Monopoly Go Free Links (January 1, 2024)

Instead of redeeming codes, in Monopoly Go it is possible to get free dice links for additional rolls, or by using the Facebook friends feature.

Below we look at how to use both methods to get free dice in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO free dice links every day

We checked for new free dice links on January 01, 2024, on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Discord, and added one. I’ll check again later.

To use these free dice links, simply click on them using the same device you play Monopoly GO on. The link should then open your game and either give you the free dice if the link is still active, or tell you that the dice cannot be claimed (because the link is too old). Any links in the comments at the very bottom of the game are generally not free dice links.

January 1, 2024

  • 25 free dice

December 31, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 30, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 30 free dice

December 29, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 28, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 27, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 25, 2023

  • 45 dice and Peg-E tokens
  • 25 free dice
  • 35 free dice

December 23, 2023

  • 50 free dice

December 22, 2023

  • 20 free dice
  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 20, 2023

  • 40 free dice
  • 25 free dice
  • 100 Tokens

December 19, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 15 free dice, 50 tokens

December 18, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 17, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 16, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 15, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 35 free dice
  • 45 free dice
  • 20 free dice
  • 50 free dice

December 14, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 30 free dice

December 13, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 12, 2023

  • 30 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 11, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 10, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 9, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 8, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 7, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 6, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 5, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 4, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 3, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 30 free dice
  • 25 free dice

December 2, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 1, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

November 29, 2023

  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

November 28, 2023

  • 30 free dice
  • 25 free dice
  • 25 free dice

November 27, 2023

  • 25 free dice

November 26, 2023

  • 25 free dice

December 12: We checked and removed many older links because the list was too long and the old links no longer worked.

The best way to get Monopoly GO for free! Dice Links are done via the official Monopoly GO Instagram, the official Monopoly GO Facebook and the official Monopoly GO Discord.

When visiting, click on the profile picture on the left and view the stories, contained in the stories are sometimes links that will give you 25 free dice when clicked.

Older ones can be hard to find, so below are some of the recent Monopoly GO Instragram links in case you missed any.

Another great official place to get free dice links regularly is the Monopoly GO! Official discord join their Discord and check out the announcement board. In addition to other game announcements, there are usually a few dice links each week.

Apart from getting free dice links, Discord is also a great place to chat with other players, find out what’s happening in the game and also to exchange stickers with other Monopoly GO fans.

Here are some links we saw on this Discord that you may have missed. Although joining their server and getting the links directly is always the best way.

Free dice links are also posted on the official Monopoly GO Facebook page it’s always best to get the links directly from their page, but if you missed any or don’t have or want to use Facebook, we’ve listed a few we found below.

We are not responsible for the links on this page, please use them at your own risk.

Be wary of unofficial social accounts that give fake links – it’s probably best to unfollow them!

If you see free dice links for a large amount of dice, be very careful, it’s probably not legit. Monopoly GO usually only gives out 25-50 free dice, usually 25 or 30, so remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are many questionable accounts on Facebook, Reddit and Discord that share fake links, it can be hard to tell. That’s why we recommend only using links from official admins of the game’s official social accounts.

These free dice links don’t last long, so in order to be up to date with the latest free Monopoly GO! free dice links, you should probably follow the official social networks, they are: Facebook – Monopoly GO!, Instagram – Monopoly GO!, Monopole GO! Official Discord Group

So through these social channels you will be able to get links from time to time which, when clicked, will open your game and offer you free dice rolls.

When I’ve used these links in the past, I only have about 25 or 30, so you don’t get too many, but every throw helps I guess!

There are many other unofficial Discord groups that cover Monopoly GO! We can’t guarantee any of them, but we do know that they are used to exchange stickers and also get free dice links through the Facebook friend feature.

How it works: Someone creates a new Facebook account and starts a new game. Then they distribute their Facebook link code from the game and this way people who become friends on Facebook with this new account receive free dice.

There’s a ceiling to this method, and it’s a bit fishy, ​​but people seem to be using this workaround.

New Facebook Dice Limits

Due to the Facebook friend system being abused by people to obtain thousands of dice, Scopely has introduced new limits on the number of dice you can obtain from Facebook friends.

The new limits are that you can only receive dice from up to 10 Facebook friends, giving a total limit of 1,000 dice.

If you’ve been active on the Monopoly Discord and Reddit servers over the past few weeks, you’ll have seen how many offers for free dice links came from people creating fake Facebook accounts. Sure, everyone wants free dice, but that means an unfair competitive advantage over those who just want to play the game fairly.

You should also stay away from anyone offering free dice for money. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Scopely banned accounts that used these offers on various Discord channels.

Official Monopoly GO! Discord

Special mention should be given to the game’s official Discord group. This is the largest and most active Discord group in the game, and the official place on Discord to exchange stickers with other players. The server is run by Scopely, so if you get scammed during a trade, there is a better chance that the player will be banned from the server, which may be enough to deter some people from attempting scams.

Monopoly GO! Discord

The best place to find other Discord servers related to Monopoly GO! who can offer this Facebook friend a free dice links service is here: Disboard – Monopoly GO!. Take a look at the servers and see which ones are currently active. Here is a link to our page that lists other Monopoly GO! Discord Servers.

If you’re looking for more information on any of the Monopoly GO! check out our Monopoly GO – All Events Explained page. Which also has great information on how to be successful at events and tournaments.

For more tips and strategies for getting free dice, here is your page – Monopoly GO! Tips and tricks.


Infinite Wealth Sujimon & Sujimancer Job detailed

SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio revealed new details about Like a dragon: infinite wealth regarding Sujimon and Sujimancer’s work! Players can strive to reach Master Sujimon by battling these strange creatures in Hawaii, participating in Sujimon raids, and competing against the region’s elite trainers.

Shortly after landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ichiban gets into serious trouble. Fortunately, Kazuma Kiryu comes to save him from a long stay in prison. During their adventures in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, players can discover new side stories, improve Ichiban’s personality stats and bonds, and become a Sujimon master.

Become a Sujimon master in Like a dragon: infinite wealth

In Like a dragon: infinite wealth, Ichiban can collect Sujimon once again and aim to become the best Sujimon master. Compete in 3v3 competitions and lead Ichiban’s Sujimon to victory. Ichiban can befriend various Sujimon from Hawaii to create a powerful team. Battle fierce trainers and defeat the Discreet Four to become Master Sujimon.

A Sujimon scenario is available in Like a dragon: infinite wealth, and making enough progress in the storyline unlocks the new Sujimancer job. As a Sujimancer, Ichiban can equip Sujimon and summon them into battle. The more powerful the Sujimon, the stronger Ichiban’s Sujimancer skills will be.

After completing a battle, Ichiban may occasionally have the opportunity to recruit a Sujimon. Giving them a Suji gift increases the chances of recruitment success. Recruiting Sujimon is vital, as Ichiban will need powerful allies to undertake limited-time Sujimon raids. Defeating Sujimon in Sujimon raids will guarantee a chance to recruit them.

Players can also try their luck in Sujimon Gacha. Various Sujimon Gacha spots exist in Hawaii, allowing Ichiban to use cash or gacha tickets to obtain Sujimon.

The Art of Sujimon Battle

Sujimon have five different types with unique affinities. Find a team with the strategy and synergies suited to your playstyle to emerge victorious. Players can choose to have a balanced team, but they can also work towards having a highly specialized team that targets Sujimon’s very specific weaknesses. Additionally, Ichiban can boost Sujimon’s morale in battle through strategic commands and unleash special attacks to ensure victory.

Some of the Sujimon in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth include:

  • Freakalele – Soothes his allies with the tone of his beloved ukulele and sometimes uses it as a blunt instrument. A Sujimon healer who spends his earnings on ukulele repairs.

  • Dosukoi Gigantes – A super-heavyweight fighter whose iron wall-like physique exudes an air of dignity to all who see him. Despite his appearance, his movements are snappy, with a powerful spinning kick serving as his special attack.

Ichiban can also strengthen, awaken and evolve Sujimon. Give Sujimon some Sujimunch, a nutritious drink, to build his strength. Awakening will occur if players feed a Sujimon with another of the same species, unlocking their potential and improving their stats. Repeatedly awakening the same Sujimon will push it to its limits and evolve into a new Sujimon.

Check out more screenshots in the Final Weapon gallery below, via the official RGG Studio website:

Lately, Like a dragon: infinite wealth will launch on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.



How to get the EMP Stealth camouflage in Fortnite

The latest update to arrive in Fortnite has introduced the EMP Stealth Camo, so we’ll explain how to get the new item and how best to use it.

This mythic item turns players invisible for a short period of time when using it. This is one of two new items, along with the Cardboard Box, that will be introduced with the release of Solid Snake in the Battle Pass.

Read on to find out everything about the new item introduced to the game.

Where to find the EMP Stealth camouflage in Fortnite

You can find Stealth EMP camouflage as loose loot or when searching chests. With that said, it’s a rare Mythic item, so it’s likely you’ll be looking for it this way for some time.

A better way to get the EMP Stealth camouflage is buy one from Solid Snake himself. You will find the new NPC on a small island in the north of the map and he will sell you an item for him 100 gold pieces.

Alternatively, searching Vaults will greatly increase your chances as there is always a rare chest in the vault which usually contains higher tier loot.

How to use EMP Stealth camouflage in Fortnite

Once you have the EMP Stealth Camo in your inventory, you can do this activate it with the “shoot” button. become invisible for a short time. Remember that you cannot attack other players when you are invisible.

When you deactivate an item, it will disable nearby vehicles and also damage other players’ shields, so if you get it right, this can be a very effective method for a sneak attack!

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EMP Stealth Camo has unlimited uses, but has a cooldown period between each use.

That’s everything you need to know about EMP Stealth Camo. For more guides, visit our Fortnite homepage, where we’ve already covered where to find the Anvil Rocket Launcher, how to get free skins, and more.


Solution : How to unlock Destiny 2’s skateboard, Skimmer, and look cooler than your friends

If you’re bored with your Sparrow and want to try something new, the new Destiny 2 Allstar Vector Skimmer hoverboard may be right for you.

Below I’ll show you how to get your own Skimmer so you can patrol the game in style. There is a way to unlock this game permanently – even though Guardian Games is a limited event – so if you want to get your own, just keep reading.

How to get the Allstar Vector skimmer

Before you can unlock the permanent exotic version of Skimmer, you will need the regular version. All you need to do is complete a few quick mission steps – specifically: complete the Best in Class tutorial find in Eve in the Tower.

After completing Best in Class, you should receive the basic version of the Allstar Vector skimmer. Unlike the exotic we’re hunting, this popular version will expire with the end of Guardian Games, so you’ll need a better one.

Unlocking the exotic version of Skimmer in Destiny 2

Once you complete Best in Class, you can receive “Drop in” task. from Eve. This quest has multiple goals, but you only really need to complete one of them. I have listed the goals below:

  • Earn 1200 medallion points
  • Earn the highest score of 10% in Nightfall Challenges
  • Open your Focus Activity winner packs (3 times)

If you choose the Medallion Score, you will need to play multiple Guardian Games. Drop points on the podium to get your score and once you accumulate points you will eventually unlock it.

AND faster methodif you have enough skills, it is Nightfall objective. You’ll need to complete the current Nightfall strike and get a high score of 10%, so if you have people to play with to take it on, I recommend this goal. However, if you don’t manage to get enough points in Nightfall, it can be frustrating.

You can finally decide to do it open three Focus Activity packs. This is an easier way to unlock the Skimmer if you’re not as proficient in Twilight, but requires playing the Focus Activity when it appears for a limited time. Watch for the Focus Activation to come into play, then play it enough to open the chests.

Additionally, if you don’t mind spending real money, you can just buy Skimmer in the store. However, it is quite expensive (2,500 pieces of silver).

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For more Destiny 2 guides, visit our home page. Or take a look at our best Destiny 2 raid weapons here if you need help with builds, or the best PvP weapons for Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner here.


Fans dissatisfied, Bandai Namco too: Blue Protocol is running behind expectations in Japan

The signs for Blue Protocol things are not looking good for its impending release in the West. The console version launched in Japan in December; the service was previously running on PCs.

Bandai Namco Online had previously hosted an “emergency livestream” in September 2023. 50 percent of players in Japan were dissatisfied: the balancing was immature, the microtransactions were criticized and the endgame grind displeased fans. Class buffs and debuffs were not well received and so on.

To date, the problems do not seem to have been fully resolved. And if the players are unhappy, then of course Bandai Namco is too. As the latest annual report shows, Blue Protocol is falling short of its expectations.

Bandai Namco cites losses due to “new online game titles introduced this fiscal year.” You don’t mention the child by name, but Siliconera points out that it is the only online game that Bandai Namco has recently launched.

Will the start in the West be successful?

Amazon Games, which is launching the game in the West, promised last year to work closely with Bandai to receive detailed player feedback. Then there was the postponement to 2024. The action RPG will also be playable for free in the West.

We were able to play Blue Protocol at Gamescom. Our session had a somewhat tempering effect on our anticipation at the time. But that was just a preview version back then. However, there are currently not very good signs that the Western launch will be significantly more successful than the one in Japan.

Images: Blue Protocol, Amazon Games, Bandai Namco


How to find people and groups physically near you on Telegram

We will explain to you how to find people and groups physically near you on Telegram, a function with which you can talk to people who are just next to you without having to ask for the phone number or username. It is also useful for when you are exploring groups in your city or created by your friends or community of neighbors.

It really is a versatile enough feature for all sorts of uses. Y It is very easy to use. We are going to guide you step by step, but once you learn how to get there you will see that they do not have any complications.

Groups and contacts near you

To find groups and contacts near you on Android, what you have to do is click on the menu button ☰ that you have at the top right in Telegram. When you open a side menu to do so, in it you must click on the People Nearby option that will appear with the icon of a person inside a circle.

To find groups and contacts near you on iOS, what you have to do is click on the Contacts section that you have in the bottom row of options. Once you are in your contact list, click on the option Find people nearby that will appear above the list, with the icon of a GPS symbol.

The first time you do this, you will enter a screen in which the operation of this section is explained to you, and you are told that you will need to access the location data of your mobile. Click on the Allow access button if you agree, to proceed with the request for this permission.

A notification will appear in which Telegram will ask you for access to the location as it told you in the previous step that it would. Here, you have to give it permission to access your location, both on Android and iOS, to be able to use the function. You can choose to give it a temporary permission or just one time, depending on how much you want to use this.

Once you have given permission, you will go to a screen where first you will see a list of users who are physically close to you. In the list you will see their user names, and the distance they are according to the GPS of both. Thus, you can distinguish someone in front of you if you are using this to open a chat with a friend.

Below the people list a list of groups will appear, and you will be able to see both the distance at which the group was created as well as its name and the number of members it has. If you click on a group you will be able to see the last thing that has been said within it, and you will be able to click on a join button if you want to become part of it.


Jedi Survivor: Singing Ruins walkthrough

After fighting your way through the puzzles and parkour in the first part of the “Reach the Pilgrim Refuge” quest, you will eventually arrive at the Singing Refuge. Once you reach the Singing Sanctuary, some players will probably be stuck and unable to progress. If you are having the same problem and are stuck, our guide to the second part of the quest from the area of ​​the singing ruins may be able to help.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Singing Ruins walkthrough

  1. The solution to the “puzzle” in the singing ruin is “actually” quite simple, because the path continues over the gap on the right. At first the gap doesn’t really look like Cal could squeeze through. But if you stand at the gap you can interact with it and Cal goes over it to the other side of the room.
  2. Behind the gap you now have to pull the obstacle out of the wall on the left and right to block the wind. Wall run up to the right and pull the next obstacle out of the wall.
  3. Take the path back and pull it to the top of the wall using the climbing hook and continue following the path using a wall run. Jump to the top of the grate, grab the rope and jump to the wall. Cal then draws his lightsaber and slides down. Next, Cal learns the dash ability, which allows you to jump through gusts of wind.
  4. Follow the path further up and always use the sprint to overcome the obstacles. After the cutscene, Merrin sets off and distracts the Empire. Jump to the pole on the left and sprint towards the grate. The wind carries Cal to the grid and at the meditation point “Disused Bridge” continue to follow the path that should already be known.
  5. With the dash ability you can now jump over the ravine that you couldn’t cross before. Follow the path and the parkour unit. The sprint is used again here. Once at the top, kill the three enemies and climb through the gap again.
  6. This solves the puzzle at the Singing Ruins and completes the “Reach the Pilgrim Refuge” quest. Now we continue with the “Find Brother Armias” quest.


Pokémon Go – map of regional exclusives – Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Heatmor, Durant and locations of exclusive Pokémon

Pokémon Go regional exclusives connect some Pokémon to certain areas of the globe.

With the addition of Gen 5, the latest set of Pokémon Go exclusives arrives – Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Heatmor, Durant – further contributing to an already long list, with regions to be divided according to the most varied geographical barriers, from entire hemispheres to specific parts of individual countries.

Since its launch, the creatures have been blocked in their specific regions, except in some regional events or exchanges.

So, unless you travel a lot – or have Friends willing to trade these Pokémon, then you’ll have to be patient until they reach your country.

On this page, we will look at the entire list of regional exclusives in Pokémon Goas well as giving you all the locations of regional exclusives so you can know where to find them.

This page:

Pokémon Go – map of regional exclusives and how they work in Pokémon Go

Each generation of Pokémon has a series of creatures that you can only find in specific regions. These can be certain countries (like Tauros in the USA), entire continents (Mr. Mime in Europe), certain regions (Corsola in the Tropics) and even “halves” of the planet (like Lunatone and Solrock).

These creatures are quite common in their regions, so if you are visiting for a short period of time, it won’t be long before you find them. Finding them in the wild is the only option you have – apart from special events, they cannot be hatched in Eggs, found in nests in gyms.

If you don’t travel, don’t despair. Gen 3 has shown that some creatures can trade occasionally (such as Zangoose and Seviper), simply leave regional exclusivity (Plusle and Minun) or temporarily switch to a special event, such as Farfetch’d in 2017.

:: Bloodshot Competition – We have 20 double invitations for the preview

Below, you can find a map with all the exclusive Pokémon by region in Pokémon Go:

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Thanks to zoglandboy on Reddit for creating this map.

Pokémon Go – all Pokémon Go regional exclusives in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and New Zealand

Below is a list of all the exclusive Pokémon by region, including the specific locations where you can find them:

Pokémon Exclusive to Africa in Pokémon Go:

  • Corsola – Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar
  • Tropius – Within the whole continent
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Pansear – Within the whole continent
  • Durant- East of the meridian line
  • Heatmor – West of the meridian line

Exclusive Pokémon from Asia on Pokémon Go:

  • Farfetch’d – Japan and South Korea
  • Corsola – India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
  • Volbeat – Within the entire continent
  • Torkoal – South Asia
  • Zangoose – Within the entire continent
  • Lunatone – Within the entire continent
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Pachirisu – Russia
  • Chatot – India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
  • Pansage – Within the entire continent
  • Heatmor – Within the entire continent

Pokémon Exclusive from Australia on Pokémon Go:

  • Kangaskhan – Within the whole country
  • Corsola – North Australia
  • Volbeat – Within the whole country
  • Zangoose – Within the whole country
  • Lunastone – Within the whole country
  • Shellos – Within the whole country
  • Chatot – North Australia
  • Pansage – Within the whole country
  • Heatmor – Within the whole country

New Zealand Exclusive Pokémon on Pokémon Go:

  • Chatot – North Australia
  • Relicanth – Within the entire country, including the surrounding islands (Fiji, Samoa, etc.)
  • Shellos – Within the whole country
  • Volbeat – Within the whole country
  • Zangoose – Within the whole country
  • Lunastone – Within the whole country
  • Shellos – Within the whole country
  • Pansage – Within the whole country
  • Heatmor – Within the whole country

Exclusive Pokémon from Europe on Pokémon Go:

  • Mr. Mime – Within the whole continent
  • Volbeat – Within the entire continent
  • Zangoose – Within the entire continent
  • Lunatone – Within the entire continent
  • Tropius – Southern Spain and Mediterranean Sea (Malta, Cyprus, etc.)
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Pansear – Within the whole continent
  • Durant- East of the meridian line
  • Heatmor – West of the meridian line

Pokémon exclusive to the Middle East in Pokémon Go:

  • Corsola – Saudi Arabia, Yemen
  • Tropius – The Levant (Israel, Lebanon, etc.)
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Pansear – Within the whole continent

North American Exclusive Pokémon on Pokémon Go:

  • Tauros – Within the entire continent
  • Heracross – South Florida and South Texas
  • Illumise – Within the entire continent
  • Seviper – Within the entire continent
  • Solrock – Within the entire continent
  • Pachirisu – Alaska and Northern Canada
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Carnivine – Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
  • Panpour – Within the whole continent
  • Durant- East of the meridian line

South American Exclusive Pokémon on Pokémon Go:

  • Heracross – Within the entire continent
  • Corsola – Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
  • Illumise – Within the entire continent
  • Seviper – Within the entire continent
  • Solrock – Within the entire continent
  • Shellos – Within the entire continent
  • Chatot – Peru
  • Panpour – Within the entire continent
  • Durant- East of the meridian line

How to capture Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d in Pokémon Go

How to capture the 4 exclusive Gen 1 Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

At the. Pokémon Type Region Meeting places and notes
83 Farfetch’d Normal

South Korea

Usually everywhere, more often in parks and similar areas
115 Kangaskhan Normal “Australasia” Usually everywhere, more often in parks and similar areas
122 Mr. Mime Psychic
Europe Usually everywhere, including city centers like London and Paris
128 Tauros Normal USA As a rule everywhere in the USA, with some reports pointing to greater frequency in desert areas or associated with rodeos

How to capture Heracross and Corsola in Pokémon Go

How to get the two Gen 2 regional exclusives in Pokémon Go:

At the. Pokémon Type Region Meeting places and notes
214 Heracross Insect
South America, South Florida and Texas As a rule, everywhere
222 Weather in Corsola Rock
Tropical areas near the coast Most common in places with water, more specifically a mile or two from the coast, between the two Tropics

How to capture Relicanth, Illumise, Volbeat, Torkoal, Tropius, Zangoose, Seviper, Solrock and Lunatone in Pokémon Go

Note that Plusle and Minun were originally on this list – are now available globally – while Lunatone and Solrock switched regions in 2019.

At the. Pokémon Type Region Meeting places and notes
313 Volbeat Insect Europe



Quite common anywhere on these continents
314 Illumise Insect North America

South America


Quite common anywhere on these continents
324 Torkoal Fire South Asia Quite common anywhere in this area
335 Zangoose * Normal Europe



Quite common anywhere on these continents
336 Seviper * Poison North America

South America


Quite common anywhere on these continents
337 Lunatone Psychic




Quite common anywhere on these continents
338 Solrock Psychic
North America

South America


Quite common anywhere on these continents
357 Tropius Herb


Quite common anywhere on these continents
369 Relicanth Rock
New Zealand

Surrounding islands (Fiji, Samoa, etc.)

Quite common anywhere in this area

* A curiosity, Zangoose and Seviper are natural enemies (like a mongoose and a snake …) and are never on the same continent.

How to catch Pachirisu, Carnivine and Chatot in Pokémon Go

How to capture the 7 region-exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

At the. Pokémon Type Region Meeting places and notes
417 Pachirisu Tram Alaska



As a rule, everywhere.
422 Shellos Water Global – different forms unique to the East and West of the meridian line As a rule, everywhere
441 Chatot Normal
South hemisphere As a rule, everywhere. Some confirmed countries are Brazil, Chile, Indonesia and South Africa
455 Carnivine Herb Florida and South Carolina, USA As a rule, everywhere
480 Uxie Psychic Americas
Raids until the end of May, very rare spawns by the water
481 Mesprit Psychic Europe
Middle East
Raids until the end of May, very rare spawns by the water
482 Aself Psychic Asia Pacific Raids until the end of May, very rare spawns by the water

How to capture Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Heatmor, Durant in Pokémon Go

How to capture Gen 5 exclusives in Pokémon Go:

At the. Pokémon Type Region Meeting places and notes
511 Grooming Herb Asia Pacific As a rule, everywhere. Evolves to a Simisage with a Unova Stone.
513 Pansear Fire Europe, Middle East, Africa and India As a rule, everywhere. Evolves to a Simisear with a Unova Stone.
515 Panpour Water Americas As a rule, everywhere. Evolves to a Simipour with a Unova Stone.
631 Heatmor Fire Western hemisphere of the meridian line As a rule, everywhere.
632 Durant Insect / Steel Eastern hemisphere of the meridian line As a rule, everywhere.


The microarchitecture of the Apple M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max, explained: abysmal leap for its GPU, although more modest for its CPU

Apple’s M3 processor family is here. And it promises. Those from Cupertino have presented three chips with different features and a common microarchitecture: the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max CPUs. At the moment there is no sign of a very likely M3 Ultra processor, although we can be reasonably sure that it will arrive in the future, possibly when Apple decides to renew its Mac Pro and Mac Studio desktop computer families.

These are the first microprocessors for laptop and desktop computers manufactured using TSMC’s 3 nm photolithography, which is currently the most advanced in the large-scale production phase of this Taiwanese company. However, the microarchitecture of these chips also introduces several very important improvements that, on paper, should allow them to clearly outperform the equivalent M2 family CPUs.

The subsystem that incorporates the most relevant improvements is the graph. For the first time a Mac processor implements hardware acceleration for ray tracing, and it’s also the first time the integrated GPU relies on a dynamic cache. In addition, the performance of the CPU cores and the Neural Engine for artificial intelligence is, according to Apple, much higher than in the M2 processors, and the M3 chips are designed to coexist with a larger unified memory map (up to 128 GB if we stick to the M3 Max CPU).

The Apple M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max microprocessors, in figures

m3 max

m3 pro








5nm (2nd generation)


number of transistors

92 billion

37 billion

25 billion

20 billion

16 billion







number of cpu cores

Up to 16

Up to 12




high performance cores (ar)






high efficiency (ae) cores






number of graphics cores

Up to 40

Up to 18










maximum unified memory map





16 GB

main memory technology






unified memory bandwidth

Up to 400 GB/s





video encoding and decoding

Hardware accelerated H.264, HEVC, H.265, ProRes, ProRes RAW and AV1 Hardware accelerated H.264, HEVC, H.265, ProRes, ProRes RAW and AV1

Hardware accelerated H.264, HEVC, H.265, ProRes, ProRes RAW and AV1v

Hardware accelerated H.264, HEVC, H.265, ProRes, ProRes RAW and AV1

8K H.264, H.265, ProRes and ProRes RAW

4K H.264 and H.265


3 x Thunderbolt 4/USB 4

3 x Thunderbolt 4/USB 4

2 x Thunderbolt 3/USB 4

2 x Thunderbolt 3/USB 4

2 x Thunderbolt 3/USB 4

This is the performance of the M3 processors that Apple promises us

The configuration of the cores of the M3 family chips is consistent with what the M1 and M2 series have proposed to us. The entry processor to the family, the M3 chip, incorporates 8 CPU cores (4 high performance and another 4 high efficiency), and 10 GPU cores. The M3 Pro processor is available in two different versions– with 11 CPU cores and 14 GPU cores, or with 12 CPU cores (6 high-performance cores and 6 high-efficiency cores) and 18 GPU cores. Finally, the M3 Max chip brings together up to 16 CPU cores (12 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores) and up to 40 graphics cores.

Apple has told us what we can expect about the performance of its new processors

As on other occasions, Apple has only revealed some details about the architecture of the M3 processors. As I mentioned a few lines above, the most relevant improvements come from the graphic logic (we will investigate it in the next section of this article), although yes, those from Cupertino have told us what we can expect about the performance of your new processors by putting them to the test with video editing, image processing, code compilation or productivity applications.

The most prudent thing is that we take the performance indices that the brands give us with some reluctance because it is evident that they are an interested party, but they can help us to get a rough idea about the productivity of the new chips. Of course, as soon as the new MacBook Pro or iMac equipped with an M3 chip fall into our hands we will analyze their performance in depth. In the graph below we can see that, according to Apple, the M3 processor is noticeably faster than the M2 and M1 chips when scaling images with Photomator.

When rendering images using Redshift, the M3 Pro chip far outperforms the M2 Pro and M1 Pro processors than the M3 did over its predecessors in the previous test. The higher clock frequency at which the CPU and GPU cores of the M3 Pro processor presumably work works in its favor, although it is very likely that Apple engineers have also introduced important optimizations in the microarchitecture of the M3 chips compared to the implementation of M2 processors.

On its website Apple has published many more performance tests, but the three we have selected illustrate quite well what productivity the M3 chips promise us. In the following graph we can see that the M3 Max, the most capable until the M3 Ultra processor arrives in the future, is much faster when rendering images in Redshift than the M2 Max and M1 Max chips.

This improvement is a priori the result of the increase in the clock frequency and the optimizations introduced by Apple in the microarchitecture of the M3 processors. Of course, TSMC’s 3nm lithography in theory works in its favor not only if we stick to its performance per watt; It also determines the maximum clock frequencies at which the CPU cores are capable of working.

According to Apple, the high-performance cores of the M3 processors are 30% faster than the comparable cores of the M1 chips. And the high-efficiency cores are, again according to Cupertino, 50% faster than the comparable cores of the M1 chips.

Unfortunately, Apple has barely given us a couple of hints about the efficiency of the M3 microprocessors, although it has promised us something revealing: its performance in multithreaded usage scenarios is the same as that offered by comparable M1 chips, but your energy consumption is reduced by half. In this area, 3 nm lithography makes the difference.

Hardware ray tracing and dynamic cache come to the Mac GPU

Apple assures that the graphics of the M3 processors play in another league. Could be. We will know for sure when we have the opportunity to thoroughly analyze the first Macs equipped with these chips, but the truth is that, on paper, the improvements implemented in its graphic logic look very good. One of the most important is dynamic cache, a work strategy that allows the GPU to decide in real time how much local memory it needs to reserve for each task. This technique in theory allows you to maximize the use of graphical logic and its performance. At the same time it optimizes the use of local memory.

The integrated GPU in the M3 processors implements hardware specifically dedicated to ray tracing acceleration

Additionally, the integrated GPU in the M3 processors implements hardware specifically dedicated to ray tracing acceleration. PC gamers know well that this rendering strategy is much more demanding on graphics hardware than traditional rasterization, so the presence of dedicated hardware is welcome. According to Apple, the performance of M3 chips is up to 2.5 times greater than that of M1 processors when the . Sounds good.

However, the graphics logic of the M3 processors implements one more improvement that is worth not overlooking: hardware acceleration of the . Broadly speaking, this technique acts on the geometry of the scene with the purpose of transforming complex geometry into a package of simpler meshes that can be rendered with much less effort. According to Apple, the GPU of the M3 processors is capable of delivering the same performance as the graphics logic of the M1 chips, but consuming half the energy.

Up to 128 GB of unified memory

The implementation of a unified memory map that is accessed by both the CPU cores and the GPU responds to the search for a strategy that allows reducing latency, increasing energy efficiency, and at the same time, improving transfer speed. This technique is still present in the M3 processors, but these chips can work in tandem with a larger unified memory map. The M3 processor maintains the maximum 24 GB of the M2 and M1 chips, but the M3 Pro increases this figure to 36 GB, and the M3 Max to a quite impressive 128 GB.


Disney Dreamlight Valley gliding: This is how you can surf

Anyone who has already spent a few hours in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley will probably have already clocked up a few kilometers to get from area A to area B. Even though there is a fast travel system via the wells with which you can teleport from one biome to another biome at the push of a button, you are still often traveling on foot. You can now also “glide” or rather surf in Disney Dreamlight Valley and move faster. In this short guide we will show you how gliding works in Dreamlight Valley and which button you have to press to do it.

Gliding in Dreamlight Valley

The new “glide” feature lets you move around Disney Dreamlight Valley faster. All you have to do is hold down the circle button (PlayStation) or the B button (Xbox). The character then begins to glide and you can control and change direction normally using the left analog stick.

  • PC: Hold down the shift key
  • PlayStation 4/5: Press and hold the circle button
  • Xbox One/Series: Press and hold the B button
  • Nintendo Switch: Hold down the A button

Charge yellow energy

However, before you can glide and surf on the blue-purple something, you first have to recharge your energy. What is important is not the blue energy at the top left of the screen, which is needed for activities with tools, but the yellow energy in the form of stamina, which is above the blue energy bar. Yellow energy can be replenished by eating dishes with stars. The higher the star rating of the dish, the more “yellow energy” is charged.

Tip: This is how you can find the new Easter eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley and use them to create new dishes or Easter furniture at the workbench.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get a Sunbird Feather

Where do you find the feathers of a sunbird? This question may be on the minds of one or two Disney Dreamlight Valley players in the last few days who have downloaded the new update with the fairy godmother and at the same time bought the elegant WALL-E dream bundle for a fee. With the dream bundle for 4,000 moonstones you not only get two exclusive outfits and great accessories, but also other bonus tasks. WALL-E’s bonus tasks also include the quest called “Show what you’re made of”. In the quest you have to get various items, among other things, including the feather of a sunbird.

Find a sunbird’s feather

To get a sunbird’s feather, you first have to go to the area where the sunbirds are. This is the sunny plain, west of the main square. If you have accepted the quest, you will now find the desired feathers of a sunbird on the ground on the sunny plain. There are four feathers lying around the area that you can just pick up. You have to wait 6 hours until the sunbird’s next four feathers respawn. Since you need a total of 12 sunbird feathers for the WALL-E quest, you have to wait around 12 hours and collect the feathers every 6 hours before you can continue with the quest.

There are reports on Reddit from players who allegedly got the sunbirds’ feathers by feeding the birds their favorite food. In our test, however, we didn’t get a single feather from a sunbird, no matter how often and which sunbirds we fed their favorite food. As soon as there is more information about this, we will of course add it here.


one month after suffering a mudslide, the village of Saint-Sorlin hit by a landslide

  1. To welcome

  2. France

  3. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

  4. Savoy

Published 12/15/2023 3:41 p.m.

Video length: 1 min

Article written by

France 2 – O. Martin, E. Jacquin

France Televisions

Thursday December 14, the village of Saint-Sorlin, in Savoie, was hit by a landslide. It had already suffered enormous damage a month ago, crossed by a wave of mud.

After the torrential floods, the village of Saint-Sorlin (Savoie) regained its almost usual appearance. The snow fell in quantity, which bodes well on the eve of the opening of the ski area. A month ago, the village was disfigured by a major mudslide. It had broken out during the night and for several days. Major cleaning work had taken place.

The ski area can open

The village still knows itself to be vulnerable. On Thursday, December 14, heavy rain and a mild period led to a new landslide. Only the flow was blocked. The municipality will undertake the work. The landslides took place far from the ski lifts and the ski area was not affected: a relief for traders. Customers did not ignore the efforts made to get the product ready on time. A month after the mudslide, the opening of the resort gives a taste of the season, awaiting the arrival of Christmas vacationers next weekend.

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Two Miss France candidates filmed topless in the locker room: the TF1 group condemned

the essential

The TF1 group was condemned on Tuesday for broadcasting live images of two topless candidates changing clothes in the locker room.

Tuesday December 12, TF1 and the production company Endemol were ordered by the Lille judicial court to pay 40,000 euros each to Carla Bonesso, Miss Aquitaine 2018, and Manon Jean-Mistral, Miss Corsica 2018.

On December 15, 2018, during the Miss France 2019 election, the two candidates were filmed topless backstage during a costume change. Images broadcast briefly live during prime time in front of eight million viewers.

The two companies were condemned in particular for image rights, the right to respect for private life and moral damage, according to the judgments of the Lille judicial court. The magistrates considered that the complainants were identifiable and that no authorization had been given concerning the filming of the intimacy of their bodies.

According to their lawyers, a camera had been installed by the production company in the changing rooms “without their knowledge”. “These court decisions are important to the extent that they remind us that the body of candidates, and of women in general, is not a commodity at the disposal of production companies,” they note in a press release.

Images which “continue, even today, to circulate, particularly on ___ographic sites”.


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Cure Miasma

Anyone who has already looked around the underground in the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or has had contact with the miasma (the red-black stuff) may ask themselves, why did the hearts break through at the top left in the middle? What do the broken hearts mean and why can Link no longer be completely healed? In this short guide we show what the “broken hearts” mean and how you can heal the miasma.

Heal broken hearts from miasma?

At the entrance to the underground and in the underground itself you can find the black-red miasma. There are also enemies who are afflicted with miasma and transfer this to Link when hit. When Link takes damage from the miasma, not only does it deduct life points in the form of hearts, but the hearts are also shown with a crack in the middle. The broken hearts cannot be healed and replenished with normal food, at least not until you heal the debuff from the miasma. The miasma can be cured as follows.

  • Interact with an underground root.
  • Travel back to the upper world
  • Cook and eat dishes that heal miasma

Recipes and dishes against miasma debuff

There are several dishes with which you can cure the miasma and the most important ingredient here is the so-called sunspot. The wild plant is found primarily in the kingdom of heaven. The description says “a wild plant that grows in sunny places at high altitudes. Can be used as a cooking ingredient and replenish hearts if reduced by miasma.”

You then simply have to prepare the sunspot plant with other ingredients on a stove and can then use it to cure the miasma. It is important that the sun patch can only be used if you have made a dish out of it with other ingredients.

  • Sol Steam Meat – 2x Wild, 3x Sunspot – Heals 4x Hearts, 9x Broken Hearts
  • More dishes against miasma will follow soon.

How do you actually unlock the bombs in the new Zelda TotK?


Disney Dreamlight Valley Matchmaking Magic WALL-E Quest

What do you have to do in WALL-E’s matchmaking magic quest? This may be the question asked in the last few days by one or two players who have bought the elegant WALL-E dream bundle for Disney Dreamlight Valley. With the dream bundle you not only unlock two exclusive outfits and some accessories, but also special bonus tasks. In addition to the bonus task Sunday clothes, this also includes the matchmaking magic quest. The WALL-E quest is quite extensive and you have to collect some materials and craft items. If you get stuck somewhere, our short solution for the Matchmaking Magic Quest can certainly help.


  • Matchmaking Magic WALL-E Quest
  • Make large beach torches
  • Decorate the romantic spot on the dazzling beach
  • Prepare a starter, main course and dessert with 4 stars

Matchmaking Magic WALL-E Quest

  1. After starting WALL-E’s “Matching Magic” quest, you first have to talk to the little robot and then follow him to the Glade of Trust, the Forest of Valor and the Dazzling Beach.
  2. You will then be given the task of collecting the materials for a romantic invitation. This includes 8x Softwood, 6x Purple Swamp Milkweed and 2x Empty Bottle.
  3. You can now use the materials to make romantic invitations. To do this, you go to a workbench and make two pieces of paper and two pieces of inkwells. You can then use this to create the two romantic invitations.
  4. You now have to give the romantic invitations to Merlin and Mother Gothel. After talking to both of them, you now have to wait until sunset at 6:00 p.m. and then talk to WALL-E again.
  5. You now have to watch Mother Gothel and Merlin’s rendezvous on the shimmering beach. The two of them at Goofy’s shop on the dock. The rendezvous doesn’t go well and you can now optionally talk to Merlin and/or Mother Gothel. In any case, you have to talk to WALL-E about the disastrous rendezvous.

Make large beach torches

After talking to WALL-E, you go to Mickey and he gives you the order to make four large beach torches. The beach torches can be crafted at the workbench under the “Furniture” tab. By the way, you don’t have to make all four beach torches, just any four torches.

  • Large beach torch with yellow light: 5x softwood, 5x fiber, 3x sand, 1x topaz
  • Large beach torch with green light: 5x softwood, 5x fiber, 3x sand, 1x peridot
  • Large beach torch with red light: 5x softwood, 5x fiber, 3x sand, 1x ruby
  • Large beach torch with blue light5x softwood, 5x fiber, 3x sand, 1x aquamarine

Decorate the romantic spot on the dazzling beach

And again we go to WALL-E and are given the task of decorating the romantic place on the shimmering beach. The important thing is that you have to place the objects where Merlin and Mother Gothel met at the rendezvous, otherwise the task will not be completed because the objects are not in the “romantic place”.

  • Set up four large beach torches
  • A table, for example, the heavy wooden table made of 20x softwood
  • Two chairs, for example the robust chair made of 10x softwood
  • A WALL-Es boot bouquet: 4x purple jewelweed, 4x white daisy, 5x fabric, 3x yellow daisy, 1x white swamp milkweed, 2x fiber

Prepare a starter, main course and dessert with 4 stars

Now take a photo of WALL’s boot bouquet to show Minnie a decoration. For Minnie and Mickey you now have to have a 3-course meal consisting of a starter, a main course and a 4-star dish.

  • Starter such as raw food made from any vegetable
  • Main course such as a grilled fish made from any fish
  • Dessert with 4 stars such as a tree trunk cake made from wheat, cocoa, vanilla and cherry

Drop off the dishes at Minnie’s house and talk to WALL-E again. The Matchmaking Magic Quest has now been successfully completed.


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Get Miasma Protection

Anyone who has recently plunged into the new Zelda adventure and looked around the underground a little will have become acquainted with the miasma relatively quickly. If Link walks into the black and red matter, not only will he take damage, but the hearts will also appear at the top left of the screen with a crack in the middle. If you then try to heal yourself from the miasma, only the message “Damage suffered by miasma will not be healed” appears. Eat anyway?”. In addition to the question of how to cure the miasma, some players may also ask themselves the question of miasma protection.

Heal Miasma in Zelda TotK

There are several ways by which the broken hearts from the miasma can be restored and healed.

  • Place under an underground root: Using the underground roots you can not only reveal the map underground, but also heal the miasma. To do this, simply place it under the root and the hearts will gradually be restored.
  • Travel to the Overworld: As long as you remain underground, hearts destroyed by miasma will not be restored. However, if you travel to the overworld, the hearts will automatically be restored over time without you having to do anything.
  • Cooking dishes that cure the miasma: There are various dishes that not only restore the normal hearts but also cure the miasma debuff. This includes, for example, the Sol steam meat, which can be prepared from 2x game meat and 3x sunspots.

Create miasma protection

As with other debuffs, there is protection against miasma in the form of dishes and medicine. All you need are the so-called dark lumps, which you can exchange for will-o’-the-wisps at one of the magician statues. A statue can be found directly in the starting area at the scout post in Joshua’s house. For 10 will-o’-the-wisps you get a lump of darkness, which you can then prepare at the nearest cooking place to provide miasma protection.

  • Warden Mage Rice Balls – 1x Dark Lumps, 1x Rock Salt, 1x Hyrule Rice

Miasma armor for protection

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom you can find and unlock numerous pieces of armor as the story progresses. There is, among other things, the darkness armor with which Link automatically receives miasma protection. In order to unlock the darkness armor, you have to find the mage statues where you hand in the will-o’-the-wisps. If you want to look at the locations of the brothers that you have to find for the miasma protection armor in the form of the darkness set, we recommend the linked video guide.


The hardware update to the iPhone 16 Pro camera will not be very noticeable

The upcoming 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will receive updated main camera sensors. Their resolution will not change – 48 megapixels, but the size will increase from 1/1.28 Vidicon inches to 1/1.14.

Thus, the sensor area of ​​the wide-angle camera will be 12% larger. This was reported by an insider hiding under the nickname Digital Chat Station. Previously, before the release of the iPhone 15, he announced that the basic models would have a 48-megapixel sensor, but this sensor would be smaller than that of the Proshka.

The sensor model is also called Sony IMX 903. It will make it possible to capture more light thanks to an enlarged pixel.

According to earlier insiders, the iPhone 16 Pro will receive an advanced periscope, like the 15 Pro, and the ultra-wide resolution will also increase to 48 megapixels. Probably, when Apple reaches this value to the TV, the iPhone will finally start shooting video in 8K. On the other hand, do users need it?


2024 difficult for games: “Studios will close”

You may have noticed that there have been a lot of layoffs in the gaming industry in 2023. But with that year behind us, things don’t necessarily get better. Many gaming company executives expect all layoffs to make way for permanent closures by 2024.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 jobs were cut in the gaming industry last year, a trend that will continue in 2024. Moreover, it is likely to get worse, several CEOs of gaming companies told anonymously. One CEO calls 2023 the year of layoffs and 2024 the year of closures.”

  • Check out these gaming deals!

This applies to studios but also to publishers and other gaming-related companies. According to this CEO, there are “too many companies that don’t make a profit in video games.” The industry is facing “two painful years.”

Industry is struggling with a surplus of games

This has largely to do with the pandemic, according to another CEO. There was a lot of demand for games at the time, which meant that too many projects were given the green light at that time. Publishers are already signing up for fewer games, but for a healthier industry, the release calendar must return to looking like it did before the pandemic. That will take at least two years.

A similar statement was recently made by the CEO of publisher Nacon. He indicated that digital stores are flooded with games, making most of them practically invisible. Studios that make smaller titles need a specific, untapped niche to stand out.


Your GTX 1060 can have a second life thanks to AMD. FSR 3 performance put to the test

Regardless of who it may be, it is clear that scaling algorithms are the protagonists of this generation of graphics cards. The fight between NVIDIA, AMD and Intel goes through their bets, and the red team has put all the meat on the grill with your FSR 3. Recommended for the last two generations of GPUs, it can also be used with older cards, and some tests with the GTX 1060 and 1070 They say a lot positive about what’s new about the red team.

And not everything is DLSS in this life. Although NVIDIA is brandishing version 3.5 of its algorithm strongly, AMD’s FSR 3 wants to become the hope of those who do not have an RTX 4000. Seeking to create better frame rates through your Frame Generation techniquea YouTuber has tested the generations not supported by this scaling, and the truth is that it comes out well.

This is how FSR 3 performs on GTX 1060 and 1070

We had already seen AMD’s official numbers to show off the power of its generation of , but in the end what matters are the numbers of the users. Taking this as a challenge, Daniel Owen decided to put FSR 3 to the test on older graphics cards, and you can play Immortals of Aveum with several old cards.

arriving up to 60 FPS with the 1060 and even up to the 80s with the GTX 1070, the numbers give hopeful and surprising results, but there is an asterisk behind them. When generating , there are processes behind it that make the latency not ideal, giving a small delay to our movements. Even so, it is a brutal performance jump that can give a second life to these GPUs.


We solve the mystery of WhatsApp: what does the little flag that appears next to some messages mean

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application, and therefore it is not uncommon for users to sometimes confuse some of the features that are added. We have talked about the third blue tick, which does not exist nor is it expected, and the latest news has been the channels and access codes.

Now, a function that is generating some confusion among users of this messaging service returns to the main scene. It is a little flag, which is present in some messages. We clear all doubts and explain to you What is it and how can you take advantage of it?.

What does the flag that appears in WhatsApp messages mean?

For some time now, you may have noticed how a small icon appears in some messages, a little flag that is placed next to the time the messages were sent. Contrary to what we may think, it is not a function that WhatsApp randomly places in messages, but a feature that was announced not too long ago.

This is what the flag-shaped icon looks like on WhatsApp

Nor should we confuse this icon with the small star because this is a characteristic that allows us highlight messages within a chat. Specifically, it’s called “starred messages” and you can mark any as such by holding down your finger on it. After this, the options will be displayed in the top bar, where we will tap on the star to highlight it.

On the contrary, the flag icon is only present when the chat in question has message deletion activated. This function allows us to open a new conversation with a contact that we have in our agenda, but its peculiarity is that messages will automatically be deleted once the time we establish has passed (24 hours, 7 or 90 days).

How and what you can use it for

Once we have activated this option, our contact icon will show a small clock, indicating that automatic deletion is enabled in this conversation. But first, let’s explain How active.

In any existing chat, or in a new one, we will tap on the three vertically arranged dots, which are shown in the upper right part of the screen. With the options displayed, click on “Temporary messages”. On the next screen, we will establish the period after which they will be deleted. And we would be ready to take advantage of the function at hand.

In a temporary chat, the “flag” allows us to save messages

Now, in a conversation with automatic deletion, if we leave our finger pressed on a message, the top bar options will changeand instead of showing the star of the featured messages, we will see the flag icon, which is actually more similar to a bookmark.

All you have to do is tap on the icon in question so that even though the chat ends up deleted after the period we have set, these messages are still available. Therefore, it is a suitable function to preserve messages in a chat that we will lose in the future.


FIFA 21 career mode: best players who end their contract in 2022 (transfers for the second season)

We give you a list of the best footballers to sign in the second season of FIFA 21 career mode with big stars that could be at your disposal.

One of the main objectives that we are going to have in the career mode of FIFA 21 is to try to create a dream team, be it managing a squad created from scratch or already with great stars.

Be that as it may, we do not have a huge budget, and in addition to going for free agents or players who end their contracts in the first season, we can go a little further, and look for players who end their contract in two years and we will get real bargains under the big stars.

Of course, compared to last year’s delivery, we already told you that it is more complicated to be able to get hold of players who have just finished a contract, especially if they are big stars because the artificial intelligence of the game can end up making some changes at the last minute and upset us all the plans.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teams

FIFA 21 career mode: best players who end their contract in 2022 (good signings for the second season)

To succeed in career mode we have to try to look to the future, and if we look at the players who finish their contract in two seasons we can get great stars who, if they are already a certain age, will continue to be totally valid to give us many joys in our matches.

There are a lot of stars that we can sign in two years like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Junior, Mbappé, Benzema or Luis Suárez, among others.

Big stars ending contract in 2022 for the second season of career mode

Cristiano Ronaldo

The current Juventus Turin forward is 35 years old now, but he still has an average rating of 92 and incredible parameters such as 95 in jump, 95 in reactions, or 95 in definition that make him totally fearsome for our attack plays.

Of course, if you want to sign him you must try to improve the € 200,000 he earns a week.

Neymar Jr

The PSG striker is now 28 years old and has an average rating of 91, with remarkable parameters of 95 in dribbling, 95 in ball control or 96 in agility, which makes him capable of leaving practically any defense in the world.

If you want to sign him in two years when the contract ends, you should try to improve his weekly salary, which is around € 250,000.


The French player, also from PSG, is 21 years old and will be a true global star in the coming seasons and you can take advantage of his overall rating of 90 and a future potential that goes even further.

It has remarkable parameters such as 96 in acceleration, 96 in the race or 92 in dribbling. Of course, it will not be easy for you to convince him to leave PSG when his contract ends, given that he has a salary of € 150,000 a week.

Ter Stegen

The 28-year-old FC Barcelona goalkeeper is one of the best in the world, and that is why he has an average rating of 90. He has other notable parameters such as 90 in reflexes, 88 in jump or 88 positioning. It will not be easy for you to get him out of Barcelona when the contract is about to end given that he has a weekly salary of € 250,000.


The 32-year-old Real Madrid striker has a very important average rating of 89, and outstanding parameters such as 91 in reaction, 91 in heading precision or 90 in ball control.

If you want to sign him, you will have to improve the € 330,000 he receives per week, a figure that will be almost unattainable.

Luis Suarez

The new Atlético de Madrid striker at 33 years old continues to have a high quality, highlighting that average valuation of 87, and if you want to convince him to join your ranks, you will have to offer him more than € 100,000 a week.

Other footballers who end their contract in 2022 and that you could sign:

  • Dybala, The 26-year-old Juventus forward has an average valuation of 88 and a weekly salary of € 180,000
  • Lloris the Tottenham goalkeeper is 33 years old and has a high average of 87, and receives € 120,000 per week
  • Carvajal, the 28-year-old defender of Real Madrid with an average valuation of 86 and a weekly salary of € 120,000
  • Varane, another 27-year-old Real Madrid defender with an average valuation of 86 and a salary of € 200,000 a week
  • David Silva, the 34-year-old Real Sociedad player with an average valuation of 86 and a salary of € 54,000 a week. 
  • Piqué The defender of FC Barcelona with 33 years and average valuation of 86 with a weekly salary of € 200,000
  • Goretza is the 25-year-old Bayer Munich midfielder with a valuation of 84 and a salary of € 95,000 per week
  • Felipe, the defender of Atlético de Madrid, 31 years old with an average of 84 and a salary of € 70,000 per week
  • Isco 28-year-old Real Madrid midfielder with a valuation of 84 and a salary of € 200,000 per week
  • Witsel, the Borussia Dortmund midfielder with an average valuation of 84 and a salary of € 75,000 per week
  • 28-year-old Sergi Roberto from FC Barcelona with an average valuation of 83 and a weekly salary of € 170,000
  • Lacazette the 29-year-old Arsenal forward with an average valuation of 83 and a salary of € 200,000 per week
  • Trippier, the 29-year-old Atlético de Madrid defender with an average valuation of 83 and a weekly salary of € 65,000
  • Arturo Vidal, the 33-year-old Inter Milan player with an average valuation of 83 and a weekly salary of € 120,000

Now you know which are the best players to sign in the second season of FIFA 21 career mode

Remember that you can also warm up your engines with our general guide to FIFA 20, although we have already given you  many useful information to play FIFA 21:

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XDefiant has an open beta this week, although you have a very limited time to participate. Here are all the details

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s new competitive game, has announced a new testing phase open beta for this same week; which is great because previous versions operated only under registration and not all of them took place in Europe. If you want to play, you have a chance this week, although it will only last a few hours; so it’s a good idea to preload beforehand.

XDefiant beta date and time

  • September 28 21:00 – September 29 3:00
  • Mainland Spain time
  • Preload available from September 26
  • Preseason content available
  • Platform: PC (global)

According to those responsible, the content of the PTS is not subject to Confidentiality agreementsso if it doesn’t suit you to play for whatever reason, at least you can see videos or live broadcasts of the game. “When available, these sessions will serve as a platform for us to experiment with new features and configurations throughout the year, where we can gather your valuable impressions before launching them in the following season,” reads the official XDefiant website.

In case you weren’t up to date, XDefiant has become a new obsession for Call of Duty enthusiasts: thanks to its mobility and sensations of control, at the moment the game is well on its way in terms of popularity. It remains to be seen how it will fare in the final version, which will be released for free on PC and next-generation consoles and a roster of characters from different factions and personal abilities.


Jujutsu Kaisen: this was the funeral with which fans said goodbye to Satoru Gojo in a subway in Santiago, Chile

It is one of the most popular seasonal anime in recent years, its growth has been exponential like other contemporary anime such as, Although their themes are completely different, many fans enjoy both equally.and also, they quickly become trendy once something completely new comes out.

A few days ago we commented on a news that shook the entire internet, it is the last chapter of the manga where we can see Satoru Gojo dead, as explained in the vignettes, Sakuna found a way to kill him once and for all.although all this was incomprehensible to most readers and the series has not given an answer or an explanation for the death, fans did not take long to react.

This is the Gojo altar that they built in the Santiago metro.

This time it was the city of Santiago de Chile that expressed its love for Gojo, although it is a fictional character, Gojo is one of the most beloved protagonists in the world of anime and This represented a great disappointment to all fans around the world.on the altar that was built for him, the fans put notes of affection, although the subway administration made it clear that all this would be removed for obstructing the pedestrian path.

How many episodes will the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen have?

This season that is currently being broadcast will be divided into two parts, the first in the arcs of “The Hidden Inventory” and the other in “The Premature Death”, the second part will cover the arc of “The Shibuya Incident”, this season will have a total of 23 chapters divided into two parts. This last part will probably be broadcast between December 7 and 21.


PS5 crashes? Marvel’s Spider-Man and rest mode just don’t get along

Apparently the system software of PlayStation 5 is creating several problems for console owners. Some users have reported a conflict between the external SSDs and the software, causing the console database to be rebuilt. But now there is a new piece to this puzzle and it would have to do with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Journalist Jeff Gerstmann seems to have found the reason for this problem: apparently putting the PlayStation 5 into sleep mode with Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered running causes the console to crash. “It appears that putting a PS5 into rest mode while Spider-Man Remastered is running freezes the entire system, forcing the ‘external drive repair’ process when starting the backup. At least it was like that for me the few times I did it today“he writes in a tweet.

For now, therefore, the universal advice is not to put the console in rest mode with the game still running. An excellent reminder waiting for a possible patch for all those who still do not have the console available.

Seems like putting a PS5 into rest mode while Spider-Man Remastered is running crashes the whole system, forcing that “repair your external drive” process when you start back up. At least that’s how it’s been for me the few times I’ve done that today.

– Jeff Gerstmann (@jeffgerstmann) November 11, 2020

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PlayStation 5 will be available in Italy from November 19th.

All the details on Sony’s next-gen console in our PS5 review

Source: Push Square