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Supercell stands firm against those who cheat in Clash of Clans and its other games

When you become a famous studio, your games are enjoyed by millions of users around the world and you earn millions of dollars, not everything is rosy. This great popularity means that There are many who also want to take part in the party to benefit economically or even advance illegally to be the strongest and toughest on the planet. Those of us who are used to online video games and have been doing this for years have seen almost everything.

For this very reason Supercell has taken a stand and wants to advocate for fair play in Clash of Clans, one of the titles where bots and certain fraudulent behavior are taking part of the headaches of this great video game studio. For this reason, Supercell has launched some recommendations from its website to avoid certain risk situations such as third-party software, unauthorized sale of gems and many other actions that can lead to the closure of your gaming account. Yes, there is that possibility so stay tuned below.

The measures to take

Fraudulent service providers allow you to participate in illegal activities, hacking and even scamming innocent people. Going through any of these actions may lead to your account being closed, apart from the fact that those who are targeted have the privacy and financial data of their accounts at risk.

Let’s not talk about what it means to fight against players who They use these tricks to have a better castle or more powerful troops. This behavior diminishes the final user experience of the players in the long run and is where a company never wants to go through, since all its efforts would be in vain.

Also, Supercell, having great success, can access certain measurements to find those users who go through these illegal activities mentioned.

Risk situations

Third party software

An unapproved third-party app that is misused is one that can alter the functionality of a game which gives an unfair advantage and may pose a risk to player privacy and accounts.

Hacks, mods or programs that alter the functionality of a game are one of the best examples. Bots or automation scripts They are usually other programs used so that certain routines are done automatically and that the player does not even need to go through the trouble of launching the game.

Unauthorized sale of gems

In World of Warcraft and other MMOs there are the gold-sellers which by paying euros allow access to the purchase of gems by using stolen credit cards or requesting private data to log in to the game account.

For this reason Supercell recommends that never share your login details to other people who engage in illicit activities, since you put your account and your financial security at risk.

Sale and purchase of accounts

Advanced account sales are also usually used by this type of people so that a player go directly to a high level without going through those months. Supercell maintains that there are certain things that you cannot know, since that account can be sold to the same account, you do not know if the seller will continue using it or if they will keep your money and not give you access.

All these actions will entail the withdrawal of currency, temporary suspension of participation in the game and even permanent account closure with a grand ban. They also warn that in these types of accounts that have undergone fraudulent actions they do not offer technical assistance, so they recommend that you protect it so that you do not have to go through this hassle.


Chrooma Keyboard becomes free

In Marshmallow there is a very striking quality that manages to harmonize the set of color tones that we can find on the screen thanks to how the status bar changes color depending on whether we are in one app or another. This offers a great visual effect so that, if we are with Evernote, it changes to white, or if we are on YouTube, it is the red color that takes over that bar.

If we want to have a keyboard that goes hand in hand and changes color depending on the app we are in, Chrooma Keyboard It is an ideal keyboard for this case. Let’s say that Chrooma is the most personalized version of Google Keyboard with that distinctive feature. But one of its handicaps is that you had to go through the checkout to access the virtues of this keyboard that has created a sensation in recent months.

The main virtues of Chrooma is like adapts to the color of each application to create great harmony in Android, the styles, palette and gradients, and, finally, the option to customize the number and size of the numerical row.

By passing for free you will find with the same tessitura as many other keyboards that have been moving from a single payment model to freemium so that, in a matter of months, some option for micropayments such as themes or other types of customization will surely be launched.

It also has some more options worth highlighting, such as the night mode, a large number of emoticons and swipes to type. A good keyboard that has managed to gather good reviews and that with being free will surely add thousands of downloads in the coming weeks, given the quality it has.

A good opportunity to enjoy a great alternative as a keyboard to those Swiftkey, Swipe and Google Keyboard, what are you waiting for?


Orthokeratology or the attempt to avoid myopia in children

A study in the United Kingdom has proven that orthokeratology could prevent children from developing myopia.

Myopia is one of the visual problems that has been growing the most in recent decades. Experts point out that one of the causes is the less time that children spend outdoors. Hence there are projects aimed at children spend more hours exposed to natural light, like the one that occurred in China, which encouraged classes to be held outdoors and concluded that in this way myopia in children can be reduced by 23%. However, orthokeratology has its own method and, according to a study carried out in the United Kingdom, it is capable of preventing this visual defect.

Orthokeratology is a consistent technique fitting contact lenses to a person in order to reduce their visual deficiencies. This is not a new process, but it is still unknown how far it can go, especially since the contact lenses that are placed on the patient are usually made of light, permeable compounds. The action of these could vary depending on the type of material used.

In a British study involving 300 children from around the world, the quality of vision was compared in two test groups. One of them I slept with specially designed contact lenses to correct eye deformities, while the second group slept without them.

After a three year testing period, the scientists collected the results. The first group had not suffered deterioration in their vision, but the members of the second group had experienced a loss of their visual capacity. Until now it had been proven that orthokeratology allowed us to delay or slow down the deterioration of vision, but in this research it has been discovered that it could also completely prevent myopia.

Needless to say, there are those in the optometry industry who are betting on caution. Still There are still tests to be carried out before drawing definitive conclusions on the effects of orthokeratology in the prevention of myopia.

In the tests we are talking about, the contact lenses are removed every morning and replaced before going to sleep. What the lens does is control eye shape, which acts as a kind of guide, ensuring that the ocular structures grow correctly. Myopia normally develops in childhood and adolescence, when the eyeball is growing.

Images: Maria Uspenskaya and Evgeny Atamanenko


The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge already have their rose gold version in Korea

Samsung improved one of the aspects which received more criticism in the Galaxy S6 so that in the Galaxy S7 it has finally been remedied and the user does not have the need for it to literally “drink” the battery the moment they give the terminal a little juice.

The Galaxy S7 has been positioned as one of the best terminals of the moment, but the best, and now Samsung has announced the rose gold version now available in Korea. Two colors that come together in this great phone to offer other sensations and offer more options to users who plan to purchase it in the coming weeks.

The fifth color option has its reasons according to Samsung itself, which has chosen it because it is a natural color that provides a sense of comfort. That softer color tone emerges from other more intense ones like the first ones in which we saw this new flagship from the Korean manufacturer. Another of its objectives is to accentuate certain features such as elegance and sophistication in a Galaxy S7 edge that already gives off these adjectives the first time you hold it in your hand.

The new color is available today, April 20, in South Korea, to be followed by a deployment in select markets. Samsung hasn’t specified other territories or countries, although based on products like the Galaxy A (2016), some of them will be primarily in Asia.

With this version, Samsung is looking more at the female audience for a phone that has received very good reviews from the Android community and the media in a very important year to know if the decline of the high-end of the previous two is going to be a trend or will recover some of the lost ground.

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Nintendo offers refunds from 3DS and Wii U stores

As is already known, a couple of weeks ago the official closure of the digital stores of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, which is why a large catalog of games has been lost forever. And for some users who have been left with a credit balance, there is a solution so that they can get the money back into their bank accounts.

In Japan they announced a method that allows users to make a refund request so that the pending balance is returned to them, as long as they do not have their account accounts merged. Nintendo with Switch. This is done for those who do not have this console and there is no way they can spend that money because it can no longer be purchased.

Nintendo is now accepting refund requests for those in Japan who do not wish to transfer their eShop credit from the Wii U / 3DS to the Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Account link.

I have not seen any plans to offer this service overseas.

— OatmealDome (@OatmealDome) April 6, 2023

Nintendo is now accepting refund requests for those in Japan who do not wish to transfer their Wii U/3DS eShop credit to Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Account link.

I have not seen any plans to offer this service abroad.

It is worth mentioning that to make the request, users must have a Japanese account, as well as fill out the corresponding form on the company’s official website. For their part, they can get their money back in two ways, the first is a refund to the bank account or go directly to get their cash from convenience stores. Lawson.

Via: Nintendo Life

Editor’s note: It is something positive on Nintendo’s part, after all there is no longer a way to use the money, but I hope all this goes to America as well, since surely some players were left with a balance in their favor.


Asphalt 8: Airborne is updated with new tracks, new cars and more

Gameloft has released one of the biggest updates yet to one of the world’s most popular arcade-style car games, Asphalt 8: Airborne. The update, now available on Google Play with the game version 2.2.0includes a lot of new things.

The new Asphalt 8 update It adds a new secret location, a new game mode, new cars and even adds the new Lamborghini Egoista, a full-fledged supercar, to the game. Do you dare to discover everything that the new update contains?

What’s new in the Asphalt 8: Airborne update?

  • New territory – You will be able to enter Area 51, this is the most secret place in the world and you will have impressive races through it. Look outside when you’re running, you won’t be alone in space.
  • The R&D series – Two new machines will be revealed in R&D. In addition to that, in these series you can discover impressive and exclusive rewards. Drive to the max with these new beasts to make them yours.
  • 15 new cars – There are several cars that have been added to the game and some of them are very interesting such as the Lamborghini Egoista, the Lamborghini Asterion, the Renault Sport RS 01, the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) and 11 new cars that will also be revealed. Keep a good look at the game over the coming days and weeks as these cars will be revealed one by one.
  • New game mode (Relay Races) – A new game mode has been added, Tag Racing Mode. In this new style of game you will experiment with 3 different cars in a simple race.

Asphalt 8 receives biggest update yet

  • Free Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG – Everyone who participates in the Christmas Cup from December 19 to 25 will receive this car for free. Although well, in the game it says that you have to win 21 cups to get it.
  • 3 new festive tracks – You will feel cold on the 3 winter slopes that have been added, they are really cold and it even seems that our hands freeze when we advance along them.

Yes, it is one of the Biggest Asphalt 8: Airborne Updates Yet and it is worth trying if you like playing this game. Gameloft’s Asphalt saga is one of the best car sagas currently available for Android.

Discharge | Asphalt 8 on Google Play

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WhatsApp video calls will soon be available

Video calls on WhatsApp, Video calls…, if you say it three times, legend has it that they will appear. But no, it is not true, no matter how much you repeat it, they have not appeared on your terminal, what a shame. The way to activate WhatsApp video calls has not yet been revealed but we have more fresh information about them.

The WhatsApp video calls They are one of those features that users of this application want to see soon on their mobile but we cannot forget that video calls are not yet available and after remembering the fuss that there was to activate WhatsApp calls I am starting to think that these are not available. They will come as fast as they seem and, even though they appear quickly, they will take time to reach the entire population.

WhatsApp video calls have been leaked in images

The screenshot above corresponds to a WhatsApp video call, in theory, made through an iPhone. That this capture comes from iPhone and not Android makes us think many things and the first is that this function, instead of coming to Android before iOS It could be totally the opposite.

Surely the activation system for WhatsApp video calls will be similar to that of calls, these could arrive in some version, at peak times of the day and could be extended through a system of complex invitations and beta versions that will be roaming the web for days until, when they become stable, they can be use from anywhere in the world and in any version by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp video calls?

Looking at the screenshots, not many things are revealed but we are aware that the video calls will be developed in a similar way to other applications. In the android interface The thing should be very similar. There is a button to accept the call when we receive a video call and a button to hang up.

If we take the video call we can do some things, hang it up, see our camera in a small box to see what we are focusing on, obtain direct viewing of the person on the other side of the terminal, mute the microphone or switch between rear and front camera to output video.

We have been hearing rumors about WhatsApp video calls for months and it is time for them to finally reach mobile phones, but with how bad the arrival of calls has been, it is difficult for me to think of stable video calls in the short term. For the moment we believe that this alternative will be an option that will have a very strong impact on other competing services like Google Hangouts or Skype.

Fountain | DroidApp

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Connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to your PC or Mac

Connecting your XIAOMI Mi A2 to your PC or Mac is an extremely useful task for many situations. In practice, if you want to transfer photos to your XIAOMI Mi A2, if you want to transfer your contacts or if you prefer to move files to the XIAOMI Mi A2, you need to connect the phone to your PC or Mac. the XIAOMI Mi A2 to your machine. To get started, you need to find out how to connect your XIAOMI Mi A2 to PC. We will see secondly how to connect it to a Mac. Then, let’s see the method to connect your XIAOMI Mi A2 without USB cable.

Connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to the PC

In the event that you are looking to connect your XIAOMI Mi A2 to your PC, you will first need to have the USB cable used to charge the phone. The second step is to connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to the PC. When you are done, you will need to activate the USB connection on the device. To do this, you can lower the notifications tab to the bottom. When finished, the clickable option may change depending on the phone, but should be one of the following:

  • USB connection to computer
  • multimedia device
  • Enable USB storage
  • Multimedia device (MTP)

Once this function is selected, the XIAOMI Mi A2 will behave like a USB memory for the PC. So you can search for the XIAOMI Mi A2 among the removable drives on the job in the computer.

Connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to a Mac

The technique to connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to the Mac is a little different from that to the PC. In fact, the correct method is to use a small program. this program is Android File Transfer that you can easily find on the internet. Once you have downloaded it, think about Allow installations from unknown sources before starting the installation. As soon as the installation is completed, you need to connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to the Mac with the USB cable. Next we will activate the USB connection on the XIAOMI Mi A2 by going to the notification bar. Then select one of the options mentioned in the previous section. When you have done all these things, the Mac will automatically recognize the XIAOMI Mi A2 and open Android File Transfer. Now you can make the transfers you want.

Connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 to a Mac or PC without the cable

If you never have a USB cable with you or if you want to connect the XIAOMI Mi A2 wirelessly in the simplest way, you will be happy to know that there is a good little program that can do all this. This little nugget is AirDroid which you can download here. What we like about this program is that it is available on Mac and PC, so there are no compatibility issues. The list of features of Airdroid is long enough, you can do a lot of things with it. For example, you can transfer files to the XIAOMI Mi A2, write and send MESSAGES, access your directory, make backups of the XIAOMI Mi A2 and why not take a screenshot of the XIAOMI Mi A2. So it can be said that it is the most versatile software to connect the XIAOMI Mi A2. If you ever want to use this solution, you will need to register and download the app on your phone. Once this is done, you need to copy the URL provided to you in the application in the browser of your PC or Mac. That’s it, your XIAOMI Mi A2 is connected to your PC or Mac.


Microtechnology to “catch” rare cells

Can we detect a single tumor cell circulating in the bloodstream? Thanks to advances in microtechnology, this possibility is becoming closer.

Let’s imagine that our circulatory system worked the same as the network of national roads and highways. Inside, millions of cells move to bring oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, and collect waste substances and carbon dioxide.

Among the cells we find, which circulate as if they were vehicles, we find models of all types (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc.). Sometimes, however, in this network of highways, highways and national roads, They sneak in rare cells that shouldn’t be there. This is the case, for example, of tumor cells, whose low concentration also makes their detection difficult. But the microtechnology could help in its diagnosis, “trapping foreign vehicles” that should not be circulating in our bloodstream.

The research in microfluidics It draws on advances in fields as diverse as physics, biotechnology, chemistry and engineering. One of its applications is based on designing devices that allow us to analyze very small quantities of fluids, as is the case with DNA arrays or lab on a chip. In fact, microtechnology is already used to carry out enzymatic or DNA analyses, so that the pre treatment, sample preparation, testing and detection operations are integrated into a single device.

Improve personalized medicine

MIT scientist J. Christopher Love is working on using microtechnology to “catch” rare cells. His investigation would not only allow improve the diagnosis of tumor cellsbut it could also help us understand the functioning of some cells of the immune system.

Love tries to develop new microtechnological devices with the aim of answering important questions for biology. Since 2007, the year he established his own group at MIT, he has managed to manufacture systems capable of “catching” tumor cells in the bloodstream and then sequencing their genome. So he can compare the DNA of the malignant cells that were spreading through the blood with the DNA of the cells where the tumor initially originated. Genetic differences can give us important clues about the development of metastasis.

Furthermore, knowing what these “rare cells” are like through microtechnology can boost the application of immunotherapy. This type of personalized medicine individualizes treatments depending on the patient, activating the immune system to fight against malignant cells. Microtechnology can help us, for example, know if a person will respond better or worse to this type of therapy.

According to Love, microtechnology can also be used to understand how cells will act when faced with HIV infection. In that sense, part of her team works on the study of mucosal immune cells, different from bloodstream cells. Knowing their differences can be essential in the development of new vaccines. In other words, these types of devices will be very important for draw seemingly insignificant differenceswhich could however be key in the development of new medical treatments.

Images | wacomka (Shutterstock), Unsplash (Pixabay), Pixabay II

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Xbox Game Pass has more than 15 million users on PC

According to the profile of LinkedIn Group Product Manager for Audience and Content Strategy Xbox in MicrosoftMark Skwarski, Xbox Game Pass It has more than 15 million players in Windowssuggesting that there may be more subscribers playing on PC that on the consoles Xbox.

Skwarski’s resume states that he helped build a team to release new features in Xbox Game Pass and executed marketing campaigns that increased total subscribers from 5 million to over 25 million and increased revenue by $2 billion (54% CAGR) over a 4-year period.

He also helped build and execute the strategy to grow Xbox Game Pass in PCfocusing on the right games, app experiences and marketing activations (including a refreshed brand) to increase the number of subscribers by five times PC.

Additionally, Skwarski partnered with creative directors from Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios to test new growth ideas, facilitating more than 15 million of players from PC enjoy Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know for sure if there are more subscribers on PC that on the consoles Xbox without knowing the total number of players, since knowing the number of users of Windows of over 15 million is not enough to make this evaluation. Some console gamers, or someone in your family, may also be playing on PC using the same subscription Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. However, without considering the overlap between Windows and the consoles Xboxdata suggests a possible higher player count in PC.

In related news, digital media and entertainment software analyst Michael Pachter previously stated that he expects Xbox Game Pass reach the 50 million of subscribers if the deal is closed Activision Blizzard King. Speaking during a recent episode of Pachter FactorPachter made, in his own words, a pretty bold prediction about the premium gaming subscription service Microsoft.

Via: Twisted Voxel

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Thor: The Next Movie Could Be Chris Hemsworth’s Last

“We saw the birth of the hero, the journey of the hero and then the death of the hero.” These are the words that Chris Hemsworth he used in a recent interview with Vanity Fair talking about the character of Thor In the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has been playing the Norse god of thunder for more than ten years and now we have actually had the opportunity to see him in all possible roles and, in the last film to be honest, even without.

After all the stories in which we have seen him as the protagonist, the time of the Asgardian warrior could really have come. Chris Hemsworth himself, together with the director Taika Waititisaid he was surprised to discover that “Love and Thunder” had not brought the curtain down on the character; anyone who has seen the post credit scene of the film knows well that there are various conditions for continuing to talk about the son of Odin still for a while’.
Thor currently seems to be one of the last remaining characters from the first group of Avengers cinematographic; there are so many characters that have entered the scene in this second saga and it wouldn’t be surprising if, at a certain point, he too had to make room for new heroes as they have already done Iron Man, Captain America and many others. Sooner or later the time will surely come for Thor to hang up his hammer but it is clear that, for now, the universe still needs him.

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Lollipop vs Marshmallow: Battery Life

We have made the leap from Lollipop to Marshmallow and it is sold to us as a 360-degree change in the sense that everything is good. But what about the battery? To what extent does it improve? If you have Lollipop and you want to jump into the sugar cloud, you should know how Android 6.0 moves in battery issues. Lollipop vs Marshmallow: battery lifewe analyze it:

More drums with Marshmallow or Lollipop?

On the Nexus 6, I experienced the change firsthand from Lollipop to Marshmallow. The experience was good, but I didn’t notice too many changes in the battery since having problems with the APIs caused the phone to consume more and restart itself (random restarts) many times. But everything changed with Nexus 6P and its Android 6.0.1 Marshmallowbattery life is higher than ever.

The studies talk about more than 2 hours of autonomy extra with the help of Marshmallow. That is to say, with Android 6.0 your same mobile will last 2 hours longer, since it will be better managed and you will not have problems with lack of autonomy. Marshmallow is better because of the new features it integrates.

It will last the day for sure. For it, Doze It helps a lot with the management of background processes, of course, too Standbythe mobile phone at rest does not use any battery, something that is incredible.

Android 6.0 has 2 secrets

As we already told you, both Doze and Standby It makes it go better, but as long as we don’t have problems and we enjoy a clean operation.

  • Doze is activated automatically as soon as it detects the mobile phone stationary.
  • Prioritizing the apps you want to show notifications is also crucial for determining battery times. The good thing is that this has arrived with Android 6.0 natively.

The next graphic tells us everything (posted by Reddit user):

The numbers benefit Marshmallow

With Lollipop, we see that a time of 3:15 screen time and 14:17 autonomy, with Marshmallow this goes up to 3:50 screen time and 15:41 autonomy. The numbers are exact, they are not wrong, so the management is fulfilled and is a reality. And this even improves if it is restored to the factory as we already told you.

It is important that you know that If you upgrade the battery it will last longer, if you don’t notice big changes, you already know that it’s time to do a factory reset. What do you think of these battery differences? Do you think Marshmallow actually eats Lollipop?

More information | reddit


T-Bao T-BOOK X10 a 15.6 inches with the new AMD Athlon Gold 3150U

New laptop 15.6 inches from the low-price Chinese brand T-Bao that does not stop marketing all types of electronic devices and which this time is called T-Bao T-BOOK X10.

A laptop that this time surprises us with the inclusion of a AMD Athlon Gold 3150U APU that until now we had not seen in this type of laptops and that this call to compete with Intel’s Celeron. This AMD has a TDP of only 15 W and includes a Vega 3 GPU and at a General level it would be above any Pentium Gold 5000U. From the rest of the laptop we see that its design includes interesting details such as a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader on the touchpad. The rest of its hardware is not bad for office use and its screen stands out, which thanks to its narrow frames occupies 96.5% of the front, although its final price is not too attractive.

Processor, RAM and storage

The laptop T-Bao T-BOOK X10 includes an AMD APU as an engine Athlon Gold 3150U, a dual Core with 4 threads manufactured in 12nm that reaches up to 3.3 Ghz in turbo mode and integrates a Vega 3 GPU that reaches 1Ghz maximum frequency. The RAM is 8 GB DDR4 with 2 SO-DIMM slots and for storage we have an M.2 connector and another NVMe where we have an SSD disk of 128/256 GB capacity

Screen and other specifications

The screen of this 15.6 inches is a IPS with FHD resolution 1920×1080 pixels and includes a 1 MP webcam with microphone in its upper frame. For wireless connectivity we have Wifi aC and Bluetooth 4.0 and we have on the sides a USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, micro SD card reader, an HDMI and a USB Type-C for data, video and power. The battery is 5000mAh and according to advertising it has an autonomy that can reach up to 6-7 hours and the operating system included is Windows 10.

Price and availability

  • The laptop T-Bao T-BOOK X10 can be purchased in the online store from €417.53 ($503.29) with shipping included in its 8/128 GB version.

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Jewel Road is a match 3 puzzle with a great visual style

Crescent Moon Games is a study to which let’s get a little love for each of the video games that it launches on the Google Play Store. He recently brought us Hammer Bomb, a first-person dungeon crawler with a great finish that maintains all the tension as we delve through all those types of dungeons where we find all kinds of monsters. It has many other games like Operation Dracula and many others that come through these lines from time to time.

Last Thursday he launched Jewel Road, his new match 3 puzzle video game which is inspired by those types of games like Candy Crash Saga in which we must match rows of the same pieces to get points. In this case we go to the Middle Ages to help the bard explore those unknown lands. The visual art is pixel based and has a great touch to the graphics when rendered. The video game is made by Loony Rocket Studio and is under the auspices of Crescent Moon Games. If you are looking for a calm, fun game with a more medieval tone, Jewel Road is a good alternative.

A beautiful video game with many pixels

These types of match 3 games are very popular on devices and we have the one acquired by Activision Blizzard as the reigning one at the moment. On Jewel Road you take the role of a bard and the goal of the game is to keep you walking forward so you can explore all those worlds that await you.

You have to form rows of at least three equal pieces. If those pieces correspond to the type of land the bard is standing on, he will move forward. The shapes of these rows are diagonal, which differentiates it a little from other games like Candy Crush Saga.

The visual art pixelated gives it great quality and allows you to have quite pleasant sensations. This makes us dazzle at the first opportunity, although it can be blamed for the fact that the music can become repetitive.

Multiple levels to play

In this type of video game it is important that there are many levels to complete. You will need them to increase the fame and fortune of the bard so that I can continue traveling through different lands. Each region consists of 6 levels that you must finish to move on to the next area.

With that special gameplay in which we must move the bard forward and those pieces that move perfectly without any type of lag or lack of performance, Jewel Road makes us play some very enjoyable games. Apart from serving the pieces to move the bard, as you form lines of more pieces, they will become those jewels. If you align those jewels you will get more mana which will make it easier for you to continue through the bard’s adventures.

You got it for free from the Play Store with in-game advertising. A curious match 3 with some important details in the gameplay such as that way of making the character move, so finding matches will be more complicated so that we can finally move on to the next level. Highly recommended.

Technical quality

Jewel Road embroiders it in every way and where it may not have as much variety is in the soundtrack. If it takes a while to complete the level, that flute can sound repetitive. For the rest, it has all the facets to become one of the most special match 3 of the moment. It’s been in the Play Store for days, so it’s waiting for you to check out that special touch of pixelation, great performance as a whole, and a display of notable technical skills, especially in how the pieces move and move.

Editor’s opinion

  • Editor’s rating
  • Score 4 stars
  • Excellent
  • 80%
  • Jewel Road
  • Review of: Manuel Ramirez
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • GameplayPublisher: 85%
  • GraphicsPublisher: 85%
  • SoundPublisher: 75%
  • Price qualityPublisher: 85%


  • Your visual style
  • A different mechanic from other match 3 games


  • The music is repetitive

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Google Play Store: Biggest update ever available! Rui Bacelar November 2, 2023

TO Google Play Store is the official store of content, such as applications, for mobile devices Androidespecially for smartphones. This mandatory stopping point for new apps has been updated over the years with various versions of the Store that improve certain aspects of its design and operation.

However, we now have a very considerable redesign of the entire appearance, of all the design elements of the store in question, thus changing its appearance. In fact, it is one of the most important, if not the most important, general updates to the Google Play Store and it is already preparing it, for example, for tablets and foldables.

More voluminous buttons arrive Google Play Store

As the publication indicates, the new addition to this store brings us buttons with a new format, no longer rectangular but now featuring rounded margins and a general pill shape.

In other words, a new implementation for the Material you design that guides all Google services, including your own. Google Pixel smartphones.

The update with significant changes to dynamic UI elements such as buttons is currently being rolled out by the Google Play Store, an update. In this way, all that remains is to wait for its arrival in Portugal.

Play Store more adapted to large tablet screens and folding smartphones

In addition, we also have greater adaptation to the large screen of devices such as tablets and folding smartphones. The North American company will have reaped a lot with the Android 12L operating system version, the version for foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and draw the appropriate conclusions from there.

The result? Better preparation of the entire store, with better placement of dynamic elements for the screen format, as well as tablets.

Once again, these changes depend on Google itself, so their distribution will be carried out by the company.

However, users can check their availability by opening the Play Store, accessing their user area by tapping the icon with their profile/account picture, and then tapping Settings.

Finally we touch About and finally in the Play Store Version menu we have the Update Play Store option/button.

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4k max redmi Ξ TREND

REDMI MAX, a giant 86-inch 4K UHD presented

The new Smart TV can now be reserved in China REDMI MAX a Smart TV that lives up to its name with a panel of no less than 86 inches supported by an aluminum body.

The Redmi MAX It is a Smart TV that arrives to break the market, at least in China, since despite being an 86 inches it has a price that is around only €1020. This Smart TV Redmi It is prepared to work 100% with the latest generation of consoles, since it includes video input HDMI 2.1a screen refresher that reaches 120Mhz and various technologies to reduce latency and VRR (variable refresh rate).

The operating system of the REDMI MAX is MIUI TV 3.0, based on Android and foreseeably only with the Chinese language and specific for that country. This Smart TV is accompanied by a Bluetooth remote control with microphone.


Inside of Redmi MAX We find a Quad Core SoC manufactured in 12nm with ARM Cortex-A72 processors, an ARM MALI-G52 GPU, 2GB RAM and 32 GB of storage memory. The connectors included are 2 USB ports, one SPDIF, AV port, RJ-45 network connector and 3 HDMI ports, one of them 2.1 and includes WiFi aC and Bluetooth 5.0.

The screen of the REDMI MAX It occupies 97.25% of the front and guarantees coverage of 92% of the DCI-P3 color space and a viewing angle of 178º, although we do not know the type of panel that this unit mounts. 86 inches Redmi 4K. This Smart TV is compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR 10+ image technologies. The audio system is 2×12.5W and audio decoding is compatible with, among others, Dolby digital plus, Dolby Atmos and DTS HD.

Price and availability

  • The new Smart TV REDMI MAX It can now be reserved in promotion in China for 7999 Yuans about €1020 On the other hand, at the moment there is no news of its arrival in the West.

youtube Ξ TREND

Actually I arrived on Yamato’s Youtube channel

Yamato Animation has officially announced its arrival on the channel Youtubeof a new series broadcast in the land of the rising sun, entitled Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa or In reality I am.

I’m actually streaming on Youtube with Yamato

The anime tells the story of Kuromine Asahi, a young man incapable of keeping a secret for too long, who by pure chance discovers that Shiragami Youko, the girl he is in love with is actually a vampire.

The anime is produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto known for Servant x Service, Hero Bank, Ika Musume and others, based on the manga by Eiji Masuda published in 2013 through Akita Shoten’s weekly Shonen Champion. The screenplay is written by Kenichi Yamashita while the character design is entrusted to Hirotaka Marufuji.

Below we want to bring you a short excerpt in Japanese with Italian subtitles complete with acronym:

For those who don’t know, on Yamato’s YouTube channel it is possible to watch numerous anime in both Italian and Japanese with subtitles streaming almost simultaneously with Japan. We take this opportunity to inform you of the existence of a legal video platform that allows the streaming of anime, television series and more, known for the episodes of the new Death Note Live Action, we are referring to vvvvv.

If you want more details, do not hesitate to consult our article.

twitter Ξ TREND

Twitter is testing another version of Material Design with tabs and FAB button

Material Design continues to spread without stopping in these two years since it was announced by Matías Duarte at Google I/O 2014 as the design language that should be in each of the best third-party Android apps as well as in the system itself. The integration has been continuously implemented in thousands of apps and the ones that have cost the most have been in the most popular apps such as WhatsApp itself or Facebook Messenger, where the tweaks have been more of a brushstroke.

Now it is Twitter that is testing a more Material Design version After those updates they have tried to innovate to have their own visual language. But it definitely seems that they are going over Material Design with a new version that has a more material interface, it has tabs, a side navigation menu and even a floating button for actions that we usually know as FAB.

The shared image clearly shows the big change that Twitter gets in its new trial version where the tabs are located at the top with the most important categories to go to the side navigation menu on the left to switch between accounts, profile, featured, lists and user search. The other options are the settings and some more details. This panel replaces the annoying floating button in the current version of the application.

Twitter is also testing the button FAB to have it at the bottom and thus perform quick actions as happens in hundreds of other applications. At the moment this update comes from the server side in the beta program, so there is no way to install the new interface manually through an APK as we usually do. We will be attentive to the possible arrival, but we leave it in a testing phase that could be launched in days or pass away and remain a mere test.


Orkid, the drone that seeks to bring medical supplies to rural areas of Colombia

According to Orkid data, by 2030, 1 in 2 digital commerce deliveries will be made with drones.

Santiago Pinzón, CEO and co-founder of Orkid, went through the microphones of La Nube to talk about this drone that seeks to bring medical supplies to rural areas of Colombia. The objective is to do it in a short time and reach places where the access roads are not the best. This, since the drone reaches a speed of up to 150 km/h and, in addition, it has 100% electric propulsion.

“This will allow us connect the large cities of Colombia and Latin America with towns or municipalities, where this type of need is required,” he said.

The idea of Orkid, which can transport up to 5 kilograms, is working together with Aerocivil and with aeronautical regulatory services to guarantee operational safety, since the drone flies outside the line of sight.

“We are very close to starting pilot tests with our clients and at the same time working with the Civil Aeronautics and regulatory entities in Latin America”he added.

Customers will be able to see where their drone is going at all times, as they will be able to follow it from their cell phone. And although in principle this will only work under the B2B model, business to businessit is expected that in the future it will also be extended to people who want to use its services.

This company It also has alliances with Sura, Coordinadora, Boston Scientific and Solistics, that each one from their field is contributing so that this type of flights can begin to be carried out as soon as possible.

According to data from Orkid, in Colombia 12 million people live in rural areas. Furthermore, for By 2025, 45% of sales are expected to be made through digital channels and by 20301 in every 2 digital commerce deliveries will be made by drones.

dropbox facebook messenger Ξ TREND

You can now send Dropbox files from Facebook Messenger

Dropbox has been receiving news every so often, but some of that new news, with the exception of the total number of users with 500 million, has been more related to alliances with certain brands, as has happened with Microsoft. A way to expand reach more users and increase their number that download your cloud storage service.

Today, both Facebook Messenger and Dropbox increase their expansion by allowing Dropbox files to be shared directly with your friends and family from chat messages, which eliminates the need to leave the app, copy URLs or download files.

In order to use this feature, Updated Dropbox app required for Android and iOS. The idea itself is quite simple, if you are a Dropbox user, you will have your different files in your cloud storage in order to have a free and unused virtual space locally. When you are chatting with someone through Messenger and want to teach them something, you can share any of those files quite easily with the “More” button.

After you click on “More”, you will see Dropbox among one of the options that appear. If you have Dropbox installed on your mobile, click on “Open” and you will have direct access to your filesyou search for the one you want to share, select the recipient and add text if you want, the same as if you were sharing an image from the gallery.

If you want to share an image, GIF or video, the content will be displayed in the chat directly just like a preview does. The receiver will be able to open it from “Open” and the preview will be opened to even be able to download it if the user so wishes.

Dropbox and Facebook they ally themselves before a skillful movement which will allow the quality of both services to be increased.

android destroy phone Ξ TREND

Don’t sell your Android phone, destroy it or use this trick!

Android is not secure, what’s more, deleting the files on your Android phone safely when selling it or giving it away is very complicated and perhaps that is the reason why you should not sell your old Android mobile but destroy it.

When you sell or give away your Android mobile phone, you may have left your bank passwords, your emails, access to social networks, your SMS text messages and some other things to another user, since deleting files on Android is very bad and It is the erasure that most phones offer, Resetting the terminal to the factory is not a reliable method to delete all data on Android.

Deleting data on Android is not secure

The researchers have tested different terminals from the leading Android brands and On all mobile phones they managed to recover information which, in theory, had been deleted. In addition to that, not only minor files were recovered but even special application tokens such as those that allow you to log in to your Facebook account or your Twitter account were still stored on the device.

Google is, in part, the responsible for this issue for not activating default encryption on Android although Android manufacturers and poor hardware design, arrival of late updates and more impediments further aggravate the problem.

Encrypting the terminal with a password does not guarantee that the data is 100% secure

Deleting each file one by one is also not necessary, there is only one way to delete all data almost irrecoverably and, even so, no one guarantees that with encryption the data will be correctly deleted from the mobile.

Now, although encryption does not guarantee 100% deletion of data, it is true that it makes accessing it much more complicated and no longer within the reach of anyone, considering that the majority of normal people would not be able to recover it. data in any way. Now, for encrypt the device You can do it without problems from the Android Settings, depending on the mobile the option may vary a little but it is in the Settings -> Security.

windows windows 10 Ξ TREND

How to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10

Do you want to reserve Windows 10 and have no idea how to do it? It’s very easy, you just need to meet some requirements and follow these instructions.

In October of last year Microsoft announced Windows 10 full of many improvements and new features to please users. The start menu will finally return, but now, improved and adapted to the modern style of Windows 8; We will be able to use the personal assistant Cortana directly on our desktops and we will get things like multiple virtual desktops.

Windows 10 will be released on July 29and this time the launch will be more special than ever, because Microsoft has offered a free update for anyone who owns a legitimate copy of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. All you have to do is pre order Windows 10 and you’ll have a whole year to download and install your free copy. Many have already been able to make their reservation, since Microsoft has launched a notification to all users through the Windows update system. However, there are those who are not very clear about how to do this, or have not found the pop up notification in their systems.

Which are the requirements?

  1. you must have one legitimate copy of Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1 installed on your computer.
  2. Also It is necessary that you have the operating system updated to date. If not, connect to the Internet and start downloading and installing the updates that Windows asks for. To do this go to Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update
  3. In the Windows Update window you can find out which updates are available to install. In order to reserve Windows 10 you need a call “KB3035583“. If you want to give it priority, look in the list of available updates when they are downloaded and mark only this one to install.

Preserving Windows 10

After you update Windows and restart your computer, a new button should appear in the notification area (bottom and right). The icon will be like a window, the well known Windows logo. Click on it to launch a new window that will give you information about Windows 10 and also will allow you to make the reservation.

Here you will be shown what the steps to follow will be: 1) reserve Windows 10, 2) install when it is available and 3) enjoy the new operating system.

At the bottom there is a button to start the reservation, this will be done immediately without the need for you to do anything else. You can also enter your email to have them send you an email notifying you when Windows 10 is ready to be installed on your device. If the email address is not entered, no problem; This is optional, so the reservation will still be made.

Besides, If you want to find out if your computer will be compatible with Windows 10, this same application will help you find out. All you have to do is click on the menu button in the top left corner. Then look for the option that says «The team is ready«. Clicking on this message will show you a list of problems, if any, or simply a notice saying that your computer will work perfectly with Windows 10.

Cover image: RoSonic / Shutterstock


Lies of P near completion, release date near?

Since its announcement, players’ curiosity towards Lies of P it was great. The soulslike Korean inspired by the story of Pinocchio, but with Victorian shades that brought the nights of Yharnam to the minds of players in Bloodborne, could finally be close to the definitive announcement: during a convention in Korea, the G Star 2022the director of the game Choi Ji-Won stated that Lies of P is almost completewith development finally reaching the bug fixing and polishing phase, in short the final adjustments.

This means that since the month of August – which saw us try the game first-hand at Gamescom 2022 – huge steps forward, given that the developers on that occasion had declared that the game was at 70% of total development. The interview from which this important statement was taken was made directly on site by the 4Gamer editorial staff, who perhaps did not expect such a direct and above all positive response.

Summing up, if this is really the development situation, we could witness the announcement of a precise release date for Lies of P, which until now had never had a concrete launch window. Everything suggests that the announcement may arrive during the awards ceremony of The Game Awards.

android launch Ξ TREND

BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android smartphones this year

There was already a stir when BlackBerry announced that it would launch more Android smartphones, making it clear that it would separate its own OS this year. A few days ago we learned that this will continue to be the case after learning from the company’s own CEO, John Chen, that will launch two new smartphones Mid-range Android.

Chen also stated that these two smartphones will have certain differentiating details such as one with a full touch screen while the other will be characterized with physical Qwerty keyboard. Nothing else has been mentioned about these terminals apart from the price, which will be around $300 and $400.

Apart from announcing these two terminals, Chen also admitted that the Android-based Priv smartphone was too high end for customers enterprise. The company has even lowered the price of the handset this week to a price of $649 with a $50 cut.

The Priv is a phone with a 5.4-inch QHD (1440 x 2560 pixels) AMOLED screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core chip, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, 18 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. without forgetting its 3,410 mAh battery. With this said, we can know the reasons for this high price and because now BlackBerry is heading towards two new terminals in the mid-range.

Two smartphones, one of which will be more clearly like the rest of the Android terminals and the other that will be more similar to the Priv or that classic BlackBerry. A good initiative by the company Canadian that hopes to improve the sales figures of the Priv with a more classic BlackBerry and that can be purchased by more users who completely go to the high end when from the average you get great quality in the whole of a smartphone today. But tell it to Samsung with those two years where the high is in the doldrums.