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Red Dead Redemption Preview

It’s been five years since Red Dead Revolver and so it’s a really long time for a sequel. Is called Red Dead Redemption and is currently under development by Rockstar San Diego (the people responsible for Midnight Club, Table Tennis and Midtown Madness). After the announcement that we had already proposed to you, let’s move on to a slightly more accurate analysis of this title.

Redemption takes note 50 years after the events of Revolver, right at the turn of the twentieth century. The story focuses on John Marston, a reformed criminal, forced to submit to the will of the Bureau of Investigation, due to a deadly ultimatum. Rockstar Games still wanted to remain very vague on the details of the plot, but we know that Marston’s adventures will take him to 3 different game areas: the frontier, Great Plains and south of the Mexican borders. The developers have always wanted to return to the Wild West and Redemption is as ambitious as any GTA, but with an even bigger world than we’ve ever seen in any other Rockstar game.

A demonstration of the game began as you might expect from a normal Western set: dirt, bushes, distant monoliths, and suspicious cowboys wandering around a ghost town. It seems that a friend of Marston, Bonnie, has been captured by the outlaw gods and that, to free him, he must bring the sheriff and his prisoner to them. Unfortunately, the exchange doesn’t go as planned and Marston and his crew will have to fight their way through the bullets to free Bonnie. Fortunately you will be properly armed, with six-shooters, rifles, carbines, knives, axes, machine guns and TNT.

Fans of the previous chapter will be very happy with the return of Dead Eye. This kind of bullet time it will allow you to properly aim at any enemy whether you are on the ground or mounted. Furthermore, when you have the gun, you will be able to aim multiple enemies at a time. As for energy, Redemption implements a automatic regeneration system, so all you have to do is hide behind something and wait a few seconds to heal your wounds. We know that the cover system it will be very similar to that of GTA and the environment will offer various types of cover such as rocks, vegetation and even carcasses.

Although you will be able to cover considerable distances with carriages and trains, riding a horse will be a fundamental part of the game. Each horse will have different abilities; for example, if you decide to steal it from a city, it will be in good condition, but you can also choose to take a wild stallion and train it yourself. No game set in desert areas can be such without it wild animals and Redemption features lots of hares to shoot. Furthermore, an “ecology” system will ensure meetings of snakes, armadillos, cougars, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, buzzards and really bears.

In addition to the many animals, we know that there will be some special events during the adventure. For example, you might find a woman in trouble with a broken stagecoach. But in reality she will be nothing more than a ‘ambush with several bandits hiding behind the carriage. Or, you might find a man struggling with a pack of coyotes: you can decide to help him, but with the high risk that the animals will take it out on you. These events will happen randomly throughout the game and they won’t all be dangerous: expect to be able to share a campfire and food with a few pilgrims. If you’re interested in “human” company, you’ll be happy to know that Redemption also implements a multiplayer modebut its details have not yet been revealed.

You can dealing with merchants in town, buying or selling a good variety of objects ranging from general supplies to even animal skins that you have collected. During the day you might come across a abandoned saloon, which will fill with people in the evening, after citizens have left work. When the sun is up, however, they will return to their interests and you can watch them go about their business if you like.
In the city, you will have the opportunity to have fun with several minigames and spend your money at poker. In one of these minigames, you’ll see Marston test his reflexes in the classic game of knife between the fingers. You will use A and B to hit with the knife and each round will be successively faster and more difficult, which could result in painful injuries.
As in all games with such an open world from Rockstar Games, Marston may disrupt city life, but we know that there will be a rigid system of lawto stop every “criminal”.

In the same demonstration above, we could see Marston travel south, to offer his services to the Mexican Army, who called him to protect a freight train. Riding alongside the train, the objective is to eliminate the rebels and defend the train. You can jump from your horse to the moving train (and vice versa) and even grab other horses during the action. The scenario of the south is splendid, with rivers, palm trees, mountain ridges, deep gorges and enormous valleys that prove the strength of theRage engine, used for this title. The view of the distances is particularly interesting, starting with huge valleys and ending with majestic mountain ranges. The world will also be enriched with forests, rivers, plains, living cities, small outposts, Indian reservations and possibly even some snow. Not to mention that there will also be a dynamic climate system and a night\day cycle.

The game will also use a advanced physics enginea hybrid between Rage and NaturalMotion Euphoria, which will be applied to Marston, the NPCs and also the animals, to make them look more real. Anyone who has played GTA will also be familiar with the energy map in the bottom left corner of the screen. Obviously, it will be complemented by an energy bar for the horse too. As for the sound, it is promised that the audio will be as realistic as the graphics and the effects will adorn the environments to offer complete immersion in the game.
As for the release date, it’s still early. Red Dead Redemption will be available on Xbox 360 And PS3 In the 2010.

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The Last Faith – Review of the “Bloodborne wannabe”

The Last Faithdeveloped by Kumi Souls Games with heavy Kickstarter funding, promised to be “Bloodborne in 2D” clearly with the pixel art style. The game had a fairly slow gestation, partly due to Covid-19, and partly due to an explosion of requests, thanks to a large, very aggressive marketing campaign. Let’s do our examination in this review of The Last Faith.

Common destiny

The Last Faith examines the story of a named character Eric: the latter lives in a Victorian world with a heavy Gothic influence, where the world is struck by the “usual story” of the deadly miasma that has reduced the human race to a small group. Eric himself is affected by this disease, given by the blood (and here the references to Bloodborne are already prominent): the point is that in Eric’s case, this disease gave him even one extraordinary strength And superhuman reflexes.

Our hero chooses to free himself from the chains of oppression and, with a spirit of vengeance, go on a crusade against the forces that grip the world. On his journey he will meet various allies and enemiesmostly monsters that will try to take his head off, but apart from all this our hero will behave like a true gentlemansaving young damsels and scientists themselves looking for a cure.

Make no mistake: the history of The Last Faith is enough derivativeand even the progression of how information is discovered is, so you’ll have throughout the campaign a sort of déjà vu continuous, which for some will not hurt, while it could lead others to divert their attention.

Kill or be killed

From a gameplay perspective, The Last Faith is a metroidvania in 2D with strong influences and styles coming from the soulslike world, obviously in particular Bloodborne. On a practical level we will have a rapid dodge on our side, both forwards and backwards, capable of saving our skin in the most difficult moments. In terms of attacks, we will be able to hit enemies with different ones combosin addition to the classic charged shotcombined with a special shot which will consume the “mana” of the turn, which can be regenerated by hitting enemies or near them Altars of the game.

The latter will be the equivalent of the Bonfires or Lanterns of Bloodborne, although to increase the level we will have to return to the main hub which in this case is one eighteenth-century villa which contains within it all the NPCs that we will save, and a butler (useless, but it makes sense). Kimi Souls Games has cleverly included a rapid teleportation at every Altaralthough we find it absurd that to do the next level which consists of increasing one or more points in the main characteristics, we will have to exit the villa and find one woman in carriage.

This is also similar in everything, even in the dress, to the Bloodborne doll, and its task will be to allow the progression of our bold Eric, who will not change his style in aesthetic terms, but only his power. Exist different weapons: we move on from swordsto the daggersat axes it’s at immense greatswords. The style you want to apply will be yours, in this the game does not limit you, although there is a strong component of consumables which if used properly (bombs, elemental upgrades to weapons etc) will make you very powerful at the moment.

It is possible to equip two weapons at a time, but in the end you will mostly use one of your choice, which you will probably become more fond of than others. The bossfights are different and undoubtedly interestingwhile in some cases frustrating, because the game aims to create different phases for each boss, and in most cases it will be a “try, die and learn”. This is all good, but when it turns out that the third phase comes when you’ve already run out of resources, it can become complex to digest.

The ultimate fate… hopefully

The Last Faith it’s something that “could be” but what “has not been”: one broken promise in banality. Presented with the highest quality standards, which then did not materialize, in terms of graphic style the game is mediocre – although it has some interesting ideas such as the well-made films that wink at the style of Blasphemous – and a sound section that doesn’t leave an impression at all, on the contrary, it is sometimes annoying.

Eric is a hero for which you can’t feel empathyand they don’t matter quicktime events that happen in the game, with a good component of violence, which however they do not generate pathos. The classic souls stylistic features recur in the game, with walls that hide treasures, death that requires the recovery of the “souls” obtained by fighting, and so on. Nothing new in short, and although there was no intention to innovate, at least the team could have inserted its own trademark, but unfortunately this was not done.

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Elden Ring: leak reveals the DLC launch window?

A leak of Elden Ring suggests that its future expansion, Shadow of the Erdtreecould arrive in February 2024.

Not much is known about the highly anticipated Elden Ring DLC, other than what it will include new characters and bossfightsas confirmed by FromSoftware.

Many fans were disappointed that FromSoftware did not show previously unreleased Shadow of the Erdtree content during the The Game Awards of this year.

The absence of the DLC during the event, according to some users, would confirm the fact that the production of the project has suffered some setbacks.

The silence of the studio at the awards ceremony could therefore disavow the previous rumors that saw Shadow of the Erdtree be released on the second anniversary of Elden Ring. A new leak, however, suggests this it could still happen.

A Reddit user, that is ChiefLeef22noticed an interesting detail on a Elden Ring themed controller. The description of the controller in question, branded Thrustmaster, states that it will be possible to use it on the occasion of the release of Shadow of the Erdtree is that will be available in February 2024.

Following that announcement it has been removedwhich has led some fans to speculate that this information may be true.

The product page also contained a section dedicated to future controllers, also by Thutmaster. In that section, a caption informed buyers that a new expansion of the game it would arrive in 2025.

This seems to suggest that not only could Shadow of the Erdtree be released in February 2024, but the following year a second Elden Ring expansion could be coming,

In any case, what you have read so far is the result of speculation and rumors not confirmed by official sources and, therefore, we invite you to take this information with a pinch of salt.

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Download WhatsApp 2.12.560 and activate quick response

If you are one of those who likes to have the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, you should know that you can now activate quick response in WhatsApp if you get version 2.12.560 by WhatsApp. The APK of this latest version allows you to have this feature before anyone else on your mobile.

Among the new features of the latest update, this is the most notable and at first it was thought that this WhatsApp feature would be reduced to Android N but in the end the developers have decided to bring this new feature to Android in the latest beta of WhatsApp. Now, the fact that WhatsApp allows quick response in the beta does not mean that we are going to see it so soon in the final version of the application where we know that some features disappear or arrive later than normal.

Activate WhatsApp quick response on Android

If you have already downloaded this new version of WhatsApp, you may have checked how WhatsApp’s quick response works. When you receive a WhatsApp message on the notification center The option that says “Reply” or “Respond” is displayed. When you click on this option, a floating window opens in which you can reply to the message without entering the WhatsApp application.

This new window, which until now was unusual, opens in the center of the screen and although it seems horrible to me, it serves to respond using a text with the drop-down keyboard that will open and can also be used to respond using a voice note. If, on the other hand, the message is long, you can press the “View” option to open the conversation.

You should know that when you write in the quick whatsapp response The user in question that you are talking to will see the status “Writing…” on their mobile phone and not the Online status or the absence of connection. Now, if you want WhatsApp users not to see you online, here is a trick.

It has become clear that the function is in the testing phase since some texts such as the “Reply” option have not yet been translated into Spanish. Now, it will surely arrive in the official version but it doesn’t have to be in the next one. At the moment the only way is to download the WhatsApp APK 2.12.560. You don’t have to activate anything, once you have this version you will automatically see the Reply option o Reply, if translated, on each notification.

Discharge | WhatsApp 2.12.560 APK

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Pokémon Black and White, here is the (unofficial) remake in Unreal Engine

ArcSin Jesse has released a demo of the unofficial remake of Pokémon Black and White.

The demo in question, made in Unreal Engine 5drops the player into the Palace of Nwhich is the headquarters of Team Plasma in Pokémon Black and White.

This demo is in all respects a taste of what a modern remake of this specific video game could look like. Made by just one personthe demo has functioning game mechanics and it will be possible to find different Pokemon and engage in battles with them.

As we know, Nintendo she’s not very open to this kind of amateur project that use their intellectual properties, just look at the sad fate of the PC porting of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX.

Given the high risk that this project may be removed by Nintendo in the next few hours, if you are interested in playing the demo in question we recommend you download it as soon as possible via the following link.

In addition to this demo set in the Pokémon Black and White region, another demo is available, which also uses the Unreal Engine 5 engine, set in the Pokémon Black and White region. Sinnoh present in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Although they are small projects, they demonstrate the potential of Unreal Engine 5 and the Pokémon franchise, which in recent years It has suffered several criticisms due to its less than exciting graphicsor.

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Breakthrough ideas for the Internet of Things

Telefónica I+D and LABoral present Next Things 2016 – Visible, a scholarship program through which scholarship recipients will be able to materialize their innovative, multidisciplinary and ground breaking ideas.

The scholarship program Next Things – Visibleconsolidates its fifth consecutive year as a global art and technology challengewhose objective is for the scholarship holders to materialize their idea, within the context of Internet of Things. Innovative, multidisciplinary and groundbreaking ideas will be the undisputed protagonists.

The artistic and research projects that have the possibility of being presented are all those that deal with conflicts between network freedom and the user privacy. The objective is to know how artists represent the role of technology within this field and reflect on its impact on our society.

Any student, worker or hobbyist who masters the fusion between art and technology, and who has the material capabilities to build the project on their own, is qualified to be one of the lucky ones to benefit from the scholarship. Next Things. Furthermore, it will be beneficial for him to master platforms of Open Hardwareas Arduino.

Once the project has been presented, the jury will assess which of them are selected to be manufactured, reproduced and used by other people. Finally, the winner will be able to enjoy a six month scholarship, spending three of them in Laborand the other three in Telefónica R&D. Additionally, the artist will receive 12,000 euros gross as fees, and two thousand more for travel, accommodation and diets.

If you are interested in participating, you can do so until April 12 through this web platform.

In the previous edition, Next Thinks 2015 – Conductlarge projects were carried out related to ideas and techniques that involved data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning, group behavior, wearables and biometric data.

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ExoMars: Europe and Russia’s plan to search for life on Mars

The launch of ExoMars 2016 represents a new challenge for European and Russian space exploration. This is how ESA and Rocosmos want to reach Mars.

Just a few days ago, the European Space Agency and its Russian counterpart, Rocosmos, were facing one of their biggest challenges in space exploration: reaching Mars. The two entities have promoted the mission ExoMars with the aim of conquering the red planet through two ambitious objectives. On the one hand, experts want to clear up the mystery of methane on Mars and, on the other, determine whether or not life exists on that world.

The launch of the ExoMars probe from the Baikonur Cosmodrome symbolizes the start of a key initiative. The spacecraft will travel over the next seven months covering the 500 million kilometers that separate Earth from the red planet. Once you get there in mid October, the instrument Trace Gas Orbiter will separate and begin to map the gases in the Martian atmosphere. Its main purpose will be to determine the origin of the methane In mars.

Where does methane come from?

Over the last few years, different missions have found evidence of this gas on the red planet. On Earth, methane is 90% produced by living organisms. In other words, this compound can serve as a “clue” to the existence of biological activity. Does this mean that we will finally discover living beings outside of Earth?

ExoMars 2016 aims precisely to answer this question, to find out if the gas is the product of organisms that lived in the past or currently live on the red planet. However, specialists also warn that the compound may have its origin in chemical and geological processes such as the oxidation of iron, the transformation of olivine into serpentine or the eruption of active volcanoes.

Another of the great challenges of ExoMars will be carried out by the probe Schiaparelli. In mid October, ESA and Rocosmos will carry out their first maneuvers to enter the atmosphere and descend to the Martian surface, something that, for the moment, only the United States has achieved. If everything goes as planned, the rover would reach the ground of the red planet on October 19.

The objective of this second ExoMars mission is to demonstrate the Russian and European capabilities of reaching Mars. But Schiaparelli will have a short life, since it does not have additional batteries or possibilities to recharge. If this challenge is overcome, the way would be paved for the arrival of ExoMars 2018. This robot, which has Spanish technology, intends to continue exploring the red planet to find, if there is, life on Mars.

Images | ESA/ATG medialab, ESA – B. Bethge

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Some essential applications for your Android mobile

Leaving aside Whatsapp, Instagram, Dropbox and the rest of the essential applications that we should all already have installed on our smartphone, there are many others that are really useful. We tell you some of the most interesting ones for Android phones.

The Android application market evolves at great speed, so users are almost forced to renew their favorite apps all the time. Although the most famous ones, such as Twitter, Whatsapp or Facebook, do not need advertising, there are many others that remain hidden, waiting for a consumer to find them and squeeze their full potential.

We have selected a small list of applications that we believe will change your life, once you try them and get used to them. Are you willing to download them all?


Macrodroid is based on process automation, with the aim of making life easier for the user. Of course, with one of the most intuitive interfaces we can find.

With this wonder, we can configure our phone to do almost anything, under the conditions we want. For example, we could configure the phone’s flashlight to turn on or off every time we shake the phone.

The triggers are endless. We can choose what we want to happen when a certain time arrives, when we are in a specific location, or even every time we turn on our device.


Timely completely eliminates the alarm that is installed by default on your phone, and replaces it with a much more intuitive, complete and, why not say it, beautiful one.

We can configure different alarms much more quickly and easily, adapt our alarm so that it wakes us up little by little, instead of abruptly, or choose the one in which we have to solve a challenge (a small arithmetic operation or a puzzle) so that the alarm stopped ringing. This way we ensure that by the time the sound stops, we are fully awake.

It is worth giving it a chance, if only for its spectacular design.


If you need help organizing your tasks, your ideas, and your life in general, Mindly will become your best friend.

The application is based on creating ideas or reminders, organized by themes in categories and subcategories. Its design is reminiscent of a neural plan of a brain, and makes it one of the most intuitive applications on the list.


Hooks completely transforms the way you receive notifications that come by default on your mobile phone. It is fully customizable, and goes beyond the typical ‘new email’ or ‘someone has commented on your Facebook photo’ notifications.

With Hooks, we can receive alerts if it is going to rain the next day, if a new episode of our favorite series is released, or even know the result of a match as soon as it ends. And this is just an example, since in its menu we can configure a multitude of things, from news to events.

Unified Remote

How Unified Remote works is simple, at least in theory. This application serves to convert our phone screen into a touch pad through which we can control our computer screen.

It may seem that this functionality is not surprising, and perhaps so. The main reason why Unified Remote has made it into the selection is that it has made it possible for us to move our mouse pointer at real speed, with a fluidity far superior to other applications.

But it also has other functionalities, such as turning the PowerPoint slides by touching the screen or managing the files on our computer, among others.

Omni Swipe

This is considered one of the best applications for navigation and configuring settings for the Android operating system. Omni Swipe gives us the possibility of configuring our favorite applications, and accessing them through a very intuitive menu, which we can place and display from any corner of our smartphone screen.

In addition, by default, it allows you to change settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or turn the phone’s flashlight on and off. All with a very nice design, and completely customizable for each user.


Fans of photo retouching can be in luck. Snapseed is probably the most powerful application in this field, since the range of editing options it contains is one of the most complete on the market.

More than 10 different editing tools, and as many filters to select from, which are in turn divided into a multitude of approaches, calibrations and tones. It has such professional things as the possibility of choosing a certain color within an image, and changing only its characteristics.


Drupe’s operation is based on the management of our contacts. The application adds a small icon to our home screen, which we can slide to access the information.

On the left side of the screen, a list of our favorite contacts will appear, something that many other contact managers already have. The novelty is that Drupe has a great functionality: if we drag any of these contacts to the icons that appear on the right side of the screen, we can instantly access the WhatsApp conversation with that contact, their Twitter profile, or even to our email management app, to send you an email.


The last application on the list is one of the most important in terms of cybersecurity for our smartphone. It is an app created by Eleven Paths, Telefónica’s security company.

Latch adds a second level of security to all our applications. The application asks us for a second authentication, after adding the usual password that most apps request.

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Windows 10 and 11: users report failures of the new update

Some users who installed the February 2024 update, both for Windows 10 and Windows 11, have pointed out on Reddit that the operating system is experiencing errors when running, especially in the taskbar and file explorer.

Recently, Windows announced the arrival of a new version of Windows 11, its most recent version of the operating system that brought big changes, such as the implementation of artificial intelligence in some functions and as a virtual assistant.

However, some users who installed the February 2024 update for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have pointed out on Reddit that The operating system is failing to run, especially in the taskbar and file explorer.

Specifically, the versions that are experiencing errors are KB5034763 for Windows 10 and KB5034765 for Windows 11.

One of the biggest problems was that some users were not allowed to enter the security PIN to log in, which prevented them from accessing the system and therefore using the computer. At the same time, other users indicated that some icons did not appear in the toolbar, such as WiFi, sound and Bluetooth, so they could only access them using keyboard commands.

Regarding File Explorer, users reported that the system showed them a message error related to system memory that they couldn’t fix.

In these situations, Microsoft is already working on fixing the bugs, It is important to remember that every time a launch is made, errors may occur.

At the moment, the only thing you can do, if it fails, is uninstall the most recent version of Windows and restart the computer. This in order for it to function normally again.

How to know if your computer is compatible with the Windows 11 version?

The main requirement that your computer must have is that it has the Windows 10 version. After verifying that, you will need to check that the device has 1 gigahertz or two or more cores on a 64-bit processor.

You must also have gigabyte RAM, 64GB or more storage, UEFI system firmware that supports secure boot, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, a DirectX 12 or later compatible graphics card with WDDM 2.0 driver and a 720p or more 9-inch diagonal high-definition display.

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Jonathan Majors, the Kang of the MCU, found guilty

Some news arrives when you are at the peak of your career and makes more noise than others: Jonathan Majors, the Kang of the MCU, was found guilty of the crimes ascribed to him. The New York jury found him guilty of having actually attacked his ex-girlfriend while they were in the back of a car.

Previously Majors had already been charged with misdemeanorssuch as aggression and harassment always to the detriment of women but this had not so far jeopardized his rise to Kang and the new face of the most dangerous enemy of this Marvel saga of the MCU.

The actor has been found guilty of two charges, while he was found not guilty of a third in Manhattan court, where six people judged him. Majors’ behavior was exemplary during the reading of the verdict, with a few downcast glances and a strong tightening of the lips.

No comment from his lawyeralthough there was a statement from the ex-girlfriend, Jabbari who described Majors as violent and having sudden strong outbursts of anger, to the point that even the district attorney Kelli Galaway, while giving her speech, explained that the woman had changed her behavior in the presence of Majors to avoid encountering the man’s angry outbursts.

Disney removed Majors’ future work entirely and in fact we expect a change of actor for his character Kang.

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False content labels: Threads’ new bet to combat misinformation

Currently, Threads users are starting to see these labels, which indicate false information similar to that already reviewed in other posts on the platform.

Threads took an important step towards combating misinformation by introducing content verification labels on posts identified as carrying false information. These labels, the product of review carried out by independent data verification organizations, They aim to alert users about the lack of credibility of certain information shared on the platform.

Although Meta, the company behind Threads, already had an information verification system through independent verifiers for other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the full implementation of Threads’ own verification system is still in progress. In December of last year, Meta announced its intention to expand this mechanism to Threads, promising an exclusive system aimed at detecting false information and promoting truthful content.

At the moment, Threads users are starting to see these labels, which indicate false information similar to that already reviewed in other posts on the platform. These actions align with reviews carried out by independent organizations such as Open and Facta, which examine and flag incorrect information, providing links to verification sources for greater transparency.

However, the independent verification system planned for Threads faces challenges. For example, SamaGame has noted that links to verification sources are only accessible on mobile devices. Besides, Although posts marked as false are hidden, users have the option to “View Post” to access the content. Although progress has been made, there are still areas for improvement to make data verification in Threads fully effective and reliable.

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OnePlus One Can be ordered on November 17 without an invitation

At the end of last month, the OnePlus One could be ordered without an invite for an hour. However, OnePlus’ servers were not prepared for the large number of visitors, making the pre-order page inaccessible for many people. OnePlus will make another attempt on November 17.

OnePlus has announced that the servers have received an upgrade and that they are prepared for the new pre-order round on November 17. At 5:00 PM Dutch time, anyone can place a pre-order for the OnePlus One without an invite. After completing the pre-order form, you will be shown when you can expect your copy. If you receive an invite while waiting, you can use it to have your pre-order sent directly to you.

People who would like to buy the OnePlus One can now enter all their details on the pre-order page. All you have to do is click on the submit button on November 17.

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Google Play Music gets a complete context-based revamp

Google Assistant uses some very striking facets, such as this very curious and special one, but there is one that stands out above all, and that is the ability it has to understand the context of the questions. This means that if you ask him “What is the capital of Spain?”, he will answer with Madrid, so that when you ask “And its population?”, he will understand that the question is related to Spain. This allows for a more natural relationship with a wizard that aims to be more like a person than what it ultimately is, a limited amount of code.

The context will also be the axis for some of its best applications, as is the case with a renewed Google Play Music that will have “intelligent understanding” as a special function. It will have the use of “machine learning” and clues such as location, activity and time, so that the app recommend certain playlists that are capable of fitting the emotional or sensitive needs of the user.

The context as the central axis

Elias Roman, lead product manager for Google Play Music, explains it this way:

Google’s mission is to make the world of information is accessible and useful to people. There is a role for Google to play music in a similar way.

If Google Now manages to warn or recommend the user to leave the airport to avoid traffic at an exit, Play Music will work in such a context-focused way. This will mean that every time you open the app, the main screen will be made up of a new selection and dedicated for that special moment. This means that if you open the app when it is a Saturday night, you will find playlists that are more appropriate for that time. This totally changes when you are at home on a Sunday night to find some more related things for a relaxing moment.

It must be said that “machine learning” uses the use you give to the application. The more you use it, the more it will be able to get closer to your tastes and recommend certain lists in those special moments. Google Play Music relegates a series of data sets that are related to the Google account: from what can be search history, Maps, YouTube and more.

Comparing this feature on Spotify

To better understand what the difference between an app that relies on context and one that sets weekly playlists can mean, we can look at Spotify. An app that is used to discover new songs and artists, but every Monday and Friday morning they “hang” a static list that will not change in seven days. This app also has lists for different moments or states, but it will not be updated as much as Play Music can do, which will “capture” what circumstances and moment you are in to show you those songs that could be very useful for you.

The reason why Play Music can become one that is attentive to the user is because the team that is developing it comes from Songza, a startup from New York, which was in charge of creating playlists that fit into an activity or emotional state. The only thing in that app was that users needed to tell it what moment they were at. Here, in Play Music, this contextual information is taken from the Google account, which in itself provides very special data to form those topics to recommend.

The big G has a big advantage here, since all those data collected daily from users They will help you provide the best musical recommendations. A quick example is when you get off on the bus on a Monday after the weekend at 8:00 in the morning, the rain falls and you find yourself in a cold November. With these many variables, Play Music will recommend music that is perfect for you without you having to think much.

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These are the best applications and video games of 2020, according to Google

Google Play shared the 43 applications and games that were successful during 2020 and that were selected in different categories taking into account the number of downloads and user ratings.

Regarding the fact that the year 2020 is about to endGoogle Play announced the best applications and video games of this year.

Is about 43 apps and games that were successful during the year and were selected in different categories considering the number of downloads and user ratings. Furthermore, they highlighted the app and game of the year.

The application ‘Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax’ is the most important of the year and takes the award of the best of 2020. It is an application that allows you to perform relationship exercises, tells stories and sounds that will help people achieve To fall asleep.

Additionally, Google noted that ‘Zoom’, ‘Whisk: Recipe Saver, Meal Planner & Grocery List’, ‘The Pattern’, ‘Calmaria’among others, are the best applications for everyday life.

Among the best for the cpersonal remembrance they find each other ‘Intellect: Create a Better You’, ‘Centr, by Chris Hemsworth’ ‘Jumprope: How-to Videos’, among other. To have fun, ‘Disney +’, ‘Bazaart: Photo Editor and Graphic Design’, ‘VITA’, These are some of the ones that stand out the most.

Also, they announced the applications called ‘the hidden gems’among which stand out ‘Cappucciono’, ‘Explorest- Photo Locations’, Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relaxand many more.

For your part‘Genshin Impact’ is declared as the best game of 2020. It stands out for being an open world adventure video game that has achieved captivate thousands of players.

If you want to know all the categories of the best applications and juices of 2020, according to Google, go here.

fantasy final fantasy remake Ξ TREND

When will the third part of Final Fantasy VII Remake arrive?

We are just over a week away from launching Final Fantasy VII Rebirthvideo game that establishes the second part of remakes or reboots that the franchise of square enix, and with that comes the question of whether we will see the game in a short time or if it will take a long time as it did with the previous one. And it seems that the people who work at this company already have some kind of answer that may disappoint fans and not surprise those who already know about these releases.

According to comments by the director of this second installment in particular, Naoki Hamaguchi, It seems that there will be a fairly long wait, which may even take us to the next generation of consoles, since it would take more or less another four years to see the outcome of the story of Cloud and his friends. This is something we’ve already gone through, given that the first remake was released in March of 2020 and now Rebirth arrives in February 2024practically stepping one day before March.

In his statements he mentions that they have been working on the script for the next game as soon as Rebirth It has been put in gold phase, so it is the same status as with the previous delivery. So, that would imply two paths: that it arrives during the last phase of life of PS5 or PS6 It is already in circulation but it is an intergenerational version to keep the public hooked on this new game.

Here what was mentioned:

Of course I can’t say exactly what stage we are at, but we have already made progress on the script and are thinking about certain developments.

When we reached the end of Remake’s development, we started talking about the sequel with writer Nojima-san, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the same situation today.

With this in mind, we may see Final Fantasy VII Remake 3 until the 2028or in this case, if the world that we will experience in Rebirth, it is possible that it will not take that long and will only add new scenarios such as the northern crater of the final battle and little else. And it is a great coincidence that in the 2027 It is 30 years since the original release, being the perfect anniversary window for this game to be released.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth the is launched February 29 for PS5.

Via: Metro UK

Editor’s note: It is a fact that for now thinking about the next video game is too early, so we will have to wait a few years to have the outcome. It is possible that we will not have the first trailer until 2026, as happened with Rebirth.


Nada Telephone (1) will arrive in the United States in an unprecedented way Bruno Coelho January 11, 2023

The phone from nowhere (1) was officially presented in July 2022. But while it was immediately available in Europe and other markets, this was not the case in the United States.

Carl Pei, CEO and founder of Nothing, assured fans that a US release was in the works. And it seems that it will finally come to fruition. But it will be done in an unprecedented way.

Nada Telephone (1) arrives in the United States through a membership program for $300

According to the brand, the smartphone will be available in the United States through a Beta membership program. To participate, those interested must pay an amount of $300.

By joining this program, users not only become members but also receive a Nothing Phone (1) for testing. And with this price below the market value of the smartphone, there seem to be no conditions.

Members will receive the basic black version of the smartphone, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. And the main objective will be to get members to try Nothing OS 1.5 Based on Android 13.

In its statement, Nothing warns that the smartphone may not work correctly on all operators. For example, for now only T-Mobile customers will have access to 5G on their smartphones.

In the case of AT&T and Verizon, users will only have guaranteed coverage up to 4G. But nothing warns that, in the case of this last operator, it will continue to be very limited. Carl Pei promises that things are being negotiated.

Smartphones will not need to be returned after the program ends.

This beta membership program will be valid until June 30, 2023. And the guarantee is that smartphones Members will not have to return them.

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android htc sense Ξ TREND

How to turn your Android into an HTC by installing HTC Sense 7 and all native HTC apps

In the following post helped by a video in which I show you how to turn your Android into an HTC, installing HTC Sense 7 and all native HTC appsincluding the camera application, HTC’s spectacular camera application and other interesting applications such as the integrated Feeds reader blinkfeed fully functional and ready to merge with all your social networks as well as music, gallery, sensational Clock WidgetHTC email, clock, calendar, file explorer, the HTC image editor which is truly amazing or even the HTC keyboard or the attractive HTC weather application.

The best thing about being able to turn your Android into an HTC is that We will be able to do it without having to have a Modified Recovery and not even want to be Root users.. So now you know, if you want to be able to enjoy the user interface of the Taiwanese multinational HTC terminals, I advise you to take a look at the attached video that I have left at the head of this article, as well as click on “Continue Reading this post” to access the direct download of all the apk necessary to achieve it.

How to turn your Android into an HTC, installing HTC Sense and all native HTC apps

The first thing we are going to have to do, before even starting to download all the apk files necessary to achieve this, which are quite a few, is to go to the settings of our Android terminal and in the Securityenable the option that allows us to install apps from unknown sources or applications from unknown sources.

Once this is done we will be able to install one by one all the necessary apk to obtain turn our Android into an HTC with the HTC Sense 7 user interface, Blinkfeed and all native HTC appsincluding its music app, gallery and photo camera as well as all the wonderful and well-crafted desktop Widgets that the multinational’s terminals usually boast of, which has been going through serious economic problems for some time now.

The HTC applications and services that we will be able to download and install on our Android terminal are the following: (TO DOWNLOAD THE APK CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE APPLICATION)

  • HTC Sense 7 Launcher with fully functional Blinkfeed. To download the high resolution version click here or to download the normal version click here
  • Web navigator
  • HTC Calendar.
  • File Browser.
  • Gallery
  • HTC keyboard.
  • HTC Location Services
  • HTC Mail
  • HTC Music and HTC Music Widget
  • HTC Notes App
  • HTC Service Pack
  • HTC Video Player
  • HTC Wheatherclock Widget
  • Location Picker
  • MyHTC
  • Wheather
  • WorldClock.

In addition to this, if we want synchronize our social networks through Blinkfeedyou will also have to download the following plugins in apk format that are installed in exactly the same way:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Linkedin.
  • Google Plus.
  • Instagram.

In addition to all this, as you may have noticed, the HTC camera application is not added in this pack prepared by XDA developersso I had to search for life and on the Internet I found this version of the HTC camera in apk format, which works perfectly on my Android.

HTC Sense 7 photo gallery and all HTC apps

control root samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

How to control and modify the button lighting of your Samsung Galaxy S7, valid for all Galaxy and without Root

In this new video tutorial, if you can call it that given its extreme ease, today I am going to show you a kind of Android trick with which you will be able to control and modify the lighting of the buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Well, actually This should work on all Samsung terminal modelsWhat’s more, I can especially attest to how well it works on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, so naturally it makes me think that it will be fully functional for all terminal models of the large Korean multinational. So if you decide to try this method to control the lighting time of the buttons on your Samsung, please we would ask you to leave us your comment here on Androidsis or on the Androidsis video channel, in which you tell us if Has it worked for you or not and on the Samsung terminal model that you have tried it.

Well, as I have already announced at the beginning of this post, and I say post since I do not dare to call it a tutorial, not even a basic Android tutorial, this be able to control and modify the lighting of the buttons of our Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5 and etc., we are going to achieve it with the simple download and installation of a completely free application for Android, designed especially for these Samsung terminals, which we will be able to download directly from Google’s own Play Store, the official application store for Android. Right at the end of this post I leave you a direct link to download the app from Google Play itself.

Yes, I also tell you that this application is valid for any Samsung terminal and that We’re not even going to have to have it rootedwe could say and even assure that it is a perfect solution for all users of a Samsung terminal.

Once the application that responds to the descriptive name of has been downloaded and installed Galaxy Button Lights 2we are just going to have to open it and we are going to find the simplest and easiest user interface that I have ever found on Android, so we can also say that it is suitable for all types of Android userseven for all those more clumsy, newbies or those who have just landed on the Android operating system.

As you can see in the photo above, a screenshot taken from my own Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Buttons Lights 2 offers us the following functionalities to be able take control and modify the lighting of the buttons on our Samsung terminal:

  • Time To Remain On – From this functionality we will control the time that the buttons on our Samsung will be on, by default in all Samsung models this time is only 1.5 seconds. From this option we will be able to manipulate the time that the buttons are on by simply moving the bar in increments of 1 second and up to a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • Always On – From this option we leave the buttons activated permanently while the screen is on.
  • Always Off – To completely deactivate the button lighting on our Samsung.
  • Default (1.5 seconds) – This option is to leave the lighting of the buttons on our Samsung as it came as standard.
  • Save Button Backlight Behavior – Button to confirm the selected configuration and apply the new lighting settings for the buttons on your Samsung.

It couldn’t be easier!!

Download Galaxy Button Lights 2 for free from the Google Play Store. Does not need ROOT

wolfenstein Ξ TREND

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Originally created as a mod for Return to Castle Wolfensteinwas later released as a standalone.
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free, open source, multiplayer FPS made available at the end of May 2003.

Like all FPS, there are two teams (Allies And Axis) who fight each other to complete the mission objectives and is playable both online and on LAN.
Cheaters and developers could not be missing (Splah Damage) decided to overcome the problem with the introduction of the famous Anti-Cheat Tool, PunkBuster.

Six, they are the official maps (North Africa Campaign: Gold Rush, Sìwa Oasis And Seawall BatteryEurope Campaign: Rail Gun, Wurzburg Radar And Fuel Dump) also taking into account the hundreds of custom-maps created by the community.
One team will have to complete objectives within a certain time limit while the other will try to nullify the first’s attacks.
The Allies team will attack on all maps. But in the mode StopWatchthe map will be played twice by changing the teams.
Objectives will be able to continue on another map (like, for example, in the mode Campaign) or on the same (mode Objective, Stopwatch And Last Man Standing).
In all modes except LMS (Last Man Standing), players will return to life after a certain number of seconds. A good tactic (often used) could be to look at the time of the mission and check afterwards when a player killed by us will be reborn, so that our attack is more precise and lethal.

The classes available are as follows: Soldier (only class that can use heavy weapons such as mortars, flamethrowers, and bazookas), Doctor (as main skills it has the possibility of leaving Medikits and reviving companions. In addition, it has more energy than all the other classes which will slowly regenerate and once it reaches level 4, it will be able to use theAdrenaline which will allow him to run for longer and reduce the damage received), Engineer (he can build command posts and bunkers with heavy machine guns. He can also repair vehicles to allow them to continue their advance), Field Ops (he will be able to leave ammunition so that his companions can always have their weapons loaded) e Covert Ops (a very important element. It is the only class that can use sniper rifles and place proximity grenades. Furthermore, by looking through its binoculars, it will be able to find opponents’ mines and make them visible to the whole team).
Each class will earn experience points which they will need to level up and acquire new skills.

In Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, there are also vehicles (such as tanks, cars or trains) that cannot be directly used by players. They follow a precise path on the map and it would be useful to repair them so that they can provide us with greater firepower.

nexus Ξ TREND

New confirmations of the arrival of the 32 GB version of the Nexus 7

In recent days there have been many rumors that Google and Asus are planning the release of a new version of the Nexus 7equipped with well 32 GB of internal memory. After the first screenshot of the device that appeared in the CarPhone Warehouse price list, here we come 3 other online stores who include it among their products.

The “indicted” sites are PC Nation, Buy and CompSource, the price at which it is offered varies from $269 to $277, so we expect a possible arrival in Italy at around €270-280. We don’t know when this new version will be announced, but one of the sites says that shipping will begin in 1 to 2 weeks.

Another interesting rumor that has recently been circulating on the internet states that in reality the 32 GB version would be nothing more than that the version with also the 3G modemmaking it in all respects the new model of Nexus 7 which has been rumored lately. Since they are all rumors and the online stores may have simply entered the product data wrong, we advise you to take this information with a grain of salt; as soon as we have new information, we will update you.


An algorithm will choose the startup with the best chance of success

On March 15, 2016, the Predictive Analysis Congress will be held in Valencia, within the Papis Connect activities program, in which the first battle of startups will take place. Both the contestants and the winner will be chosen by an algorithm.

Telefónica Open Future and BigML have joined forces to create Preseries, a predictive application capable of predicting whether a startup will be successful based on a series of data.

What is BigML?

BigML is a company founded in 2011, in Oregon, with the aim of making computer programs learn by themselves to solve complex tasks such as selecting the best price, risk analysis, selecting the best treatments, etc. Over time, BigML has seen that the time has come to introduce machine learning and show all the value that can be extracted through data.

BigML counts among its founders doctors Francisco J. Martin, founder of iSOCO and Strands, and José Antonio Ortega, who was part of companies such as Scytl and Google. In fact, the company’s growth is notable and, recently, they have opened a new headquarters in Valencia, where the main European Artificial Intelligence conference will take place.

Machine Learning

Saying that a Machine Learning is a machine that learns would be a rather incomplete definition, since it does not learn, but rather adapts its behavior. What’s more, we are talking about software that is capable of building an algorithm that adapts based on the data that is supplied to it.

In this context, it must be explained that we live in the era of Machine Learning, a time in which machines, through data analysis, are capable of identifying patterns among millions of pieces of information and predicting future behavior. That is, machines are capable of learning to perform tasks that until now were thought to only be performed by highly trained professionals.

This is how BigML became aware of the opportunities offered by the machine learning sector, joining forces with Telefónica Open Future, an initiative aimed at innovation for the development of viable projects through a model that gives visibility to talent and connects it with organizations, investors and companies that are looking for it. From this union PreSeries is born, an application capable of predicting whether a startup will be successful or not based on a series of data.

“It is about applying to the entrepreneurship sector one of the most innovative technologies that currently exist, and which, according to experts, will be the one that will have the greatest impact in the next 20 years,” he comments. Ana Segurado, director of Telefónica Open Future, about this alliance with BigML.

Artificial Intelligence is a reality

For this reason, on March 15, within the PAPIs Connect conference, a battle of Artificial Intelligence startups will take place. In it, the PreSeries application will decide the winner without any type of human intervention.

“Machine learning is going to change any sector, and with this new platform investments in startups can be optimized. On the one hand, anticipating which startups will be successful and, on the other, identifying those firms that will not survive if they do not adapt or change,” explains Francisco J. Martín, CEO of BigML.

In short, this is a great test for Artificial Intelligence startups that have a great product and can show their full potential. In short, a great test to check the reliability of startups in an initial phase.

The winning company will be part of Wayra, the Telefónica Open Future accelerator, in addition to participating in the Boston Artificial Intelligence Startup Battle.

Without a doubt, a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs to fulfill the dream they carry out with their startups and enjoy a great experience improving their developments to achieve their objectives.

lite xiaomi Ξ TREND

How to change the font XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite

If you are tired of the default font of XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite, you probably want to change it. Without a doubt, a little customization never hurts when writing fonts. Thus, we will see that the methodology for changing fonts can vary depending on the smartphone and the permissions it has. In fact, phones have permissions that allow you to change system files such as fonts. Depending on the level of rights, we will see that the technique may vary. So the bottom line is that we are eager to change the font size of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite when it has the necessary permissions. We will see later the technique to change the writing of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite if the smartphone does not have the necessary permissions.

Change the font if your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite has the necessary permissions

To easily change the writing font of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite, you will need it to have special rights to edit files in the Android operating system. So, if you want to know if your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite has the necessary permissions, you should try one of the following two techniques.

Change XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite font to settings

The easiest way to change the writing font of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite is to check the settings. To do this, you will need to go to the level settings menu of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite, and then in the tab Poster. Once you are there, all you have to do is select the tab police and you can select the font you want. If you do not see this tab, it means that your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite does not have the necessary permissions and you can go directly to the second method.

Change the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite font to an application

In case the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite has the necessary permissions, you can also go through an application to change the font. The advantage of using an app is that it will give you many more font options and several additional options. There are some apps that give you the ability to change fonts and they are available on the Play Store. We experimented with iFont (Font Expert), which allows you to find fonts based on language and popularity. All you have to do is install it and let it guide you.

Change the font if your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite does not have the required permissions

Replacing the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite font when it does not have the necessary permissions is a relatively complicated task as it will require rooting the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite. These are the steps to follow if you want to try the adventure.

1- Root the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite

This is the crucial step to install a font on the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite if you do not have the necessary permissions. Therefore, rooting your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite gives you mega rights to your device. It is thanks to these rights that you will be able to change and install files on the Android operating system of the smartphone. Rooting is a bit of a complicated task and if you want to know how to do it, take a look at our tutorial to root XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite. Once the smartphone is rooted, you can move on to the second step.

2- Use an application to install the new fonts

Once your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite is rooted, you only need to install an application to change the writing of the XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite. In fact, now that your XIAOMI Mi 8 Lite has the necessary permissions, go to the Play Store to download an application like Ifont or FontFix. Then let yourself be guided by the application, which will give you the possibility to download and install the fonts you want.

android jelly jelly bean samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung Galaxy S III: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from October 9th

The wait may soon be over. After the many firmware leaked released over the past few weeks, every day and sometimes even more than one per day, Samsung would have decided to keep his promises and release the official ad update within a few days Android 4.1 Jelly Bean For Galaxy S III. After testing the firmware in Poland the South Korean manufacturer is ready for the global roll-out, which, according to a tweet Of SamMobileshould start today October 9th.

The communication that all owners of Galaxy S III they were waiting and even if it doesn’t officially arrive from Samsung the reliability of SamMobile it shouldn’t make us doubt.

Here is the tweet in question:

Although previously the same source was wrong in predicting the official arrival of Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III, indicating with almost certainty the presentation of the Galaxy Note II as the exact day of the roll-out, given the evidence leaked on the web over the past few weeks, the many firmware leakedwe can’t help but take the news at face value.

After Polandtest territory, from October 9th will be released globally Android 4.1 Jelly Bean For Galaxy S III. We will also inform you of availability in our country over the next few days.


redmi xiaomi xiaomi redmi Ξ TREND

How to change the font XIAOMI Redmi S2

In case you are tired of the original font of your XIAOMI Redmi S2, you probably want to change it. In fact, a little customization doesn’t necessarily hurt when it comes to writing fonts. Therefore, we will find that the method of changing fonts will sometimes change depending on the laptop and the rights it has, in fact smartphones have rights that will allow you to change system files such as fonts. Depending on the authorization level, we will find that the technique is different. We will first see how to change the font of the XIAOMI Redmi S2 when it has the necessary rights. We will discover in a second step how to change the writing of the XIAOMI Redmi S2 if the laptop does not have the necessary rights.

Change the font when the XIAOMI Redmi S2 has the necessary rights

To easily change the writing font of the XIAOMI Redmi S2, the XIAOMI Redmi S2 must have special rights to edit files in the Android operating system. To find out if the XIAOMI Redmi S2 has the necessary rights, you will need to try one of the two methods below.

Change XIAOMI Redmi S2 font through settings

The easiest way to change the writing font of the XIAOMI Redmi S2 is to use the settings. To do this, you will have to go to the settings menu of the XIAOMI Redmi S2, then in the section Poster. When you are there, simply select the section police and you can select the font you want. If you do not see this tab, it means that the XIAOMI Redmi S2 does not have the necessary rights and you can go directly to the 2nd method.

Change XIAOMI Redmi S2 font via an application

If your XIAOMI Redmi S2 has the necessary rights, you can also go through an application to change the font. The beauty of using an app is that it will give you a greater variety of fonts and some additional options. There are several apps that allow you to change the font and are available on the Google Play Store. We tested iFont (Font Expert), which allows you to find fonts by language and popularity. All you have to do is install it and let it guide you.

Change the font when your XIAOMI Redmi S2 does not have the necessary rights

Changing the XIAOMI Redmi S2 font when you do not have the necessary rights is a rather complicated manipulation, as it will require rooting the XIAOMI Redmi S2. These are the steps to follow if you want to embark on the adventure.

1- Root the XIAOMI Redmi S2

This is the first step to install a font on the XIAOMI Redmi S2 if you do not have the necessary rights. Therefore, rooting the XIAOMI Redmi S2 provides an opportunity to grant mega user rights to your phone. With these rights, you will be able to edit and install files on the laptop’s Android operating system. Rooting is a tedious task and if you want to know how to do it, check out our XIAOMI Redmi S2 rooting tutorial. Once the smartphone is rooted, you can move on to the second step.

2- Use an application to install the new fonts

When rooting the XIAOMI Redmi S2, it will be stupidly necessary to install an application to change the writing of your XIAOMI Redmi S2. In fact, now that your XIAOMI Redmi S2 has the correct rights, go to the Play Store to download an application like Ifont or FontFix. Then follow the instructions in the application, which will allow you to download and install the fonts you want.