How much time do Colombians spend daily on social networks, video games and podcasts?

This study also shows an increase in internet users with a growth of 4%, which represents that 1,300,000 Colombians accessed the internet.

According to the 2021 global report on the digital environment, carried out by Hootsuite and We Are Social on the internet, mobile devices and social networks, in Colombia 68% of the population has access to the internet, that is, approximately 34,730,000 Colombians.

This study, which ends in January 2021, shows an increase in internet users with a growth of 4% compared to 202, which represents that 1,300,000 Colombians accessed the internetreflecting the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In relation to the time each Colombian spends daily on Internettelevision or digital productions, social networks,
digital press, podcast, video games, Among others, these are the results:

  • Internet on all devices: 10 hours and 7 minutes
  • Television or digital content through platforms: 4 hours and 4 minutes
  • Social networks: 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • Reading digital press: 1 hour and 44 minutes
  • Listening to music on platforms: 1 hour and 42 minutes
  • Listening to radio on platforms: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Listening to podcast: 49 minutes
  • Playing video games on consoles: 1 hour and 3 minutes

Keymonk arrives, the Swype-based keyboard for two-handed gestures

Without any doubt Swype It is one of the most popular and innovative alternative keyboards for Android, despite the fact that it is not perfect. In fact, one of its “weaknesses” is that is an input method designed to be used with one handand many users don’t like this.

Trying to fix things comes a new keyboard called Keymonk Keyboard which basically takes Swype’s typical input method and modifies it to be used easily with two hands. Here is a video demonstrating how it works:


Personally I tried it on my Galaxy Nexus e the application is stable, well made and does not present any type of problem, but not being a big fan of Swype itself, I found it difficult to use despite the idea being very good. However, I am sure that users accustomed to using Swype or similar keyboards will be very happy with it, if not better given the possibility of using an extra finger.

Find Keymonk Keyboard on the Play Store for free and you can download it by clicking on the link below, happy downloading!

android programmer

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


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Block hidden calls on Xperia XZ3

Knowing how to block the hidden calls you receive on your Xperia XZ3 is essential. In fact, you’ve probably heard calls from an unknown number over and over again. Whether it is phone prospecting or someone is harassing you, it is exhausting to receive hidden calls on your Xperia XZ3. So, to stop being harassed, it is possible to block anonymous numbers. To do this, we will see that there may be several solutions for this. First we will see what is the technique to block hidden calls from the Xperia XZ3 menu. We will then see the method to automatically reject unknown calls on your Xperia XZ3 with an application.

Block hidden calls with the Xperia XZ3’s automatic call rejection

The simplest and most effective way to block hidden calls on your Xperia XZ3 is to use the phone options to activate blocking. To get there you have to enter the phone app of your Xperia XZ3. This is the app you use to call and dial a number. When you are there, go to the section Keyboards then select the key menu. Then you have to enter Call settings and to finish in Appeal rejection. Next you need to open it auto reject list in which you should see the option displayed hidden call. Simply check this option if you want to block unknown calls on your Xperia XZ3. Preferences for enabling automatic rejection of hidden calls may change depending on the phone model at times. Assuming you don’t see these settings on your Xperia XZ3, you can move on to the second technique which is just as effective.

Block unknown calls on your Xperia XZ3 with a specialized application

In case you are looking to block unknown calls on your Xperia XZ3, there are applications that offer the possibility to do so. In addition to having the ability to block hidden calls, these applications usually offer the possibility of blocking numbers, but also text messages. Some apps even allow you to block or reject calls at a certain time of day. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Call Blacklist app, which is versatile and easy to use. To block unknown calls, simply download and install this app on your Xperia XZ3. When it is fine, you should open the application and go to the parameters. When you are there, select ClosingThen in Blocking unknown numbers. All you have to do is check the box Block private numbers so that the rejection is active. That’s it, you no longer have to worry about your Xperia XZ3.


First gameplay image of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is leaked

What is supposedly the first gameplay screenshot of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora by the dataminer Ubisoft @ScriptLeaksR6. Mostly known for leaking information about Rainbow 6 Siege and recently Assassin’s Creed Mirage, it seems that the user is now exploring the world of Pandora.

The leaked image is not of brilliant quality, but it is the first image we have seen apart from the game’s presentation trailer in terms of gameplay.

Users have already suggested that Avatar Frontiers of Pandora most likely it will simply be a Far Cry game with skins from Avatar. So if you’re a fan of Far Cry, you’ll probably be a fan of this game too.

In addition to the leaked image, the dataminer has also recently suggested that pre-sales for the game will soon be available.

Ubisoft hasn’t revealed much official information about the game, but its official description reads: “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora™ is a first-person action-adventure game developed by Massive Entertainment, a studio of Ubisoftin collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and disney. Built using the latest version of the engine Snowdropand developed exclusively for the new generation of consoles and PC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora brings the alluring world of Pandora to life in all its beauty and danger in an immersive open-world experience.”

“In this new standalone story, play as a Na’vi and embark on a journey across the Western Frontier, a never-before-seen part of Pandora. “He explores a living, reactive world inhabited by unique creatures and characters, and confronts the formidable RDA forces that threaten him.”

Via: Insider-Gaming

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New Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom gameplay

We are only a short time away from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom being released, which made Nintendo announce the release of a special video in which we are shown more gameplay. This is how we have arrived at such a publication, with the producer of the Nintendo franchise as a guide.

Among the things that stood out the most were the combat aspects, as well as the development of the vehicles that we had previously seen in the trailers. For its part, the style of play between the exploration of the land and the skies of Hyrule is present.

Here the video:

Remember that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom launches on May 12 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: All these types of advances only make the desire to play grow, the bad thing is that there is still more than a month until it arrives worldwide. We will have to be patient while we wait for the big day.


Preview MySims Agents

It’s been a really complicated year for the MySìms series which created 3 games of different genres. What we are going to talk to you about today is MySims Agentsin which you will play a special agent which must put an end to the plans of diabolical Morcubusthe corrupt CEO of MorcuCorp.

The main objective of the video game is obviously to stop Morcubusbut during your adventure you will stumble upon many other cases to solve which, once successfully completed, will give you new clues for the Morcubus case.
But, you certainly won’t be the only detective in the video game. In fact, you can send other agents into the field in the hope that they will return safely. Your headquarters will have five floors, each with different stats. By adding gymnastic equipment to a floor, you will be able to increase the level of athleticism of that particular floor. Fortunately, there is a very specific reason to try your hand at furnishing too. Each agent has his own personality and depending on the plan to which you assign an agent, his success rate will be higher if his personality matches the statistics of that plan.
While you’re out collecting clues and questioning the locals, your agents will call you to keep you updated on their progress and get some tips.

As in all MySìms games, you will have the opportunity to customize the character to do your detective work in a good variety of costumes. During the Electronic Arts press event, the game was shown to the public and, to begin with, we found ourselves in a small but picturesque town that functioned as a hub, where you can visit all your favorite MySims to see what they are doing or have intention to do.
MySims Agents allows the player a very broad exploration experience. You can climbing onto a roof or even walking on telephone wires (being careful to balance yourself with the analog stick) to reach nearby buildings.
The possibility of such a broad exploration will give you the opportunity to see many more things than you would if you remained only on the “ground floor”.

You will also have access to several gadgets that will allow you to do various things. One of these, for example, allows you to move objects present in the environments that you will visit. You can use it to reorganize your headquarters, but It will also come in handy when solving some puzzles. For example, once you find yourself in an old bookcase, you will have to use this object (F space manipulator) to move some crates, trying to create a sort of improvised ladder that will allow you to reach the highest part of a shelf.

The super detector is another very useful item, which will allow you to scan the environment for clues, like footprints. As you progress through the adventure, you will be able to improve your gadgets and your detector, later on, it could also perceive radio waves, sounds and even smells. If you happen to find some curious animal footprints, you can send the data to the forensic medicine laboratory. This will give life to a minigamesin which you will have to stabilize the atoms.
The minigame begins with a grid and atoms already arranged on it. Each atom will have a series of dots on it, indicating how many atoms it can be connected to. Using the atoms you have (the ones on the grid are blocked) you will have to try to insert them all, satisfying the required number on each atom on the grid. It’s a simple minigame, but sometimes it will make you think and maybe you’ll have to repeat it a few times before you get the right “composition”. Furthermore, the difficulty of the puzzles will increase as the game continues.

You’ll have to try other minigames when the time comes pick a lock, hack a computer or fix a water pump. What’s interesting is that these minigames aren’t the usual “press buttons quickly” or “shake your remote non-stop” ones you usually see on the Wii. They are individual puzzles with a very clever design.

By using a particular gadget on a door, you will be transported to a minigame. In this particular puzzle, you will have to find the world of slide a key through a grate on which several crates are arranged to block your passage. The blocks can only be moved in the direction an arrow will point, so using these limited movements, you will have to be able to create a “path” for your key to come out.

Another rather complex puzzle concerns the water pump. If you have played other MySìms games, you will surely remember this puzzle that includes belts and gears, but this time you will have the entire screen available for the minigame and a limited number of tubes, belts and gears. Here you will have to use what little engineering knowledge you have and try to connect all the pipes together and make every gear turn.

When you are not busy using your brain to solve puzzles, you will visit exotic locations and collect clues\leads to note on our notebooks. Every time you talk to a person who gives you interesting information, your notebook will auto-update and list a series of things to do. This way, you will always know what you have to do, even if you are away from the game for a few days. Your notebook will divide the information into tracks, clues and objects that you picked up along the way. By gathering clues, you can potentially present testimony and solve a mystery in a short time.

What’s really interesting about MySìms Agent is that the formula of previous titles has been literally expanded. You will visit many interesting locations, such as jungle temples and spooky houses. The surrounding area is always much larger and you can move around by taking the train or using your own private jet. The characters in the game are clumsy, which helps keep your adventure fun. Furthermore, it will be there once again Buddythe “sketch artist”, as he is now an aspiring comic book writer and will accompany you during your missions.
Each character has their own personality, even if not the protagonist. And this is also what makes MySìms more fun and engaging.

MySims Agents is scheduled for distribution during next autumnon Nintendo Wii and DS.

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Block hidden calls on Honor 7S

Knowing how to block the hidden calls you receive on your Honor 7S is essential. In fact, you may have received calls from an unknown number incessantly. Whether it is phone prospecting or someone is harassing you, it is annoying to have hidden calls on your Honor 7S. Therefore, to stop being harassed, you can block anonymous numbers. To do this, we will discover that there are several techniques to achieve this. We will first discover how to block hidden calls from the Honor 7S menu. Secondly, we will discover what is the technique to automatically reject unknown calls on your Honor 7S with an application.

Block hidden calls from the automatic rejection of your Honor 7S

The most convenient and quick way to block hidden calls on your Honor 7S is to go through the mobile options to set up the blocking. To do this, you must go to the phone app of your Honor 7S. This is the app you use to call and dial a number. Once you are there, go to the section Keyboards then click the button menu. Then you have to enter Call settings and finally in Appeal rejection. Then it will be necessary to open the auto reject list in which you should see the option appear hidden call. All you have to do is check this option if you want to block unknown calls on your Honor 7S. The preferences for configuring automatic rejection of hidden calls may vary periodically depending on the mobile model. If you do not find these preferences on your Honor 7S, do not hesitate to continue with the second procedure, which is just as effective.

Block unknown calls on your Honor 7S with a specialized app

In case you want to block unknown calls on your Honor 7S, there are applications that offer the possibility of doing so. In addition to having the ability to block hidden calls, these apps typically offer the ability to block numbers and text messages. Some apps even allow you to block or reject calls at a certain time of day. We recommend that you use the Call Blacklist app, which is versatile and easy to use. To block unknown calls, simply download and install this app on your Honor 7S. When it is fine, you should open the application and go to the parameters. Once you are there, choose ClosingThen in Blocking unknown numbers. All you have to do is check the box Block private numbers for rejection to be activated. That’s it, you will no longer worry about your Honor 7S.

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Are the networks censoring videos and content about the national strike protests?

Users reported that posts related to the situation in the country were deleted on Instagram and Facebook. What do the experts say?

The alleged censorship of instagram
and Facebook
to content and videos that inform about the national strike
It was the subject of a harsh discussion on social networks.

To analyze the topic, they spoke on Mañanas BLU the actress Carolina Guerra, the vice minister of ICT Germán Rueda, the journalist Diego Santos and the researcher Luisa Fernanda Isaza.

According to Instagram, it was not a case of censorshipas several people claimed.

“This is a widespread global technical problem It’s not related to any particular issue and we’re working on it right now. We will provide an update as soon as we can,” the @InstagramComms account reported.

Germán Rueda, vice minister of ICTdenied that the problem is related to government decisions.

What we are working on is guaranteeing connectivity. That any person and company can have that access,” said the official.

“If we cry out a little and see the big picture of what is happening and how we can contribute, these debates would not happen,” said the journalist. Diego Santos.

There is no certain way we can circumvent the algorithm.“said Luisa Fernanda Isaza, researcher at the Linterna Verde web portal.

diablo diablo iv launch Ξ TREND

Diablo IV launch window revealed?

During the podcast of Xbox Era and according to the sources of Windows Central the launch window for Diablo IVBlizzard’s latest effort, would be next April 2023 and according to these sources, the pre-order of the game will open in December 2022.

According to rumors, Blizzard is about to prepare a massive marketing campaign for Diablo IV which will begin right at The Game Awards 2022at the same time during the event, pre-orders of the game will be opened, which will include special editions and Collector’s Editions with both physical and virtual goodies.

Internal sources reveal that one of the bonuses for pre-orders could be access to the Beta of the game which should take place in February 2023. Based on the past, however, the beta on Blizzard games will not bring a real advantage to the players who play it in terms of materials obtained because it takes place on a test server and therefore the only bonus in question will be to first know which path to take during the actual game at launch. There will be seasonal routes with microtransactions in the game and the first season will begin in the third quarter of 2023. Blizzard confirms that the game will be cross-play for all formats and cross-platform so whether you play it on PC or console you will be able to save data on the same account as game.

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Stranger Things 5, the title of the first episode revealed

Work on the fifth and final season of the Netflix series par excellence, Stranger Thingsare in full development and here the official Facebook page of the production publishes a photo of the script of the first episode.

Thanks to the photo we know the title of the first episode of the season which should be eight episodes, according to the tweet from the production which published a blackboard (currently empty) with eight columns and related episodes mentioned above.

The title of the first episode will be “Chapter One: Crawling” and most likely, according to the fan theories that have stormed the web in recent months with inferences and suppositions, sometimes interesting, it should take into consideration the villain of the situation, i.e. Vecna, who should recover from the defeat suffered in the last season. Many instead expect a season with dark tones, with strong changes within the relationships between the protagonists and that the central role of Eleven will then be questioned. Others favor a tragic ending with the death of one or more of the main characters and of Eleven herself who could sacrifice herself for the group and for the world itself. Finally there are those who risk the return of Eddiea well-known character who disappeared during the fourth season but who burned his name into the minds and hearts of fans.

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The Moto Z will replace the Moto X as the new range

How curious it is that Sony has gone from the Z series to the X and that now we have the same thing, but in reverse, with Lenovo having decided that the new Moto X are replaced for the Moto Z series. After three years selling this Moto X series, the plans for this summer are completely different.

Change not at all drasticsince the company has not had to go far to go from X to Z. Another curiosity is that even Samsung itself has designed a device that will use the X as happens with the Galaxy He has exchanged cards with Samsung and Sony.

Motorola has two flagships in the process of being brought to market and they have been internally called Vertex and Vector Thin. Two terminals that will be the meeting point between those launched last year and that new brand called Moto Z. Vector Thing will become the Moto Z Stylewhile Vertex will be called Moto Z Play.

This change of names also will happen with the Droid Turbos and Droid Maxxto be replaced by “Droid Edition” in its global branding, so we can find a Moto Z Play Droid Edition.

For the user who looks for a new edition of one of these Motos every year, it can lead to become a messsince not only does it remain in the name change, but the two new Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus literally move to a 5.5″ phone, when before they were one of the phones with the smallest screen.

We will see where do these twists end For this series of smartphones they found the right key to find their large number of followers in these three years of life.

app mobile twitter Ξ TREND

Twitter tests a Periscope button integrated into its mobile app

When fighting for the supremacy of streaming in real time against Facebook with its “Live” feature, which will soon have a dedicated tab for streams, it is not surprising that Twitter is getting its act together and also looking for other ways to emphasize the use of its Periscope, its platform for real-time broadcasts that is fashionable right now.

Twitter mentioned today that it is testing with a small number of Twitter users for Android the “go live” button, which is located next to the basics such as attaching an image or recording a video when creating a tweet. Users who have the app installed on their phone are directed to Periscope when they click on the button, while others are sent to the store to download the application.

Twitter itself said in the statement that all users will have the ability to start a Periscope from Twitter. An initiative that Twitter was already slowing down since it acquired Periscope a year ago, an app that was finally left “alone” when Meerkat decided to abandon this fight for real-time streaming.

The only thing that happens is that with the arrival of Facebook to streaming in real time with a user base of 1.65 billion people, Twitter needs to look for new avenues to try to attract more users so that Periscope does not become relegated to the background.

Facebook has a larger user base than Twitterbut we will have to see how it is able to adapt the videos in real time, especially in that amount of accumulated streamings that can remain on the timeline for several days.

What would be ideal is to explore how to integrate Periscope into Twitter so as not to have to force users to install this app and in this way they could go directly to streaming without major difficulties. The best of all is that Twitter is working with different news like the one it brought not many days ago.

ps5 silent hill trailer Ξ TREND

Silent Hill 2 – see the first gameplay trailer on PS5

The State of Play is behind us, where we saw gameplay presentations from Silent Hill 2 on PS5. There was also a surprise in the form of Silent Hill: Short Message.

Bloober Team, the Polish developer responsible for the Silent Hill 2 remake, presented us the first trailer with combat fragments. This took place tonight during State of Play on official PlayStation channels. Unfortunately, we didn’t even receive an approximate release date. So it’s hard to predict whether the game will be released on PS5 this year. As expected, thanks to the new over-the-shoulder third-person perspective, the game seems to have a strong Resident Evil 2 remake feel. Here’s the official description of the game on the PS Store: “Experience a world-class psychological survival horror – considered the best title in the series. Play on the latest hardware with spine-chilling graphics and expressive sound.

The presentation of Silent Hill: Short Message was a big surprise. This first-person horror game is now available for free on PS5 consoles. Here is the official description of the game:

After receiving a message from her friend Maja, Anita finds herself in an abandoned, dilapidated apartment block. It had a bad reputation due to rumors of suicides that took place there. Unable to resist the temptation to see what’s going on there. After a short time, Anita loses all sense of reality when she sees strange, out-of-this-world places and unnatural monsters. Maja’s message was clear – “you’re not leaving until you find it” – but what is Anita really supposed to find?

Do you dare to play?

fantasy final fantasy playstation playstation 5 six Ξ TREND

Will Final Fantasy XVI be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for the first six months?

According to a new video released by marketing PlayStation on the account Twitter official of the company, a writing appears below the short images dedicated to Final Fantasy XVI.

The writing reads “Expected release Summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for six months” so we officially have a possible launch window for Square Enix’s latest effort, then we will most likely move on to the PC adaptation.

At the moment, although the writing comes from an official video, we invite you to take it with a pinch of salt as there has been no printed communication from both companies in question but it is logical to think that such communication will take place shortly.

As the game nears completion, the team has turned its full attention to debugging and final changes. Now that things are starting to come together, the game is taking steps to become something truly special.

He recently commented Hiroshi Takai game director of the operation, which chorus a Yoshida who confirmed that the development team is working on refinements on the game. The latter recently expressed himself about some questions about the game’s racial inclusion and why, according to some users, the game was full of predominantly Caucasian characters.

project Ξ TREND

This is how the project with drones to deliver medicines in Barranquilla would work

The founder of Maxdrone said that they are talking with the Civil Aeronautics to determine the routes they would use in Barranquilla.

José Otero Noriega, CEO and founder of Maxdronespoke in La Nube
about the pilot project that aims to deliver medicines at home with the help of drones to the homes of Barranquilla.

When the pandemic began, many neighbors were afraid to go out due to COVID-19so we decided to modify the drones we had so that they would carry medicines,” he said.

Now in testing operations, we have a drone that is capable of transporting medicines and essential life supplies with thermal – refrigerated capacity,” he added.

Besides, He said that they are talking with the Civil Aeronautics to determine the routes they would use in Barranquilla without affecting air operations.

Finally, He emphasized that this project will initially be for the delivery of medicinesmedical examinations and even laboratory tests, but they do not rule out that its use may include other elements.


What is drug repositioning and how it can change medicine

“Old drugs for new therapies.” This is how drug repositioning can be defined, a new R&D strategy that can change medicine.

Traditional research into new drugs, according to some studies, can take between ten and fifteen years, and more than a billion dollars per molecule. Many of them fall by the wayside, failing to demonstrate efficacy or presenting toxicity and safety problems in tests with cell cultures, animal models or clinical trials in humans.

The difficulties that exist in pharmaceutical R&D have led the scientific community to propose new ways to address classic problems. One of them is the drug repositioning, a strategy that can be summarized in a few words: “old drugs for new therapies.” Among other ideas, the application of 3D printing or taking advantage of fields such as nanotechnology can also facilitate and promote the development of new drugs.

___, pioneer in repositioning

But is it viable to reuse medications and study them in other therapeutic indications for which they have not been authorized or investigated? The answer is yes, and the first example happened in the nineties with the sildenafil. Also known as ___, it was initially studied as a therapy against angina pectoris, until Pfizer scientists discovered that it was much more efficient in treating male ___ual impotence.

The famous “blue pill” has not been the only one to show the potential of drug repositioning. Recycling old medications can also help address some rare diseases. This is the case of the Barcelona Science Park, which collaborates with the company SOM Biotech in the reuse of old medications to treat amyloidosis. Spain thus becomes a pioneer in this pharmaceutical strategy, which seeks to prevent, combat and reverse forgotten pathologies.

Another application of drug repositioning focuses on addressing complex diseases. One of them is that of brain cancer, which actually includes a variety of tumors that are difficult to cure due to the existence of what is known as the blood brain barrier. The vast majority of malignant tumors that affect the brain have no cure, but repositioning can boost the R&D&i of new therapies.

That has been the case of a therapy studied by the company Orbus, which recently received $32 million in funding. Its objective is, precisely, to address the treatment of a type of brain tumor anaplastic astrocytoma with a drug already approved by the FDA. Eflornithine is currently used as a therapy against hirsutism (a disease in which excessive hair develops in women) and African trypanosomiasis.

Having been authorized by the United States, the drug must undergo fewer toxicity and safety tests. It does, however, have to overcome the studies related to effectiveness, in order to demonstrate that it may be feasible to fight cancer or any other disease through a “recycled medicine” but equally valid. The repositioning of drugs, without a doubt, is here to stay and thus accelerate the care of our health.

Images | Epsos (Flickr), Tim Reckmann (Wikimedia)

launch nvidia tablet Ξ TREND

NVIDIA will launch a new SHIELD tablet this year

NVIDIA SHIELD tables are characterized by having a high performance in video games and it is right now the device with which you can play the best titles of the moment. High quality titles that cannot be played on smartphones and other types of tablets, and that have meant that to enjoy another gaming experience on Android one has to switch to the NVIDIA product.

These tablets have also been what the Nexus 7 never was, even when we talk about one that reaches 8 inches. The key to their success in certain markets is that they have very good specifications and they are quite affordable. The other key is that it uses almost pure Android. Now we know that NVIDIA has prepared a new edition of the SHIELD for this year by passing a new model through the FCC.

A tablet essentially focused on gaming on Android and that allows you to play wonders like Trine and many other games that are totally impossible to install on other mobile devices.

From FCC it is known that the model number is P2290Whas micro USB connectivity, offers support for both 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, also has Bluetooth Low Energy, measures 218 x 121.9 and will weigh 348 grams.

Regarding its other hardware aspects, nothing is known, but you can expect Full HD resolution (1920 x 1280), NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip and an increased RAM in number is on par with what happens with numerous models reaching four without major concerns.

Regarding the design we cannot wait for more news, but will continue to be quite similar to previous editions. It is unknown if it will include a Stylus, so the only thing we have left is to wait for new news that will show us this powerful tablet for video games on Android.

honor Ξ TREND

Move an application to the Honor 8X SD card

It often happens that the applications installed on the Honor 8X take up a lot of space. That is why it is convenient to be able to move applications to the Honor 8X SD card. In fact, this will save storage space on your mobile. To do this, there are 2 methods that may vary depending on the mobile phone and the Android version. We will first see how to move applications to the Honor 8X SD card using the applications menu. We will see later how to use an application to copy applications to the Honor 8X SD card.

Move applications to the SD card with the Honor 8X menu

This methodology does not work on all cell phones. In case it doesn’t work for you, you can switch to the second method. To move the applications that are installed on your Honor 8X to the SD card, you will need to go to the parameters . When you’re done, go to the tab Application . You will then see all the applications that are installed on your Honor 8X. You need to select the app you want to copy to SD card to open its settings page. You can see on this page, a button called: Move to SD card . Just click on it to copy the app. If you never see that, you should use the second step.

Move apps to the Honor 8X SD card with an app

There are several applications that can be used to copy applications to the Honor 8X SD card. The benefit of using this process is that it allows you to move all the applications at once. Among these applications, there is AppMgr III that we tested and it works very well. Therefore, we suggest that you install it and be guided. It is quite intuitive and easy to use. So you can move all your applications to the Honor 8X SD card in minutes.

air laptop Ξ TREND

Teclast F7 Air, a 1.18Kg laptop for only €335

We already have the new one available in stores Teclast F7 Aira laptop with a reduced weight, it only weighs 1.18kg and a design with narrow frames to minimize its size.

An extremely laptop that, in addition to maximizing its portability, has 8GB RAM and an SSD disk 256GB with which we can work with Windows 10 and most office programs without performance problems from the first moment. Its design also highlights its aluminum body and its screen hinges that allow it to be opened up to 180º.

Processor, RAM and storage

The new ultrabook Teclast F7 Air integrates a processor as a motor Intel Celeron N4120a chip manufactured in 14nm which includes four processors capable of reaching 2.60 GHz maximum speed and incorporates an Intel UHD Graphics 600 GPU with 12EU that is capable of playing video up to 4K@60fps resolution in h.265 format. The version on offer includes a plate 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, an integrated SATA disk M.2 256GB and has a second port available M.2 to expand your storage.

Screen and other specifications

The screen is 14″ IPS with a resolution 1920×1080 pixels, with frames only 4.2mm which integrates a chamber in its upper part 1MP with microphone. We also have Wifi AC Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.2 while in terms of connectivity we have a USB 3.0 port, another USB 2.0, a USB Type-Cvideo output mini hdmi and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The battery is 4250mAh which gives us an autonomy of about 7 hours. It has an English keyboard retro lit which, as we see, takes full advantage of the entire front area and has good space between keys. In the body of this laptop we have integrated four speakersits weight is only 1.18kg and has a thickness of 11.8mm.

Price and availability

  • The laptop Teclast F7 Air can be purchased from the official Teclast store by €335.21 ($395.99) with free shipping using the store’s discount coupons.


How to make a copy paste on Condor Plume P8 pro

Knowing how to copy and paste text from a Condor Plume P8 pro is absolutely essential. Without a doubt, nothing is more practical than the copy and paste technique. We believe that you don’t want to retype everything every time. That’s why we decided to make this modest guide to know how to make a copy paste on the Condor Plume P8 pro. First we will see the technique to copy and paste text on a Condor Plume P8 pro and we will see in a second step, how to copy and paste documents.

What are the steps to make a copy paste on your Condor Plume P8 pro

Select the text with your Condor Plume P8 pro

The first step to prepare a copy paste on your Condor Plume P8 pro is to select the text. To select the text you want to copy and paste, you will need to display the 2 small square brackets that will be used to select the text. There are 2 methods to display small hooks and they change depending on phones. The first thing is to stay pressed the text for a few seconds. the second is double tap on text. Once the 2 square brackets are displayed, all you have to do is move them to select the text.

Copy the text you want to paste on your Condor Plume P8 pro

In order to copy the sentence or paragraph that you have currently selected on your Condor Plume P8 pro, you need to select the icon that represents two sheets. It should be displayed at the top of the screen. When you’re done, the text is automatically placed on the paper press and is ready to stick.

paste the text

In case you have selected and copied the text on your Condor Plume P8 pro, now simply paste it. To do this, go to the page where you want to paste the text. Once you’re there, you’ll need to keep pressing where you want the text to go and select the paste icon.

The method to copy and paste files or images on Condor Plume P8 pro

If you ever want to copy and paste a file on your Condor Plume P8 pro, you will see that it is not very difficult. To do this, you will need to use the app File Manager, which is already installed on your Condor Plume P8 pro. Once you have found the app, open it and browse the directories to find the file to copy and paste. Once the file is found, you need to partition it by clicking on it. You have to do it later select the copy icon and choose which directory you want to paste the file into.


Stallone turned down a large sum of money for Rambo 4

Sylvester Stallone he is one of the biggest action movie stars of all time and has been in multiple sequels for multiple franchises.

The actor, we remember, is the protagonist of the beloved Rocky film series and also appears in Creed, Creed II and Rambo. Stallone has been cast in incredible films and we would be surprised to know which films he refused to be in.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor revealed that he turned down the bigger Payday for Rambo IV.

I turned it down 34. We were doing Rambo III. We thought it was going to be the biggest hit – this was before it came out. And I got paid a fortune for it. Then they said, “We want Rambo IV. Here it is: pay or play, 34.

Stallone in all likelihood will not appear in the new film in the Creed franchise. During an interview the Italian Stallion was asked if it would actually be “strange” for him not to appear in the film.

Missing Rocky… This is an unfortunate situation because I know what could have been. She was taken in a very different direction than I would have taken it. It’s a different philosophy: that of Irwin Winkler and Michael B. Jordan. I wish them well, but I’m much more of a sentimentalist. I like my heroes getting beat up, but I don’t want them to go into that dark space. I just feel like people have enough darkness.

Already in 2018, Stallone announced his retirement from Rocky.

This is probably my last rodeo, because what I thought happened – and it happened – I never expected. I thought Rocky ended in 2006 , and I was very happy about it. And then all of a sudden this young man he showed up and the whole story changed. He moved on to a new generation, new problems, new adventures. And I couldn’t be happier, because when I step back, because my story has been told, there’s a whole new world that’s going to open up for the audience, for this generation.

Creed III is Jordan’s directorial debut, carrying on a legacy that Stallone began in the original Rocky series. The actor and director wrote every screenplay and directed everything except Rocky and Rocky V.

Each installment of the Creed franchise thus far has been tackled by a different team, with Ryan Coogler directing the first from a script he wrote with Aaron Covington;

Stephen Caple Jr. directing Creed II from a screenplay by Juel Taylor and Stallone, based on a story by Sascha Penn and Cheo Hodari Coker.

android android tv tv Ξ TREND

METZ 58MUB6010, 58 inches, VA panel and Android TV at minimum price

Minimum price for a 58-inch Smart TV METZ 58MUB6010, what includes Android TV 9.0 As an operating system, the best option by far for a Smart TV.

A 58 inches with a really attractive price and that includes bluetooth remote control with voice control to use the voice assistant from Google and a VA panel, without a doubt the best option for a TV of this range that we can find. We also have Chromecast thanks to its Google certification and access to the apps of the most popular streaming platforms. In the video field we find that it has compatibility with Dolby Vision / HDR10 / HLG and in audio it supports Dolby and DTS audio. Without a doubt a great option for its price using discount coupons, €378.86 and it also includes free shipping from Spain.


The TV METZ 58MUB6010 includes an SoC Quad Core low consumption of which we do not know its specifications, with 2.25GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage memory, DVB-T2/C/S2 triple tuner, Wifi Dual band and Bluetooth 5.0. In terms of connectors we have a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, 3 HDMI 2.0b, 1 HDMI CEC/ARC, 3.5 mm audio jack, SPDIF port, composite video input, a 10/100 network port and antenna connector.

The 58″ screen has a panel GOES with Direct Led backlighting, a 4K resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, brightness of 250 cd/m2, viewing angle of 178º and is accompanied by an audio system of 2x10W. This Smart TV has an energy rating TO with an average energy consumption of 124W.

  • To get the most out of your screen, consult the Settings Guide to improve the image on Smart TV.

Price and availability

  • The Smart TV METZ 58MUB7000 with Android TV 9.0 can be purchased at for only €378.86 with free shipping from Spain applying the seller’s discount coupon + the discount code Jan50

android jelly Ξ TREND

You can now try Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Android

Stop Supercell, stop because King!creators of Candy Crush, already had a game prepared to mess up your hidden success a little and that is the new Candy Crush Jelly Sagaa Candy Crash very similar to the original but using gelatin instead of candy.

Yes, like every new game, the Candy Crush Jelly Saga is already installed on more than a million devices Although, Supercell, without launching Clash Royale in dozens of countries around the world, already has thousands of players without even being available, what does Supercell have to achieve such success?

Candy Crush Jelly Saga, new success or disappointment?

First of all, I must say that I find it very suspicious that Supercell launches a new game on January 5 in beta form, exclusively for some countries, and 1 or 2 days later comes King! to launch their new title but perhaps it was a coincidence that the two largest mobile gaming companies They have presented a new game almost at the same time.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is different, apparently it is full of new game modes and great battles with the jelly queen, Jelly Queen. Jenny will have to make the perfect moves to defeat the jelly queen and Whoever spreads the most gelatin in each movement will win the level. Ah, the game is totally free but with in-app paymentsas usual.

What’s new in Candy Crush Jelly Saga?

The game It reminds us a lot of the original game but the truth is that if we take a look at the comments on Google Play we have all kinds of opinions, people who say that it is very similar to the original and others who have become hooked on the title again. We, without trying it thoroughly, have seen in it a game similar to the previous one but with some changes that make it attractive again and perfect for enjoying a few idle moments. But… despite everything, what’s new?

  • Over 100 new levels that are sure to grow as you gain users.
  • New battle modes against Jelly Queen.
  • New game modes such as the one that allows you to spread jelly or the one that allows you to free the Pufflers.
  • New boosters like the color bomb lollipop that will make your games a delight.
  • New dream world above the trees with very original characters led by Queen Jelly and her disciples.
  • As always, a game that is easy to play but very difficult to master.
  • Ability to synchronize your game with Facebook and use all its social capabilities in addition to synchronizing your game between different devices without any problem.

What do you think of King’s new thing?

We can’t forget that King! has been bought by Activision and now this thing of joining three or more pieces wants to continue revolutionizing the market. In this title the characters are much more important but it seems that these will also extend to other King titles! by the way.

Without going any further, and letting you try it yourself, we recommend try the new Candy CrushWill it be better or as good as the previous one? Will King squeeze! Candy Crush as much as Rovio its Angry Birds creating a television series? These are questions that we will answer as the days go by, but we certainly do not lack curiosity.

We have observed that the In-app payments are still very importantthat the bombardment of advertising is quite powerful and that the mechanism is still very similar to the previous one, addictive but very tiring if you are already tired of Candy Crush.

Discharge | Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Google Play

explorer internet internet explorer microsoft Ξ TREND

Goodbye to the historic Internet Explorer: Microsoft announced that it will withdraw it from the market in 2022

IE will be completely replaced by its new Edge version, after more than 25 years in which it went from being an omnipresent tool to practically marginal.

Microsoft announced this Wednesday that it will withdraw its historic browserInternet Explorer (IE) on June 15, 2022 and will completely replace it with its new Edge versionafter more than 25 years in which it went from being an omnipresent tool to practically marginal.

Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and no longer supported on June 15, 2022 for certain versions of Windows 10,” the Redmond (Washington state, USA) company indicated in an entry on the corporate blog.

The nuance of “certain versions” refers to the fact that There are some minority exceptions that may continue to operate as before.: Windows 10 LTSC, Server Internet Explorer 11 and the MSHTML engine (Trident).

For the vast majority of users, however, IE will become a thing of the past and Those who continue using the historic browser should switch to Google Chrome
(the great dominator of the current market), Apple’s Safari, Firefox or, if they want to continue operating with Microsoft, Edge.

Microsoft Edge is faster, more secure, and offers a more modern browsing experience than IE. In addition, it solves a key problem: compatibility with old websites and applications,” they pointed out from Microsoft.

Edge has an integrated IE mode that allows you to access internet portals and Explorer-based applications as if you were using the old browser.

Before the deadline of June 15 of next year, August 17 of this 2021, applications and internet services of The company led by Satya Nadella, such as Microsoft 365, will no longer support Internet Explorer.

Despite having almost total dominance of the Internet browser market,Internet
in the early 2000s, Internet Explorer was losing share throughout those 10 years, first against the independent Firefox and later against Google’s Chromewhich experienced spectacular growth to surpass IE as the most used browser in 2012.

Since thenIE lost users at a high rate until now, in that its market share according to the specialized portal StatCounter is lower than 1% and very focused on desktop computers.