A test can diagnose Ebola in a matter of minutes

Harvard research manages to develop a test to detect Ebola in a matter of minutes. This initiative can help contain the epidemic in the future.

The virus disease ebola was the protagonist of the news in the health field in recent months. The more than 27,000 cases detected and 11,000 deaths made this crisis the worst Ebola epidemic in history. As reported by the Institute for Global Health, the outbreak was “a devastating blow for the West African region and an alarming warning signal for the entire international community.”

In the twenty Ebola outbreaks that have occurred since its detection in 1976, no epidemic has been so severe. The affected regions (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) are also three of the poorest states on the African continent.

The lack of vaccines or treatments that would stop the virus has been another of the lessons learned from this health crisis. During the epidemic, efforts have focused on developing potential drugs such as ZMapp, experimentally tested to determine their effectiveness and win a terrible race against time. Without a doubt, having effective diagnostic methods would have helped contain the epidemic to some extent.

This enormous disadvantage could now be solved with a test to detect Ebola in a matter of minutes. Scientists from Harvard Medical School, together with researchers from Partners In Health and Boston Children’s Hospital, have demonstrated the effectiveness of the method, which could be applicable in clinical analyzes to diagnose viral infection.

This trial, according to findings published in The Lancet, shows the same sensitivity as routine trials conducted in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic. The big difference is that your results are obtained much faster. The test ReEBOV It is carried out from a small blood sample, obtained in compliance with all safety protocols to avoid contagion of health professionals.

The new advance complements other works to improve detection, such as the paper strip from Boston University that managed to detect the Ebola virus for less than one euro. A year after the start of the worst epidemic in history, it seems that research is beginning to bear fruit in the fight against one of the most feared viruses.

Images | CDC Global (Flickr), science photo (Shutterstock)

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Connect Honor 8X to your PC or Mac

Connecting an Honor 8X to your PC or Mac is a fundamentally useful task for a large number of situations. Basically, if you want to transfer photos to your Honor 8X, if you want to transfer your contacts, or if you want to move documents to your Honor 8X, you will need to connect your mobile to your PC or Mac. That is why we chose to write this tutorial on how to connect the Honor 8X to your computer. Let’s now find out how to connect your Honor 8X to your PC. We will see a second method to connect it to a Mac. Finally, we will see what is the solution to connect your Honor 8X wirelessly.

Connect Honor 8X to PC

If you ever want to connect your Honor 8X to your PC, you will first need to get the USB cable that is used to charge your phone. The second step is to connect the Honor 8X to the PC as you can guess. Once this is done, you need to activate the USB connection on the device. To get there, you’ll be able to scroll down the notification bar to the bottom. As soon as it is okay, simply click on the option may differ depending on the mobile, but it should be one of the following:

  • USB connection to computer
  • multimedia device
  • Enable USB storage
  • Multimedia device (MTP)

Once this option is enabled, the Honor 8X will behave like a USB stick for your PC. So you can find the Honor 8X among the removable drives in the job in the computer.

Connect Honor 8X to a Mac

The method to connect the Honor 8X to the Mac is a little different from that to the PC. For this, the best solution is to use a mini program. This software is Android File Transfer which you can easily find on the web. Now that you have downloaded it, remember that it is necessary Allow installations from unknown sources just before attempting the installation. As soon as the installation is complete, you need to connect the Honor 8X to the Mac with the USB cable. Next we will activate the USB connection on the Honor 8X by going to the notification bar. Then select one of the options from the list in the section seen above. Once you have done all this, the Mac will automatically recognize the Honor 8X and open Android File Transfer. Now you can make the transfers you want.

Connect Honor 8X to a Mac or PC without the USB cable

If you have never had a USB cable with you, or if you just want to connect the Honor 8X without the USB cable, you should know that there is a nice little program that can do it all. This little nugget is AirDroid which you can download here. What we love about this program is that it is available on Mac and PC, so don’t worry about compatibility. The list of features of Airdroid is quite long, you can do a lot of things with it. Among other things, you can transfer documents on the Honor 8X, write and send MESSAGES, access your contacts, make backups of the Honor 8X or take a screenshot of the Honor 8X. So you can say that it is the multipurpose software to connect your Honor 8X. If you want to use this solution, you will need to create an account and download the app on your mobile device. When it is fine, you need to copy the URL shown in the app to the browser of your PC or Mac. Well done, your Honor 8X is connected to your COMPUTER or Mac.


Joinnovation, a day to search for the best talent

Next July 2, Telefónica celebrates talent at its Joinnovation meeting. The presentation of the initiatives will be followed by an online exam to access the new places in the Talentum Startups and Labs programs.

We live and are active participants in a digital revolution in which we must take the lead by investing in innovation, technology and development. Invest in talent It is key in this transformation process in which we find ourselves immersed. That is why Telefónica is holding the meeting on July 2 Joinnovationin the Telefónica Foundation Space, where it will present, together with its partners, three open innovation initiatives: Talentum Schools, Talentum Startups and Labsall of them programs that readers of the Think Big blog surely already know.

Within the framework of this event, the most representative figures from the telecommunications sector and the digital environment will meet, Jose María Álvarez PalleteCEO of Telefónica, Ferran Adria, President of the BulliFoundation, or Chema Alonso, CEO of Eleven Paths, among others. A meeting that, in addition to summarizing the three years of history of these programs, will be a unique opportunity for those interested in being part of them.

If you are young and have an entrepreneurial interest in the field of ICTs, in parallel with the event a call has been opened online access to new places to participate in the Talentum Startups and Labs programs. The inscription The test can be taken through the Talentum Startups website before July 2. The occasion is unique, since through this same blog it will be possible to follow Joinnovation minute by minute via streaming. The online exam will be held right after the meeting, so if you have registered to take the test you cannot miss it.


Genius Scan, and your smartphone becomes a portable scanner

Genius Scanthe popular application from The Grizzly Labs that allows you to transform your device into a real one portable scanneris finally available on the Google Play Store.

With Genius Scan you can scan documents on the fly and save them as JPEG/PDF, share them via email or upload them to, Dropbox, Evernote and any other cloud storage service.

Among the main features, we find:

  • Frame detection of each page and perspective correction
  • Automatically improve the accuracy of scanned documents
  • Sending scans in JPG or PDF format
  • Creation of PDF documents via multiple scans
  • Export documents to any app (supporting JPEG or PDF formats)
  • Document processing carried out on the device, and not via external servers

Genius Scan it can be purchased from the Play Store at the price of 0.99 euros: requires Android 2.2 (or higher).

Android application development

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


How to Transfer Music to Condor Allure M3

The latest smartphones like the Condor Allure M3 now allow you to listen to music. As a result, smartphones have gradually replaced MP3 players. In fact, nowadays it is extremely easy to transfer and listen to music on your Condor Allure M3. However, it is often a complicated task to find the right technique to transfer all your music to Condor Allure M3. We will see in this method, several methods to put music on your Condor Allure M3. We will first discover how to transfer music from a PC. Secondly, we will discover how to transfer music to your Condor Allure M3 from a Mac. Finally we will see how to use the web to be able to send your music on the Condor Allure M3.

How to transfer music from your PC to your Condor Allure M3

When you have a PC, you will find that it is extremely easy to transfer music to your Condor Allure M3. You will need a USB cable to charge your Condor Allure M3. As soon as you have it, you will need to connect your smartphone to the computer. When finished, you should see the Condor Allure M3 appear among the removable discs . To access it, you just have to go to the job from the computer Then simply copy the music from your PC to your Condor Allure M3. Be sure to create a dedicated directory for your music so you can find it more easily on your Condor Allure M3. As soon as it’s okay, all you have to do is use a music player to play music transferred to your Condor Allure M3.

The procedure to transfer music from your Mac to your Condor Allure M3

If you have a Mac, transferring music is almost identical to that on a PC. And yes, you will need to get the Condor Allure M3 power cable and connect it to your Mac. When it is good, you can see your Condor Allure M3 appear on the device list left in Finder . then alone copy your music in the directory of your choice and the operation is complete. Your music is then transferred from your Mac to your Condor Allure M3.

How to send music over the internet on your Condor Allure M3

If you want to use another procedure to transfer music to your Condor Allure M3, you will be happy to know that you can use the Internet. Indeed, one can find software that can synchronize content between your PC and your Condor Allure M3. When trying to use this method, we recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive. To sync your music, you need to start by creating an account in one of these two apps. In this case, the program will need to be installed on your PC or Mac. You will then need to download and install the application on your Condor Allure M3. As soon as it is okay, you will need to connect to the app and software. You will then be able to send files and music from your PC to your Condor Allure M3.

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Asus Transformer Pad TF300 receives a new update

Asus has started the release of a new OTA update a few hours ago ( for the Transformer Pad TF300which adds some bug fixes and general improvements. Let’s see the changelog:

  • SYSTEM – improved the stability of the Chrome browser
  • SYSTEM – improved camera performance
  • Improved image colors
  • Improved audio – white balance (AWB) and autofocus (AE)
  • Improved continuous autofocus
  • SYSTEM – fixed bug that occasionally prevented connecting via Wi-Fi after returning from sleep
  • Appbackup – fixed the bug that asked for the password every time after changing the screen orientation

Please let us know if you have received it, and if you have noticed any other particular changes.



DJI Mavic 3 Classic: the high-end drone has become more accessible Carlos Oliveira November 2, 2023

DJI, a reference brand in the drone market, presented a new model for its already extensive portfolio. Up for grabs is the DJI Mavic 3 Classic, a more affordable version of the Mavic 3 introduced about a year ago.

In DJI Mavic 3 Classic you will find almost all the features present in its more powerful brother, with the exception of the presence of a telephoto lens. The result is a drone with impressive capabilities whose starting price is €1,629.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic has many similarities with its brother Mavic 3

The new DJI Mavic 3 Classic is a great drone for shooting video on the go, and making it more affordable shouldn’t be a deterrent for many consumers. For those who want image quality and reliability, this will be an excellent proposition.

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic comes with a 20 MP main lens with the Hasselblad seal. We are talking about a sensor. 4/3″ 24mm CMOS with a viewing angle of 84 degrees and has a variable focal aperture between f/2.8 and ef/11.

For video recording, the DJI Mavic 3 Classic will allow you to record in 5.1K at 50 fps, 4K at 120 fps or 1080p at 200 fps with 200 Mbps. Photography lovers will also like to know that this drone allows you to capture images in 12-bit RAW.

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic will also benefit from a 3-Axis gimbal system for lens stabilization. As already mentioned, the main difference between the most recent version and the one that became official at the end of 2021 is the absence of a dedicated telephoto lens.

It has enough autonomy for flights of 46 minutes

oh battery system included with this DJI Mavic 3 Classic is the same that we can find in the Mavic 3 version. This means that, with a single charge, the user will have enough energy for 46 minutes of flight or up to 30 kilometers of distance traveled.

To ensure accident-free flights, the DJI Mavic 3 Classic is equipped with a wide range of sensors to detect obstacles. The inclusion of a system This means you can set a destination and leave all navigation tasks to your drone.

In terms of flight speeds, the DJI Mavic 3 The Classic can reach 75 km/h, although European legislation limits these speeds to 68 km/h. Pay attention to bad weather conditions, as the drone will only withstand winds of up to 43 km/h.

If you are interested in purchasing this DJI Mavic 3 Classic, you can purchase a copy through the brand’s official website. The base price of this drone is €1,629, which can drop to €1,529 if you already have a DJI RC-N1, RC, or RC Pro controller.

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Connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your PC or Mac

Connecting a XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your PC or Mac is a very useful operation for many situations. Basically, if you want to transfer photos to your XIAOMI Redmi 6A, if you want to transfer your contacts or if you want to move documents to your XIAOMI Redmi 6A, you need to connect your smartphone to your PC or Mac. the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your computer. Let’s see how to connect your XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your PC. Later we will discover how to connect it to a Macintosh. Finally, we will discover how to connect your XIAOMI Redmi 6A wirelessly.

Connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to the PC

In case you want to connect your XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your PC, you will first need to get the USB charging cable that you use to charge your smartphone. The second step is to connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to the PC as you can guess. Once this is done, it will be necessary to activate the USB connection on the smartphone. To do this, you can lower the notifications tab to the end. Once this is done, the option you need to click may differ from your smartphone, but it should be one of the following:

  • USB connection to computer
  • multimedia device
  • Enable USB storage
  • Multimedia device (MTP)

Once this function is selected, the XIAOMI Redmi 6A will behave like a USB stick on your PC. So you can search for the XIAOMI Redmi 6A among the removable drives in the job in the computer

Connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to a Mac

The technique of connecting the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to the Mac is a little different from that to the PC. In fact, the correct method is to use a mini program. this program is Android File Transfer that you will quickly find on the net. Once you have downloaded it, remember that it is necessary Allow installations from unknown sources before attempting the installation. When the installation is complete, you will need to connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to your Mac with the USB charging cable. Next we will activate the USB connection on the XIAOMI Redmi 6A by going to the notification bar. Then select one of the options mentioned in the previous section. As soon as you have done all this, the Mac will automatically recognize the XIAOMI Redmi 6A and open Android File Transfer. Now you can make any transfer that suits you.

Connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A to a Mac or PC without the cable

If you don’t have a USB cable, or if you just want to connect the XIAOMI Redmi 6A without the cable, you should know that there is a nice little program that can do this. This little nugget is AirDroid which you can download here. What we like about this program is that it is available on Mac and PC, so don’t worry about compatibility. The list of features of Airdroid is very long, it is possible to do many things with it. For example, you can transfer documents to the XIAOMI Redmi 6A, write and send TEXTS, access your directory, make backups of the XIAOMI Redmi 6A, or why not take a screenshot of the XIAOMI Redmi 6A. You get the idea, this is the multipurpose program to connect your XIAOMI Redmi 6A. If you ever want to use this program, you will need to create an account and download the app to your smartphone. When you are done, you need to copy the web address shown to you in the application to the browser on your PC or Macintosh. And voila, the trick is done, your XIAOMI Redmi 6A is connected to your PC or Mac.

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Sony reveals price and release date of PlayStation VR 2 Carlos Oliveira November 2, 2023

After weeks of gradual information, Sony today announced when gamers will be able to purchase its new Virtual Reality device. Will it be the February 22 that playstation vr 2 will arrive in stores around the world.

Another important piece of information that we finally know today is how much this equipment will cost. Through its official blog, Sony revealed that each copy of PlayStation VR 2 will cost €599.99.

PlayStation VR 2 hits stores in February next year.

The above price refers to the basic package of the new PlayStation VR. 2. For this price, players will have access to a copy of PS VR 2, PS VR 2 Sense controllers and even stereo headsets.

There will be a second package that, in addition to the content of the base package, will include a voucher to purchase the Call of the Mountain game. If you want to opt for this package you will have to pay €649.99.

Sony also revealed that the charging station for PlayStation VR 2 will be available on the launch day of this product. Unfortunately, it will have to be purchased separately and will cost €49.99.

Although PlayStation VR 2 will only hit stores next February, it can be pre-ordered starting on the 15th from November. Regular retailers will share the necessary information in a timely manner.

The new generation of PlayStation Virtual Reality product arrives with several new features that will provide an even more immersive experience to all players. Technologies such as eye tracking, 3D sound or adaptive triggers are some of the strong points of this new device.

Sony also invested in comfort in the development of PlayStation VR 2. This new version will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor, and will feature a fan for better cooling and screen adjustment.

More than 20 games available at launch

Regarding content for PlayStation VR 2, Sony guarantees that at launch more than 20 games designed with this platform in mind. If you want to know the complete list, just visit the official PlayStation blog.

This ensures that players will have plenty of content to enjoy as soon as PlayStation VR arrives. 2 get to the stores. In the future, more games will surely be announced for the PlayStation Virtual Reality platform.

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Facebook Music Stories continues to expand support

Facebook wants you listen to music within your social networkWhat’s more, a few weeks ago Facebook began adding support for many streaming music applications that will allow us to listen to fragments of music within the News Feed.

Obviously the advantage is obvious for both parties, Facebook keeps you from leaving the page to listen to music clips directly in the Facebook app on Android or iOSmaking your stay within the social network much longer and at the same time these services gain more and more users on their platforms.

Facebook adds support for streaming music apps

The best thing is that Facebook has not only added this feature for mobile clients at the moment, android apps and iOS apps this feature is also available for those using Facebook from desktop.

Now, users can listen to clips of up to 30 seconds of songs from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Rhapsody and Napster. Facebook says that Music Stories, available since November for iOS, will reach Android users at the end of January 2016.

Facebook’s Music Stories will come to Android in January

The company already not only allows you to preview radio clips from these streaming services But some NPR shows and podcasts can be added directly into the app. Now, the best of all is that these audio clips can be heard in the background while we browse the Facebook news feed and this is exclusive to mobile users, to continue browsing Facebook from desktop and listen to songs at the same time. you will have to open a new tab.

And yes, although still can’t stream an entire song Through Music Stories it is a matter of time before it becomes a reality just as the videos that have arrived on Facebook and have been perfectly integrated into the app do. Facebook continues to work on staying on the page with very aggressive strategies. How do you see Mark’s company wanting to continue trapping you and linking you to the social network?

Fountain | The Verge

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Twitter eliminates ‘fleets’ less than a year after its launch

Twitter fleets will no longer be available starting August 3.

Twitter announced the removal of the ephemeral tweets feature, ‘fleets’, that last only 24 hours, in the style of Facebook and Instagram ‘stories’, less than a year after its launch in November of last year.

In a post on the corporate blog, Twitter product manager Ilya Brown acknowledged the failure of those baptized as ‘fleets’which have not led to an increase in participation in the social network, as the company had set as its objective.

“We hoped fleets would help more people feel comfortable to join the conversations that occur on Twitter,” said the manager.

The ephemeral tweets feature It will no longer be available starting August 3.

These time-limited messages allow you to add text, photographs and video, and to share them, simply choose the “Share in fleet” option when publishing the content.

Fleets still appear at the top of fans’ home screens and can only be responded to and reacted to via the direct messaging feature. That is, there is no possibility of creating a public conversation as in traditional tweets.

Time-limited messages were popularized years ago by Snapchatt, and later this model was adopted by Instagram and Facebook in their popular “stories”.

The idea of Twitter also believed that this way of sharing messages would “relieve pressure on users” by eliminating aspects such as retweets or ‘Likes’ that sometimes become popularity contests on the networks.

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The case for APIs…instead of creating iPhone apps first

Trends in mobile development vary dizzyingly. From mobile first and iPhone first to the most recent API first

I am neither Android nor Apple addicted. I use a Macbook Air and have a Google Android phone. I believe in using any tool that suits your needs and budget, and that it doesn’t matter much anymore since all the services we use are available for both iOS and Android, which has translated into more or less transparent mobile experiences regardless. of the operating system they are using.

A large number of people invest significant amounts of money in market research trying to decide which operating system to develop first. Although it still seems that the trend that is gaining more strength continues to be to create applications for the iOS system in the first place.

I think all this does a disservice. Firstly, because this responds to an idea very focused on the United States, where even though the iPhone is thought to be the most popular device and has the greatest prestige, but even there, Android has more than 80 percent of the operating system market share. you don’t want limit your customers by that small percentage of people who have iPhonessince the purpose is to attract the largest number of customers possible.

Plus, the procedures to get into the Apple Store are usually more difficult than the programming itself, so why get stuck waiting when you could be working on several projects at the same time.

Also, when you build an iPhone first app, you have to reinvent the wheel and create a bunch of duplicate code to then build a website or app on Android, Windows, and more. even, if you are old school, an application for Blackberry.

For these reasons, I propose that instead of spending time and resources creating applications and websites from scratch, Let’s build a web API first.

## What is a Web API?

In summary, the application programming interface generally callede API is the way your product or service can talk to other products and services online. That’s what most of those “smart” things do, because our smartphones are really, really dumb. API is what connects smart devices to the internet. It’s what connects the Nest Thermometer to your iPhone and what makes your Apple Watch more than just a hipster fashion statement.

The practice until now has been design a website or application and from then on build an API to connect it with others. The most typical way to make this mindset shift in business is to first focus on describing your interface, so that everything that goes through your system does so through an API. This allows scalable development on top of the API, from here on, modify the code, depending on the needs, for any website and app that you need to build on top of it.

How else can APIs help businesses?

  1. The API can become a new source of income. You may have information from someone else who would like to have it. Let’s say you have a restaurant and you want to connect with your reservations via the Fork or maybe you want to connect your daily menu with Yelp. You can upload these tools to access this information or you can indirectly get an extra benefit by increasing the chances of earning new bookings because you have a good online presence.
  2. An API increases brand awareness. Do you have interesting information that other companies would like to use? Think about how you could allow people to access and make available that information via API. You can even have your logo integrated into the information on other web pages. Let’s take the example of TripAdvisor. They have millions of photos, comments and ratings that hotels and restaurants want to boast about. Using its API, thousands of these businesses put the official TripAdvisor rating on their websites, which in turn means hundreds of thousands of daily brand impressions from this top global website.
  3. An API allows others to work for you. If you had all the money and time in the world, you would have your wishlist with all the apps, features and agreements that you would like to have to develop them one by one. Sadly resources are limited so you can only develop your priorities. If you open your API to third party agreements or to the general public, other companies may investigate new, highly mutually beneficial possibilities that double your potential reach, all thanks to the fantastic opportunities of co marketing. Through the open API of the popular Fitbit wearable, more than 20 different apps have been developed in the first two years, saving Fitbit $1 million in research and design. This also means that partnership agreements are reached much faster.
  4. APIs allow you to grow much faster and safer. If you make the decision to start with APIs, you have to do what Amazon calls “eat your own dog food.” If everything is built from the heart of your API, everything you do will interface with this naturally. This means that you are extremely aware of the importance of user experience and the security of your product. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to reach a wide audience by offering more services much more quickly.
  5. The foundation of an API encourages innovation and creativity. Building API first means you can have every company involved in growth, creating a digital strategy throughout the entire company. Does the marketing department need a new website for a specific campaign? Once your base is built, you only need to quickly build a few specific features. Do you realize you have a need for a Windows Phone app? You already have the spine, so it will only require you to add a couple of pages.

Just be careful! Mashable warns about the risk of taking API first too far. “Each mobile operating system has its own style and the creator of the OS has probably published a style guide to design their apps with a unique aesthetic. iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 have very different aesthetics.”

Your core is concerned with the development and design of your API first strategy. This leaves you time, effort and resources to focus on user experience and usability testing. So do it!


Paramount+ presents the contents of its steaming platform

Next March 4th will be presented Paramount+ in the United States and we already know all the content that will be available and its plans for the immediate future worldwide.

On the new channel Paramount+ we will have movie premieres like “Top Gun: Maverick”, “A Quiet Place 2” and “Mission: Impossible 7” only 45 days after its cinema premiere, a strategy similar to that of its competitors with similar distribution services such as HBO Max and Disney+. This platform is already available in some regions, but for now it does not reach Spain.

Inside the service Paramount+ We will have the spectacular catalog of films from Paramount Pictures and exclusive television programs Showtime, CBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Smithsonian. Among the products it has in its portfolio, the video game series stands out. Halothe return of Dexternew chapters of the legendary series Frasierthe new season of The good fight and all the content of the saga Star Trek.

  • Dramas and comedies for television

    Taylor Sheridan’s projects “6666” (a “Yellowstone” spinoff) and “Mayor of Kingstown,” starring Jeremy Renner
    Reboot of “Criminal Minds”, A new series by Kenya Barris, seventh and final season of “Younger”
    “Halo,” based on the Xbox game franchise, moving from Showtime and arriving in early 2022
    Serial adaptations of the films “The Italian Job”, “Love Story”, “Fatal Attraction”, “Parallax View” and “Flashdance”
    New seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Lower Decks”; the seventh and final season of “Younger”,
    New chapters of “Frazier” with Kelsey Grammer.
    “Inside Amy Schumer” Returns; spinoffs of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” and “Reno: 911! “; and films based on “Workaholics” and “Beavis & Butt-head.”

  • Films

    We are looking forward to the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick”, “A Quiet Place 2” and “Mission: Impossible 7”.
    The studio’s original films for Paramount Plus include a new “Paranormal Activity” and a prequel to “Pet Sematary.”

  • Children’s programming

    A new “Rugrats” CG animated series; new series set in the world of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” from Nickelodeon’s new Avatar Studios; the animated series “Star Trek: Prodigy”; an “iCarly” reboot; and live-action versions of “Dora the Explorer” and “The Fairly OddParents.”

  • Realities and music

    “Queen of the Universe,” an international drag queen singing competition from the producers of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”; reruns of “Behind the Music,” “Yo! MTV Raps” and MTV’s “Unplugged”; and, as previously announced, a reunion of the original New York cast of “The Real World.”

For now Paramount+ It seems that it will broadcast in maximum quality 1080p and sound Dolby Digital, there is no comment on 4K HDR quality and advanced multichannel sound. For now, compatibility has been announced with the most popular certified devices in the United States such as Roku, Apple TV and the Fire TV family, we will see what happens with the Android TV-Boxes.

The service Paramount+ will be launched in the United States, Latin America and Canada on March 4, in the Nordic countries on March 25, in Australia in the middle of this year and in other regions later. The normal annual price of the service is divided into two plans, one of $59.99/year with advertising and another for $99.99/year without ads. Maybe there is a promotion for the first year at €40-70/year when it is released in Europe, it remains to be seen how many people can share it with.

island sonic Ξ TREND

Sonic Frontiers – Ouranos Island Challenges Guide

Final guide for Sonic Frontiers, which with the 27 present onUranus Island (Ouranos Island) they reach 105 total spreads in the four reference islands. By completing these last 27 you will get the trophy Explorer of the Island of Uranus.

The challenge count starts from number 79 and to find the guide to the first islandwhich brings number one in the challenge count, we refer you to this page while for the other two parts you will find the reference guides here and finally here.

  • M-079: Climb onto the orange plate and then jump towards the blue plates without hitting the grass.
  • M-080: Activate the ball and catch the ball. You have to look where the ball falls and go under it to catch it.
  • M-081: Use Cyloop ability around the pedestal, now kick the blue ball into all five rings within the time limit.
  • M-082: You must use the Cyloop ability around Tetris blocks. To put them in the right order, look at the statue next to the three Tetris blocks on the ground.
  • M-083: Stand in the center between the two rings and jump over the laser. Don’t get hit until the ten second timer expires.
  • M-084: Climb the highlighted plates within the time limit.
  • M-085: Activate the hourglass and follow the path of the blue checkpoints within the time limit.
  • M-086: Use the Cyloop ability to destroy the blue flames; after destroying the first two, others will appear nearby. Be careful.
  • M-087: You must use the Cyloop ability around the Tetris blocks. To put them in the right order, look at the statue next to the three Tetris blocks on the ground.
  • M-088: Activate the hourglass and follow the path of the blue objectives to complete this challenge.
  • M-089: Take the blue orb.
  • M-090: Activate the hourglass and use the Cyloop ability twice around the bush next to you to reveal a jumping platform. Jump onto the platform and cross all the blue checkpoints within the time limit.
  • M-091: Activate the hourglass and reach the top of the tower within the time limit.
  • M-092: Spam the pillar to deal damage.
  • M-093: Activate the ball and take the ball. You have to look where the ball falls and go under it to catch it.
  • M-094: Activate the hourglass and reach the plate within the time limit.
  • M-095: Activate the torch in front of you, now use the Cyloop ability around the platform to lift it, climb onto it and jump to the other platforms with a torch and activate the torch on each platform.
  • M-096: Turn the mirrors so the laser can reach the pyramid next to you.
  • M-097: Use the Cyloop ability around the pedestal, now kick the blue ball with :sq: / :x1: into all the rings within the time limit.
  • M-098: Use the Cyloop ability around the glowing yellow tree.
  • M-099: Activate the hourglass and reach the top of the pyramid within the time limit.
  • M-100: Activate the hourglass and jump onto the jumping pad and slide through all the blue checkpoints within the time limit.
  • M-101: Step on the orange plate and then walk on the blue plates that are now highlighted without touching any other plates.
  • M-102: You must use the Cyloop ability around Tetris blocks. To put them in the right order, look at the statue next to the three Tetris blocks. If you placed something wrong, you can use the Cyloop ability around the wrong statue and try again.
  • M-103: climb onto the pedestal and parry three energy projectiles within the time limit.
  • M-104: Step onto the orange slab and then walk on the blue slabs that are now highlighted without touching any other slabs.
  • M-105: Climb onto the orange plate and then jump towards the blue plates without falling.

For all other guides and news on the game follow here.

android Ξ TREND

We reveal the best Android for less than 100 euros

Choose the best Android mobile for less than 100 euros, especially if we take into account the user’s taste. If you are from Pure Androidyou will agree with me that the best option for less than 100 euros is the Moto E 2015However, there are other spectacular Chinese terminals with 2 GB of RAM and all for the same price. We will tell you which is, in our opinion, the best Android mobile for less than 100 euros, since this Moto E 2015 can already be found in some corners around 96 euros or less.

Best Android mobile for less than 100 euros: Moto E 2015

Moto E 2015 has many things for which we have chosen it as the best mobile phone for less than 100 euros. We highlight the following characteristics:

  • 4.5 inch QHD screen.
  • Quad-Core at 1.2 GHz (same processor as Moto G 2015).
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • 8 GB of storage + microSD.
  • 5 MP camera and VGA selfies.
  • Video at 720p and 30 fps.
  • Android Lollipop, but with plans to update to Marshmallow.
  • Battery that lasts the day with 2,390 mAh.

With these features, it has everything to succeed, although it is clear that this will be true if we look for a cheap mobile phone at a good price with which to do basic things. He price of the Moto E 2015 is more than 100 eurosbut in many places we can find it cheaper.

Moto E for 96 euros on Amazon

Without going any further, we have remembered the Moto E because on Amazon we have an offer in which we save 20 euros with your purchase. At the moment, on Amazon we have it for 116.54 euros. If we subtract the 20 euros from that price, we are left with 96 eurosa very juicy price and yes below these 100 euros that we are talking about.

There are great Chinese alternatives, but without Pure Android. That will depend on what you prefer. Another terminal that we really like is the Meizu M2. Also they Doogee are a very interesting optionthey are offering us good terminals at a good price.

What do you think of the Moto E? Do you think there are better options? We have focused mainly on this model because it has Pure Android and Marshmallow planssomething we highly prioritize over other manufacturers.

call duty call of duty call of duty 2 modern modern warfare modern warfare 2 warfare Ξ TREND

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 arrives in 2009

Activision announced and confirmed in recent days that the sixth chapter of Call of Duty (the second set in the present day) will arrive in stores all over the world by 2009, barring any unexpected postponements which we naturally do not hope for.

After the first chapter released in 2007, and after the recent one CoD World at War arrived in 2008, so it will soon see the light for our consoles Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which will bring us back to fighting wars in the present day thus leaving the environment of the Second World War for now. The new first-person shooter will definitely be available for all consoles and also for PC. We still have to wait for official details.

Many have criticized Activision for the fact that the release distance between one CoD and another was very short, but this, according to others, means nothing given that the chapters of this war game were the most profitable for the software house, especially Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which has exceeded approximately 14 million copies sold for all consoles worldwide.

android android 11 max ram Ξ TREND

Rockchip RK3566 SoC with Android 11 and up to 8GB of RAM in the new H96 MAX

We already have the first TV-Box in Chinese stores that includes Rockchip’s new Quad Core SoC RK3566 called H96 MAX which also includes as an option 8GB RAM a figure that we had not seen until now,

The SoC RK3566 It has been a long time coming and is ready to compete with the S905X3 which it surpasses in the GPU section, Mali G52 2EE vs Mali-G31 MP2, since in the CPU area both use the same ARM Cortex-A55 processors. The operating system included is the new one Android 11 and we see that it does not include compatibility with the modern AV1 codec, although it does include VP9, ​​H.265 and the HDR10 and HLG standards. Also included is a bluetooth remote control with gyroscopes and microphone to use voice search. As always, we hope to carry out a Review of this new Box to test this new Rockchip SoC in depth.

SoC, RAM and storage

The box H96 MAX includes an SoC RK3566 from Rockchip, a Quad Core with low-power, 64-bit ARM Cortex-A55 processors that theoretically reach up to 1.99 Ghz, with a Mali-G52-2EE GPU and an NPU for iA with a power of 0.8 TOPS. The RAM memory is 4/8GB DDR3 and the storage is 32/64GB eMMc, we do not see a micro SD card reader so if we want to expand the storage we will have to use one of the USB ports.

Other specifications

In the area of ​​wireless connectivity it includes Wifi AC Dual Band and Bluetooth 4.0 with internal antenna. The connectors we have in this case are a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0, SPDIF digital audio output, port Gigabit Ethernet and a video output HDMI 2.0a with support for resolutions up to 4k@60Hz.

Price and availability

  • The TV-Box H96 MAX with SoC RK3566 and 4/32 GB available in banggood, Geekbuying and by €49.50 ($59.99).
  • The version with 8GB RAM and 64GB storage can be purchased for €62.48 ($76.99) both with free shipping.

note samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 protagonist of a new video

Not only theASUS PadFonepresented last February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona it hasn’t debuted in our stores today, but at least it has been confirmed and we know all its main features. There is another tablet Android which since last February seems to have been abandoned and forgotten even by its producer, even if this is not really the case, let’s talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1which thanks to a restyling its arrival in our stores was delayed and we still have no news on its arrival today; luckily for the Mexican users they brought us a small one video of presentation.

The big news of restyling Of Samsung on the Galaxy Note 10.1 they had been revealed a few weeks ago, that is Exynos 4 quad-core processor (the same one we find on Galaxy S III) and also it slots to enter yours S-Pen.

The latter could hold interesting news for all of us as we can see in the following video shot in Mexico (easily understood from Telcel logo in the background of the tablet).

Here is the video:


Have you noticed any pleasant surprises that we didn’t know about until now? Around minute 1:05 a large appears on the tablet display numeric keypad. What could this mean? SIM support and therefore available in variants Wifi And Wi-Fi/3G; or it could be the new S-Pen designed by the South Korean giant and which could allow us to make phone calls.

It would certainly be an additional feature that we would all like to find in ours Android tabletsbut this may further affect the delay of Galaxy Note 10.1.

We will keep you posted.



One-Shot Wonders – Review, over 100 adventures to experience!

Here is our review of One-Shot Wondersa fantastic one collection of adventures for them D&D 5E campaigns published by Roll & Play Press. The purpose of this supplement is to provide helpful advice and background on creating one-shot adventures and styled campaigns sandboxreducing the preparation times necessary for their construction.

The adventure index

The manual of One-Shot Wonders is presented with bright colors and illustrations, while its structure consists of a collection of adventures divided by difficulty, levels recommended e game biomes.

The adventures are normally displayed in two pagesthe first including the prologue, the beginning of the adventure, the key characters and two quick tables for the narrative, while the second introduces the descriptions of the key places, the clues and secrets of the characters, and the possible rewards.

The introduction of adventures is composed of the title and i descriptors which indicate the type – adventurous or defensive – and the relative biomesuch as snowy tundra or coast, then followed by the story’s prologue.

The first adventure”The Cats’ Mother“, taken as an example, is categorized as adventurous, defensive and set in the snowy tundra. The story’s prologue is introduced with: “As poachers approach a pregnant saber-toothed tiger, a fervent conservationist will do everything in his power to protect the animal and her unborn cubs. This includes hiring a party of adventurers to travel with him across the frozen tundra and watch over the animal during birth.” In short, in a few lines you will have a fair picture of the initial data.

The beginning of the journey

Once presented the prologue it’s time to introduce players to the game context. This phase, internal to the manual as “start the adventure“, describes the reason for the presence of the group of adventurers and the key characters met. A brief characteristic description is dedicated to these characters, consisting of name, age, race, class or item to search in Monster Manual (such as lookout or kobold), along with an overview of his character and physical appearance.

A example of key character met by the players, considering the same adventure as above, is Belvadere “Belle” Solis, a 164 year old elf scout presented as an environmentalist, when in reality she is part of an organized gang of poachers who brings with her a bottle of animal milk and a small packet of bird seed inside his cargo jacket.

The subsequent narration is left to free improvisationas contained within the adventures there are two tables: one table is dedicated to quick datingwith some variation of the creatures’ statistics compared to those described in the monster manual, while the other table it contains suggestions on possible events administered during the session, in the key locations indicated below.

The key places they are precisely displayed with a brief description of the morphology and function of the place, accompanied by the characters and/or creatures that can be found inside them. Returning to the example of “The Cats’ Mother”, one of these places is the rocky alcove, of which an accurate and brief description is given: “near the frozen cliffs, a small alcove offers protection from the winds and the climate cold in the area. Small grasses cling to its gray walls, benefiting from the shelter offered.”

Protection from the elements makes this alcove the perfect place for your saber-toothed tiger to safely give birth, plus poachers can be observed circling above the area. After navigating through the events of the story and collected the clues (listed on the second page of the chosen adventure) the journey can be concluded and, based on its implications, the players will obtain one of the rewards described at the end of the adventure.

New story same heroes

One-Shot Wonders Of Roll & Play Press It is a fantastic tool, born from the need to speed up the organizational process of a session. Providing helpful backgrounds and adventures complete with hints, this book sits at the heart of worldbuilding sandbox or fill the interludes of campaigns already underway. Each adventure narrated in it is categorized in an index at the end of the book itself in order to collect the material necessary to enrich the theme of our future campaign. The rules system used is that of the fifth edition of D&D, however the setting of the adventures is strongly narrative giving the possibility of adapt them to other similar regulations, as suggested by the authors in the first pages of the manual. This elasticity makes One-Shot Wonders easily approachable from beginners and experts in narrative games.

fantasy ubisoft Ξ TREND

UBISOFT announces the release of PETZ FANTASY

Ubisoft announces the release of Petz FantasyThe new title in the series Petz dedicated to children aged between 6 and 11 yearsalready available for Nintendo DS and DS Yes in Germany, Italy, Denmark and Great Britain.

Petz Fantasy opens the doors of the fantastic world of magicwhere young people players they will be able to have fun in the company of 20 different creaturesfrom the adorable unicorn to the tender baby dragon. As well as taking care of theirs cub favorite, i players they will soon discover that i Petzthanks to them Magic powersthey will be able to lead them into a universe full of surprises and secrets.

With a pinch of magic more, Petz Fantasy not only allows the Boys to take care of theirs fantasy puppies but it also pushes them to earn theirs trust And train them to help him recover new magical powersthat include fire, flight, ice and speed.

Since every Petz has one unique and unpredictable personalityeveryone will be able to find the creature that they prefer among the many available. In Petz Fantasy you will be able to develop a special relationship with your own cub to become one winning team and successfully overcome all adventures of the world of Magic.

Petz Fantasy brings the experience of game to a new level of involvement!

harry potter series Ξ TREND

There could be more Harry Potter series in development

As is well known, last year there was news about the franchise of Harry Potterand that is precisely due to the revelation of a series that will take us through the seven books created by JK Rowling, having a season for each of them, which will allow us to incorporate more elements that were omitted in the films. And while fans are happy with the idea of ​​the project, it seems that it is not going to be the only thing that Max will take place around the world of the most famous magician on earth.

According to information shared by media such as deadlinethe world of magic could expand to more possibilities on the small screen, so we could see more adaptations that wouldn’t necessarily be focused on Harry, but perhaps in secondary characters of the plot. In fact, you can even take into consideration the suggestions of fans, who have asked to show Voldemort’s backstory, which was in the books but was never made into a movie.

Even Warner itself has begun to recruit writers and scriptwriters to shape the projects, among them we have Martha Hillier (with credits on The Last Kingdom), Kathleen Jordan (Blanketball), Tom Moran (The Devil’s Hour) and Michael Lesslie (Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes). Those who can previously go under the consultancy of the author of the books, because even if a certain part of the public does not agree, they will have some participation.

This is a slight synopsis of the franchise Harry Potter:

The “Harry Potter” book series was written by British author JK Rowling and consists of seven books that follow the life and adventures of a young wizard named Harry Potter. Here is a general synopsis of the series:

The story begins with Harry Potter, an orphan boy who lives with his cruel uncles and cousin. On his eleventh birthday, he discovers that he is a wizard and is accepted into Hogwarts magic school. There, Harry makes new friends such as Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and discovers that he is famous in the wizarding world for surviving a deadly attack by Lord Voldemort when he was a baby.

Remember that much of the content of this saga is available on HBO Maxbe it movies or documentaries.

Via: Deadline

Editor’s note: It would be great if additional series told us about the past of iconic characters like Dumbledore and Voldemort, including key parts of their past and their reasons for choosing different paths. Obviously Rowling will have to supervise so that the original work is not damaged.

chrome google google chrome macbook Ξ TREND

Google will optimize Chrome for new MacBook Pros with retina displays

As you now know, a few days ago Apple held its annual WWDC conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from which new features emerged such as iOS 6 (what’s new?) and the new MacBook Pro with retina display. Precisely regarding the latter, Google has declared that it is working on a version of Chrome optimized for this type of display and resolution.

Google itself communicated this via the official blog dedicated to Chrome. Some new features have already been introduced in the version Canary of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Canaryfor those who don’t know it, is a version of the browser made by Google that is automatically updated without any stability testing (even daily sometimes) and includes all the news, major and otherwise, that the developers develop. Precisely due to the lack of tests that ensure its stability, this version is not recommended for those who use it commonly, as it could sometimes be unusable or in any case with significant bugs (I have been using it for a while and in any case I am not It’s happened again.)


death internet Ξ TREND

Internet addiction can even lead to death: Dr. Leonardo Palacios

He also recalled that greater connectivity and digital appropriation are part of the new world in which people are immersed, clarifying that there is no need to fear innovation.

This Thursday, August 5, the neurologist and also professor of Neurology at the Universidad del Rosario, Leonardo Palacios, He explained in the Blu 4.0 microphones the silent dangers that techno-addiction and cyber-addiction entail.

“Addicts are connected in their area of ​​interest from 6 to 10 p.m., they stop eating, They neglect themselves and get sick like any other substance addict. In fact, there are well-known clinics to treat this excess, they are called digital detox clinics,” he said.

Palacios placed special emphasis on the fact that these addictions can lead to death.

However, he also recalled that greater connectivity and digital appropriation are part of the new digital world in which people are immersed, clarifying that there is no need to fear innovation, but rather take advantage of the benefits of the digital economy.

On the other hand, Palacios referred to terms such as ‘Nomophobia’ and ‘Phoning’.

“‘Nomophobia’ is the fear of being without a cell phone or to disconnect from any mobile device with internet. While ‘Phoning’ is an addiction that manifests itself when a person or older adult is despised by others, because they prefer to be looking at the screens.” He clarified.


Trepsi, the application that helps you shop smart and take care of your health

Additionally, this application is useful for people who have anxiety, because it helps control what they should eat and at the right time.

Daniela Ovallos, master in clinical nutrition and scientific director of the Trepsi nutrition application, He gave five recommendations in La Nube to market smartly, explaining that this work seeks to “be healthy.”

  1. Prepare a weekly menu
  2. Make a list of market
  3. Distribute products correctly
  4. Avoid going with hunger to the supermarket
  5. Read the labels nutritional

Although he acknowledged that most people do not know how to interpret product labeling, He said that Trepsi is working on lists so that users know what they can buy and that contributes to your health.

“At Trepsi we are working on those market lists, where people only have to go to the application, “You choose a program, for example, weight loss or muscle gain, and we give you the best options to buy,” he added.

In addition, he indicated that this application is useful for people who have anxiety, because it helps you control what you should eat and at the right time.

“Many times when they make you think, they commit sins, “They eat excessively,” he said.