Are you lying or telling the truth? The algorithm that detects lying faces

An algorithm designed at the University of Michigan manages to detect with greater precision than our brain whether a person is lying or telling the truth.

Lying has been a constant argument in the history of literature and cinema. Characters like Pinocchio or Lazarillo de Tormes learn to be liars, with different consequences. The first one’s nose grew, while the second one’s blind man was hit when he realized that he was stealing his grapes or wine. In real life, unfortunately, we also encounter people who deceive. But do you know how to differentiate if someone is lying or telling the truth? A new algorithmdesigned by the University of Michigan, manages to determine a lying face with greater precision than the human being himself.

“We are really bad at lie detectors,” scientist Rada Mihalcea tells New Scientist. The researchers analyzed 121 videos of initiatives such as The Innocent Project. This platform was created by legal specialists in 1992, with the aim of helping prisoners who could be declared not guilty after DNA analysis. Thanks to this evidence, the lawyers were able to demonstrate, for example, that the witness had been confused in 235 cases and in 88 cases the confession was false.

Greater effectiveness than the brain

Knowing if a person is lying or telling the truth can help in judicial processes. To check the effectiveness of the algorithm developed, the scientists transcribed the videos, along with the gestures and expressions of the accused, so that the computer could analyze them. The results showed that this algorithm is much more accurate than humans themselves, even those who carry out the interrogations.

Our brain is able to determine 59.5% of the time that a person is lying, a higher percentage in the case of professionals, who are able to differentiate a face that was not lying 65% of the time. On the contrary, the algorithm correctly identified people who were telling the truth in 75% of cases. When analyzing the interrogation videos, the computer was more precise than humans in determining the truth of the deception, as if it were able to discern Pinocchio’s “growing nose,” a trait we are less able to distinguish, judging by the results. of this research.

The application of computational techniques such as the development of this algorithm is one more example of how science can help in trials. The University of Michigan study thus joins other historical works that allowed fingerprints or genetic analyzes to be applied as forensic evidence. Could this algorithm be used in judicial procedures in the future?

Images | Succo (Pixabay)

samsung screen Ξ TREND

Samsung wants to revolutionize the on-screen fingerprint sensor Carlos Oliveira December 2, 2023

Samsung was one of the first brands to adopt fingerprint sensors on the screen of its smartphones. Now, it is looking for new ways to make this technology more convenient and secure for users.

Apparently, the South Korean company’s next step will be to turn its OLED screens into a giant fingerprint sensor. Additionally, they could read and authenticate multiple fingers simultaneously.

Samsung wants a screen that doubles as a large fingerprint sensor

This news was announced in an interview by Dieter May, CEO of the French company Isorg, which is dedicated to developing fingerprint sensors for screens. According to him, Samsung’s solution could hit the market in 2025.

It was during the IMID 2022 conference that Samsung announced its next generation of OLED displays. Designated “OLED 2.0”, these new components should incorporate a fingerprint sensor that will even allow several fingers to be read simultaneously.

According to data provided by Samsung, this approach turns out to be 2,500,000,000 times more secure than a single fingerprint sensor. That is, the security associated with this solution will be unambiguous for users.

Samsung not only focuses on the security of its fingerprint sensor, but also its convenience. The goal is to make the entire screen act as a fingerprint sensor, allowing reading anywhere on the panel.

Thanks to this solution, the user would no longer have to worry about placing their finger in a specific place to obtain a reading. All you had to do was place your finger anywhere on the screen to get a result.

French company Isorg, voiced by Dieter May, also reveals that it is developing a similar solution. The executive says his solution could enter mass production as early as 2023 and will have a lower-risk path to market.

This news comes just a few weeks after a rumor emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S23 will use Qualcomm’s Sonic Max 3D sensor. This also has the advantage of being able to authenticate two fingerprints simultaneously.

Even so, the new Qualcomm sensor has a reading area limited to 20 mm x 30 mm. We are talking about a sensor five times more precise than the solution used in the Samsung Galaxy S22 line.

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apple iphone Ξ TREND

Apple iPhone 14: satellite connectivity has already saved a life Carlos Oliveira December 2, 2023

The case took place yesterday in Alaska, December 1, when a man became trapped at Nimiuk Point. It was thanks to the satellite connectivity used in the Apple iPhone 14 that what could have been a tragic story had a happy ending.

After being deprived of mobile network connection, this man’s iPhone used the Emergency SOS feature to alert local authorities about what happened. The reasons for this accident were not clarified by the authorities.

Emergency SOS for iPhone 14 makes first successful save

The report was made public by the Alaska Department of Public Safety. In the statement they reveal that they were alerted on December 1, at 02:00 local time, for a man stranded at Nimiuk Point.

This alert came to Alaska authorities from the Alaska Emergency Response Center. Manzana. He reported that a man, who was traveling on a snowmobile, was stranded in an area near Kotzebue.

The report that came to the Alaska Department of Public Safety contained the exact coordinates of where the man was located. With this information, four volunteers were immediately sent to the scene to carry out the rescue.

These four volunteers claim that the accuracy of the coordinates provided by Emergency SOS on the iPhone 14 were quite accurate. In fact, they did not hesitate to express their astonishment at the veracity of the information received from Apple.

The report released by local authorities states that no injuries were reported and that the victim was taken to Kotzebue. This document also lacks additional details about the reasons that caused this accident.

What we must remember from this story is that one of the main new features introduced in the iPhone 14 is already starting to show results. Plus many other user support features. AppleEmergency SOS has already proven that it can really save lives.

This feature is automatically activated every time an iPhone 14 user tries to call 112, but there is no network. In this way, several satellites are used to record the user’s location and alert the competent authorities.

For now, this is a feature only available in the US and Canada. At the end of this month it will be extended to France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, but we still don’t know when it will arrive in Portugal.

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dead hero photos show Ξ TREND

The Boys Season 4 set photos show the return of a dead hero

The Boys is about to return with the fourth season, directly on Prime Video where the series has widely established itself as one of the best on the Amazon streaming platform, obtaining ever-increasing critical and public acclaim. Now although death is an irreversible condition in the world of The Boys, a “hero” appeared on the set of Season 4 who in theory died during the previous season.

We’re talking about the taciturn Black Noirkilled by Patriot in the third season, which however seems to Quango from the photos taken on the set of the season in development to be ready to return to the scene once again.

You can see the protagonist of this return directly here, while he was taking a break from filming in costume alongside his companions on the raid. Now, we don’t know if these are scenes related to flashbacks that the protagonists might have, or scenes that are dedicated to the Vought American film series (in the series the heroes act in some films that the company forces them to shoot), the fact is that the creator of the series Eric Kripke had commented thus at the end of the third season the death of the silent hero:

A character who is completely silent and in a black mask can be replaced.

nasa system Ξ TREND

Videos: NASA astronauts begin to modernize the solar energy system on the ISS

The goal is to place one or two structures to support the new six solar panels that NASA plans to begin delivering at the end of this year or beginning of 2022.

Two astronauts International Space Station (ISS) This Sunday they carried out the first of a series of space walks in order to modernize the solar energy system from the laboratory and give it more power, NASA reported.

The objective is to place one or two structures to sustain the new six solar panels that NASA plans to start delivering at the end of this year or beginning of 2022.

The astronauts of the POT Kate Rubins and Victor Glover They left this Sunday ISS cwith special suits with batteries and equipped with helmets with cameras and they were floating in the station’s Quest lock while they gave the first steps for the installation of the structures.

Rubins and Glover They took out two bags of two and a half meters long that contained the struts that will be assembled to form the structures dand triangular supports.

If it is necessary to complete the task, after this walk that is expected to last six and half hoursNext Friday they will leave the station Rubins and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi.

Today’s is third walk space of ISS astronauts so far this year and the 235 since 1998.

The space station has four huge wings of solar panelstwo on each side of the armor laboratory energy.

Each wing is made up of two panels of 39 feet (11.8 meters) wide extending 112 feet (over 34 meters) in opposite directions and power eight electrical circuits.

The first wing with Two panels were installed in December 2000 and in 2006, In 2007 and 2009 the others were added.

When the station is in daylight, the panels charge the batteries and at night they supply the stored energy to the station.

The six new solar panels that lto NASA will place in the EEI have a cost of 103 million dollars, dimensions of 20 by 63 feet (6 by 19 meters) and with them in operation the improved station system will provide about 215,000 kilowatts of energy.

Kenny Todd deputy program director of the station at the NASA Johnson Space Center, in Houston (Texas), said in a statement that technology has advanced to a point that today “with smaller panels you get more power.”

Walks will be needed later additional spaces to install the four mounting brackets additional solar panels and the panels themselves.

The new materials will be taken to the ISS by three cargo ships SpaceX Dragon which will be released later this year. Two spacewalks will be required to install each new panel, the company said. POT it’s a statement.

This Saturday the vice president of USA Kamala Harris
called the astronaut Victor Glover to the ISS and congratulated him for having made history as the first African American to reach the space station, something that she herself also African Americanshe did by being the first woman to become Vice President.

dualsense Ξ TREND

DualSense Edge, release date and price

After a reveal that left us mouth watering but without a release date, finally today via the PlayStationBlog revealed when we will be able to buy the new wireless controller for PS5, the DualSense Edge. This new little gem will be available starting from January 26, 2023 around the world, while i pre-orders they will be open from Tuesday October 25th.

With the announcement, PlayStation also released a trailer that illustrates the potential and characteristics of the controller, a video that you can start from the player above.

The DualSense Edge was “designed for high performance and customization”this through customizable controls with replaceable stick modules and more, here is the detailed list of contents:

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • USB braided cable
  • 2 standard caps
  • 2 Tall Domed Caps
  • 2 low domed caps
  • 2 half-dome rear keys
  • 2 rear buttons lever
  • Connector housing
  • Transport case

Clearly the controller includes all the features that made the classic DualSense a controller loved by gamers, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The recommended retail price of the new wireless controller DualSense Edge and of €239.99while I replaceable toggle modules they will be available from January 26th at a recommended retail price of €24.99.

google Ξ TREND

Driving license and citizen card in Google Wallet are on the way Bruno Coelho December 2, 2023

We are increasingly heading towards a future in which we can forget about our wallet at home, and not be left alone if we need to use our Driving License or Citizen Card.

In theory this is already possible thanks to the application, which is the official application to access digital documents issued by the Portuguese State. But in the future, we may also have these documents in Google Wallet.

The new Google Wallet functionality begins to be tested in the United States

When introducing the new Google Wallet in May, Google announced that it would have support for digital ID and driver’s licenses before the end of the year. And this possibility is already being tested.

As revealed by XDA-Developers, in the December update of the Google Play system, a mention of support for digital identification and driving licenses is included in the application.

For now, these features will only be available in Beta in the United States and select states. More details should be known in the coming weeks.

Do you use Google Wallet on your Android smartphone? Tell us in the comments what you think of this new feature and if you will use it if it comes to Portugal in the near future.

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“If it were easy, we would have done it already”

Accessing elBulliLab is a task for beginners. And it’s not a metaphor. The entry itself defies “logic”. Perhaps so that from your first step in this laboratory you become imbued with this philosophy, that of challenging what is established.

It is a semi industrial place, with high ceilings and open spaces. Spartan decoration and atmosphere. The walls are not such… but rather mobile polystyrene panels whose location changes depending on the needs. Its function is not only to separate environments, but to act as containers of knowledge, panels of ideas that receive each piece on which the ElBulliLab researchers work, until forming a labyrinth of wisdom. And their mobility is not trivial, each new position configures a new path to organize knowledge. A system designed so that creativity can flow freely, and open new paths if it needs them, drawing its layout as it progresses, marking straight lines or meanders as the objectives take shape on the horizon.

«It is fascinating how they manage to adapt the space to the needs of the moment, without letting the space be the element that conditions them.»

Adriá Mallol. Telecommunication engineer. Buzzing about the 1st Talentum elBulliLab promotion

It could be thought that it is the transcript of Ferrán Adriá’s own mind. An open mind, in which there are no fixed walls, but any wall/belief can and should be overcome, so that it does not act as a brake on an innovative idea.

So the walls of ElBulliLab are mobile, light and with a didactic rather than an architectural function.

Everything is documented, and exposed so that it can be captured and understood at a glance. Although everything is held together with pins – thousands have been used to date – to remind us that nothing can be taken for granted. That all knowledge can be questioned. That we always have to ask ourselves if what we thought we knew is really like that or if there are other ways of looking at it. To perhaps, over time, recognize that a tomato is not something natural, and that flour is not an ingredient (but a manufactured product).

I have learned to learn, to feed this learning, execute and share. Although I am an engineer, I have been curious about digital marketing and I am delving into it through a MOOC.

Marga Cardona. Telecommunication engineer. Bulliniana of the 1st Talentum ElBulliLab Promotion.

In this environment is where the first edition of Talentum ElBulliLab has been developed, a Telefónica program formed by a multidisciplinary team of young people, students and recent graduates working on projects related to the transformation and digitalization of organizations.

It has been a turning point in my discipline, from the moment they trusted me to design a new library project, which had not been done until now, in the Lab’s documentation space.

It was incredible to realize that a person like Ferran Adrià, completely foreign to my discipline, shows you that things can change and that they do not have to continue as before.

It was a novel project that I was able to promote thanks to a phrase I heard from Ferran Adrià: “If it were easy they would have done it already.”

Andrea Aparicio. Documentalist. Bulliniana of the 1st Talentum elBulliLab.

The first class has lived the experience with a mixture of enthusiasm and initial confusion. Although, finally, he has learned to unlearn, to enjoy challenges. An experience in which they have felt recognized despite, or precisely, because of their youth. Where they have been bitten by the virus of curiosity and infected by the possibilities of other disciplines. Where they have felt the pleasant weight of trust placed on their shoulders.

An experience that has changed their way of thinking and that they carry in their backpack forever.

Participating in Talentum ElBulliLab has helped me get rid of certain complexes about being young. On the contrary, I have learned that to succeed you need to be young, not in age, but in restlessness, in curiosity, in non conformity. That’s what innovation is based on.

Inés Masip. Publicist. Bulliniana of the 1st Talentum elBulliLab.

Because they have experienced the birth and evolution of a project extraordinary in its ambition and focus. And because they have participated in how a creative leader like Ferrán is capable of evolving an idea, a project. Or, in the purest language of StarUps, how he has managed to pivot his project towards new paths to promote creative thinking and training aimed at innovation.

Lean Startup…, Design Thinking…. Will we soon begin to learn about the methodology By Ferrán Adriá. / Ferrán’s Way? If so, it will be a reflection of his ability to bend each discipline simply by looking with different eyes, asking other questions, until it adapts to his needs, to his concept of reality. Just like he already did with the plates or forks. Sorry, with the tasting tools…

And the first promotion of Talentum ElBulliLab has been a witness and architect of its birth. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the next one?

The Map of the “Bullinianos” project has been the one I liked the most. Being the most complex, it has been a very interesting challenge that I have shared with Joan. Furthermore, it teaches us that elBulli and Ferrán Adriá reach practically everyone and have many followers.

Joan Triay. IT. Bulliniano of the 1st Talentum ElBulliLab Promotion.

For me it has been like an experiment from which we discover diverse results on both sides based on two reciprocal principles. This is what I intend to represent in this graph: it emulates experimentation in the field of creativity and innovation.

Lucas Carrascosa. Graphic designer. Bulliniano from the 1st promotion of Talentum elBulliLab.

app facebook samsung Ξ TREND

Why doesn’t Samsung block Facebook app data?

We have had Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on the Galaxy S6 for a long time and the truth is that, despite not having Android 6.0 Marshmallow at the moment, we have a Doze customized by Samsung. We already know when Android 6.0 Marshmallow will arrive on the Galaxy S6 but, while we wait, we are going to comment on a very curious case.

We have already told you how the App Optimizer works in TouchWiz and the truth is that, while we wait for Doze (or it may not arrive as such) we already have an application that does more or less the same thing. Of course, I have observed that the Samsung App Optimizer does not block Facebook app and there is no way for it to be listed when Doze does on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the native version.

Doze on Galaxy S6 does not block Facebook

For misfortune, he Galaxy S6 App Optimizer on Lollipop Can’t Block Facebook App. Has Facebook signed an agreement with Samsung so that they do not block its application data?

The strange thing is that in the App Optimizer all the applications that I have installed on the terminal appear except Facebook applications such as Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp. Obviously the strange thing is that applications like Twitter, Telegram or Spotify do come out and can be deactivated.

For those who do not know how application optimization works in Samsung, you should know that it blocks the Internet connections of the applications that are placed here and does not allow them to connect to the Internet when they are not open, which ends up with timely notifications. real. This would make neither Facebook nor WhatsApp send notifications of status updates, messages, etc. Why are only the applications that have disappeared those from Facebook?

Obviously none of the companies will reveal anything about it, but I wonder what strange deal they have reached to avoid blocking those specific applications. Will Samsung think that these applications are so widely used that no one will want to block them or will Facebook have paid so that its users will never stop receiving notifications? As soon as Android 6.0 Marshmallow is officially available for this terminal, I will start to see if Doze works well or makes a mistake. selection as in the case of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

huawei screenshot Ξ TREND

How to take screenshot on HUAWEI Mate 20

Taking a screenshot of your HUAWEI Mate 20 is quite useful in many situations. For example, to take a screenshot of a Snapchat that a friend sent you or to record significant data found on the web. Therefore, today it is necessary to know how to take a screenshot on your HUAWEI Mate 20. Rest assured, it is not very complex! There are actually different ways to take a screenshot on a HUAWEI Mate 20 and we will find out in this post. We will first see how to take a screenshot with the buttons of your mobile phone. We will see later what is the technique to take a screenshot with the HUAWEI Mate 20 menu. Finally, we will finally see how to take a screenshot with an application.

Take a screenshot using the buttons of your HUAWEI Mate 20

This is perhaps the most basic and effective way to take a screenshot with your HUAWEI Mate 20. In fact, to take the screenshot, you will only have to press several buttons at the same time. Pressing and holding the buttons may change depending on the version of your smartphone, but they must match one of the following combinations:

  • Press at the same time The power button et Low volume.
  • Press at the same time The power button et high volume.
  • Press at the same time return et The power button.
  • Press the button at the same time Home et The power button.

If the screenshot is taken on the HUAWEI Mate 20, you will probably see some kind of flashing on the phone’s screen, as well as some noise. If you don’t see or hear this, it means the capture didn’t work. From time to time, buttons may not be pressed completely at the same time. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Take a screenshot using HUAWEI Mate 20 standby menu

This technique does not work on all phones, however, it is likely to work on the HUAWEI Mate 20. Therefore, the technique is to use the standby menu to use the Screenshot option. To get to this menu, it is extremely easy, you just need keep pressing the power button of HUAWEI Mate 20. Once you are done, you will be taken to the standby menu which offers several options including restarting the phone or airplane mode. At that time, if you see an option Screenshot, just click on it to start screen copy. If you don’t see this option, it’s because it may not be available on the HUAWEI Mate 20. However, don’t panic, it is possible to easily take a screenshot with apps.

Take a screenshot using an app

In case you are looking for an easy way to take a screenshot with the HUAWEI Mate 20, you should know that there are a large number of applications that allow you to do so. Therefore, our teams examined the Touchshot app for you, giving you the ability to take a screenshot much easier than with previous ways of viewing. In fact, this application allows you make shortcuts to show the screenshot option. This means you can set the app to take a screenshot when you shake the HUAWEI Mate 20, when you hold down the camera button, or even when you click the notifications icon. You have to admit, it’s much better! It’s up to you to set the trigger you want and you’ll be able to take as many screenshots as you want. Feel free to check out our tutorial if you don’t know how to install an app on HUAWEI Mate 20.

Or screenshots stored on the HUAWEI Mate 20

Taking a screenshot is good, but you should also be able to find it on the HUAWEI Mate 20. In fact, if you have created a screen printer and want to share it or transfer it to your PC, you will need to know where it is. Most of the time, screenshots are saved in a folder that can be accessed from the photo gallery of your HUAWEI Mate 20. In fact, you should find a dedicated folder that includes all your captures. It will be the same folder in case you have used an application. Now you know everything!

samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung working on a Galaxy A9 Pro only for Japan

Many reports indicate that Samsung working on a new phonean improved version of the Samsung Galaxy A9, this new phone is surely the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro since its version number is SM-A9100 and the base model version number is SM-A9000.

At the moment there are no more details about the hardware that the Galaxy A9 Pro would use but we do know that it will be available only in Japan and could have improved features such as a larger screen, more storage and Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed as standard.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro

The Galaxy A9 is a fairly decent mobile phone and if we take a look at its specifications we will surely see them quite competent but we do not know what the Galaxy A9 Pro will bring to the table. We have already told you the specifications of the Galaxy A9 a long time ago but we take the opportunity to remind you of them.

  • Screen of 6 inches FullHD with Super AMOLED technology and 2.5D curvature, surely protected with some Gorilla Glass protection.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa-Core 64-Bit 1.8 GHz processor.
  • 32 GB of storage with the possibility of expanding it via microSD.
  • 8 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera with F/1.9 aperture, LED Flash and Optical Stabilizer (OIS).
  • 4000 mAh battery.

In addition to the rumor that the company is actively working on manufacturing of a Galaxy A9 Pro There has also been talk of the new J series that will include the Galaxy J1, Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7. At the moment the highest expectation is on a mobile that will not be easily forgotten, the Samsung Galaxy S7 that will be presented at the MWC 2016.

Via | SamMobile

whatsapp Ξ TREND

Download WhatsApp 2.12.421 with bug fixes

WhatsApp works hard to provide useful updates for the user. Since WhatsApp is free for everything, it is time to people stop worrying about paying for the service but this time you will start to worry about WhatsApp adding new features.

For a few minutes it has been WhatsApp version 2.12.421 available, a beta version that at first glance has improved and solved some problems in the application but does not add any differential features to the application. Yes, it is true that some things disappear from the user interface but there are no changes important enough to make it worth installing.

What changes does the new WhatsApp update 2.12.421 bring?

The new WhatsApp update is the version 2.12.421 and the complete .APK occupies 26.69 MB. To install the latest WhatsApp update you only need a mobile phone with Android 2.1 or higher and the update is already installed on thousands of smartphones.

Yes, this time there is no new feature so don’t expect big changes, WhatsApp has focused on fixing bugs and improving the performance of the application. There may be some small change in the update interface but neither the secret menu has appeared to see how WhatsApp is going to share your data with Facebook nor the menu that allows us to see the point-to-point encryption that WhatsApp uses. At the moment we are fully exploring the update and we have not found any major changes, although we have found some minor ones.

  • Ha Pay for a friend option disappeared in the Contacts menu.
  • It still appears Payment information but it is no longer possible to pay for the license, we must remember that now WhatsApp is free for everyone.

One of the things that WhatsApp users are waiting like a dream are video calls in the application and this change could mean progress or setback (if they do not work correctly) in the future of the app.

The application has reached one billion users (you already know that billion can be measured in two ways, don’t criticize me too much for it) and the video calls could be a good gift. Of course, WhatsApp being free for life is not bad to celebrate either. Do you already know how to earn money WhatsApp?

Discharge | WhatsApp 2.12.421 (.APK)

android jelly jelly bean zte Ξ TREND

The ZTE N880E was among the first smartphones to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Waiting for the official updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for devices NexusMeaning what Samsung Galaxy Nexus And Nexus Sthe big producers wanted to provide their own personal ones Road map regarding the official updates to the new distribution Android. Not just the owners of Nexus they were the first lucky ones to receive JB in fact, in the period of greatest discussion of the updates, in China the ZTE N880E received the big update.

Incredible but true. Let it be the first real effect of the PDK (Platform Developer Kit) announced by Google during the’I/O 2012?

Unfortunately we cannot know this. What certainly impresses is the update speed.

L’N880E was released in China last May with on board Android Gingerbread. The Chinese manufacturer has decided to jump generationally Ice Cream Sandwich supplying in a very short time JB.

We don’t know if this is the effect of an early version of the PDK or whatever but what is surprising are the very short update times if you just think about the short period of time they would have had in ZTE to test the update.

ZTE is obviously proud of this great achievement and also wanted to communicate it through a Press release official through which he also tried to praise his product and his smartphone.

While waiting for high speed for updates to be released here too, let’s make a short summary of the technical characteristics of theN880E:

  • 4-inch WVGA display, 480 x 800
  • Qualcomm 7627A SoC at 1 GHz with 512 MB of RAM
  • 4 GB of internal memory expandable via microSD
  • 3.2 MP camera
  • Radio CDMA2000 1x, EVDO Rev.A, 800MHz
  • 1,650 mAh battery
  • Dimensions and weight: 119 x 61 x 10.4 mm for 130g



Robots that are capable of teaching others

A robot has managed to learn certain movements using the knowledge generated by another robot.

The Cornell University robot, called PR2, learned a long time ago to do a series of movements, which consisted of picking up cups from a table and putting them down somewhere else. A team of volunteers taught the machine to perform these tasks. They guided him in his movements and then he repeated them. Recently PR2 has changed the role of student to that of teacher and has shown another robot, Baxter, how to pick up cups and place them in the right place.

But he hasn’t done it like the human volunteers did with him. PR2’s teaching method has been different (and, by the way, dreamed of by hordes of students throughout generations). It has consisted of knowledge transfer. Baxter is from Brown University, hundreds of miles away from where his professor was born.

The class has taken place remotely, of course, and through a shared database called RoboBrain, which as its name indicates aspires to be a kind of central brain for machines in the future. When PR2 learned to pick up cups and place them on top of upside down bowls, his knowledge—the information he had received, the way he had processed it, and the results obtained—was fed into RoboBrain.

Later, Brown’s robot, Baxter, went to RoboBrain and accessed this shared knowledge. He was able to take advantage of it to learn himself –a different machine– the actions that PR2 had learned. This milestone of robotics and artificial intelligence is a symbolic step, since one of the characteristic signs of human culture is the ease of transmitting learned knowledge.

In the case of learning by robots there is a great challenge to overcome. It’s about the physical difference. Next to this aspect, the adaptation of the software pales. And each robot is different, with different motors, which They work with different mechanics, as well as disparate weight and force. An order for a robot to place its arm in a position is not the same as the one that has to be sent to another machine, in order for it to make an equivalent movement.

A team at Brown University had to think about a scheme that would allow communication between the two robots, with its hardware and software. So that the knowledge uploaded to RoboBrain by PR2 would be useful to Baxter.

Image: Rethinkrobotics

black break poco Ξ TREND

BLACK FRIDAY: POCO M3, a Smartphone comes to break the economic range

Today we have a presentation offer for the new Xiaomi Smartphone LITTLE M3a terminal with a very good quality/price ratio.

The sale has started at its authorized store AliExpress POCO Store from today. Inside of the LITTLE M3 we have a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 a processor of proven solvency and a battery of 6000mAh that can give us even two days of autonomy. In section cameras It is not badly served either, since we find ourselves with a configuration triple with 48 MP sensor.

SoC, RAM and Storage

The new Smartphone LITTLE M3 As we mentioned, it includes an SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 an Octa Core with cores Kryo 260 capable of reaching 2 GHz and a GPU Adreno 610. It also includes 4GB RAM and for storage we have two versions with 64/128GB capacity. Sufficient hardware for daily use or playing any game in medium quality without problems with a processor that also offers us a fairly high autonomy.

Screen and other specifications

The screen of LITTLE M3 It is an IPS of 6.53 inches with an FHD+ resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixelsaspect ratio 19.5:9 with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and has a front camera at the top. 8MP for selfies. In the area of ​​photography we have in the back a main 48MP + 2MP macro + 2MP depth.

It also includes Wi-Fi aC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, side fingerprint reader, IR sensor, stereo speakers4G-LTE modem with dual SIM and a battery 6000mAh with fast charging up to 18W. Along with the smartphone we have included a 22.5 W fast charger that allows us to charge it up to 18W with Quick Charge 3.0.

The operating system is MIUI 12 based on Android 10while for connectivity we have a 3.5 mm audio jack which is appreciated because it seems to be disappearing and a port USB Type-C load.

Price and discount codes

  • LITTLE M3 4/64GB available in AliExpress for only €99 from China using the coupon BF2020ES10
  • LITTLE M3 4/128GB available in AliExpress for only €117 from China adding up THIS COUPON + BF2020ES12
  • LITTLE M3 4/64GB available in AliExpress for only €110 from Europe adding up THIS COUPON + BF2020ES12
  • LITTLE M3 4/128GB available in AliExpress for only €132 from Europe adding up THIS COUPON + BF2020ES12

watch Ξ TREND

Goodbye to Funimation: best alternatives to watch anime legally

Funimation says goodbye to its loyal users and all this is due to its merger with the Crunchyroll platform. If you had an account on this platform or were thinking about getting one, we have a list for you with the 5 best alternatives to Funimation to watch anime legally.

The following options have a paid subscription and some of them offer you a certain amount of free content, just as it did Funimation. However, if you are looking for other ways to watch anime, we recommend that you read our article with the best Telegram channels to watch anime and the best apps to watch anime.

Funimation closes its doors and changes its content

The fusion and Funimation closure It is a strong blow for the users of this platform, who have not only lost the place they had to watch anime, but have also lost the digital copies of the content they had already purchased. But don’t worry, below we have a list of alternatives that you can try to continue enjoying the best Japanese animation content available online.

Crunchyroll, the great anime platform

Crunchyroll It is definitely one of the best platforms to watch anime online, if not the best out there. It offers you an incredibly large library of content ranging from the oldest anime to the premiere episodes of currently broadcast anime. It offers content almost at the same time it comes out in Japan with different subtitling and dubbing options. It also offers you a free use plan with restrictions and the Premium Mega Fan plan that costs €6.5/month.

Visit | Crunchyroll

Retro Crush, the space for retro anime

If you are a vintage anime lover, Retro Crush is the ideal option for you, since this platform is widely specialized in old anime. Here you will not find the latest releases, but instead you will have access to a wide variety of classic anime series and movies such as Detective Conan, Digimon, Astroboy, etc. It has a free plan and at the same time it also offers you a paid plan with a cost of €4.65/month.

Visit | Retro Crush

Netflix, the platform that is increasingly betting on anime

Netflix It is the largest reference that exists in terms of streaming content and for quite some time now, the company has begun to invest more in the world of anime, even financing its own anime projects. Here you can find famous titles such as One Piece, Devilman Crybaby and Cowboy Bebop, however, as many already know, Netflix does not have a free plan, so it is necessary to purchase a minimum subscription. €5.49/monthwhich is what the standard plan with ads costs.

Visit | Netflix

Prime Video, the Amazon platform that also believes in anime

Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform also surprisingly has a wide selection of popular anime. Titles like Dragon Ball Z, Boku no Hero and Inuyasha can be found here and the best part is that if you have an Amazon Prime account, you already have access to this platform. So it is worth trying it or subscribing separately with its payment plan that has a cost of €5/month.

Visit | Prime Video

Jonuplay, an accessible and varied anime streaming service

jonuplay is a streaming platform that has titles such as Soy Sakamoto, Konosuba Explosion and Divine Gate. In addition, it also offers you streaming at the same time as in Japan, fast dubbing and subtitling, access from multiple devices, etc. Your paid subscription is €3.5/monthwhich makes it the most accessible platform among all the options on this list.

Visit | jonuplay

That’s all for now with our list of the 5 best alternatives to Funimation now that it closed, we hope you liked it and that you find a replacement for Funimation that you like. If you think there is an option that is also worth mentioning, but that we did not include in this list, leave it in the comments section for all of us to see.

amazon black cyber Ξ TREND

Amazon had the best shopping period in Portugal on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Rui Bacelar December 1, 2023

There were five days of intense purchasing volume in amazon. The phenomenon of Black Friday Is Cyber ​​Monday It also won over consumers in Portugal with (some) notable discounts, especially on home IoT technology and devices.

Now, according to those responsible for Amazon (Spain and Portugal), we learned that between November 24 and 28, customers bought a record number of products on Amazon. The top five categories were coffee shops, smart home, oral hygiene and cooking.

The Portuguese massively joined the Black Friday Amazon promotions

At the end of the month of the most anticipated promotions, Amazon has now announced that the Black Friday shopping weekend was the largest in history. In fact, according to the online sales giant, they had customers all over the world buying hundreds of millions of products between November 24 and 28.

“This was a record shopping weekend for Amazon. Customers have purchased millions of products these days and we still have many more incredible opportunities to showcase,” says Doug Herrington, CEO of WW Amazon Stories.

“Thank you to our customers for choosing to shop at Amazon and to our employees and sales partners around the world who make deliveries to customers possible every day.”

Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday highlights in Portugal include:

  • The best-selling categories were coffees, Smart House, oral hygiene Is kitchen.
  • Your 5 best-selling items on Amazon were the following:
  1. Coffee capsules,

  2. Chromecast (on sale),

  3. Oral-B PRO 3 electric toothbrush (on sale),
  4. Cosori Air Fryer
  5. Brita Maxtra+ water filter.

The best discounts had prior access with Amazon Home

The subscription service of the online sales giant, Amazon Prime is designed to facilitate purchases and provide access to content such as online storage for photos and videos.

Currently, more than 200 million customers around the world benefit from the many benefits of Prime. This includes the best in shopping and also a strong focus on entertainment.

Amazon Prime customers in Portugal can access streaming series such as The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, as well as a wide catalog of movies and series with Prime Video.

They also have unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos, free gaming content with Prime Gaming, Prime Day, and more.

Amazon Prime subscription costs 49.90 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month, which includes a 30-day free trial if you’re eligible. Finally, interested parties can subscribe on the page itself.

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android google Ξ TREND

Jim Zemlin: “Android will continue to grow and earn at Google”

Jim Zemlin he is certainly not a well-known and talked about figure but he is an important member of the LinuxFoundation, the executive director. During a long interview with Wall Street Journal Zemlin he happily chatted about Android and its great success. Definitely being partially related to Android his judgement, like ours, could be biased but his past does not make us think this of such a character.

Jim Zemlincurrently Executive Director of Linux Foundationpreviously worked for WesternWireless (now T-Mobile) e Covalent Technologiesand in recent days he spoke about Android (his favorite mobile platform) during an interview given to WSJ.

The discussion not only involved our beloved green robot but also the enterprise market, and for both it proved very confident for the future.

Zemlin is very confident in the continued progress of the HTML5 application development which will soon be of interest Android after abandoning the plugin Flash Player Of Adobe.

Second Zemlin:

“Android and the large group of OEMs who carry a diverse selection of hardware across all price points are uniquely positioned to provide, manage and deploy their application infrastructure.”

Not everyone will agree but the success of Android and some large producers agree with it freedom of software customizationso that each OEM can adapt its software experience to provide the best possible customization to users.

We should agree with what has been said by Zemlin; in these last days Google has reported its earnings and profits relating to Q2 2012 in which we have been able to notice this great growth. We can’t help but expect lots of new things Android and in BigG services.

Zemlin also expressed his thoughts on the acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google and on the new Nexus 7 which he sees as a new service and not a new product.

I conclude by recommending that you read the entire interview on the blog Wall Street Journal.


jelly jelly bean Ξ TREND

The Galaxy S III will receive Jelly Bean soon

We announced to you a few days ago that Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III was going through the final phase of testing at Samsung developers and was scheduled for August/September this year; today, according to Sammobile, we hear that the update could be released precisely at August and “not very far either.”

Obviously the version of Jelly Bean that we will see will be different from the one seen so far on Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S as it will not be Stock Android but the software will include the interface TouchWiz owner of Samsung.

Opinions are different, there are those who like it and those who don’t, I personally, after trying the Galaxy Nexus, thought I would never get a terminal that wasn’t Google Experience again, yet since I got the Galaxy S III I also really like the TouchWiz because on this device (both for the hardware and for the software optimization that has certainly been done) it runs without problems and offers many features. However, I hope that this UI does not deprive Jelly Bean of the fluidity and butter that we have seen it particularly equipped with.

We will be following the developments of this update closely while keeping an eye on Sammobile and, of course, Samfirmware.



BlueStacks 2.0: Multitasking, better controls, etc.

I have known for years BlueStacksIn fact, I started using it when it was still just a dream, a beta that came with many bugs and was not at all a perfect emulator. Now, during this time more than 100 million users have joined the platform and have become accustomed to using BlueStacks.

BlueStacks until now has always been something simple, an emulator where you installed Android applications, tried them and enjoyed them. Now things are changing and BlueStacks wants to look more and more like Androidafter re-releasing BlueStacks for OS

BlueStacks 2.0: More changes than ever

In BlueStacks 2.0 some changes have been added and many of them are really important.

  • Multitask– Now the most famous Android emulator, BlueStacks, has a very browser-like interface that allows users to run multiple Android applications at the same time. This will allow you to use WhatsApp while gaming etc. Testing an application while downloading another and all that stuff is very useful and the truth is that it looks really good. It is undoubtedly the most notable feature of the new version of BlueStacks.
  • Now it’s simpler and more efficient – Now users can easily access functions, rotate the screen, adjust the volume and some things that were previously much more hidden, all this can be done from the new Application Player toolbar and when you want full screens you will only have You have to click on the button enabled for this purpose.
  • Optimized and ready to play – Many users want to play and launch applications correctly, BlueStacks has been optimized so that the applications work better and better, the truth is that the update has not been in vain, it is impressive.

On top of that BlueStacks is working to give its community some new and useful features. The company works in a new section where the most used applications in the world are recommended. BlueStacks is not going to stop improving, stay tuned and we will inform you of the changes, let’s see when these improvements arrive in Mac OS X.

In case you have never used BlueStacks, here we have a tutorial on how it works, although with the latest update its appearance has changed a little but the way it is used remains similar.

More information | BlueStacks

amazon mobile Ξ TREND

Amazon wants a new mobile but this time it will not be the manufacturer

amazon It is a great company (with a great company we are not talking about great benefits but rather great ideas to dominate the market, although it is not that it has few benefits either). As a strong company that Amazon is, it wants to win over the consumer to offer, through its network, all types of services associated with it.

To offer a solid platform, having a significant presence in the mobile market is decisive and although Amazon has launched Underground for give away free apps to everyone who wants is not enough to have a good presence in the smartphone scene. We cannot forget that to be present you have to go out a lot and it is no use launching a small application store because most people use the one that comes pre-installed.

Amazon is looking for a partner for its next Android mobile

Imagine that you have had a girlfriend and you have had to leave her (things that happen, quite easy to imagine) but you are not going to stay single your whole life. Amazon has suffered a lot with the Fire Phonea project that has been a total failure due to its high price and few options on the market at that time.

Now, Amazon wants to do it differently and will look for partner with a phone manufacturer name that helps you launch a terminal with integrated Amazon services and leaving Google services aside (although we don’t know if the latter will be possible). Obviously the manufacturer should use Android as the operating system since Apple is not a possibility and its own operating system may not be the right thing to do (the Fire Phone has been a clear indicator that it is not).

Amazon’s option involves a mobile phone with Android

The biggest problem for manufacturers is that some are governed by Google’s Android rules that do not allow them to manufacture phones without Google Play, although there are several brands such as Facebook, Cyanogen and Microsoft already fleeing Google when it comes to establishing yourself on Android.

It is true that it is difficult to find a powerful partner that allows them to be successful in the market but there are many companies that already have a good market share and having the financial support of Amazon could be very interesting to create an impressive device at a reasonable price. The Fire Phone was too expensive. We cannot forget either that there are brands that have created devices with pure Android and with CyanogenMod in the same range, such as BQ with the Aquaris X5. What brand would suit Amazon to create a new mobile phone?

Fountain | Ars Technica



Continue flashbackpolar cold and monsters they will torment you: the Russian house 1C played a good job, it won’t be totally original but this horror it will involve you!

Cryostasis uses advanced graphic effects and you will need one very high-performance graphics card: I tried to “play” with i settings but even if at a minimum snaps slightly even if it turns out playable on my pc, so I hope you have one card with 512MB dedicated. Part of the plot you already know it and I invite you to look at this article.


Interesting news we can find: not so much at the command levelbut related to the fact that we will find in the various levels of the other people’s bodies with the possibility of relive a flashback which also has the function of shedding light on this matter.


As I mentioned before, the graphics are cutting edge they scenarios are photorealisticwater, ice and everything else around us are impeccably crafted and take full advantage of the new graphics engine.

Let’s now make a summary with relative judgment on this title:

Graphics: 9

Gameplay: 8

Sound: 7 Music and sound effects discreet.

Involvement: 8 It won’t be your drug, but the story will involve you and then there location polar will be very interesting. Remember a little “The Thing” The game taken from the homonym movie even if the gameplay is different: there you controlled a team of 4 people and the view was third personthis is one instead first person shooter. To make another comparison, you remember “In cold blood”? Meaning what “In Cold Blood”: the locations are similar and also the horror theme as well as in “Cold Fear” where you are in one ship infested with several creatures.

Final judgement: 8 We are faced with a game which will surprise you, thanks to graphics and some noveltybut what can result similar to others shooter And it does not radically innovate the genre. The game is then on PC exclusive and requires a Adequate hardware with high specifications.

instagram whatsapp Ξ TREND

WhatsApp would add reels like those on Instagram in its next update

The novelty in the instant messaging application would arrive this year and would be compatible with the same Instagram videos.

The renowned instant messaging application WhatsApp will bet on the reelsjust like Instagram, but how would it work?

According to the information released on a specialized portal, short videos posted on Instagram would be supported with WhatsApp. However, this novelty is generating multiple opinions among users.

Likewise, the portal mentioned that the company is working in this new function, which would arrive this year among one of its updates.

So far, no further details are known about this change nor is it known how WhatsApp would link the reels to view them, however, these could become shared across the state.

Although Instagram integrated reels a while ago, TikTok continues to be the social network that dominates the topic among users. For now, we will have to wait for this change to become official in the application to see if WhatsApp manages to dethrone TikTok in terms of reels.

apple disney Ξ TREND

Disney denies rumors about its purchase by Apple Rui Bacelar November 30, 2023

The entertainment giant is currently going through a bad phase in its operations. TO disney did not achieve the desired success with the latest animated films released globally, among other vicissitudes that, finally, led to the dismissal of the previous CEO, Bob Chapek. But could Disney be bought by Manzana?

New CEO Bob Iger, a well-known name in the company, was quick to deny these rumors. Although Apple has the capital to complete such an acquisition, especially now that the market is receiving its products well, Tim Cook’s company has never had so much momentum (and capital at its disposal) to execute a plan of this magnitude.

Bob Iger, new CEO of Disney, denies rumors about Disney’s purchase of Apple

Apple’s “working capital” It would be enough to invest in a company the size of Disney. In fact, we have observed several rumors in this regard, as well as some more ridiculous ones, such as the possible acquisition of the Manchester United football club. However, it seems that both the purchase of Apple and that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s former club are two big lies.

NoteIt is clear, however, that it would not be the first time that Apple would be involved in peculiar acquisitions. In fact, the same can be said for Disney, which in recent years has acquired several major studios to strengthen its entertainment empire on several fronts. At the same time, they also successfully confront the hegemony of Netflix with its Disney Plus.

Former CEO fired over Disney’s financial bankruptcies

Chapek held the position of CEO of The Walt Disney Company between 2020 and 2022, years of pandemic that brought their bitterness to the most varied sectors. However, it was also the period of rapid launch and growth of the Disney+ platform.

Bob Iger’s return was accompanied by the rumor “Apple will buy Disney.” Something that was quickly denied by the entertainment giant, without delving into explanations.

NoteIt is clear that the answer comes from the CEO of Disney himself, when asked directly about the possibility, his response was brief, a resounding “No.”

Bob Iger, CEO, guarantees that Disney will not be bought by Apple

Iger called these rumors “pure speculation” and did not pay much attention to them. In fact, the executive stated that these types of hypotheses are not reasonable at all, so he has no idea how such rumors began.

However, this thesis has been circulating on the Internet for some years, without any proof having ever been provided in this regard. Still, Iger stated in 2019 that, if Steve Jobs were alive, the hypothesis of uniting both companies was plausible.

Ultimately, part of the genesis of these rumors is due to the company’s CEO himself, since both Jobs and Iger were close friends, as the publication states. .

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