Hogwarts Legacy: Disarm Troll

What spell can you use to disarm a troll in the new Hogwarts Legacy? How to unlock the disarm spell? In the new Harry Potter game you unlock a variety of new spells as you progress through the game. You learn the spells automatically as part of the main and side quests. Once learned, you can then select and use the spells using the control pad to the right. The spells also include a disarming spell with which you can pull the weapon out of an opponent’s hand. As part of a quest or a duel achievement, you have to disarm a troll, but how does that work exactly?

Disarm troll with Expelliarmus

To complete the Disarm a Troll quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must use the Disarm Spell. The disarming spell is called “Expelliarmus” and you learn it automatically in the game, more precisely as part of “Professor Hecat’s Task 2”. The quest takes place in the first few hours of the game and often many players have already unlocked the disarming spell, but later no longer even know that they have already used it. “Professor Hecat’s Task 2” is also a prerequisite for completing the main quest “Jackdaw’s Final Resting Place” in the Forbidden Forest.

Once you have unlocked the spell, open the spell overview using the control pad to the right and select “Expelliarmus” at the top. You can then use it to find a troll and use the R2 button (PS5) or the RT button (Xbox Series) to take the troll’s weapon away and thus disarm it. By the way, the spell works on pretty much any opponent with a weapon in their hand. Depending on which opponent it is, the spell is very useful in most cases.

Besides disarming, you can also throw your club in the troll’s face. We have already created a guide on how this works and what spell you have to use for it.


Hogwarts Legacy: South Wing Open door

How to open the locked door in the south wing of Hogwarts? Why does the door grille always open briefly and then close again? Anyone who has bought the new Harry Potter game and has already explored the game world a little will probably have already stood in front of one or two locked doors. While on many doors you have to pick a lock with the spell “Alohomora”, there are also other doors for which you have to solve a little puzzle. These “other doors” also include the door in the south wing near the clock tower. In this short guide we will show you how to open the south wing door.

Locked door in the clock tower

In order to solve the puzzle about the locked door in the south wing, you first have to travel to the clock tower in the south wing. If unlocked, it is best to use the “Courtyard of the Clock Tower” Flea Flame. Once there you will not only find the location of the dueling club, but also the locked door. What you also immediately notice in the room is the large clock pendulum from the clock tower, which swings back and forth completely across the room.

Before you can solve the puzzle, you first have to unlock the “Arresto Momentum” spell. The spell is unlocked as part of the “Madam Kogawa’s Task 2” quest. The spell can be used to greatly slow down both enemies and objects. This is exactly the magic you need for the puzzle in order to turn the pendulum on at the right moment.

Open the door in the south wing

  1. First you have to look at the locked door and remember what symbol you can see there. There is a unicorn symbol on the door. The symbol plays an important role in the next step. From the locked door in the south wing you now have to run to the right and pick the lock on level 1.
  2. The door leads to a staircase that you have to climb up. Once at the top, you can see the pendulum swinging back and forth again. Behind the pendulum you can now see four symbols and coincidentally the unicorn symbol that you saw on the door is also there.
  3. All you have to do now is stop the pendulum at the height when it is above the symbol of the unicorn. You can also see when you look at the door that it always opens and closes briefly. This happens exactly when the pendulum has reached the unicorn symbol.
  4. The pendulum can now be stopped both from above and below in front of the door with the Arresto Momentum spell as soon as it is level with the unicorn. The grille then opens and you can open the south wing door.

Tip: This is how you can collect the unlocked rewards from the completed challenges in Hogwarts Legacy.


Hogwarts Legacy: Fire bowl puzzle in the treasure vault

There are two brazier puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes the puzzle with the fire bowls on the bridge near the viaduct courtyard, but there is also a puzzle with fire bowls in a treasure vault. In this article we look at the bowl puzzle in the treasure vault found in the region south of Hogwarts, or more precisely south of the small Aranshire village. Before you can enter the treasure vault, you have to place the cube with the fire or flame symbol on the platform and activate it with the fire spell Incendio. You can then enter the vault and have to solve the fire bowl puzzle.

Treasure vault with fire bowls

  1. Travel to the treasure vault south of Aranshire. The Aranshire flea of ​​the same name can also be found here.
  2. Stand in front of the entrance and then walk a few meters to the left. The cube with the flame is located here. (Use Revelio if you can’t find the cube).
  3. Use the Accio spell to transport the cube to the entrance and place it on the platform. In order for the cube to activate and the door to open, you now have to use the Incendio spell.
  4. This opens the entrance and at the end of the vault you can see a burning brazier with a statue on the left. First you have to stand on the switch on the right and you can get to the other side via the revolving door.
  5. Here you will also find a fire bowl with a statue. The task now is to put out the fire by using the Glacius spell on the fire bowl. You have to stand directly in front of the fire bowl for the fire to go out.
  6. Now you can stand on the switch and then get into the room with the chest. This solves the treasure vault puzzle.


Deal : Bundeswehr scandal: How secure are Webex conferences?

Russian authorities listened in as Bundeswehr officers discussed the use of weapons in Ukraine via Webex video conference. Is the software safe or were the soldiers using the program incorrectly?

It was a first for political Berlin: On April 22, 2020, due to the Corona restrictions, a committee met completely digitally for the first time in the history of the Bundestag. For this purpose, the Bundestag administration quickly procured the Webex video conferencing solution from the US network specialist Cisco so that the members of the digital committee could at least meet virtually. Since then, not only the Bundestag has relied on Webex, but also all federal authorities, including the Bundeswehr. Now she is at the center of the Air Force wiretapping scandal.

Webex: Not without controversy despite BSI approval

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) had already enabled the Cisco solution to be used in the federal government in 2019 with a so-called C5 certificate. In the Cloud Computing Requirements Catalog (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog, C5 for short), the BSI specifies which requirements cloud providers should meet to ensure a high level of security. Despite the BSI certification, Cisco’s communications solution was not without controversy. However, security, which is now in focus with the Air Force wiretapping scandal, was generally not questioned. Confidentiality appeared to be guaranteed by end-to-end encryption. With this process, the communication content is encrypted on the end devices and only decrypted again on the other participants’ end devices. Even Cisco cannot decrypt this content. Rather, there was controversy as to whether the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were being complied with because data could be transferred to the USA during Webex operations.

Wiretapping scandal: Was Webex used too carelessly?

In October 2022, however, the then Lower Saxony state data protection officer Barbara Thiel pointed out that video conferencing solutions not only had to be data protection compliant, but also secure. “Without IT security, the goals of data protection cannot be achieved, as IT security covers some of the essential protection goals of data protection.” How secure a video conferencing solution is is directly related to the way it is used. Video switching with Cisco Webex is encrypted. However, this encryption must also be activated. In addition, protection is no longer available if participants do not participate via the Webex app but instead dial in using a normal telephone connection. A high-ranking soldier from a hotel in Singapore is said to have joined the intercepted conversation between the Air Force officers.

Why wasn’t the eavesdropping attack noticed?

The workflow with which a conference is set up via Webex Meetings is also vulnerable to security: only the so-called host needs to be logged in to the service. All other participants can simply join in via a link. For example, if this link is transmitted in an unencrypted email, the door is wide open. However, Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhartz and the other participants should have noticed that a stranger was virtually sitting at the table. However, it is also conceivable that Webex was not the weak point at all, but that classic eavesdropping methods such as bugging the hotel room led to the explosive content falling into the hands of the Russian secret services.

Bundeswehr: Is there a lack of security expertise?

Of the federal institutions, the Bundeswehr would actually be best equipped to identify and close vulnerabilities in IT security. According to a response from the federal government to a parliamentary question from left-wing MP Anke Domscheit-Berg, the federal government currently has 4,575 IT security positions, one in three of which are in the defense sector. “But the incident also shows that we still have to reduce the deficit in IT security competence. At all hierarchical levels. And not just in the Bundeswehr, but in all other authorities,” Domscheit-Berg told the dpa. One must be aware of the danger that a war could also be waged at the information level. “That’s why you don’t just have to keep talking about tanks, but also about information security.” (With material from dpa.)


Xbox Store: Partial wish list cannot be restored

Anyone who has not yet received their original wish list in the Xbox Store will have to save the content again.

Last weekend, the saved games on many players’ wish lists disappeared in the Xbox Store.

Microsoft was able to fix the error at the beginning of the week so that newly saved games remain saved. However, players missed their previous entries if they entered new things during the outage.

According to Eden Marie from the Xbox team, these wish lists were able to be restored. However, this probably didn’t work for everyone, it was recommended to report the bug.

As has now been announced, it is no longer possible to restore lost wish lists.

Eden Marie wrote via X: “Thank you to everyone who has reported a bug since yesterday. If your wish list hasn’t been restored yet, unfortunately it probably won’t be. I wish I had better news.”



Deal : Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Which gaming in-ears are better?

Sony has two pairs of gaming headphones on the market: the Inzone Buds and the Pulse Explore. The test tells you where the differences are and which ones are better in the end.

Table of contents

  • Sony likes it big
  • Really modern
  • PlayStation or PC
  • Inzone Buds vs. Pulse Explore: Who Sounds Better?
  • Two of the same breed
  • They have endurance
  • Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Conclusion

Sony’s PlayStation brand is now 30 years old and a fixture in the gaming market. But the Japanese have another iron in the fire with Inzone. However, this sub-brand is aimed at PC gamers. In addition to monitors, this also includes headsets. The newest addition is true to its name Inzone Buds and the plugs are two months ahead of the Sony Pulse Explore appeared. The manufacturer now has two true wireless headphones for gamers on the market. The comparison test reveals which in-ears are suitable for which systems, which sound better and have the most functions.

Sony likes it big

Both pairs of plugs definitely attract attention with their size. They have a fairly large body that ends in an elongated end piece. The Inzone Buds are reminiscent of the relatives WF-1000XM3, while the Pulse Explore is more oriented towards the PlayStation 5. Both appear to be of high quality, but they put a bit of pressure on your ears when worn. The Inzone Buds are still ahead when it comes to comfort, and the playful in-ears can withstand drops of sweat and water (protection level IPX4). Despite its adventurous name, users should keep the Pulse Explore away from water due to the lack of protection certification. A major point of criticism, however, is the uncomfortable fit. The plugs exert noticeable pressure on the inside of the ear. Good: Both models come with four rubber attachments of different sizes and cover almost every ear canal.

Really modern

The in-ears are both versatile when it comes to pairing devices. The in-ears come with a dongle that can be connected to the PlayStation 5 or the PC. While the Pulse Explore rely on a somewhat old-fashioned wireless stick with USB-A, the Inzone Buds are a little more modern with their USB-C dongle. It can also be connected to your smartphone or the Nintendo Switch put. A Bluetooth connection to the cell phone is also possible, but not without restrictions. The Inzone plugs are equipped with the new Bluetooth stand LE-Audio, which severely limits the number of compatible smartphones. The Pulse Explore, on the other hand, are fully compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. They also have Sony’s own “PlayStation Link” standard on board, with which the earphones connect wirelessly to the PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation or PC

When it comes to operation, the Inzone Buds are clearly ahead. For example, the volume can be adjusted using the plugs. But the PC software is really great Inzone Hub (Windows only), you can use it to make many settings on the in-ears. The sound of the Pulse Explore can also be adjusted with an equalizer, but only in the corresponding audio settings of the PlayStation 5. In addition, the volume buttons only react in dongle mode. If the Pulse Explore is connected to a device via Bluetooth, the buttons are useless.

Inzone Buds vs. Pulse Explore: Who Sounds Better?

The winning streak of the Inzone Buds continues in the sound test: They deliver a powerful sound with clean bass and fine resolution. Explosions have a punch and voices sound nice and clear. The location of noise sources is also quite precise. When it comes to surround sound, the Pulse Explore are at a similarly high level and the directions of footsteps, shots or other noises can be easily determined. Unfortunately, the sound itself is quite weak, hollow and lacking in detail. There is a lack of bass and the mids are more wiry than rich.

Two of the same breed

As befits a headset, both in-ear pairs are equipped with microphones. These are also the biggest weak points in both models. Voices transmit the playful True Wireless overcast and occupied. The wearer is still understandable. The Pulse Explore also effectively blocks out background noise, meaning that loud console fans or keyboard typing cannot be heard by teammates. However, only the Inzone Buds have real noise-cancelling like we know from other wireless in-ears. This works effectively, although it doesn’t quite match the great noise cancellation of the related WF series.

They have endurance

In the test, both Sony in-ears delivered excellent battery life. While the Pulse Explore is already good at just over nine and a half hours (in Bluetooth operation), the Inzone Buds go beyond all limits with their 20 hours and 45 minutes (in dongle operation). That’s enough even for an extended LAN party. The charging case for the Inzone earphones also proved to be very practical. It’s a bit bulky, but nice and compact compared to its Pulse siblings. Good: The radio dongle also fits in the small box. The Explore carrying box looks a little fancier with its colored LEDs. However, due to its size, it is also less practical to transport.

Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Conclusion

In the end, the Inzone Buds emerge as the winners of the Sony duel. The in-ears deliver better sound, are easier to use and exceed all expectations with their long battery life. In addition, there is effective noise canceling, which protects gamers from annoying ambient noise. Due to their versatile compatibility, they are ideal for PS5 and PC gamers. However, owners of a Windows computer have more setting options. If you mainly play on your cell phone, you should turn to the competition.


Hogwarts Legacy: Treasure Vaults in Aranshire Walkthrough

In Hogwarts Legacy you will find several treasure vaults, most of which are relatively easy to solve. But among the treasure vaults there are also one or two puzzles where you can’t make any progress straight away. Some people might feel the same way about the treasure vault southwest of Aranshire. In this short guide we have created instructions on what you have to do in the vault to get to the treasure.

Aranshire Treasure Vault: Find Chest

Once you get to the treasure vault, you first have to look for the cube to open the entrance. The cube is to the left of the vault entrance. So place the cube with the Accio spell on the platform in front of the door and activate it with the Levioso spell (recognizable by the feather symbol on the cube and the platform). The door then opens and you can enter the cave. If you follow the path, you will reach a room at the end. If you get too close to the back wall on the right side of the room, you will be sucked in by the wall and spit out again on the other side. The question arises, what is the puzzle here and, above all, the solution?

The “solution” to the puzzle is pretty simple, because if you’ve been sucked into the wall twice and spit out on the other side, then the chest you’re looking for will suddenly be there. That’s all you have to do in the treasure vault. By using the Revelio spell in the cave, you can also see the area where you are being pulled in by the wall.

By the way, there is another special treasure vault near the treasure vault that you have to dive into. The entrance is in the water in the form of a vortex or whirlpool that you can dive down.


The 17 best short films of less than an hour and a half that can be seen now on Netflix, Amazon, Filmin or HBO

As Joaquín Reyes said in ‘Overdose of love’, the great meta-soap opera episode of the second season of ‘Chapter 0’, “we only have one life.” Those minutes must be taken advantage of, so better with a short movie. Let’s see what the different platforms that we have at our disposal offer us.

The good, if brief, double program

Why are we going to put on a four-hour movie if in that time we can perhaps pay off debts shorter and possibly more interesting than a feature film that requires a day of dedication? Diving between some of our platforms we have found a good handful of very attractive titles.

Classics of all kinds, gender and condition They await us in these strange Christmas days in which with a little luck you have a little more time. And already put, what better than to take advantage of it seeing the more, the better.

The movie

The Spanish platform par excellence even has the label of “short films” to facilitate the search, but I am here to offer you a small selection full of the good taste that always characterizes me.

The Queen of the Lizards (63 minutes)

The kaiju as a template for an unimaginable romantic comedy through the lowest possible fidelity.
Full of successes, mistakes and a lot of value, logically, it will not be to everyone’s liking. And try my gazpacho, which I just made and it came out delicious. Of course: until the 11th it will not be available. If that is what your body asks you, the one you do have is ‘I have boats’, by Juan Cavestany, which lasts 67 minutes, which are not minutes or anything.

Guardians of the Future (73 minutes)

The ‘Terminator’ in B is a mind-blowing sci-fi epic that replaces visual wits with a delusional script that makes waters everywhere but that at the same time is charmingly irresistible. The science fiction that hit him in the eighties summarized in 73 minutes of “is that I sweat everything”

Negotiator (79 minutes)

As soon as you pull the newspaper library (AKA Wikipedia), you will see the blood in your veins frozen before the radiography, spectacular and cynical, that Cobeaga pulls out of his sleeve with ‘Negotiator’.
As is customary for the Basque filmmaker, the secret of the film is to put the feet of the characters on our own floor and then put some slippers on them. Although this time the laughter goes through neighborhoods. The fear too. There was too much talk about ‘Foxcatcher’ and too little about ‘Negotiator’, Borja Cobeaga’s best film.

Vampyr (70 minutes)

The 70 minutes that Hitch___ got excited. One of the best and most popular Carl Theodor Dreyer movies. A disturbing film with a portentous staging that was a major failure in the filmmaker’s career, who came from succeeding with ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’ and this misstep (hence its importance must be repeated) caused a stop a decade in the career of the Danish filmmaker.


The world’s favorite platform is not far behind when it comes to offering not-so-long feature films. Between (more or less) classic comedies and some important acquisition, the offers are quite acceptable.

Not Another Stupid American Movie (89 minutes)

You may remember it as very funny, but it is also very, very good. In fact, it’s a spoof on the level of ‘Land as you can’ itself. One in a million.
Macarra, sow, hilarious and with a love and a respect for the starting point that thrills. Three words: Harry Dean Stadium.

Creep (77 minutes)

Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate a great black comedy from an ordinary horror film. Duplass steals the film, as always, and the point of view – and starting – cleverly dodges the overdose of identical proposals. It’s barely past an hour and a quarter and that already deserves all your attention. You will end up watching the sequel, because it is also a better movie.

Perfection (90 minutes)

You trade the insane, depraved and degenerate of anything Brian De Palma can do for shameless, wild and unbalanced and you have a horror thriller from the director of ‘Matador’. An impressive recital live pure genre and straight to the chin. H***y.

Coffee & Kareem

‘Coffee & Kareem’ makes us forget everything for less than ninety minutes with a comedy with everyone the jokes and characters on your site. From Captain Walter Hill to my dear David Alan Grier to the old Taylor Swift of coca that Betty Gilpin embroiders, passing through tooooooooda that gang of henchmen, the director of ‘Stuber Express’ relies on Shane Mack’s hilarious first script to offer a hilarious buddy movie with a retro air.


The house of the most reputable series also has a space in its warehouse where movies rest to watch in a moment. Let’s see what the ‘Game of Thrones’ platform offers.

Teen Titans Go! The movie (80 minutes)

While waiting for the arrival of James Gunn to the house, perhaps we are facing the best movie in the DC Universe. And if it isn’t, at least it’s the most fun. There is no room for one more superhero in this wonderful meta-proposal that hits the nail on the head by putting its finger on the sore of the company’s film division. In fact, it seems that no one at Warner has seen the movie, because the attention sparks are paraded one after another.

Jonah Hex (78 minutes)

This badass from the authors of the two splendid ‘Crank’ films came out much more round than their attempt to resurrect the Ghost Rider. Brief, with Mastodon music and a cast that lets go, ‘Jonah Hex’ is that DC movie that has suffered, like ‘Green Lantern’, an immovable automatic crush. So much so that even the protagonist of that one has to deny it every time he can so that the children continue to think that they are right.

Duplex 85 mins

More than fifteen years later, ‘Duplex’ is still the last film directed by Danny DeVito. Short black comedy (it could not be otherwise) straight to the point, without half measures. A constant give and take at the speed of cartoon with tones of ‘Ladykillers’ in the form of a cure of humility for those who still do not know what this comedy is about.

What we do in the shadows (81 minutes)

Resurrected by the extraordinary television series, and as in it, the elegance with which it has been shot is striking, despite the format, and amazing special effects. Although there is something that has fortunately been lost in the series: how deeply sad it is. That is why the series is better.


Advancing positions with its acquisitions in recent weeks, the platform has been adding to its fund the odd little gem to discover.

The Dictator (83 minutes)

The film that has most divided Cohen’s followers parked reality to play with a bizarre fiction not exempt from the aftertaste of the usual fish-out-of-water situation in the creator of ‘Borat’ or ‘Bruno’.

Gretel & Hansel (87 minutes)

The best film by a Perkins that needs different formats to demonstrate its interest in ideas. The prologue, beautiful, abuses the voiceover no matter how much they are telling us a story.
From there, he reminds us that Jodorowsky composed a fable (heh) and it will take a while to show personality, but everything arrives on time. Overall, the good outweighs the less good, and surely some of the most beautiful moments the year of terror ahead of us will be here.

The Haze (85 minutes)

Another one of those great reminders of inhuman that characterizes us all in extreme situations. Pure genre with a European scent that is pleased to see partly because of its short duration and ambitions.

The Jane Doe Autopsy (86 minutes)

Everything I ask of a genre movie is here. Pristine atmosphere, dedicated cast, subtle humor and a story that is unfolding little by little although, h**l, it may show its cards ahead of time.
Not much to object when a horror movie makes you feel like you’re in 1985. A constant surprise.

Coherence (89 minutes)

One of those conceptual pirouettes that result in author’s science fiction. Breakthrough, intelligent, ‘Coherence’ is a film that walk through the purest genre until we reach a resolution that will leave us with a crooked a*s. Despite its consistency.


Sims 4: Change Infant Eye Color

How to change infant eye color in The Sims 4? Why doesn’t the infant’s eye color change when you change the eye color using Create Your Sim Mode? This may be what one or two Sims 4 players have asked over the past few days who have downloaded the new update with the babies. With the new and free update for the base game, a new age group comes into the game and that is the infants. Anyone who has taken a closer look at the infants may have noticed the strange eye color and the “alien eyes”. We have created a short guide here to find out what this is all about and how you can change your eye color.

Changing eye color in infants

To change the infants’ eye color subsequently, you have to proceed in the same way as with other Sims. So in the first step, open the cheat console using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + C and activate “cas.fulleditmode”. Then you have to click on the infant while holding down the Shift key and select the option “Edit in Create a Sim”. In the editor you can then edit the eyes and the color of the infant.

  1. Open the cheat window using CTRL + Shift + C and activate “cas.fulleditmode”.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click on the infant or any other Sim in the household.
  3. Open the editor via “Change to Create a Sim”, click on the infant’s eyes and change the eye color on the right side.

Eye color doesn’t change?

If the eye color of the infants in Sims 4 does not change even though it has been set as described above, then this is usually due to custom content. So if you have installed CC for eyes and eye colors, you should deactivate it as a test. There are some reports on Reddit that CC was probably the reason why the babies had “alien eyes.”

Tip: This is how the Sims get rid of burnout again.


Why Amazon Prime Video is better than Netflix for watching series and movies (that are on both platforms)

During the confinement, in SamaGame and in SamaGame we were paying attention to the reduction in image quality that the main streaming services were applying so that Internet traffic did not become congested, since from the European Union they transmitted that there was a risk of reaching a lot of pressure In the net. Finally there were no problems of any kind, but quality reduction lasted longer than expected.

That gave me the idea of ​​comparing the main services available in Spain, to see which ones offered the best bitrate and with what codec (H.265 / HEVC, H.264 / AVC, etc). The winner was clear: Apple TV +, followed somewhat by far by Disney +, Netflix and Prime Video, in that order. However, as we already discussed, the important thing was not only the number, but also the codec.

Prime Video and Netflix coincide in some content in Full HD: according to our tests, the quality provided by Amazon in them is higher

In this sense, I have been doing tests comparing content available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which They are the platforms that offer higher quality than those that have a lot of content from different production companies (HBO, unfortunately, cannot be taken into account for this), and I have observed that Prime Video is better in Full HD compared to what the numbers said, thanks to the fact that it broadcasts all its contents in HEVC / H.265, opposite to Netflix, which below 4K broadcasts in the old H.264, a less efficient format and which, at the same bitrate, offers less quality.

H.264 vs H.265: what the theory says

H.264 is a high compression codec that began to be developed in 2003 and whose last version dates from June 2004. It has been key in the success of high definition, because thanks to its compression and quality over MPEG-2, the codec used in DVD has allowed Blu-Ray and quality mass streaming video to exist.

But like everything, it ends up becoming relatively obsolete, and for 4K video a new codec was needed, the H.265 or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). H.265 has been associated with that resolution since the arrival of the first 4K TVs (actually since the first generation of really prepared, because there was no content before), and is the format used in 4K Blu-Ray.

Why? The first reason is simple: it allows the space occupied by files of similar quality to be cut in half thanks to better compression algorithms. At equal bitrate or bitrate, video quality in H.265 is much better than in old H.264, and the artifacts are much less obvious.

With a lower bitrate, as we said, occupying less, H.265 is also better up to a certain ratio. It is ideal for 4K because, despite carrying frames four times larger than those of Full HD, with bitrates such as 15-25 Mbps, an image quality is obtained that without being that of a physical disk, is absolutely enjoyable on Netflix, and on all on Disney + and Apple TV +. Although looking ahead there is already a new codec war, it is important to mention that H.265 is more than ready for 8K and high frame rates.

Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix: What Happens in Practice

As I said at the beginning, I have been able to perform tests with an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and with an LG OLED C9 TV, both in the Fire applications and in the native ones on TV. Thanks to an Amazon developer tool, when watching video b (and HDR type etc).

With this tool I have been able to verify that even old series such as ‘Stargate SG-1’, present on Amazon without even 720p resolution (640 x 360), are encoded in HEVC / H.265, as seen in the codec section of the information that the Fire Stick 4K gives. On Netflix, on the other hand, everything that I have been able to test below 4K video is encoded in H.264 / AVC.

Above, using H.265 they look splendid and in 4K they beat Amazon thanks to their Dolby Vision. Perhaps with other devices there is better support, but in the many in which I have tried (also with PC and Mac laptops, and in summer with the Apple TV 4K) they tell me that reality is as I describe it.

To see what differences there are in practice, I have compared 1080p content found on both platforms, like the film series ‘Oceans’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘V for Vendetta’, among others like ‘Friends’, and in my opinion, the differences are very palpable, especially when viewed on televisions Large 4K.

Prime Video apps are worse, but picture quality can make up for it. The Harry Potter saga, for example, on Amazon is in 4K HDR, while on Netflix it is only in Full HD.

Netflix boasts of its compression and achieves wonders, but the truth is that with H.264 it cannot approach what Amazon achieves with H.265 in FullHD video. It is something very evident in dark scenes, or in bright ones where there are dim areas. There, the naturalness and texture of skins in low bitrates like the ones we talked about on Prime and Netflix (4-6 mbps) is conspicuous by its absence in complicated scenes on Netflix, and it holds up surprisingly well on Prime.

It shows in sharpness, but also in artifacts. With this bitrate you can never expect wonders, but where Prime Video sometimes gives you a homogeneous and fixed image in terms of color and texture continuity, Netflix gives you a video full of moving artifacts. The difference becomes dramatic in fine detail. When there is a very intense solid color reflecting off one face of the skin, for example, Prime has a hard time showing detail, for example, but on Netflix it gets to wash off completely. Let’s see concrete examples. It is a pity that due to DRM issues we cannot take screenshots, so I have chosen to take photos of the screen trying to show the differences that I saw.

Netflix compression on the Full HD content we have analyzed destroys film-grain detail and introduces artifacts that Prime Video solves much better.

The first example is from ‘Aquaman’. First we will see the photo I took on TV playing the Amazon Prime Video version and then the Netflix version. Beyond the variables that you introduce that both photos do not come out the same, andIn the case of Amazon, I see that the wrinkles on the skin are more outlined, and the skin in general has more texture. In addition, in the beard you can see that Amazon retains the detail much better when compressing. In motion, the differences are more noticeable. For those who want to do the test, this is the scene where Aquaman is with his father at the bar.

In the next scene, I have captured George Clooney’s face at the beginning of ‘Oceans 11’. Without perhaps being so dramatic the difference, because for me in the first example it is, in the cheekbone that is to the left of the nose, in Amazon Prime Video I see that the pores of the skin are clearly shown, while on Netflix, although the detail is not bad, the image comes loaded with an amalgam of artifacts I repeat, in person and in motion they are better appreciated.

In other examples of the film it is still appreciated. On this shadowed wall, in the case of Amazon Prime Video, classic film grain is seen alongside the lines on the wall, while In Netflix, in addition to not being able to appreciate the detail or the separation between the different tiles, the grain is destroyed by artifacts.

Yet another example where is clearly visible in the letters at the bottom of the poster and in the shadow detail behind the columns.

In scenes where the camera puts the emphasis on letters on a plain background, like the one we see below, it is also perfectly observed that the text on Amazon is cleaner and more detailed (despite the fact that the photo is not good), while in Netflix the detail is smoother and text is surrounded by compression artifacts. Perhaps the Amazon shot is not appreciated too well, due to the effects of the screen that the camera captures, but the Netflix problem is perfectly observed.

In the last comparison we have made, in the first chapter of ‘Friends’, there is also much more grain in the Amazon Prime Video image than the Netflix image. We may not like the film grain, but the reality is that the Blu-Ray from which the videos of both platforms are extracted contains that grain and is how the series was recorded, so it reflects reality much better. We can see it both in the face and in the yellow jacket and in the blue garment.

Since I first saw Friends in high definition, which was on Netflix, i thought the image contained a lot of artifacts on the faces and they were heavily washed, at once. Phoebe’s face is the perfect example to realize this.

In summary, it would be appreciated if Netflix could encode all its contents again to offer them in H.265 or in more modern codecs such as AV1 or H.266, because in movies and series from a few years ago and today it offers a lower image quality. And it is not a trivial topic. During the quarantine, many people complained about Netflix’s image quality outside of 4K, and we already know that it was not because it was not 4K, but because at an already limited quality, they applied large bitrate reductions, which weighed down greatly the experience.

If the content is 4K, no problemThere, those of Reed Hastings do it very well and offer Dolby Vision where Amazon only offers, in general, HDR10.


F1 23: Change resolution, ray tracing and brightness

Where can you actually change the resolution or deactivate ray tracing in the new F1 23? Where can you find the graphics settings with which you can change the “standard graphics settings”? This may be what one or two players have asked in the last few days who have bought the new F1 offshoot from Electronic Arts. In this short guide we show where you can find the graphics settings and, in addition to the screen resolution, also adjust the screen brightness and deactivate or activate ray tracing.

F1 23: Change graphics settings

In F1 23 the menu navigation hasn’t changed much compared to its predecessors. You can find the settings in the main menu but also in the pause menu. In the PC version you can make the usual adjustments to the graphics under the graphics settings. In the graphics settings you will find, among other things, the settings for brightness and gamma adjustment but also for additional graphics features such as ray tracing. In addition to the option of completely deactivating ray tracing, you can also set and switch off individual ray tracing features such as shadows or mirrors and ambient occlusion separately.

  1. Go to the settings in the main menu and open the graphics settings.
  2. In the graphics settings you can now change various graphics options and, for example, adjust ray tracing or the graphics quality.
  3. In the “Video mode” submenu you can set the resolution, maximum FPS or anti-aliasing.

To change the resolution, you have to open the “Video mode” sub-item in the graphics settings. Under the video mode you will find the setting for the resolution but also other useful settings such as the screen mode (full screen, window), the refresh rate and frame rate limit, anti-aliasing and more. By the way, the frame rate limit setting is often the cause when F1 23 only runs at 60 FPS instead of 144 FPS (or more). In this case you have to remove the FPS limit and/or set the FPS maximum to the desired FPS number.

Are there actually cheats for F1 23 that you can use to cheat in career mode?


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Find 5 ‘Real’ Bunkers (Mission 13 Bunker Buster Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
“delighted” with some really difficult missions that will demand everything from you. One of these is Mission 13: Bunker Buster — in this mission you are stripped of your special weapons and instead must use a strange new targeting module to direct bombs into tiny missile launch silos. Some of them are fake, others are real, random. And to make sure this doesn’t become too easy, you’ll have to dodge missiles that are being fired at you and successfully complete the mission within a very limited time.

However, there is a trick that will make this mission quick and easy to complete and will help you if you want to quickly destroy all five missile silos so that the extremely powerful named Ace Pilot appears on the map. The bunkers are random, which is why the “real” bunkers will be in different locations every time you restart. You can’t identify them from the ground, only bomb them. Here are some tips that will make this task easier.

How to find 5 ‘true’ bunkers | Mission 13 Bunker Buster Guide

In Mission 13: Bunker Buster you are forced to use a strange targeting module to control bombers in the sky. You’ll drop Bunker Busters on missile silos – but some of those silos aren’t real. If you want to complete the game 100%, you must complete the first phase before the timer
falls below 4:00
. If they destroy the real bunkers quickly, an Ace Pilot will appear.

  • The “true” bunkers will randomly be in different locations each time you load the mission. But they stay in the same places when you try again. If you retry the mission from the beginning, the “true” bunker locations will be unchanged.
  • To speed up the hunt for the real bunkers, you should simply destroy all the bunkers and remember where the real bunkers are. Then try again and only destroy the real bunkers to complete the first phase of this mission very quickly.
  • Aiming with the aiming module is not that easy. Align the center of the circle with the silo before activating the special weapon – it is very difficult to aim once you have activated it. It’s better to get a perfect shot from high in the sky and slow down. A long line on your red circle will shrink. When it reaches the ground, the bomb will land.
  • Your aiming grid for your special weapon has two circles. If the missile silo you are targeting is in the inner circle (red), the silo will be destroyed in a single hit. If you don’t aim accurately and the silo is hit while it’s in the outer circle, one of two results will happen – it’s a fake silo or it’s a real one and a missile will appear.
    • You have to fly high up and shoot into the opened missile silo to hit the missile. If you destroy the missile, the entire facility will be destroyed.

The real challenge in this mission is to get the Ace out of the sky. To successfully destroy the Ace, you must complete the first phase of the mission in a few minutes, then knock the Ace out of the sky before it escapes, and then destroy the Intermediate-Range Missile (IRBM) before it leaves the map. Choose the fastest fighter plane and equip it with parts that increase its speed. The MiG-31 and F-22 are good choices. You should also equip your machine with parts that improve the missiles – anything that improves strength, speed, targeting and range will be helpful here.

After completing the first phase, immediately turn and chase after the Ace. Once you lock on this target, you must fire immediately – there is no time or room for error. You must destroy the enemy fighter plane with a single volley of missiles. Then turn again. If you take too long to knock the flying ace out of the sky, you won’t be able to destroy the IRBM in time.

Fire your missiles once you have the target in sight. While you are tracking the Ace, you should aim your machine gun a little in front of this plane to deal a little extra damage. Make sure this enemy is taken care of, then do a high-G turn to chase after the IRBM at top speed. Just before you reach her, she will have accelerated to her top speed. Fire two volleys of missiles at the medium-range missile to destroy it. If you manage to destroy the first IRBM, the rest is a piece of cake. You will have plenty of time to take out the remaining targets. Ignore the enemy fighter planes – don’t be distracted.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Get S Rank in Every Mission (Easy Rank Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Spawn All 24 Aces (‘Bird of Prey’ Guide)


NBA 2K24: Debut of an unreleased 88rising album

Image: 2K

Expect an unreleased 88rising album to debut in NBA 2K24 ahead of global launch.

2K announced that the new, as yet unreleased 88rising project from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE will be available in NBA 2K24 ahead of the album’s official release on February 9th.

NBA 2K24 players will be among the first to hear the upcoming album’s new genre mix, titled hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥) ✧ ♡ ‧º·˚, more than two weeks before launch the global streaming platforms.

“We’re excited to bring 88rising’s unreleased music to our fans before everyone else gets to experience the songs,” said David Kelley, Director of Partnerships and Licensing at 2K. “The soundtrack has become a platform for discovering new songs and artists, including some of the world’s most prominent stars as well as up-and-coming musicians who choose to release their latest work in-game first and foremost.”

Members of the NBA 2K24 community can groove to 13 songs from WRITE THE FUTURE’s 1999 new album, as well as two additional exclusive yet-to-be-released tracks:

  • “rUN tHE FaDE” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Eyedress
  • “SPIKY BOiz” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Ghostface Killah, Rich Brian, Smino, Surprise Chef
  • “STEAKFACe**” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Phum Viphurit, Masiwei
  • “silence STArEs me down” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Cuco, Rich Brian
  • “L’Eggo MY EGO” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Rook Monroe
  • “VOoDOo BOogie” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Tiger JK, yoonmirae
  • “LiGhT rAiLs” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Rick Ross, Rich Brian
  • “LONG in the tOOth” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, De La Soul, Warren Hue (feat. Pos of De La Soul)
  • “MiNt cHoCoLaTe” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, BADBADNOTGOOD, Westside Gunn (feat. Conway the Machine)
  • “a LEAp in tIME” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Dan The Automator, Del The Funky Homosapien
  • “SLOPES” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Offset, Warren Hue
  • “WOWoW!” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, MILLI, Warren Hue
  • “COuGhDrOPs” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Cuco, Warren Hue
  • “FIJI” from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, Warren Hue
  • WAITING ON YOU from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, SF4AM, Rook Monroe

You can listen to the complete NBA 2K24 soundtrack playlist on Spotify. NBA 2K24 is available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: Water dried flowers

Where can you find the dried flowers in Dreamlight Valley? What exactly is meant by dried flowers and what do the plants look like? Over the past few days, this may have been the question asked by one or other player who was given the task of watering a few dried flowers in Dreamlight Valley. We have created a short guide in this article to find out what it is all about and how you can complete the task.

Where can you find dried flowers for the task?

“Water 2 dried flowers” ​​does not mean the dried plants in your own field that you planted yourself and then simply didn’t water with the watering can, but the dried flowers mean the flowers that happen to be growing in the areas. In all areas you will not only find flowers in potted condition, but there are also some dried flowers. The dry flowers can be easily recognized by their black/dark color and the flowers spawn randomly in all areas, similar to the “normal flowers”. In the linked screenshot you can clearly see what a dried flower looks like in Dreamlight Valley. When you water the flower, it immediately changes color.

If you can’t find any dried flowers, then it may be due to the water because when it rains the dried flowers are automatically watered, or because there are no free slots for the flower spawn. In this case, you should simply pick other flowers in the area, wait a bit and then search again. Unfortunately, you cannot change the weather in the game at the push of a button.

Can you actually plant and grow flowers in Dreamlight Valley?


F1 23 Adjust HUD and OSD: Turn off Halo

How to open the OSD customization and adjust the HUD in the new F1 23? Is there a setting in the current F1 offshoot that allows you to turn off and hide the halo? This may be what one or two players have asked over the past few days who have bought the new F1 23 for the PC, PS5 or Xbox Series. Similar to its predecessors, you can of course also adjust the so-called OSD or on-screen display in F1 23 and move the individual HUD elements as desired, enlarge and reduce them or even hide them completely.

Adjust HUD and open OSD adjustment

  1. Open the menu during the race and call up the settings.
  2. Under the “Screen display” you will find the OSD adjustment at the top.
  3. In the next menu, all OSD displays are displayed, which you can now select with the rear shoulder buttons, move with the left analog stick and also hide completely. To do this, select the element, press the X button (PlayStation) or the A button (Xbox) and then select “Hidden – Yes/On”. You can also adjust the opacity and scale (size).
  4. Finally, confirm the changes and the individual OSD and HUD should be displayed, which can of course be changed again at any time.

The OSD display and HUD can be set separately for different camera positions and even for training, qualifying and racing.

Turn off Halo

  1. Open the menu during the race and call up the settings.
  2. Under the “Camera adjustment” you will find an option for the “Halo roll bar” at the bottom, which you can activate or deactivate and thus switch off the halo bar.

Adjusting OSD is not possible?

If the OSD cannot be adjusted and the OSD adjustment setting is grayed out, then it is because you opened the setting from the main menu. As in the previous F1 parts, you can only adjust the OSD during the race.


Fortnite: 19-year-old travels 6,500 kilometers for $4 million tournament; Epic disqualifies him before the start and deports him

The Bucke pro had a very unfortunate Friday the 13th. He flew 4,000 miles from Detroit to participate in a major tournament in Copenhagen, but was disqualified before the start of the 2023 FNCS Global Championship tournament and had to return to the United States from Denmark. Afterwards, he admitted that he had made a mistake.

He 2023 FNCS Global Championship tournament which took place from October 13 to 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a important event in the world and it resembles a world championship. Unlike most FNCS tournaments that are played online, this event takes place in person. This is a duos tournament in which 50 teams compete, each made up of 2 players from different parts of the world. The total prize amounted to approximately $4 million.

A duo from North America won a cash prize of $1 million.

The tournament was won by the duo of Cooper from the United States and Mero from Canada, who took first place and a cash prize of $1 million. On the other hand, German player Cheatiin came in fourth place and received his share of the $300,000 prize, which he shared with his duet partner.

A 19-year-old is disqualified before the start of the tournament and ordered to board a direct flight.

The unlucky one was 19-year-old American professional and content creator Logan “Bucke” Eschenburg. He is a player of established that, to date, he had won $247,000 in prizes, most of which he obtained when he was still a minor. However, in 2022 and 2023, she had only won a little over $7,000 in prize money (according to esportsearning).

Bucke, who resides in Detroit, flew 6,500 kilometers to Copenhagen with the intention of competing in the tournament with his teammate Okis. However, He was disqualified before the tournament began and Epic Games sent him back home on a direct flight.

On Twitter, he initially made a joke that he had been disqualified because he looked “too fast” during the warm-up, but his sense of humor quickly disappeared.

Epic Games had banned him for violating the rule in Paragraph 8which primarily refers to violations of the impeccable behavior expected of a professional.

The pro said he had made a mistake and was therefore banned

The exact reason for his ban is not entirely clear. Initially, the player thought he had been disqualified because he had adjusted the “digital vibrance” settings on his PC. He communicated this change to a Blast employee and requested that the banned setting be reverted (via Twitter). However, it seems that the disqualification was not due to this.

The player has not questioned the reasons for his disqualification

Neither Epic Games nor the 19-year-old player himself have specified the true reason for his disqualification, but the strongest hypothesis suggests that the player held a bottle of vodka, smoked and made controversial statements about the laws of Denmark in a broadcast that took place during his stay at the event.

In any case, Bucke had to immediately leave the country and return to the United Statessince, by not being able to participate in the tournament, his work visa was no longer valid.

The professional apologized on Twitter to everyone and admitted that he made a mistake. He said he felt especially bad for his partner Okis. In any case, it seems that he is not disputing that the disqualification was fair.

In a later Twitch stream, he watched as the pros headed to the tournament and felt terrible when his partner Okis took the stage alone.

Yes, there was another team that was disqualified.

Epic Games also banned Australian players Jace and Repulse, who had qualified for the tournament in Copenhagen.

An accusation is circulating that Repulse sold his account to a known cheater, and that this cheater then competed with Jace and won a tournament.

It is true that the reasons for the ban have not been officially communicated: neither Epic Games nor the disqualified players have shared the reasons for the ban. The players claim they were not given a specific reason for their disqualification.

Repulse, in particular, seems to be very dissatisfied with his ban. He alleges that Epic Games is trolling him and that he doesn’t understand why he was disqualified.

Some people are urging Epic Games to clarify the reasons behind the bans.


Pokémon Horizons: Impressive 3D advertising draws attention to the start of the anime

Pokémon Horizons will finally be launching in Germany in February. You can follow the first season without Ash Ketchum on TOGGO. The Pokémon Company is drawing attention to the anime launch with, among other things, an impressive 3D advertisement at Piccadilly Circus in London.

These 3D billboards are primarily known from Japan, where Final Fantasy VII Remake, Pokémon GO and Final Fantasy XVI, among others, have already been advertised in this way. But Square Enix also advertised Forspoken in Times Square in New York. This plays with the illusion of 3D models that stand out from advertising.

In the case of Pokémon Horizons, it looks as if Captain Friedel’s airship barely comes to a stop in a huge garage. Piccadilly Circus is a busy, massive intersection and public square in London’s West End. The Pokémon Company has a video of it shared on Twitter. You can also watch the video on Tiktok.

This week the broadcast of Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys ends and with it the adventure of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. Pokémon Horizons then focuses on the characters Liko and Rory. While Ash is no longer there, Pikachu is of course still taking place in a different form.

Images: Pokémon anime, The Pokémon Company


The latest version of MIUI 14 brings a great novelty for Xiaomi: it allows you to force 120 Hz in all apps

It has now become a standard in the mobile industry that most mid-range and high-end smartphones have a t90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate on their screens, and even more, with the exception of some that strangely lag behind at 60 Hz. But sometimes, some applications do not exceed 60 Hz in their refresh rate, something that can be frustrating if your mobile has a screen more fluid.

Xiaomi will have a solution for this problem. In the most recent version of MIUI 14, the company’s custom layer based on Android, the system includes a new function that allows force the refresh rate to 120 Hz in any application, in order to guarantee the greatest fluidity and the best user experience.

120 Hz on the screen, even by force

Many Xiaomi phones allow you to select the refresh rate of their screens in the device configuration menu, being able to choose between 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz on smartphones that have this feature in their technical sheet. But still, sometimes, some applications run at a maximum of 60 Hz, even when the smartphone screen has a faster refresh rate. This translates into less fluidity in the imageand in image flickers when there is a variation in the refresh rate between applications.

It is this problem that attacks the recent MIUI 14 update that is becoming available, first in China. The MIUI version in question is the V14.0.10.0.TLECNXM, as reported in GizmoChina. For now, the brand has only released it for the Xiaomi 12S Pro, and mentions the following in the changelog included in the version, as revealed by IT Home:

  • Update with Google security patches from August 2023, improves system security.
  • The mobile adds the function of customizing the screen refresh rate in specific applications.

According to images published by IT Home of the changes in the system, the mobile now allows you to select between a “standard” and a “high” refresh rate for force greater fluidity in own or third-party applications. In other words, if the Xiaomi mobile has a 120Hz screen, you can force those 120Hz in any application that, for some reason, does not exceed 60Hz. This can be configured from the MIUI settings menu.

This update still does not have a release date for the rest of the territories, but we hope to see it soon on all compatible Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi devices, while Xiaomi is working on what will be the launch of its next major operating system update, MIUI 15 .


Well, finally a normal office projector. Review of Acer X1228i with high resolution (budget and quiet!)


We came into our hands with perhaps one of the most reliable and convenient projectors for offices and small businesses in general from Acer, which I will be happy to talk about in this review.

Unlike projectors for the home, which are expected to enjoy ultra-high picture resolution and surround sound, the requirements for office projectors are often much more modest.

Main criteria for a good working projector these are:

to work for a long time

easy to set up

The fan was not too loud

took up little space

could be attached to the ceiling

The Acer X1228i projector meets all of the above, plus it shows a decent picture with a maximum diagonal of 300 inches and a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels.

With all its advantages, this “workhorse” costs reasonable money, and the lamp service life is 6000 hours in normal and 10,000 hours in economy mode.

Let’s take a closer look at the Acer X1228i from all sides.

Appearance, characteristics, connections

Device dimensions 313 x 240 x 113.7 mm. Looks compact.

The projector body is plastic, matte black. There are practically no fingerprints left. The front part is a radiator grille for cooling; next to it is a lens with a focus adjustment ring.

On the top you can find control buttons and settings for the projector. They are pressed with a clear click, slightly convex. Next to the buttons there are three LEDs indicating the operating status of the device, lamp and temperature. There is also a convenient ring for adjusting the zoom in and out of the visible area.

On the back there are ports for connecting external image sources:

● HDMI 1.4
● USB 2.0 (service)
● Composite video input (RCA)
● Component video input
● VGA input
● Audio line-in
● Audio line out

The presence of USB does not allow you to stream a video or presentation directly from a flash drive; it is needed for firmware updates and other service diagnostics. The Acer X1228i also supports wireless projection using the included dongle, which is stored in a special compartment on the case.

The complete dongle for wireless broadcasting is stored in the rear of the case.

The Acer X1228i is capable of working around the clock without overheating and is ready for use right out of the box. In addition to the power cable, the device comes with an HDMI and VGA cable.

The projector can also be controlled using a remote control, which is especially useful if the device is mounted under the ceiling.

This photo shows everything that the manufacturer put in the box with the projector.

During operation, the fan noise is at an acceptable level, not too loud. In eco mode, the volume does not exceed 27 dB. Based on personal impressions, I would like to note the quick turn on and off of the device, both processes take literally 5 seconds.

In addition, the projector itself determines the signal source if only one port is used. For sound output there are built-in speakers with a power 3 W.

In general, the Acer X1228i is well-built, the plastic is of high quality, and the body does not creak. The knobs and buttons are reliable, controlling and setting up the projector is easy and convenient.

Settings as shown

The lamp shines brightly, take care of your eyes and do not look directly into the lens.

The settings menu can be accessed using the button on the projector body, or by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. Next, you can adjust image parameters, including color saturation, brightness, contrast, and others. The menu is Russified, all items are clear.

From the interesting – Acer X1228i has support for 3D broadcasting; the menu has a corresponding section for setting up this mode.

The projection is bright and juicy, you can watch movies.

The device has support for XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) with aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9 and is capable of displaying images in resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels to a distance of 11.8 m.

The lamp brightness is 4800 ANSI-lumen, and contrast level 20,000:1.

The projector also supports many proprietary Acer technologies to improve picture quality and color reproduction. For example:

Acer BlueLightShield reduces eye strain by adjusting the peak value of blue light emission
Acer LumiSense adjusts brightness and saturation depending on the projected image
Acer ColorBoost3D provides accurate color reproduction and bright realistic image
Acer ColorSafe dynamically manages RGB channelspreventing the picture from fading

This is what the settings menu looks like:

In addition, the Acer X1228i can correct colors to avoid distortion when projected onto a painted wall.

In fact, you’re unlikely to fiddle with the settings manually because the projector adjusts itself automatically. Just plug it into the network and point it at a wall or screen: the Acer X1228i will align the trapezoid itself, and all you have to do is slightly tighten the focus ring for the clearest picture.

General impressions and verdict

Office top for your money.

The Acer X1228i is truly the best option for office use. It is unpretentious in maintenance, has automatic image adjustment, and operates quietly. At the same time, it shows a decent picture and will not require lamp replacement for many years, working 24/7.

This is one of those devices that is simply a pleasure to use due to its simplicity and reliability. If you want, show the presentation, if you want, you can turn on the film. For the money, the Acer X1228i is an excellent representative of the office equipment needed in the 21st century and will not let you down during important negotiations.

Today this projector can be bought from 50,000 rubles. For a high-tech device that will help make the right impression on colleagues and partners, this is an adequate price. Think about it, maybe your team is missing exactly this to make meetings more fruitful.

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erid: 2SDnjcmbjrG

📸 All photos in the article:


Hand in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Mayoi Signum

What do you need the Mayoi signum for? Where to exchange the Mayoi Signum in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? In the new Zelda TotK you’ll often find items and other objects that you can’t immediately do anything with. In addition to the will-o’-the-wisps, this probably also includes the Mayoi Signum for some players. In this short guide we show where you can get the item and what exactly you can do with it.

Finding Mayoi in Zelda TotK

Anyone who has already explored one or two caves in the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will certainly have already met a Mayoi. The Mayois can be found in pretty much every cave and are easy to kill. If you are looking for the locations of the caves where you can find a Mayoi and thereby also get the Mayoi signa, we recommend taking a look at the linked interactive map from Search for Bubblefrog and you will be shown the locations of the caves where you can find the cave creature.

The frog-like creature can be killed relatively easily and thereby receives a so-called Mayoi signum. The description says “This faint blue shimmering object was left behind by the mysterious cave creature Mayoi. The sight of it entices you to collect more.” Unfortunately, the description doesn’t really say what the Mayoi Signum can be used for or exchanged for. Since it is not an ingredient for a dish or cooking, you have to be able to exchange it somewhere.

Exchange and hand in Mayoi Signum

The Mayoi Signum can be exchanged with a specific NPC and they are Kilton and Koltin. The two can be found along with their balloon northeast of the Forest Stable across Lake Minsh. You then have to talk to them in front of the entrance to the cave at Lake Minsh and this starts the “Find the Mayoi Signum” quest. Next you have to get the Mayoi Signum from the cave and receive a Bokblin Mask from Kilton.

This completes the quest and starts the follow-up quest “Where is Koltin”. Like Maronus with the Krog seeds, Kilton also changes his position. After you have handed in the first Mayoi Signum to him, you can find him south of the scout post, where you can then exchange the other Mayoi Signa you have collected for various items. It is important that you can only find Koltin at night at the location shown in the screenshot.

The following items can be obtained from Koltin in exchange for the Mayoi Signa

Object Mayoi Signa
Bokoblin mask 1
Moblin mask 2
Hinox toenail (3x) 2
Ghost robe 3
.. ..


A macro operation for food fraud in Spain involves 67,000 liters of oil and 48,000 kilos of hams and sausages

The Civil Guard has seized thousands of kilos of meat products such as sausages and hams, fish and seafood, and thousands of liters of oil within the framework of an international macro-operation against food fraud. The agents have already arrested 13 people and another 87 are being investigated, while more than 2,000 inspections have already been carried out in distribution centers, warehouses, means of transport, ports and airports in the national territory.


Among the criminal infractions, as explained by the Civil Guard this Wednesday in a statement, there are several ‘modus operandi’ that range from the falsification of documents for the importation of deficient products or those that do not comply with the legal requirements existing in Spain, to the falsification of stamped effects or seals of the containers themselves. In addition, SEPRONA has detected up to 1,294 administrative violations.

More than 2,000 inspections throughout Spain

Numerous operations have been carried out in our territory. The points where these fraudulent products have been found so far are:

  • Albacete. SEPRONA has managed to clarify a crime of document falsification and three people and two companies have been investigated. They exported grape derivatives and concentrated grape juice to South Africa, products that were actually invert sugar, which managed to multiply their price. selling. More than a million kilos of this sugar have been immobilized.
  • Seville. The Civil Guard is investigating two people for crimes against public health, document falsification and fraud; they sold hams without traceability, without seals and manipulating the expiration date. Specifically, 48 thousand kilos of hams and sausages have been seized, as well as another three thousand pieces.
  • Saragossa. The Zaragoza Command is also investigating another criminal group for marketing expired products, specifically these are products of both meat and fish and seafood origin, which did not have the required authorizations and had falsified labels. In total, eight people have been arrested and 48 are under investigation. In addition, 25,000 kilos of food products have been destroyed.
  • Badajoz. Here, SEPRONA has proceeded to dismantle an organized group that was dedicated to the fraudulent marketing of olive oil in Andalusia and Extremadura, investigating a total of nine people for crimes against public health and seizing 67,000 liters of oil.
  • Alicante and Murcia. The last of the operations in our country has taken place in several livestock farms located in Alicante and Murcia for falsifying documents, against public health, simulation of a crime and reception, for which nine people have been investigated and 305 sheep and cattle have been immobilized. goats.

Arrests and searches across Europe

During the operation, a total of 25 countries have participated, 18 of which are member states of the European Union and seven are European, and between all of them, up to 143 arrest warrants have been issued and 168 searches have been carried out. In addition, a total of 119 people have been reported and six criminal organizations have been dismantled.

All this with the support of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the Directorate General of Health and Food Safety of the European Commission (DG SANTE), the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission (DG AGRI ) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as national food regulatory authorities and private sector partners.


WoW Classic | The Top WoW Healers

World of Warcraft: The Best WoW Classic Healers

Nothing heals me like you do!

Like it or not, healers are essential and no team can survive long without a good one. Though not as popular nor as celebrated as melee classes, healers can be fun to play too. After all, it lets you zoom in and out of the action while giving you a chance to sort of be a “bystander” as far as the danger goes. Think of it as being the wind beneath the frontliner’s wings. Without your invaluable help, they’d perish sooner rather than later—or not at all if you’re good at your job! And when the time comes to reap precious WoW Classic gold arrives, you’re often one of those to get first dibs. How cool is that?

Here’s a look at some of the best healer classes in World of Warcraft Classic.


Holy Be Thy Priest

Perhaps no other class shines as bright as the Holy Priest in PvP situations. After all, they provide the most significant healing. When you dissect its healing prowess, you’ll realize that the Holy Priest’s value skyrockets even further because it can provide healing to both single ally and small group targets. On top of that, they are versatile enough to bring just a little bit of everything to the table. During tight matches, even the smallest edge can give you a leg up on the competition. And did we mention that Holy Priests also give you the added boon of increasing the spirit and stamina of allies? ‘Nuff said!

Runner-Up: The Holy Paladin

While it can even be argued that it can be the best healer, the Holy Paladin secures the second-best spot for us. Sure, their healing skills are exceptional, but the fat of the matter is that they aren’t able to deploy this skill en masse—which can be a deal-breaker given certain scenarios.


Here Comes Your Shaman

Restoration Shamans are pretty much right up there with Holy Paladins when it comes to healing. But the thing about them is that they shine most in PvE scenarios. Sure, their spells aren’t as considerable as Priests, but given that they are excellent in providing support, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t seriously consider them. With the aid of totems, Shamans can turn the tides of battle in favor of the Horde.

Runner-Up: Restoration Druid

We know. A lot of people consider the Restoration Druid to be among the weakest in the game, but hear us out. When push comes to shove, they still provide a decent amount of healing. Cap that off with the great support that they offer and you could very well have something special in your hands. Though you may not feel the effects of their spells in one go, they can make their mark over time. That, in our eyes, can make a big difference!


Whether you’re doing PvP, PvP, questing, dungeoning, or raiding, you’d do well to choose a healing class that suits both your needs and specific play style. The bottom line, no matter which angle you look at it from, is that “best” is always a subjective matter. People will always have their own personal views and biases regarding the builds that they play. In the end, what matters is that you get to optimize your adventures, earn lots of gold, and collect even more WoW Classic items using the healer class of your choice. We each have to walk our own paths after all. Hopefully, we’ve given you some things to think about.

What do you think of our list? Do you think we might have missed something? Let us know by dropping a comment below!


Bullit Group, Maker Of Cat Smartphones, Bankrupt

Bullit Group is a manufacturer that mainly marketed rugged smartphones for years. Bullit Group launched products under brand names such as Caterpillar, Motorola and even Land Rover. However, the manufacturer is now Bankrupt, putting an end to the Cat series.

Last year, Bullit Group launched the Cat S75 and the Motorola Defy, among others. Both products can connect to the satellite network, so you can be reached even in the most remote places. However, Bullit Group employees now announce on LinkedIn that they have been fired and that bankruptcy has been filed. It is unclear how this will affect people who have subscribed to the company’s satellite service and whether software updates for the Cat smartphones will continue to be rolled out.

We expect that Bullit Group will soon inform its customers about the bankruptcy and also let them know what consequences this has for the manufacturer’s products and services.

via (SamaGame)


Deal : Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version

Table of contents

  • Fast facts
  • The program in detail

Fast Facts about Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version

  • Compatible operating systems: Windows
  • Program type: trial version
  • Language: German English
  • Manufacturer: Ashampoo
  • Category: Graphics & Photo / Recover Deleted Photos

Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version in Detail

Whether you have accidentally deleted pictures, your camera or smartphone memory card is defective, or a USB flash drive has been formatted, in such a situation, “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2” for Windows may be able to help you rescue “priceless” photos. You don’t need any special knowledge for this, because using the photo recovery software “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2”, which you can download as a free full version from SamaGame, is easy. This allows you to specifically search for deleted file formats. To do this, simply select the data storage medium (hard drive, SD card, USB stick) on which you want to search for images. By default, the “Undeleter” scans for common graphic formats such as JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF. Optionally, you can also only search for RAW files, for example. But “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2” can do even more and also searches PDFs, EXE files or Office documents for images using the “File” option. Practical: The free software does not list cryptic file names in the search results like many comparable programs, but instead shows you the photos it finds as thumbnails. How to easily select the images you want to recover. However, when rescuing accidentally deleted files, keep in mind that the success rate decreases the more files are saved on a drive.

Search specifically for selected file formats

On large drives, locating missing images can take a while. Therefore, you have the option to narrow down your search with “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2”. The rescue tool distinguishes between four different categories of image files: “Typical photo and Internet formats” such as JPG, TIF or GIF, “RAW formats” from digital cameras, “Modern photo formats” such as HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) or WEBP and “rare graphic formats” such as PSD, PCX, APCDOC or TGA. Another filter for the search process is the file size. You can also exclude image files that are smaller and/or larger than a specified file size or that are below a specified pixel size.