleged patent infringement. The Santa Clara company ultimately did not get what it wanted and Cyrix emerged victorious when Justice allowed it to manufacture its x86 chips in cross-licensed foundries.

After enormous efforts, the firm founded by Rogers and Brightman secured an agreement to bring its chips to some inexpensive devices from Compaq, Packard Bell and eMachines. The protagonist of this achievement was the MediaGX, a proposal launched in 1996 that included sound and video on the same chip. After this move, Cyrix soon merged with the giant National Semiconductor.

But National Semiconductor and Cyrix’s approach was different. While the first wanted to focus on the manufacture of low-performance chips, the second was still determined to reach and even exceed Intel’s proposals. That merger did not go on the right track and Cyrix ended up in the hands of VIA, a company that used the name “Cyrix”, but not its chip design capacity.

The last Cyrix-designed product to hit the market was called the MII-433GP. It was a processor that operated at 300 MHz, but it arrived at a time when the competition already exceeded 1,000 MHz. Despite its unfortunate fate, we cannot deny that Cyrix managed to overcome several lawsuits, with results in its favor, and had the courage to try to get a place in the great PC processor industry.


a gas bus fire breaks out in Aubervilliers, seven vehicles burned

A bus running on natural gas caught fire this Sunday, December 17 in a depot. The fire spread to six other vehicles of the same type before the firefighters intervened.

A fire broke out in front of the Aubervilliers bus depot (Seine-Saint-Denis) on the morning of Sunday December 17, BFM Paris Île-de-France learned from RATP. Firefighters immediately intervened and managed to contain the fire.

“The provisional report shows seven cars, which were very seriously damaged,” specifies the Paris transport authority.

The bus that initially caught fire, before the fire spread, was an Origami coach, a BioNGV vehicle, running on natural gas.

The RATP adds, however, that no injuries were reported and that the fire had no consequences on the maintenance and charging infrastructure, as well as on the fleet of buses operated on regular RATP lines. The transport offer on regular lines therefore remains unchanged.

In total, around fifteen engines and around sixty firefighters responded to the disaster. Six lances, three of which were very powerful, were used to fight the flames, Paris firefighters added.

“A burning smell”

According to Ahmed Berrahal, RATP machinist and CGT unionist, the bus “immediately” caught fire when the bus driver started the vehicle.

“He smells burning. He goes behind the hood and he sees that it catches fire,” he recalls to BFM Paris Île-de-France. “Since it’s a gasoline bus, he sees big flames coming out. »

The driver was unable to put out the flames with his fire extinguisher and therefore contacted the fire brigade with colleagues.

An internal investigation opened

For Ahmed Berrahal, the gas bus is “a danger for local residents and users”. “Today, they give us gasoline vans (…). Today, there were no deaths, but it could have exploded,” he believes. “There are houses nearby. We are carrying children on this bus.

The trade unionist adds that the bus driver is “very traumatized” today. “The question really arises: ‘Is a gas depot really safe when you see schools and homes next to it?’ » For him, the fear of an explosion at the depot or the bus he drives is constant.

“We see, there are a lot of buses today at the RATP that catch fire, whether they are electric or gas buses. »

RATP informs us that an internal investigation has been opened to determine the exact circumstances of the fire.

Rémi Sanlis and Juliette Moreau Alvarez


Apple promised that 600 applications will be available for Vision Pro at launch


Apple said more than 600 apps and games will be available for Vision Pro this Friday. Among them:


▪️ PGA TOUR Vision
▪️ NBA
▪️ Red Bull TV
▪️ Charter Spectrum
▪️ Comcast Xfinity
▪️ Cox Contour
▪️Sling TV
▪️ Verizon Fios
▪️ CBS
▪️NBC Sports
▪️ Pea___
▪️FOX Sports


▪️ OmniPlan
▪️ Microsoft Teams
▪️ Excel
▪️ Loop
▪️ Fantastic
▪️ Numerics
▪️ JigSpace
▪️ Navi
▪️ Zoom


▪️ All games from Apple Arcade
▪️Synth Riders
▪️ LEGO Builder’s Journey
▪️ Super Fruit Ninja
▪️ Game Room
▪️ Cut the Rope 3
▪️ Jetpack Joyride 2
▪️ Bloons TD 6+
▪️ Stitch.
▪️ Patterned
▪️ Wylde Flowers
▪️ Skatrix Pro


▪️Hold the World
▪️ The Archive
▪️ Voyager
▪️ CARROT Weather


▪️ solAR
▪️ Sky Guide
▪️ Night Sky
▪️Mars Explorer
▪️Insight Heart
▪️ Complete HeartX


▪️ djay
▪️ Spool
▪️ Animoog Galaxy
▪️ AmazeVR Concerts


▪️ J.Crew Virtual Closet
▪️ Mytheresa: Luxury Experience
▪️ Decathlon
▪️ Lowe’s Style Studio
▪️ Wayfair Decorate
▪️ Zillow Immerse

Mental health

▪️ Lungy: Spaces
▪️ Endel

In addition, Vision Pro owners will be able to run more than 1 million applications created for iPad on the helmet. (Apple)


Deal : Are these Bose clip-on headphones better than in-ears?

Not everyone likes to be isolated from their surroundings when enjoying mobile music, but this effect can hardly be avoided with in-ear headphones. Bose is now addressing this problem with new clip-on earbuds.

Wireless in-ear headphones have established themselves as the most widely used solution for listening to music and podcasts on the go. Most users particularly like the fact that they can acoustically exclude their surroundings by plugging the barely visible eavesdroppers into their ear canal. Many people even swear by active noise cancellation, which maximally reduces ambient noise by canceling out sound waves. However, there are also people who don’t like this isolated feeling at all. There is also a risk of no longer being able to adequately notice important things such as the traffic around you. The only alternative in such cases has so far been wearing open-back headphones. These, in turn, often seem a bit silly and are disruptive in many situations. Now manufacturer Bose is pushing forward with a completely new approach.

Clamp instead of plugging

In cooperation with the fashion brand Kith, the company recently launched the Ultra Open Earbuds presented. These are wireless mini headphones that users do not stuff into the ear canal, but rather clip them onto the auricle using a plastic clip. Using Bose’s in-house Openaudio technology, the headphones deliver sound to the ear from outside, creating an open feeling that does not cut off the person wearing them from their surroundings. A test must show how this approach performs in practice. The main questions that come to mind are the wearing comfort and radiation behavior of the headphones. At first glance, the black ear clip doesn’t look too comfortable and the large distance between the speaker and the ear suggests that the music being played can be heard much more clearly than with in-ears, even for outsiders.

Hardly any technical details are known

Bose has not yet provided any detailed technical information about its new product. This is quite surprising because the Ultra Open Earbuds are scheduled to hit stores in very limited numbers on January 22, 2024. They will then only be available via Kith online shop as well as in selected branches of the fashion brand – at the proud cost of 300 US dollars (around 276 euros). Bose has not yet announced a price for the German market. All that is known is that the earbuds should have a battery life of around 7.5 hours when the Immersive Audio with Spatial Audio function is deactivated. If you switch on the surround sound simulation, the running time drops to 4.5 hours. The Ultra Open Earbuds come with a charging case, but Bose does not reveal how often the clip-on headphones can be charged with it. Solid data on supported codecs and built-in Bluetooth technology are also in short supply.


FIFA 21 career mode: the best loans you can get

We give you a list of the players you can borrow during the first season of FIFA 21 career mode, given that they are well-rated players with a fairly affordable weekly salary.

The career mode of FIFA 21 is tremendously interesting and effective, but it is clear that in the first season we are going to have many problems to be able to make a good team given that the budget is very limited, and it is difficult to carry out transfer negotiations with the great players .

In addition to going for free players, cheap signings or those who are about to end the contract, it is very interesting that you also focus on the best transfers that you can sign during the first season of FIFA 21 career mode .

There are quite a few players to whom we can ask their owner club a loan for a season, those who have a very interesting current average valuation and low salary.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teams

FIFA 21 career mode: the best loans you can get

If you still don’t know where to get these loan players to request a loan from the owner club, you should go to the player search area of ​​the menu. Then we go to the transfer status panel and press X on PS4 or the A button on Xbox, and we simply click on the different left or right activators until we find the loan option.

Now we must choose a suitable player for a loan, and we must look at his current valuation and not the potential one, since being a loan for a season it will give us a little the same if he will have more or less potential with the passage of the years since the player is not really ours.

We want to highlight the following players:

Carlos Fernandez

This is a Sevilla striker who has a current valuation of 76, a footballer of only 24 years who has a salary of € 22,000 per week and some interesting parameters such as 81 in shot, 80 ball control and 79 power of threw.

Dani Martin

We are still in the Spanish league with the 21-year-old Betis goalkeeper, who has a weekly salary of € 5,400 with a current valuation of 70.

Among the parameters that we want to highlight are 73 in reflexes, 70 in jump and 69 in positioning.

Niklas Lomb

We are going to the German league with the Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper, who has a current average of 68 and an average monthly salary of € 13,600.

We want to highlight attributes such as 71 in reflexes, 70 in jump and 68 in strength.

Djavan Anderson

Now we go to the Italian league with the 25-year-old Lazio player who plays in the winger position and has a current valuation of 65. His salary is affordable of € 9,600 per week, and with remarkable parameters such as 82 in speed , 78 at equilibrium and 74 acceleration.

Harvey Elliot

Finally this 17-year-old winger from Liverpool already has an average valuation of 65 that you can take advantage of and that has a fairly low salary with only € 3,500 per week.

It has very interesting parameters such as 83 in agility, 80 in balance and 78 in acceleration.

In addition to the above, we also want to highlight the following:

  • Borja Garcés, who is a 20-year-old Atlético de Madrid striker who has a valuation of 64 and a weekly salary of € 7,000.
  • Matsima del Monaco is only 18 years old, current valuation of 64 and an average salary of € 3,000.
  • Koindredi the 18-year-old Valencia midfielder with a current valuation of 64 and an average salary of € 2,000
  • Tottenham’s Alfie, a 21-year-old goalkeeper with a valuation of 63 and a monthly salary of € 6,000
  • Joao Virginia of the English team Everton, a 20-year-old goalkeeper with a current valuation of 63 and a salary of € 6,000
  • Ahmad Toure del Dijon, the 19-year-old winger with a current valuation of 62 and a salary of € 1,000
  • Charles Boli del Lens is a 21-year-old winger with a current valuation of 62 and a salary of € 5,000
  • Luca Coccol from Juventus, a 22-year-old player with a current valuation of 62 and a salary of € 8,000
  • Bordeaux’s Amadou Traoré, an 18-year-old forward with a 61 valuation and € 2,000 salary
  • Iván Illic from Hellas Verona, 19 years old, with a valuation of 61 and a salary of € 2000
  • Milan’s Lorenzo Colombo with an 18-year-old forward with a rating of 61 and a salary of 3,000
  • Luca Unbehaun of Borussia Dortmund, a 19-year-old goalkeeper with a rating of 61 and a salary of 2000
  • Matis Carvalho of the French team Montpellier, a 21-year-old goalkeeper with a 61 valuation and a salary of € 2000
  • Bridge Ndilu of the French team Nantes, is a 19-year-old forward with a 60 valuation and a salary of € 3,000
  • Callum Slattery of the English team Southampton, a 21-year-old midfielder with a valuation of 60 and a salary of € 5000

In our opinion, these are the best transfers you can ask for in the first season of FIFA 21 career mode

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MediaMarkt starts 2024 well with a high discount during Super Sale

MediaMarkt does not wait long with the first sale of the year. The webshop started a new Super Sale in 2024, where you can benefit from a lot of discounts on electronics.

Normally sales are always held at the end of the year. The so-called end-of-year sale. Stores and web shops are clearing out old stock at a high discount, and then starting the new year with a fresh range.

New year, new sale

But MediaMarkt doesn’t really stick to the ‘standard’ times for sales. The webshop immediately started the new year with a new sale. During the Super Sale you can now benefit from discounts on televisions, wireless earbuds, laptops, smartphones and many more products. We have listed the best deals in the Super Sale below, sorted by price.

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds FE – 89 euros
  • Eufy Smart Doorbell – 99 euros
  • Apple AirPods 2 with charging case – 115 euros
  • Sony WH-XB910N – 119.90 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro – 139 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm – 155 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 128GB – 169 euros
  • Bose QuietsComfort Earbuds II – 229 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 128GB – 279 euros
  • Sony WH-1000XM5 – 319 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G 128GB – 379 euros
  • HP Pavilion 15-EH3843ND – 677 euros
  • TCL 50C805 (2023) – 688 euros
  • LG 75UR76006LL – 799 euros
  • Samsung Crystal 75CU7100 (2023) – 859 euros
  • Samsung Crystal 85CU8000 (2023) – 1499 euros
  • Samsung QLED 85Q70C (2023) – 1999 euros

In addition to these deals, there are many more offers available at MediaMarkt at the moment. Check out all the deals you can take advantage of in the Super Sale here!


ERAZER Defender P40 Review – Powerhouse of size

Nowadays, anyone who wants to replace their desktop PC with a laptop has a lot of choice. With the Defender P40, ERAZER offers a strong competitor with Intel Core i7-13700HX and RTX 4060 GPU. Can this laptop stand up to the cutthroat competition? Read it in our review.

Since ERAZER shed the Medion name, this brand has been making a lot of progress. We previously tested the ERAZER Major X10 and the Major X20.

This time it is the turn of the ERAZER Defender P40, a laptop with an Intel Core i7-13700HX, 16 GB of RAM and an 8GB RTX 4060 GPU on board.

With a price of around 1600 euros, this laptop falls slightly above the ‘busy’ segment around 1300 euros. Can this laptop meet this additional price? We put the ERAZER P40 on the rack and saw how this cool-looking laptop holds up.

The specifications

specification value
Type Erazer Defender P40 MD62522
Housing material Aluminum, Plastic
Operating System 64 bit Windows 11 Home
Processor Intel Core i7-13700HX, 16 cores 2.1 – 5 GHz
Random access memory 16 GB (expandable to 32 GB)
Storage memory 1 TB SSD (free slot available)
Video card GeForce RTX 4060, 8GB
Display 17.3″, 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD), IPS
Connectors USB 2.0, 3x USB 3.2, HDMI (2.1), 3.5mm
Audio Nahimic Audio
Weight 2.9kg
Dimensions 262 x 370 x 28x 28.2 mm (lxwxh)
AC power 280W

First impression: Solid performance in a sturdy housing

Anyone who has the Erazer Defender P40 in front of them sees a beautifully finished laptop. When closed, the housing has a beautiful black finish with straight corners and slightly tapering. The clamshell form factor means that it hinges open at the back, just above the power and HDMI connections. The screen can be opened to a slight backward slope and feels solid.

The RGB colored keyboard shines blue light at you by default. The letters are easy to read and the keyboard is accompanied by a numeric island. Also special: the WASD keys are extra emphasized with a white border. The approach is clear: this is a gaming laptop.

The Intel Core i7 processor and Geforce RTX 4060 are slightly lighter than those of the X20.

At the bottom of the P40 we see space for cooling and various openings on both the side and the back. When we unscrew the bottom we see two fans and we see that about a third of the entire laptop is designed to dissipate heat. The sides even have a raised edge to conduct the heat outside. That is necessary, the CPU/GPU combination of the P40 can generate a lot of heat. Even with all fans at full power, the cooling barely manages to keep the laptop within the margins.

The cooling then takes effect quickly. The P40 is perfectly quiet at idle, but as soon as you load the processors, the fans quickly start spinning. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly call the fans quiet and the P40 has no option to throttle the GPU via the keyboard. The laptop does that itself, under full load of both the CPU and GPU, the performance of the GPU collapses to less than 25% of full power.

As soon as the CPU load drops, the GPU quickly takes over the extra space, so that performance is back up to standard. However, we would have liked to have more control over this ourselves. The Erazer P40 does have a callable software package in which various settings can be adjusted, including the RGB color scheme of the keyboard, the lighting and the like. The GPU/CPU load can also be monitored directly here.

The various connections are distributed around the laptop. For example, the power supply is on the back of the monitor, just like the HDMI connection. The USB ports, Ethernet connection and microphone are on the side.

The image may be there

The 17.3-inch IPS screen delivers beautiful colors and is easy to read, even on the go. The image is finished with a small bezel that protects the image well without making the laptop much larger. the image feels solid when opening and closing. The screen is powered by a sturdy RTX 4060, which provides a good compromise between the somewhat weaker RTX 3___ line and the top models.

The same warning applies as for all (gaming) laptops: a laptop GPU is not 100% the same as the desktop version. Due to the limited cooling options that a laptop has and keeping the power consumption somewhat limited, the laptop version of the RTX has a lower clock.

Despite this, the performance of the P40 may be good. With this laptop you can play all modern games at high quality and the laptop even has some capacity left. The P40 is therefore quite future-proof and will also be able to run future releases well. Moreover, Nvidia has an excellent track record when it comes to updating drivers.

With a price of around 1600 euros, the ERASER P40 is slightly above what will be the ‘middle segment’ for many gamers. Many brands aim for a price of around 1300 euros. For those extra 300 euros you get a big performance boost.

Game performance

The target group of the ERAZER P40 consists largely of gamers and they naturally want to know how the P40 performs.

We tested the P40 with various games and settings and it appears that you can play almost any (modern) game at the maximum native resolution (2650 x 1440 pixels) with (very) high image quality and in almost all cases around or above 100. can achieve FPS. This means that the P40, for example, leaves the Major X10 of the same brand far behind.

Lenovo has made an interesting choice for the X10. A ‘traditional’ GPU from AMD or Nvidia was not chosen, but Intel, newcomer to the GPU market.

Below we have compared the performance of the ERASER P40 and that of the Major X10.

Game+Settings Performance X10 Performance P40
Atomic Heart, 2560 x 1600 px High quality Avg 50, min 27 FPS, response 19 ms. avg 150 max 160 min 130
Atomic Heart, 2560 x 1600 px, Atomic quality avg 95 max 101 min 88
Forza Horizon 5, 1920 x 1200 preset HIGH 85FPS 164FPS
Forza Horizon 5, 3560×1440 preset extreme 93FPS
Woo Long, 920 x 1080 Best Quality Max 102, avg 70, min 40 FPS
Woo Long, 1920 x 1080 Best Performance Max 134, avg 86, min 54 FPS 120 capped (minus 100)
Woo Long, 2560 x 1440 Best Quality avg 100, min 83 FPS
Dying Light, 2560 x 1600 Textures High, Shadow Map size high Max 231, avg 62, min 33 FPS
Dying Light, 2560 x 1440 Textures High, Shadow Map size high avg 84, max 110
Death Stranding, 2560 x 1600 Graphics quality Very High, Max 115, avg 75, min 49 FPS avg 95 max 110

Erazer Defender P40 Review – Future-proof powerhouse

The ERAZER P40 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-13700HX and RTX 4060 GPU and this is reflected in the performance. With the P40 you can go years ahead without dreading new releases.

The beautifully designed gaming laptop is not equipped with all kinds of RGB bells and whistles and its design can also be used in the workplace. the large 17.3-inch screen offers Quad-HD resolution and a very stable image.

It’s a pity that the ventilation switches on very quickly and quickly makes a lot of noise. When the cooling is fully on, normal conversations cannot be had. Nevertheless, the bottom of the laptop tends to get quite warm.

With a price tag of just under 1600 euros, the ERAZER P40 is not cheap, but you do get value for your money.

Anyone looking for a future-proof laptop with excellent performance can confidently put this P40 on their wish list.


The plus and minus points

  • Beautiful, solid version
  • Nice 17.3″ screen
  • Excellent performance
  • Generates a lot of heat
  • cooling makes a lot of noise


Deal : Six reasons why the Samsung S24 Ultra could be really good

On January 17th, Samsung will present its new S24 series at Galaxy Unpacked 2024 – we’ll reveal why the top model S24 Ultra in particular has what it takes to be the most important Android smartphone of the year.

Since the publication of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung combines the best possible technology in its Ultra models Samsung 23 Ultra With this concept, it was the first cell phone to stay at number 1 for a whole year best smartphones from our test. The expectations for the successor Galaxy S24 Ultra are correspondingly high. Based on the current (already pretty watertight) rumors, we show the six most important strengths of the S24 Ultra.

At this point you will find social networks

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I agree to being shown content from third parties. This means that personal data can be transmitted to third parties. This may require the storage of cookies on your device. More information can be found here.

1. Artificial intelligence for everyday life

With the S24, Samsung is making artificial intelligence (AI) the center of a new generation of smartphones. With the one from Samsung already officially announced Live translation will even be usable for telephone calls and will apparently even enable live translation in at least the most important languages. All S24 variants have this strength, but the Ultra has a little more performance under the hood for AI applications thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor (see point 3).

2. More flexible telephoto shooting

The combination of two telephoto lenses and 200 megapixel main camera made zooming with the predecessor S23 Ultra very powerful. The triple optical telephoto and the tenx optical telephoto together covered an enormous zoom range and the 200 MP sensor had more than sufficient sharpness reserves for double zooming. But there was a larger gap between the two zoom lenses. When zoomed between magnification factors between 4 and 9, the 10 MP sensor of the smaller telephoto no longer offered sharp images. With the S24 Ultra, Samsung is reportedly adapting the telephoto pair better to the requirements of everyday life. The second telephoto intervenes at zoom factor 5 (with 5x optical magnification), and a 50 MP sensor should ensure sufficient sharpness, even at 10x zoom. This means that the image quality remains consistently high over a larger zoom range. The only weak point: the smaller telephoto unfortunately remains at only 10 MP, so the quality of photos with 4x zoom will not change much. The main camera will probably stay at 200 MP, but will supposedly spit out standard photos in 24 MP instead of 12 MP – if that’s true, Samsung learned this trick from Apple. According to rumors, a new sensor will also be installed that can absorb more light thanks to larger sensor pixels. The camera of the basic models S24 and S24 Plus is much simpler, only has a telephoto and no 200 MP main camera.

3. New super processor only on the S24 Ultra

The S24 series comes with new processors. But the S24 Ultra will probably be the only model that will benefit from the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. It has what it takes to be the fastest processor in the Android world and, in addition to a slightly faster CPU (only clocked higher for Samsung), offers stronger graphics, for example for games and, above all, a much stronger neural processor unit (NPU), so that AI Applications run directly on the device even without the cloud. Let’s hope that Samsung gives the S24 Ultra an improved cooling system, like we saw with the Fold 5. The basic models S24 and S24 Plus also get a new processor, but “only” the Exynos 2400 directly from Samsung. In some details the Exynos is behind the Snapdragon, but the general level is probably similar.

4. OLED display – brighter than Apple!

The S24 Ultra is rumored to have a display with a brightness of up to 2,600 nits. This is a huge leap compared to the already good 1,750 nits of the predecessor, and therefore overtakes it Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max (almost 2,100 nits or candelas per square meter).

5. Wifi 7: More speed, less disruption

2024 will be WiFi 7 is picking up speed – also because Germany’s most important router manufacturer AVM is finally bringing new FritzBox models with Wifi 7 onto the market. Wifi 7 offers more robustness and speed, especially in congested metropolitan areas. Since Wifi 7 is integrated directly into the new Snapdragon processor, the base models could remain with Wifi 6E.

6. New design with titanium power

Model Apple: Like the iPhone 15 Pro models, the S24 Ultra comes with a frame made of titanium alloy. Basically, titanium as a metal is lighter than steel but stronger than aluminum. However, the test of the iPhone 15 Pro showed that titanium does not work wonders when it comes to robustness and scratch resistance – but the price could be slightly higher than its predecessor at 1,469 euros for the 256 GB version (smallest storage size). But titanium looks and feels great and will probably also come with a matt surface that is easier to grip. The new design also has measurable advantages: the display frame should be slightly narrower. And S-Pen users will be pleased that the display is no longer so rounded at the edges. This leaves more space for drawing and writing.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: An assessment

Faster, better camera, new WiFi – the S24 Ultra could actually top last year’s high-flyer. But if the new Samsung really wants to overtake its predecessor, it also has to score points in terms of battery, charging speed and the standardized camera tests (including the 4x zoom level, which is unfortunate for the S24 Ultra). However, the charging speed is likely to remain low and there can always be surprises, especially when it comes to the battery.


The MediaMarkt Black Friday 2023 deals at a glance

The time has come: stores have started offering Black Friday 2023 deals. At MediaMarkt, for example, the brakes are already loose. We list the best deals for you.

It is no secret that we in the Netherlands sometimes import things from the United States. That’s not always popular, but you won’t hear the average Dutch person complain about a discount. Black Friday has been welcomed with open arms by many people.

  • Also read: The best Black Friday Deals of 2023

It can now also be called a tradition in the Netherlands. MediaMarkt also participates fully every year. This starts almost two weeks before Judgment Day on November 24. The pre-Black Friday deals are separate at MediaMarkt. Below we have listed the MediaMarkt Black Friday Deals of 2023.

MediaMarkt Black Friday 2023 deals – Tech


  • ACER Aspire XC-1780 – 499 euros
  • HP SLIM S01-pF2806nd – 579 euros
  • ACER Aspire C24-1700 I5516 – 679 euros
  • MSI MAG Infinite S3 13NUD-861MYS – 1299 euros
  • MSI MAG Infinite S3 13NUD-860MYS – 1499 euros
  • HP OMEN 40L Desktop GT21-1807nd – 1999 euros
  • MSI MAG Infinite S3 13NUE-824MYS – 1999 euros
  • MSI MPG Infinite X2 13FNUE-094MYS – 2399 euros
  • MSI MPG Infinite X2 13FNUE-083EU – 2399 euros
  • MSI MPG Infinite X2 13FNUI-033MYS – 3699 euros


  • ACER Chromebook 315 CB315-4H-C3SW – 199 euros
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Slim 3 Chrome 14M868 – 199 euros
  • ACER Chromebook Spin 314 CP314-1HN-C79G – 279 euros
  • ACER Aspire 3 15 A315-510P-C60F – 299 euros
  • ACER Aspire 3 15 A315-510P-35P7 – 349 euros
  • HP 15-FC0806ND – 429 euros
  • ACER Aspire 3 A315-58-55V2 – 449 euros
  • HP 15S-FQ5829ND – 499 euros
  • ACER Aspire 3 17 A317-55P-322B – 499 euros
  • LENOVO IdeaPad 5 Chrome Gaming 16IAU7 – 569 euros
  • ACER Aspire 3 A315-44P-R8B9 – 569 euros
  • ACER Aspire 5 A515-57-594T – 579 euros
  • HP Pavilion 15-EH3840ND – 599 euros
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Slim 5 16ABR8 – 599 euros
  • HP Pavilion 15-EH3843ND – 688 euros
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 5 14ABR8 – 719 euros
  • MSI Katana GF66 12UC-1010NL – 739 euros
  • MICROSOFT Surface Laptop Go 3 – 799 euros
  • LENOVO IdeaPad Slim 5 16IRL8 – 888 euros
  • HP PAVILION PLUS 14-EH1591ND – 999 euros
  • HP VICTUS 15-FA1888ND Gaming bundle – 999 euros
  • ACER Aspire 5 15 A515-58M-79PZ – 999 euros
  • MSI Bravo 15 C7VFK-262NL – 999 euros
  • MICROSOFT Surface Laptop Go 3 – 1029 euros
  • HP VICTUS 16-S0891ND – 1049 euros
  • MSI Cyborg 15 A12VF-229NL – 1149 euros
  • LENOVO Yoga 7 16IRL8 – 1199 euros
  • MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 9 – 1299 euros
  • MSI Katana 15 B12VGK-653NL – 1399 euros
  • MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 9 – 1449 euros
  • HP OMEN 16-WF0894ND – 1999 euros
  • MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 9 – 1999 euros
  • MSI Creator Z17HX Studio A13VFT-070NL – 2399 euros


  • APPLE MacBook Air 13.3 (2020) – M1 256GB 8GB – 919 euros
  • APPLE MacBook Air 13.6 (2022) – M2 8-Core GPU 8GB 256GB – 1129 euros


  • ACER Nitro VG240YEbmiix – 99 euros
  • MSI G2412 – 119 euros
  • MSI G24C4 E2 – 119 euros
  • ACER Nitro XF240YS3biphx – 139 euros
  • MSI G2712 – 139 euros
  • MSI G27C4 E2 – 139 euros
  • ASUS TUF GAMING VG249Q1 – 159 euros
  • MSI G27C4X – 169 euros
  • ACER Nitro XF270S3biphx – 179 euros
  • LG UltraGear 24GN65R-B – 179 euros
  • SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 LC27G55TQBUXEN – 188 euros
  • ASUS TUF GAMING VG24VQR – 189 euros
  • MSI G27CQ4 E2 – 199 euros
  • HYPERX Armada 27 QHD – 199 euros
  • LG UltraGear 27GN800P-B – 249 euros
  • MSI G272CQP – 249 euros
  • MSI G272QPF – 259 euros
  • MSI G32CQ4 E2 – 269 euros
  • HP OMEN 32c – 277 euros
  • LG UltraGear 27GR75Q-B – 277 euros
  • MSI MAG342CQPV – 279 euros
  • MSI OPTIX MAG342CQR – 299 euros
  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM – 299 euros
  • ASUS TUF GAMING VG289Q – 299 euros
  • LG UltraGear 27GP850P-B – 299 euros
  • ASUS TUF Gaming VG34VQEL1A – 349 euros
  • MSI OPTIX MAG274QRF – 359 euros
  • MSI MAG 275CQRXF – 389 euros
  • ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQV – 399 euros
  • MSI MAG 325CQRXF – 499 euros
  • LG UltraGear 27GR93U-B – 549 euros
  • LG UltraGear 32GR93U-B – 649 euros
  • LG UltraGear 27GR95QE-B – 799 euros
  • SAMSUNG Odyssey OLED G8 LS34BG850SUXEN – 888 euros
  • MSI MEG 342C QD OLED – 899 euros
  • LG UltraGear 49GR85DC-B – 1249 euros
  • LG UltraGear 45GR95QE-B – 1499 euros


  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A14 – 64 GB – 149 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A34 – 128 GB – 279 euros
  • APPLE iPhone 14 128GB Midnight – 789 euros

Smart watches

  • APPLE Watch SE GPS 40 mm Starlight Aluminum Case/Starlight Sport Band – S/M – 229 euros
  • APPLE Watch SE GPS 40 mm Midnight Aluminum Case/Midnight Sport Band – S/M – 229 euros

Tablets and e-readers

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 WiFi – 64GB – 185 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 WiFi – 128GB – 199 euros

Earbuds and headphones

  • JBL Tune 230NC True Wireless – 55 euros
  • JBL Tune Flex – 66 euros
  • JBL Live 660 NC – 79 euros
  • JBL Live Pro 2 TWS – 88 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE – 89 euros
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro – 139 euros
  • BOSE QuietComfort SE Headphones – 169 euros


  • OK. OTV 24H-5022C – 88 euros
  • OK. OTV 32GH-5023C (2023) – 144 euros
  • TCL 32A5000 – 188 euros
  • HISENSE 32A49K (2023) – 199 euros
  • PHILIPS 32PHS6808/12 (2023) – 199 euros
  • PEAQ PTV 32GH-5023C – 222 euros
  • OK. OTV 43AU-5023C – 255 euros
  • TCL 40S5400A (2023) – 259 euros
  • SONY Bravia KD-32W800 (2023) – 329 euros
  • PHILIPS 32PFS6908/12 (2023) – 329 euros
  • PEAQ PTV 50AQU-5023C (2023) – 344 euros
  • TCL 43C645 (2023) – 349 euros
  • PHILIPS 43PUS7608/12 – 349 euros
  • HISENSE 43A72KQ (2023) – 359 euros
  • LG 43UR74006LB.AEUQ – 399 euros
  • HISENSE 55A72KQ (2023) – 399 euros
  • TCL 58P635 (2023) – 399 euros
  • TCL 50C645 (2023) – 429 euros
  • LG 43UR78006LK (2023) – 429 euros
  • LG 43NANO766QA – 444 euros
  • PHILIPS 43PUS8108/12 (2023) – 449 euros
  • PHILIPS 50PUS7608/12 (2023) – 449 euros
  • LG 50UR78006LK (2023) – 479 euros
  • PHILIPS 43PUS8508/12 The One (2023) – 499 euros
  • PHILIPS 50PUS8108/12 (2023) – 499 euros
  • SONY Bravia KD-43X75WL (2023) – 569 euros
  • SAMSUNG The Frame 32LS03C (2023) – 579 euros
  • SAMSUNG QLED 4K 43Q64C (2023) – 599 euros
  • PHILIPS 50PUS8508/12 The One (2023) – 599 euros
  • SAMSUNG QLED 4K 50Q64C (2023) – 649 euros
  • TCL 50C805 (2023) – 649 euros
  • SONY Bravia KD-50X75WL (2023) – 659 euros
  • PHILIPS 43PUS8808/12 The One (2023) – 679 euros
  • LG OLED 48A26LA (2022) – 699 euros
  • LG 70UR80006LJ (2023) – 744 euros
  • LG 50QNED816RE.AEU (2023) – 749 euros
  • PHILIPS 50PUS8808/12 The One (2023) – 799 euros
  • SAMSUNG QLED 4K 55Q74C (2023) – 799 euros
  • SAMSUNG The Frame 43LS03B (2023) – 979 euros
  • SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K 43QN90C (2023) – 999 euros
  • SAMSUNG QLED 4K 65Q74C (2023) – 1049 euros
  • SAMSUNG Neo QLED 4K 50QN90C (2023) – 1099 euros
  • SAMSUNG The Frame 50LS03B (2023) – 1099 euros
  • LG OLED42C34LA (2023) – 1149 euros
  • LG OLED48C34LA (2023) – 1199 euros

Sound bars

  • JBL Cinema SB170 Black – 149 euros


  • APPLE 20 Watt USB-C Power Adapter White – 21.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG PRO Plus 128GB 180MB/s microSD – 24.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG EVO Plus 256GB microSDXC – 29.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG EVO Plus 512GB microSDXC – 54.99 euros
  • PHILIPS HUE BT Lightstrip WACA 2m base – 64.99 euros
  • SAMSUNG SSD Portable T7 2 TB GB – 124.99 euros

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Grundig TV: remote control explained – these are the most important buttons

After you have purchased a Grundig TV, you also have to deal with the associated remote control. Depending on the manufacturer, however, these now look very different and have different properties. We give you an overview of the individual buttons on your remote control.

  1. Pair the Grundig remote control with the television

  2. Structure of a Grundig remote control

  3. Grundig smart remote

Pair the Grundig remote control with the television

As soon as you switch on your Smart TV for the first time, the remote control should first be connected to the device. Since many remote controls are now equipped with Bluetooth, the pairing is often carried out automatically, but it can also be carried out manually. You can do this in different ways, we will tell you how it works.

The basic setting when you first install your TV

First of all, you can pair the remote control with the TV during the initial installation: You only need a few steps for this:

  • 1. Turn on your TV.
  • 2. Point the remote at the TV and press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.
  • 3. Wait a moment until a message appears on your TV so that the pairing is successfully completed.

Use Alexa function

Alternatively, you can use the voice control of your Grundig remote control by pressing the microphone button. If your model offers an Alexa function, you can activate the desired version with a voice command. You should first make sure that you have a stable network connection and that your Amazon account is set up.

Resetting your Grundig Fire TV remote control

If the registration of your Bluetooth remote control with the Grundig television does not work, you can reset it. Using the Grundig Fire TV remote control, we will explain how it works.

  • 1. Turn on your TV.
  • 2. Point your remote control at the TV and keep a short distance.
  • 3. Press and hold the back button, the left navigation button and the 3-dash button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • 4. The batteries in the battery compartment can also be replaced afterwards.

Structure of a Grundig remote control

The structure of a Grundig remote control can differ depending on the Smart TV model. In the following examples, we will explain the most common buttons on a current and an older Grundig remote control.

Structure of a newer Grundig remote control

  • Standby or on/off button: turns the TV on and off.
  • rewind button: you can use this to rewind current media playbacks.
  • Pause/play button: this pauses or confirms playback on your TV.
  • forward button: this is how you let the current media playback spool forward.
  • record button: allows you to record on your TV screen.
  • stop button: this button stops the media playback completely.
  • Google Assistant: you press this button for voice control by “Google Assistant”.
  • source button: this opens and closes the source menu on your TV.
  • back button: this button takes you back within a menu or an app.
  • home button: this button takes you back to the home screen of your TV.
  • volume buttons: these buttons allow you to adjust the volume of your TV by pressing up or down.
  • transmitter buttons: these buttons allow you to change channels on your TV when you tap up or down.

  • Netflix: Hotkey that takes you to the “Netflix” app
  • Prime video: Hotkey that takes you to the “Amazon Prime Video” app
  • YouTube: Hotkey that takes you to the “YouTube” app
  • google play: Hotkey that takes you to the “Google Play” app
  • Disney+: Hotkey that takes you to the “Disney+” app
  • Spotify: Hotkey that takes you to the “Spotify” app
  • speech bubble button: for digital television programs you can choose between different audio languages ​​here.
  • Eco button: with the Eco button you save energy while watching TV.
  • Info button: Here you can get more information about your media playback.
  • number key: use this to switch between the channels or type in the numbers 0-9.
  • color buttons: depending on the manufacturer, these keys have different functions. The buttons select and activate pages in teletext. and functions in the menus.

Structure of an older Grundig remote control

  • Standby or on/off button: used to turn the TV on and off.
  • number key: switch between channels and type the numbers 0-9 on your virtual keyboard.
  • Favorites list button: calls up your favorites list.
  • Teletext button: you can use this to call and switch off teletext.
  • exit button: this closes menus and applications.
  • color buttons: depending on the manufacturer, these keys have different functions. The buttons select and activate pages in teletext. and functions in the menus.
  • “Apps Portal” menu: this calls up apps on your screen.
  • Info button: shows you more information about your media content.
  • navigation keys: use this to navigate through the menu and your content by pressing the different directions.
  • OK button: a marked item is selected or launched.
  • Back/button: Use this to return to the previous screen or within a menu or app.
  • Tools button/-: Here you have access to functions and settings.

  • volume buttons: by sliding the button up or down, you adjust the volume of your TV.
  • transmitter buttons: this will change the channel.
  • mute button: the volume of your TV is regulated here.
  • Source button/-: here you get an overview of the source menu.
  • Forward/rewind buttons: Here you can set the next or previous image or chapter.
  • pause button: this pauses the media playback on your TV.
  • record button: programs are recorded here.
  • Play button: this button starts playing selected media.
  • Fast forward button: Here, frames in media are fast-forwarded like in films.
  • subtitle button:here the subtitle is switched on and off.
  • TV/Radio button: Here you can switch between radio and television programs.
  • media player button: this pauses the media playback on your TV and starts a timeshift recording.

Grundig smart remote

With the Grundig Smart Remote you can also control your TV without a remote control. To do this, simply log in with the remote app on your smartphone or tablet and use it to operate your Grundig Smart TV without any problems.

Lost your remote control? Then we have 5 alternatives for you to operate your television. We have some really good, up-to-date offers for you to buy a new television.


Where is the equality? Thanks to mod, Assassin’s Creed Valhallas Eivor shows up naked, but not always …

  • It’s the internet – of course there is a nude mod for the female eivor
  • The Mod Braless could only remove the bra at first, now all the underwear
  • There was also a mod for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Now the time has come for the indestructible target group that has been waiting for it: Less than a month after its release, the first nude mod for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was released. Perhaps not the top feature on everyone’s wish list, but it was to be assumed that it would not be long in coming. This is the internet, after all.

With this new mod, the bra and panties of the female Eivor version can be removed. The first version only aired the bra, hence the mod name Braless. Nexus user jackthenet has now updated the disreputable work and now the female main character can walk around like the Nordic gods created them.

It also makes sense to fight unarmed and unclothed in the snow after you got the mod on Nexusmods (source DSOGaming). However, adult content must be activated in your own preferences in order to be able to see the mod.

The nude mods for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey were already further: There you could get rid of both Alexios and Kassandra of their togas, even if it is significant that the first nude mod appeared for the AC of all places, which featured a female lead actress .

Source : Twitter Feeds


What do we know about the death of Noa Marciano, Israeli soldier and Hamas hostage? – Liberation

Less than twenty-four hours after the publication by the armed wing of Hamas of a video of hostage Noa Marciano, the Israeli army confirmed the death of this 19-year-old soldier.

The Israeli army confirmed on October 14 the death of Noa Marciano, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier. The latter was taken hostage on October 7 during the Hamas attack, while she was stationed at an observation post on kibbutz Nahal Oz, near Gaza.

Monday, November 13, the armed wing of Hamas broadcast at 8 p.m. (French time) a video of a little over a minute first showing the young woman facing the camera. Visibly reading a text under duress, the young woman gave her identity, explained that she had been detained in Gaza for four days and mentioned the bombings of the enclave which she asked to stop. The young woman said her name was Noa Marciano, but Hamas (repeated by some headlines) spoke of “Faul Azai Mark Asiani.” The video then cuts to images of his lifeless body, showing serious injuries to his foot and a large wound to his skull.

According to the armed wing of the Islamist organization, Noa Marciano died in an Israeli bombing carried out on November 9 on the Gaza Strip, which her spokesperson had already written on Telegram the day of the alleged strike, assuring then that LE “ The Al-Qassam Brigades will later publish documents proving the truth of this announcement“.

Some Internet users suggested that this death could have been the result of an execution by gun. The skull injury, however, is not consistent with this theory. But if the mutilations of the body can indeed be compatible with a bomb attack, nothing has yet made it possible to establish the cause of the young woman’s death.

For its part, the Israeli army denounces, as every time Hamas uses images of hostages, an enterprise of “psychological terrorism“.

Since the start of the response, Hamas has repeatedly announced the deaths of people detained in Israeli bombings. While the organization is holding between 200 and 250 hostages, the spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades said on Telegram on November 4 that 60 Israeli hostages had been killed by IDF bombings since October 7. Information impossible to verify.

gn headline


Xbox Series X: Microsoft is investigating CMOS battery issues

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is investigating the Xbox CMOS situation to prevent problems in the future.

The discussions about CMOS batteries in consoles came to light earlier this year when Sony announced that it would be closing its digital stores for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The CMOS battery powers a console’s internal clock. So when a game is launched on the console, the internal clock checks the date and time on a remote server to ensure that users can play their game.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Microsoft is investigating the CMOS battery issues on Xbox hardware:

“The hardware team is hearing the message that our consoles should enable an ongoing relationship between players and the content they own. “So we’re hearing the message and the teams are looking at things,” Spencer said.

In theory, if an online feature like PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE isn’t working properly, the console won’t be able to connect, meaning games won’t be able to be played. Now it looks like CMOS batteries in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 no longer have this problem as Sony has released some updates. Microsoft will investigate the Xbox CMOS situation to prevent future problems.



MSI MAG Infinite S3 13th Gen Review – Powerful and compact PC

MSI not only makes gaming laptops, but also pre-built PCs for a long time. The latest PC is equipped with new hardware. Is it an ideal PC for gamers? You can now read that in our MSI MAG Infinite S3 13th Gen review.

Although there are many different guides available online, building a PC yourself is a nerve-wracking task for many people. Even though it has become a lot safer and simpler over the years, you can seriously damage some parts. For example, if you bend one of the processors, you are far from home.

Fortunately, pre-built PCs have also improved greatly in recent years. Parts fit together much better. There are hardly any PCs anymore with a powerful video card and an extremely slow processor or vice versa. The premium you pay for having the PC assembled is also a lot lower compared to a few years ago.

This way you don’t have to struggle with all the parts and guides yourself. Plug in a power cable, connect the PC to a monitor and you can play games. It doesn’t get much more than this.

Hardware in balance

The fact that pre-builts nowadays have found a good balance when it comes to hardware is immediately clear with the MSI MAG Infinite S3. The version we received has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 inside, combined with an Intel Core i7-13700F and 16GB of DDR5 RAM. No part causes any problems and the hardware can easily last for several years.

For example, the RTX 4070 can use DLSS 3. This means that you can not only benefit from the benefits of DLSS, the technology that allows you to adjust the resolution using AI, but also Frame Generation. This ensures that not only pixels are generated by AI, but complete frames. AI is sometimes questioned, but Nvidia knows how to use the technology very well.

Frame Generation has a huge impact on games that support it. In Cyberpunk 2077, for example, the frame rate went from 131 frames per second to 185 at 1440p and High Settings. Exploring a world like Night City in this way is very impressive, especially because of all the splendor on the high settings. After such an experience you will never want to go back to ‘only’ 60 frames per second on a console. More and more games are also being added that use DLSS 3, allowing Nvidia’s 4000 series to last even longer than usual.

Without Frame Generation support, you can already enjoy a strong performance on the MSI MAG Infinite S3. Below you can find the performance of the PC, where we have set the games to 1440p, High Settings and (where possible) DLSS Quality.

Game Min. FPS Avg. FPS
Cyberpunk 2077 91 185
Baldur’s Gate 3 79 108
DOOM Eternal 183 230
Horizon Zero Dawn 91 175
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 199 229
Remnant II 98 132
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (no DLSS) 114 125

Can you upgrade the PC?

If there are parts that need to be replaced in the future, you do not have to immediately buy a completely new PC. Just like in a self-built PC, you can replace all parts.

The layout this time is also a lot more common than with other pre-built PCs from MSI. The cabinet looks sleek and modern from the side, including a piece of . Through the window you can admire the hardware in the cabinet with your own eyes. Only the front has a clear futuristic look that may not appeal to everyone.

The ‘conventional’ layout gives you enough space to replace the various parts, even though the complete cabinet is quite compact. You can easily place the PC on a desk or decide to place it underneath if you want to save space.

Adjust to your own taste

A gaming PC is of course not complete without RGB lighting and the MSI MAG Infinite S3 is therefore equipped with various LED lamps. However, MSI has held back this time. There is an RGB strip only on the front; the CPU cooler lights up when the PC is on. You can then use the MSI Center software to set which color or color combinations the LED lamps display. Of course, you can also turn it off completely.

The software also gives you other options. For example, you can set when they turn on and how hard they have to do their work, without having to delve into the BIOS yourself. There are also options to record gameplay footage, automatically adjust game settings and change color profiles.

Fair price

As mentioned earlier, the prices of pre-built PCs have become a lot better compared to self-built PCs. This is partly due to the rising price of individual parts, but also because manufacturers no longer attach a huge price tag to building PCs. You will of course save some time and hassle if you don’t have to assemble a PC yourself, but there is a limit to what that service is worth.

The MSI MAG Infinite S3 clearly follows the trend. For the option with the hardware we received, you have to pay 1,999 euros. That is of course not cheap, but if you find and assemble all the parts yourself, you will quickly spend somewhere between 1800 and 1900 euros.

The price of the PC is also very attractive compared to the competition. For pre-built PCs with similar specifications from other brands, you will spend 150 to 200 euros more in web shops.

MSI MAG Infinite S3 Review – Attractive total package

Gamers who want to enter the world of PC gaming for the first time or people who are looking for an upgrade for their current PC have come to the right place with the MSI MAG Infinite S3 13th Gen. You can get started right away when you start the PC and games run like a charm thanks to the powerful and well-balanced hardware.

The computer is also well future-proof, with support for DLSS 3 and a cabinet in which you can easily replace all hardware. The futuristic front may not be to everyone’s taste, but with these specifications and price – especially compared to the competition – the MSI MAG Infinite S3 is a very good deal.

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The plus and minus points

  • Hardware well balanced
  • Enjoy gaming with DLSS 3
  • Future-proof
  • Good value for money
  • Front will not be to everyone’s taste


Genshin Impact players can’t take it anymore and start an attack on developers with a ‘review bombing’ that also affects Honkai: Star Rail

It has had undeniable success in terms of downloads, income or ratings. However, Genshin Impact has always lived in tension. Since the game’s release, player criticism has been constant. A situation that has only worsened with the passage of time. The community accuses the developers of not responding to their requests or suggestions, refusing to accept errors or introduce improvements that have been requested for years. It is a controversy that has broken out on numerous occasions, leading to a ‘review bombing’ in the context of its first anniversary. Now we are approaching the third birthday and history seems about to repeat itselfalthough this time it includes an unexpected script twist.

Genshin Impact players attack HoYoverse

The controversy began because of the leaks. Early information on the third anniversary of Genshin Impact aim for disappointing rewards and points out that part of the content introduced by HoYoverse for this special date consists of a paid pack with uninteresting items. However, we cannot take full responsibility for this ‘leak’. All the community needed was the spark to ignite a full can of gasoline. The anger of the players has intensified over the last few months. They accuse the developers of not treating the game with the care it deserves, ensuring that the company treats its titles in the Honkai saga favorably.

The most obvious symptom of this situation is that It’s not just Genshin Impact that’s receiving negative reviews.. A good part of the users who want to participate in this ‘review bombing’ are attacking Honkai: Star Rail. If we see the most recent reviews in the Android store we can realize: “The company forgets about its other games”, “improve Genshin Impact” or “they want to remove last year’s free rewards for a paid package, what a scoundrel Give Genshin some more love, stingers.” These are just some of the criticism that the latest new HoYoverse game has received since September 5when the protests intensified.

The criticism comes on the heels of Genshin Impact receiving one of the biggest updates in its history, including a new zone and underwater exploration mechanics.

The reason players have brought their complaints to Honkai: Star Rail is that they consider that they receive a favorable treatment. It includes many quality of life improvements compared to Genshin Impact that players have been asking for years for the Teyvat-set title, offers more rewards to users, and responds more quickly and effectively to community feedback. A hateful comparison that does not take into account that the developers, although they are part of the same company, are independent teams. However, this situation together with controversial statements by the CEO of HoYoverse have given rise to the narrative of “there is a game that matters and another that does not”.

It is advisable to be prudent. Genshin Impact’s anniversary event has yet to be officially revealed and expectations are pretty high for Update 4.1 which will be presented in just a week. Despite everything, it is true that the title is going through one of the biggest crises in its history. The interest of the players is low and the income of the last ‘banners’ has been the lowest in the last year and a half. All this, just after the arrival of what has been the most important expansion in the last year. It seems clear that the game does need a change of course.


PHOTOS Divorce of Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam: rare official appearances and too cute of their son Balthazar

Her adorable face made all of Monaco fall in love! At 5 and a half years old, little Balthazar Rassam is one of the rather discreet children in the princely family of the Rock: very protected by his parents, Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, whose separation has just been announced, the little boy still shows off rarely in public. Appearing only three times alongside his parents, he nevertheless became a hit with the public…

Despite the divorce, he will remain at the center of their priorities! Born in October 2018, almost two years after the start of the love story between Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, the adorable little Balthazar must have seen his life change in recent weeks after the separation of his famous parents. The youngest of the blended family that the couple had created, between Darya, the producer’s eldest daughter, aged 13, and Raphaël, Charlotte’s son, who celebrated his 10th birthday in December and whose father is Gad Elmaleh, he is fortunately well protected by his clan.

And in particular by his parents, who are careful to limit his appearances in public. Since his birth, the young boy has only been seen three times. Including a very memorable first time, on November 19, 2022, on the occasion of National Day. At the time, barely 4 years old, the little boy showed his adorable face for the first time. But he had also been somewhat restless… so much so that his father had to take him in his arms!

Adorable in his gray suit, he was once again worn by Dimitri Rassam during his very first appearance on the balcony, while his big brother Raphaël waved his flag in the colors of Monaco with his cousins ​​Sacha and India Casiraghi, at the time elderly 9 and 7 years old.

A year later, it was again for the National Day that Raphaël and Balthazar served as their mother’s riders. Much wiser at his side, the youngest this time grabbed a flag and it was with his other cousins ​​Stefano (6 years old) and Francesco (5 years old) that he had a lot of fun on the balcony From the palace. Still as cute as ever, he will however need to grow up a little more: his mother had to lift him up so that he could observe the crowd!

A family picnic

Rather discreet between these two celebrations, the little boy did not come for the Monaco Grand Prix, which his brother attended, nor for the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier. However, he still made a surprise appearance at the start of the school year: in fact, for the traditional picnic organized on the Rock, Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam took him and Raphaël with them.

Wise, but somewhat mischievous, the young boy and his big brother had wisely posed in front of the photographers before joining, undoubtedly, Jacques and Gabriella (9 years old), also present and enjoying their day.

In any case, we can’t wait to see him more often!


The Northman trailer shows brutal viking action

Universal has released the first official trailer for The Northman. The images treat us to hard action with vikings.

The new film directed by director Robert Eggers, known for films such as The Witch and The Lighthouse, shows how the blood-curdling life of a northerner can run. Unlike his two previous films, The Northman will not be categorized as a horror film. Nevertheless, the bloodshed story will hopefully give us reason enough to sit on the edge of our seats.

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The Dutch release date for the film is scheduled for April 28, 2022. It will then only be shown in cinemas, unlike many other films that also immediately appeared on streaming services.

Hard cast

Not only the images are a reason to keep an eye on this film. You may notice that some very familiar faces appear in the film. Some of the big names you can expect to appear in the film are as follows:

  • Alexander Skarsgard (Godzilla vs Kong)
  • Anya Taylor Joy (The Queen’s Gambit)
  • Nicole Kidman (The Hours)
  • Ethan Hawke (The Black Phone)
  • Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse & Spider-Man)
  • Claes Bang (The Square)
  • Bjork (Dancer in the Dark)

The Story of The Northman

The film’s story follows a merry young prince whose life is turned upside down by the murder of his father. In an almost psychopathic way you see the prince change from a happy cheerful boy, to a bloodthirsty warrior whose only goal is to fulfill his life’s mission:

We’ll have to wait until April 28 to find out how the movie will fare. Still, this is definitely a movie to keep an eye on, especially for Vikings fans.


Ellen von Unwerth: Death of the husband of the great photographer, French producer, the devastated artist

It was the worst news that hit her: this Monday, February 26, the photographer Ellen von Unwerth, particularly famous for her photos of the world’s greatest models and artists, announced the death of her husband Christian Fourteau. A couple for many years, the couple had been in perfect love for over 30 years and had even welcomed a daughter, now a young adult.

Her photos have gone around the world, but today, it is in Paris that she is experiencing her grief: an immense photographer recognized by the best professionals, Ellen von Unwerth announced this Wednesday the death of her husband, Christian Fourteau, music producer, which happened two days ago. A discreet announcement, in the pages of the Figarobut which proves that all the people who loved the sixty-year-old are today plunged into mourning.

And in particular their only daughter, Rebecca. Born in 1990, the 34-year-old young woman followed her mother on the path of image and fashion: for several years, she has been a director of music videos and short films for fashion houses and prestigious brands in New York. An accomplishment that probably made his dad very proud, discreet alongside the great German photographer he had married.

A photographer who had just arrived from her native country in the 80s. At the time, the one who was orphaned at 2 years old worked in a circus and she was offered to serve as a model for French photographers. A job that she kept for 10 years before moving to the other side of the lens and becoming one of the most renowned photographers in the field, thanks in particular to her photos of her compatriot Claudia Schiffer.

Ellen von Unwert: a great photographer in mourning

“Ellen von Unwerth is a woman in a man’s world“, journalists described her in particular several years ago. But for now, the 70-year-old German is first and foremost a woman in mourning, who will have to overcome the pain of this loss at such a young age. Fortunately, she will be able to without doubt counting on her husband’s clan, including Marie-Eugénie, Richard, Anne-Marie, her brothers and sisters, or her numerous nephews and nieces. And in particular for the burial at Père Lachaise, Saturday March 2.

A moment which promises to be particularly touching, especially since Ellen has already taken refuge there: as the only reaction to the death of her husband, she actually posted a photo in an Instagram story of the large angel statue on the family vault. And we imagine that things are not easy…


New owner wants to rebuild Keller Sports

The Swedish trading group WeSports Scandinavia AB is taking over Keller Sports and with it its trademark rights, the e-commerce platform and the customer data. The traditional company is now to be relaunched as a “comprehensive sporting goods provider”.

After 18 years it was over: The Munich online retailer Keller Sports had not found an investor after going bankrupt and disappeared from the market in March 2023. Now the surprising turnaround: The Swedish trading group WeSports Scandinavia AB is taking over the traditional brand and with it the trademark rights, the e-commerce platform and the customer data from Keller Sports and Keller X.

Keller Sports is now to be relaunched as a “comprehensive sporting goods provider,” explains WeSports. To this end, the Swedes have already concluded a “strategic partnership” with the Swedish retail group Footway Group AB in order to use its e-commerce services and logistics capacities.

The aim of the takeover is now to expand the presence throughout Europe. After several acquisitions, WeSports is already the market leader in Sweden and Finland.