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The arrival of Marshmallow to Moto G 2014 is imminent

Want to Marshmallow for your Moto G 2nd generation? We already told you how to install Marshmallow on Moto G 2014 thanks to CM 13. But now, we will not have to opt for a CyanogenMod ROM, but we will have Pure Android officially. The great news is that the deployment of Marshmallow for Moto G 2014 will soon begin. Find out all the details:

Marshmallow for Moto G 2014

The company has already published data from Marshmallow for the Moto G 2nd generationwhich has been seen in India, which indicates that the deployment could reach us at any time.

This is good news, since Moto G 2014 has Android 5.0 Lollipop. We haven’t even been able to make the jump to Android 5.1 Lollipop, so it is possible that we will jump directly to Marshmallow. Which makes us happy, because it would arrive earlier than estimated so that users don’t have to wait so long without updating.

We will be able to enjoy all the Android 6.0 news:

  • Permit management.
  • Doze to manage the battery.
  • Access to internal storage.
  • Now on tap.
  • Motorcycle Assist.

We have many more newsso this Marshmallow update for the Moto G 2015 is being more than desired.

When exactly will it arrive?

We do not know the date on which Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be released for Moto G 2014, but it could arrive whenever, since it usually doesn’t take too long once the release notes are published. We expect it to arrive in February-March, so we will have to wait until the update appears on our mobile.

It will arrive in automatic update mode, we already told you how to force the update, so I don’t think you will have problems enjoying Android 6.0 on your Moto very soon.

Do you want to update your Moto G 2014 to Marshmallow? Take advantage of the comments to tell us. We are looking forward to receiving the new Android 6.0 and being able to enjoy all the new features.

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The Windows 10 interface on Android thanks to this sensational free Launcher for Android

There are many people who ask me if it is possible to transform our Android operating system, of course without losing the functionalities that the best mobile operating system in the world offers us, to give you the appearance of the famous Windows 10 interface on Androidthat is, that user interface or desktop in the form of Tiles or tiles that for many is very attractive and much more functional than the classic Launchers that we have on Android.

It is for this reason that I have decided to share with all of you, what I believe is one of the best Launchers for Android if what we are looking for is to have an appearance identical to what we would have on a terminal with Windows 10. A Launcher for Android that is very easy to configure, with many configuration and customization options, and most importantly, an application that we can download completely free of charge in the Google Play Store, the official application store for Android. Do you want to know which is that Launcher for Android that I am talking about and the one that is going to transform our terminal into Windows 10 appearance? Well, if the answer is YES, you can now click on continue reading this post where I explain everything it offers us and I attach the link to download it directly from Google Play.

The Launcher in question responds to the name of SquareHome 2 – Win 10 Styleand as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we can download it completely free of charge in the Google Play Store and without ads or anything that bothers us with the user experience that a Launcher for Android has to provide us.

What does SquareHome 2 offer us?

SquareHome 2 is one of the few Launchers for Android that, in its completely free version and free of annoying ads, allows us enjoy the Windows 10 interface on Android with the simple installation of an application officially downloaded from the official Android application store. Unlike other Launchers of this style that promise to trace the design of Windows 10 on Android, this Launcher, in addition to nailing it, also offers us certain attractive aspects where they exist, such as the integration of a contacts interface very similar to that of Windows 10 and the possibility, which other Launchers of this style do not allow us, to put these contacts or even the application drawer as main desktop pages.

In SquareHome 2, just as we can do with a Windows 10 terminal, we can add the Tiles or tiles that we want to our main screen either even add new Layers or pages to enjoy, for example pages dedicated to different situations such as when we are at home or at work, or even categorize these new pages by type of applications, although this is up to each individual and is left to the imagination of the user. user since this Launcher allows you to modify and customize practically almost everything we want.

Logically, The size of the Tiles can be modified as we wish as well as the Widgets that we also add in the form of attractive tiles. If we add to this the possibility of play with the look of the app and contacts drawer so that it is shown to us above the Tiles with a faded tone or to select that it is shown to us as another page on our desktop as well as to change the view in the form of a list or grid, we have in this aspect without a doubt one of the most interesting things to highlight about this beautiful Launcher for Android.

To finish with the news that this allows us peculiar Launcher for Androidwhich the only thing it seeks is transform the Android interface into that of Windows 10 even on a TabletI invite you to take a look at the embedded video with which we began this post, a video of my own creation in which I explain everything that this sensational Launcher for Android offers us and where you can find all the most interesting settings and configurations of the same.

Download SquareHome 2 for free from the Google Play Store

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How to force the free lifetime license on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is confirmed, WhatsApp has already started activate the free lifetime license for users of the application although, at the moment, you may not yet have a lifetime license on WhatsApp.

Very recently we learned that WhatsApp will now be free for everyone without cheating or cardboard and yesterday the first evidence began to appear that WhatsApp would be free for all users, well some users have started receiving lifetime licenses of the application and later, without prior notice, WhatsApp has removed the lifetime licenses of many users.

How to force lifetime license on WhatsApp?

We have appreciated, among all of us who have received the lifetime license on WhatsApp, that it comes regardless of the version of WhatsApp you have installed On the mobile (it doesn’t matter if you have an Android mobile or a mobile with iOS), everyone has started receiving the free versions of WhatsApp.

As you can see in the image we will receive a notification that tells us that the service WhatsApp has been extended for life and the truth is that this notification may or may not be permanent. We would like to show you how to force the WhatsApp lifetime license for free since many users have already received it and the method to receive it before anyone else is quite simple.

In the image above you can see how WhatsApp has given us a lifetime license and in the image in the center of the post we can see how the company took away our license minutes later, a license that was returned to us shortly after and which currently seems definitive. Do you know how WhatsApp will now make money since it will not offer advertising in the application or charge for it?

Activating WhatsApp for free for life doesn’t even take 5 minutes

To activate WhatsApp for free for life you just have to follow these steps, it is very simple:

  • First of all go to Settings – Security and activate the box Origins or unknown sources to install applications external to Google Play.
  • Here we explain how to install the latest version of WhatsApp and that is the only thing you have to do, install the .APK of the latest version of WhatsApp directly from the official WhatsApp website (you will avoid viruses and any type of problem by downloading the official .APK) .
  • Once this is done go to Settings – Account – Payment information and check if your license is already for life.

WhatsApp is now free for everyone, don’t complain anymore that WhatsApp costs almost 1 euro a year, now it’s totally free for everyone. Are you happy now that WhatsApp is free? It is now official that Facebook is going to look for the best way to monetize itprepare for anything that is not advertising because WhatsApp has cost a lot and they will have to make a profit from it one day even if that had not been the objective of the purchase.

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GIVEAWAY: 3 MINIX NEO J50C-4 Max mini PCs with 8 GB of RAM and 240 GB SSD

Thanks to the collaboration of the Brand MINIX and on the occasion of the launch of its new mini PC MINIX NEO J50C-4, today we are starting a Christmas giveaway for three of these new low-consumption PCs. This contest will have three winners where each one will receive one of these mini PCs. Without a doubt, some good prizes that will delight the lucky ones thanks to this particular Santa Claus. You can see more information about this mini PC in its presentation article.

  • MINIX NEO J50C-4 Max It can be purchased soon on or for €299.99.


The participation system is automated and you can also get various participations every day for the draw via Twitter or Facebook. So you can accumulate chances of winning if you complete the steps more than once.

  • This is a GLOBAL giveaway – WORLDWIDE raffle.
  • Tweeting about this contest (one Tweet per day and user) I want to participate in the #Raffle for a MINIX NEO J50C-4 Max.
  • Following Twitter or Facebook (If you already follow us, no problem, you can still enjoy the giveaway).
  • Writing in this post a commenting: I want to participate in the draw for a MINIX NEO J50C-4 Max.
  • The contest ends on Saturday 12-26-2020 at 12:00 AM UTC+1.
  • An email will be sent to the winner notifying them, if they do not respond within 48 hours the next lucky winner will be skipped.
  • The shipping of the product will be carried out by MINIX by courier when coordinated with the winner and the brand.

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Is Nintendo ready to share Zelda movie details?

This week the Nintendo meeting was held with its investors, this in order to publicize the projects they have planned for the coming years. Within the meeting, interesting comments have been made, such as knowing that they are verifying the way moving on to the next generation of consoles. However, a doubt that was also going to arise is about the cinematographic part that is quite new for them, and the issue is what the already confirmed movie of the universe will be like. Zelda.

And we cannot forget that a few days ago it was stated that they are in collaboration with sony to give shape to the project, which to the fortune of some and the disappointment of others, will be an adaptation that brings the adventures of these characters to live action format. Since that moment nothing more has been said about the subject, only that it could arrive in the coming years, not to mention that it will be in 2024 or 2025and fans have had several questions about it.

During the meeting, one of the investors wanted to know if the film will be based on an existing game of The Legend of Zelda or if it will be a completely new story. Given this, the president has apologized to the audience, but there is nothing to talk about this film at the moment. Mentioning that they should expect more news in the future.

Here is his comment:

We can’t discuss the release date or content of the movie today, so expect more updates.

With this in mind, it is possible that the project is only in the early stages, since they would be looking for possible writers for the script; At the moment we only have the producer and the director, who have already worked on well-known works of sony. So, it is very likely that we will not know more about the film until a special direct is confirmed, just as happened with the animated adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

Via: Gonintendo

Editor’s note: All of this means that they have nothing in the pipeline for now, but it was to be expected, it also happened with Mario’s film. The truth is that fans do not have the greatest urgency to see the film, so we can wait a little longer for them to show us the first trailer.

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Do you want a solar charger for your mobile phone? Buy this

This is not the first time we mention the solar mobile chargers But the truth is that it is difficult to find one that is worth it. If we take a look on the internet we find options like the Anker 14W, a solar charger with fast charging that is quite useful but, however, a little bit inadequate for what most users are looking for.

On Amazon, one of those stores where you buy with great reliability, we find a small solar charger that can have a price close to 30 euros like the Mengo S-Power.

Mengo S-Power 5300 mAh, is it useful for anything?

One of the questions that users ask when buying a solar charger is whether it will be really useful for users since some solar chargers are practically unusual. This solar charger integrates a 5300 mAh battery which is charged by the sun and can be obtained for less than 30 euros.

The Mengo solar charger includes an emergency LED, a carabiner to carry it attached to the backpack and also has resistance to water and shocks. The charger only supports small splashes and rain, no immersion.

The water resistance is more than justified since since it requires sun to charge you could carry it outside your backpack in search of battery. The charger is capable of charging two devices at the same time like an Android, an iPhone or any mobile phone or tablet but we must take into account its limitations, since it is necessary to keep in mind that when charging two mobile phones at the same time it will most likely turn off.

You can recharge any device through its USB output directly if it has a battery or with the direct sunlight if you don’t have a power source on hand. You must keep in mind that the charger, to fully charge with the sun, will take a long time.

8 hours in the sun could charge only 25% capacity Therefore, it is necessary to always have it in the sun to ensure that it is charged when we are going to pick it up. If you are looking for a solar charger that will get you out of trouble, this is the one. It is available in several colors, the camouflage ones are very attractive.


PhoneDome Waterproof Skin: the thin water-resistant cover made in Italy

Many large smartphone and tablet manufacturers Android have launched their own device on the market capable of withstanding the most dangerous situations, contact with waterfall, dust and much more. To date, many devices are now resistant to scratches but few are completely scratch-resistant waterprooffor this the famous Italian company AnyCast Solution has released a very thin one on the market covera second skin for the device, capable of protecting it fromwaterfallMeaning what PhoneDome.

PhoneDome Waterproof Skin made by AnyCast Solution it’s spring water resistant skin able to make our device resistant even to the danger most feared by every user.

The second skin of your device is a very thin one super water-resistant membrane and its use is very simple. Simply fit the skin onto your smartphone or tablet and close everything thanks to the adhesive on the back. Furthermore, the use of the device in these specific conditions is facilitated by a coefficient of 98% transparency which will not complicate the vision of what we are doing.

Currently PhoneDome Waterproof Skin is available for Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S, Galaxy Notes And Galaxy Tab 10.1; We hope that the company will be able to provide this useful accessory for others too Android devices.

Inside the package they are present 2 skins And 4 stickers 3M (reusable up to 2-3 times)to make everything waterproof. AnyCast it also supplies others inside 4 stickers to be placed inside the skin to verify that the presence ofhumidity which could damage our device (it will change color to red to signal the presence of humidity).

Some sites were able to test PhoneDome and first impressions are quite positive. There skins it does its job very well and does not allow anyone to pass through drop of water. The device remains fully functional also with regards to calls, touchscreen and camera. Obviously it will not be possible to connect accessories such as headphones or USB cable but in these moments they may not be essential.

The company emphasizes that the Waterproof skin could last a few moments diving even if it was absolutely not designed to withstand total immersion.

PhoneDome For Samsung Galaxy S III can be purchased at the price of €14.90 but even for other devices the price should not be much different.


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Chaos and clashes in China worsen food shortages Apple iPhone 14 Rui Bacelar November 24, 2023

The shortage of Apple mobile phones shows no signs of improving. Quite the opposite, in fact, we are now seeing worrying reports from China with shocking images outside Foxconn’s main factories and other production lines.

At stake, more specifically, is the Zhengzhou factory, the largest assembly line in the world. Apple iPhone 14 in China which, due to strong health restrictions as part of efforts to contain COVID-19, will lead to mandatory factory closures.

Factories stopped due to health measures imposed in China

We then illustrate the article with several videos and reports published through social networks. Twitter, lifting a little the heavy veil that covers China. There we can see the workers clashing with the security agents.

The situation is worrying: several workers lose control and try to force their way into the factories after having abandoned them. On the other hand, current workers were forced to remain in the premises and could not leave them.

Workers forced to stay in Foxconn factory dormitories

1/2 The latest from #Foxconn in #iPhone city in #Zhengzhou: Newly hired workers fight fiercely with security guards as they try to storm out of the factory. Reason: Foxconn tried to hire around 100,000 new workers after many escaped a while ago. New workers were told that

– Jennifer Zeng (@jenniferzeng97) November 22, 2022

Above we can see the clashes between workers and security agents while hundreds of employees force the police cordon to leave the factories. It is important to note that part of this workforce had recently been hired by Foxconn to try to mitigate the Apple iPhone 14 shortage.

However, faced with the obligation to remain exclusively at the Foxconn facilities, again with the health justification of containing COVI-19, the workers reached the point of exhaustion. The result? A massive leak from the factory in question and its attached facilities.

Massive factory leaks in a real scene of chaos

According to this interview with a #Foxconn worker who was involved in the riot by @becauseyoutouzhele, more than 10 workers have already died during the riots. This worker personally saw two dead workers on the ground. Many workers agreed to take 10,000 and leave.

– Jennifer Zeng (@jenniferzeng97) November 23, 2022

The scene is one of chaos near the main Apple iPhone 14 factories. As a result of health restrictions, combined with the shortage of units produced to respond to market needs, unaffordable conditions were created for workers.

Willing to literally risk their lives to separate work from personal life, the news from China is one of deep regret and sincere dismay. The images may shock some readers, so we leave this warning.

“iPhone City” refers to the largest iPhone production complex. smartphones in China

The situation naturally affects the production capacity of new Apple iPhone 14. In fact, according to Apple, the labor crisis will further affect the volume of units available on the market.

So if you are thinking of buying a new Apple iPhone 14, especially the Pro models, in time for Christmas, they may also have some difficulties in Portugal.

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Nubia Red Magic NX609J Gaming Smartphone that liquidates its stock

Today we have a gaming smartphone on clearance offer Nubia Red Magic NX609J A product at a very reasonable price for its specifications and suitable for playing hard even though it is already a few years old.

This Smartphone is designed to optimize the gaming experience and includes a special cooling system to withstand long gaming sessions. We have one 6″ screen high quality manufactured by J.D.I. with high resolution and light power. Its gaming details and physical button to activate high-performance mode also stand out. We also have a powerful Qualcomm SoC and nothing less than 8GB of RAM memory.

SoC, RAM and Storage

He Nubia Red Magic NX609J includes Qualcomm SoC Snapdragon 835, an Octa Core manufactured in 10 nm with 64-bit Kyro 280 cores up to 2.45 GHz and a powerful Adreno 540 GPU that allows you to play all current titles without performance problems. We have 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB Internal storage to store any heavy game. A configuration with which we can move apps and games at maximum quality without performance problems.

Screen and other specifications

The screen of Nubia Red Magic NX609J has a size of 6 inches with small frames at the top and bottom, a resolution of 2160×1080 Pixels protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. This smartphone is equipped with Wi-Fi aC, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, rear fingerprint reader, battery 3800mAh with fast charging and a modem 4G-LTE Dual SIM.

The photography section has a front camera 8MP and a rear of 24MP with flash. The ports included are a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB 3.0 Type-C for charging and data. In terms of design, the Nubia Red Magic NX609J It has a metal chassis with integrated DTS compatible stereo speakers and on the back we find a RGB band that we can program to our liking with the Game Space app. The operating system is Nubia Red Magic based on Android 8.1 although we have different more modern firmwares developed by the community.

Price and availability

  • The powerful Nubia Red Magic NX609J can be purchased at from €164 with free shipping from Germany with discount code RedmagicEUalso for alone €151 from China With the code RedmagicHK.
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Project Ara Prototype Seen In Video

Project Ara is an interesting project where Google aims to bring a modular smartphone to the market. Thanks to different modules with different specifications, it is possible to put together your own smartphone. Today, a video of a working Ara prototype has surfaced for the first time.

Project Ara aims to bring a smartphone to the market that does not have to be replaced after one or two years, but can simply be expanded with improved modules. This way you only have to purchase a smartphone once and after a year you can simply buy a new processor or camera module and replace it with your old modules. This way you don’t have to pay hundreds of euros for the latest smartphone and keep up with the times.

In the video above we see a working prototype of the Ara smartphone. In the video, various modules such as battery, processor, camera, etc. are placed in a frame after which the device starts up. The prototype runs an old Android version, but it will run Android 5.0 (lollipop) at the official launch. The Ara smartphone will be released in 2015.



The rise of personal genetics: when a startup investigates your DNA

Finding their biological parents or discovering what genetic diseases they could transmit to their children are some of the reasons why more and more people are undergoing the 23andMe genetic test, one of the many DNA tests offered by the emerging personal care sector. genomics.

Stacy and Greta, two American sisters, met thanks to a DNA test. Her cousin Laura hired the services of 23andMe, a biotechnology startup that analyzes the client’s DNA and compares it with that of other people registered in its database. Laura gave up her genome in hopes of finding her biological father. Instead, she ran into Greta, her cousin.

Companies like Genelex, Gene By Gene, InVitae or Interleukin Genetics also solve family mysteries and try to locate genetic diseases that customers could pass on to their children. For it, They perform tests that give them access to complete DNAwith all the consequences that could entail.

The business of genetics

The company’s real business is not the exams it performs for about 100 euros. As Technology Review points out, The genetic data of a 23andMe customer is worth 2,500 times more than the data that Facebook collects from a user. Since it was founded in 2006, the firm has managed to compile an extensive genetic database of nearly 600,000 people.

But the Mountain View based company has not been the only one to take advantage of this business opportunity. For a couple of years, companies have been born in the United States that They analyze the genome of clients, whether for family, research or even sports reasons.. This is the case of DNA Fit, a British company that also shows that there is a market beyond American borders.

As Andrew Steele, former Olympic athlete and current brand ambassador, tells Think Big, the company offers customers information about how their body reacts to higher and lower intensity physical activities, the time it will take for an injury to heal or the diet that best suits your body.

“We have a very wide range of clients. We work with professional and military athletes, although Our main clients are people who are trying to stay fit and want to make sure they do it right“, Explain. People who go to the gym three or four times a week and who do not trust the exercises and diets they find on the internet or discover in the media.

With permission from the FDA

A couple of months ago, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDAfor its acronym in English) gave the green light for 23andMe to sell a new genetic test, aimed at detecting whether a customer carries the gene associated with Bloom syndrome, a disease that, among other things, causes the skin to be hypersensitive to sunshine.

This permit has restored peace after the company was banned by US authorities in 2013. sell health related genetic tests.

According to John Conley, an expert lawyer in the personal genetics sector, the FDA distrusted (and probably still distrusts) 23andMe not so much because of what it offered or the dangers it could entail, but rather because of the information it gave to customers. It wasn’t precise enough.

Where is the privacy?

Exposing information as sensitive as the genome carries some risks. Mark Gerstein, a professor of bioinformatics at Yale University, has long investigated the dangers of giving DNA to a private company. According to the American, it is likely that in the future “much more will be known about you” and what your descendants will be like, among other things.

“The worrying thing is that once you share something on the web, you put it on a server and you can’t get it back. The information is already there.” If your data is later used for harmful purposes, “you can no longer change the genome. You can change your phone number, your credit card number… but not your genome”.

Furthermore, not all companies in the sector are equally strict when it comes to privacy. European women, due to the legal framework in which they operate, are forced to be more cautious. From DNA Fit they assure us that once the report is made and delivered to the client, they eliminate the test results: “We follow the United Kingdom protection and privacy law, so all the samples we take are destroyed at the end. What remains is a PDF with the information we obtain from the test.”

Header image: Duncan Hull (Flickr)

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How to take advantage of the Chrome application launcher

We tell you several uses that you can give to the Chrome application launcher that go beyond simply running your apps.

He google chrome app launcher It has been available since 2013. At first Google decided to create it only for Chromebook users, and it was intended to be a kind of start menu, just like Windows, so that users would have several tools at hand from one place. and especially, to be able to run apps easily.

Google then decided to offer this tool for all browser users and not just Chrome OS, anyone can have the launcher and access all their Chrome apps from it, whether they use Windows, OS X or Linux. However, perhaps you are not getting the most out of it, not many know that it has additional functions in addition to launching applications. If you don’t have the Chrome app launcher installed, you can get it from here.

do a search

From here you can perform any type of search, if you want you can use the Chrome application launcher just like the Google home page. At the top there is a bar to search, and the results you get will be completely personalized, since the browser has access to your browsing history, your Google contacts, your favorites, the Chrome applications you have installed, results of the Chrome store and also Google search engine suggestions.

Add bookmarks or favorites

When you open the Chrome application launcher you will have all the apps that you have installed in your browser there, but you can also add bookmarks to have them quickly at hand. To do this you need to go to the website that you want to save to favorites and click on the Chrome menu (located above and to the right). Go to the “More tools” section and then click “Add to toolbar”. Then you can decide if this bookmark should open as an application with its own window or if you want it to be just another tab, and from that moment on it will always appear in the application launcher.

Create folders

If you have many applications or bookmarks, you can always organize everything by creating folders within the menu, it is very similar to how we do it on Android. You just have to drag the icons over each other to create a folder, you can add as many as you want, once created, you can give it a special name if you wish.

Sync your settings

If you want to use the Chrome application launcher on multiple computers and always have the same settings, you can do so. However, it is an experimental feature of Chrome and will have to be activated. To do this, open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome://flags in the address bar. Then press Ctrl+F and type app switcher. This will locate the feature you need to enable. When finished, restart Chrome and from now on your data will be synchronized whenever you log in with your Google account on any computer you use.

Calculator and unit conversion

From the search engine you can also do mathematical operations, just as if you were on, you can use it as a calculator to add, subtract, divide and multiply, and also as a unit converter of all kinds.

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Oppo Unveils Thinnest Smartphone Ever

Oppo has announced a new smartphone with a thickness of only 4.85 millimeters. This makes the Oppo R5 the thinnest device to date. The previous record holder was the Elife S5.1 from manufacturer Gionee, with a thickness of 5.15 millimeters.

The Oppo R5 has a 5.2-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, an octa-core processor with four 2.1 GHz cores and four 1.5 GHz cores, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage space, a 13 megapixel camera on the back, a 5 megapixel camera on the front and Android 4.4 with the ColorOS 2.0 skin.

The Oppo R5 will be available worldwide from December. In America, the smartphone has a suggested retail price of $499, but it is not yet known what the smartphone will cost in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition to the Oppo R5, Oppo has also announced a new selfie smartphone. This device is called Oppo N3 and has a 5.5-inch display with a full HD resolution, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space that can be expanded with a microSD card and a 16 mega-pixel camera.

The Oppo N3 has a suggested retail price of $649 in America. It is not yet known when the Oppo N3 will be available in Europe.


laptop samsung Ξ TREND

Samsung: this could be your first foldable laptop Carlos Oliveira November 23, 2023

Samsung is the leading brand on the market when it comes to foldable smartphones, but it also wants to transmit its knowledge to the laptop segment. A reflection of this intention is the latest discovered patent filed by the South Korean company.

The document in question was presented in 2020 to the competent North American authorities, but has only now been approved. In it we see one of Samsung’s possible approaches to this yet-to-be-explored market niche.

Samsung shows intention to enter the folding laptop market

The patent in question demonstrates how Samsung could repurpose its foldable smartphone concept in the laptop market. The idea is to build a product with a large screen that can be folded in half.

The illustrations in this document also demonstrate the presence of a keyboard at the bottom, which covers two-thirds of its body. The remaining space will be screen space, but will serve as a .

Contrary to what we have seen in products like the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo, we do not have two screens separated by a hinge in the middle. We do have a single flexible screen that can be folded to improve its portability.

This screen will be an AMOLED capable of presenting content continuously and fluidly. This way, you can offer users an even smoother user experience.

The least positive part of this approach is the likely existence of a crease in the part where this screen will be folded. Something very similar to what we already see in current brand folding smartphones.

This patent does not pay attention to the specifications of this product, however, it highlights three important aspects. An Intel processor must be used, the screen will be an AMOLED and the Windows operating system will work.

As this is only a patent, it is not guaranteed that Samsung will bring an exactly identical product to the market. Still, it is a strong indicator of the approach that South Korean technology may have towards this market niche.

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WhatsApp is free for everyone, how will you make money?

Since its launch, WhatsApp has had two different business models. That iOS and BlackBerry users would pay to use the application at the time of download or use the service free for a year and then had to pay $0.99 each year to seniors. How is WhatsApp going to make money from now on?

Now, WhatsApp has officially reported that the application will be free for everyone, forever, regardless of the platform and Whithout ads. Many people have been using WhatsApp for a few years and have never paid to use it, but many of us have paid. What will happen to all those who have paid to use WhatsApp? Well, they will have contributed but they will not receive any refund.

WhatsApp free forever: How are they going to make money?

WhatsApp will now be free for everyone as the current business model was not sustainable. Many people saw this payment method as unsustainable, since it was neither profitable nor guaranteed a progression in the benefits of the application. They will now focus on another different business model.

If you are one of the users who has paid to use WhatsApp for 5 years, I’m sorry, you will not get any type of refund. The problem now comes when we realize that WhatsApp has promised that it will offer the service for free without advertising and we think… after reaching one billion users? Are they still focused on attracting users or will they start thinking about money?

WhatsApp wants to make money with the application, don’t be confused

After eliminating payment to everyone, WhatsApp is now clear about its next step, a step that it has been doing for some time in the countries in which the smartphone penetration is very high. WhatsApp wants to make money from companies and organizations that use the platform to communicate with users (not through spam, let’s not get confused). In this lot we can include airlines, stores, restaurants and more.

In some countries, many companies send automated messages through SMS and emails. With this method they could send them directly through WhatsApp at a much lower cost and benefiting from everything that WhatsApp entails. Now, even though the idea of ​​WhatsApp is very good, they do not know if the idea is going to help them application becomes profitable.


This machine converts food waste into electricity

HORSE is a machine capable of converting food waste into electricity and fertilizers for the countryside.

Garbage can be divided into many sections for recycling. Paper and cardboard is one of the types of waste most likely to be recycled, as are plastics. However, what is usually described as organic waste is a large mixed bag that contains waste of very different kinds. A team from the company Impact Bioenergy has created a machine that would allow a new separation, all food scraps could be recycled in it.

The HORSE, as this machine has been called (an acronym that comes from the real name, High solids Organic waste Recycling System with Electric output), is capable of assimilating any type of food waste and, after a chemical process, return energy and liquid fertilizer for crops.

Its creators claim that it is capable of recycle up to 25 tons of waste per year, resulting in around 20,440 liters of liquid fertilizer and 37 MWh of energy. HORSE is intended for farmers, who sometimes dispose of large amounts of organic compounds, and for businesses in cities such as restaurants and even company buildings, hospitals, schools.

Any type of food residue can be placed in the machine, from meat to fish, through daily consumption products such as bread and continuing with fruit, vegetables or sugar. Small bones and thorns also fit in HORSE, as well as oil, the one that we never know where to throw. In short, the creators of the machine assure that you can throw anything you would feed a horse into it; Hence they have searched the name of the invention to find those acronyms.

Although HORSE also assimilates some materials that a horse may not eat, such as napkins, kitchen paper or eggshellswithout forgetting alcohol, which an equine will surely drink, another thing will be how it feels to him.

Impact Bioenergy has conceived its machine as a way to combat pollution and climate change and reduce the amount of garbage from a local point of view. The creators also tout saving money by using (or selling) the liquid fertilizer and the energy that is generated. For now, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the construction of the first non prototype models and put them into operation.

Images: Ben Kerckx and Kickstarter

instagram Ξ TREND

Instagram deletes accounts, many without being able to log in today

Instagram is implementing a zero policy regarding the classics fake accounts or even bot, from the English abbreviation of Robot, in jargon a program written to emulate human behavior and leave pre-determined comments or like and follow certain accounts.

Today starting at 2pm (Italian time) many users have found their main account blocked and the message that appears is the following:

“We have suspended your account on the following date: October 31, 2022“

According to what can be seen from the platform itself, the system bot which should automatically delete those profiles which in its opinion, through the use of a behavioral algorithm, violate the platform’s lines of conduct, has in fact examined accounts which do not ‘had nothing to do with being fraudulent in any way and decided to close such accounts.

The problem seems simple to solve: contact technical support and have the code sent to unlock your account; however, the system does not seem to recognize this code, effectively sending the user back to creating a new account, all from scratch, perhaps losing years of work on their community. Through your account Twitterthe company has communicated that it is aware of the problem and apologizes for the difficulties users are experiencing: the situation is under their supervision and they will let us know shortly the evolution of the story.

simulator Ξ TREND

Farming Simulator 14 becomes free for the first time in this franchise

In relation to a video game in which you want manage everything that comes with a farm, we have one of enormous quality like Hay Day. The Supercell game does a great job of putting you in front of the simulation of a business of this type, but we also have another one that we can say is more involved in you being the one in charge of plowing and harvesting the land with those big machines.

Farming Simulator is one of the best in this category, but it has always carried with it the payment of a certain amount of euros to be able to access your download, even having the option to make micropayments and take greater advantage in production from our farm. But this has changed from today when Farming Simulator 14 became free.

This franchise It has sold a lot on PC and on mobile devices they have also achieved theirs. Farming Simulator 14 and 16 included multiplayer mode, new vehicles and much more so you can know for yourself what it’s like to take one of those huge tractors and harvest your year’s harvest.

So from today you can buy Lamborghini tractors and all those elements common to a farm and that we have all, at some point, liked to get to know when we have been used to living in a city all our lives.

Farming Simulator 14 was at various times under a discount period, but now, much to our surprise, it has become free for the first time in this franchise on both Android and iOS. Nor would it surprise us if they get a large number of downloads, we would see Farming Simulator 16 switch to this mode so that we can all choose to plow our fields and get the greatest possible production from our farm.

metal play store store Ξ TREND

Another historic video game lands on the Play Store: here is Metal Slug 3

One of the most famous and played arcade games ever created by the minds of SNK PlayMore has officially arrived on the Play Store: let’s talk about Metal Slug 3which puts us in the shoes of one of the 4 historical characters (Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fio) in a war against the ruthless general Morden and a “tentacular” alien race.

The game is not a simple porting of the arcade version, in addition to the optimized controls in fact we will have the possibility to choose a new game mode called “Mission”, where we can decide which level to tackle individually. As icing on the cake it was added the ability to play with a friend via Bluetooth and to share scores and goals via OpenFeint.

The only sore point unfortunately is the price: Metal Slug 3 It is offered at a price of €5.49, perhaps slightly excessive. However, if I think about how much money I spent on tokens in the various bars, I gladly spend almost €6 (already spent!) to go back on the hunt for “Heavy Machine Gun” as soon as possible with my trusty (and tacky) Tarma .

We leave you with the download link on the Play Store: let us know if you have downloaded it and what you think in the comments, happy downloading!

android application development

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link



Supercomputing experts will advise application developers free of charge

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center coordinates the creation of a network of European experts in high performance computing, who will advise application developers.

He Barcelona Supercomputing Center (National Supercomputing Center) has promoted the creation of the POP Center of Excellence, an entity made up of European high performance computing experts, in which researchers from the British numerical services center NAG, the Aachen Technical University, the institutes Germans from Jülich and Stuttgart or the French numerical simulation center Ter@atec. This international consortium aims to offer the knowledge generated to application developers to improve their performance.

App developers who need to use high performance computing will be able to request free support from the POP Center of Excellence (Performance, Optimization and Productivity), which will advise them to analyze the performance of the applications. The new entity, coordinated from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, will be directed by Dr. Jesús Labarta, professor of computer architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and director of the computer science department at the BSC itself.

The initiative coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center has been supported by the European Commission. The EU, within the strategy of the new Horizon 2020 research framework programme, has promoted the creation of eight institutions of excellence in the field of high performance computingand one of them is precisely the POP Center.

The objective of the European Commission is to bring supercomputing to those app developers who may need it, and promote the use of these new technologies in the field of science and engineering. In addition to coordinating the new POP, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center also participates in entities such as ESiWACE (on meteorological and climate simulation) and the Energy Oriented Center of Excellence (research in new energies).

Other institutions related to high performance computing work in the field of molecular biology (BioExcel) and in the development of new materials (MAX and NOMAD), fields in which the Barcelona Supercomputing Center also offers its help. The application of supercomputing in the development of better apps is an example of how R&D&i can be transferred in the form of knowledge and technology to society. An example led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center that will help developers improve their applications.

Images | IBM Research (Flickr), Penalva (Wikimedia)


Next Clash of Clans update: Purchase loot, new bonuses and treasury

Maybe if you play on Android you don’t know Clash of Clans, one of those games that has millions of players and they enjoy it like crazy. The next update and first major update of 2016 is already being leaked through the Supercell forums by the game developers themselves. The new Clans of Clans update will bring new features for resources, above all, such as a new star bonus for each attack, the treasury to store resources in the clan castle and loot that you will receive every time you are attacked that will allow you to store also a little more resources.

After the large number of problems in the latest Clash of Clans update, players want to see how Supercell finally provides a remedy for everything that has happened. Since the last update of the game many users are complaining about the difficulty getting more resources and they look very stagnant.

Upcoming changes in the Clash of Clans update

The new Clash of Clans update still does not have a release date but the team has commented that it will release it as soon as possible, it will incorporate some new features such as:

  • New star bonus – When players manage to earn 5 stars in multiplayer attacks, they will earn a new daily bonus with some extra resources that did not exist until now and will help players collect more resources, something that was already anticipated after the problems of the last update.
  • Treasury – Now, in the clan castle, a new place will be enabled to store resources which they will call the Treasury. Everything stored in the treasury will have a very low chance of leaving your village. Both the daily bonus we talked about above and the war bonuses will be automatically stored in the treasury with a guardian who will ensure that only a small percentage of these resources can be looted.

The next Clash of Clans update will bring more resources to players

  • Purchase Loot – When your village is attacked, a percentage of the stolen resources will be stored in a new sales card that we still do not know what name it will have in Spanish (Loot Cart). The resources stored in this purchase loot can be transferred to the treasury for safekeeping.

Some of the words may not be the final ones chosen when the game is translated into Spanish but that is what we can interpret according to what seen on the Supercell forums. Are you already looking forward to the new 2016 update for Clash of Clans?

At the moment we are playing Clash Royale although it will soon be available for Android.


How to block a number or SMS on HOMTOM S7

Knowing how to block a number from receiving unwanted calls or spam text messages on your HOMTOM S7 is now essential. In fact, there are several reasons why we can block an unknown number, a text message or an unknown phone number. These reasons include solicitations, advertisements, but also constant unknown calls and, therefore, harassment. So this tutorial has been written so that you are not disturbed on your HOMTOM S7. Peace of mind! However, there are several techniques to block calls and text messages. So, the bottom line is that we are looking forward to it. In a second step, we will see how to block calls on your HOMTOM S7 using an application. Then we will see what is the technique to block SMS. At the end of this article, we will see how to block unknown numbers with a slightly different technique.

Block calls from a number using HOMTOM S7 contacts app

Assuming you no longer want to receive calls from a phone number you know, this methodology will work for you. This is because it is very easy to block a number on your HOMTOM S7 if you have the number to block. Below are the steps to block a number on your HOMTOM S7:

  • First, you will need to create a contact with the unwanted number.
  • Once there, make an appointment at your directory and find the contact card you just created and open it.
  • You just have to be more demanding with the help you give to other people. menu and check Add to blacklist.

Once this is done, calls from this phone number will be strictly blocked on your HOMTOM S7. It will be necessary to replicate the operation so that all numbers are blocked. Warning: It should be noted, however, that with this methodology, calls from the unwanted phone number are redirected to your voicemail. This means that it will always be possible for this number to leave you voice messages. If you want to block it completely, check out the second method.

Block a number on your HOMTOM S7 with a third-party application

If you want to block a number on your HOMTOM S7, know that there are some applications that can help you do so. These applications usually have several options to block unwanted calls and will be very efficient. Among all these call blocking apps, we can recommend you Blacklist which works very well. To use it, nothing more childish, you just have to download and run the application. In case you don’t know how to do it, you can read our tutorial to install an application on HOMTOM S7. Once the app is installed on the HOMTOM S7, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

How to Block SMS on HOMTOM S7

Absolutely nothing is more annoying than an annoying text message for the simple and good reason that we are forced to read it. If you no longer want to receive unwanted text messages on your HOMTOM S7, you will need to install an application to block them. This is because it is not possible to block the SMS you receive on your HOMTOM S7 without an application. Therefore, we suggest you install SMS blocker that works with a blacklist system. Spam is blocked and saved in a SPAM box. Therefore, you can search them whenever you want.

What to do to block unknown or anonymous calls on the HOMTOM S7

The procedure for blacklisting a contact does not work for unknown calls. You will still need to use an app if you want to block hidden calls on your HOMTOM S7. We have tested a versatile app for you that blocks unknown calls and texts: Blacklist. Once the installation is complete, you will have the option to choose to block unknown numbers in the settings. It is important to know that this solution will block all unknown calls and that some administrations sometimes use hidden numbers to call you. Therefore, these calls will be blocked directly. With this application, you will not need to change the number or reset the HOMTOM S7. Take it easy!

mars Ξ TREND

Perseverance turned carbon dioxide into oxygen on Mars

The Perseverance experiment produced 5 grams of oxygen, equivalent to about 10 minutes of breathable oxygen for an astronaut performing normal activity.

He Perseverance rover
from the United States Space Agency (NASA) keep making history.

An instrument attached to the six-wheeled explorer transformed carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into oxygen, the first time this has happened on another planet, NASA said Wednesday.

“This is a fundamental first step in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen on Mars”said Jim Reuter, associate administrator for NASA’s space technology mission directorate.

The demonstration took place on April 20 and subsequent versions of the experimental instrument used are expected to pave the way for human exploration in the future.

The process can not only produce oxygen so that breathe future astronautsbut also could prevent the transport of large amounts of oxygen from Earth to use as rocket propellant on the return trip.

The Mars Oxygen Utilization In Situ Experiment (MOXIE) is a golden box the size of a car battery and is located on the front right side of the rover.

Nicknamed the “mechanical tree,” it uses electricity and chemistry to split carbon dioxide molecules, which are made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.

It also produces carbon monoxide as a byproduct.

In its first run, MOXIE produced 5 grams of oxygen, equivalent to about 10 minutes of breathable oxygen for an astronaut carrying out normal activity.

MOXIE engineers – designed to generate up to 10 grams of oxygen per hour – They will now carry out more tests and try to increase their performance.

Designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MOXIE was built with heat-resistant materials, such as nickel alloy, to tolerate the temperatures of 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit (800 Celsius) required for operation.

A thin layer of gold ensures that do not radiate heat and damage the rover.

MIT engineer Michael Hecht said a one-ton version of MOXIE could produce the approximately 55,000 pounds (25 tons) of oxygen needed for a rocket to take off from Mars.

Produce oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars, which is 96% carbon dioxide, It might be a more feasible option than doing so by extracting ice from below its surface and then electrolyzing it.

Perseverance landed on the red planet on February 18 on a mission to search for signs of microbial life.

Its Ingenuity mini helicopter made history this week by achieving the first flight on another planet.

The rover itselfdirectly rabbed the sounds of Mars for the first time.