FIFA 23 career mode Become a captain

How to become the team captain in FIFA 23 Player Career? How do you select the captain in career mode and how is it decided which player wears the captain’s armband? One or two players of the new FIFA 23 who have just started a new playing career will probably have to deal with these questions. In your playing career you take control of a player, who you can then gradually develop into a top star. As a top player, you would like to become captain sooner or later, but how does that work?

Become a captain in your playing career

Similar to the previous FIFA parts and the player’s career, in FIFA 23 it is not that easy for the player to become the captain. The reason for this is that the captain is automatically selected by the AI ​​in the background and you don’t have much influence on it. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being selected as team captain.

  1. Players with the Leadership attribute are more often preferred as captains.
  2. Club loyal player who stays with the club for a long time and delivers good performances.
  3. Players in the midfield position are usually chosen more often.

Becoming a captain is a trick

If you really want to play as a captain in your playing career, you can use a little trick by simply replacing the right player with the captain’s armband with your own player.

  1. Start FIFA 23 and open the “Customize” menu in the main menu using the gear symbol.
  2. “Create a player” and then exchange this with the team captain using “tactical templates”.
  3. Finally, you have to select the player as captain and you can start your playing career with an “authentic player” that you have previously created yourself.

Tip: This is how you can expand and change the stadium in FIFA 23 career mode.


Shingeki no Kyojin ending explained. What does the post-credits scene of Attack on Titan mean?

Attack on Titan, or “Shingeki no Kyojin”, has finally ended after a long journey that began in 2013 as an adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga. Thus, four seasons later, several specials and a wait that seemed eternal, we have been able to see the outcome of the adventures of Eren, Armin, Mikasa as part of the Reconnaissance Legion. However, as usually happens in this type of event, neither has this been a dish of good taste for the entire audience nor has everything we have seen during the 1 and a half hour special been clear. To clear your doubts, we bring you the ending explained With every little detail. Needless to say, below you will find all kinds of spoilers.

What happens at the end of Attack on Titan?

The special begins right where the previous one ended. Eren has started the Rumble, plaguing the world with thousands of Colossal Titans with the goal of destroying humanity. The few remaining members of the Survey Legion and some of Marley’s allies have joined forces to try to reach him, now converted into the Final Titan. After a bloody battle in which old allies, enemies like the Beast Titan, and tough decisions appear, Mikasa finally manages to reach what’s left of Eren and put an end to his life. But better we go in partsthere is a lot to talk about.

The outcome of Eren and Mikasa

We know that Mikasa is the one who ends Eren’s life. However, before those moments, a scene occurs in which both characters share a different destiny. Maybe there are those who think that this is a representation that occurs in Ackerman’s mind, but the truth is that, like everything that happens in this story, it is something deeper.

Eren has the ability to travel through time as a result of obtaining the power of the Attack Titan. You can’t do it in strictly physical terms, but you can influence past decisions. Thus, one of the hardest revelations is knowing that he was the one who let the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan pass, removing the minor titans that surrounded Bertholt with the power of the Founder and causing the massacre of the first chapters of the series. , included her mother’s death.

Eren confesses to having traveled many times to the past searching for other alternatives until realizing that the only possible outcome, the one that will save his friends, was the current one. However, there is a point in the timeline that can change things and that is a decision which corresponds to Mikasa. When in a previous conversation she responds that to her he is like her family, he tips the balance towards the current option. If he confesses his feelings to her, they will both leave everything and live in retirement until Eren’s life as the bearer of the Titan’s power ends.

Therefore, what we see during that vision is a parallel reality in which Eren has not become a genocide. We find the proof of this in the first chapter of the series. If we remember one of the first scenes, Eren is sleeping peacefully on a tree when Mikasa tells him that he has fallen asleep. “I feel like I’ve been in a very long dream,” he comments and then begins to cry without knowing why. This is exactly the same thing that happens to Mikasa during the vision. Thus, this scene is a way of letting the viewer see that not only did they both have feelings for each other, but also of giving them a goodbye much less harsh than what we are going to witness in reality.

The talk with Armin

Armin is another of the most important people for Eren and this is how we can see it during the conversation between the two. This occurs once Eren has died, although in reality it had already happened. The viewer receives it at that moment simply because Eren erased the memories of her and once dead, they have reappeared.

During these moments in which some important moments are reviewed, both friends say goodbye and Armin agrees to take part of the blame for what happened so that his friend does not have the full weight of what he has done. In the end, Eren confesses that everything he has done has been to try to give them a better future.

The fate of the Eldians

And does he really achieve it? Once the Rumble has been stopped and the threat of Eren no longer exists, the truth is that the world continues, even if only with 20% of the population. Such a massacre has managed to slow down a possible repression against the island’s inhabitants by the rest of the territories, but they are still not safe. Thus, the main group that has participated in its elimination is forced to leave Paradis for a time. Within the walls, the faction related to Eren has grouped and formed a new army willing to defend himself if necessary.

Without the ability to become titans on the part of these inhabitants, Marley decides not to eliminate them and even the cooperation between the two during the massacre serves to end the rivalry of the nations. Thus, the Eldians who lived outside the walls are able to have a more dignified life. During the boat scene, we can see how Connie, Jean, Annie and Armin are on their way to the island again. They have become foreign ambassadors, but fear repression by the Jaegerists. Something that, with Armin’s mastery, seems not to happen.

What’s going on with Levi?

Levi’s fate is possibly one of the toughest in the series, (with Eren’s permission). Accustomed to seeing how the Ackerman is capable of finishing off all kinds of titans, now we have to see how this one ends his days confined to a wheelchair. His confrontation with the Beast Titan had already left him very weak and bruised in the previous special, but saving Connie in a risky way and a last effort to clear a path for Mikasa through the mouth of the Final Titan are what caused him to His body cannot recover. As a curiosity, in the manga he can be seen with Gabi and Falco.

Mikasa’s future and the bird scene

With Eren out of the picture, Mikasa no longer has to fight again. Unlike the rest of the main group, she decides to stay on the island and be near her grave. So we can see how three years later He continues visiting her with the scarf he gave her still around her neck. The bird scene caused a lot of stir when it debuted in the manga, but no, it’s not that Eren is now a bird, but rather it’s a symbolic way of representing that he will always be by her side.

Now we move on to the scenes seen during the credits of the series. Although in a tiny way, we can see how the years go by and Mikasa continues to visit Eren. At one point he is shown with her family. Although this is seen more clearly in the manga and is also dropped in some scenes, it is speculated that her future husband is none other than Jean. Finally, Mikasa dies of old age and is buried in the same place.

Explanation of the credits scene

The post-credits scenes continue and now we see how Eldia is an advanced nation of large buildings. The war once again ravages the place and we see how all the buildings are destroyed by bombs. The meaning of this scene is that the human being is destined to repeat their mistakes and Eren’s sacrifice has served to give a better life to his friends, but not to all of humanity.

Later we see a little boy with a red scarf who comes across the tree that Eren was buried in. This scene is very similar to the one when Ymir gains the power of the titans, implying again that the cycle It is condemned to repeat itself. And who is this boy? Although the red scarf may make us believe that we are dealing with a descendant of Mikasa, the truth is that it seems unlikely that it has lasted after so long and after a war. Plus it can still be draped over Mikasa’s neck during his funeral. It would be more logical to think that Isayama seeks to give the message that once again an innocent young man similar to how Eren, Armin or Mikasa were as children is about to start a cycle of destruction and evil.

Of course, each user can make the corresponding interpretations, but the ending of Shingeki no Kyojin is summarized in that Eren was not a simple madman, but the will to save his friends led him to want to achieve his goal no matter what the cost. In the same way, the human essence is staged very well through war and how humanity is not capable of living in peace. The titans no longer exist, but they can do it again and you know what they say: he who does not know their history is condemned to repeat it.


who were Karamo and Moustapha Ndong, the two drowned Senegalese fishermen?

AGAINSTn Saturday morning, the sun rises over the clear and gentle waters of the Arcachon basin. There is not a breath of wind. Around the fish market in the fishing port of Arcachon, there are not many people. And those who are there, employees of the fish market, fishmongers are inevitably still in shock from the tragedy that occurred on the night of Thursday December 21 to Friday December 22: the “Cycnos”, a 12 meter Arcachon gillnet, crashed against the Socoa Dike, in the Basque Country. If the skipper of the boat was able to be rescued, the two sailors, Karamo Ndong, 58 years old, and Moustapha Ndong, 30 years old, could not be rescued. And their…

AGAINSTn Saturday morning, the sun rises over the clear and gentle waters of the Arcachon basin. There is not a breath of wind. Around the fish market in the fishing port of Arcachon, there are not many people. And those who are there, employees of the fish market, fishmongers are inevitably still in shock from the tragedy that occurred on the night of Thursday December 21 to Friday December 22: the “Cycnos”, a 12 meter Arcachon gillnet, crashed against the Socoa Dike, in the Basque Country. If the skipper of the boat was able to be rescued, the two sailors, Karamo Ndong, 58 years old, and Moustapha Ndong, 30 years old, could not be rescued. And their bodies have still not been found.

Friday evening, the city of Arcachon published a press release in which it explains that “this is a moment of pain and suffering for all of us”, that “everything that affects the world of the sea affects each Arcachon resident, personally” . » It’s true: the Yannick Bestaven group of sailors Scouts and Guides of France from the Arcachon basin explains in a Facebook publication “to join in prayer” with this tragedy.

Funny lives

Karamo and Moustapha were Senegalese, like quite a few fishermen from Arcachon since the 1960s. Links are being forged between this great African country and Arcachon. Today, around fifteen Senegalese fishermen still work for the Arcachon boats. “There were a few more of us before, but some left for the port of Royan,” says Lamine Diedhiou, their representative in the Basin.

He knew the two missing people well. “Despite their last name, they were not related. Karamo arrived in Arcachon thirty years ago with other Senegalese, he continues. He was born in Senegal. His family lives in Mbour, a town about sixty kilometers from Dakar. He has always fished, even in his country. He was a very good fisherman. He sailed for a long time on the “Georges André” and the “Excalibur”. Subsequently, he found himself on other boats. He had come here to work and earn money. He often returned home to see his family and children. He was due to leave on December 29. »

“He came here to work and earn money. He often returned home to see his family and children. He was due to leave on December 29. »

Lamine tries, but he doesn’t remember Karamo ever having a fishing accident during his long career in Arcachon. Until that fatal night of Friday December 22.

The work is the same in Africa as here, but the salary has nothing to do with it. “Moustapha was also married and had two children in Senegal,” assures Lamine Diedhiou. He sent them money every month. He had been working in Arcachon for two or three years. He hasn’t returned to Senegal since, I think he was planning to return there this spring, after the gillnet season. He also went fishing in Spain. He was shy. He didn’t go out much. He went fishing and, more often than not, stayed at home. He felt good on the “Cycnos”, like Karamo. » His brother also lives on the Basin and is on board the “Poseidon”, the other boat of Stéphane Brouillet, the owner of the “Cycnos”.

David Patsouris

Funny lives

These Senegalese fishermen from Arcachon lead strange lives. “It’s not easy, yes, I admit it,” continues Lamine. The work is hard and there is no family life. » In Arcachon, the small Senegalese community works hard to feed families back home and put fish on the plates of the French.

“We talk about the country, we give each other news about Senegal, and then being between us allows us to put a lot of things aside. It’s not a fun life, it’s very complicated. »

She is discreet. She has her habits. At the tobacco bar Le Rallye, in the Aiguillon district, near the port. We drink coffee there, we also play lotto and scratch cards. “Yes, we see each other there a lot,” confirms Lamine. This is the meeting place. We have to meet like this. Or we invite ourselves over. We talk about the country, we give each other news about Senegal, and then being between us helps to put a lot of things aside. It’s not a fun life, it’s very complicated. »

“Good sailors”

Senegalese fishermen have always been very appreciated in the Basin. They generally started fishing very young and know the trade well. They also know the sea. “They adapt very well on boats,” explains Lamine. They are good sailors, they have a lot of self-sacrifice and are courageous in the face of this difficult work and in the face of the sea.”

What will happen now? “Their families have been warned,” assures Lamine Diedhiou. I hope that the bodies will be found and then repatriated to Senegal where they will rest. » This Saturday, no new information made it possible to resume the searches interrupted Friday at the end of the day.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Defeat enemies with armor (yellow bar)

How do you actually defeat enemies with armor in Zelda TotK? Why do some enemies have a yellow health bar and how can you deal damage to enemies? Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new Zelda adventure will perhaps ask themselves this question sooner or later. The question usually arises when you are traveling around Goronia and Death Mountain, as there are some enemies with armor and a yellow bar.

Defeat enemies with armor and yellow bars in Zelda TotK

The enemies with the yellow bars wear armor and are therefore well armored. A hit with a sword or even a stick causes almost no damage, just like hits with normal wooden arrows. In order to be able to inflict any damage on the opponent with armor, you can use bomb arrows or simply connect a weapon to a rock or stone. A simple rock sword consisting of a sword and a rock can deal a lot of damage and break armor with just a few hits. The color of the life bar then changes from yellow to green and you can use any conventional weapon again.

By the way, if you don’t have any bomb arrows in your inventory and can’t find a rock that you can combine with a sword to make a rock sword, you can also use Yunobo’s ability. Upon completion of the Fire Temple, Link receives the Oath of Yunobo and can perform a fire roll with the Water of Fire. The role is also very suitable for breaking the armor of opponents.

Can you actually improve the master sword in the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?


Cancel DAZN: This is how you end your subscription to the streaming service

DAZN has made a name for itself as a streaming service provider for sports broadcasts. You will come across the service more often, especially during live broadcasts of the first Bundesliga, especially since some games are broadcast exclusively on DAZN.

This creates a love-hate relationship with the streaming service, two articles from us shed light on this very well: the DAZN test report and the DAZN fault reporter. Unfortunately, the latter often comes on during important games. Annoying, but for some matches you have to resort to DAZN – a Sky subscription alone is no longer enough for all games in the first Bundesliga.

Pause DAZN membership

If you are annoyed by DAZN’s constant disruptions or high prices, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Alternatively, you can use yours Simply pause your membership for a certain period of time, to save costs. This is particularly useful if the Bundesliga is on winter break and you don’t use the service anyway. We’ll show you here how you can take advantage of the opportunity to take a subscription break with DAZN.

To pause your DAZN subscription, first log into your account and enter the specific period for the pause in your settings. If the month in which you choose the break has already been billed recently, your account will not be paused until the end of the month. You can then adjust the time for resuming your subscription later, even during the break. As soon as the subscription break ends on the day you selected, your paid DAZN membership will automatically continue.

Monthly and annual membership: deadlines, contract duration and termination

The streaming service DAZN offers its customers different packages. These include DAZN Unlimited, DAZN Standard and DAZN World. The differences between the individual packages are primarily reflected in the prices and contents. But the individual notice periods and minimum contract terms also play an important role. We will explain to you below what you should pay attention to when canceling these subscriptions.

Monthly membership

All three packages, including DAZN Unlimited, DAZN Standard and DAZN World, are available as a monthly subscription on the DAZN streaming service. These packages are a little more expensive compared to an annual subscription, but have the decisive advantage that they can be canceled on a monthly basis and have no minimum contract term.

However, canceling your monthly DAZN membership requires a 30-day notice period. For example, if you canceled your subscription on February 15, 2023 and your billing day is always the 20th of the month, your last billing date will be February 20th.

You can continue to use the service for the following 25 days until the end of the notice period. For this period, you also pay a prorated amount, which, as in the example on February 20th, is slightly lower than your previous payments to the service for a whole month.

Annual membership

You can only take out the annual subscription with the DAZN Unlimited and DAZN Standard packages. The DAZN World package, however, is only available as a monthly membership. With an annual membership you get a cheaper price and can save more money in the long run compared to a monthly subscription. This model is particularly worthwhile for people who want to use the service long-term and frequently.

You can cancel an annual membership to DAZN at any time if you wish. However, in contrast to monthly memberships, there is no 30-day notice period. For example, if your annual subscription to DAZN started on January 1st, 2023 and you cancel it on February 11th, 2023, your membership will still continue until the end of your billing period on January 1st, 2024.

Cancel your DAZN membership online

It is now possible to cancel your DAZN membership via the web browser of your computer, mobile device, smart TV or game console. All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Open the DAZN website and log in there.
  • Then click on “Log in” on the homepage
  • In the “Membership” section, click on the “END MEMBERSHIP” button
  • Click on “Confirm termination”

You will then receive a cancellation confirmation by email from DAZN to finalize the end of your membership. The DAZN app, on the other hand, does not offer the option to cancel, as you cannot access the account page to end your subscription to the streaming service.

Cancel DAZN membership: third party providers

You can also subscribe to the DAZN streaming service through some third-party providers. Here you get different tariffs and packages that you can put together individually. However, when canceling your DAZN subscription, you must make sure that you also cancel through these providers. Here we explain step by step how you can do this with different services.

DAZN membership via Apple

If you want to cancel your DAZN subscription via Apple on your Windows PC, first log in to your iTunes account. There you go to “View my account”. Here you will find the “Subscriptions” option, where you can cancel via “Manage”.

There you will see the option to “Edit” right next to your DAZN subscription, which you click on and you will then be taken to “Cancel subscription”. After you have confirmed this button, you have completed the cancellation of your DAZN membership via Apple. However, if you cannot find this button, it may well be that the subscription has already been canceled.

You can also cancel your DAZN subscription very quickly on your Mac. To do this, open the App Store app and tap your name at the top of the screen. If you haven’t logged into your account yet, do so here.

Then go to “Account Settings”, where you should find a list of your subscriptions at the bottom. Here you tap on “Manage” and then next to your DAZN subscription on “Edit”. In the last step, you then press the “Cancel subscription” button to confirm your cancellation. If you can’t find the expiration notice for your subscription or such a button, your subscription may have already been ended.

Canceling your membership via Apple is particularly quick and easy using the DAZN app. Here you click on the “My Account” area, where you will find a link to the iTunes Store. There you can cancel your membership, which will then continue until the next payment date.

You can also cancel your DAZN membership via Apple TV. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “Accounts” and “Subscriptions”. In the last step, you manage your DAZN subscription there and cancel it.

DAZN membership via Google Pay

If your DAZN membership is via Google Play, you can cancel it just as easily. On your Android device or a device that is connected to your Google account, first open the Google Play Store. Then click on your menu. Then go to the “Account” section and your “Subscriptions”. Your DAZN membership also appears in the following list, which you can cancel under “Cancel”.

DAZN membership via Amazon

You can also cancel your DAZN membership in several ways via Amazon. On the Amazon website, first log into your account and then click on the Amazon App Store under “All” in the menu bar at the top left. There is the option “My Apps and Subscriptions” here, which also includes the DAZN membership. Next, press “Manage” on the DAZ app via Amazon to deactivate the automatic renewal of your subscription.

Another way to cancel your DAZN membership through Amazon is on your Amazon devices, such as a Fire TV Stick. You also log in there and go to “Memberships and Subscriptions” via your account. There you look for the corresponding DAZN app and deactivate the automatic extension of your DAZN membership via “Manage”.

If you have booked DAZN as a channel via Amazon Prime, you can also easily cancel it. To do this, log in to your Amazon account and click on “Account and Lists” in the menu bar at the top right. You will then be taken further and will find “Prime Video Channels” under subscriptions. There you look for the corresponding DAZN channel and select “Cancel channel” to confirm your cancellation.

A notice: It is not enough to delete your DAZN app on your smartphone or smart TV to complete the cancellation. To do this, you always have to log in and order via your account with DAZN or a third-party provider. Only after confirmation, such as by email, have you successfully submitted and completed the cancellation.

Cancel in writing by post

Of course, you can also cancel your subscription by letter or registered mail. However, we recommend the free and easy option of canceling directly online. If you still want to send a letter, you can find the address below:

Perform Investment Limited
Business name ‘DAZN’
Hanover House, Plane Tree Crescent
TW13 7BZ Feltham
United Kingdom

Ideally, you should use our cancellation template from the download area. Also requests confirmation of cancellation.

If you are tired of dealing with the confusion of contracts, you should take a look at our comparison test of termination services. For a small additional charge, they will do the work, take care of sending out the cancellations and offer help if problems arise.

DAZN subscription: withdraw cancellation

Do you have concerns about canceling your DAZN subscription? In this case, you can easily withdraw the cancellation. Within the 30-day period, your membership will simply be continued if you cancel the cancellation.

However, if you only withdraw the cancellation after the last payment date, you will pay the remaining difference after the deadline, which is still outstanding for the entire month. Only then will your membership be continued and you will pay a regular monthly fee for your DAZN membership again.

Reactivate DAZN account

If you have ended your subscription to DAZN in the meantime, there is always the option to reactivate your user account. This way you have access to your saved data again and can continue exactly where you left off before canceling your subscription.

To do this, go to the DAZN homepage and click on “Log in” at the top right. After registering, you will be redirected to the payment page where you choose your payment method and enter your details. In the last step, click on “Start membership with payment” to confirm the reactivation of your DAZN membership.

You can also easily reactivate your DAZN account using an Apple device. First, go to the DAZN app on an iOS device of your choice. Then log in to your account via “Log in” and click on “Restore purchase”. Finally, you confirm the reactivation of your user account with your Apple ID password.

Contact Customer Service

If you have any further questions about your DAZN membership, you can contact customer service at any time. The quickest way to do this is via live chat, which will connect you with a bot and help you. If you would prefer to write an email, you can also do this via the contact address [email protected].


Importation of : a “mule” in his sixties guilty across the board

A “mule” in his sixties who invented a fabricated story after being arrested at the airport with nearly $2 million worth of in his luggage did not convince the jury, which found guilty in just a few hours.

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“Guilty,” the president of the jury repeated twice at the Montreal courthouse.

This means that the jurors did not believe the explanations of Jenny Siaw Ying Wong, who was found guilty of drug importation and possession with a view to trafficking following a trip to South Africa in May 2022.

At the time, the 61-year-old took a short trip to South Africa, supposedly to research group trips she was considering organizing.

“I no longer had a job, I had the idea to realize my dream of helping people of Chinese origin who want to travel to Africa,” says this resident of British Columbia, who has worked around the world tourism 20 years ago.

Photo of the seizure of nearly 5 kg of at Montreal-Trudeau airport, in May 2022. Jenny Siaw Ying Wong is accused of drug importation in this case. Photo filed in court.

Photo filed in court

Nearly 5 kilos of

However, upon his arrival at Montreal-Trudeau airport, a search of his luggage revealed nearly 5 kg of “48% to 51%” pure . Sold on the street in a dose of 0.05 g, the drug was worth nearly $2 million.

Photo of the seizure of nearly 5 kg of at Montreal-Trudeau airport, in May 2022. Jenny Siaw Ying Wong is accused of drug importation in this case. Photo filed in court.

Photo filed in court

Arrested and accused of being a “mule” – that is to say a person who agrees to transport drugs without necessarily having links to traffickers – Wong tried to escape by pleading ignorance.

“When the customs officials told me they had found something, I was stunned, astonished, astonished. I froze at that moment,” she told the jury.

Not convincing at all

According to her account, which was not accepted by the jury, the woman arrived in Johannesburg when she realized one of her suitcases was broken and staff replaced it. And as luck would have it, it was in this suitcase that the drugs were found.

Photo of the seizure of nearly 5 kg of at Montreal-Trudeau airport, in May 2022. Jenny Siaw Ying Wong is accused of drug importation in this case. Photo filed in court.

Photo filed in court

However, the fact that she visited the city very little and that she could not name a single tourist attraction in the place certainly made the jurors doubt her version.

“There was a safari, I wrote down a few names, but it was a long time ago and, because of my old age… that’s it,” she says.

The Federal Crown then pointed out that it was unusual for a travel guide not to know where to buy a suitcase abroad; Wong brought up the language barrier…to remember that one of the official languages ​​in this country is English, just like in British Columbia, where she has lived for years.

Photo of the seizure of nearly 5 kg of at Montreal-Trudeau airport, in May 2022. Jenny Siaw Ying Wong is accused of drug importation in this case. Photo filed in court.

Photo filed in court

The mule, who was on bail during the proceedings, was jailed following the guilty verdicts handed down late last week. She will return to court on Thursday to set the terms of the pleadings on the sentence that will be imposed on her.

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Spawn All 24 Aces (‘Bird of Prey’ Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Finding and shooting down pilots by name is anything but easy. These hard-to-find Aces will only appear after you complete special, secret tasks – and they only spawn when you replay levels you’ve already beaten. These named pilots are particularly good and you will only find them in certain missions. If you manage to locate all 24, you will be rewarded for your efforts with the ‘Bird of Prey’ achievement/trophy of the same name.

Ace Combat 7

is an action-packed flight simulation in which you fight in a war between fictional nations. The series is also known for its storyline, although you only interact with the game world with the help of various fighter planes. You will bomb ground troops, engage in dogfights, and help defeat an imperialist enemy trying to conquer neighboring nations in a massive war.

And you’ll earn lots of airplane skins along the way, allowing you to personalize your favorite jets. To get the “Special” skin for the X-02S Strike Wyvern, you must shoot all of the Aces on this list. Read on to learn how to take them all down.

How To Spawn All 24 Aces | ‘Bird of Prey’ Guide

Aces are special “collectible” pilots with names that appear when you complete special, hidden tasks (objectives) in certain missions.

Mission: Charge Assault

  • Ace #1: Huang Xuan Tai “PYRO”
    • Shoot the third wave with Multi-Anit Air Missiles (4AAM, 6AAM, 8AAM). PYRO appears in the northwest corner.

Mission: Charge The Enemy

  • Ace #2: Joe Barker “JESTER”
    • Destroy all Radar Vehicles and then very quickly destroy the TGT-CTRL TOWER before the UAVs show up. Jester appears on the tarmac at the air base.

Mission: Two-Pronged Strategy

  • Ace #3: Rosie Lucas “BAYONET”
    • Destroy all enemies within 90 seconds before the Missile Alert event. BAYONET appears in the northwest corner.

Mission: Rescue

  • Ace #4: Florent Noilet “RONIN”
    • In the first part of the mission, stay below 200 meters until you reach the space elevator. Ronin appears in the northeast of the map.

Mission: 444

  • Ace #5: Sebastian Koch “FANG”
    • Take at least 75% damage while your weapons are disabled. After you shoot down the bombers, FANG will appear in the center of the map.

Mission: Long Day

  • Ace #6: Sophie Andre “KITTEN”
    • Fly through the narrow tunnel through the mountain in the western base. KITTEN will appear in the southwest corner.

Mission: First Contact

  • Ace #7: Thibault Besson “FAUCON”
    • In the first part of the mission, destroy all non-TGT enemies on the map. FAUCON will appear in the northern area of ​​the map.

Mission: Pipeline Destruction

  • Ace #8: Samuel Everest “GAZELLE”
    • Destroy all oil facilities before the timer reaches 00:00. GAZELLE appears in the northern area of ​​the map.

Mission: Faceless Soldier

  • Ace #9: Hans Weber “SPIDER”
    • Destroy more than 50% of the non-TGT enemies on the map before destroying the radar turrets. SPIDERS appears in the East.

Mission: Transfer Orders

  • Ace #10: Ken Warren “LOUVETEAU”
    • Destroy all SAMs very quickly. LOUVETEAU appears on the eastern side of the map.

Mission: Fleet Destruction

  • Ace #11: Chris Azure “CHASSEUR”
    • Destroy all aircraft on the northernmost platform before they take off. Anti-air weapons can also be used against aircraft on the ground. CHASSEUR will be released in the West.
  • Ace #12: Matthieu Bertin “IBIS”
    • Fly through the narrow passage in the northeast platform complex. IBIS spawns in the west.

Mission: Stonehenge Defense

  • Ace #13: Arnaud Durand “WALRUS”
    • Prevent the bombers and ground forces from damaging Stonehenge. Unless Stonehenge is damaged, WALRUS will spawn in the northeast when the “chopper win” appears.
  • Ace #14: Kees Bakker “BUFFLE”
    • Destroy all three non-TGT A-10s that spawn to the east. BUFFLE will appear further west.
  • Ace #15: Nathan Roche “FOUDRE”
    • Fly under the narrow spawn below the Stonehenge cannons. FOUDRE appears in the south.

Mission: Bunker Buster

  • Ace #16: Owen Corwin “COMET”
    • Destroy all missile silos very quickly so that COMET appears after the checkpoint to the west.

Mission: Werewolf

  • Ace #17: Jules Martin “GADFLY”
    • Reach the end of the canyon very quickly. GADFLY will appear with the Fighter Wing reinforcements when the air base is attacked.

Mission: Battle For Farbanti

  • Ace #18: Russel Faulkner “SERPENT”
    • Earn +5000 points beyond the required number. SERPENT will appear with a reinforcement squadron in the southeast.
  • Ace #19: Vincent Masson “BOW”
    • Destroy the Aegis Ashore, an anti-aircraft ship near GHQ. It appears at the end of the first part of the mission. BOW appears south of the ship.

Mission: Last Hope

  • Ace #20: Emeric Pons “AXEMAN”
    • Earn over 15,000 points to have AXEMAN appear as an “Unknown” in the southern area of ​​the port city limits.

Mission: Homeward

  • Ace #21: Olivier Perrin’s “MANTIS”
    • Fly over (and very close to) Mass Driver as if you were launching from it. MANTIS appears with the bomber reinforcements to the east and will be marked “Unknown” like all the others.

Mission: Lost Kingdom

  • Ace #22: Benjamin Neumann “LYNX”
    • Destroy all enemies before reaching Shilage Castle in under two minutes. LYNX appears over the castle.

Mission: Lighthouse

  • Ace #23: Cyril Noiret “TEMPEST”
    • Earn more than 20,000 points in the first part of the mission. TEMPEST appears in the southeast.
  • Ace #24: Paul Lebrun “CALAMITY”
    • Earn more than 20,000 points in the first part of the mission. CALAMITY flies a stealth aircraft, so you have to fly south to spot him on your radar.


Rumor: Apple is testing a stripped-down version of macOS on iPad Pro with M2

The next version of macOS could be released on the new iPad Pro, shown the other day. This is evidenced by a leak posted on Twitter by a person under the nickname Majin Bu.

According to him, the upcoming macOS 14 is being developed under the code name Mendocino. It will be exclusive to the iPad Pro on Apple M2.

He claims that the interface is about 25% larger than the interface on Macs. This is logical: it is more convenient to use the touch screen.

It’s logical to assume that with the release of macOS the iPad Pro would be able to run desktop apps. But, according to Majin Bu, this is not so: the operating system is macOS, and the applications are iPad. Why, in this case, transfer the iPad to macOS is absolutely unclear.

In general, rumors that Apple is making a special version of macOS for the iPad have been circulating almost since the launch of the iPad in 2010. But somehow it doesn’t work.

On the other hand, now the implementation of such a story is quite a logical step, because Apple is gradually starting to promote iPadOS as an appendage to macOS, and not to iOS. On the other hand, two paragraphs later, I still can’t understand why you need a stripped-down version of macOS to run iPadOS apps. For what?

iPad Pro on M2. Source: Apple

Should you trust Majin Bu?

This insider doesn’t have the greatest track record. A year ago, he published photographs and screenshots of cases for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, which had not yet been released at that time. And this leak turned out to be as accurate as possible:


Photos of official Apple cases for iPhone 13 have been published online

Ilya Kichaev

13 September 2021

On the other hand, he could talk about a feature that Apple is actually testing. However, it is not a fact that it will ever be implemented.

It is likely that macOS Mendocino will be discussed at the next WWDC conference, which will open in June 2023.


League of Legends’ next big change is something players have never seen before. Riot Games plans a ‘rework’ to the Rift for the video game’s 15th anniversary

The developers of League of Legends do not usually give a stitch without a thread, so it is difficult to figure out if it was a mistake or a way to advance the news and start creating hype. Whatever the case, the result has been positive for Riot Games. In what seemed like a preview of a new cosmetic that will come to the video game in an upcoming update, the company has shown what will probably be the big change in the video game for next 2024. We are talking here about a real surprise, since it is about a transformation to Summoner’s Rift. A ‘rework’ that the developer had never dared to do and that could arrive in Season 14. The same one in which the game will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary.

A change that League of Legends never wanted to make… until now

The image shown by Riot Games is cut in a very opportune way so that we cannot draw all the conclusions. However, shows four major changes. Two of them are in the middle lane, where the entrance to the river appears to have been widened and there is a new way to access the turret on the red side. We see the other two on the roads to the top lane. If the changes go ahead, there will only be direct access to the top lane. Additionally, and as the minimap image suggests, Baron’s “pit” would have been eliminated. Although the monster will continue to exist and will be essential in League of Legends games, it will not be locked in a pit but in a much more open area.

It must be taken into account that, although the image makes it evident that Riot Games is working on modifying the League of Legends map for the next season, all adjustments are provisional. The company could still make more changes or eliminate some of those seen in the image ahead of the final launch that will take place at the beginning of next January. In any case, the intention seems to be to create a more symmetrical battlefield by reducing the power of the jungle characters. If all these changes are carried out, it seems a lot more difficult to find routes to ambush to enemies as everything becomes a little more predictable.

The changes that we can see, indicated in a single image. Montage created through a screenshot from Twitter (@TeshTV).

The developers had confirmed their desire to make structural changes that would provide a long-term positive balance framework for League of Legends. In addition to these more than likely changes to the map, the company has experimented with “differentiating the minions of each line.” A possibility that was mentioned several months ago and that could be combined fantastically with this rework of Summoner’s Rift. If confirmed, these two major adjustments would join the already confirmed changes that the item system will receive, giving rise to one of the most notable transformations we have seen in a new season.

Although we must be patient and wait for official confirmation from the company, we will not need to wait long. Riot Games confirmed a few weeks ago that the new season changes would be introduced to the test server in mid-November. In this sense, we should have a great presentation within a maximum period of one month in which all the company’s plans will be revealed to us. It does not seem like a coincidence that such a revealing image has “escaped” just when there is so little time left for what should be one of the great moments of the year for League of Legends fans.


These PS4 RPGs are hidden gems

This generation of consoles, now so close to the end, has been happily blessed by RPGs of surprising quality that have forever raised the bar for the genre. However, not all RPGs manage to present the scope and ambition of games like The Witcher 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn or Final Fantasy 7 Remake. To highlight lesser-known RPGs that are still interesting proposals for fans of the genre, we created this article. The aim is to highlight RPGs that we like but have not received as much attention as the colossus of the genre. These are RPGs that we consider “hidden gems”.

Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory (2018)

  • Buy Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory on the PS Store

For those who like RPGs that involve the collection and evolution of creatures, Digimon Cyber ​​Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory quickly becomes an addiction. Technically, it is a somewhat limited game, with not very large areas and visual quality that leaves something to be desired for a PS4 game. But on the positive side of the scale there is an interesting combat system with many strategic possibilities and combinations of Digimon, and a mechanic of “capture” and evolution of Digimon that will hold you for tens of hours. If you like Digmon and the Pokémon series games, this is a good choice.

Dragon’s Crown Pro (2018)

  • Buy Dragon’s Crown Pro on the PS Store

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an action RPG originally released for PS3 and PS Vita. In 2018 a new version was released for PlayStation 4 with visuals retouched to 4K. It is a 2D game with lush visuals in which you control a party of heroes while exploring different dungeons. With an electrifying soundtrack, it is an option to take into account for those who prefer a frantic pace instead of fighting by turns. Its only flaw is that it can become a repetitive game.

Darkest Dungeon (2016)

  • Buy Darkest Dungeon on the PS Store

A dark RPG for those who like challenging things. The premise of Darkest Dungeon is the same as any RPG: you have a party and you will explore dungeons, however, the mechanics are quite different. Darkest Dungeon focuses a lot on the physical and psychological damage that constant battles do to your companions. You will have to deal with various psychological traumas, physical injuries, hunger and illness. Due to this unique system, it is an innovative and refreshing RPG.


DB Navigator: Train delayed? This is how you apply for your compensation

If you’re traveling by train and your train is delayed, it’s annoying. But what many people don’t know is that Deutsche Bahn will compensate you for this after a certain period of time. According to the passenger rights in force in this country, if you are delayed by 60 minutes you will receive 25 percent of the ticket price paid back, and if the delay is 120 minutes it is even 50 percent.

For years you had to apply for compensation by post or via a Deutsche Bahn service center. This was complicated and time-consuming. The railway has now integrated the function into the “DB Navigator” app. But it is not obvious there at first glance.

Below we will show you step by step how to apply for compensation via DB Navigator.

DB Navigator – Claiming passenger rights: This is how it works

  1. 1

    Open your ticket in the DB Navigator and scroll down until you see a red button that says “Trip feedback.” Then tap on the three dots next to it.

  2. 2

    Select the “Edit order” option from the menu that opens.

  3. 3

    Now scroll again until you see “Passenger Rights” and then tap “Apply for compensation”.

  4. 4

    On the next screen, select the menu item “Submit an application now”. Then answer the questions the assistant asks you. At the end you can have a copy of your application sent to you by email.

In another tutorial we will show you how you can secure your rail account with two-factor authentication.

Cover photo source: ifeelstock /


600,000 euros worth of jewelry stolen from a store in the 8th arrondissement

Two individuals, armed with tear gas, broke into a luxury boutique in the 8th arrondissement of Paris this Sunday, December 10, to steal watches and jewelry, with an estimated value of 600,000 euros.

The Kith brand was the victim of an armed robbery this Sunday, December 10 in Paris (8th), in the morning. According to information from the police headquarters, two individuals burst into this luxury jewelry store, also using tear gas against customers and employees.

The two suspects are said to have stolen watches and jewelry, for damage estimated at 600,000 euros, the Paris prosecutor’s office told CNEWS.

Suspects actively sought

According to this same source, the two suspects are actively sought by the staff of the banditry suppression brigade (BRB), which is responsible for the investigation. To date, no arrests have been made.

Several victims of this robbery were taken care of by firefighters after the incident. However, no serious injuries were reported.

gn france


Chromecast with Google TV will now receive the first update of 2024

Do you use a Chromecast with Google TV? The first software update of 2024 for the device can now be downloaded. Have you received it yet?

Chromecast with Google TV: first 2024 update

Good news for Chromecast users with Google TV. The search giant has released the first update of 2024 for the media player, it writes. This is an update with version number STTL.231114.004, which you can now download and install. The update is 148MB in size and only available for the Chromecast with Google TV (4K).

The Chromecast with Google TV (HD) will have to wait a while for the update. Unfortunately, the latest software does not contain any new features, but it does include the Android security patch of December 2023. This means that the security of the Chromecast is as good as up to date. Installing updates is quite simple; simply follow the step-by-step plan below.

  1. On your Chromecast with Google TV, go to your profile photo at the top right and then choose ‘Settings’;
  2. Navigate to ‘System > About > System Update’;
  3. Your Chromecast will now check if updates are available;
  4. Download and install the latest version.

As mentioned, no exciting features are being added to the Chromecast with Google TV. The update only contains a few bug fixes and performance improvements, which should make the device work a little better. Google often releases these types of updates for the Chromecast.

The media player still runs on Android 12 and will soon have new functions. Google recently announced that TikTok is coming to the Chromecast and it will be easier to connect Bluetooth devices to the HDMI dongle.

More about the Chromecast

In the Netherlands you can choose from two Chromecasts with Google TV. The big difference is in the image quality. The more expensive version, which costs 70 euros, can display films and series in 4K quality on your television. The Chromecast with Google TV (HD) has been available since 2022 and costs 40 euros.

This media player goes – as the name suggests – up to full HD. The image quality is less good on larger televisions, but the device is a lot cheaper. In the Chromecast with Google TV (HD) review we tell you everything about the media player. Or watch the video review below.

The latest Google news:


Samsung Galaxy A14 4G and Tab S7 FE Received Android 14 update

Samsung has a new update ready for the Galaxy A14 4G and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The update installs Android 14 along with the One UI 6 shell and brings several new features.

Samsung has already rolled out the Android 14 update to many smartphones and tablets, including the 5G version of the Galaxy A14. However, people with a Galaxy A14 4G and Galaxy Tab S7 SE had to be patient a little longer, but Samsung is now also rolling out the latest version of Android to these devices. The Android 14 update comes together with the One UI 6 shell, which brings a new interface. This interface uses a new font, a new Quick panel, a more extensive lock screen and new widgets.

The update is approximately 2GB in size and is now rolling out to the unbranded Galaxy A14 4G, the Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi and the Tab S7 FE 5G. People who bought their device from a provider will have to wait a little longer, but this should not be much longer than a few days to a few weeks. If you have not yet received a notification, you can manually check for updates on the device via “” -> “” -> ““.

via (galaxy club)


Call of Duty: Warzone: Starts 2024 with Trials of Urzikstan

Image: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone starts 2024 with Trials of Urzikstan. Check out the pro gamers in the stream today!

Today marks the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Warzone Trials of Urzikstan tournament, where 20 streamer duos from across Europe will compete in 2v2 battles. The price? A share of the €50,000 prize pool and of course the ultimate recognition.

Trials of Urzikstan features some of Europe’s best Call of Duty: Warzone players – including Stylerz (GER), MckyTV (GER), Fifakill (UK), Emzy (UK), ChowH1 (FR), Moonryde (Italy), Izak ( PL) and others – compete against each other in the three-day live tournament. The times are listed below for you:

  • Day 1: 5:00 p.m. to 8:50 p.m
  • Day 2: 5:00 p.m. to 9:50 p.m
  • Day 3: 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m

In addition to the on-screen action, Trials of Urzikstan will feature a star-studded broadcast team including Jasmine “Veracity” Kanuga, Chris Tunn, Alan Briceand Nfinity as well as the senior Dexerto producer Enigma.

Players can follow the action on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel, where they also have the opportunity to grab a limited number of in-game codes.

All participants will also stream their gameplay via their own channels on various platforms, including Twitch and YouTube, so you can watch there too.


Magic: The Gathering – Murder in Karlov Manor: Two cards from the brand new set in the exclusive preview

With the brand new Magic: The Gathering Set Murder at Karlov Manor The most popular trading card game in the world takes us once again into the mysterious city Ravnica. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we have the exclusive opportunity to get you there before Release on February 9th to introduce two of the dewy cards.

The Karlov Manor murder is the first permitted in standard format Release of the year 2024. But before things get going in February, we’ll first tell you what to expect with the new MTG set before we take a look at the actual cards.

Magic: The Gathering – With Murder in Karlov Manor you will uncover Ravnica’s darkest conspiracy starting February 9th

In a city that’s drowning in crime, it’s up to you Mystery behind the mysterious murders in Karlov Manor to decipher – before you yourself become the next victim. You delve deep into the mysterious events by making decisive decisions collects evidence and dark figures suspectedto put an end to the gruesome series of murders once and for all. With the “Determine” An older mechanic returns to Magic: The Gathering, which fits perfectly with the Sherlock setting of the set. But also on new mechanicsfor example this “Suspect” or the “Preservation of evidence”you can be happy.

You join the renowned detective Alquist Proft who has been on the trail of the perpetrator for some time. Together with the other investigators working on the case, an exciting game of cat and mouse unfolds in front of you, which requires your eye for revealing details and a particularly sharp mind. You should be careful nowbecause Wizards of the Coast let us two exclusive preview cards from Murder in Karlov Manor before they are released with the rest of the set.

Exclusive map preview: Daredevil Detective and Cornered Crook

Equals two red creatures was sent to us for the presentation: The Daredevil detectivejust like that Cornered crooks. Of course, we take a close look at the two brand new Magic cards:

The Daredevil Detective from the new MTG set Murder in Karlov Manor.

Daredevil Detective comes along for one mana 0/3 into the game and offers you the opportunity every time you attack with it Sacrifice an artifact or discard a card. If you decide to use its effect, you draw a card and the Daredevil Detective receives +2/+0 until the end of the train.

The Cornered Crook from the new MTG set Murder in Karlov Manor.

The Cornered Trickster costs you four mana and offers in addition to its stable body 5/4 also has an effect: If it comes into play, you can Sacrifice artifactto complete a goal of your choice three points of damage to inflict.

What else awaits you with the new Magic: The Gathering set, Murder in Karlov Manor, can be found on the in-house website website. Here you get further information to the cards which booster, decks and Bundles there will be and where you can get the set now pre-order can. You can find a more detailed article on the fresh (and returning) mechanics, the story and the characters here.

Murder at Karlov Manor is released on February 9, 2024 in the physical version, a few days earlier, to be precise February 6thyou can already get the set in the Online branch Magic: The Gathering Arena play.

Last current video: Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Official Trailer


TCL TV: This is how you set up the sound settings

  1. Adjust sound settings

  2. This is how you set up the sound settings
  3. Sound preset: sound mode

  4. Expert Settings

The sound settings of your TCL TV can be set up quickly and easily. You can then adjust the existing settings with your preferences and your program. What is important, we will explain to you in the further course.

Adjust sound settings

In order to get the best sound experience, it is recommended to adjust the sound settings of your TCL Smart TV to your viewing habits. Here you can specify, among other things, how your device is positioned in the room in order to match these settings as best as possible.

TV placement

This option allows you to specify where your TV is located exactly. This is particularly important in order to be able to place the sound of your loudspeakers correctly and reproduce them in the room.

Dolby Atmos

The Dolby Atmos technology gives you a realistic and impressive 3D sound. If your TCL television model also supports this audio format in combination with an improved Atmos surround sound, you can activate this setting to make your soundscape appear like in the cinema. Turning this setting off weakens the Atmos effect.

This is how you set up the sound settings

  1. 1

    The first step is to click on the white gear on your remote control. This is how you get to the settings on the TV screen.

  2. 2

    There you will see a list of setting options. These include picture, sound, system and expert settings. Here you click on the sound settings in the second place.

  3. 3

    Under the sound settings you then have access to various options in the mode area. Here you will find Dynamic, Standard, Sport, Cinema, Music, Voice, Game and Sport.

Sound preset: sound mode

In the sound preferences, you can set the sound mode that offers specific viewing conditions. To do this, you go to the sound mode menu selection and decide which mode is the right one. We will show you what the exact differences are in the further course.


The dynamic mode ensures that the sound quality on your TCL television is automatically optimized. If you’re looking for dynamic sound quality, you’ve come to the right place.


The standard mode is particularly recommended for everyday use, as this setting is energy efficient and offers a middle ground of all available options. You will receive this basic setting immediately after purchasing your television. If you don’t have any special requirements for the sound settings, you can simply keep these factory settings.

movie theater

The cinema mode is particularly suitable for big home cinema fans. Here you can select the sound setting in order to get a bass boost from your loudspeakers when watching films and to immerse yourself completely in the film.


If you use your smart TV to listen to a lot of music, the music mode is ideal. Particularly high and low pitches are emphasized and you can enjoy the sound experience on your TV to the fullest.


Your TCL television offers a voice mode that primarily emphasizes conversations. If you watch films and series with a lot of dialogue, you can get a very clear and distinct sound with this setting. In addition, the voices are not drowned out in loud music or sound effects.


With the game mode you get virtual sound effects to optimize your gaming experience. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your game on the TV and enjoy the perfectly tuned sound.


The sports mode in your sound settings gives you the feeling of experiencing the sports broadcast of your choice directly in the stadium. Here you get a particularly dynamic and exciting sound that lets you root for it.

Expert Settings

In the expert settings you will find even more options in the area of ​​sound and audio playback. Here you can decide how the balancer or the auto volume control should be regulated. With these settings, you can connect your preferences and viewing habits even more precisely with your Smart TV and get a coordinated listening experience.

Tones menu

This setting allows you to set your remote control buttons to play a specific sound when you select different menu options.


With the balancer you can set up how accurate the viewing position is to your smart TV. If this is not central to your screen, you can compensate for the connected speakers here and set them up individually. So you get the best sound when watching TV.

Auto Volume Control

The automatic volume control regulates the volume or the audio signal of your TV program for you. The ambient noise is compensated for and a noisy signal is also easier to hear and understand. In this way, you will no longer be disturbed by extremely loud advertisements or program transitions, since the volume level always remains pleasantly the same.

Are you looking for a new TV? Then we have put together a helpful buying guide for Smart TVs with important information for you. You should also not miss the latest TV deals to know all the bargains and offers.


Demon’s Souls: The best weapons, the ones recommended and where to find them

Demon’s Souls best weapon? It is just a matter of taste. The choice of the weapon is a personal occurrence linked to the moveset that it carries, the type of attacks it can do, the statistics on which the damage scales and, of course, the simple aesthetic preference.

As per tradition, From Software’s soulslikes bring an incredible amount of offensive options to the table, so it’s up to each player to choose their own tool of death. The long sword, for example, is as always one of the best weapons in the entire game: it has a thrust capable of exterminating the miners of Stonefang, it is fast, it is powerful, in short, it has everything.

But each of us has preferences. On this page we recommend some of the best weapons in Demon’s Souls, each dedicated to a particular build.

In this page:


Are you serious? The Falcione among the best weapons of Demon’s Souls? Absolutely yes – it’s lightning fast, has great stagger capabilities, and can blast any enemy to dust in the blink of an eye. It has a combo that allows you to chain light and heavy attacks to get the better of any opponent even in PvP.

There are various methods to obtain the Falcione:

  • As a starting weapon of the Wanderer Class, which however is a class that has only the aforementioned Falcione good.
  • It can be purchased from the Grave Digger Bilge in the Shrine of Storms (4-1) after freeing it for 1550 souls.
  • There is a Crescent Crescent + 1, or infused with magical damage, also in Archstone 4-1: to reach it you must defeat the first skeletons and turn left in the structure; continue, and you will find a powerful red-eyed skeleton intent on guarding a treasure, which is the Falcione Crescent +1, a scary weapon to say the least.

Here is the exact location of the Enchanted Falcione + 1:

This is the strongest weapon you can simply get as a loot at the start of the game, so if you’re looking for an easy mode, go get it right away.


A strong, fast and incredibly easy to use weapon that requires 18 Strength and 13 Dexterity.

It is a katana designed for fast and light characters, scales very well on dexterity and can be obtained very quickly.

It is found in the Shrine of Storms, Archstone 4-1, and is in the room just behind the Demonic Vanguard. To reach it you can use the underground tunnels, rather than face the dangerous demon directly. In the next room you will find the Uchigatana as a simple treasure.

It is also dropped by the black skeletons of the Shrine of Storms as a rare loot. In any case, Uchigatana ranks A on dexterity, which is enough to make it, however fragile, one of the most dangerous weapons in the game, especially in PvP.


Another extremely fast curved sword that scales with an incredible Dexterity S stat and requires 14 Strength and 10 Dexterity to use.

It is located very close to the Uchigatana, exactly behind the Demonic Vanguard at Shrine of Storms 1-1.

This is also a rare skeleton drop.

Considering that it scales S with dexterity, it is one of the strongest weapons of the genre ever, but it is extremely effective against human enemies and NPCs when infused with Bleed, an effect that unleashes enormous potential for damage if attacked quickly enough.


The Claymore, one of the most loved weapons in the entire soulslike series, an extremely strong and versatile sword of mass destruction that requires just 20 Strength to wield.

Nothing to say: it is the perfect weapon. Versatile, powerful, effective in area damage, completely destroys bosses. Claymore is always reliable.

The Claymore is also very easy to obtain: it is a rare drop of the Blue Eyes Knight armed with a Greatsword which is on the ground floor of the Boletaria 1-1 Palace.

It may take a while to drop, but such a reliable weapon has to be picked up.

In case you are impatient, it is sold for 6000 souls by the Merchant Dregling who can be found in the Boletaria Palace 1-2, under the bridge that is attacked by the dragon. Simply, at the first tower, go downstairs and continue to the right to find it.

The Claymore scales extremely well with an incredible variety of builds. Basically you can use it to do everything, but it shines in Quality builds, i.e. those who choose to bet on two stats in equal measure. With its CC scaling on Strength and Dexterity, for example, it becomes devastating already with Strength and Dexterity both at 20, allowing you to easily take down any boss.

Furthermore, the Claymore also scales A on the Faith, therefore it allows you to create some of the most interesting hybrid builds, as long as you know how to organize yourself well with the scaling in the Level Up phase.


The Regalia is a sword forged from the souls of the bosses: to be exact, you will need the Soulbrandt sword, the Demonbrandt and the soul of the Demon False King dropped by King Allant. Once you have collected the items, you need to go to the blacksmith Ed in Stonefang Tunnel 1-1 to forge the weapon. The required stats are: 20 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 12 Intelligence and 12 Faith.

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful weapon in all of Demon’s Souls.

It is a strange weapon: a broadsword with a moveset similar to the Claymore. The damage it does, however, scales according to the Character’s Tendency. If you have Pure White or Pure Black Character Tendency, the Regalia will have an incredible amount of base damage of 540, which is virtually impossible for any other weapon in the game to match. However, it cannot be enchanted or upgraded, but it still remains so powerful that it does not fear any opponent. Where is the catch?

The catch is that this is an extremely difficult weapon to obtain, of course unless you know what to do first, but that’s what we’re here for, right? Know that it is possible to forge the Regalia from the normal New Game, and now we will explain how to do it.

How to get the Demonbrandt

To get it you must first complete the entire Ostrava quest of Boletaria , the knight armed with a sword and runic shield that you must save on three different occasions:

  • In Boletaria 1-1 Palace, on the ground floor of the castle, he will be surrounded by Dreglings armed with flaming swords under the Thief’s Ring.
  • In the Boletaria 1-2 Palace, downstairs from the bridge that is targeted by the wyverns, you will have to descend and return to Phalanx to save him.
  • In Boletaria’s Palace 1-3, after unlocking the last shortcut, the gate is closed in your face at the beginning of the level by a fat officer. Quickly kill the enemies that attack him to save him.

Once you have secured Ostrava, he will give you the Mausoleum Key before the fight with Allant. This key opens the sealed door located in Boletaria 1-1 Palace, behind the red-eyed knight accessible from the start of the game. Inside you will have to challenge Doran to a duel, and once he is reduced to 25 HP he will surrender and give you the Demonbrandt. If you want, you can kill him to get the old king’s armor, one of the most powerful in the entire game.

How to get the Soulbrandt

There is only one way to get the Soulbrandt: you have to defeat the final boss of the game under the Nexus. Once defeated, however, do not make the mistake of continuing to the end: use the Return spell or a Shard of Archstone to return to the Nexus with your sword and prepare to forge the Regalia.

How to get the Regalia

Two prerequisites:

  • You must have access to the Blacksmith Ed in the Stonefang Tunnels, Arcipietra 2-1, at the bottom of the elevators that are activated with the first shortcut of the level.
  • You must deliver the Glowing Soul to the Blacksmith Ed, which is dropped by the Flamelurker, the fire boss of the Stonefang Tunnels. In this way, he will be able to forge weapons with the souls of the bosses.

At this point, you just need to forge the Regalia and enjoy the best weapon in the game.

Greatsword of the Moon

Here we are at one of the most iconic weapons of the From titles, or the Greatsword of the Moon, an ancient magical blade that has made its way through all the titles of the house, because it even dates back to King’s Field. To wield it, you need 24 points of faith.

Given its nature as a Faith weapon, it scales S on that stat, and is one of the most powerful swords, if not the most powerful of all in this respect. Upgraded to a maximum of +5, she gains 100 base damage and 255 magic damage, plus an S bonus on the Faith stat, so she can reach staggering numbers.

Plus, it’s one of the only weapons in the game (the other being Selen Vinland’s Blind) that completely ignores shield defenses, so it’s deadly to say the least in PvP situations.

To get it, you need to complete a small miniquest:

  • Go to Archstone 5-2, just before the Poison Swamp. Continue through the swamp, and beyond the first Mist Wall you will encounter two armored enemies armed with Club and a poisonous enemy green fluorescent. Once you have defeated the opponents, take the wooden walkway on the right and use it to reach the top; at the end of the path, you will find a large bag of snails hanging from the ceiling.
  • Attack the snail bag until it breaks and they all fall to the ground, downstairs in the middle of the swamp. You just have to go back and reach the crash site, and then prepare to eliminate all the snails that have invaded the area.
  • Once the area is cleared, you will see the Moon Greatsword stuck in the ground: approach and interact to extract it from the swamp and add it to your inventory.

Among magical weapons, the Greatsword of the Moon knows no rivals.

Big Cleaver

Despite appearing as a Greatsword, the Great Cleaver qualifies as a Heavy Hammer, so it is a Force weapon. The stats required to wield it are 26 Strength and 16 Faith.

The Big Cleaver is one of the most devastating single weapons in Demon’s Souls and is the only weapon in the game to receive an S-scaling from two different stats, namely Strength and Dexterity. In addition, it also scales A on Faith, so it can reach one of the strongest attack levels among all the weapons in Demon’s Souls.

If we then consider that its unique effect regenerates HP, it is a devastating combination with objects such as the Regenerating Ring present in the Swamp 5-2, in the middle of the mud, and the Referee’s Shield that can be recovered behind the ‘Demonic Vanguard present at the Shrine of Storms 4-1. Essentially, these three items all give the HP Regeneration effect, making the bearer very difficult to kill.

To get the Big Cleaver you need to upgrade any club + 0 or large club + 0 with the soul of the Arbiter Demon dropped by the Arbiter in the Shrine of Storms 4-1. Just go to the Blacksmith Ed in Stonefang 2-1 Tunnel to deliver the necessary weapon along with the demon soul to forge one of the most powerful weapons in the entire Souls series.

Greatsword of the Dragon

The Greatsword of the Dragon is the most powerful Force weapon in the game, with a base damage of 200 and a B Force scaling. To be wielded, in fact, it requires 30 Strength, and becomes one of the weapons with the highest requirement in the entire Demon’s Souls landscape.

Needless to say, this is also one of the most difficult weapons to obtain. Why? Because to get it you need to have Pure White World Tendency when entering the Dragon God lair at the end of the Stonefang Tunnels 2-3, the final boss of the area.

This is a very difficult task, because without having beaten all the bosses it is difficult to bring the World Trend to Pure White. To elevate it, consider helping other players defeat bosses, especially the Flamelurker. Be careful , above all, never to die in human form while exploring Stonefang . Rather, commit suicide in the Nexus before using this Archstone.

If you enter the Dragon God arena with Pure White World Tendency, the rubble separating you from the sword will be gone, and you can simply go and collect it without any additional effort.

The guide is still being updated, right now!

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  • The best class to start is the easy mode (so to speak)
  • The Trend: How the Trend works and all the mechanics explained
  • World Trend: All the differences in areas, unique items, quests and bosses related to the Trend
  • Where to go? Progress guide, best order to make Archstones, NPCs to save and useful items. All without spoilers!
  • Farming Souls and Herbs: The best farm points at the beginning and end of the Game
  • La Pietradura: Where to find Schegge, Pezzi and Pietradura Pura
  • Boss Weapons: How to forge Weapons with Boss Souls and all the recipes to create them
  • The best armor in the game and where to find them
  • The best weapons in the game and where to find them


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Sagono’s Mystery Walkthrough

In Hateno everything revolves around the upcoming mayoral election. In the village you not only get some quests from Sagona and Rietnar, but also from other villagers like Sophora. After talking to Sophora you will receive the quest “Sagono’s Secret”. In the quest you should follow Sagono secretly since she sneaks somewhere secretly every night and now you should get to the bottom of it. Since Sagono is very aware of her surroundings, you have to stay under cover to avoid being spotted by her. The question arises, how can you solve the quest and, above all, how can you secretly follow Sagono to solve the mystery?

Sagono’s Secret in Zelda TotK

  1. The first thing to do is wait for the night (to be precise, it sneaks out of the house at around 10:00 p.m.). If you don’t want to wait for the time, you can quickly build a campfire and wait until evening (or you can take a room and sleep until then).
  2. Hide to the right of your shop or on the roof to avoid detection. As soon as she comes out of the door, follow her at a safe distance of a few meters. In between, she stops and looks around. In that case just stay where you are and hide behind the grass until it keeps running.
  3. Then she moves into the tower, which you now have to climb up from the outside. Crawl through the opening at the top and look down. There is a short cutscene in which you can see how she tampers with the supplies.
  4. Finally, you have to visit Sophora again and you can complete the “Sagono’s Secret” quest. as a reward there are 10 armories.

In addition to “Sagono’s Secret” you also have to get to the bottom of “Rietnar’s Secret” in Hateno and see what he does in his little hut at night.


Cities: Skylines 2 announces a new delay. The ‘city-builder’ that wants to revolutionize the genre will be appreciated in its console version

Bad news for anyone who would like to play Cities: Skylines 2 on PS5 or Xbox Series this same month of October. Although Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive scheduled the release of their new game for a few weeks, it turns out that the console version will not be ready then. In this way, the team surprises us today with a delay that only affects the edition dedicated to Sony and Microsoft platforms; There will be no changes to the PC release.

So far, we have seen that many developers have postponed the launch of their titles to get away from October and its unusual load of premieres. However, this is not the case with Cities: Skylines 2, as explained in a statement shared on the official Paradox Interactive website (via Gematsu). “We are working hard preparing the game for our release on October 24. While doing this, we realized that we need more time to achieve the quality standards we have established for (the console version).

“As we want to offer the best experience for our players, we are updating the launch window for Xbox and PS5 to spring 2024“, adds the company along with the promise of sharing more details in the future. “In the meantime, we are excited to welcome PC gamers to build their dream cities on October 24.”

Cities: Skylines 2 will be really ambitious

Fans of games have been delighted with the first installment of Cities: Skylines, so we are not surprised to know that there are many users eagerly awaiting the launch of this second title. After all, we are looking at a project that seeks to revolutionize the genre by adding maps that are larger than some countries and systems that simulate layoffs and homelessness, all to guarantee maximum realism.


Trust GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair Review – Gaming on a Cloud

If you want to play games, you need a good place to sit. Of course, lying on the couch is fine, but a good gaming chair is certainly not a bad idea. Can Trust make a contribution with the Trust GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair? Find out in our Trust GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair Review!

Chairs for gaming are always special. When you think of such a chair, you can almost already shape it in your mind. Flaps on the sides of the seat that curl up, a pillow at the height of your head and again flaps that pull in at the lower back. Add two armrests that are often adjustable and a lever to fold the backrest backwards and the picture is complete.

Sitting on clouds

Trust does not change this design, but that is not necessary for the chair that costs 199.99 euros. The design is there for a reason, namely that it provides a lot of comfort when you sit in the chair. That is certainly the case with the GXT 714 Ruya. It largely has to do with the material used.

The chair has thick foam under the leather upholstery, which ensures high-quality seating comfort. Even during long gaming sessions, there is no sore butt at all and the undersigned must admit that it can even happen that you fall asleep in the chair if you throw the backrest back.

Of course, the chair is also height adjustable, just like the armrests. What is striking is that the armrests cannot be adjusted forwards or backwards. That’s a shame, because when you move the backrest backwards, you suddenly miss the armrests.

Ease of construction

A nice addition comes in the form of the two cushions that you can easily attach to the chair. These are intended as additional back and head support. The larger pillow for the back is best. You can easily adjust the height via the elastic straps, allowing you to sit in the chair more ergonomically.

Attaching the cushions is indicative of the rest of the installation process. If you pick up the manual and follow the clear steps, you will have the chair ready within twenty minutes and you can start using it right away. Everything for installation is basically in the box, so no additional tools are required.


Perhaps the least fun part of assembling the chair is the weight. When the chair is complete, it weighs 19 kilograms. You don’t want to lift it too often, so it is advisable to assemble the chair on the floor where you want to use it. It doesn’t really matter that it’s in another room.

The GXT 714 Ruya is equipped with wheels and rolls surprisingly smoothly over the floor. It makes it seem as if the chair is not as heavy as it actually is. The fact that the GXT 714 Ruya weighs 19 kilograms does have its advantages, because the gaming chair can carry up to 150 kilograms.

Trust GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair Review – Let’s get gaming!

All in all, the Trust GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair is a wonderful chair that does many things very well. That all starts with building it, which is extremely easy and after which you can easily roll the chair anywhere.

The seating comfort is good, the design is convenient and adaptable in many ways. Only the fact that the armrests do not fully participate in this is quite a shame. Yet, for this price, that is a downside that we are happy to take for granted.


The plus and minus points

  • Sits wonderfully
  • Convenient design
  • Easy to build
  • Rolls heavenly
  • Armrest adjustment


Best Naked Mods for Monster Hunter Games

Monster Hunter is known for its variety of giant monsters, big weapons, and multiplayer mode where you can hunt monsters with your friends. It’s a game that can take some time to learn, and potentially years to master. As you continually search for monster parts or travel through the same landscapes, you may want to add some variety to your game to avoid the feeling of boredom.

This variety can come in the form of nude mods for characters. You can start hunting by viewing your character models in their entirety, or see what other NPCs would look like without clothes. These are the best bare mods you can get for Monster Hunter, covering both Monster Hunter World and Rise.

Best Naked Mods for Monster Hunter Games

There are many Monster Hunter games, so it is not difficult to guess that there are many bare mods. There’s a certain appeal when you’re playing a skinny girl and hunting monsters. Now let’s see what’s in the store.

Sick Wins EBB – Inner Armor (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE The Sick Gains EBB – Inner Armor The mod will change the appearance of all inner armor to resemble a fully naked body. Each model will wear gloves and will need gloves to hide the appearance of the hands. This is a modification of Karbon’s Extra Buff Body mod.

You will need other mods installed before this takes effect, especially Dytsers physics tool. Nonetheless, it’s a mod that’s nice to look at and gives you exactly what it says.

Yakuza Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

Another almost naked mod, the Yakuza Girl The mod gives you full nudity for a female character, except for the lower body. It will replace the appearance of the inner armor, but will not remove any features of the inner armor.

This Salada 123 mod transforms a female model into an exotic and dangerous beauty who isn’t afraid to show off some skin. It’s perfect for treading the line between full nudity while leaving little to the imagination.

BedMate_Twins in Elgado TU2 update (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE BedMade_Twins update in Elgado TU2 the mod doesn’t apply nudity to you, but it will apply it to Minato. This Talsen 18 mod will make Minoto sleep on your bed and you can watch her without being disturbed. You can also pair Minoto with Hinoa to see them both sleeping on your bed without clothes.

This is an eco-friendly model, so the sleeping girls are just for decoration. You can’t interact with either Minoto or Hinoa, but just looking at them should be enough.

Skin Bundle – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Skin Bundle – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Sunbreak Compatible) The mod gives you a variety of skins to choose from. Many of these skins will allow you to render a character naked, as well as adjust body features to your liking.

You can make a body more muscular or change the color of hair/body parts according to your preference. This mode is a collaboration of two modders, Papitas and Gradash.

Good Nude Topology mod (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Good bare topology Dyster’s mod will allow you to freely modify the body of a female character as you wish. You can change the muscle structure of a body, change body physics, and even change the size of body parts as you wish.

There are several designs you can choose from and then edit yourself if you’re looking for something specific. One note, the leg and body sizes are not compatible, so you can’t put huge knockers with an average body/leg size without the model looking all messy.

Jiggly ‘Extra Buff’ Nude Body Contour (Monster Hunter World)

The Karbons Jiggly ‘Extra Buff’ Nude Body Contouring The mod replaces the Buff Body armor set with a nude character model. You can’t modify the mod without directly editing the files, but it involves more body physics, as well as hand-made textures that fit the normal body.

If you want to modify the mod and have modding skills, you can add additional modifications as you wish. Be careful, the arms and waist are the same size, so the modified armor can still fit there.

Naked NPC Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Naked NPC girl RochesteDorm’s mod will remove all clothing from generic female NPCs in the game. This will also affect the size of their upper bodies for a more shapely appearance. You can change the size of the upper body to your liking, or just stick to the generic appearance for a regular look.

This does not affect important female NPCs, who have separate mods. This mod will make your time and adventures around Kamura much more interesting and engaging.

Highpoly Nude Mod with Jiggle Animation (Monster Hunter World)

THE Highpoly Nude MOD with shaking animation It’s exactly what it says: a high-quality nudity mod that takes proper body physics into account. There are several variations of this mod to suit your particular tastes and is compatible with the Iceborne DLC.

Other players will not be able to see this bare mod if you have it equipped, making it somewhat safe for multiplayer use. This friccirf’s mod has become very popular in the modding community, and many obscene mods have been created just to be compatible with it.

HPN ___y Duchess Vaal (Monster Hunter World)

The High Polygon Nude mod for Monster Hunter World became extremely popular among modders, and soon enough the game was flawed with highly detailed nude mods for various characters. One of the most attractive characters in the game is the Duchess Vaal Hazak.

Modder Aqxero personally admitted that he is very much in love with the Duchess, so they created this mode which features 19 amazing variations of her armor. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into creating this mod, and I really hope you enjoy the effort.

___y Vanilla Armors (Monster Hunter World)

Another ambitious mod from Aqxaro. The goal of this mod is to replace each female armor in the base game and the Iceborn expansion, with one ___y vanilla armor version which reveals parts of the characters’ bodies.

Eventually we will have a ___y mod for every armor in the game so that we don’t have to experience cognitive dissonance by choosing one of the few ___y armors. A warning, if you already have armor mods, this mod will overwrite them, as it works on all armor in the game.


Xbox Quick Resume – turn it on and off when it can cause problems

Quick Resume on Xbox is one of the killer features that caused quite a stir from the announcement of Microsoft’s new console. It still does it and mostly as it should: As a valuable time saver when gaming. However, sometimes it can also cost you time if you are unlucky. Read here what Quick Resume is, how to turn it on and off, and what problems there can be with Quick Resume on Xbox.

What is Xbox Quick Resume?

The basic idea of ​​Quick Resume is that you can simply switch off the console at any time and when you start it again, you continue to play. Without having to load the game, with practically no waiting time at startup. And not just for a game in progress, as was already possible with the Xbox One, but for every game that you have installed. In principle, the Xbox always writes the game status to a cache on the fast SSD disk and can then access it immediately. The whole thing should also run much more stable than was the case with the Xbox One, where it felt like half of all games liked to crash. In principle, Quick Resume is a real step forward compared to the times when you first had to load games you installed yourself and then load the game as well.

How do you turn Quick Resume on and off?

Basically every game marked X / S for Xbox Series X and S in your library has the Quick Resume feature activatedright from the start. Start the Xbox and such a game, then press the Xbox button in the game and start another X / S game. Now you can switch back and forth between these two games practically immediately, or later when you start the console, both of which are just as funny as you want to continue playing right where you left off.

You can even take the Xbox off the power and reconnect later and the quick resume scores will still be there as well.

Of course, you can’t start an endless number of games, at some point the cache is full and the Xbox creates space by throwing out the things that you haven’t started for the longest time – usually the limit is around five games. It all happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything. But you can, if you want, because when you press the Xbox button, then navigate to the game that should no longer be in memory and press the options button. Select “Quit”, then the game is closed and also taken from memory.

Quick Resume is such a great feature that no one would want to turn it off while it is working. Therefore there does not seem to be any function how to actively switch it off. It is currently not possible to specifically switch off Quick Resume.

It’s a shame because:

Games that have problems with quick resume

There are a few games where Quick Resume doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to. When you return to the game and expect to pick up where you left off, you suddenly find yourself at an earlier point in time, sometimes hours back.

When that happens, you can only do one Actively load the previous saved game and hope that either the game’s auto-save worked or you thought about saving.

At first it was thought that the problem was primarily related to Xbox One backward compatible titles, but there are also games that are new. Here are a few titles that can currently cause problems with Quick Resume:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
  • Borderlands 3
  • Dirt 5
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • NBA 2K21
  • The Falconeer
  • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon

This list is by no means exhaustive and Micrososft is aware of the problem. There is no patch yet, but the promise to work on it at full speed. Good thing, because there’s nothing worse than a memory – or quick resume – feature that doesn’t work properly.

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Oliver Atom without legs at the end of ‘Champions’, the tragic twist of the anime that is actually a fascinating myth

There are many who believe that Oliver Atom was left without legs at the end of ‘Champions towards the world cup’the fourth television adaptation of the manga Yoichi Takahashi ‘Captain Tsubasa’, which in Spain we know as ‘Champions: Oliver and Benji’, in an episode that supposedly aired only once and that raised enormous controversy. Incredible, did they really dare to do something like that in a children’s series?

It is impossible not to be drawn to want to believe that this really happened but the problem is that it is a lie. The myth was that Oliver woke up in the last episode of ‘Champions to the World Cup’, without legs in a hospital bedimplying that his entire career as a footballer had been a dreamsince an accident as a child had left him in that state.

An insane turn that went even further than that of ‘Los Serrano’ and that gave rise to several montages in video who try to be as convincing as possible to support it. Below you have one.

How it was forged

It is easy to understand why there are people who are so impressed when they see this that they take it as true, and it is too shocking as not to do it. The problem is that the video itself invites us to think of little more than a conspiracy to score a goal for us.

Its origin is in Latin America, spreading like wildfire through other Spanish-speaking countries, and is supported by a scene of Oliver in the hospital whose origin we will see below:

In it minute 1 and 42 seconds From episode 16 of ‘Champions towards the World Cup’ (‘Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002’ or ‘Supercampeones: Road to the World Cup’ in Latin America) you can see Oliver lying in a hospital bed due to an injury that affects his shoulder .

To that they added the claim of a montage of the character without legs and crazy comments without any basis about the supposed controversy when they broadcast it for the only time – it is less credible that they have continued to broadcast it normally and you want to sell it as a find – and now have an urban legend ready to serve.

The real ending of ‘Champions’

Everything sounded so shocking that the theory soon spread as the true ending of the series, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. What didn’t take long to arrive were the memes mocking this gigantic madness. That didn’t stop many from continuing to consider it good, and it sounds so good… Let’s check what was really happening in episode 52 of ‘Champions towards the World Cup’, the last of the series:

At the end of ‘Champions towards the World Cup’ we see the Japanese team about to face the Brazilian teama dream come true for Oliver who at that time was playing in Spain in a team equivalent to what today would be FC Barcelona, ​​while Mark Lenders was in Italy and Benji Price in Germany.

Of course, the epilogue focuses on the clash against Brazil whose result we never knew and which It wasn’t part of the manga. Besides, the manga author himself denied in an interview given to El Comercio the myth that Oliver is left without legs. This is what he said about it:

“I found out about that legend a short time ago. But those scenes that went viral are not real, they are just jokes that are part of a myth. It did not arise from my story.”

It is therefore confirmed that Oliver Atom never lost his legs. It is true that Takahashi had already played with unexpected elements such as Julian Ross’s heart problems (all of us fans remember that episode that ended with his heartbeat…), but this was going too far, especially as a possible end to the series.

And I say possible because it is still published today. ‘Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun’ with Oliver aiming to make the Japanese Olympic team.