WhatsApp: That’s why the calendar emoji shows February 24th

The messenger WhatsApp is full of little secrets. One such example is the calendar emoji. This shows February 24th. At least they should know what it’s all about. Because the date does not seem to have been chosen at random. February 24th is the birthday of WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, who has been immortalized in the app in this way.

Koum developed WhatsApp in 2009, but sold the app to the Facebook Group (now Meta) in 2014. However, he continued to develop Messenger for a few years before leaving Facebook in 2018.

By the way, the WhatsApp emojis hold even more secrets. For example, did you know what happens if you send a single emoji and put a star next to it or what makes the red heart a unique emoji in Messenger? No? We will tell you the answer in the linked articles.

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Switch: Test loading times – MicroSD vs cards and internal memory

With only 32 GB of flash memory, we can say that storage – or its capacity – was not Nintendo’s priority when designing the Switch. However, the system arrived with a MicroSD input, allowing cards up to 2TB. But in an era of increasing loading times, we wonder: does the choice of MicroSD affect loading times? And how does your performance compare to internal storage and even cartridges? The results may surprise you.

If you want to invest in eShop purchases, sooner or later you will need a MicroSD. There are only 25.9GB available to users, space that will quickly be filled; a game like Zelda: Breath of the Wild occupies 13GB without updates, and Nintendo offers Switch developers cartridges with a maximum of 32GB. Unless you buy only physical games, you will need more storage space.

According to the Japanese website, Switch supports UHS-1 cards, which in theory gives us speeds up to 104MB / s. To test this, we bought a 16GB Sandisk Ultra, a UHS-1 card that offers transfers up to 80MB / s. It is probably not the card you would buy (we only bought to transfer files before the SDXC update arrives), but it is a cheap SDHC card – format that does not exceed 32GB. However, give us an example of the Switch’s support for UHS-1 speeds.

On the other hand, we chose a € 50 SanDisk Extreme Plus, a 64GB SDXC card, designed to read and write 4K video and rated as one of the fastest MicroSDs on the market. You need to update your Switch to be compatible with these cards but once it is updated, the console can even accept cards with 2TB, but at the moment 256GB was the largest we could find. This Extreme Plus is in a faster UHS-3 flash category, with 90MB / s read and 60MB / s write. These top speeds are not supported by the Switch but a better performance than a UHS1 SanDisk Ultra is to be expected – at least in theory.

Games that use a lot of data are still scarce, so The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the main target of tests for load times, and the results are fascinating. Look at a Switch cartridge and you will see many pins, suggesting an interface capable of very fast transfers. With our Extreme Plus MicroSD, we believe it would be the winner. However, the results are dramatically conclusive – it’s the Switch’s 32GB internal memory that is the system’s fastest storage interface.

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The first test was near the Temple of Time, an area full of goods to carry. We measure loading times by capturing the loading process in the game, cutting each loading to the exact frame – where in this case the internal storage of the console takes just 30 seconds before you start playing. It’s a long wait, but 14% faster than the cartridge, minus 5 seconds. It even hits the 34 seconds achieved by the two MicroSDs, including the 64GB model. Another curious point is that both MicroSDs are mere seconds from each other.

This happens in more cases. We loaded another complex area, like the Kakariko Village, and Switch’s internal storage came in first again. The 16GB MicroSD is always second, the 64GB MicroSD is third, and then Zelda in the cartridge always last. Whether in the giant tower in Greath Plateau or in a small shrine with a much shorter load time, Switch’s internal memory always wins in load times.

The same is true for areas with smaller data in terms of geometry and textures; Owa Daim Shrine is like many others, it takes about 10 seconds to load regardless of where the game is installed. However, the internal storage expires for a second. Loading a recorded game is one thing, but what about instant journeys between towers and shrines? It is a crucial part of the game’s design considering its scale, large enough to be divided by regions. Opening the map and traveling instantly again takes 27 seconds from internal storage to take us to the tower on the Great Plateau. 5 seconds less than in the cartridge, it takes 32 seconds, and the MicroSDs, which are in the middle of the other two. Basically, on the instant trip you have the same speed difference as when loading a save.

It’s a solid victory for Switch’s internal storage. These results appear several times but were not expected, considering that this NAND partition is fixed and is not expandable. You only have 32GB but at least Nintendo has ensured that the connection with the chipset reaches decent speeds. Less impressive is the fact that the cartridges are always behind. At worst we have a difference of 5 seconds in Zelda, we wonder how in the future games with the Skyrim scale can be affected.

Zelda / Switch Charging Times Card Internal memory Sandisk 16GB Ultra UHS-1 Sandisk 64GB Extreme Plus UHS-3
Temple of Time (Initial load) 35.7 30.7 34.1 34.4
Kakariko Village (Initial load) 27.0 24.1 26.3 26.6
Owa Daim Shrine (Initial load) 9.5 8.7 9.3 9.3
Great Plateau Tower (Travel) 32.6 27.7 30.9 31.2
Dueling Peaks Tower (Travel) 20.5 18.8 19.8 20.1
Shrine of Resurrection (Travel) 24.2 21.8 23.0 23.8

We also have to talk about the speeds of SD cards. None of these Sandisk SDs go beyond console storage, which suggests a speed block. No matter what the bandwidth on the SD, whether 80MB / s on the 16GB model or 90MB / s on the 64GB model, Switch does not take advantage of any. As long as it is a UHS-1 at least, you get the same loading times, or slightly better, than a faster card.

In general, if you want to buy a MicroSD, we advise you to invest in a UHS-1 with the largest capacity you can. You can buy a 128GB for just € 42 and a 200GB for double that price. It is not the fastest method but you will have better speeds than in a cartridge, and with plenty of space for future downloads. But you need to be careful when buying a card.

First, if you have already downloaded games to the console’s memory, it is currently impossible to transfer those games to a MicroSD – a major flaw by Nintendo. As soon as you insert an SD, you have to download all data again to the new destination. It is strange that there is no copy function on the Switch, and for game data, everything you can do and delete. Alternatively, there is the option to archive, which also erases the data, but keeps an icon on the main screen with a link to download it again. It’s a bizarre system that doesn’t make sense, and we hope that Nintendo will add more ways to move games between different locations.

It is also worth saying that as soon as you install a MicroSD on the Switch, all games will be automatically downloaded to that location. Unlike the pictures, you cannot decide where the games are installed – another point that irritates after these results. Only when the SD card is full does the Switch begin to use the internal space. Imagine that you only want one game on the internal NAND memory – to enjoy faster loading times. In this case, you will have to remove the MicroSD first, install the game on NAND, and insert the SD again. It is strange and the warning remains.

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Nintendo Switch – MicroSD Recommendations:

  • Best value per space: Sandisk Ultra 200GB MicroSDXC UHS-1
  • Increased storage space: Samsung 256GB Evo MicroSDXC UHS-1
  • Best value for 128GB of space: Sandisk Ultra 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-1
  • Best overall value (€ per GB): Sandisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1

Fortunately, anyone who already uses a MicroSD but wants to purchase a model with more space does not need to download everything again. You can transfer data between the two MicroSDs using a PC. Game file names are displayed using long sets of numbers and letters, but you can get an idea of ​​what the game is by highlighting the folder, selecting properties and checking file sizes.

This way, you can simply drag the contents from one MicroSD to the other, all games will work on the new card – as long as you use it on the same Switch console. It is also very useful as it offers a way to save all your Switch data; SD cards can sometimes fail.

In terms of better performance, it is a shame that the fastest interface is internal storage – which cannot be improved. In addition, the potential for cutting load times is limited. Investing in a super expensive MicroSD will not improve loading times, but at least you won’t have any more penalties compared to cartridges.

If you want to increase the space on your Switch, the decision is easy. Taking into account the quantity of lower quality products and imitations, it is recommended to buy from a reputable and well-known brand. However, the biggest conclusion of these tests is that investing your money in capacity instead of faster speeds is the best option.


Age of Innovation: the people’s tier list!

Age of Innovation, the sequel to Terra Mystica (and which is almost better than Project Gaia), is a jewel of choice ! The most important of these choices, as much as the location of your first Workshop, is the choice of your people-land-round booster combination. Today we are interested in people and their respective strength.

The Age of Innovation Tier List

What is a Tier List?

Widely used in field of video games (in combat in particular), a tier list classifies the characters according to their strength, particularly in ultra-competitive contexts and between players of the same level. The classification is made from the letter S for the strongest then A, B, C, etc.


Establishing this kind of ranking does not necessarily mean that the game is unbalanced. Just like Terra Mystica and Project Gaia, the asymmetry of Age of Innovation allows us to identify people who are stronger than others. But it will be the use that the player makes that will be decisive. This remains a good guide for a beginner in choosing his people and seeing the combinations not to be missed.

The Too Strong

Frankly difficult to find game configurations that undermine people in this category: if it’s your first game it’s a problem First Pick !

The philosophers

The book is the news valuable resource from Age of Innovation. With its gain action of 1 book per turn and its ability to recover one more book on the skill tiles, you are easily guaranteed 11 more books: enough to easily ensure you 2 Innovation tiles (and 3 will be very accessible ) or the use of power actions from books! Ultra strong and unbeatable associated with the red terrain!

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The Illusionists

Pay one less power to use the board’s power actions: any Gaia player has already passed out reading this. What if I told you that we also give you 3 VPs for doing it? Crazy, right? The presence of the Illusionists in a game must lead the adversaries to adapt (do not give them power, take as many tiles as possible to counter them with power actions)…


A good way to counter the illusionist player is to stick psionics in his legs. You know the importance of having 4 powers available at the start of a round to take coins or cubes. Here the psionics have an action allowing you to gain 5 powers and play immediately: super useful as a first move!

The strong

Peoples who are good in all circumstances : you will never make a mistake in taking them.

The priestesses

Starting with 3 buildings is a nice advantage. Having 3 starting spots allows you to better adapt to opponents’ development choices. However, whether it is on Terra Mystica or Project Gaia, it is not enough. But here the building of more priestesses is a tower worth 2 powers and giving 2 coins and 2 powers of income: that changes the situation (and if you have the good idea to take the skill tile of the tower you go up to 4 coins and 4 income powers!)

The goblins

2 pieces for each shovel: yes, you read that right! These people border on being too strong. Indeed, even with an unbalanced economy in cubes we can get by in generating money otherwise ! For example, the 1 shovel 1 book booster becomes for you 1 shovel 1 book 2 coins! And there are many ways to take shovels in this game! A people who do not lack money (but who can be countered by opponents blocking shovel actions).


By building a city you will benefit from a shovel and a free house: potentially 12 cubes and 6 coins on a game. Not counting the time saving to get ahead of an opponent on a field or the possibility of chaining cities together on the turn where it counts. Watch out in the setup for the presence of the Palace tile offering a city tile or the Innovation tile scoring 5 VPs per city for a nice combo!

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Good under condition

These people can perform well but require having a good experience Game.

The blessed

The blessed offer a position of 3 more steps on the disciplines for winning end-of-round gifts. You will therefore have to carefully analyze whether the gift winnings are really interesting and stick to your climb to maximize these gifts. Played like this it’s very strong but the gifts must be very useful (watch out for shovels or scholars for example). Associated with the green field you start at 2 on each discipline: First pick in this config!

The inventors

A single word characterizes the inventors: flexibility ! Indeed, inventors start with a skill tile of their choice (the associated books and steps too), and with the associated income if this tile produces any. It’s really very nice and very strong but it requires carefully analyzing the game configuration in the crucial choice of the starting skill tile.


3 steps and 1 book after a town could be nice. But be careful your book boost can happen very late in the game depending on the scoring, at a time when it is no longer decisive. We can imagine taking the city tile offering 2 books and thus having boosts to 3 books, but it is a very coveted city tile so you will perhaps only do it once… Unless you start with the 1 step tile everywhere and therefore do a 5-step tour on the plateau. Look for the tour where the climbs score.


Much less strong than the previously mentioned peoples, here are the ideal peoples to play if you play against beginners to balance.

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2 points per house near water may seem strong, so yes but these are not only points ! And given the bonuses that help the development of other peoples, you will have a lot to do to launch your economy. You will try to associate the navigators with the booster which also presents 2 points per house along the river and why not in a round where we score the houses to do damage. If you can reproduce the mermaids of Terra Mystica with the blue terrain for the entry navigation and the palace tile making the cities with a river square it can be ___y.

The Moles

Moles are a bit like engineer-dwarves from Terra Mystica. By paying for a cube you will be able to cross a square to build, scoring 4 VPs. This can provide a big boost at the start of the game in your territory occupation but it consumes a lot of cubes which can be very tricky. Note the possibility of building bridges between lands to still be able to build your own towns.

The too weak

Even more than a challenge, forbidden for beginners !

The monks

Do you remember the great flexibility of Inventors? Here too you will start with a skill tile and the associated advantages. Yes, but you will only start with your University! Even if you necessarily place yourself last, there are many ways to go wrong completely or to be badly countered at the start of the game… In addition, the opponents will do everything not to upgrade their buildings near you so as not to give you power! Avoid unless you have a brilliant plan in mind!

The truth of Age of Innovation

Despite this Tier List, treat yourself in the choice of your people. There are so many other parameters to take into account in the initial setup. Particularly the association with the land! You can also see that I play a lot of red in the photos, I’ll tell you about the strengths of the pitches soon…


Solution : All Demon Slayer War Tycoon cheats to exchange gems, coins, souls and power-ups

Any anime-inspired Roblox game like Demon Slayer War Tycoon is great enough, but having these extra codes will make killing monsters and building bases extra fun.

Developed by SAND4 Tycoon, Demon Slayer War Tycoon is based on the popular manga and anime of the same name – allowing you to summon and cultivate heroes as you create a base and defeat demons to save the world.

By also using the codes in-game, you will receive additional rewards that will give you an extra advantage while playing.

All working codes

Code Prize
FIVEK2LIKE2 4000 gems
THANK YOU 3000 gems
THANKS 2000 gems
Demon 1000 coins and 1000 souls
tamer 5-minute soul boost, 5-minute coin boost
SIMILAR GAME 1000 gems

There are six Demon Slayer War Tycoon codes in the table above that can be redeemed for rewards such as gems, coins and soul.

After entering the game to test out the cheats for myself, coins and soul boosts became especially useful – they allowed me to accumulate coins and soul faster to afford more upgrades for my base and demon slayer heroes.

How to redeem codes

The process of redeeming Demon Slayer War Tycoon codes is fortunately quite easy; Once you enter the game, just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose Twitter button with blue bird to the right
  • Enter one of the above codes into an empty text box
  • Choose ‘Enter‘ button
  • If successful, you will receive your rewards immediately

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Alternatively, visit the home page of our Roblox codes guide to get even more bonuses here at


Digital Foundry – Injustice 2 gets even better on Xbox One X

The arrival of Xbox One X in stores means that many publishers and studios have upgraded their games to the powerful Microsoft console. Injustice 2, the acclaimed fighting game from Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios, which hit stores in May, was one of the updated games and Digital Foundry put it under the magnifying glass to talk about the improvements.

In May, Digital Foundry told us about the status of Injustice 2 on the different consoles: 900p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4, and 1440p on Pro. Now, it’s time to look at the Xbox One X update that arrives right away with the benefit of including HDR. This technology was also available on the other compatible consoles.

On Xbox One X, Injustice 2 gets a new resolution improvement: it runs at 2880×1620 at all times (a 26% increase in resolution over the Pro’s 2560×1440). Although the metrics do not suggest it, the improvement in image quality on X is greater when we see the game running. The jump and improvement is even more impressive when you put it side by side with the base Xbox One version.

All the improvements added to the PS4 Pro are here. The quality of the shadows is the same, as is the quality of the samples used by motion blur. However, the quality of the textures is much better in some scenarios, where you also find higher quality assets. Environmental occlusion also reveals small differences, difficult to notice, which represent small variations in the tone of some points in the scenarios.

In terms of performance, you will find perfect 60fps and it will be very rare to find screen-tearing, only on a few occasions between scenarios. The only difference between Pro and X is in the cutscenes. The Sony console runs the cutscenes at 1620p, the same resolution used on the X, and immediately changes to 1440p when the gameplay begins. On X, the game runs at 1620p.

Injustice 2 is another good update for Xbox One X and the arrival of HDR is the big highlight. NetherRealm Studios delivers an excellent job, which maintains the idea presented by other games, the more power the console has, the higher the resolution.


Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden: graphics, resolution and performance mode in detail

Image: Focus Entertainment

The developers of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden have revealed the technical details for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

We at SamaGame had the opportunity to ask the developers of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden a few questions in an interview. We’ll present you the full interview tomorrow. Today we would like to present you an excerpt with the technical details about Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

What are the technical details of the Xbox Series X? Frame rate? Resolution?

Depending on the mode selected (Performance vs. Quality), the game either targets 60 fps at dynamic resolution (at a maximum of 77% of 4K resolution), or (or) 30 fps at 4K rendering resolution.

And what about the Xbox Series S?

On Xbox Series S, the game targets 30 fps at 1080p.

Are there performance and quality modes?

That’s right, both modes are available on the Xbox Series X, but only Quality mode is available on the Xbox Series S.

What about a photo mode? In the game? Soon?

Yes, a photo mode will be available from day 1 (and it’s already part of the trial). We think it’s a very nice addition to the universe and visuals of the game and are excited to see all of our community’s artistic creations!

The complete interview will be available tomorrow.


The Russian Academy of Sciences officially called astrology a pseudoscience

The Russian Academy of Sciences presented a memorandum “On the pseudoscience of astrology.” The published document presents the results of an analysis of the reasons for citizens’ trust in astrology, and also indicates the reasons why this direction cannot be considered scientific.

According to representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, astrology is unable to satisfy the methodological requirements that apply to any scientific discipline. At the same time, experimental tests that were carried out on individual well-known astrologers did not give any positive results. In particular, two such experiments are given as examples.

The first of them was carried out in India, where belief in various astrological predictions is extremely strong. Astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar and a team of researchers examined 27 astrologers and one astrological educational institution. Participants in the experiment were asked to determine, based on the time and place of birth of minor citizens of the country, which teenagers are successful in their studies and who are doing poorly in their studies. As part of the experiment, data from 50 excellent students and 50 lagging students were presented. As a result of the test, eminent astrologers were able to correctly identify only 50% of excellent students and those lagging behind in their studies, which fully corresponds to random guessing.

The second experiment was conducted at the American Indiana University. There, researchers asked six astrologers to compare the charts of two dozen people with their personal data, including recently taken photographs. The main task of astrologers was to compare specific data with a specific photograph of a person. At the same time, scientists stated that an excellent result would be a correct comparison of data and photos of at least four people. Of the six astrologers, only one was able to correctly match the data and the photograph of three people, which also corresponds to random guessing. As the researchers note, this result once again confirms the pseudoscientific nature of astrology.

The Russian Academy of Sciences also emphasizes that another proof of the pseudoscience of astrology is the long-existing James Randi Award and the Harry Houdini Award. The founders of these awards offer fairly large monetary rewards to any person who can clearly demonstrate their astrological or other extraordinary abilities under the conditions of a specifically designed experiment. The awards have existed for decades, but so far no one has been able to claim the promised prize.

Representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences also point out common arguments made by supporters of astrology. For example, that this is ancient knowledge (but antiquity cannot indicate scientificity and validity), that astrologers give accurate forecasts (this is true, but if you make a lot of forecasts, some of them will inevitably come true), that among astrologers there are recognized scientists (though but the opinions of individual people mean nothing without conducting full-fledged research confirming the correctness of the hypotheses put forward).

In the issued memorandum, the Russian Academy of Sciences calls for treating astrology as entertainment, not trusting forecasts when making vital decisions, and not using the services of astrologers without taking previously received forecasts seriously.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Yes, Gilgamesh is new to the game and the quest line will absorb you

Well, did you notice him in the last trailer? In the current “Final Trailer”. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Square Enix shows the silhouette of a monstrous creature on a roof. It’s dark, you can’t see much. But the creature obviously has multiple arms and many swords. It’s Gilgamesh, there can be little doubt about that at first glance for Final Fantasy fans.

Famitsu also noticed Gilgamesh and luckily the Japanese magazine had Tetsuya Nomura and Naoki Hamaguchi in front of them to ask directly. Gilgamesh will therefore appear as part of a side quest chain that will extend across the entire map of the game.

The quest series will be titled “Ancient Matters” and Gilgamesh will appear in the fourth mission of this series. Sounds like there are other creatures awaiting us in this quest line. Famitsu asked the creators how Gilgamesh found his way into this world. Accordingly, it was one of many suggestions from Hamaguchi himself. The quest series, which will run through numerous regions of the world, has already been determined.

However, Nomura – who was often read as taking a more conservative approach to many things – had suggested that the inclusion of Gilgamesh could clash with the setting of Rebirth. However, Nomura eventually made adjustments to the character for this questline to better align his appearance with the tone and setting of Rebirth.

Either way, the fight against Gilgamesh has to be epic, right?

  • Deluxe Edition at Amazon*
  • Steelbook Edition at Amazon*

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

via Siliconera, images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


What are all the holes in your cell phone and why are so many needed?

Although smartphones have undergone significant compaction by making their bodies increasingly uniform and lacking in holes, They continue to have several holes that serve them for a multitude of tasks.. And there are those small perforations that the phone has on the top edge, often in other areas as well. Although it may seem otherwise, they are very important.

Despite the fact that mobile phones were abandoning the ability to be disassembled into pieces in favor of the now common “unibody” bodies (They do not allow the battery to be separated), this progressive tendency to make them more compact and uniform came face to face with the needs of the telephone. For example, those made of metal have separation strips that act as an antenna; The ports are essential and there are a series of holes that cannot be escaped from either. Curiously, the more expensive the phone is, the more holes it usually has.

The key in the holes is the number of microphones

Bottom microphone on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

You may think that the phone is satisfied with including a single microphone to record your voice during calls or videos, but this is not the case: it is common for each manufacturer to add two or three microphones to their devices, even if they are low-end. And of course, those microphones they need to receive the audio without the device itself muffling it; hence the holes.

The holes are made in the body of the phone and on all its faces, both on the sides and at the top or bottom (even on the back). Its purpose is make way for what is captured or sent by the components inside the phone; whether sound, light or data. There is also a hole that has a mechanical function: opening the tray for SIM cards and SD cards.

Each manufacturer can make the holes in the body of the phone in different areas, but the usual thing is that have one at the bottom, next to the USB connector. Specifically, that one is dedicated to the microphone, it is usually one of the most controversial.

Each manufacturer places the holes in the body of the phone depending on how they organize the internal components: sometimes they are on the sides, sometimes on the top and all the way down. The number of holes also varies from one mobile to another

Depending on the area of ​​the phone, the holes made in the metal or plastic body (also in the glass) have different uses. Let’s see which ones.

Upper zone: micro, lighting or infrared

Holes for the secondary microphone, for the infrared emitter and for the lighting sensor (Huawei P50 pro)

Holes can be placed on the upper edge of the mobile to make way for a secondary microphone, for example. Besides, There are brands that place the lighting sensor there Yes, due to the characteristics of the screen, you cannot place it next to the call headset. In this case you can see not only a hole, but also a kind of cover; which leaves space for light to pass through.

One last use for this area of ​​the phone is the infrared emitter. Most of the Redmi and Xiaomi become a remote control: They take advantage of the upper hole to house an infrared emitter. As in the case of the lighting sensor, the hole is protected by a kind of cover (so that light can pass through).

As an extra, there are manufacturers that house the SIM tray on the top edge. In this case, the hole is visible next to the ellipse that shows said tray. There are also phones that place the secondary speaker output in this area.

Sides: SIM tray

Side hole for the SIM tray on iPhones

It is not common for manufacturers to include holes to house microphones or other sensors on the sides of the phone, neither on the left nor on the right. Yes it is quite common accommodate the SIM tray in these areas; so the hole will appear next to the ellipse of said tray.

Lower area: USB, speakers and microphones

Micro next to the SIM tray (Xiaomi 11T). Is there really no better place?

The bottom edge of the phones is a space dedicated to the connection port (USB C, micro USB or Lightning, depending on the brand and model). In addition, the holes for external speakers are also usually located here, a series of strips or holes through which the sound comes out.

It is relatively common for a hole right next to the USB port: This is dedicated to the secondary microphone, an element that mobile phones use to apply noise cancellation to calls.

As an addition, the SIM tray can also be located here. As in the rest of the areas, the extraction hole is next to the ellipse created by the tray in the body; with the problem that The hole for the secondary microphone can be confused with that of the card extraction tray. It has happened to us more than once, we can attest to it.

Rear area and on the lenses: microphone

Rear microphone on the Google Pixel 6

Higher-end mobile phones usually include a hole in the lens area, this is the case in most iPhones, for example. This hole is for the video recording microphone, an element that allows you to zoom audio to recordings; or improve sound with omnidirectional audio recording, for example.

Mobile phones include several microphones because this improves call quality, voice detection by the assistant and recordings

Holes are typically used to allow phone microphones to pick up outside audio without metal or plastic muffling the sound. Its usefulness is more than justified.


Solution : All Survivor Path of Immortals codes to redeem free Diamonds

Path of Immortals: Survivor is a mobile game where you’re tasked with surviving hordes of oncoming demons, so a cheat or two with free resources like Diamonds and Ore won’t go to waste. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for a while, these will definitely come in handy.

The list below contains all the codes we found that still work, but be warned that they will likely expire soon. We also have instructions on how to use them if this is your first time.

All working codes active for Path of Immortals: Survivor




50 diamonds, 60 ore (expires February 29)


50 diamonds, 60 gems

Above are the latest codes I could find, which we tested to make sure they work. One of these codes will expire soon, so take advantage of it while you can. I haven’t been able to confirm when the second code expires, so it may be available longer.

How to redeem codes

Now that you have the latest codes, you need to know where to put them. The instructions below will explain how you can earn these free rewards.

  • Tap on Avata in the upper left corner home screen
  • Scroll down Work and select Redeem the code
  • Enter the active code and press Confirm
  • Go to your inbox to claim your rewards

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That’s it for our Path of Immortals: Survivor cheats list. For more information, go to the cheats homepage where you’ll find cheats for games like Party Animals, Genshin Impact, RAID: Shadow Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Idle Office Tycoon.


Beware of Booking ads that encourage you to continue booking via Telegram: it is a scam that chases your bank details

Booking accommodation through the Internet has revolutionized the way we travel, providing us with ease and comfort… but also multiplying threats: recently, a new fraud method has been identified related to the Booking platform… and the Telegram messaging application. .

What is the scam?

1/ Announcement in Booking

Scammers often post ads that capture the user’s attention immediately. These listings may offer accommodations in popular locations, with high-quality photos and amenities that exceed expectations, all at prices that may seem (and are) too good to be true.

In most cases, these ads appear as newly published on the platform, this is only to reduce the possibility of previous comments appearing that could alert potential new victims to the scam.

via Damn Timo

2/ Contact via Telegram

Instead of allowing users to follow the usual procedure and book their accommodation directly on Booking, the scam ads instruct interested parties to contact the “host” outside the platform, specifically through Telegram.

The objective of asking users to communicate outside the original platform is simple: this way, scammers evade the platform’s security and verification mechanisms.

3/ Fraudulent link

Once on Telegram, the supposed host will provide a link for the reservation. This link leads to a page that, at first glance, appears to be that of Booking, but is just an imitation that cleverly captures the design, colors and logo of Booking, which can easily confuse less experienced users or those who They are not familiar with online scams.

Beware of that fraudulent URL

4/ Request for bank details

The fraudulent website will request payment details to complete the reservation. This will include sensitive information such as the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date and security code.

The true purpose of the scam is to obtain these banking details so that once the scammers have this information, they can make unauthorized transactions, emptying accounts or racking up significant charges.

This modus operandi is a reminder that it is always advisable to verify, reconfirm and – if something seems suspicious – trust your instincts and proceed with caution.

What should we pay attention to?

  • Suspicious link: Although the cloned website may appear identical to Booking’s, it is likely that the URL is different from the official one ( vs ).
  • External communication: Booking recommends making payments and communications only through its platform, thus guaranteeing security in the transaction.
  • Inactive Terms and Conditions: The fraudulent website could have broken links or links that lead nowhere.

Tips to avoid being a victim of this scam (and similar ones)

  • Be wary of excessively low prices: If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Pay attention to spelling mistakes: Many scams, especially those that use machine translators, contain grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Verify the existence of the property: Use tools like Google Street View to verify that the accommodation actually exists.
  • Use secure payment methods: Avoid making payments outside the Booking platform or using unconventional methods.

What if you were already a victim?

  • Save evidence: Keep a record of all message exchanges and transactions.
  • Notify your bank: If you have given cyber scammers your bank details, notify your banking institution immediately.
  • Complaint: Inform the booking platform and also file a complaint with the corresponding authorities.


Sims 4: Practice Dramatic Scene

How can a Sim practice a dramatic scene? What level of acting skill must be reached in order for the Sim to perform a dramatic scene? This might be the question asked by one or other Sims 4 player who wants to pursue an acting career with his Sim and has now been given the task of practicing a dramatic scene or even a monologue. In this article, we will show how you can easily complete the task.

Practice dramatic scene

With The Sims 4 expansion called “Get Famous,” the actor ability was added to the game as a skill. With this ability, the Sims can perform various scenes in order to advance and develop in their theater or acting careers. You can also use your acting skills in conversations to get yourself out of awkward situations. But back to the question, what do you have to do for the dramatic scene task?

The “Dramatic Scene” interaction is only unlocked with the Acting skill at level 10. After increasing the acting skill level to 10, you can simply click on another Sim and then select “Perform Scene” and “Practice/Perform Dramatic Scene” from the actions. This allows the Sim to practice the scene and improve their skill accordingly. This should then also show the task of the same name as successfully completed.

Increase acting ability with cheat

If you want, you can of course increase your acting ability with a cheat at the push of a button.

  1. Open the cheat console using the CTRL key + Shift key + C key and activate the cheats using “testingcheats true”.
  2. With the skill cheat “stats.set_skill_level Major_Acting (1-10)” you can increase the Sim’s acting ability.

Give a dramatic monologue

In addition to the “Dramatic Scene”, there is also a task with a “Dramatic Task”. Here, too, you first have to increase the acting skill to level 10 and then click on your own Sim (another Sim is not required for the monologue). Under “Perform scene” you can then hold and start the dramatic monologue.


How to top up your Steam balance in Russia. Qiwi wallet is gone, what else works?

Starting today, it is no longer possible to top up your Steam balance using QIWI due to restrictions from the Central Bank. And this was one of the most popular methods.

But this does not mean that there are no more options for replenishing your Steam wallet in Russia. There are other methods: in some places the commission is higher, in others it is less. We have collected 5 of the most convenient options.

1. Webmoney

One of the popular methods, but it requires a little trouble.

To top up your Steam balance via Webmoney, you need a verified account with a formal certificate. To do this, you need to undergo a document check and record a video.

Transfer of money to a Webmoney account is carried out through the Telepay service. Or via SBP.

The advantage here is that Webmoney is listed among the standard payment methods right inside Steam.

2. MTS

MTS also has a special service for replenishing your Steam account.

This option is suitable for those who have a Russian or Belarusian account. You just need to indicate your Steam nickname, amount and card/SBP details. The conversion commission is up to 4%, the service itself charges a commission of 50 rubles.

It takes about 15 minutes to refill.

3. Plati.Market

On Plati.Market, everything depends only on the seller from whom you will order a replenishment. This is a large marketplace where other people offer digital goods and services.

Usually their payments go through quickly, as do replenishments. True, the commission can reach 15%. But you can pay for your purchase by any means, be it with a MIR card or with cryptocurrency.

4. Sberbank Online

You can top up your Steam wallet using this method, but there is an important limitation. It is only suitable for US accounts and tops up via USD conversion.

There are options to choose from: $5, $10, $20, $25 and $50. Transaction fee is about 6% plus conversion fee.

5. GGSel

GGSel is Plati.Market, where there are also various sellers offering Steam top-up services.

Money comes instantly, many payment methods. The commission, on average, is also about 12-15%.

6. Eleksnet-online

This service independently replenishes Steam wallets, including Russian ones. Everything happens instantly.

True, the conversion commission is decent – 12%.

7. Payberry

Finally, the last popular method for depositing money on Steam today. Transactions through Payberry are quick and the conversion fee is 10%.

The advantage is that you immediately see the amount that the service will write off from your card, taking into account the commission. Enter your login and amount and see the result.


“I’m working on a new Dragon Ball”: with this message from Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Daima was presented at the New York Comic-Con

During the New York Comic-Con, the new anime of , created by Akira Toriyama and with the return of Goku as a child… or something like that, was officially revealed. Be that as it may, this new series will arrive in 2024 and Toriyama himself was in charge of presenting it to the world with an emotional message.


As part of the big reveal of , aa small message from Akira Toriyama in which some things related to the series are detailed, such as the meaning of “Daima” and the reason why all the Z Warriors have been transformed into characters.

“Hello. I’m Akira Toriyama. I’m currently working on a new Dragon Ball. The title is “Dragon Ball DAIMA.”

“DAIMA” is a made-up term, which in Japanese characters would be… in English it would be something like “Evil”. Due to a conspiracy, Goku and his friends become small. To set things right, they will head to a new world! “It is a great adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.”


Child Goku… returns to visit a new world

Without an exact release date, all we know is that will be released at the end of 2024 and that will be part of the 40th anniversary of the franchise. On the other hand, the concept of the multiverse could have great relevance, since Goku and company will have to make the leap to another world to return to normal.


Barinsta is an unofficial, open source Instagram clone that does not require an account

If you need Instagram, but don’t want to use the official app, Barinsta is an unofficial Instagram client that you can use in simple mode -without logging in- or as a more complete alternative, logging in with your account.

Barinsta is presented as an alternative to Instagram for those who need to keep up to date with what is happening on Instagram, but without most of the annoyances of the app such as ads, suggestions, or tabs. It is an open source app that you can use without logging into your account.

To see Instagram, without Instagram

The first time you open Barinsta, the result is a bit anticlimactic. Accustomed to the festival of tabs, icons, stories and colorful publications that involves opening the official Instagram application, Barinsta welcomes us two tabs, a text and a button.

This is so, without logging in, Barinsta does not have a news or bio sectionInstead, what you can do is view the profiles of specific people. If those people have the profile open, you can view it without having to log in. Otherwise, you must log in with your Instagram account. To view a profile, you must use the search engine at the top.

To avoid having to repeat the play every time you open the application, you can add a profile to favorites, so that later you can easily refer to it again, from the list of favorites that is accessed from the More tab.

Otherwise, Barinsta shows a user’s profile in a similar way to Instagram, supporting posts with photos and videos as well as carousels with several photos. When tapping on a photo, it opens in large, being able to see the tagged location, descriptive text, hashtags and comments (tapping on the button)

This, without starting an account. If you log in with an Instagram account, Barinsta gains some of the Instagram features, as well as allowing you to interact, as well as viewing Instagram content. After logging into Instagram, Barinsta gains a few more tabbed accounts: direct messages, wall, profile and explore.

With the session logged in, Barinsta allows you to make basic use of Instagram, being able to view the biography in grid mode, the Recent stories from the accounts you follow and even reply to your messages.

If using Barinsta without logging in is an app “for peepers”, by logging in you can not only see other people’s posts, but also write comments (although you don’t like a photo). The app has the added function of power download any photo easily.



Season 3 of ‘Entrevías’ sinks with a crash in audiences: the series with José Coronado marks a historic low and confirms that Telecinco is not making a comeback

Telecinco is going through the worst moment in its history. The failures are piling up and the future of the Mediaset chain is becoming more and more worrying. One of the great assets they had to begin some type of comeback was the long-awaited season 3 of ‘Entrevías’, but its premiere has been another disappointment, since it has marked the all-time low of the entire series.

a big fall

The episode of ‘Entrevías’ broadcast last night brought together an average of 1,040,000 viewers on television, which translates into a share of 11.2%. This is the worst data in the series., well until now of the 1,428,000 viewers and 12.4% that marked the third episode of its second season, which suffered a drop due to partly coinciding with the extra time of a Champions League match. Furthermore, the comparison is even more worrying if we take into account the data from each first episode:

Season 1: 2,183,000 viewers and 19.7% share

Season 2: 1,632,000 viewers and 14.6% share

Season 3: 1,040,000 viewers and 11.2% share

In fact, ‘Entrevías’ didn’t even manage to do any harm to ‘Siblings’, the Turkish series broadcast by Antena 3 whose audiences improved yesterday compared to last week’s data. I suppose that Telecinco has the consolation that ‘Entrevías’ had data above the network average, but that does not mean it is good news.

Another possible reason for the weak start of season 3 of ‘Entrevías’ is the great popularity that the series had on Netflix, where it was more viewed than the overwhelming majority of original Spanish productions on the platform. It is possible that many viewers have come to the conclusion that it is not worth it to see it on Telecinco and They are waiting to recover it in streaming.


Create F1 23 league and play with friends

The new F1 23 was released a few days ago and the new F1 offshoot from Codemasters is of course enjoying great popularity again. In addition to the story mode, which is available again this year, you can of course also play F1 23 with friends and compete on the F1 tracks. In addition to a split-screen mode for local multiplayer, there is also online multiplayer where you can race against friends and players from all over the world. There is also the option to create a league again. In this short guide we’ll show you how to create a league, invite friends and play together in F1 23.

Create league in F1 23

  1. In F1 23, league creation and administration will again take place via Racenet. If you have not yet created a Racenet account or linked your EA account to it, you must do this as a first step. To do this, simply open the menu item for the league races in the main menu and scan the displayed QR code with your cell phone, which then automatically takes you to the Racenet website.
  2. You can now log in to the website with your EA account and create a new league. When creating the league, you can make numerous settings; in addition to a name and a picture, you can of course later select the routes and set the rules as you wish. You also have to determine whether you want to enable crossplay and whether it is a public league or a private league. In a private league you still have to invite your friends.
  3. After you have set the rules and made all the necessary settings, you can invite your friends. Here you can conveniently access the EA friends list. Finally, you have to create a season in the league, select the routes, rules and dates and you can get started.

Unfortunately, the league in F1 23 is currently managed exclusively via the Racenet website and not directly via the game. This means you always have to have a smartphone, tablet or laptop ready if you want to change something about the league or the season.

League not showing?

If the league is not displayed in F1 23, there is usually a simple reason: you have not yet created a season in the league. The league will only be displayed in F1 23 and Racenet when the season is created. Sometimes it takes a while for the newly created league to appear. You can update the league using the X button (PlayStation) or A button (Xbox).


Review of the game Death Stranding for iPhone 15 Pro. Kojima, this is a complete failure.

Yesterday the official release of Death Stranding for Apple platforms took place.

This is already the third port of a major AAA game for the new generation iPhone 15 Pro in particular. And if there weren’t any big problems with the release of the two Resident Evil parts, now the situation has gotten worse.

On topic: Death Stranding review. Just a good game from Kojima

Let’s figure out how the long-awaited “new product” turned out and whether it’s worth getting it on the iPhone.

Briefly. What game is this?

You play as Sam Bridges, a simple courier who only knows how to do this. But on the other hand, now he has a goal – to unite all the States of America. All tasks are supported by a solid and well-developed plot.

People are hiding in bunkers from temporal rain, which in a matter of seconds ages the inhabitants and destroys some buildings. Sam needs to create a common chiral data network so that the entire country can exist as one again. This network allows you not only to transfer files, but also to fully create objects through local analogues of 3D printers.

With the help of this very delivery system, the developers are trying to show how long and hard it takes to achieve a big goal in order to ultimately achieve success.

This is where constant phrases from characters about a great goal arise: “Sam, there’s a new order in the terminal,” “Sam, don’t forget to check the orders,” and so on. And all this is intertwined with phrases like “Thank you, Sam, we are one step closer to the reunification of America,” “Sam, you are doing an important thing,” and so on.

Thus, the player performs routine, monotonous work. Again and again. Moreover, each “mission” can take from 5 to 45 minutes of real time. But I wouldn’t say it’s boring and dull. The special mechanics for distributing and carrying cargo come to the rescue here.

What can you play on?

Here is the list of supported devices:

iPhoneequipped with an Apple A17 Pro chip or later (currently iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max)
iPadequipped with an Apple M1 chip or later and updated to iPadOS 17.0 or later
Macequipped with an Apple M1 chip or later and updated to macOS 13.3 or later

Graphics of the level will work

There were no revelations here. The graphics presented in the mobile version of Death Stranding vary greatly from device to device.

On the iPhone 15 Pro, the settings are minimal, although there is a good draw distance. However, due to the presence of motion blur, the picture seems soapy if you just turn the camera a little.

And in general, all edges are “soft” due to virtually no anti-aliasing. And in general, as already mentioned in earlier publications, the image on the iPhone has a resolution 720p. On tablets it is higher – 1080p.

However, there is no such thing in cutscenes. All characters look quite clear and well detailed. The videos are a real pleasure to watch. Especially when full Russian voice acting is available.

But still. Despite the fact that the graphics in Death Stranding are noticeably worse than those of the console and, especially, the PC versions, the image is still not polygonal and stands out against the background of standard mobile games, even Call of Duty Mobile.

Game process. How’s the management?

A large number of controversial issues arise here. However, everything is not as bad as it might seem from the screenshots.

Yes, the interface completely duplicates the gamepad. This is already the norm for such games. And if in the same Resident Evil Village it was often necessary to use at least three fingers to control a character, in DS you can usually get by with two.

It all comes down to the fact that the game is not so dynamic and does not require so much active interaction with the controller.

If you play on a gamepad, the game requires you to press the triggers very often to hold the load, which is concentrated throughout Sam Bridges’ body. But in the case of touch controls, just tap these same keys, and they will be considered pressed. And it’s very convenient. Thank you for caring about mobile gamers.

But there are other nuances here. Since Sam is in constant motion on an extremely uneven surface, he strives to stumble, fall, and so on. Walking in this case is not always convenient, since the sticks, for some reason unknown to me, may not work or direct the character in a different direction.

This control can hardly be called responsive. It works mostly fine, but occasionally crashes.

To briefly summarize: you can play, but it’s difficult. Moreover, you cover a third of the screen with your fingers and cannot see part of the image.

With a gamepad the situation is much better. The iPhone has full support for DualShock and DualSense. Moreover, the latter even works with pressing force and all vibrations. That is, all built-in functions are present.

Optimization leaves much to be desired. iPhone is very bad
Instead of words. A little gameplay (and that’s still ok)

Of course, no one expected that we would be given a smooth picture at 60 frames per second. It would be a miracle if 505 Games were able to bring even the presented graphics to this level.

However, many were hoping for at least a stable 30 FPS. Unfortunately, they are not available at launch. And if in the prologue the developers still adhere to this bar, then as soon as you are released into the open world, frame rate will drop to 20 FPS. And this will be a fairly periodic occurrence.

Microfreezes, slowdowns, and rare artifacts are the norm for Death Stranding on iOS. It’s good that I didn’t encounter any bugs after several hours of playing.

In addition, iPhone gets very hot after 20 minutes of play. Not critical, but it’s better to remove the case if you use it.

But more work needs to be done on optimization. The graphics in the game cannot be changed to improve the situation.

If you have an iPad, Mac, or even a Steam Deck, then get the game on those platforms. Playing on the iPhone screen is not very comfortable due to its size, but in general it is possible.

You can play, but it’s not comfortable

Taking Death Stranding on an iPhone is only worth it for those who “really want” to play this game.

Otherwise, buy it for the iPad or Mac. There, optimization and picture quality are noticeably better than on the iPhone 15 Pro. Until the developers fix the unstable framerate, this game will be unpleasant to run. Plus, it requires a lot of space – as much as 40 GB of memory. For owners of the 128 GB version, problems may arise.

Death Stranding is available on the App Store for 1,790 rubles. Saves are synchronized between all versions (iPhone/iPad/Mac), this is a universal purchase, available on all platforms at once.


Some crazy numbers, Microsoft wants Xbox Game Pass to reach an incredible 110 million subscribers by 2030

The future of Game Pass aims to be still most successful, and Microsoft’s plans are very ambitious. When Activision Blizzard merges with Xbox we will be able to see a small part of what said subscription service aspires to. However, today we do not have official numbers of what those in Redmond want for the coming years.

Journalist Derek Strickland of TweakTown has reviewed some of the Xbox documents leaked in the case against the FTC. He there he has discovered that Microsoft wants Game Pass to have in 2030 110 million subscribers. The figures you see below are estimates based on a leaked Xbox presentation from fiscal year 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022).

Graphic created by Derek Strickland of TweakTown.

Although these plans could have changedAs Phil Spencer stated, it is always good to know the aspirations of companies. To reach this goal, Microsoft hopes that the cloud is capable of providing about 32 million subscriberswhich they would play through mobile phones, smart televisions and less powerful computers.

Activision Blizzard purchase could boost Xbox Game Pass

It is evident that the purchase of Activision Blizzard can boost Xbox Game Pass. Mainly, the company’s video games will arrive at the Microsoft service during the coming months, to this we must add the growth that is expected both in PC as in the mobile division. In this latter market, King, creators of Candy Crush, will help a lot and provide a massive revenue avenue.


Lies of P has an exclusive legendary weapon that can only be obtained one way: by lying like a villain to everyone.

It cannot surprise anyone that Lies of P, a video game inspired by the original work of Carlo Collodi, has decisions that involve telling truths or lies, and that these in turn have an impact on the different endings of the story. However, the thing is much more complex than choosing the one we like the most.

Tell the truth or lie Lies of P It has consequences that range from the rewards in the different secondary missions (or quests), to affecting the ending that we can choose, to getting an exclusive legendary weapon called the Golden Lie. I already told you everything about the rest of the legendary weapons, but the process for this one is much more complicated and cannot be covered in a single paragraph.

Golden Lie, a prize for compulsive liars

The weapon Golden Lie It is a spear that exudes yellow magical power. It is unique, since the rest of the Fable’s color of the rest of the weapons is blue. It has scaling of C in Motor Skills and C in Technique, 94 physical damage, 84 durability and 12.3 weight.

The summary of how to get it is to lie like a scoundrel to everyone, always, and elevate P’s humanity until the nose that grows from the painting begins to glow. When she is ready, we can take her from the Portrait of the Child, which we found in the Malum District Town Hall after the first meeting with the Eldest Brother of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

P’s humanity is increased in different ways: listening to music from the Vinyls (preferably all of them), solving the riddles of the King of Riddles and more actions. Although the quickest way to increase it is to tell lies. To get the Golden Lie weapon we must lie in ALL dialogues.

And here is the question of the publication: what are the lies in the dialogues? In most cases, it is enough to look at the context to know what the lie is, but in other cases you can be confused. So below I leave you a list of all the lies that you must tell throughout the adventure.






Krat Hotel Gate

After defeating the Parade Master boss. It is a mandatory step in history.



Advance. It is obligatory to lie.

Crying Woman Mission

It is found in the streets of Kras during Act 2, before reaching the bridge where we face the Crazy Donkey. You have to find the baby puppet (city hall door) and take it.

It’s a puppet

He is a beautiful baby

Feel vinyl.

The Atoned One

Next to the Funicular in the a. It is Act 4 mandatory step.

Do nothing

I am a Stalker (requires the Stalker’s Pledge Emote, obtained by defeating the Survivor in Chapter 3)

Outfit of the Atoned One.

Alidoro, Cathedral of San Frangelico

It is found in Act 4 and needs to be found to access the legendary weapons.

Hotel Krat

Venigni Works

Access to legendary weapons.

Alidoro, Venigni Works

After finishing Act 4, return to Venigni’s Works (Act 3) and look for him at the entrance.

Hotel Krat

Elyision Avenue

Access to legendary weapons.

Mission of Julian, the knight

It is found in Act 6, next to the second Stargazer. He must complete his mission.

Of course, it is something unprecedented.

He left a message saying he loved you

Wedding Ring and Sad Gesture.

Polendina, Hotel Krat

Just move forward in the story. After defeating the Puppet King. It is related to the previous mission.

Show her the wedding ring

There is no such puppet


Antonia, Hotel Krat

After defeating the Puppet King.

There’s nothing left

Of course


Simon Manus, Great Exhibition

After defeating Champion Victor.

Hope for healing



Polendina, Hotel KrAT

This lie is especially cruel. Right after the previous lie, you have to work out the cure for Antonia with Giangio (next to the tree in the Hotel). Once created, talk to Polendina

I would use the remedy

I wouldn’t use the remedy


Eugénie for Alidoro, mission

Find Alidoro next to the first shortcut of Act 8. You have to talk to Eugénie, complete her order and return.

Got mad. She said the gloves were trash.

I was happy


Riddle King, Side Mission

After solving four riddles and opening the rooms, you must return to the last cabin where we spoke with the King.



Trinitarian key of the Chosen One (regardless of the answer)

Belle’s Mission, Hotel Krat

After finding her in The Exhibition, advance through the story and talk to her from time to time. After sending us to look for her lover and finding him at the Krat station, Act 9.

has become a monster

Died in combat against a puppet

Why Vinyl

Venigni on Frenzy

During Act 10, you have to talk to Vergini.

Geppetto caused the Puppet Frenzy

I haven’t heard it


Eugénie and the fate of Alidoro

You have to find Alidoro in Act 10 and kill him, and then talk to Eugénie again.

The fake Alidoro murdered the real one

I think he was just a skilled stalker

Lying: Far east princess Vinyl

Truth: Vinyl Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1

Arlecchino, Trinitarian Sanctuary of the Chosen One

Found in Act 11



Quartz and Alchemist’s Cloak

Sophia, Island of the Alchemists

Mandatory step after defeating Laxasia the Whole.

let her live

Let her rest in peace

Letter in Geppetto’s workshop and Shadow Flower Vinyl

Geppetto, Alchemist Island

Act 11.




Simon Manus, final

The peculiarity of this answer is that it will be true if we have always told the truth and a lie if we have always lied… or at least most of the time in both cases.

I have freed her from Arche Abbey

I have freed her from Arche Abbey


Assuming you have done all the steps correctly, then you must return to the Krat Hotel after the credits and not access the NG+. If you do the latter, you will have ruined all the work of the game. The nose of the painting should be shining gold. Just interact with it and that’s it. To be completely honest, the weapon’s stats are not worth all the work it takes to get it. Although if you are gun collectors, this is the most exclusive one you are going to get.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cooking Guide: Ingredients List, Effects, Recipes, and How to Cook

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a brilliant game for many reasons, but one of the reasons is quite surprising: the kitchen .

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is essentially experimentation. The system is designed in such a way that it invites you to try all kinds of things, and to mix ingredients to learn what dishes come out. But that’s not to say there isn’t a clear way to get the most out of it.

The food you cook in Breath of the Wild can have positive effects of different kinds, from recovering lost hearts to increasing your attack, defense, stealth or even resistance to heat or cold, but in order to cook those dishes yourself, you need to know what ingredients do what.

In this guide we will show you the basics so you know how to cook in Zelda: Breath of the Wild , including how to use the saucepan , as well as deeper mechanics for cooking, such as additional food effects – which are Vivacious, Invigorating, Invigorating, Flame ___ant, Spicy, Electrifying, Sturdy, Swift, Swift, Protective and Icy – as well as showing you some recipes to learn which foods will heal you, and a full list of ingredients in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and their corresponding benefits, so you can know the best possible combinations of ingredients.

How to cook in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and how to use the saucepan in a camp

Although the philosophy of self-discovery that guides Zelda: Breath of the Wild is often carried out seamlessly, there are a couple of times when even the simplest task can be more complex than it appears.

How to cook is one of them. The game, despite telling you which buttons to press to attack or block, never tells you how to use the ingredients in your inventory for cooking. Do you throw them in the fire and that’s it? Would a button have to appear when interacting with a camp or a saucepan?

Well, like everything that costs to find out, it is actually quite simple.

How to cook in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

  • Find a saucepan. They are usually on bonfires in camps and towns. The first one you find is in the Old Man’s house, on the Plateau, where you get the lined jacket.
  • Go to your inventory and select the first ingredient you want to cook.
  • Select “Grab”, and then select other ingredients you want to add.
  • Now go over to the saucepan and interact with it when the “cook” option appears.

It is done! It is very easy, as we have said, but a bit complicated to find out if nobody tells you anything. To add a little more flavor to your dishes, you can talk to the Elder of the Plateau, who will appear at his house and, after completing his mission, again at the first camp you discovered, just to the right of the temple from which you go out when the game starts.

:: How to complete all Fortnite challenges

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ultimate Cooking Guide – Effects List & How They Work

Okay, now we know how to cook something, but how it works the actual kitchen? What is the difference, for example, between a Live Meat and Rauda? And how do you cook one and the other?

Well, the first thing you have to do to understand cooking in Breath of the Wild is to forget about the recipes. Yes, yes, throw the cookbook in the trash and open your mind to improvisation and experimentation, because the important thing to cook something is that it works for you (that is, that it protects you from extreme heat, or that it recovers all your hearts); It is not about understanding the dishes, but about understanding the ingredients.

There are essentially three types of ingredients – excluding Elixirs, which go the other way even though they are similar – in Breath of the Wild: ingredients that restore your hearts when cooked, ingredients that add an extra Effect to meals, and ingredients that they increase the duration of the effect in a meal.

And many times they overlap. For example, the Hyrule Mushrooms will recover hearts, but others, in addition to that, add Resistance to the formula, and the Princess of Calm flowers will add Stealth effect, as well as increase the duration of the effect.

Now we will talk about the effect of cooking an ingredient compared to eating it raw.

As a general rule, cooking an ingredient in a meal will make you recover twice as many hearts as it would in raw; thus, two cooked apples will restore a total of two cores, while a raw apple will restore half a core. And a note: you can cook individual ingredients over a fire, without the need for a saucepan. That will multiply the restorative effect by 1.5 instead of two. So cooking two apples individually will restore 3/4 of a core instead of half, or 1.5 total instead of 3. There is also a formula to see how many hearts a meal will recover:

Formula to know how many hearts a meal restores:

  • The hearts that a meal recovers = total hearts that each raw ingredient restores x 2

So, for example, a raw apple restores half the core. So two raw apples will restore a core, and if we cook them in one meal that is (0.5 + 0.5) x 2 = 2 hearts restored for a meal made from just two apples. Keep in mind that each meal can have a maximum of five ingredients.

In addition to recovering hearts, there is the possibility of adding additional effects to a meal. The first example that we find in the game is the Spicy Meat and the Hyrule Sea Bass in one of the secondary missions. Although normal Meat and Sea Bass will make you recover hearts, if you add spice you will also receive resistance to cold.

But how do you add those extra effects? Well, adding ingredients of the correct category, such as the Igneous Berry in the Meat and the Sea Bass. And what happens if you add, for example, some Quick Lotus Seeds? Well, what would you have Meat and quick fish. Normally the basic name of the food will change, but it is somewhat cosmetic. So with that in mind, what are the additional effects?

List of additional food effects in Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Type of food Additional effect added

Vivaz Recover all hearts
Temporary Extra Hearts
Vigorous Restore stamina
Invigorating Add temporary resistance
Flame ___ant Fire resistance
Icy Heat resistance
Spicy Cold resistance
Electrifying Resistance to electricity
Quick Increase movement speed
Confidential Increase stealth
Recio Increase attack
Protector Increase defense

Finally, before we dive into our list of ingredients by category, a quick note: if you add two ingredients that have additional effects, such as a Fire Trout and an Electro Trout, those two effects will cancel out and become a meal. normal fish that restores hearts. There can only be one additional effect for each meal at the same time.

:: Guía de The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

However within the same category, the effects can be accumulated. So cooking Spicy Meat and Fish with a piece of Raw Meat, Hyrule Sea Bass and three Fire Berries will offer more resistance to cold than one cooked with just one Fire Berry.

To increase the duration of the effect, on the other hand, you need to add ingredients that increase the duration of that effect (as obvious as it sounds), such as the Princess of Calm that we mentioned above. Like the effects, the more you add, some will not accumulate, but will increase at a fixed amount for each additional ingredient. It sounds a bit confusing, but we hope it was clear!

Ingredients and Effects List in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Ingredients Vivacious, Invigorating, Invigorating, Flame ___ant, Freezing, Spicy, Electrifying, Swift, Stealthy, Sturdy and Protective

Now that we’ve made all of that clear, it’s time to dive right into the ingredient list. We have divided them into separate tables according to their additional effects, and listed according to the number of hearts they restore. Remember, though, that Spicy foods will automatically restore all your hearts.

Mix at least one ingredient from the list below with at least one that only restores hearts to create meals that serve the purpose you need.

List of ingredients that only restore hearts

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Hada 5
Game meat XXL 3
XXL poultry 3
Game meat XL 1.5
XL poultry 1.5
Coco 1
Hyrule grass 1
Bushmeat 1
Hyrule rice 1
Egg 1
Tabanta wheat 1
Lubin de Hyrule 1
Lubina robusta 1
Fresh milk 0.5
Apple 0.5
Raspberry 0.5
Hyrule’s mushroom 0.5
Bellota 0.25
Tree fruit 0.25

Vivacious Ingredient List – restores all hearts and temporarily adds a few more

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Giant vivacious radish 4
Lively salmon 4
Vivacious Durian 3
Vivacious truffle 3
Lively snail 3
Lively radish 2.5
Vivacious truffle 2
Lively sea bass 2
Vivacious lizard 0

Invigorating ingredient list – regain Stamina

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Hada 5
Game meat XXL 3
XXL poultry 3
Game meat XL 1.5
XL poultry 1.5
Coco 1
Hyrule grass 1
Raw meat 1
Bird meat 1
Hyrule rice 1
Egg 1
Tabanta wheat 1
Lubin de Hyrule 1
Sturdy tent 1
Fresh milk 0.5
Apple 0.5
Raspberry 0.5
Hyrule’s mushroom 0.5
Bellota 0.25
Fruit of the tree 0.25

List of Toning Ingredients – temporarily increases stamina

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Lively frog 4*
Spirited carrot 2
Brilliant Arrow 1

List of ingredients Flame ___ant – fire resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Flame ___ant butterfly 0
Flame ___ant lizard 0

Ingredients list Icy – heat resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Frost trout 1
Icy Arrow 0.5
Icy watermelon 0.5
Icy grass 0
Frosty butterfly 0
Frosty dragonfly 0

Spicy ingredient list – cold resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Igneous trout 1
Baya ígnea 0.5
Seta igneous 0.5
Igneous butterfly 0
Igneous dragonfly 0

Electrifying Ingredient List – Electricity Resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Electro trout 1
Seta electro 0.5
Electro fruit 0.5
Electro grass 0
Electro butterfly 0
Electro dragonfly 0

Quick Ingredient List – temporarily increases movement speed

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Quick Lotus Seed 0.5
Set the iron 0.5
Quick carrot 0.5
Rana is crying 0
Swift lizard 0
Purple iron 0

Stealth Ingredient List – temporarily increases stealth

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Princess of calm 2*
Stealth trout 1
Secretive snail 1
Secret Arrow 0.5
Secretive flower 0
Luciérnaga confidential 0

Rough Ingredient List – Increase Attack Temporarily

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Sturdy tent 1
Strong golden 1
Tough crab 1
Tough banana 0.5
Sturdy mushroom 0.5
Stout beetle 0
Sturdy bulb 0

Looking for more help? Check out our Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide with tips and tricks to master the adventure. We also have a guide with the locations of the Shrines and the tests that will help you solve many of the puzzles that you will find. If you want to survive harsh climates, the Lined Jacket is more than useful to withstand the elements, such as icy spikes, and it is very useful in the game. We also help you find all the Kolog Seeds of the Plateau and tell you how to tame horses, get Epona and what the amiibo do. Do you need Rupees? We explain how to easily get money to cover Link expenses. Are you having trouble beating the Guardians? We tell you the easiest way to do it and get a lot of ancestral materials. What’s more, In these images you can find the location of all the Shrines in the game. As if that were not enough, we will give you a hand to find all the Sources of the Great Fairy and you can improve your clothes and armor. If you want to complete the game one hundred percent, we also tell you where all the Memories are in pictures. Looking for the legendary sword? Well, we also tell you where and how to get the Master Sword.

Protective Ingredient List – Increase Defense Temporarily

Ingredient HP that recovers

Robust carp 1
Robust dorada 1
Robust crab 1
Robust arrow 0.5
Robust pumpkin 0.5
Robust bulb 0
Robust beetle 0

* These ingredients do not recover raw hearts, so you do not have to multiply that number by two when cooking them to find out how many hearts the food will restore to you. Luckily there are only two exceptions to these, so don’t worry!

This should be all you need to cook anything in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don’t forget to check out the main page of the Breath of the Wild guide for more details.


Apple AirPods 3 Bluetooth Headphones VS Marshall Minor III: Features, Differences and Prices

In the Apple catalog it is possible to find several models of totally wireless Bluetooth headphones (not counting those from the Beats by Dr. Dre brand, which also belongs to Apple). The 3rd generation AirPods are the most balanced, with a relatively tight quality-price ratio for the figures managed by the company.

However, they lack a function that is becoming increasingly important: active noise cancellation. And since there are much cheaper Bluetooth headphones that do have it, they are no longer the first option for many users.

If you were to compare them to other Bluetooth headphones that lack active noise cancellation, the Marshall Minor III They could be an option, although their RRP is noticeably lower than the bitten apple proposal. So if you were thinking about purchasing wireless headphones, and ANC is not essential, you may be interested in the Minor III, and we are going to put them face to face to find out their characteristics, differences and prices.

Features Apple AirPods 3 and Marshall Minor III


apple airpods (3rd generation)

marshall minor iii

dimensions and weight

3.08 x 1.83 x 1.93 cm and weight of 4.28 grams

4 grams


  • Adaptive EQ
  • Apple Custom High Excursion Transducer
  • Custom high dynamic range amplifier
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking
  • 12mm driver
  • Driver Sensitivity: 93 dB SPL (179 mV @ 1 kHz)
  • Controller type: dynamic
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz


Skin sensor, accelerometer with motion detection, accelerometer with voice detection and pressure sensor

Touch sensor for control


Two microphones with beamforming technology and inward-facing microphone



Bluetooth 5.0 and H1 chip

Bluetooth 5.2 (SBC + aptX codecs)


  • Press once to play audio, pause it, or answer a call
  • Press twice to go to the next song
  • Press three times to go back to the previous song
  • Press and hold to activate Siri
  • Say “Hey Siri” to listen to a song, make a call, get directions, and more
  • Control music
  • Receive, reject and end calls


  • Up to six hours of audio playback on a charge (up to five hours with spatial audio enabled)
  • Up to four hours of talk time on one charge
  • With the case up to 30 hours of audio playback and up to 20 hours of talk time
  • Up to five hours of playback
  • Up to 25 hours with the case
  • 15 minute quick charge equals 1.5 hours
  • Wireless charging


Sweat and water resistant (IPX4)

Sweat and water resistant (IPX4)


From 199 euros

129 euros

  • sound technology– AirPods 3rd generation have adaptive EQ, Apple’s custom high-excursion transducer, custom high dynamic range amplifier, and Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking. The Marshall Minor III have 12mm dynamic drivers and a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz.
  • Sensors: Marshall’s proposal incorporates a touch sensor to control content and calls. The Apple one offers a skin sensor, accelerometers with motion and voice detection, as well as a pressure sensor.
  • Microphones– Both headphones have microphones. The AirPods are two with beamforming technology.
  • Connectivity: The Marshall Minor III connects to devices via Bluetooth 5.2 and the Apple ones have Bluetooth 5.0, with an H1 chip.
  • Controls– Touch controls on both earbuds for music and calls.
  • Battery: AirPods 3 have autonomy of around six hours per charge and up to 30 hours with the charging case, but if Spatial Audio is activated the battery is reduced. The Marshall Minor III offers five hours per charge and up to 25 hours with the case, in addition to wireless charging.
  • Endurance: IPX4 protection in both cases.
  • Price: from 199 euros for the AirPods and 129 euros for the Marshalls.

AirPods 3rd generation VS Marshall Minor III, which Bluetooth headphones to buy?

The 3rd generation AirPods are one of Apple’s best wireless Bluetooth headphones. At least, they are the most balanced. But are not since they have a fairly high price, they lack active noise cancellation and their compatibility is limited to Apple devices.

The Marshall Minor III also do not have ANC and their autonomy is slightly less than that of Apple headphones, but they attract attention for their design and sound. Let’s discuss some details in more depth. that can make the difference between choosing one or the other.

sound technology

As has already been mentioned several times, both models of Bluetooth headphones lack active noise cancellationwhich is a function as interesting as it is useful for users looking for greater concentration or disconnection in saturated or noisy environments.

However, it must be taken into account that the 3rd generation AirPods have Spatial audio with dynamic head trackingwhich is a function that puts the user in the center of the content being listened to, whether movies, series or even music, and that surrounds and follows them as they move their head.

The Marshall Minor III does not have functions of this type, but they are compatible with the aptX codec, which is a technology that allows you to improve audio quality significantly and enjoy higher quality wireless sound.


It’s no surprise that Apple devices are a bit complicated when it comes to compatibility. Between them they work perfectly, but when used with those from other companies, problems appear. And although the incompatibility is not complete as in the Apple Watch and Android smartphones, AirPods functions diminish when used with, for example, a Galaxy device.

This is something that does not happen with the Marshall Minor III since they are not designed to work with specific devices. They work with both Android or Apple phones and tablets, as well as Windows or Mac computers.

The price

It must also be kept in mind that there is a price difference between Bluetooth headphones. The 3rd generation AirPods start at 199 euros for those with the Lightning charging case, and a little more if you want them to have the MagSafe charging case compatible with Qi bases.

The Marshall Minor III are not the cheapest wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market either, but they are cheaper than Apple’s, and if the budget is tighteror you have devices from different brands and compatibility is an essential requirement, they are more suitable.

You can be up to date and informed at all times of all the news from the Apple world and SamaGame Selección offers on our Twitter, Facebook and Telegram profiles.



Guillaume Cardy, one of the first police officers to intervene during the Bataclan attack, named boss of the Raid

Guillaume Cardy, the police officer who killed one of the terrorists during the Bataclan attack, was appointed to lead the Raid.

A national hero. Commissioner General Guillaume Cardy, currently deputy departmental director of public security in the Alpes-Maritimes, has been named boss of Raid, the elite intervention unit of the national police, according to sources close to the matter cited by the AFP this Friday, December 1st. This information confirms an announcement from the AEF agency.

Deputy head of the anti-crime brigade (BAC) at night in the Paris metropolis during the attack on November 13, 2015, Guillaume Cardy was one of the first police officers to enter the Bataclan hall, accompanied by a colleague. . He had neutralized Samy Amimour, one of the jihadist attackers, before the intervention of the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) on the scene.

The challenge of the Olympic Games

This meeting comes eight months before the Paris Olympic Games, which will take place from July 26 to August 11. It will be an exceptional security challenge, with 16 million tourists expected in the French capital this summer.

Additionally, the opening ceremony is planned in the form of a large river parade on the Seine, adding additional security challenges for the new boss.

Guillaume Cardy succeeds Jean-Baptiste Dulion, who held this position since March 2017.

gn france


The best Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) commands. How to use the console, most useful shortcuts and ‘binds’ to squeeze out all the game’s tricks

Among so many changes and modernizations, one of the elements that we like the most about Counter-Strike 2 is the command console. An obtuse menu that has been with us since the first version and that is much more useful than it may seem. Perhaps it is difficult to use or understand for newcomers to Valve’s tactical shooter, especially because it is a missing tool in many modern releases. However, we’re here to do three things: explain why it’s so important, tell you how to use it, and help you get the most out of it during your gaming experience.

How to activate the command console in Counter-Strike 2

Here we start from the most basic, so it will not surprise us that the first step to use the command console in Counter-Strike 2 is activate it. It’s extremely simple, but just in case, let’s go over it step by step.

  1. Open the menu settingby pressing the gear at the top left of the screen
  2. Go to the game menu and activate the option on the command console that appears in the section starting settings
  3. Choose a keyboard shortcut to open the command console from the menu “interface keys” in the “keyboard and mouse” section.

The command console has been in Counter-Strike ‘all its life’.

We recommend setting the command console to a key away from those normally used during the game. Any option that meets this requirement is valid. One of the most common is the one to the left of number one. I like to have it in the letter ka.

The most useful commands you can use in Counter-Strike 2

The command console allows us to support hundreds of entries and all of them can be useful in one situation or another. However, there are some entries that we will use much more regularly than others. The objective of this section is to give you a quick knowledge of the most important commands or, at least, the ones that we have used the most during the beta and what we have from Counter-Strike 2.

Bind: It is probably the most important command of all. Allows you to create bind a keyboard shortcut to a command console function, so that it is executed when a key is pressed. We are not going to go into deeper explanations since it will have its own section.

Sv_Cheats 1: A command as important as bind that we will use to train. It can only be used in custom games and activates (legal) server mods that Valve allows us to use for training. We will delve more into this during its own section.

Voice_Scale (0-1): This command allows you to modify the volume of the video game’s voice chat. In this way, we can adjust all our companions at the same time without having to enter the options section. It is executed by writing it, leaving a space and adding a number between 0 and 1 (0.2, 0.5…). Here is an example, voice_scale 0.2.

Cl_Showfps (0/1/2/3/4/5): This command makes the game show us the frames per second at which it is playing. It is executed by typing cl_showfps 1 and disabled by replacing the number with a 0. Also try cl_showfps 2, 3, 4 or 5 to get more information about FPS.

fps_max (0-999): This command allows us to limit the frames per second of our game. For example, fps_max 144 if we want to lock the game at 144 frames. In general, fps_max 0 is recommended to be infinite unless we have stability problems.

Handling the Counter-Strike 2 commands will help us achieve the objective in each round.

Cq_netgraph (0/1): Shows the performance graph of our connection on the screen. It is executed by writing cq_netgraph 1 and is deactivated by replacing the number with a 0

Disconnect: Disconnects us from a game in progress. It is ideal so that, when we have finished a confrontation, we can abandon it without seeing all the final cinematics. Also on community servers or Deathmatch. If we use it in competitive games while they are still in dispute, we will receive penalties.

Quit: The fastest way to force quit the game safely.

Cl_righthand (0/1) – Not yet available in CS2: Will be added in a future update. Using cl_righthand 0 will make our character hold the weapon with his left hand, while number 1 will make him use it with his right.

How to take advantage of the “Bind” command in Counter-Strike 2

The bind command is one of the most useful in the video game and allows us to do real tricks. For example, set up a button that mutes voice chat. It has a logic of use, so we can learn to master it: it is configured by typing (bind + key + “action”). For example, bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”). In this section, we will write the commands in square brackets so that they are easy to identify. You should not copy the brackets.

Simple Binds

Key to mute voice chat: Using the command (bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”) we can configure a key to mute the voice chat. Replace the t with whatever is your favorite shortcut.

Grenade configuration: Using the command (bind z “slot7”;bind x “slot8”;bind c “slot6”;bind v “slot10”) we quickly create a keyboard shortcut for each type of grenade (z, flash; x, smoke; c , grenade; v, molotov).

Switch Hands – Not yet available in CS2: The command (bind L “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”) When entered, will allow the hand weapon to be changed at will. Utility? None, but it looks great.

The “left-handed” mode is yet to come to Counter-Strike 2 (Image via YouTube, @luckySkillFaker).

Complex Binds

Many of these binds we have to thank for community research and TotalCSGO compilation.

Increase the volume while moving stealthily: It is achieved with the following command (alias +incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+sprint”;alias -incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-sprint”;bind SHIFT +incvol). This means that when walking without making noise by pressing ‘shift’ the volume of the game increases so that we can hear our rivals better. It is very useful

drop bomb: We must activate the command (bind B “use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1”). This means we can throw the bomb in a single action instead of switching weapons to the C4 and then throwing it. You can replace “b” with any other key.

Jump and crouch: We configure it with the command (alias “+hjump” “+jump; +duck”; alias “-hjump” “-jump; -duck”; bind n “+hjump”). What we achieve with this is to have a key in which our character crouches while jumping, which allows us to reach higher areas without having to manually press “space” and “control”. It is very useful and you can replace the n with any other letter.

Jump and throw: Activated in two phases. First you must write in the console (alias “+jt” “+jump;” ; alias “+ta” “-attack; -attack2”; alias “-jt” “-jump”;). After that, (bind ALT “+jt;+ta;”). It is essential, since there are certain grenades that we must throw while jumping and this allows us to do it consistently.

Many important grenades, such as those used to enter Mirage’s A-point, require the use of a bind to function consistently.

How to take advantage of the sv_cheats 1 command in Counter-Strike 2

Practice games or community maps (when available) allow us to use commands prohibited in any other game mode. To access them we must enter (sv_cheats 1) in the command console. This will allow us to activate other keys that will facilitate training.

Noclip: Allows you to fly around the map and go through walls. For example, to see where a grenade has landed.

Sv_showimpacts(0,1,2,3): When you activate this command, the bullets will leave a red and blue mark on the wall that indicates their impact zone.

Sv_infinite_ammo (0,1): When activated with sv_infinite_ammo 1, it gives us infinite ammunition and grenades.

Sv_grenade_trajectory (0,1): Activating it with sv_grenade_trajectory 1 makes us see clearly how the grenades fall.

Sv_rethrow_last_grenade: Causes the last grenade we threw to be thrown again. It is very useful to have a ‘bind’. (bind x sv_rethrow_last_grenade).

God: Makes you immortal

kill: Makes you die

Seeing where our grenades fall allows us to learn to throw them quickly.

Round settings: Enter the combination (mp_roundtime 60; mp_buytime 60000;mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_maxmoney 65535;mp_startmoney 65535) to have practice games in which you can buy wherever you want, with no time limit and maximum duration.

bot_add(t,ct): This command adds bots to the chosen team. We can also choose its difficulty or name. Combining all the possibilities… bot add + (to ct) + (easy, normal, hard or expert) + (name). Example, (bot_add t hard Alvaro)

bot_kill(t,ct): Eliminate all bots from a team. Example (bot_kill T)

Changelevel: Entered followed by the map code to change scenery. For example, we can use chagelevel of_inferno. Map codes are de_(name) except for office and italy cs_(name)

Restart: Restart the game

Counter-Strike 2 Initial Commands

These they are not activated in the command consoleif not on Steam.

  1. We right click on the game in our library
  2. We press the properties option
  3. In launch parameters we add the commands separated by a space
  4. We close the tab and they will have already been saved

Here you must enter two more commands that we tell you below.

To improve game performance, it is convenient to enter (-novid -high). This will eliminate the initial cinematic and will make our team give the game top priority so that we do not lose performance. You only have to do it once, it’s very simple, and it’s appreciated.

With this, we are done with the Counter-Strike 2 commands. Is there more? Of course, but they are not that useful. In any case, We will update this same page to add other interesting options that we discover as we become familiar with the particularities of this new version of Valve’s tactical shooter. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section and we will be waiting to resolve them.