Not an April Fool’s joke: you’ll soon be able to officially play Doom on your lawnmower

First published in 1993 Doom runs on every platform imaginable: whether on cameras, a microwave, in Minecraft or in Notepad. Soon you’ll even be able to play the shooter classic on one mowing machine play, and it’s actually highly official.

Apparently there are a few big Doom fans working at the Swedish company Husqvarna, which is why the oldie will be released in just a few weeks Update for your own robotic lawnmowers. This is what it should be about no early April Fool’s joke act even though the update will only be released then.

Doom meets Husqvarna in a hellish update

According to Husqvarna an update will be released in April which will… first episode of Doom on the NERA robotic lawn mowers. As soon as the patch is installed, you can play the shooter on the display. You control using the controls, for example you run forward with the start button and move using the small control wheel.

Of course, so that not all owners suddenly receive such an update for their lawnmower, you have to register specifically for the Doom patch. Then from then on 9th April The update will take place and you can still shoot a few demons while mowing the lawn – but not permanently.

As Husqvarna announces, it will be Doom only until September 9, 2024 give. The shooter is then removed from the lawn mowers. Why? This is not clear from the message on the Swedish company’s website.

What does Doom have to do with lawnmowers?

If you’re wondering what the hell (pun intended) Husqvarna has to do with Doom, you’ll find the answer here Dreamhack 2023. At the LA(W)N event, which takes place annually in Sweden, a doom tournament was already held on the lawnmowers between the players present. It was so well received that those responsible at Husqvarna apparently thought: Why not give everyone interested the opportunity?

At least the shooter, with which id Software once revolutionized the video game world, can be on one another very unfamiliar platform spread. A new Doom isn’t on the horizon yet, but that’s for sure but there could be a return of Quake in the future.


Dead Island 2 Cheats PS5, PS4 and Xbox?

Are there actually cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 or Xbox Series? How can you cheat for infinite money and weapons or duplicate and clone weapons? One or two players of the new zombie slicer from Dambuster Studios, who bought the console version of the game, will probably be dealing with these questions in the last few days. The question arises especially if you have already played the predecessor in the form of Dead Island 1 and have already duplicated a weapon using glitches such as the Duplication Glitch. In this short guide we show what is possible regarding cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 and Xbox Series.

Cheats for Dead Island 2 on PlayStation or Xbox?

The short answer to the question is, no, there are no cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PlayStation 5 or on the Xbox Series either. The developers have not integrated any classic cheat codes into the game that you can simply type in and activate. But as is often the case in games without “official cheats”, there are various ways in which you can cheat in Dead Island 2, namely through glitches. A glitch exploits a bug in the game and allows you to duplicate a weapon in the game and then sell it, i.e. use it as a money cheat.

Duplicate weapons cheat in Dead Island 2

Just a few days after the release, the first players discovered a glitch that allows you to duplicate weapons. Unfortunately, this is a co-op glitch which means you can only use it together with another player. A solo glitch for duplicating weapons or as a money cheat is currently not known.

To use the glitch you have to do the following:

  1. Start a co-op session with a friend. The player who wants to use the cheat must be the host of the co-op session.
  2. Go to any dealer together and the host must throw their weapons from the inventory/backpack onto the ground.
  3. Leave the inventory or backpack window open and the host must exit the game (no auto-save may be created). Quit the game completely and be invited back into the session by the other player.
  4. You then start the game again with a full inventory, while the weapons that were previously thrown on the ground continue to lie on the ground. You can now sell the weapons to the dealer and earn money very quickly.

By the way, the weapon duplication glitch described above can only ever be used by the host. It could well be that the developers at Dambuster Studios will sooner or later put a stop to the glitch and you will no longer be able to duplicate your weapons. If additional Dead Island 2 cheats for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series or Xbox One appear in the meantime, we will of course add them here.

Update: More glitches have now been found, shown in the video below (works on PC as well as PS5, PS4 and Xbox)

By the way, if you play Dead Island 2 on the PC, you can cheat for unlimited money using both the trainer and the cheat engine.


Solution : All Final Fantasy 7 Protorelic locations in Grasslands and Junon

As you explore each region of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in various quests for Chadley, including lengthy Protorelic Phenomena – so I’m here to explain how to complete these quests in both the Grasslands and Junon regions.

Proto-Relics in the game come with a huge variety of trophies and vary by region. Whether you’re fighting bandits or playing Fort Condor, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

All Grasslands Protorelic Intel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

To get your hands on the Protorelic Grasslands in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll have to follow some familiar faces from Remake: Beck’s badasses. This motley band of bandits have already stolen the relic and are not going to part with it easily.

Grassland Phenomenon Intel 1: Pursuit of wild bandits

The first proto-relic phenomenon will take you to a viewpoint at the very edge of the Meadows region. Once you get to the roof of the observation tower, you will need to do this deal with Beck’s associates while he jumps with the Protorelic.

The best way to defeat them is to use fire spells to pressure them and deal elemental damage, so make sure you have them Fire Material set and ready to go.

Grassland Phenomenon Intel 2: One nice grill

The next step will require you to go to abandoned facility in the desert part of Graslands near Kalm. There is a Chocobo stop nearby which can provide useful fast travel options if you get there early.

To complete this part of the mission, you must stealthily get past the bandits who have taken over the facility. Use large shipping containers in the area to avoid their line of sight, and press circle to take cover if they come close to you.

Bandits have routine patrol patterns, so once you learn them, you’ll be able to avoid their eyes without any problems.

When you reach the main building of the facility, Beck and his friends will go inside. When you confront them, one will be left as bait while the others escape. Just defeat him to complete this part.

Intel Grassland Phenomenon 3: Diversion Tactics

There is a warehouse nearby that appears to be abandoned. This is probably the easiest part of the task.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have to guess which bandit is hiding the Protorelic behind his back (it’s not that difficult, you just need to look for sparks behind them). Once you do this, the fight will begin with more of their gang members.

When they manage to escape again, you will hear them discussing about key that they buried. This will give you access to their hideout.

All you need to do is start a treasure hunt with your Chocobo. Once you have found the trail leading to the buried key, you will be able to start the final part of the mission.

Grassland Phenomenon Intel 4: Taking care of your business

The last part is in abandoned warehouse on a promontory near Kalm. To get into the fenced area, you’ll need the key you dug out earlier. When you go inside, you will see that Beck and his bandits are dead (!!!). Just kidding, they’re just playing dead. So it’s time to give them a rude awakening.

You will definitely notice that it exists a large container hangs above them. Pull the lever inside to drop the box on them and put them on their feet. Once you do this, you will need to defeat them, a Modified Sweeper activate.

The sweeper is weak to thunder spells, so it’s worth having them Lightning material would do well to. It can be easily scrapped by hitting parts of the weapon, so focus on them to apply pressure before you finally go crazy and strike.

After the struggle, trying to turn yourself into a legitimate business, you will simply have to pay 2000 gil to obtain the Protorelic. Sure, it hurts the wallet a bit, but if it helps them turn over a new leaf, then what’s the harm, right? And that’s it, the first Protorelic is finally yours.

Everything Junon Fort Condor Protorelic Intel

When you get to the Protorelic quests in the Junon region in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you’ll see that it is completely different from the Grasslands. Instead of facing a new group of bandits, you will be drawn into a polygonal world Fort Condor, a tower defense strategy game.

In Fort Condor you will have to deploy various units to attack enemies and defend your base. Rock, paper, scissors style: Guardians (arrow) defeat Enforcers (shield), Enforcers (shield) defeat Vanguard (sword)AND The guards (sword) defeat the guards (arrow).

You’ll also have Barret, Tifa, and Cloud as hero support. Therefore, deploying your units according to the enemy’s tactics is essential to move forward and defeat the boss.

While you can successfully implement any strategy to try and win, these are the methods that I found most effective when playing Fort Condor.

Junon Phenomenon Intel 1: The World of Fort Condor

Hero Units – Cloud and Barret

Creation – Attack: Focuses on attack

Perhaps your biggest concern is here Moth Unit and Blast Beam which are equally powerful and fast. Using your Elite Rangers acquire Biretta faster because the support hero is crucial. However, you will want to launch a powerful attack against the Rangers, so be sure to save the Vanguard to deal heavy damage to ranged units.

Junon Phenomenon Intel 2: Oh, Captain! My captain!

Hero Units – Cloud and Barret

Creation – Protection: Focused on defense

The enemy has many offensive units this round, so prepare your defense with Ballista AND Executioners this will slow down their attack. After reducing the remaining units, get Cloud as close to the larger monsters as possible so you can decimate them with your Brave attack before continuing your attack.

Junon Phenomenon Intel 3: The Princess in Another Castle

Hero Units – Cloud and Tifa

Creation – Trench: Focused on fortress defense

The Trebuchet and Ballista they are an integral part of various attacks and defenses. Placing a Ballista on each path will help deal with larger monsters that can quickly break through your ranks. When you finally move forward, place two or three trebuchets on the other side of the central mound so that they can deal heavy damage to the boss while simultaneously overwhelming the remaining enemies with your standard and elite units and summoning Tifa if the monsters get too close to your base.

Phenomenon Juno Intel 4: Interdimensional Warlock

Hero Units – Cloud and Tifa

Creation – Balanced: focused on attack and defense

In the final match, having a balanced team was extremely helpful. Pushing yours forward Elite enforcers on the right path, you can hinder much of the progress that the enemy will be trying to make Clergy they will work here. Make sure you get them out as quickly as possible so they can continuously heal your units as they advance on the Warlock.3

Once you complete these matches, the next Protorelic will be yours, and you’ll even get a hint of what will result from collecting them all.

For now, this is all you need to complete all Protorelic Intel locations in the Grasslands and Junon regions of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. As we complete more, we will update this page, so be sure to come back.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy homepage for tons of FF7 Rebirth guides, such as the best team combos, the best materia to set, and how to play Queen’s Blood.


The future of ‘Entrevías’ remains in the hands of Netflix. Season 3 of the series with José Coronado continues to sink on Telecinco and marks a new historical low

A couple of weeks ago we told you that season 3 of ‘Entrevías’ had had a weak premiere in Telecinco. In fact, that episode had marked the minimum in both audience and share of the series until then, but it was clear that it had still gone down, and so it has been: ‘Llanto’, the third episode of this season, has made a new all-time low.

A tremendous fall

Specifically, ‘Llanto’ has been the first episode of ‘Entrevías’ that has not even reached one million viewers -a very pronounced drop compared to the 2,183,000 viewers that the first episode of the series had in February 2022- during its free broadcast, since it has remained at 925,000 viewers, which also translates into a scarce 9, 9% share. These are bad data but to find a positive side, Telecinco had an average share of 9.6% this past September. And the chain urgently needs changes.

The point is that from the first to the third episode there has already been a significant drop, going from 11.2% to 9.9%, the most likely being that the series starring Jose Coronado keep losing viewers. In this way, his future seems clearly linked to the data he can make when he arrives on Netflix, where his two previous seasons were great successes.

With everything, the decision on a possible cancellation will still take some time to arrivesince Telecinco announced that they expected filming for season 4 to end in January 2024. This means that it must already be underway and that these disappointing audience data should not directly impact the next batch of episodes.

Another thing is that the audience drops so much that it is not worth it to Mediaset to rush to release it. or even reach some kind of agreement with Netflix so that season 4 can be seen there sooner. Let’s not forget that it would not be something unprecedented on the part of Telecinco, since season 14 of ‘La que se cerca’ will arrive first on Amazon Prime Video…


Solution : Here are the best team combinations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Finding the best team combinations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is key to success, as I spent a lot of time throughout the game trying to find the perfect balance between different team members.

Each team member has their own specialization in the game, from Aerith’s magic-focused kit to Barret’s long-range abilities. That’s why you often have to change things up and try new combinations to find your ideal, but I have some fantastic suggestions that you can use right away.

What are the best party combinations?

Party Style/Focus
Cloud/Yuffie/Tifa Damage / Healing and Range / Damage
Cloud / Red XIII / Barret Damage/Healing/Distance
Cloud/Aerith/Barret Damage/Healing/Distance
Cloud/Tifa/Cait Sith Damage / Damage / Healing and luck
Cloud/Aerith/Tifa Damage / Healing / Damage


This was by far my favorite team combination while playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth because you get a lot of damage from all three members while also having Yuffie’s healing abilities.

You will of course need to include Yuffie in your party, so this combo won’t be possible from the start, but once she joins your party, you’ll be all set. I made sure I had Cure and Revival (the two best Materia) on Yuffie to increase her healing, and I also had Cure on Cloud for extra help.

I made sure to leave Tifa for damage-dealing duties only, as she has the potential to deal some serious pain and can easily stagger even the toughest enemies.

Cloud / Red XIII / Barret

While I’ve never really been a fan of the Vengeance Red XIII system, combining it with Cloud and Barret creates a wonderfully balanced party.

You can always hit some healing Materia, I definitely recommend it using the Watchers’ Respite ability which you can use around Chapter 10, as it allows you to convert your Revenge Meter into healing your entire team – and it’s incredibly powerful.

Barret is also a great addition to this team as it gives you ranged capabilities that will prove very helpful in countless fights. There are a lot of enemies in Rebirth that characters like Tifa and Red will have a hard time hitting, so having Barret deal constant damage and knock them down is very helpful.


Aerith isn’t just my favorite character, but she definitely is the best healer in the gameso having her at the party will always be a good thing.

She’s definitely not as strong and versatile in combat as the other five members of the team, but she more than makes up for it with her support capabilities.

Combine this with Barret’s ranged options and you’ll be able to handle almost all fronts, as Cloud himself deals more than enough damage to carry the team on his own.

Cloud/Tifa/Cait Sith

This is a wild card option that could backfire, but Cait Sith is just a lot of fun if luck is on your side. While not strictly a healer in the same way as Aerith, she uses him Dice Roll skill it can heal your entire party for 5 or prevent them from taking damage if you’re lucky enough to land it on 6.

Of course, you won’t always be that lucky, but it’s more than enough fun to add some spice to the second half of the game once you have Cait Sith on your team – so definitely give it a try.

You can largely swap out Tifa or Yuffie, Barret or Red as damage dealers, but Tifa’s strength definitely shines here and will more than make up for the times when Cait Sith doesn’t quite hold her own.


The combination of Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa is almost too obvious not to include because it gives you that excellent physical damage, elemental abilities and healing – what more could you want?

This is a combo I used for most of the early game before Yuffie came into the team, and it proved effective in almost every situation. If you’re not sure who to choose for your party and just want to stick to the basics, then you really can’t go wrong with Aerith and Tifa. However, considering how long Rebirth lasts, I highly recommend trying everything out to see what works best for you.

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Another thing to consider when choosing your team is each character’s unlocked synergy abilities and folio status, as well as their weapon proficiency.

All of this will have an impact on each character’s strength, and you’ll want to make sure you have synergy options between all three party members, as they are essential to taking down the toughest bosses in the game.

There are more guides like this on our dedicated Final Fantasy homepage if you need a little help on your Rebirth journey, how to play Queen’s Blood, how to get the 7th Infantry trophy, and Chocobo locations for each region.


It works for Tekken 8, not just in the current German sales charts

“Point victory for Tekken 8” is the headline given by GfK Entertainment when communicating the current leaders in the German retail sales charts. It runs for Tekken 8not just in this country.

“Tekken 8 is #1 in the UK charts,” said Katsuhiro Harada recently Twitter. The second time in a row, adds Harada. This was already the case with Tekken 7. He shares an article from SamaGame with the headline: “Tekken 8 ‘doubles’ Street Fighter 6’s physical progressions.” That’s certainly something you like to hear at Bandai Namco.

We don’t know how well Tekken 8 does in this country in a direct comparison with Street Fighter 6. But we do know that Tekken 8 fought its way into German retail sales in launch week to number 1 in the PS5 charts and Xbox Series rankings.

In the PS5 charts, Tekken 8 ends up ahead of The Last of Us II Remastered and in the Xbox Series charts it beats newcomer Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which takes bronze on PS5.

The most popular Switch title remains Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which keeps Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at a reasonable distance. GTA V continues to top the PS4 and Xbox One charts.

via GfK Entertainment, images: Tekken 8, Bandai Namco


If you like science fiction you have to pay close attention to the premiere of this great animated series on HBO

Lovers of Science fiction You are in luck in these times when productions that explore the confines of space and imagination. The entertainment industry has given us gems like Foundation on Apple TV+ and highly anticipated film premieres like The Creator. The thirst for distant futures and cosmic mysteries seems endless. In the midst of this panorama, we see a proposal that stands out for its originality and format. We are referring to Scavengers Reign, an animated series that promises to captivate us and restore our enthusiasm for exploration and discovery of the wonders of the universe.

It is curious that in the midst of this genre resurgence, at a time of spectacular special effects, they are betting on animation for a new production. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of animation and I think that in this format we have had some of the best contributions to the genre, from AKIRA to Love, Death & Robots. But traditionally it seems that the entertainment industry mainly associates animation with children’s contentwhere Scavengers Reign is a very interesting proposal.

Exploring the Unknown

Scavengers Reign immerses us in an unparalleled journey through space and time. The series continues the crew of the Demeter, a spaceship that, under mysterious circumstances, veers off course and ends up on a completely unknown planet. This world, as beautiful as it is relentless, it becomes his home and prison at the same time. To survive, the crew must discover the secrets of this planet and find a way to escape or be rescued.

The plot of Scavengers Reign is an interesting approach that is inspired by the work of Joe Bennett and Charles Huettnerwho adapt the series from their 2016 short film, Scavengers. Together with the teams at Titmouse Animation and Green Street Pictures, the quality of the creative team behind the series ensures that we are about to embark on a visually stunning journey.

One of the highlights of Scavengers Reign is its visual aesthetic. The series presents an animation style that reminds us of the iconic works of great talents of the European science fiction comiclike the teacher Jean Giraud “Moebius”especially in his latest forays into the genre, new works such as works like the saga Negalyod of Vincent Perriot, or the maximalist and colorful science fiction illustrations of Killian Eng. This combination creates a world full of dreamlike and psychedelic images that will captivate viewers from the first moment.

This unique artistic approach brings a new dimension to the series and differentiates it from other science fiction productions, perhaps more focused in recent decades on the world of purer 3D animation. The attention to detail and the overflowing imagination of the series’ designers immerse us in a tremendously interesting universe on a visual level.

The animated paradox of HBO Max

It is fascinating to see how HBO Max is betting on risky productions like Scavengers Reign at a time when audiovisual entertainment seems to want to break away from the most commercial schemes in search of more diverse and experimental inspiration. However, this commitment to the unusual is also accompanied by the inexplicable removal of animated classics from its catalog, like Beyond the Garden. It is an interesting paradox: while they are getting rid of internationally recognized productions valued by critics and viewers, they are willing to open the doors to new and exciting worlds of animation.

Although the exact date of its release in Spain it has not yet been confirmed At the time of writing, Scavengers Reign is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max next Thursday, October 19.


Roboquest All Gadget Locations

In Roboquestyou will have several gadgets with various benefits to be found. They will be placed in different Locations on the map – some in secret areassome in well hidden placesand for some gadgets you will have to defeat mini-bosses. Here is a complete list of gadget locations.

Related: All Roboquest Bosses Ranked

Roboquest gadget locations

During the game Roboquestyou can find various gadgets it will help you boost your character. There is 10 gadgets in total you can find in different areas. Once you have collected all possible gadgets in Roboquest, you can Enable Or disable this by going to gadget holder just before starting the game.

here is list of all locations where you will find the gadgets.

Location #1 Battery Burger

To find the Battery Burger Gadgetonce you find yourself in the Canyons arealook for a robot buddy. Note that he will appear randomly on the map just before the Oasis Checkpoint. Approach the robot and press E to collect it. Whatever you do, don’t destroy the bot because if you do, you won’t be able to open the secret door.

After crossing the canyon and reaching the Oasis districtlook to the left, where you will see a cascade. Behind there is a secret door lockedwhich can only be opened if you have the robot buddy with you. Once you open the door you will find the “Swimsuit“, which is a hidden place where you will see a robot who will exchange the “Battery Burger» with you for the swimsuit.

Slot #2 Business case

THE Business Briefcase Gadget can be found in the Ruins area. Once there, you will see a robot with a interrogation point above his head, standing next to a object it looks like a damaged van or one destroyed part of a train.

Approach the little robot. He will ask you if you have a Power cell. If you provide it to the robot, it will give you the Gadget “Business case” in exchange.

Slot #3 Pogo Stick

HAS Locate THE Pogo Stick Gadgets in Roboquest, you will have to go to the Career zone. Once there, look for a little robot standing on a raised platform.

Climb to reach the robot and interact with him. After doing this, the little robot will provide you with the “Pogo Stick” Gadget.

Location #4 Explorer’s Slipper

THE Explorer Slipper Gadget which can be found in the Canyons area from the menu. To locate it, search for a big purple door with yellow sparks behind him.

Note that you will need to wear your shovel with you for this one. This is because you will have to dig up THE “Explorer’s Slipper” Gadget once you are behind the purple door.

Location #5 Roll

To find the Gadget on wheelsonce you have completed the first part of the Canyons areayou will meet a old robot located at checkpoint. He will ask you data logs.

Then you will have to Locate And collect Exactly 5 data logs. When you have them all, you will be able to exchange them with the old robot for the Gadget “Roller”.

Location #6 Metal Detector

Metal detector gadget also requires collecting the data logs in order to be found and obtained. Again, same old robot of previous location is involved.

The robot will ask you to collect Exactly 35 data logs. Once you do that, he will reward you with the Gadget “Metal detector” In exchange.

Location #7 Kitchen Gloves

To find the Gadget Kitchen Gloveswhen you reach the checkpoint area in the terrain mapthere will be another old robot on site and he will ask you for a specific item.

The robot will ask for a specific type of firearm. If you are lucky enough to have this weapon at your side, show it to the robot, and you unlock the “Oven Gloves” gadget.

Location #8 Cape of Heroes

THE Hero Cloak Gadget can be found in the Aquatic station map checkpoint area. Near where you’ll see all the NPC, you will find a ice Cube.

Note that you will need to wear the Powerful handgun with you. Use it to melt the ice cube and get the Gadget “Hero’s Cloak”.

Location #9 Jetpack

Find the Jetpack gadget is a difficult stain. In order to obtain the “Jetpack” gadgetfirst you will need to find an element called “Randy Nose” in the Fusion Core checkpoint area. You will also need to find the “Cinema ticket” article at the end of Pit area just before reaching the final boss.

To arrive at Pit areayou will first need to unlock a secret area Behind a door. THE coded to open this door, it is behind the main door in the Oasis Area Checkpoint. To open the Career door, find it key located in the technical room in the secret area of Ruinsmore precisely in the Field Area Checkpoint.

Once you have completed all the previous tasks, you will need to start another one. runthis time at City Havre. You’ll have to defeat 4 mini-bosses to cross this area. Once you have defeated them, go to the cinema shop, where you can enter using the form previously obtained Cinema ticket article. Inside the store you will find a little robot who will ask you to give him the Randy Nose article in order to open THE Jetpack gadget.

Location #10 Grapple

THE Grapple Gadget is located in City Havre. On your left sideyou should see a cave which can be entered via a secret entrance.

Note that the entry will be locked. To unlock it, use the following combination of colors white, YELLOW, red, YELLOW, blueAnd blue. Behind the door you will find the Grapple Gadget.


Boot Camp App Not Working? Check Out UUByte ISO Editor for Mac

Boot Camp Assistant has long been the companion of Mac users who needed to dual-boot their MacBook Pros and other Mac devices with Windows. It offers a way to run Windows on Mac so they can enjoy the best of Mac apps as well as traditional Windows apps. Another major feature of Boot Camp is to create Windows 10 bootable USB from ISO image.

Boot Camp Assistant has been around for a long time but, lately, it is becoming increasingly unreliable. It doesn’t always work the way it should and it tends to throw out some very basic errors when trying to dual-boot Windows on Mac. Let’s look at some of the common and more recent issues with Boot Camp and then look at a great alternative to create bootable media for Windows on Mac.

Boot Camp Issues and Errors

One of the most common problems in Boot Camp is that it hasn’t worked with many of the latest versions of Windows 10. There are issues with file systems, partitioning, and even with the source ISO file. Below is an example of disk space error when using Boot Camp app on a MacBook Pro.

There are also known problems with media not being recognized or corrupt media not being identified as such. At times, if Time Machine has automatic backups enabled, it causes partitioning errors.

A new problem with Boot Camp is that it is not supported on the latest MacBooks with the M1 chip. The Intel version still supports it but Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10 on ARM is only available for OEMs, and Apple doesn’t qualify as an OEM as far as Microsoft is concerned. Unfortunately, that’s where it stands for the moment.

Thankfully, you can still use the virtualization route to run Windows on a Mac laptop running on M1 chip. For this, you will need to use Parallels or a similar VM solution, but you will also need a utility to create bootable Windows media that can be loaded to the virtual machine on your Mac. The next section showcases a versatile tool you can use for this purpose.

UUByte ISO Editor for Mac – The Best Boot Camp Alternative

This flexible tool gives you everything you need to manage ISO files on the macOS platform, including the ability to create bootable Windows 10 USB drives. You can also create disk images from files and folders, extract from ISO, and edit ISO files to recreate them with new content. Despite having a robust feature-set, it’s very inexpensive. As such, it is an essential tool to install on your Mac if you want to create bootable ISO media for Windows 10 or any other version.

The process is very straightforward and will only take a few minutes. First, head over to . Then download and install Mac version of UUByte ISO editor on your Mac computer. Separately, download the ISO file for the preferred version of Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website. Insert a blank USB drive (it will be automatically formatted so backup any data in case it’s not blank) and launch the UUByte app. You are now ready to create the bootable USB installer for Windows 10.

Inside the ISO editor, select the Burn option and then choose your ISO file and the USB drive in the corresponding sections. You don’t need to worry about the file system because it will default to the correct type after detecting your ISO file. Simply click Burn and wait for your installer to be created.

Once you’ve created the Windows 10 USB installer drive, you can use it as the source to install Windows 10 on another PC or Mac.


Boot Camp Assistant will still work on new Intel-based MacBook computers, but as we saw, it’s not as reliable as it used to be. The advantage is that it will get the right Windows drivers required for Windows 10 to run on Mac, but that’s about the only advantage. Using a more robust tool like UUByte ISO Editor for Mac gives you the freedom to customize your ISO if you need to. Additionally, it’s a lightweight program that doesn’t hog up system resources when running any of its processes. It’s also very simple to use, which is great if you don’t have much experience working with ISO files on a Mac. With Boot Camp Assistant, you could take an hour to make a bootable USB. But with UUByte ISO Editor, it is only a matter of minutes!

The new M1 chip is a fantastic leap forward by Apple, and users have testified to its superiority over Intel hardware in terms of both speed and performance. However, a lot of users tend to buy Macs so they can run both Windows and macOS on the same computer and still get the same benefits of Mac hardware, such as retina display and so on. Unfortunately, these users will either have to opt for the Intel version or use virtualization to run Windows on Mac. Either way, UUByte ISO Editor offers a comprehensive solution to all your ISO needs on Mac as well as Windows.


‘Download the leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 wallpapers now’

Attention Samsung fans: the Galaxy S24 hasn’t even been released yet, and an enthusiast has already shared the ‘official’ wallpapers online. See here what they look like and how you can set them as your own wallpaper.

‘Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra wallpaper in four colors’

After the scent and color of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked earlier this week, people online also spotted the alleged exclusive wallpapers of the top model. It is a type of crystal that is partly in the image. These are four colors that correspond to the colors in which the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be launched on the market.

The 16-year-old decided to take the backgrounds from the leaked product photos of the S24 Ultra. With the help of Photoshop and artificial intelligence, the X user managed to develop the images in razor-sharp quality. He then posted it online with a public download link. Anyone can download the wallpapers via his tweet.


Install an S24 Ultra wallpaper yourself

Would you also like to set one of these backgrounds on your smartphone? Then download the desired images. You do this by selecting the photo of your choice in the X app or web browser and then clicking on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Press save and the photo will be downloaded.

Then go to the settings app on your smartphone. Here, click on ‘Customization’, then ‘Background & Style’ and click on ‘Change Background’. Now find the background in ‘My Photos’ and select it. Then set whether you want to use it for your home and/or lock screen and you’re done.

This is what we expect from the S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the largest model in the S24 series. The smartphone is made of titanium and contains the well-known S-Pen. The screen on the Ultra has a size of 6.8 inches and contains an OLED panel that shows bright colors, as we have come to expect from Samsung. For the first time, the edges of the screen are not rounded, but flat.

The S24 is equipped with the latest chip of the moment: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. There is also 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage space. The battery has a size of 5000 mAh and charges with a maximum of 45 watts. The smartphone can also charge wirelessly and supply power to other devices.

On the back of the S24 Ultra you will find most cameras from the S24 line. There is again a main camera and wide-angle camera, but the 10x telephoto lens disappears. This will be a camera with a higher resolution, but one that can zoom in less optically.

More about the Galaxy S24 series


Deal : Trade Republic card: Apply for a new credit card with a waiting list via the app

Trade Republic is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a credit card: The new Trade Republic card is free and offers cashback – or saveback, as the broker calls it. Payments via the app are currently still carried out via a waiting list.

Upon receipt of the Full banking license Last December it was clear that Trade Republic wanted to expand its offering beyond interest accounts and trading stocks, ETFs, bonds and cryptocurrencies. And now it’s starting: Trade Republic is now offering its customers a free credit card. And it stands out from the competition with one feature in particular: cashback for investing in stocks, ETFs and crypto. With every card payment you get 1 percent of the amount incurred back. But not in the form of a payout or points, but as an increase for a securities savings plan of your choice. Trade Republic calls this saveback. The saveback amounts can also be rounded up immediately after payment so that more money ends up in the savings plan.

Trade Republic: Visa payment card free

The Trade Republic credit card is specifically a debit card from Visa. It comes with no monthly or annual fees and comes as either a virtual or physical card. If you want to have something in your hand when paying, you can get a Mirror (50 euros) or Classic card (5 euros) for a one-off issuing fee. Applying for the virtual card is completely free. When withdrawing cash, there are costs of 1 euro for amounts under 100 euros; there are no fees for larger amounts. Top: For transactions in foreign currencies, Trade Republic does not want to charge a surcharge on the currency exchange rates. This makes the card also suitable for withdrawals while on vacation. The card is linked to the Trade Republic deposit clearing account to which it is linked currently 4 percent interest pa gives. Savings are also worthwhile here.

Trade Republic: Apply for a card with a waiting list

The Trade Republic credit card is not there yet. Customers can first register on a waiting list. The option appears in the Trade Republic app when you install the latest update. Some users pointed out that only uninstalling and reinstalling the app brings up the desired option. Trade Republic wants to gradually release the card to interested parties in the coming weeks.

Trade Republic: On course for growth

The announcement of the credit card comes on the fifth anniversary of the German neobroker. The company now has four million customers in 17 countries. According to the company’s own information, the assets under management amount to around 35 billion euros. According to Handelsblatt Trade Republic also wants to introduce even more account functions as part of the credit card. Accordingly, standing orders or transfers should be possible at some point.

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Tip: this is how you change the black bars of the subtitles in the Viaplay app

Viaplay: get rid of those black bars for subtitles

Viaplay will be available in the Netherlands from March 1 and a subscription has also been taken out here. For me personally, I have to wait for the new F1 season. Still, I have of course already browsed through the current range of series and films and have also watched some. I was immediately irritated by the subtitles, because they consist of large black bars with white letters, so that part of the content is no longer visible.

Unfortunately, this cannot be adjusted in the Viaplay app itself, which is easily possible with Amazon Prime Video, for example. However, there is an option to adjust the subtitle style. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work immediately on every Android device.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly what causes this. It is also possible that the steps below are called slightly different on your smartphone. This step-by-step plan was written based on Android 12 on a Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Viaplay: Film, TV & Live Sports


3.2 (84,132 reviews)


via Google Play

This is how you change the style of the subtitles in Viaplay

  1. Grab your smartphone and open the settings;
  2. Tap the ‘Accessibility’ option;
  3. Scroll to ‘Subtitle Preferences’ and tap it;
  4. Tap ‘Subtitle size and style’;
  5. Select the ‘Subtitle Style’ option and tap ‘Custom’;
  6. Set the style the way you want in terms of colors and more.

You can set everything in the menu, including the font size or font. Of course you can also play with the color of the letters or the color of the bar behind them. In addition to black and nice colors, you can also choose not to show a bar.

Your smartphone immediately shows what it looks like. Once you have found the perfect combination, it is a matter of leaving the menu and restarting Viaplay.

If the above step-by-step plan does not work, you are unfortunately still bound to the black bars with white letters. You can try to perform the above steps on different devices, but also tablets or, for example, the Nvidia Shield Pro. If you watch Viaplay via Google Chrome, there is an extension available to solve this problem.

More about the new (streaming) service Viaplay

Viaplay is a new service that, in addition to films, series and documentaries, mainly focuses on offering live sports. Formula 1 is the big crowd puller, but many football and darts enthusiasts can also go there. You can watch via the Viaplay app, but there is also Chromecast support, so you can watch anytime and anywhere.

You can of course contact Viaplay directly if you are interested in a subscription. Television and internet providers also often offer the service. You can contact KPN, VodafoneZiggo, Odido and YouFone, among others. The price is 13.99 euros per month, but there are now all kinds of (welcome) offers available. You pay less for the first few months or you can temporarily watch completely free.

Knowing more? Viaplay now available in the Netherlands: these 5 things you need to know


F1 23 name change on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Anyone who has bought the new F1 23 and has already played one or two rounds against friends or players from all over the world online may ask themselves how can the name be changed? Is there a setting in F1 23 to change the visible player name and if so where is it on the pc or console version?

Customize player names in F1 23

As in the predecessors, there is no option in F1 23 to set a “player name” in the game that is displayed to the other players. Instead, it simply uses the EA name, Steam name, PSN name, or Xbox Live name set on PC or console. This also means that if you want to change the visible player name in F1 23 multiplayer, you can only do this by changing the name on the respective platform. In Steam and in the EA client you can change the name relatively easily, as follows.


  1. Open the Steam client, click on the name in the upper right corner and “View my profile”.
  2. You can now change and save the profile name using the “Edit profile” button.

EA Client:

  1. Open EA Client, click on the profile picture in the top right corner and then click on “Edit Profile”.
  2. You can now assign a new player name under “Change nickname”, which will then also be displayed in F1 23.

If you play F1 23 on PS5 or PS4 and want to change the name to F1 23, you need to change the PSN name. The first name change is free, but subsequent name changes will incur charges on PlayStation Network. If you have an active PS Plus subscription, you will receive a 50 percent discount. The situation is similar on Xbox One and Xbox Series in Xbox Live.

Tip: You can create your own league in F1 23 and play with friends.


Deal : German AI from Alpeh Alpha criticized after praise for Hitler

The AI ​​language model from the German start-up Aleph Alpha is intended to represent European values ​​and compete with US developments. But AI answers are now causing outrage.

The German start-up Aleph Alpha is considered one of the biggest European hopes in AI. The company from Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg) wants to use artificial intelligence that represents European values OpenAI make competition. But Aleph Alpha’s AI language model Luminous has been criticized. The reason is racist and otherwise discriminatory statements by the AI ​​and glorification of the regime, such as Daily Mirror and TIME Online to report.

AI with inhumane statements

The basic version of the AI ​​chatbot Luminous, which can be accessed via the company’s so-called Playground, made discriminatory and inflammatory comments about women and Muslims in dialogues. According to the AI, the former belong in the kitchen and cannot drive a car. The latter described the AI ​​in ten staccato-like sentences as, among other things, enemies of reason, humanity and democracy, as a screenshot from ZEIT Online shows. According to reports, artificial intelligence also generated highly problematic and inhumane answers to questions about the era. Adolf Hitler summarily glorifies Luminous as a women’s rights activist who “promoted equal rights.” The AI ​​completed the sentence “The best argument for National Socialism is…” with the words “that it drove the Jews out of Germany.”

The problem with the database

The fact that Luminous sometimes generates racist and discriminatory responses is not necessarily surprising given how AI language models fundamentally work. The models are trained using huge amounts of data from the Internet, which can also contain problematic content. When generating answers, they use this database to estimate word by word how the sentence could continue. For developers of artificially intelligent models, filtering out problematic content and answers is one of the biggest challenges. While ChatGPT inventor OpenAI solves this problem by retraining its language models GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, Aleph Alpha sees no urgent need for action for the basic version of its Luminous AI.

Playground is just a test environment

All of these answers clearly contradict the Heidelberg company’s statement that it wants to develop an AI with “European values”. However, Aleph Alpha explains to media representatives that the Playground is only a test environment for business customers and research purposes. The variant of Luminous that can be accessed via this is an unfiltered basic version that is not primarily intended for use by end customers. There are also filters and security tools that are ultimately used where the technology is finally used. Such answers from the basic version are not a problem.

AI experts criticize

AI security researchers see things differently. Even if Luminous is a research project, such answers have to be taken seriously, says Nicolas Miailhe from The Future Society to ZEIT Online. Anyone who wants to develop critical AI systems like Aleph Alpha must deal with such problems responsibly. Compared to the Tagesspiegel, experts also criticize Aleph Alpha’s lack of transparency regarding specific training data and the exact functioning of its AI.

Aleph Alpha receives financial injection

Despite the criticism, Aleph Alpha can look back on positive weeks. The start-up was able to create a new one at the beginning of November 2023 financing in the amount of over 500 million US dollars (around 460 million euros). Investors include the software company SAP and Bosch Ventures. According to Aleph Alpha, the new capital will primarily be used for research into basic AI models, the development of new product capabilities for business-critical environments and marketing.


There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers

Why is the error message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” currently appearing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team when trying to switch to game mode? Am I the cause of the connection issues in FUT 23 or is there a glitch right now? In the past few minutes, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who has switched on the PC or console and wants to play a game in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers

According to previous information, the cause of the message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” is probably with Electronic Arts. Even if there is no official error message on the linked EAFIFADirect Twitter profile can be found, so in the official EA Answers forum but also on Reddit some players complain about problems with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. These mainly affect FUT Champions and Division Rivals.

It is not yet known when exactly the problem will be fixed. For this reason, it is currently time to wait and drink tea.

  • Update 1: EA has now commented on the problem on Twitter (EAFIFADirect). The problem is known and a solution is being worked on.
  • Update 2: The connection issues should be resolved. Both FUT Champions and Division Rivals are working again without any problems.

Connection issues in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

If the error message “There was a problem communicating with the FIFA Ultimate Team servers” and there are no reports of disruptions, then the following should be done.

  • Wait a moment and try again: Sometimes it helps to wait a few minutes and then just try again. It is not uncommon for the problems to resolve themselves and you save yourself the long search for a possible cause
  • Check EA’s Twitter profile: On the EAFIFADirect Twitter profile mentioned above, you will be informed promptly about disruptions in most cases. For this reason, you should check again whether there really is nothing here.
  • Check your own Internet connection: Is your own Internet connection working properly? possibly Try restarting your PC or console and router.
  • Release ports: If FIFA 23 has never been played online and the problems occur, it might help to release the ports used by the game in the router.


EA SPORTS FC 24: 14.5 million active users after 4 weeks

Image: Electronic Arts

The football simulation EA SPORTS FC 24 recorded over 14.5 million active users in the first four weeks.

This year, for the first time in almost 30 years, Electronic Arts’ annual football simulation will no longer be released under the name FIFA. But even the end of the partnership with the world football association could not detract from the great success of the series, which is now published under the name EA SPORTS FC.

In the first week after its release, EA SPORTS FC 24 recorded more than 11.3 million players worldwide. Four weeks after launch, the number even rose to 14.5 million active users, as revealed by EA’s recently published earnings report for the second quarter.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson described the results as a major achievement and a successful transformation of one of the world’s largest brands into a powerful, interactive platform for the future of football fans.



Deal : Hoymiles DTU WLite: This is how setup and throttling work

The Hoymiles DTU WLite gateway accesses inverters to regulate their performance and monitor power generation. SamaGame shows how to set up and throttle the stick.

Table of contents

  • Set up Hoymiles DTU
  • Throttling Hoymiles DTU

In this country, balcony power plants are allowed to feed 600 watts into the home network – this will probably happen in the future 800 watts. The performance is limited by a so-called Inverter. Some of these devices are able to regulate their performance. This makes them future-proof and still legal in Germany today. Also the popular inverter Hoymile’s HM-800 is included. It can be throttled using the manufacturer’s own gateway DTU WLite. To do this, the Hoymiles DTU WLite and inverter must be installed “S-Miles installer app” be integrated. You can see how this works step by step here.

Setting up Hoymiles DTU WLite: This is how it works

In order for the setup to be successful, you need one that is already connected Balcony power plant, whose inverter is compatible with the Hoymiles DTU WLite. This applies to models from the HM and MI series and monitoring is possible for up to four solar modules, and it can also control several inverters. Attention: Other accessories are required for Hoymiles HMT and HMS inverters.

Step 1: Stick into the socket

The Hoymiles DTU must be connected to the socket in the home network. To do this, you need a power plug (like a smartphone charging cable) or use a suitable multiple socket that has a USB port. After plugging in, the DTU should flash colorfully.

Step 2: Download the Hoymiles app and create an account

Next, download the app from the App Store on your smartphone S Miles Installer down. Then create a user account. Select the option No account, to register.

Step 3: Integrate DTU into the WLAN

Integrate the DTU into the in-house WLAN. Proceed as follows (here using iOS as an example):

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the smartphone. There you should have a network with the name “DTUL…” see. Select this so that the cell phone connects to the DTU.
  2. Go back to the S-Miles app. Go to the middle icon on the bottom ribbon. Tap on Network config.
  3. Choose among WiFi the name of your router (for example FritzBox) and enter your WiFi password.
  4. Confirm with Send to DTU.
  5. Wait for the DTU to connect to your router and tap Completeas soon as the connection has been established.

Step 4: Integrate the inverter and DTU as a system

Go to the left icon at the bottom of the S-Miles app menu. Tap the small plus icon in the top left corner to add an attachment. There you enter your name, performance, time zone and your region (for Germany: scroll to Germany) at. Next you need to provide the serial numbers of the DTU and then the inverter. You can find these on the devices and with the scan function (via the small symbol in the input line) you save yourself having to enter the numbers.

In the next step you can then enter details about the system (orientation, angle) and enter your electricity price. If you use a new DTU, the integration should work without any problems and the system will then be visible.

Hoymiles DTU WLite: Setup error?

You should get the error message “the DTU-SN already exists” received, this means that your stick is already stored on the Hoymiles server. In this case, contact Hoymiles support or your dealer. An unauthorized reset is not possible. There is the word Reset on the stick, which suggests that you can reset the device. But this is apparently only there to reset the network settings.

Throttling Hoymiles DTU WLite

To record electricity generation, there are also cheaper and simpler solutions than the Hoymiles DTU – the measurement data is more of a nice addition, even if Hoymiles prepares the data in a very attractive way. The function of throttling the balcony power plant is probably more important. The DTU ensures that an inverter does not feed in more than 600 watts, even if it offers higher performance.

Throttling works like this:

  1. Go to the left tab in the bottom menu. Choose your system.
  2. The menu with the house opens and there is a new ribbon at the bottom. In it, tap on the right icon.
  3. Choose Performance adjustment.
  4. Enter a percentage value for the Active power a. In the case of an HM-800, enter 75 percent so that the inverter only feeds in 0.75*800 = 600 watts.
  5. Press Save.


Dancing with the Stars 2024: Nico Capone victim of fatphobia, he publishes a moving message

The start of Nico Capone’s adventure in “Dancing with the Stars 2024” (TF1) did not go as he hoped. Very quickly, Daniela’s husband was the victim of shameful comments about his physique. On February 17, the day after the first bonus, the candidate posted a moving message.

The announcement of his participation took a very difficult turn. Nico Capone is one of the candidates for Dancing with the Stars 2024. And very quickly, he became the victim of grossophobia, pushing TF1 to speak out so that it would stop. Fortunately, Daniela’s husband was able to count on many Internet users to support him. People he wanted to thank through a moving message.

On February 16, 2024, Nico Capone took his first steps on the floor of Dance with the stars. With Inès Vandamme, they danced a quickstep on Everybody needs somebody to love, of the Blues Brothers. And he amazed the jurors Chris Marques, Jean-Marc Généreux, Mel Charlot and Fauve Hautot who gave him 7s. As for the public, many people supported him on social networks. Enough to touch the candidate who insisted on posting a message on Instagram the day after the broadcast.

A difficult start to the adventure for Nico Capone

“I am taking a moment today to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I lack words to fully express my gratitude, but I will do my best. This adventure started with ups and downs, these emotional moments on last night’s prime and these trials, because I really tried to surpass myself, your support has been my greatest source of strength. Every word of encouragement, every message of support, THANK YOU However, there were dark moments. Times when negative voices tried to make me believe I didn’t deserve my place, that I would not achieve my goal. Moments of doubt and fear, amplified by hateful messages and unfair criticism“, we can read. Nico Capone then explained that the support of his audience helped him to “overcome these obstacles” and gives him even more strength to go as far as possible in the adventure.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Nicocapone (@nicocapone.comedy)

If the adventure were to end quickly, Nico Capone would only keep the best. In the meantime, he is looking forward to continuing the competition with his partner Inès Vandamme, who also helped him a lot to “overcome this ordeal“.”Thank you to my wife, to my son for believing in me every second since the show was announced. Thank you for everything. You are incredible. I LOVE YOU“, he concluded.

Lots of support for Nico Capone

In commentary, Nico Capone was able to count on numerous supports, including that of Laurence Boccolini. “Congratulations to you ! The number was awesome! These messages have been my daily life since I appeared on TV. It was really difficult to read such awful things. So just one piece of advice. You will never change the mentality of idiots and narrow-minded people. You will never teach them compassion and kindness unfortunately. Only one solution: be yourself, do what makes you happy, laugh, dance, shine and enjoy your real friends and family! That’s a real victory over human stupidity. If you let it get to you they will have won! I kiss you“, wrote the presenter of France Télévisions. Marianne James also wanted to react: “It’s a good sign, dear Nicola… all these are a good sign… it means you’re bothering them. It shakes them up in their heads… it twists their reasoning… yes it shocks them!!!!! That’s good, Nico, THAT’s good! Each of your dance steps is a slap on their stupid snouts!!!!“

Cristina Cordula, who is also one of the candidates of Dance with the stars, for her part let him know that she was fully behind him. “I’m here to support you! Take confidence in yourself! Never doubt yourself!“, posted Inès Vandamme. Laure Boulleau, Mohamed Bouhafsi and Claudio Capéo also wanted to give him strength.


Palia A Century in the Making: Smelly Nightmare

What is the mysterious box that can be found under the bridge in the east of Kilima Valley? What can you do with the item from the mysterious box and what is the function of the smelly nightmare? In the past few days, the question from one or the other Palia player who has looked around in Kilima Valley and discovered the pile under the bridge in the east of Kilima might look something like this. In this short guide we show what the item is all about and how to complete the quest.

A Century in the Making quest

You can interact with the heap under the bridge and dig up a box containing a mysterious item (see the map section in the following screenshot for the location). After digging up and opening the mysterious box, you will receive the quest item “Smelly Nightmare”. The Smelly Nightmare now has to be returned to its owner, but where do you find the owner?

Find owners of the smelly nightmare

After picking up the stinking nightmare, you can talk to all the residents about it (who will be marked with a flag on the map), but not everyone will give you a clue about the owner. But if you ask Ashura about the package and the smelly nightmare, he will send his to Reth. So make your way to Reth and ask about the stinky thing. The item is Reth’s missing Century Egg. After the conversation, the “A Century in the Making” quest will be successfully completed. As a reward for completing the quest, there is Reth’s Salad Soup in addition to 5 Renown.

Tip: You can earn a lot of money early in the game in Palia.


Netflix comes with Undercover spin-off series about Ferry

It is not yet certain whether there will be a fourth season of Netflix’s popular series Undercover, but Netflix still has good news for fans of the series. The streaming service has announced that a spin-off series about Ferry Bouman is in the works.

The series is called Ferry: De Serie and tells how Ferry Bouman started as an ecstasy producer in the Brabant underworld. Netflix previously made a prequel film about Ferry, which showed the young years of the drug criminal, including how he met Danielle. The new series is set after the movie.

  • Order a TV with a discount to stream Netflix now!

Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap, who play Ferry and Danielle, will of course return in the spin-off. Whether we will also see other familiar faces is not yet known. In any case, Lammers is looking forward to it:

Will Undercover get a season 4?

The series is still in its early stages, so it will be some time before the series is available on Netflix. It is not yet clear whether we can enjoy a fourth season in the meantime. Netflix has not yet released an official statement, but Frank Lammers and Tom Waes certainly like it. Lammers indicated that he wants to keep playing Ferry as long as the scripts are good.


Marvel: this is how Henry Cavill would look like playing Cyclops; Superman takes off his cape and joins the X-Men as the perfect addition to the MCU

Playing with Marvel and DC Comics actors bouncing back and forth between one franchise and the other is a fan pastime and we don’t blame them, as it’s a lot of fun imagining dreamy scenarios where Hollywood stars bring our favorite superheroes to life. One of the darlings of the community is Henry Cavill, who after giving up his place as Superman, now has the doors open to play another hero, and Cyclops from the X-Men seems to be the one and voted for by the majority.

The movement was so big that you can find multiples of the actor as an entire X-Men if you know how to search the internet, but without a doubt and as you probably guessed, our favorite is the design made by , who once again showed off with a awesome begging to come true in the future.

Marvel would have a dream addition with Henry Cavill

Although we have already seen multiple Cyclops outfits in Fox movies, without a doubt the most iconic of all is the suit we grew up with many fans watching on television: He did a great job of representing this classic side of the X-Men without hiding too much of his combination with Henry Cavill, a difficult task considering that this superhero hides much of his face.

It would be a huge surprise to see Henry Cavill as another superhero, and from the competition!

Henry Cavill shone after being Superman like Geralt in the series Netflixbut as it happened with the Man of Steel, the actor gave way to a new face that we will see in the next episodes of the project, leaving Cavill without a definitive place in his career as an actor.

With this in mind, it is no longer so unreasonable to think that Henry Cavill could arrive later as an exquisite addition to the MCU; Marvel is still figuring out how to incorporate the X-Men with the rest of their superheroes, so we shouldn’t immediately dismiss this impressive , as the actor certainly has the ring of a leader and we’d love to see the outcome.


Twenty years after the accident at Repsol that claimed nine lives: “It was a before and after in occupational risk prevention”

On August 14, 2003, an explosion at the Repsol Puertollano Industrial Complex shocked the mining population. At 8:15 a.m. that day, the 112 Emergency Service received the first call from a person warning of an explosion at the refinery.

The effect of the explosion of a tank spread to other nearby ones causing a large fire. It cost the lives of nine workers and another 17 people were injured of varying degrees.

The toxic cloud worried for days. Above all, after the collapse of the last fuel tanks and the great ball of fire over the Complex, according to the chronicles of the time. The alarms activated within the Internal Emergency Plan of the complex – first the general and then the partial – would last until August 22.

Jesús Camacho was at home that day. “I heard the noise, received a call from a colleague and we ran to the company.” He was a Repsol worker and provincial secretary of the CCOO in Ciudad Real.

The workers from the maintenance and masonry contracts were starting their jobs at that time. At that time, Repsol was carrying out works to expand the facilities. “The explosion caught them in the vans,” says Camacho, who is now retired and recounts how there was a real “stampede” of employees at the petrochemical complex.

It was, he says, a “logical” reaction because those who worked at the plant “knew that everything could go to hell. They wanted to be safe because there was a whole park of tanks and next to them spheres with butane and propane that could cause a shock wave. Fortunately they had a fire system.”

The fire lasted four days. More than 800 people worked on tasks to control and put out the fire. “The firefighters from the Madrid airport even came.” The Puertollano City Council decreed six days of mourning. Today the public television of Castilla-La Mancha, CMMedia, I remembered those days and the images of the terrible fire.

An internal and an external investigation were launched after the accident. In the conclusions of the internal investigation, the company attributed the accident to “human error”. The document said that it was produced by “undue accumulation” of gases in previous days, which ended up causing the explosion. It was pointed out that the “warnings and alarms” were ignored and that “the operational decisions to correct the accumulation of gases were not attended to or adopted, although the systems to detect the problem worked correctly”.

The unions rejected this version and did not get to sign the minutes of the internal investigation. “There was a lot of tension because there were divergent issues in the final conclusions,” explains Jesús Camacho.

The workers’ representatives had an impact on “technical aspects” such as the design of this complex, “identical” to those of A Coruña or Tarragona. “The liquefaction of gases could have been avoided in a first-rate facility that is so computerized”, he assures.

“Something abnormal that should not have happened”

In October 2003, Jesús Camacho would influence the causes of the accident in an article published in the ISTAS-CCOO Occupational Health magazine. In his opinion, the release of gases from a floating roof tank, designed and prepared to contain fuel, was “something abnormal that should not have happened” and he added that “the production unit at the head of the in a destabilized way without any head of the Production department or the center’s Management ordering the immediate stoppage”, assured this trade unionist and worker at the plant throughout his working life, recalling that weeks before the incident, failures had been detected in the productive chain.

He says it was “surprising that decisions had not been made to adequately separate light hydrocarbons from gasoline, thus avoiding their arrival in an atmospheric tank.” And it is that a container of these characteristics cannot accumulate a mass of pressurized gas “that raises its roof, tilts it and releases butane and other explosive gases that, when they find a hot spot, cause a deflagration.”

This is exactly what happened and two decades later he remembers how “at that time, large companies began to replace a large part of the workforce with external contractors.” He regrets that the union proposals for introducing “modern” occupational risk prevention regulations that also reached the workers subcontracted by Repsol-YPF were not heard because “the responsibilities and obligations of the companies were dispersed.”

The case was judicially archived in criminal proceedings in April 2005. Despite the fact that the family of one of the deceased, Juan de Dios García Piña, managed to reopen the case before the Provincial Court of Ciudad Real in October of that same year, it ended dissolving in the courts, beyond the compensation to the victims for a value of about 2.6 million euros.

It probably gave rise to one of the biggest conflicts that took place at the Puertollano plant. We had been trying to carry out a negotiation on subcontractors for some time and the accident accelerated it

Juan Antonio Mata
General Secretary of CCOO Castilla-La Mancha in 2003

Juan Antonio Mata was CCOO regional secretary in 2003. “I found out about the accident from an RNE journalist who called me when I was in the car with my wife and daughters, going on vacation to her native Malaga.

He was in Puertollano for more than three days. “It was terrible, the atmosphere was bleak. I arrived at half past five in the afternoon on the 14th. We were all scared by the risk to the population”.

Later, the concern was not only to investigate the causes or clarify responsibilities, but also to “establish agreed security measures for the future.” That autumn it was time to negotiate the working conditions of the workers of the fifty Repsol YPF contracts in Puertollano. The atmosphere was very tense after what happened in August.

On August 19, 2003, during a demonstration called by the UGT and CCOO, the then general secretaries of both unions, Cándido Méndez and José María Fidalgo, respectively, were booed in the mining city. In September the workers of more than fifty companies subcontracted by Repsol-YPF joined a strike called by both unions. In October, the company had to stop the plant that Alfonso Cortina presided over at the time.

Even the PSOE announced that it would promote a bill in the Congress of Deputies to regulate subcontracting, limit temporary employment and avoid workplace accidents.

“There was a lot of pressure from CEOE because what this negotiation was going to mean was a higher cost for the main company, in terms of the work bonuses that the metal companies or other auxiliary activities in the petrochemical complexes were going to have. The fact that tasks were being outsourced to reduce costs was going to be highlighted”, recalls Jesús Camacho.

“All of this probably gave rise to one of the biggest conflicts that took place at the Puertollano plant in the month of October. We had been trying to move forward with that negotiation for some time. In the region, steps are being taken to advance in occupational prevention, especially in areas with more risks such as industrial ones, and the accident not only accelerated it but also reinforced it”, adds Juan Antonio Mata.

Both trade unionists agree in defining the moment as “extremely hard”, although the agreement was reached in mid-November. “Today any worker who enters the complex has to go through mandatory security courses to sign a contract.” Jesús Camacho also points out that that accident “forced” to change the Foreign Emergency Plan of the petrochemical complex, which depended on public administrations, because it became clear that “it was in its infancy.”

A symbolic tribute sustained in the last two decades

In 2004, the Puertollano City Council discovered a commemorative plaque on Paseo de San Gregorio, in front of the emblematic Casa de Baños, with the motto ‘The citizens of Puertollano in memory of those who have given their lives working’.

Every August 14, nine roses are deposited in the place. One for each victim of that tragedy.

José Manuel is the current provincial secretary of CCOO Ciudad Real and explains that the objective of the symbolic gesture is that this is not forgotten. The accident caught him at his home in Almodóvar del Campo, just eight kilometers from the hydrocarbon plant. “I remember very well. I was expecting my first child. You could see the column of smoke and I experienced it like the rest of the population of Puertollano and its surroundings. Panic was widespread due to the dimensions of the fire.

Today he recalled in an act that he has always wanted to be “simple and intimate” that “the families of the deceased continue to suffer their absence. We send you our encouragement.”

He was blunt when recalling that this misfortune served to “raise awareness among managers of the importance of health for workers and that it is above any productive and economic result. That was progress.”

In his opinion, it was “a before and after in the prevention of accidents at work for contractors and subcontractors who enter the complex.” In fact, he believes that the advances in coordination for occupational health and safety issues have ended up being transferred to other companies.


If the notifications are not going well for your Huawei mobile, the fault could be with PowerGenie: you can therefore deactivate it

One of the most frustrating things about using a mobile is do not receive notificationsEspecially if there is no exact model of why they happen or stop happening, it only happens sometimes or in certain applications. And that’s exactly what happens in some Huawei mobiles.

Some Android customization layers rely on somewhat aggressive battery-saving techniques, which “kill” processes faster than the standard Android method. Huawei mobiles include not one, but two systems in this regard, being Most restrictive PowerGenie of them, although they are virtually unknown.

What is PowerGenie

First things first, what exactly is PowerGenie? From the user’s point of view, it is a mysterious application present in most Huawei mobiles launched with EMUI 9 or higher. The app cannot be opened, has no icon, and has no options. In the latest versions of EMUI, it is officially called How arealthough in the past it was called Electrical engineering.

As explained in DontKillMyApp, PowerGenie is an energy management system that kill apps that are not on an inclusion list. The main problem with PowerGenie is that as a user you cannot exclude a PowerGenie app, but rather a list controlled by Huawei.

The two names of PowerGenie

PowerGenie should not be confused with the power consumption optimization options accessible from the mobile battery settings. Here in the section Start of application You can prevent Huawei from managing the power consumption of certain apps by switching to Manage manually.

In other words, a Huawei mobile has two filters to kill processes to save battery. The first is the optimization of the application startup, configurable by the user. The second is PowerGenie, in which the end user cannot make any changes.

Huawei’s power optimization itself is customizable

There is little public information about how PowerGenie works, as there is no official documentation on this, although the company has confirmed its existence from time to time, as well as the important detail that an app cannot be added to the inclusion list.

The APK application, which occupies only 77 kilobytes, includes several Google, Android and Huawei application lists to which, presumably, some of the restrictive energy conservation policies do not apply.

Presumably some of the applications excluded from PowerGenie

It’s great, but as a user how does that affect you? On the one hand, with a more restrictive application management policy, the mobile battery can last longer. However, it is possible that do not receive notifications from certain apps, especially ones that you haven’t used for a long time or are not very popular, like Facebook or Google apps.

For example, if you have installed an application to remember to water the plants and notifications do not appear even if you have configured it for manual management in the power options. If your plants die, it’s not your fault, it’s PowerGenie’s.

How to deactivate PowerGenie

That said, if you want to disable PowerGenie, you can, although it is not easy. You will need to use ADB commands and we do not recommend doing so unless you know what you are doing and are satisfied that PowerGenie is affecting the way you use your mobile.

First of all, it never hurts to make one PowerGenie APK Backup. You can do this with ML Manager or other similar apps. The process is as simple as finding PowerGenie in the system apps section and pressing Extract (or Share, to send to another app). You can really rehabilitate it again with another ADB command, but it never hurts to have a copy of it just in case.

So now is the time connect to mobile via ADB. Here we have told you about the process several times, which consists of three steps. Download ADB to the PC, connect the mobile to the PC with a USB cable, and run some commands on the command line to establish the connection. The mobile must have activated the usb debugging and development options.

To verify that the ADB connection between Android phone and PC is correct, you need to type ADB devices and receive an answer display « device » next to your device. If so, then you are ready for the next step.

If so, it’s time to run the command to uninstall PowerGenie. Run the command adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.huawei.powergenie, hit enter and if all went well you will receive the text within seconds Success.

It is done. If you search for PowerGenie (or Haware) on your mobile, it will no longer appear among the installed system apps. Now is the time you should check if your mobile loses fewer notifications than before, especially in apps that you’ve already manually configured in power options.

If you notice that your phone is worse than before or you prefer to leave PowerGenie as it was, bringing it back to life is as easy as making it disappear. Also using ADB, use the command adb shell cmd package install-existing com.huawei.powergenie. As if by magic, PowerGenie will rise from its ashes. Restart your phone to make sure it turns back on.

Source: Frandroid


Tutorial : All Secret URLs and What They Do in Persona 3 Reloaded (P3R)

Would you trust a man who sells URLs to teenagers in the back of a club? Here’s what all secret URLs do in Persona 3 Reloaded.

All Persona 3 Reloaded URLs and What They Do, Listed

Once you’ve accumulated enough charm to visit Club Escapade, you’ll find a sneaky man sitting in the corner. His favorite products? Weird URLs, which will give you a variety of weird benefits. Here are all the URLs you can buy in Persona 3 Reloaded and what they do.

Each URL is listed in the order it is published, based on calendar year. From time to time you will receive an SMS from the seller informing you that new URLs are available, but it is better to check it yourself after each new block in Tartarus. Some of these URLs, like Note on the school X website, are necessary to complete Elizabeth’s requests. While others, like Iwatodai Forum Note, will just help fill out an application but are not necessary.

To find the URL provider, go to Club Escape in Paulownia Shopping Center. You can only enter the club at night, once you have managed to obtain Brave Courage. Once inside, head to the far right to find our suspicious man.

Note from the Iwatodai Forum 500 A note with the URL of a forum full of rumors about Iwatodai. Secret on the vending machine in front of Iwatodai station. You can purchase drinks that are marked as sold out.
Note on the school X website 500 A note with the URL of a familiar site about an anonymous school. Special taiyaki will be available in the school shop. Needed for one of Elizabeth’s requests.
Revenge Site Rating 500 A note with the URL of a revenge request site that created a buzz. Increases courage.
Note on the security site 5,000 A note with the URL of a site featuring a video on eliminating enemies. Learn how to ambush in Tartarus.
Note from the Assassin’s website 8,000 A note with the URL of a site detailing how to fatally strike your enemy. Improves ambush. When attacking an enemy from behind, you will not inflict distress without fail.
History website rating 8,000 A note with the URL of a site to post anecdotes of inspiring people. Improves ambush. After successfully attacking an enemy from behind, your Theurgy gauge will increase.
Vegetarian blog note 500 A note with the URL of a blog written by dedicated vegetable gardeners. Makes Golden Tomato Sprouts available for purchase at the Port Island Station Flower Shop.
Ninja fan site rating 12,000 A note with the URL of a site that studies ninja skills for greater agility. Improves ambush. The time required to rush before being able to ambush has been reduced.
Rating on the dating site 3,000 A note with the URL of a connection site with a prepaid Offering Pass. Increases your relationship points with an already established connection.