Hogwarts Legacy: Force Animagus back into his human form

How do you force an Animagus back into human form in Hogwarts Legacy? This is a question that one or two players who are playing the new Harry Potter game and have already cleared one or two camps of opponents may have been thinking about in recent days. If you come across one or more magicians with an animagus in the enemy camps, then the probability is quite high that the task mentioned above will be displayed as a so-called duel achievement. Duel feats are optional tasks that can be completed during battles.

Force an Animagus back into human form

In Harry Potter, an animagus is a magical person who can transform into an animal. Even if you can’t become an Animagus yourself in Hogwarts Legacy, you will always meet another opponent in the game world and especially in the enemy camps who can transform into an animal. In the Duel feat, you now have to transform your opponent back into their human form and all you need is the “Transformation” spell. You learn the spell early in the game as part of Professor Weasley’s task.

Transformation (control)

Transforms objects and enemies into an alternative form, whether puzzle solutions or harmless knick-knacks.

All you have to do now is equip the “Transformation” spell, target the Animagus and use the spell. The Animagus then becomes a Poacher Animagus and you can defeat the wizard as normal.

Become an animagus?

As mentioned above, there is currently no option in Hogwarts Legacy that allows you to transform yourself into an animal. So you can’t become an Animagus yourself. Probably nothing will change in the future, but perhaps sooner or later a mod will appear that allows you to transform into an animal.

A mod for Hogwarts Legacy was recently released that allows you to ride a dragon.


Deal : Battery manufacturer Varta stops production after cyber attack

The systems are offline, the production lines are at a standstill: the battery manufacturer Varta is forced to take drastic measures after a cyber attack.

In addition to private individuals, companies are a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals. After all, the sale of stolen data is promising Dark web or ransom payments as a result of a ransomware attack for quick profits. Now Varta AG has apparently fallen victim to a serious hacker attack, which is even forcing the German battery manufacturer to shut down production.

All businesses shut down

This comes from a current one Report of the company. Accordingly, the IT security incident occurred on the night of February 12, 2024. The cyber attack affected parts of the IT systems with an impact on all five of the manufacturer’s production plants and its administration. For security reasons, these have now been temporarily shut down and disconnected from the Internet, said Varta.

Varta checks damage

Varta does not reveal what type of cyber attack it was in the statement. The specific effects are still being examined, and the actual damage caused cannot yet be named. Cyber ​​criminals repeatedly target companies. Fraudsters recently stole extensive insured person data Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund. In addition to data theft, ransomware attacks are one of the most common attack methods. The malware hijacks the IT systems and only releases them again after a ransom is paid. Private individuals can also fall victim to such an attack. You can find out how to protect yourself here counselor.


PES 2020 patch – how to download option files to add licenses, kits, badges and more on PS4 and PC

A PES 2020 options file (or PES 2020 patch) allows you to fully enjoy Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 by adding the teams as if they had official licenses, although the best players in PES 2020 (here is the list of those from last year while we create this edition) are officially included.

Playing Man Red instead of Manchester United or MD White instead of Real Madrid does not make a real impact on the action, although the absence of real names may affect the overall show.

Fortunately (for Playstation 4 and PC players) there is a very easy way to change those default names to the real ones.

By downloading fan-made patches onto a USB stick and transferring them to PS4 (or copying them into game files directly on PC) you can replace all unofficial teams, statuses, kits and badges in the game, which means you can have a more visually realistic experience.

How to import PES 2020 options file to PS4

PS4 players can add a highly detailed options file to PES 2020 with a new feature that allows you to not only import the files, but to do so across multiple profiles with a single folder on a USB.

To do it on PS4 specifically, follow the instructions below (a little warning: obviously, what you download from internet forums is at your own risk, so I keep in mind before starting to search):

  • Format a USB pen drive to FAT 32
  • Create a folder on the USB called WEPES
  • Find a file of options by searching the internet. A popular option is PES World, but it is not yet active at the time of writing this guide. The one we have found is the pes-patch that we link here.
  • If it comes as a compressed file, unzip it into the WEPES folder. If not, just move all the downloaded files to the WEPES folder.
  • Plug the USB into your PS4 and open PES 2020.
  • Go to the menu “Edit”, “Data Management”, “Import / Export”.
  • Select “Import Equipment”, tick all the boxes on the “Select File” page and continue. The next page is “Detailed Settings”; here you must leave all the boxes unchecked.
  • The files will be added automatically. The more teams / leagues you add, the longer it will take.
  • Make sure to hit “Save” on the “Data Management” page that will appear at the end of the process and you will almost be done.
  • Tournament achievements must be added by hand. Go back to “Data Management”, “Import / Export”, “Import images.”
  • Then select “Competition Logos” under “Import Images.”
  • Select all individual images (not folders) and press OK.
  • You will have to edit each competition manually on the “Competition Category” pages that follow importing logos.
  • Note: PES 2020 has just come out, so we are still investigating if the steps above are exactly the same in PES 2020. In theory they should be the same as in PES 2019.

    After following these steps, you will have the complete set with names, logos, tournaments, kits and badges, as if you were playing a fully licensed version of the game.

    :: The best players of PES 2018: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards with the best scores

    How to download and install the PES 2020 options file on PC

    Things are different for PES 2020 PC players, who can install the fan-created patch in another, but also simple way. PC patches are more difficult to find right when the game comes out, but some can already be found.

    One option is this patch from, although we haven’t tested it on PC at the time of publishing the guide. Stay tuned for pes-patch and PES World if it still doesn’t work properly.

    Another website, PTE patch, should have one soon. To install it, you must follow these steps:

  • Download the patch.
  • Follow the instructions that are given to you once downloaded.
  • When the installer asks you for a folder to export the content to on your PC, select the place where you have installed the game. For Steam players, the usual thing is that it is in C: Steam SteamApps Common Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (if it is not on your main hard drive, you could change the “C” for another letter).
  • Check if the installation has worked by going to the “Edit” menu as you would to install it on PS4 and go to the “Computers” menu to check if everything is correct.
  • Note: PES 2020 has just come out, so we are still investigating if the steps above are exactly the same in PES 2020. In theory they should be the same as in PES 2019.

    This should suffice for PC gamers, but keep in mind that much more complete patches will be out on PC in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on community sites like PesWorld and Pes-Patch in the days after launch.

    Looking for more PES 2020 guides? On this page we tell you how to download option files to add licenses, kits, badges and more, we also have a list with the real names of the teams and the list of player scores with the best Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards.

    How to get the names of teams, competitions and kits in PES 2020

    Unfortunately for Xbox One owners there is no way to download and install an options file at this time. Rather than simply exporting files from a USB, Xbox One players will have to manually edit teams, competitions, and kits within the game.

    Fortunately, PES 2020 includes a full in-game editor, just like last year. Go to the Edit menu, where you will find the option to manually change things like team names (we’ve compiled a list of real team names to save you some time) as well as competition or kit names (but not sponsors and logos) and more.

    Additional reporting by Chris Tapsell.


    Deal : Microsoft Defender can be tricked with a comma

    Microsoft Defender has a vulnerability in which it is enough to insert an additional comma to bypass virus detection.

    Microsoft Defender is included in Windows and now protects the PC quite well against malware. However, a trick now makes it possible to bypass this protection.

    Microsoft Defender can be tricked

    Security Researcher John Page has discovered a bug in Windows Defender where an additional comma is enough to bypass virus detection. It’s about the Windows file “rundll32.exe”, which attackers can use to execute malicious code. Microsoft Defender checks this and correctly detects malicious code using normal code instructions. However, if you insert an additional comma into the malicious code, Defender will let it through.
    As Page reports, the security researcher found a similar bug in 2022, where the characters “..\.” had the same effect. But Microsoft has now fixed this. Until Microsoft patches the new security hole, another antivirus program is recommended. Especially since cybercriminals notice the problem and can specifically exploit it.


    OD: Kojima: List of those involved will be shocking

    Kojima has revealed that Jordan Peele is one of several celebrities he is collaborating with to develop OD.

    American film actor, comedian, director and screenwriter – Jordan Peele – will take part in OD, the latest work from Kojima Productions.

    Hideo Kojima revealed this in an episode of his YouTube show HideoTube. Kojima gave further insight into Jordan Peele’s involvement.

    “We met through my podcast and found out we were both fans of each other,” Kojima said. “We have seen each other a few times since then. We talked about wanting to work together and he will take part in OD.”

    While Kojima wouldn’t explain exactly how Peele will be involved, he confirmed that he won’t be playing a character in the game, but rather will be “creatively involved.”

    “No, not in that way,” Kojima said when asked if Peele will appear in the game itself. “He will participate creatively. I’ll get in trouble if I say any more.”

    Interestingly, Peele isn’t the only well-known star to collaborate with Kojima on OD in a similar capacity. Kojima says that there are “other members like him” who are also working on the game. While he can’t reveal their names yet, he says they’re referred to internally as “the Avengers.”

    “We actually call them the Avengers, but we have other members like him,” Kojima said. “If I announced the names, you would be surprised. We have a list of members we are in discussions with. But not everything is set in stone yet.”

    He added: “If we announce these names, my name will be completely forgotten. They’ll be shocked and say, ‘What the ?’ Whenever I show this list to agents and managers, they can’t believe it’s true. They ask, ‘How did you manage to gather all these people who don’t listen to anyone else?’”

    You can watch the episode here:



    Deal : Sunbooster presents power station with smart feed-in function

    The Austrian company Sunbooster is now introducing the Powerstation Grid, a mobile power storage system that can store energy even without a direct connection to the balcony power plant.

    Balcony power plants often produce the most energy when you are not at home. However, if the electricity generated is not used immediately, it is returned to the public grid virtually free of charge. To avoid this, more and more owners are deciding Balcony power plants for a power station. With mobile electricity storage, unused electricity from the mini PV system can be stored and used flexibly at a later date. To do this, however, you have to connect the power station directly to the balcony power station and place it on the balcony not far from the system. With the “Grid” the company Sunbooster GmbH now has one Power station on offer, which no longer requires a direct connection to the plug-in solar device.

    Protected from the elements

    Like that Press portal reports, the new grid power station from Sunbooster can be connected to any socket in the house. Control is possible via app via WLAN. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to set up the energy storage device directly next to the mini PV system on the balcony. The device is therefore no longer exposed to extreme weather conditions. This in turn has a positive influence on the durability and efficiency of the power station. In addition to two USB-A and USB-C slots and a DC input, the power storage also has three classic AC ports.
    If necessary, the portable power station can also be used as an emergency generator or for camping trips and recharged with solar panels from Sunbooster and Sunnybag. Sunbooster advertises that the grid power station is the world’s first balcony power station storage with such a feed-in function. However, the manufacturer Anker has been offering a power station with a similar feature for a long time.

    Classic power station with innovative function

    According to Sunbooster CEO Stefan Ponsold, the device should pay for itself within four years when purchased, taking current subsidies into account. However, it remains questionable whether this payback period is realistic with an average balcony power plant. In addition, precise control of the balcony power plant storage only seems to be possible with an additional Smart meter possible. The storage solution can be particularly interesting for users who have more than two solar modules in use and hardly need any electricity during the day. Interested parties can check out the new Sunbooster power station on the Manufacturer website Pre-order for currently 1,082.50 euros or 1,249.92 euros including a 420-watt solar module.


    Seven things we learned from analyzing 515 million words

    Millions of people play Wordle every day and share, discuss and debate how they tried to win.

    For the first time, we analyzed player performance in half a billion of these Wordle games over the past year and compared their results with the strategies recommended by our WordleBot.

    Here are seven things we learned:

    1. Among the first 30 starting words, ADIEU is the most popular but the least effective.

    Many words have been written about best opening words for Wordle. Answering this question was actually one of the motivations behind developing WordleBot. In his robot brain, a handful of words — SLATE, CRANE, TRACE – receive the robot’s seal of approval as having led to the solution with the fewest guesses on average.

    But for human Wordle players, the most popular opening word, by far, is FAREWELLwith AUDIOanother four-vowel word, not far behind.

    The strategy seems logical: figure out the vowels and the other letters will fall into place. The bot has never favored starting this way, but it is possible that the best strategy for a computer is not the best strategy for a human.

    Our new analysis, however, shows that from FAREWELL Or AUDIO actually puts human players at a disadvantage. How many one?

    On average, players who started with FAREWELL It took them about a third of a turn longer to resolve their words compared to players who started with SLATEtotaling up to 132 additional rounds over the course of a year.

    Worse still: while 1.7 percent of SLATE beginners failed to solve a Wordle on average, the risk of failure with FAREWELL more than doubled, to 3.6 percent.

    We cannot say with certainty that starting with FAREWELL causes players do worse. It could be that players who start with FAREWELL are more casual players or are less concerned with solving the smallest number of guesses. After all, not everyone cares about raw efficiency when playing. But we can say that, among the 30 most popular Wordle openers, FAREWELL achieved the worst.

    In general, the average WordleBot user solves a puzzle in about a quarter turn less than the average Wordle player.

    2. People love holiday words: PARTY, HEART, RABBIT, GHOST.

    The bot starts with SLATE every day, which can be boring. Human players, freed from the burden of mathematical precision, can and do change their Wordle openers throughout the year. (Players often explain their daily selection in the Wordle Review.)

    Here are the main opening words that gained popularity on certain days:

    • Christmas Eve (December 24, 2022): HAPPY

    • The day of Christmas: HAPPY, GIFTS, PEACE

    • New Year’s Eve: TO PARTY, YEARS

    • New Year’s Day (January 1, 2023): YEARS, TO PARTY, HAPPY, COSTS

    • The Super Bowl (February 12): GREAT

    • Valentine’s Day: HEART, LOVER, CUPID

    • St. Patrick’s Day: LUCKY


    • Coronation of Charles III and Camilla (May 6): CROWN, ROYAL

    • Labor Day: WORK

    Another fun pattern: TO PARTY there is a small peak every weekend.

    3. More people solve Wordle on their first guess than can be explained by chance.

    In the list above, we have excluded the first guesses which constituted the Wordle solution of the day.

    Indeed, in about one in 250 games, a reader gets the answer right the first time. This is much more often than you would expect if you left things to chance, although not all cases are necessarily outright cheating.

    Some may use a new window to make additional guesses after failing to solve the puzzle in six attempts. Some may reintegrate a solution found on another device to maintain a sequence or to test a technical problem. Others may have had the answer spoiled or, yes, may have looked it up.

    4. SLATE and STARE are on the rise, while CRANE is becoming less and less popular.

    Here you can see which opening words have become more popular over time. FAREWELL remains dominant, and its popularity as an opening guess has even increased.

    Popularity peaks due to external events – when “FAREWELL » was featured in the mini crosswords in August – or from the moment a word appears as a solution – AUDIO August 30, CRANE on June 21 – are obvious.

    5. Hardest words? Keep an eye on J.

    The most difficult words to solve started with J, ended with Y, or had a double letter somewhere. The hardest of all last year’s words, JAZZ, has all three. The five most difficult words of the past year, measured by number of rounds to solve:

    • JAZZ (June 1): 5.82 rounds to solve

    • JOKER (April 25): 5.69 rounds to solve

    • NANNY (June 3): 5.68 rounds to solve

    • JUDGE (December 26): 5.57 turns to solve

    • WALL (February 22): 5.52 turns to solve

    If you measure by solution rate, the most difficult Wordle puzzle was JOKERwith only 71 percent of players finding the solution.

    6. The words that surprised the robot the most were ANODE and MATEY.

    For over a year, WordleBot has not been able to view any list of solutions. Instead, the robot assigns almost every five-letter word in the English language – all 14,855 accepted Wordle guesses – a probability of being a solution. (The robot has no role in choosing which words appear as Wordle solutions; if it did, this task would be much easier.)

    Most of these words — AAHED has ZYMIC – are considered too obscure to be a likely solution and have no chance. For the rest of the words, the more common a word is (measured by its frequency of appearance in the New York Times since 2000), the higher the chance that the robot assigns to it.

    Most of the words that appeared as solutions — since CONFORM has YOUTH – had the maximum possible chances. But from time to time, a solution surprises the robot. His solution model is not perfect! This is one area where a savvy human player can outperform the bot.

    Here are the solutions from last year that surprised the bot the most, along with what it thought were their likelihood of appearing, relative to the most common words.

    • ANODE (August 5): 67.9%

    • MATEY (January 22): 73.2%

    • BORAX (April 12): 81.2%

    • GUPPY (May 4): 86.0%

    • DEBUG (February 11): 89.4%

    7. The bot learns from your guesses.

    Human players are free to choose any of the approximately 15,000 accepted Wordle words when playing. The bot is not so lucky.

    Deciding which words are common enough for the bot to recommend was a matter of judgment. We want the bot to be as competent as possible. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be helpful to have a bot that scolds players for not guessing words like AWDLS, LAARF Or YOKE.

    Incorporating data from player guesses will allow us to be more deliberate about the words the bot recommends. In the coming days, we will remove a handful of words from the bot’s list and make room for around fifty additions. A new batch of scientific terms — MALIC, CILIA, BORIC And NODAL – with many words related to food – CABBAGE, PANKO, MOREL, CHILE, UMAMI, JAMMY, BENTOS And BREAM – will make an appearance. We assume the robot spent more time reading the Science and NYT Cooking section.

    Note: In cases where we averaged guesses, failed puzzles counted as 7.5 guesses.

    gn EN headline


    the web to watch movies and series will now be called Playdede

    The row of sites ending in “dede” that have inherited the place that Pordede had as one of the Most popular websites in Spain to watch movies and series onlineIt is one that does not stop spreading.

    First it was Plusdede, and after it closed, Megadede made its way, and after his death in September 2020, now we have a new candidate waiting to receive all those users who were orphaned at the time: Playdede.

    Starts the 7 day countdown

    Unlike the previous versions of this website, Playdede will come with a whole new design. Those in charge of this project have renamed the official Megadede Telegram channel and the Twitter account, from where they made their first announcement, indicating that the website (which is currently in beta) will be launched in the coming days.



    – Megadede is now Playdede (@playdedecom) January 24, 2021

    On there is a countdown that has just over a week left. If you were a Megadede user and had downloaded your lists in CSV, you can upload them to this new portal to recover your content.

    As for mobile apps, they indicate that they will be developed once the web is open. Playdede will mainly offer only external links for both download and playback, but there will be players on the platform itself.

    Now we just have to wait for the new release and see how long it lasts online. If the pattern established so far holds, it is likely that sooner or later Playdede will also close and a new variant will take its place, and yet still, a few years and changes later, users from the long list of sites can still use the same original content lists.


    The Russian authorities want to collect data on IP addresses and bank cards from passengers of air and railway companies

    The Ministry of Transport has prepared a draft order on a new procedure for the formation of automated databases of personal data on passengers and personnel (crew).

    According to it, from September 1, the corresponding data must be transmitted by carriers in air, water and rail transport, as well as road transport for intercity and international traffic (except for flights between Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region). What will be included in the list of data:

    • information about bank cards (last 4 digits, bank name)
    • IP addresses
    • telephones
    • email addresses
    • logins and passwords for accounts on the carrier’s website or application
    • ticket price
    • class of service

    The information will be fed into the unified state information system for transport security (USIS OTB). Its operator is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Ministry of Transport “Zashchitainfotrans”. Rosaviatsiya, Rostransnadzor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB have access to it.

    At the same time, the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT) in its response to the project indicated that some of the additional data about passengers, including account login and password, are “confidential information, and therefore cannot be disclosed without the consent of the subject of such data.”

    AEVT noted that the new requirements do not comply with established ICAO recommendations and standards. The current standard, ICAO (Doc 9944) Guidelines for Passenger Name Records (PNRs), “directs States not to require or hold an operator responsible for providing PNR data that is not already collected or contained in its reservation system.” AEVT asked the Ministry of Transport to finalize the project.

    The assessment of the benefits is also not very clear, since a person can reach the booking stage on one device, continue purchasing from another, for example, from a mobile device, and carry out all these actions using a VPN.

    — Smartavia

    Smartavia supported AEVT. Russian Railways and other airlines declined to comment.

    According to a Kommersant interlocutor close to the Ministry of Transport, the document will no longer be finalized. (Kommersant)


    Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life: Egg Salad Recipe

    How to make the egg salad in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life? What ingredients do you need for egg salad? In the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life you can prepare various dishes, provided you know the recipe and have the necessary ingredients. Sooner or later one or the other player might want to prepare an egg salad, either because they need it for orders, as a gift for a resident or simply because they want to eat it to restore stamina and increase satiety. But what ingredients does egg salad consist of?

    Prepare egg salad

    For the egg salad you need three ingredients. This includes eggs, of course, and two certain types of vegetables. In addition to tomatoes, these include various hybrids such as:

    • Tomaberry – Tomato and strawberry
    • Melotte – melon and carrot
    • Erdarot – strawberry and carrot
    • Warotte – watermelon and carrot
    • Melonate – melon and tomato
    • Tokaro – tomato and carrot
    • Steckmate – turnip and tomato

    To get the crosses, you first have to cross the two seeds. You can buy the seeds from the talking plant named Vinnie. You automatically unlock Vinnie in the second year and you will then be in Takakura’s house. There you then have to increase the friendship to the maximum and then you can cross two plants or seeds. You then simply throw the three ingredients into the pot in the kitchen and prepare the egg salad on the stove.

    Tip: This is how you can unlock the ducks in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life.


    This IPTV list contains more than 7,000 free television channels from all corners of the planet

    Content broadcasts through IPTV lists have always been, and will be, in the crosshairs of authorities of all calibers as they have become one of the most used piracy systems on the planet. However, it is about a perfectly valid method that even television networks use throughout the globe.

    Precisely, quite a few users have organized themselves on GitHub to create a collaborative list with a huge number of free broadcast channels. We talk about more than 7,000 channels from all corners of the planet with a common characteristic: they are channels that broadcast openly and therefore their use, and their dissemination, does not make us break the law. And they are available to everyone.

    Thousands of channels organized by categories and with the option to watch adult channels

    Something that is very appreciated when accessing this type of massive IPTV lists is that they are properly ordered. It is much better to have the reference of the categories to navigate and find what we are looking for than to have to go channel by channel, or forcing ourselves (yes or yes) to have a list of favorite channels so as not to get lost or go crazy.

    This happens in the list that we offer below. We have all the channels grouped by different categories. For example, to locate comedy channels, music channels, those that offer free-to-air series or those intended for the little ones in the house. Regarding the latter, the list is even divided into two, one of which has no trace of channels intended for adults (either for violence or for content of an erotic nature).

    The list in question is the following, with the consequent separation of the adult channels:

    • List for all audiences:
    • List with adult channels included:

    Depending on which device we are going to view the contents of the list on we will need some apps or others. We can find applications for IPTV in the most popular SmartTV stores (just search for IPTV to see the options), and on mobile phones we have apps like GSE IPTV or even the VLC Media Player, which has the option to play content of lists of this type.

    The list itself indicates:

    As we told you, the channels included in this list are completely free and broadcast open. The list itself, if we filter by language, will remove some channels from the middle that may be limited for that reason. So, you can load the list into your favorite IPTV content playback apps and start investigating.


    MacOS 14 Sonoma: 41 funciones y trucos para exprimir al máximo tu Mac

    Te traemos una recopilación de 41 funciones y trucos para Mac, concretamente para usuarios de macOS 14 Sonoma. De esta manera, si te enfrentas por primera vez a un Mac con la última versión hasta la fecha del sistema operativo de sobremesa de Apple, podrás exprimirlo al máximo.

    Aquí, como solemos hacer siempre, vamos a mencionar funciones y trucos nuevas y antiguas. Nuestro objetivo no es que los usuarios aprendan a usar las nuevas funciones, sino que si usan Mac por primera vez tengan una guía completa con los trucos y funciones.  Así, verás que mencionamos funciones que llevan años con nosotros, pero no nos olvidaremos de las nuevas.

    Y como siempre decimos en estos artículos, estas son nuestras propuestas, pero quizá nos hayamos dejado algún truco que tú conozcas. Si este es el caso, te invitamos a compartirlo con todos en la sección de comentarios, y que así todos los lectores se beneficien del conocimiento de nuestros xatakeros.

    Ajusta el Dock a tu medida

    El Dock inferior de macOS, esa barra donde hay accesos directos a aplicaciones, es uno de los elementos distintivos del sistema operativo. Y siendo un elemento tan presente, es importante poder configurarlo y editarlo a tu medida. Lo primero es que arrastrando cualquier aplicación al Dock puedes añadirla, también puedes arrastrarlas para cambiarlas de lugar, y con click derecho en una, ve a y podrás eliminarla.

    Si pasas el ratón por uno de los separadores del Dock verás una flecha, y manteniendo pulsado con ella podrás hacerlo más grande y más pequeño. Si haces clic derecho en el Dock, verás opciones para que se minimice cuando no lo uses o para cambiar su posición en la pantalla, pudiendo pasar a estar en uno de los bordes inferiores.

    Explora todos los ajustes del Dock

    Si haces clic derecho en el Dock, puedes pulsar en la opción de . Esto te llevará al apartado de los ajustes de macOS, y dentro, en la sección tendrás todos los controles para personalizarlo. Te recomiendo que le dediques un tiempo para dejarlo a tu gusto.

    Aquí, de forma rápida podrás ajustar su tamaño y el efecto de ampliación cuando pasas el puntero del ratón sobre una aplicación. También podrás configurar el efecto de minimizado, la posición en la pantalla,  animaciones, ocultaciones y todo lo que necesites para personalizar su comportamiento.

    Elimina las aplicaciones recientes del Dock

    En el Dock, por defecto tendrás las aplicaciones que tengas ancladas y abiertas, y también las más recientes y otras recomendadas. Si quieres evitar que aparezcan las apps recomendadas y recientes que no tengas abiertas ni ancladas, hay una manera de hacerlo.

    Para hacer esto, entra en los ajustes del Dock, en el apartado de los ajustes de tu Mac. Aquí, simplemente desactiva la opción . Ahora ya podrás ahorrar espacio en el dock sin molestias.

    Crea una app a partir de una web

    Una de las novedades de macOS 14 Sonoma es que en Safari puedes crear una aplicación a partir de una web, las denominadas webapps. Esto quiere decir que crearás un icono de aplicación para una web, y que se abrirá en una ventana independiente, pero que al final seguirá siendo una web.

    Para hacer esto, entra en la web que quieras con Safari, y en la barra de menú pulsa en . Cuando se despliegue el menú, pulsa en la opción de , y al hacerlo crearás una webapp.

    Usa los perfiles de Safari

    En la última versión de macOS, en Safari vas a poder crear distintos perfiles, de forma que puedas tener separados varios contextos con sus propios marcadores, cookies, extensiones, historial y pestañas

    Para crearlos, al estar usando este navegador pulsa en el botón de la barra de menú, y verás la opción de . Luego, solo tendrás que ir alternándolos según los quieras utilizar.

    Tienes tu propio gestor de contraseñas

    MacOS tiene su propio gestor de contraseñas, que realmente funciona a través de la sincronización de iCloud para poder usar las mismas contraseñas tanto en tu iPhone como en el Mac. Por defecto, este es el gestor preactivado en macOS, y Safari te pedirá guardar las contraseñas allí. Si usas Chrome, tendrás una extensión de contraseñas en iCloud para poder usarlas allí.

    Las contraseñas tienen su propio apartado dentro de los ajustes, donde de paso puedes activar el llavero de iCloud para sincronizarlas. Además de esto, también tienen soporte para verificación en dos pasos, pudiendo generar la segunda clave en los servicios donde lo tengas vinculado.

    Puedes compartir tus contraseñas

    Además de esto, en macOS 14 también tienes la opción de compartir contraseñas con miembros de tu familia y personas de confianza. Para configurarlo, ve al apartado , y al pulsar en el botón de añadir elemento elige la opción de .

    Puedes crear los grupos compartidos que necesites. A cada uno podrás ponerle un nombre, y también podrás añadir a los usuarios que quieras en cada grupo. Vamos, que no tiene que ser toda tu familia, por ejemplo, sino simplemente a algunos miembros de ellas si lo quisieras.

    ¿No te gusta el nuevo autocorrector?

    En macOS ahora tienes un nuevo corrector automático que corrige automáticamente lo que detecte como faltas de ortografía. Pero a veces este corrector puede entrometerse y ser más molesto que útil, y si estás sintiendo esto mismo vas a poder desactivarlo.

    Para desactivarlo, tienes que entrar en los ajustes de macOS, y entrar en la sección de . Aquí dentro, ve a , donde encontrarás la palanca para desactivar la opción de .

    Añade widgets en el centro de notificaciones

    Si pulsas en la fecha de la barra de menú de macOS, que es la que aparece arriba del todo, abrirás el centro de notificaciones. Allí, podrás ver las últimas notificaciones recibidas, pero también puedes añadir widgets para que al abrirla puedas ver determinada información.

    Para hacerlo, abre el centro de notificaciones, y en la parte inferior pulsa en el botón . Esto te llevará a una pantalla donde vas a poder añadir o quitar los widgets que quieras.

    Añade widgets en el escritorio

    En macOS 14 Sonoma también puedes añadir widgets en el escritorio de macOS. Para hacerlo, simplemente haz clic derecho en el escritorio y pulsa la opción del menú contextual. Esto te llevará a la pantalla donde puedes elegir los que quieras añadir.

    Configura las esquinas activas

    En macOS puedes configurar las esquinas activas, que son atajos para que con solo mover el ratón a una de las cuatro esquinas de la pantalla se realice una acción. Por ejemplo, puedes abrir el lanzador de aplicaciones, minimizar la pantalla donde estás, etcétera.

    Para configurarlas entre en los ajustes de macOS, y pulsa en el apartado de la columna izquierda. Luego, baja hacia abajo del todo en este apartado y pulsa en la opción . Esto abrirá una pantalla donde puedes elegir qué hace cada una de las esquinas.

    Pon orden en el Launchpad

    Ya sea pulsando F4, por atajos de tu teclado o por su aplicación dentro del Dock, el Launchpad es la ventana que se abre y donde ves todas las apps instaladas. Por eso, conviene poner un poco de orden en esta ventana, y ordenar las aplicaciones tal y como quieres.

    Ordenar las aplicaciones es fácil, solo tienes que arrastrarlas con el ratón. Además, igual que en el móvil, puedes poner el icono de una app sobre otro para crear una carpeta donde haya varias aplicaciones.

    No te olvides de Spotlight

    . Si eres nuevo en Mac, debes saber que este es el atajo mágico para lanzar Spotlight. Es un buscador en el que puedes escribir el nombre de un archivo o aplicación, y te lo mostrará para poder abrirlo. También hace búsquedas online.

    Dentro de los ajustes de vas a poder deseleccionar las categorías de resultados en el caso de que no quieras que alguna de ellas se muestro autocompletando la palabra que hayas escrito.

    Cambia dónde aparece Spotlight

    Hay un pequeño truco poco conocido, y es que puedes cambiar la posición donde aparece Spotlight cada vez que lo invocas. Así, podrás recolocarlo en otra parte de la pantalla donde creas que lo vas a ver mejor.

    Lo único que tienes que hacer es abrir Spotlight, y en la barra de búsquedas con la que aparece, antes de escribir nada pulsa sobre el icono de la lupa y arrastralo con el ratón. Verás que toda la barra de Spotlight se mueve y puedes colocarlo donde quieras.

    También puedes hacer conversiones y cálculos

    También puedes hacer conversiones de unidades en Spotlight, ya sean medidas o de moneda. Solo tienes que escribir algo como “6 euros en dólares”. Además, también podrá hacer de calculadora, y en ambos casos los resultados los podrás copiar para pegarlos en otra aplicación o documento.

    Diseña el aspecto de tu interfaz

    En macOS vas a poder configurar un poco de los colores de la interfaz del sistema operativo. Para empezar, si entras en el apartado de dentro de los ajustes del sistema operativo puedes elegir entre el modo claro y oscuro, o también puedes hacer que cambie automáticamente dependiendo de si es de día o de noche.

    También vas a poder elegir el control de resalte que aparece cuando pulsas en una opción, además de otras opciones como mostrar las barras de desplazamiento o el tamaño que tienen los iconos de las barras laterales.

    Fondo de pantallas y salvapantallas

    Como en cualquier sistema operativo, también vas a poder elegir fondos de pantalla y salvapantallas. De hecho, son dos opciones que aparecen como secciones dentro de los ajustes.

    Cuando entres en cada una de estas dos opciones, podrás ver las sugerencias de macOS con los temas de fondos de pantalla o salvapantallas que ofrecen. En ambos podrás elegir mostrarlos en todos los Spaces, que son los escritorios virtuales.  Además, en el caso de los fondos también vas a poder usar tus propias fotos.

    Gestiona tus escritorios

    En macOS puedes configurar varios escritorios, de forma que puedas tener distintos contextos con distintas aplicaciones abiertas en cada uno de ellos. Para controlar los escritorios, pulsa Mayúscula + F3 para ir a Mission control, donde verás todas las ventanas de cada escritorio, y arriba del todo podrás añadir uno nuevo.

    Aquí algunos tips para tus escritorios. Pulsando clic derecho en uno de los iconos del Dock puedes hacer que esta aplicación se abra exclusivamente en un escritorio concreto. Además, cada escritorio puede tener su propio fondo de pantalla, de forma que puedas separar mejor los contextos. También puedes alternar entre escritorios pulsando + flecha izquierda o derecha.

    Evita que una app se inicie automáticamente

    A veces, cuando instalas una app esta se puede configurar para iniciarse automáticamente al encender el ordenador. Parece práctico, pero el exceso de apps haciendo esto puede ralentizar el Mac. Sin embargo, puedes gestionar qué apps se inician automáticamente al iniciar macOS para evitarlo.

    Para esto tienes que ir a los ajustes y pulsar en . Aquí dentro, pulsa en la opción . Verás una lista con las aplicaciones que han solicitado este permiso, y podrás desactivarlo o activarlo en todas las que quieras.

    Cierra las apps que tienes abiertas

    Vale, esto posiblemente sea algo muy fácil para todos los usuarios que ya llevan tiempo con un Mac. Pero los nuevos usuarios de macOS quizá tengan dificultades para distinguir si una aplicación está abierta o minimizada.

    Básicamente, las que tengan un punto debajo del icono en el Dock están minimizadas. Para cerrarlas, haz clic derecho sobre ellas y elige la opción de , o pulsa cuando tengas una abierta para cerrarla.

    Ve alternando entre aplicaciones

    Un atajo de teclado muy útil es pulsar a la vez las teclas de en tu teclado. Cuando lo hagas, se previsualizarán las apps que tienes abiertas, y al ir pulsando este atajo podrás ir pasando de una a otra. Esto te permitirá ir alternando entre tus appls abiertas muy fácilmente.

    Ve al principio o final de una web

    Este es un atajo útil, si combinas la tecla Command con flecha hacia arriba o hacia abajo, pasarás al principio o al final de una página web en el navegador que estés utilizando. Es una manera rápida de poder volver hacia arriba cuando estás en medio de una lectura o hacia abajo si quieres mirar el final.

    Navega entre carpetas del Finder

    El Finder es el explorador de archivos de macOS. Con el, puedes ir entrando en carpetas de tu sistema operativo. Si quieres navegar más fácilmente por ellas sin ir haciendo click, combinas la tecla Command con flecha hacia arriba o hacia abajo.

    Hacia arriba volverás a la carpeta anterior, y hacia abajo abrirás la carpeta seleccionada. Si pulsas Intro recuerda que no entrarás en la carpeta, sino que pasarás a editar su nombre. Si quieres borrar un archivo sin el diálogo de aceptar borrarlo, pulsa .

    Añade archivos a tus favoritos del Finder

    En la columna de la izquierda del Finder tienes un apartado de favoritos, que son accesos directos a carpetas importantes. Solo con arrastrar cualquier carpeta hacia los favoritos del Finder la anclarás allí junto a las demás que aparecen.

    La vista previa es tu amiga

    Esta es mi función favorita desde que me pasé a Mac. Si estás en el explorador de archivos y al seleccionar un archivo pulsas , se abrirá el archivo sin tener que utilizar ninguna aplicación. Puedes abrir documentos, fotos y vídeos. No todos los formatos, pero sí la mayoría.

    Esta función se llama , y cuando vayas moviéndote con las flechas del teclado sobre los documentos del Finder, también se irá pasando de uno a otro en la vista previa sin tener que hacer nada más.

    Firma documentos PDF sin imprimirlos

    La vista previa también tiene opciones de edición ligeras, lo que combinado con el visualizador de PDF hace que puedas firmar documentos PDF sin tener que imprimirlos. Simplemente abre un documento y pulsa en el botón de editar que sale con el icono de la punta de un bolígrafo. Entre las opciones que se abren habrá una para realizar firmas.

    Gestiona las notificaciones

    Algo muy importante cuando estás configurando macOS a tu gusto es el gestionar las notificaciones del sistema operativo, para evitar que las aplicaciones que menos te interesan molesten con ellas, y para decidir qué se muestra y cuando.

    Para esto, en los ajustes tienes un apartado de . En él, primero vas a poder determinar si estas se muestran cuando el Mac esté en reposo, con la pantalla bloqueada o cuando compartes la pantalla. Luego, más abajo tienes una lista con tus apps instaladas, y en ella podrás configurar qué aplicaciones muestran notificaciones, qué tipos muestran, y de qué manera.

    Usa los modos de concentración

    Los modos de concentración son un sistema con el que puedes crear diferentes tipos de configuraciones contextuales. Por ejemplo, una configuración para cuando estás trabajando, otra para cuando es de noche, etcétera. En cada una de ellas podrás configurar horarios, las notificaciones y todos los elementos que quieras.

    Para configurar estos modos, entra en ajustes y pulsa en el apartado de . Aquí verás varios modos predefinidos y podrás configurarlos o crear otro que sea nuevo. En cada modo podrás elegir qué personas lo usan, las apps permitidas, y añadir todo tipo de filtros.

    Domina capturas de pantalla

    MacOS tiene una gran versatilidad en cuanto a capturas de pantalla se trata. Puedes sacar una de todo, una en la que salga solo la ventana o aplicación abierta, o seleccionar una franja concreta. Todos los atajos de las capturas están en nuestra guía de capturas de pantalla en Mac.

    Cambia el formato de las capturas de pantalla

    Aunque es un truco un poco desconocido, puedes cambiar el formato en el que se guardan las capturas de pantalla de macOS, para que en vez de png utilice el jpg, por ejemplo. Para eso, tienes que abrir el terminal y escribir el siguiente comando:

    Este comando es para pasar las capturas a jpg a partir de ahora. También puedes elegir dónde quieres guardar las capturas, lanzando la aplicación de captura de pantalla pulsando en . Cuando lo hagas, pulsa en el botón de , y al hacerlo puedes elegir la opción de dentro del menú.

    Limita el tiempo que usas cada app

    Si no queires caer en la tentación y quieres limitar el uso de algunas apps, vas a poder hacerlo para establecer cuánto tiempo puedes utilizar algunas de ellas. Para configurarlo, entra en el apartado de los ajustes de macOS.

    Dentro de las opciones de , pulsa en . Aquí dentro puedes activar la opción y pulsar en . Con esto, podrás elegir una aplicación y establecer el límite de tiempo que quieras.

    Benefíciate de la sustitución de textos

    La sustitución de textos de macOS te permite que, cuando escribes algo concreto, este texto se sustituye por otro. Piensa en sus usos a la hora de escribir cosas largas que escribas a menudo. Por poner un ejemplo, puedes crear un atajo para que cuando escribas algo como macOS lo sustituya automáticamente por tu dirección de correo electrónico.

    Para hacer esto, entra en los ajustes y pulsa en el apartado . En él, donde pone pulsa en el botón de . Aquí podrás añadir todas las sustituciones que quieras, escribiendo la palabra a reemplazar y el con qué quieres reemplazarla.

    Animaciones con reacciones en videoconferencias

    Hay una pequeña curiosidad escondida en macOS 14 Sonoma, y es que si haces algunos gestos durante videoconferencias, van a aparecer en tus ventanas animaciones con reacciones.  Por ejemplo, un pulgar hacia arriba, o hacia abajo, saludos, etcétera.

    Además de esto, si durante la video conferencia pulsas en el icono de la cámara que tienes arriba en la barra de menú, se abrirá una ventana donde vas a poder elegir manualmente la reacción que quieres utilizar.

    Escanea documentos con el iPhone en el Mac

    Si tienes un iPhone en la misma WiFi que tu Mac y usando tu misma cuenta de iCloud, puedes utilizarlo como escáner inalámbrico. Lo único que tienes que hacer es clic derecho en el escritorio de tu Mac, elegir la opción , y dentro de ella elegir .

    Hay un atajo para escribir emojis

    Si eres una persona a la que le gustan mucho los emojis, debes saber que hay un atajo para mostrarte un panel con ellos, y que con solo pulsar luego sobre los que quieras se añadirán al texto que estés escribiendo.

    Lo únito que tienes que hacer es pulsar a la vez las teclas . Esto abrirá la ventana de emojis y solo tienes que pulsar sobre uno que quieras. Esta ventana tiene un buscador para que puedas encontrar ese concreto que quieras escribir.

    Cambia los iconos de las carpetas

    Si hay alguna carpeta especial en el Finder a la que le quieras cambiar de icono, puedes hacerlo de forma relativamente sencillo, siempre y cuando uses imágenes en PNG y en JPG para ello. Para hacerlo, haz clic derecho en una y elige la opción de dentro del menú contextual.

    Cuando hagas esto, se abrirá una pequeña ventana con la información de la carpeta. En ella, arriba a la derecha verás en pequeño el icono de la carpeta, y si arrastras una imagen hacia ese icono , esta se convertirá en la imagen que uses en la carpeta. Ten cuidado con esto, porque puedes hacer que parezca que una carpeta es una imagen u otro tipo de documento.

    Muestra archivos ocultos en el Finder

    Hay un atajo de teclado muy curioso. Si pulsas , se mostrarán automáticamente todos los archivos ocultos del Finder. Si vuelves a pulsar en este atajo, los archivos se volverán a ocultar.

    Cambia los metadatos de una foto o vídeo

    Con la aplicación Fotos de macOS, si seleccionas una foto y pulsas en el botón de información podrás abrir una ventana con sus metadatos. Datos como la fecha y la hora donde fue tomada la foto, o la ubicación geográfica donde se sacó. Estos datos los puedes modificar, o al menos los relacionados con el tiempo y la ubicación.

    Simplemente ve a la ventana de información de una foto o un vídeo de tu galería de la app Fotos. En esta ventana, haz doble clic sobre la fecha. Se abrirá una nueva ventana con esta información y la ubicación ampliadas, y en ella podrás hacer modificaciones.

    Controla tus reproducciones en la barra de menú

    Cuando pulsas en la barra de menú, si entras en el donde aparecen atajos como el de activar la WiFi, el Bluetooth o AirDrop, también verás dónde está sonando música en tu ordenador. Y si pulsas ahí, se abrirá un cuadro con controles de reproducción. Por ejemplo, para controlar la reproducción de Spotify.

    Esconde rápidamente una ventana

    ¿Tienes alguna aplicación o ventana abierta en el Mac que quieres esconder rápidamente? pulsa en las teclas y listo, la ventana activa se minimizará al momento. Luego, pulsa en el icono de la app en el Dock para volver a abrirla.

    Desbloquea la pantalla con tu Apple Watch

    Una de las ventajas de Apple es que en su ecosistema todos los dispositivos se conectan entre ellos. Y esto da pie a interacciones como poder desbloquear tu Mac con el Apple Watch, y así no necesitar utilizar ningún tipo de contraseña. También sirve para desbloquear aplicaciones que requieran que verifiques tu identidad.

    Si tienes un Apple Watch y un Mac, y ambos están usando la misma cuenta de iCloud, en los ajustes de macOS ve al apartado . En él, puedes activar la opción de para utilizarlo para desbloquear tu Mac y las aplicaciones.


    Sekiro: All dealers, where you can find them and what they sell

    In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice there are several traders that you will encounter on your journey through the land of the Ashina. From the occasional piece of information, they also sell you tangible things such as beads, confectionery, wallets and one or the other prosthetic module – provided you have the necessary Sen in your pocket.

    Since the dealers and their shops in Sekiro are usually located in somewhat more remote locations or are sometimes even extremely well hidden, they are easy to miss or difficult to find. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we are listing all the dealers in the game below in the order in which you will encounter them. We’ll also tell you where and how you can find them and what things you can buy for what price.

    A little hint in advance: If you should face the problem that only the corpse of a trader is left – which can happen (just think of the dragon rot) – there is an alternative way to get his goods. You can find out more about this on the page: Sekiro: Traders dead? So you can still get his things.

    Table of contents All dealers in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Most of the merchants’ shops in Sekiro look like this. Exceptions prove the rule.

    Sekiro: Find the Crows Bed Estate Administrator (Achievement / Trophy: Estate Administrator)

    The crows bed executor is the first dealer to whom you encounter on your way you can . “Can” for the reason that the guy has chosen a particularly well-hidden place that is difficult to reach. For this, however, you will also be rewarded with the success / trophy “estate administrator” if you achieve it.

    No wonder the old fellow’s business is bad … he has his shop on the a*s of the world.

    You can find the estate administrator in the Ashina area on a high mountain plateau near the Ashina outpost (the one according to General Naomori Kawarada) which is located between the points “Surrounding Wall – Path to the Gate” and “Surrounding Wall – Staircase” on the slope of the mountain . There are some enemies in the area who can get in your way, but there is also a path that you can take unmolested:

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Globules 50 Sen 4
    Antidote powder 30 Sen 6
    Ungos Konfekt 50 Sen 2
    Light wallet 110 Sen 3
    Roberts fireworks (prosthesis module) 500 Sen 1

    Sekiro: Find Anayama, the peddler and unlock offers

    Anayama has set up his shop under the large gate that shortly before the figure of the sculptor “Umland-Mauer – staircase is (before the place with the chained ogre). Unlike the other dealers, Anayama’s offer is not immediately available to you , but must / can be activated little by little, so he just wants to sell you some information at face value (once for 30 and once for 100 Sen) before he opens his shop for you.

    You can unlock more items later when you find out for him what the Ashina samurai can currently need (you will only find out when you have reached the Ashina castle to the “Old Grave” figure) and if you have a strong helper for him (this is “Kotaro”, a character you can find on a tree to the right of the character “Senpo Temple, Congo Mountain”. You have to complete his side quest before he joins Anayama.)

    Available offer after paying 50 sen

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Globules 50 Sen 2
    Ceramic mixer 20 Sen 8
    Handful of ashes 30 Sen 6
    Light wallet 110 Sen 5
    Phantom Kunai (prosthesis module) 3,000 Sen 1

    Additional offers after you’ve found out what the Ashina samurai need right now

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Gokans Confectionery 80 Sen 5
    Yasharikus Konfekt 130 Sen 2
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 2
    Black gunpowder 150 Sen 1
    Scrap iron 150 Sen 1

    Additional offers after recruiting Kotaro for Anayama

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Akos Confection 120 Sen 1
    Magnetitschrott 300 Sen 4
    Yellow gunpowder 300 Sen 3
    Fat lumps of wax 300 Sen 3

    Battlefield estate administrator at Ashina Burgtor

    You can visit the battlefield estate administrator in the Ashina area near the character “Ashina Castle Gate” after you have defeated the boss: General Gyobu Masataka Oniwa in battle.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
    Antidote powder 30 Sen 3
    Handful of ashes 30 Sen 12
    Light wallet 110 Sen 3
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 2
    Roberts fireworks (prosthesis module) 500 Sen 1
    pumpkin seed 1,000 Sen 1

    Merchant Black Hat Badger in Ashina Castle

    This trader looks like the rats that you had to complete the Tengu side quest. However, this gnome has little interest in the fighting between the Ashina and the nightjar. Instead, he’s more interested in good business. Its offerings include some unique items, including a prosthesis module and a skills text. As soon as you have bought his inventory empty or you reach the area around the Senpo Temple in the Congo Mountain (whichever comes first), the merchant will also move his shop to the mountain area.

    You can find the idiosyncratic merchant in Ashina Castle in a dilapidated building near the figure of the sculptor “Old Grave”. Just look down the abyss in front of your nose after the teleport to the figure. There you can see the roof of a large house with a pretty big hole in it. Jump down on the roof and through the hole, then you will find the Black Hat Badger.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Yasharikus Konfekt 130 Sen 3
    Take a hard bite 30 Sen 2
    Iron fortress (prosthesis module) 1,600 Sen 1
    Air Abyss Death Strike Text (Ability) 1,200 Sen 1

    Dungeon estate administrator at the entrance to the abandoned dungeon

    This trader has set up camp right next to the sculpture “Entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon” in Ashina Castle. If you don’t know where the entrance to the dungeon is: Travel to Ashina Castle – Ashina Castle and jump into the ditch at the bridge on the side with the praying man and shimmy throw hooks over to the other side. Follow the path over the bridge with the two samurai, shimmy onto the adjoining gate and kill the dogs and the giant with the big rooster in the yard. Then just follow the path into the building and you will end up at the entrance and the dealer.

    The dealer is less than 10 paces away from the figure.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Globules 80 Sen 4
    Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
    Contact medicine 30 Sen 8
    Mibu Property Balloon 50 Sen 2
    Light wallet 110 Sen 4
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
    Mask fragment: Dragon (a part for the dragon mask) 5,000 Sen 1
    Prayer bead 1,400 Sen 1

    Sekiro: Find dealer Fujioka and unlock offers

    Similar to Anayama, you have to help Fujioka a bit before you can access his range of goods. But since this includes some unique things, it is worth doing the side quest.

    You can first find Fujioka in Ashina Castle. Just follow the big main stairs after the figure “Ashina Castle” up (if you haven’t killed General Kuranosuke Matsumoto yet, he’ll be in your way) and then turn right at the top in front of the gate. Again to your right you can jump straight ahead down onto a wall at the depression and run to Fujioka, whom you can already see.

    On your first visit, the information broker wants to know if you are a “capable shinobi” (confirm with “yes”) and then asks you to eliminate all samurai in the area. As soon as you are done with the carnage, you will return to Fujioka and receive a nightjar signal memo as a reward, with which you can follow the smoke signals of the Ashina Shinobi on the roofs.

    Following this task, Fujioka retires to the “ailing temple” in the “Ashina area” (where the sculptor lives), where he sits to the left of the temple under the bamboo and is now available to you as a trader.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Globules 80 Sen 8
    Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 2
    Antidote powder 100 Sen 1
    Extinguishing powder 100 Sen 1
    Sedatives 100 Sen 1
    Ungos Konfekt 120 Sen 1
    Light wallet 110 Sen 3
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
    Sabimaru notiz 500 Sen 1
    Three-story pagoda note 500 Sen 1
    pumpkin seed 2,000 Sen 1

    Shed merchant vessel nobleman Harunaga in the Hirata estate

    This rather weird and strange trader is not only a special case because of his appearance – he operates from a large clay pot – but also quite picky about his payment. The weird owl doesn’t want your sen. Instead, he is after the scales of treasure carp. The big goldfish swim in the water around the dealer and can be found in other waters in the game world from time to time.

    Judging by the bony paw and the preference for fish, Gollum could also be in the clay pot.

    You will find the vessel nobleman Harunaga on a small rock island in the Hirata estate. Strictly speaking, before the actual property in the water. The video shows you the exact position.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Divine grass 2 treasure carp sheds 1
    Dried up red pumpkin bottle 2 treasure carp sheds 1
    Mask fragment: right (a part for the dragon mask) 7 treasure carp sheds 1
    Smooth transition text (martial arts) 5 treasure carp sheds 1

    Shugendo Estate Trustee Shop in Mount Congo

    This dealer can be found in Senpo Temple, Mount Congo . The quickest way to get to him is to teleport to the character Shugendo , then turn around and follow the dangerous path made of wooden boards along the rock wall down to the plateau with the sales tent.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Feet 30 Sen 2
    Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 1
    Akos Confection 80 Sen 3
    Ungos Konfekt 80 Sen 5
    Five-colored rice 1,600 Sen 1
    Light wallet 110 Sen 2
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 3
    Full of wallet 1,100 Sen 2
    Magnetitschrott 330 Sen 2

    Poisonous estate administrator in the Sunken Valley

    This dealer is not that easy to find. He opened his shop at the bottom of the Venomous Sunken Valley shortly before the entrance to the Snake Cave. There are different ways to reach the dealer.

    • Possibility 1: Travel to the “Bodhisattva Valley” figure, turn to the cliff behind you and jump down to the rock plateau below at the tree root. From there you work your way down into the gorge using grappling hooks along the trees. Below you will find a yellow gunpowder in the middle of the poison lake. Then shimmy from the small bank on the left side over the two trees in the gorge wall until you reach the small bank with the monkeys. Keep to the right in front of the rock, cross the poison lake and you are already standing in front of the dealer.
    • Option 2: Travel to the figure “Passage to the Sunken Valley” and then follow the path in the video below.

    Item Price (per piece) Available quantity

    Globules 80 Sen 5
    Drops of dragon blood 180 Sen 2
    Green mossy pumpkin bottle of candy 1,800 Sen 1
    Antidote powder 120 Sen unlimited
    Heavy wallet 550 Sen 5
    Yellow gunpowder 270 Sen 2

    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The big overview
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All bosses at a glance

    Sekiro: All areas

    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – NPCs, Quests und Questlinien
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Ailing Temple
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The Ashina area
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The Hirata Estate
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Ashina Burg
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Berg Kongo
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice –Der Senpo Tempel
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The Ashina Dam
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Ashina Castle (Siege)
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Palace of the original source
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – demon of hatred
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Genichiro Ashina and the sword saint

    Sekiro: Tips and Help

    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All traders and goods
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All Endings
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All prostheses
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All materials and locations
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Unlock all skills
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The Dragon Mask
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Attitude and Parade
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Find All Prayer Beads
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – All pumpkin seeds and their localities
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Cure Dragon Rot
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Lower gray damage
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – farming experience and gold
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Dead Merchants
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Saving and Control Tricks

    Sekiro: Order Shadows Die Twice from Amazon


    Grundig TV: Which picture settings can you set up?

    1. picture settings

    2. Adjust picture settings
    3. Set up picture mode

    picture settings

    The picture settings of a Grundig television can be easily adjusted to your viewing habits and requirements. Here you should also consider the different types of content you use your Smart TV for. The television environment also plays an important role. We tell you what is important.

    Dolby Vision

    With Dolby Vision you get radiant colors, which are particularly emphasized in films and series. If your Grundig TV model offers this technology, you will get high color saturation and clear differences between light and dark scenes on your TV screen.

    Dolby Vision is played back on your Grundig UHD TV together with High Dynamic Range (HDR), which ensures better picture quality. This presents you with finer details and strong contrasts that let you sink right into the picture.


    You can regulate the brightness in your picture settings in order to be able to see everything on your television screen, even with very dark and very bright film scenes. This allows you to perceive a particularly large number of details and shades. If the brightness is set too bright, however, you will consume significantly more power and the picture can appear too bright.


    The contrast values ​​also help you to cover as many areas as possible on your smart TV screen. Dark shades in particular can be brightened in this way. This increases the viewing pleasure during a film, for example, so that you can also see all the details of the picture.

    color saturation

    With increased color saturation, the colors on your TV screen become particularly strong and radiant. However, you should not set this function too high, otherwise the color areas will look unnatural and the contours will appear too bright.

    Adjust picture settings

    1. 1

      To get to your picture settings, first click on the white gear wheel in the top right corner of your television screen.

    2. 2

      Then you go to the device settings in the displayed list almost at the bottom.

    3. 3

      Then you press the “Picture” option to get to the picture settings of your Grundig television.

    4. 4

      In the settings of the picture menu you can decide not only the brightness and the contrast but also the modes. These are at the top of the selection.

    5. 5

      The picture modes include energy saving, standard, lively, film, game and user.

    Set up picture mode

    In the picture settings you also have the choice of the picture mode. These suit different programs and purposes. Whether you’re a movie fan or a gamer, there’s something for everyone. We will introduce you to the picture modes in the further course and you choose what suits you.

    Save energy

    The energy-saving mode is particularly suitable for users who watch TV every day. In this way, you can save a lot of electricity in the long run. However, you should note that the brightness of your television set is regulated very far down as a result. If that seems too dark for you, you can switch to other modes.


    The standard mode of your Grundig Smart TV is pre-programmed after purchase. This setting offers a good average of all options. If you don’t have any special requirements for your device, you can simply keep this setting. For those who are not satisfied with this, there are other options.


    In the “Vivid” mode you get a particularly colourful, strong and bright picture. You can use this feature when viewing photos on your TV screen. However, if you overdo the setting, the images will look very garish and artificial.

    game mode

    Game mode is particularly useful when gaming, as it allows you to get less latency (delay) on your TV screen. This means that there is no unnecessary jerking in the game, even with fast movements.

    movie mode

    The film mode is recommended for a cozy movie night at home, as it brings out the natural coloring of the picture. In this mode, however, the screen can appear very dark, which is why it is advisable to watch a film in a darkened room.

    Do you want to buy a whole new Smart TV? Then we will show you here what you should consider when buying a television set. We also have the latest TV deals ready so you don’t miss out on the best discounts.


    Warhammer: Vermintide 2: Versus in closed alpha testing

    Image: Fatshark

    The Versus closed alpha test in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 begins on January 18th!

    Versus is a new player-versus-player-plus-enemy game mode for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Versus offers you 4v4 ​​gameplay where you can join the Ubersreik Five and the Dark Pact as Skaven specials.

    There is currently no release date for Versus mode, but a closed alpha will start on January 18, 2024.

    The developers say: “We are very pleased to announce that our closed alpha will run from January 18th to 21st.”

    “We are overwhelmed by your support during the Closed Alpha registration period. In the coming days we will be sending out invitations to over 10,000 of you to participate in this alpha; So keep an eye on your emails (and that annoying spam folder)!”

    “If you weren’t selected for the alpha test this time, don’t worry; We will have more opportunities for you to test in the future!”

    “Stay tuned for more information about the Alpha and its contents, including a stream with Joakim, our Design Director, and Erik, our Product Owner, on Wednesday, January 17th at 4:30 p.m. CET/10:30 a.m. EST/ 7:30am PST. This stream will contain a series of frequently asked questions that the community team has collected to prepare you for the alpha, what it will contain, and our design philosophy around Versus.”


    Samsung Galaxy A52 Receives Android 14 Update

    After Samsung recently rolled out an Android 14 update to the Galaxy A52s, the latest version of Android is now also available for the Galaxy A52. The update is rolling out in phases and brings several improvements and new features.

    The update for the Galaxy A52 is more than 2GB in size and brings Android 14 together with the One UI 6 shell. The update also updates the security patch to that of December 2023, making the smartphone’s security completely up to date again.

    Android 14 with the One UI 6 shell brings, among other things, a modified interface with a new Quick Panel, a new weather widget and a more extensive lock screen. You can also use more privacy and security options and you can count on stability improvements.

    You will receive a notification as soon as you can download the Android 14 update. If you have not yet received a notification, you can manually check for updates via the settings on your smartphone. In the settings select ” -> ”. The Android 14 update is expected to be the last major update that the Samsung Galaxy A52 will receive.

    via (SamaGame)


    Sims 4 plants disappear: what to do?

    In the Sims 4 you can put your virtual green fingers to the test and plant different plants. The plants can not only be planted and changed, but also “bred” and refined to improve the quality. Anyone who has done a bit of gardening in Sims 4 may have had the problem of plants suddenly disappearing. In this situation, the question often arises, why do the plants in Sims 4 disappear on their own and what could be the cause of the problem? Is there a bug with the plants and what can be done if the problem occurs more frequently?

    Plants disappear on their own in Sims 4

    The problem with the disappearing plants in Sims 4 worries some players and the bug has existed for years. Even if it is rare, it happens again and again and you look at the beds and suddenly individual plants are missing. If you then click on the spot where the plant was before, no interaction is displayed anymore. As already mentioned, the “plant bug” has existed for some time and fills numerous threads not only in the official forum, but also on platforms such as Reddit. The problem should therefore be well known to the developers, but so far not much has changed on the subject.

    There is still no real solution to the plant problem. When the plants disappear, the only option is usually to plant the plant again. In most cases, the problem is then fixed for a while until after a while a plant disappears on its own.

    Plants disappear because of seasons?

    With the seasons expansion, spring, summer, autumn and winter find their way into the game and of course bring different weather conditions with them. The seasons, or more specifically the weather, also have an effect on plants, so some plants will not grow or completely die and disappear. For example, the green peas only grow in spring, while the peppers only grow in summer and the snowdrops only in winter.

    However, the behavior of the plants due to the seasons has nothing to do with the “plants disappearing” bug, since the problem occurs even if you do not have the seasons expansion or have deactivated the seasons.


    Sony is already announcing free PlayStation Plus games for November

    Sony is remarkably early this month in revealing the free PlayStation Plus games for November. Normally this is announced the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the following month, but there is already an image on the official PlayStation site showing two of the free games for November.

    First of all, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the over-the-top shooter that was released in 2011 on the previous generation of consoles. This remaster was released last year and can be downloaded for free from next month, provided you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

    The other free game is Yakuza Kiwami. It is the remaster of the very first Yakuza game, but given a new look with today’s graphics. This well-received game has also only been on the market in the West for a year, so once again a great gift from PlayStation.

    Most likely, the rest of the free games list will be revealed later this month, as the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita normally also get two free games. Don’t forget to get the free games from PlayStation Plus this month, including Friday the 13th: The Game.


    The best children’s films of 2020 at a glance

    The calendar year is already coming to an end, always a good time to take stock. The year 2020 was largely dominated by a pandemic, but fortunately there were also some bright spots here and there. And so too for our younger fellow man, a number of great films were released, but were they actually the best? These are the best children’s films of 2020.


    Last year, relatively few new films appeared in cinemas, this was of course due to corona. Only one Disney-Pixar film appeared in theaters before the first wave. And here we are of course talking about the animated film Onward. The film was only released in the Netherlands on March 4, and therefore only played briefly in Dutch cinemas.

    In Onward we hear Tom Holland, Chris Pratt and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, among others. The story is about two elven brothers who have lost their father. After this traumatic event, they decide to go on a journey of discovery to ask whether any form of magic exists.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    The film Sonic the Hedgehog was also released in the pre-corona era. The film was a huge commercial success and the second part has already been announced. In the film we hear Ben Schwartz as Sonic and we see none other than Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. Sonic was initially going to look very different in the film, but there was so much criticism about this that it was changed anyway.

    In Sonic the Hedgehog, the government does everything it can to catch Sonic. Sonic is in San Francisco trying to flee from the evil Dr. Robotnik. Fortunately, Sonic receives the support of Sheriff Wachowski.


    Virtually nothing new has appeared in cinemas in recent months, but many new films have appeared through other channels. How about the film Wolfwalkers, for example, the film has been on Apple TV since the end of November and should certainly not be missing from this overview.

    In Wolfwalkers, former soldier Bill Goodfellowe goes into the Wolfland with his daughter Robyn. The two come to the Wolf Country with only one goal: exterminating the last wolf pack. Goodfellowe hopes that his daughter will have a better life this way, but when his daughter is bitten by a wolf, the story takes an unexpected turn.

    The One and Only Ivan

    But not only Apple TV released a new children’s film this year, Disney+ also released a new children’s film. We can now watch the film The One and Only Ivan on Disney+.

    The film is, as the name already gives away, a bit about Ivan. Ivan is a nice gorilla who lives behind a glass wall in a shopping center. Ivan has been in captivity for so long that he has almost forgotten where he came from and how beautiful it was there. Ivan spends most of his days watching television and painting and befriends an elephant and a dog who also live there. When another little elephant comes into the mall, Ivan decides to change his life drastically.

    Over the Moon

    But Netflix also released a beautiful children’s film this year. Since the end of October we have been able to enjoy the animated film Over the Moon on Netflix. The Netflix Original is about a brave young girl who wants to prove the existence of the legendary moon goddess. To do this, she builds a rocket herself and goes on an exciting adventure. It remains to be seen whether it will succeed, but it will certainly be an exciting quest.

    Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candase Against the Universe

    And finally, Phineas and Ferb also released a new movie on Disney+ this year. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candase Against the Universe has been on display since the end of this summer and should of course not be missing from this overview.

    In the latest film, Candase, Phineas and Ferb’s sister, is kidnapped by a bunch of aliens. She has been kidnapped to pretty much the other side of the universe, but brothers Phineas and Ferb naturally do everything they can to save their sister.


    How to open a Weibo account without a Chinese phone number

    It might not be an easy to understand network due to the language its members post in, but it’s not a bad idea. have a presence on Weibo if you follow the latest technology. Do you want to enter the platform and do not know how to overcome the pitfall of Chinese mobile? No problem: there is a way to open an account with a mobile number from another territory: the international version.

    The latest leaks of a future phone, direct information from Chinese manufacturers or establishing conversations with people from this country, With Weibo, you can be up to date with everything as long as you aren’t afraid of the language. And the international mobile app is great because it includes a Spanish text translator, and it doesn’t need a Chinese phone number to open an account on the platform. The start-up process is extremely simple: you will have Weibo on your Android in very few steps. And you can use it on other devices by making the appropriate « connection ».

    Installer Weibo international

    Weibo is available on the Google Play Store, but there are two versions: China and international. With both applications, you can access the social network, but only the international allows access with non-Chinese phone numbers: this is the one you must choose. If you want to download the app from outside of Google Play, it’s in Pure Apk.

    The first requirement you already know: Download and install the Weibo international app. From Google Play, in APK, or in other stores, such as Huawei AppGallery.

    Once installed, open a Weibo account:

    • Start the app and click « Start Now » at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click on “Login” to login and register a new account.
    • Click on « Register » at the top right.
    • Now is the time to enter a valid phone number. Being an international demand, Spanish phone numbers agree: Select “Spain” from the country options and you can save the number.
    • If your number is not Spanish, try entering the country: Weibo allows registration in a wide variety of territories. If you cannot register with this number, try using a virtual SMS confirmation service.
    • Once the Weibo number is registered, the network will allow you to choose a user number. The whole process is in English and is not difficult to complete.

    After registration, your Weibo account will be active. The international application works well and includes an option to translate texts into Chinese, very useful to know what they are saying. It doesn’t have excessive permissions, but you need to promote the use of your phone number: remember that all this information will go through Chinese servers. We recommend using a different staff number or accessing Weibo through a virtual number.

    Source: Frandroid


    Can you equip a Molotov in MW3?

    Some might say that having Molotovs in a COD game is a must these days. And while that may be true, the latest Modern Warfare has issues with the infamous incendiary grenades. So let’s take an umbrella and answer the question: can you equip a Molotov in MW3?

    How to equip a Molotov in MW3?

    Molotov ___tails, first introduced in COD: World at War, these incendiary devices allow players to rain hellfire from a bottle onto their enemies. However, it seems that they are not working as expected in MW3. Because from now on you can only use Molotovs in MWZ and the campaign. This is quite strange considering that an Armory unlock is available for Molotov when viewing the multiplayer lobby screen.

    Related: Is EOD padding equipment bugged in MW3?

    Since Molotovs are visible on the Armory unlock screen in the multiplayer menu, players began to believe that they were actually usable in this mode. However, it seems that no matter what mode you play in, each unlock is visible under the armory, regardless of whether you can use it in the current mode you have selected. Bringing a lot of confusion and questions to the player base regarding the functionality of Deadly Gear between modes. But we can tell by diving deep into it blog post published by the development team, that Molotov ___tails are in fact not available in multiplayer. It’s unclear whether or not they will add them over time. For now, we’ll have to settle for lighting zombies on fire and imagining him as Timmy on the other team in multiplayer.


    Deal : Medion P66538 (MD44538) in the test: The boombox from Aldi is great for the money!

    Aldi has a cult boombox on offer: The Medion MD44538 has a ghetto blaster design that looks like something from the 80s, but makes similarly expensive Bluetooth boxes look pretty old.

    Table of contents

    • Medion P66538: Boombox with CD, DAB and Bluetooth
    • Operation requires practice
    • This is what the Medion boombox sounds like
    • Test conclusion Medion Life P66538 (MD44538)

    For children of the 80s, radio recorders were a dream, especially in XXL format – nicknamed “ghettoblaster”. The Medion Life P66538 (MD44538) brings the dream back to life. And better yet: The boombox contains an FM radio and cassette recorder, but it also takes you straight back to the future with modern equipment. This practical test clarifies what the versatile Henkelmann can do.

    Medion P66538: Boombox with CD, DAB and Bluetooth

    With a width of 67 centimeters, the Medion P66538 (MD44538) makes a powerful impression, and the fold-out handle seems appropriately stable for its 6.1 kilograms weight. The angular silver design harks back to the 80s, even though many of the boombox’s functions didn’t exist back then:

    • Cassette recorder: This is part of the mandatory equipment, it offers a playback option for the millions of compact cassettes that still exist and for the few new releases. Its cassette compartment opens very softly and very slowly, and it is also not the fastest when fast forwarding and rewinding.
    • CD player: Where many classic ghetto blasters had a second cassette compartment, the Medion P66538 has a CD player. The silver discs need to be carefully pressed onto the spindle. Very good: The player buffers about a minute of the music playing so that it runs smoothly even in the event of vibrations.
    • FM radio: The station is selected according to the old custom using a small rotary wheel; the set frequency can be roughly estimated with a wide pointer on the scale on the top edge. In the practical test, noise was often mixed into the reception; if necessary, you could switch to mono.
    • Digital radio: The boombox also receives via DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcast). In most regions there are significantly more channels to choose from via digital reception; in Hamburg, for example, there are over 40. Reception was trouble-free in the test. A small display at the top left shows the selected station name in plain text.
    • Bluetooth: The Medion P66538 (MD44538) also has a built-in Bluetooth receiver so that the sound can also be played from the smartphone – be it from Spotify, YouTube or any other app. The coupling was quick and easy in the practical test.
    • USB and microSD: The cool box also plays digital music in MP3 format from USB sticks and memory cards. The small display at the top left can help you select titles.
    • Microphones: Microphones can be connected to two jack sockets on the front for spontaneous singing or birthday greetings. Adjustable reverb spices up the voice if necessary. However, microphones are not included.

    Operation requires practice

    The program selection is done using two small slide switches. Anyone born in the 80s may need glasses for this. There are also tone controls for bass and treble as well as – somewhat hidden – an X-Bass button. This shows that the boombox is made up of very different assemblies without a common operating concept. But fortunately, if anything is unclear, a thick and understandable manual can help. Recordings are possible on cassettes and in MP3 format on USB and microSD cards, such as CDs and radios. If you want, you can even digitize recorded cassettes. The power is supplied via a power cable or with eight batteries or size D rechargeable batteries.

    This is what the Medion boombox sounds like

    The generous dimensions of the Medion Life P66538 (MD44538) benefit the sound quality: two large woofers are installed on the right and left, the rectangular panels above are not just decoration, there are actually two tweeters behind them. This gives the boombox a pretty crisp sound. The treble control can be set to three o’clock, otherwise the playback will seem a bit tired. The X-Bass button gives the low tones more pressure and has a better sound quality than the boombox. Against Bluetooth speakers The giant can easily hold its own in the price range between 150 and 200 euros, especially since the stereo imaging is decent due to its dimensions. When recording on cassette, deep bass suffers somewhat and the typical tape noise is mixed in. But you can easily transfer a new CD for the cassette radio in the old Opel.

    Test conclusion Medion Life P66538 (MD44538)

    Young people of the 80s would have given their last shirt for a boombox like this. The crisp sound is a pleasure to listen to; contemporary program sources are on board with radio and cassette. In addition, the Medion Life P66538 (MD44538) offers the latest equipment with Bluetooth, digital radio and CD. You have to get used to the operation, but the fun is definitely worth it. The retro boombox will be available in Aldi’s online shop from January 4, 2024. The price: 179 euros.


    Where to find imitators in MW3 Zombies?

    Call of Duty fans around the world are familiar with zombie mode and will be happy to know that you can now kill copycats in the game. If you are a fan of killing zombies and want to know all about the new monsters roaming around Urzikstan, here’s where you can find imitations in MW3 Zombies.

    How to find imitators in MW3 Zombies?

    Mimics can be found in the form of hordes on the Urzikstan map, in the deep areas of fortresses and bounties. These mimic hordes will be located in fortresses and will contain powerful enemies that you must kill. Unfortunately, these mimics are not found in the same location and it will take some time to find them. Sources have confirmed that mimics have been spotted in dangerous areas, so it is best to find them in high-risk areas on the Urzikstan map.

    You may be able to find imitators in fortresses, but be careful, they are heavily influenced by zombies. To destroy a fortress, you will need to destroy the crystallized growths visible at the top and bottom of the buildings. Once this is completed, you will be able to find a Spawn Mime. You might also want to try your hand at bounties to find imitators. Some available contracts include Impersonators among the targets you must eliminate.

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    How to kill a copycat in MW3 Zombies

    Killing a copycat in MW3 Zombie is difficult due to its strength. You don’t necessarily need a sophisticated strategy to eliminate them. You just need to have upgraded weapons and make sure you are strong enough to fight them. They are considered elite monsters and when they hit you, they hit you hard. Upgrade your weapons, aim at its maw and fight it with your friends. You’ll be more likely to succeed when you have friends by your side.


    “Successor Samsung Galaxy A73 Canceled”

    According to the latest rumors, there is little chance that we will see a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A73 next year. The usually well-informed source GalaxyClub has not yet found any indications of the arrival of the Galaxy A74.

    No indications have yet been found showing that Samsung is working on the Galaxy A74, while details normally emerge months before the launch of a new smartphone. This includes instructions in software or leaked specifications. Nothing has been leaked about the Galaxy A74 yet, while details of the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy A34 have already been found, including renders.

    There is a chance that the Galaxy A74 is not planned for the time being or that Samsung has scrapped the smartphone altogether. Samsung may discontinue the smartphone because the Galaxy A7x series is now too similar to the popular Galaxy A5x series, and the launch will therefore attract few new consumers.

    via (SamaGame)