Pokémon GO City Safari Mexico: how to catch Eevee with an explorer hat in CDMX?

This weekend the Pokémon GO City Safari event arrives in Mexico City, which will allow players of the Pokémon mobile game to have special encounters with exclusive creaturesincluding Eevee with an explorer hat.

We explain to you What do you need to do to get this unique Pokémon with the exclusive suit? of the event that arrives in Mexico City.


The protagonist of this special event is Eevee with an explorer hat, who has been seen very rarely in this exclusive outfit for events such as City Safari. Once captured, Evee can transform, without losing her hat, into any of her 8 evolutions:

  • Vaporeon
  • Jolteon
  • Flareon
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Sylveon

If you’re lucky, you can find it in its version .

Those who have purchased their City Safari ticket will be able to find Evee when starting the exclusive Field Researchso it is guaranteed that they will get it as a companion for this special event day.

Additionally, there will be a Temporal Investigation called that will have players visit specific locations in the City. This research will provide 8 guaranteed encounters with this exclusive Pokémon.

In case you want 8 additional matches, you must play both days of the event. To do this, you could purchase an add-on that gives you access to the second day, but we remind you that tickets for both days are already sold out.

Anyway, you must Locate well the special Eevee stops that Pokémon GO has placed in Mexico Cityyou can find its exact location by downloading the Niantic Campfire app.

To learn more about this Pokémon GO event, check out our complete guide.


How to use the fun Twitter bot that allows you to add music to videos or modify them completely

For years we have been talking about Twitter bots that are capable of performing all kinds of tasks automatically, such as ‘Thread Reader’, which allows us to transform threads into perfectly readable pages.

VideoEditBot (@editvideobot) is a bot that has been gaining popularity on the social network for a few months, since allows us to edit both photos and videos from a few simple commands.

You will receive an answer with the edition in a few seconds

Its creator, @pigeonburger, assures that he would never have done this without confinement due to the coronavirus: “I did not have the time or a reason to do it, but I decided to resume it during the quarantine.”

The commands are quite similar to those of other bots, and on this page we can find the complete list. Thanks to these commands we can pixelate, rotate, fade in / fade out, invert colors, blur, distort or download the video.

Another thing we can do, for example, is change or add music to a video. A good example can be found in a tweet published hours ago by @EscenasANHQV (an account that is dedicated to publishing fragments of the series ‘There is no one alive here’).

Make Emilio dance to a song with the video bot. You have to respond to this tweet by tagging editvideobot and typing “music = youtube link, musicskip = second of video,” both with a comma at the end (important). I do example below ⬇️

– Scenes ANHQV (@EscenasANHQV) December 13, 2020

As we can see, it is a video in which a character (Emilio) appears dancing. To add music to that sceneYou simply have to tag the bot (remember, @editvideobot) and write “music = youtube link, musicskip = second of video,” (replacing each field, obviously).

As indicated in the tweet, it is important not to forget to add the commas. Yes, this it will only work if we follow the bot on Twitter. In the answers we can find the funniest mashups, and here are some examples.

Emilio dancing to the music of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 13, 2020

Or to the rhythm of ‘Yo Quiero Bailar’, by Sonia and Selena:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 13, 2020

I have tried to use it, with the best known “song” Ibai Llanos, and the truth is that it works perfectly. In a matter of 20 seconds I got the answer with the edited video:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 14, 2020

As we said before, the list of commands is very wide, and we can make all kinds of modifications to the videos. We are going to show you some of the effects that can be easily achieved with this bot.

Distort both image and sound:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 14, 2020

Put the video in reverse:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 14, 2020

Or something as simple as adding text over the video:

– VideoEditBot (PLEASE READ PINNED!) (@Editvideobot) December 14, 2020

The possibilities are almost endless, and another interesting point is that on the bot’s website we can find the videos that we have created simply by entering our username on Twitter.


Brigitte Mulholland hangs a shingle in Paris, the most confusing gala of the year, and other juicy art world gossip

Fresh paint

Plus, who threw the hottest Christmas party in the art world this year? Which brothers from the art world chose the acoustic guitar?

  • Annie Armstrong

  • 10 minutes ago


I think 2023 may be the year the art world falls madly in love with. Paris. I understand! How can you not be seduced by the City of Lights, with all its magnificent architecture, its rich cuisine and, operationally, its very richer art collectors. If the surrounding energy Paris+ this year was an indicator, I’d say gay Paree is now THE happening place. Fresh paint can confirm this, because the wheels are now in motion for many new Yorkthe most faithful pillars to cross the pond.

This is certainly the case for Anton Kernthe director Brigitte Mulholland. “I can’t count the number of times someone asked me when I was going to open a gallery in Paris,” she told me on the phone from an ultra-chic restaurant. +33 Postal code. After nearly two decades working in New York, she has officially moved and will open her own gallery in New York. Swamp This April. “People know how much I love Paris! Everyone saw this coming for me and it stuck with me.

Mulholland said she will slowly roll out her roster of artists over the course of the year as she transitions out of her position at Kern. Wet Paint can confirm that artists whose solo exhibitions it has already planned next fall include Ryan Wilde And Sarah Dwyerand that she will kick off her programming with two back-to-back group shows with some heavy hitters in the mix, including Julie Curtiss, Hamish Chapman, Liz Glaessner, Andrew Sim, Sean FaderAnd Jessica Stoller. “It’s going to be full,” she said of her approach to her list. “I will work with emerging artists, established artists.”

So, did Mulholland’s choice come from enthusiasm for Paris or boredom in New York? Seems like it’s a bit of both. In his own words: “I’ve lived in New York for about 17 years and I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to there. Paris has always called me. It was something I thought I could never do, then suddenly I realized I could!

Personally, I completely identify with being a Francophile and look forward to the day when I can write my gossip column. Freiche painting from my pied-à-terre with a Serge Gainsbourg disc playing softly in the background. Until then, I look forward to seeing the gallery scene heat up as well as global collector interest in reinvigorating the city as an art destination. Mulholland’s space is on the Rue de Turennewhich sits in a hub alongside other galleries such as David Zwirner,

I also admire Mulholland for her awareness that an American Girl in Paris must pay her dues before becoming a full-fledged Parisienne. “ My goal is that I want give something in Paris, I don’t want to bring it back,” she said. “I love this place, I love the culture. I want to contribute and contribute to the gallery scene here.



Behold: A peak inside the Academy of Contemporary Art’s inaugural gala and awards ceremony. Photo courtesy of BFA.

Last week I introduced my beloved readers to the most photographed art world socialite of the year, a completely official award that went to the charming and frustratingly photogenic gallerist. Hannah Traore. However, calculating who went furthest where was not the only research I conducted, and this week I would like to inaugurate another official and important distinction: the WTF Wet Paint Price for the most mind-blowing PR blast I’ve received this year.

For the record, I estimate that I receive between twenty and thirty art-related press releases per working day, which, if you do that math, means that I travel 8,000 of these things sent to my inbox this year (which actually seems a little small? But I assure you that’s not how I feel when I sit down to pick my way through the thickets at the machete). The one that stopped me in my tracks actually happened this month:

A Peak Inside The Academy of Contemporary Art Inaugural Gala and Awards Ceremony,” read the subject line, which is the most remarkably vague name for a gala I’ve ever seen, complete with a winking namesake typo. eyes and you might miss it. to launch it. what would I tell you The Academy of Contemporary Art it is, but their website is just a link to an info@ email address and nothing else. Anyway, the prestigious academy threw a party at Miami this year at Paris Theaterand judging by the B.F.A. Picturesit was a kind of Oscarsstyle event for some quite random members of the art world.

According to their press release, the founder and producer of the event Grégoire Vogelsang said the following: “This evening, we celebrate the creation of the Academy of Contemporary Art. We will pay tribute to the artists. We’ll celebrate the professionals working behind the scenes in contemporary art, including curators, art restorers, lighting, design, installation and more. All these professionals who contribute to the evolution of contemporary art.

I know not everyone is a writer by trade, but I would put a lot of money on this speech being generated by AI. Anyway, according to the press release, the awards will be annual, so I will prepare my speech for next year. I would like to thank the Academy!


ICYMI: here is the CV submitted to @NYCMayor from the owner of Zero Bond, to be considered for a position on the Met Board.

-Christophe Robbins (@ChristRobbins) December 20, 2023

Hell’s Gateis an excellent deep dive into the sprawling and somewhat corrupt social network of Mayor Eric Adams East complete of Easter eggs, but my favorite has to be Zero link founder Scott Sartianothe candidacy of to be appointed to the encounterboard of directors… John Utterson moved from Pilar Corrias assume the role of director of CLEARING in New York… Apparently, the appetite for NFTThis is not the case completely stop suddenly, like LACMA recently added one by Krista Kim to his collection…


The launch of Andrew Kuo And Pascal Spengemannthe new line of pantyhose Shrits merch drew a line that wrapped around the block in Tribeca Last weekend *** Walter Robinson, Dana Schutzand scholar Jason Rosenfeld take a trip through Chelsea galleries gathered this week *** THE This year’s art world Christmas party was supposed to be Dean Kissick And Gavin Brownit’s a party TJ Byrnes this week *** Did my eyes deceive me, or did two of the art world’s most indelible brothers, Adam Lindemann And Nate Freeman, both are giving acoustic guitar performances this week? ***

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Analysis of Jusant, the beautiful journey to the clouds that I dream of becoming a Studio Ghibli film

“Jusant describes a marine phenomenon, specific to nautical coasts, in which sea level rises regularly from its highest point before receding to reach its lowest point, generally known as low tide.”

It is not just any term, it is not a random word that Don’t Nod has pulled out of its sleeve, but the French developers have chosen the noun to reflect your most particular world. The studio has presented us with gems of the caliber of Life is Strange or Vampyr, but all of them were always attached to a terrain that we already know. By the way, the creators themselves clear up all doubts about its pronunciation.

In the case of Jusant We are taken to an empty stage, a place where our protagonist barely has company and where water, the much coveted liquid, has completely disappeared. The journey from the base of the stone tower to its summit is full of beautiful pictures, beautiful corners and a very hard journey based on climbing.

Although I would like to put the comparisons out of my head, I can’t help it. Jusant is the Death Stranding of mountaineering, of which he has his gaze fixed upwards and on the points on which he can lean. Not only because of a mechanic based purely on the method of movement, but because of everything we contemplate throughout the process. An experience that is close to the well-worn mantra that video games are art.

Not a single word is spoken in the entire game. and the only testimony that the tower was once inhabited is found through notes that recount the last moments of life of the locals. The tower is divided into different sections, starting with a sunny beginning and ending with inclement weather in the highest parts. In all of them we will come across the remains of humanity, among their belongings made up of fishing nets, boats that no longer float and tools to go out to fish that no longer have prey to capture.

For an unknown reason, rain hasn’t fallen from the sky for too long. So much so that many doubt that it even existed, which is why they do not know the tremendous risk that comes with not progressively renewing the water. Discovering the cause of this drought will be our goal, so our skill in placing pitons and tying ropes will be essential.

Obviously, the vertical progression is constant, looking for natural supports such as crevices in the rock, a mill that has passed away or a saving ledge. However, We’re not exactly Nathan Drake., so trying to scale at full speed is not the most beneficial. In fact, we won’t be able to jump constantly, since we have a resistance bar that limits our ability to act.

It is the first call of Jusant for us to take their challenge patiently and calmly, because there is a lot to climb and no reward for getting there faster. We are not in a race, but rather facing the pure challenge of having a huge wall before us and knowing that we have to climb it. Of course, a little friend will help us shortly after the adventure begins.

Ballast is a small creature made of water that reveals the path we must follow, reveals clues hidden between the cracks and launches a very particular energy pulse. If we activate it, we will see how some plants grow in a flash and many others have cocoons that we can hold onto to reach a new point. Their work is essential for both of them to reach the top of the tower addition to guiding us to murals painted in stone about the tower’s past.

Not only does Ballast help, but the creatures that live in the tower will continue to go about their lives and we will take advantage of them. For example, tiny beings come out of holes carrying stones on their shoulders as they walk along a wall, so we will have to lean on them as they move to continue. In the same way, a kind of fireflies lift us several meters if we ask them to.

And with all this you swing in the void, you reach a support where you can rest, you perform double jumps along a facade and you shake your hand to relax it after so much tension during the climb. The heat incites the plants and consumes their cocoons, while the wind whips so hard that it can knock us off the cliff we are on. There is no skill tree, we do not find any improvement that helps us climb better, we simply arrive with what we are wearing and end up with the same toolbox on our back.

It is not necessary to know the terrain as if we were going to climb Everest, but they are details that provide interaction with the environment that culminates after four hours of departure in a beautiful ending, without the need for text, words or any other sound other than that of nature itself. Jusant reminds us of Studio Ghibli at times and its magnificent pulse between the purely artistic and the narration of a message that resonates. They are small moments, but they allow us to appreciate the great work done.

SamaGame’s opinion

There was a desire to Jusant and Don’t Nod has fulfilled the line that previous tests pointed to. The journey to the summit is full of mystery, beautiful scenery and an atmosphere that surrounds you with every grip you manage to reach. The work, due to its narrative nature, will connect more with those who are completely involved in the journey, but otherwise you will come across a title that focuses on beauty.

The soundtrack is really relaxing, the flora and fauna seem extremely friendly and everything that appears on the screen has the gift of being able to captivate. It lasts a sigh and perhaps it is for the best; Don’t arrive expecting a frenetic climb, the use of all kinds of mountaineering gear or anything similar. Just let yourself be rocked by vibrations that appear, sooner or later, but they are there.

Jusant Price

Jusant It can be obtained on the main platforms of PC (Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In all cases, the sale price is 24.99 euros, although it is also available at launch with Xbox Game Pass.

Jusant duration

Jusant’s campaign lasts around four hours, although it can be a little longer depending on whether you want to get all the collectibles. There are murals, notations and small stone towers to find, but they are very easy to find and would take you maybe an hour longer to do 100%.


Platforms PC (reviewed version), PS5 and Xbox Series
Multiplayer No
Developer Don’t Nod
Company Don’t Nod
Launch October 31, 2023

The best

  • A comforting and pleasant experience
  • The art direction is sublime
  • Climbing is fun…


  • …but you won’t find a challenge in it


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Delete, sell and release horse?

How do you actually remove and delete a horse from the stable in the new Zelda TotK? Can you sell registered horses and free up a horse slot in the stable? In the new Zelda adventure for the Nintendo Switch you can also catch different horses again. The horses can then be tamed and used as mounts. You should also register the horses at a stable in order to get the saddle and to be able to pick up the horse from any other stable in Hyrule. Anyone who has already tamed a few horses and registered them in the stable may ask themselves the question, can you delete a horse again?

Delete and release horse in Zelda TotK

In the stable itself there is no direct option with which you can delete a registered horse. There is also no option to release the horse or sell it for rubies. But there is another way to kick a registered horse out of the stable and make room for a new horse. All you have to do is catch another horse and if the stable spaces are all occupied and you travel to the stable keeper and want to register the animal, you will be asked which horse should be replaced.

The current limit is six horses that can be registered and kept in one stable at the same time. According to current information, the horse limit cannot be increased.

Kill horse to extinguish it

Alternatively, you can kill the horse again in Tears of the Kingdom and, for example, ride it down a cliff or simply shoot it with a bomb arrow to get rid of it. The option was already there in Breath of the Wild, even if it’s not exactly the gentlest method with which you can get rid of the horse and delete it, but it works.

At the stable you can also unlock and use the horse harness with the stable points you have collected.


The Comrade Major neural network will help reveal the identities of the owners of anonymous Telegram channels

The Russian company T.Hunter, specializing in cybersecurity, is testing a new technology for de-anonymizing Telegram channel owners.

The Comrade Major neural network imitates the work of experts in analyzing Telegram channels and studies various data, such as the content of posts, changes in the channel description, metadata of attached files. The developers claim that the neural network can process information “better and faster” than a human.

“AI is based on one of the most common text neural networks, which runs on our company’s servers. A Telegram bot was written to use it, which simplifies interaction with the software,” said Igor Bederov, head of the information and analytical research department at T.Hunter

In addition, “Comrade Major” can check information about legal entities by TIN: find out the registration date, number of employees, location and size of the company’s authorized capital.

In the future, T.Hunter wants to teach a neural network to search for data in social networks, phone numbers, email addresses and cryptocurrency wallets. The full version of the program should appear in 2024–2025. Target users are government and private entities involved in cybercrime investigations.


The Citroën ë-C3 unceremoniously points to the Dacia Spring and the MG4 Electric with its starting price (without aid)

In the absence of being able to test it thoroughly and with the technical sheet on the table, we can say that Citroën is going all in for the segment. cheap electric car. The new Citroën ë-C3, completely electric, wants to be a truly competitive alternative to the Dacia Spring as the most interesting electric and urban vehicle.

The question is whether it will be able to compete with MG and its MG4 Electric, which has been seen with aid below 20,000 euros. To convince, Citroën has presented an electric SUV, with an aesthetic that completely breaks with the already known model and that is closer to current European tastes.

Citroën ë-C3 technical specifications

Citroën ë-c3


Five-seater SUV


4.01 meters long, 1.76 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. Wheelbase and weight to be confirmed.


310 liters.


113 hp


Consumption to be confirmed. 44 kWh capacity battery.


Zero emissions


Mandatory ADAS systems such as cruise control with speed limiter, emergency braking, rear camera with parking assistance or driver fatigue detector.


Own software compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly. Central touch screen up to 10.25 inches. Instrument panel in Head-Up Display.



Plug-in HYBRID.



Yes. Version with 44 kWh LFP battery and 113 HP motor with up to 320 kilometers of autonomy.

price and release

First units in the second quarter of 2024. Price from 23,800 euros. Version of 20,490 euros in 2025.

Go for the access range with more than 300 kilometers of autonomy

Citroën completely forgets the image of friendly and simple car that it has had in the ë-C3 in its last generations. Aware that the electric car market is very competitive in terms of prices, and in case it had to put one more incentive on the table, it has transformed the utility vehicle into a four-meter SUV.

Its aesthetic is now more powerful, with more square shapes that, in addition, receive all the aesthetic details of the new hallmarks of the brand, whose logo has chosen to offer a more classic image. The two-tone bodywork helps to rejuvenate a model that gains in seriousness.

Inside, the interior opts for simplicity. The driver will have at hand a screen that in the most equipped versions will reach the 10.25 inches. In front of it, at the bottom of the dashboard, a small window (between the dashboard and the front window) will reflect the details related to driving.

Citroën maintains its line of selling vehicles that appear simple and easy to drive. For example, the steering wheel controls look large in the first photos and the center console includes physical controls for the climate control. The infotainment system will have widgets that facilitate interactions through the menus and will be wirelessly compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In the rear seats, habitability has been improved and it is expected that, with the new shapes of the ë-C3, access and comfort when moving around will be better. The trunk gains 10 liters and remains 310 liters finishes that are interesting for the urban use expected in this vehicle.

Of course, it comes with all the European safety requirements, with the required ADAS systems such as emergency braking, lane keeping system, driver fatigue alert or cruise control with speed limiter, among other systems. .

Regarding its mechanical capabilities, the Citroën ë-C3 will have a 113 HP electric motor that is limited to 135 km/h so as not to “melt” the battery. This is 44 kWh and promises WLTP autonomy of up to 320 kilometers. It is expected that the final figure, in intensive use in the city, will be close to this figure, since it is where an electric car stretches its autonomy the most.

This size of the battery also allows for recharging that will take little time despite not using very high powers. For example, going from 20 to 80% with a 7 kW AC charger is possible in about four hours and will be reduced to two and a half hours if an 11 kW charger is used. In direct current a charger of up to 100 kW can be used. In this case, it is possible to go from 10 to 80% autonomy in 26 minutes.

Regarding its price, the Citroën electric SUV will be sold in Spain from 23,800 euros, which would put the model in a truly competitive situation for those who can benefit from the MOVES III Plan, which reduces the price by up to 7,000 euros. These units should arrive in the second quarter of 2024 but, already in 2025, Citroën talks about offering a more restrained version for 20,490 euros.


experts contradict each other on the IQ and personality of the accused

  1. To welcome

  2. Business

  3. Justice

  4. Michel Fourniret

The question of the intelligence of Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife and her role in the criminal career of her ex-companion were at the center of the debates on Tuesday.

Published 12/12/2023 7:53 p.m.

Reading time: 2 minutes

A battle of experts animated the trial of Monique Olivier, Tuesday December 12. Psychologists have looked into the intelligence of Michel Fourniret’s ex-wife as well as her role in the killer’s criminal journey. Since 2004 and the arrest of Michel Fourniret, two visions have opposed each other and continue to clash before the Hauts-de-Seine Assize Court.

On Monique Olivier’s intelligence, and more particularly on her IQ, two experts brought opposing conclusions to the court on the subject. For the first expert, a Belgian psychologist, Monique Olivier presents an intelligence located in the low average, around 95 IQ. For the second, a French psychologist, on the contrary she has very high abilities, an IQ of 131, higher than that of Michel Fourniret. At the bar, the two experts accuse each other, one believes that his colleagues “the brushes are tangled”the other talks about “results that depend on the periods and emotional states of the accused”.

In the end, it is difficult to decide, even if a third and final evaluation carried out recently tends to point to slightly below average intelligence. Whatever happens, this question will not change the debates, believes Monique Olivier’s lawyer: “My client will be convicted and I will not appealsays Me Richard Delgenes, but the challenge here is rather to understand it better.

Submissive victim or active accomplice?

Monique Olivier’s personality also divides experts. Everyone agrees on one point: Monique Olivier’s lack of empathy, her inability to express her emotions. This is also what allowed him to last so long in the face of the horror of the crimes, according to experts. But when it comes to answering the central question, whether the accused was a submissive victim of Michel Fourniret or an active accomplice of the killer, the theories are diametrically opposed. For the first Belgian expert, the unbearable fear of abandonment and solitude is enough to explain why Monique Olivier never fled, why she was able to support the crimes and even participate in them. For this psychologist, there is no perversity in the accused, only, he says, total submission.

A theory totally contradicted by the second expert who speaks on the contrary of an aesthetic of perversity, of a complacency or even a fascination on the part of the accused. She was the muse, he said, of Michel Fourniret, the muse without whom the serial killer would not have had a criminal career of such magnitude. She derived from it, says the expert, a form of personal satisfaction. Twenty years of expert battle which will not have been enough, concluded the lawyer for the victims’ families at the end of the hearing, to unravel the unfathomable character of Monique Olivier.

gn headline


XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro: make the projector AirPlay-compatible – it’s that easy

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro has a smart Android operating system and can therefore be used without additional hardware, just like the manufacturer’s larger models (see: XGIMI Aura). However, if content is to be played from a second device without a cable, Apple users seem to face a problem at first:

While digital casts on the Android interface of the XGIMI projector are unsurprisingly possible without any problems, there is no AirPlay connection for iPhones and other Apple devices. The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is simply not displayed as a target device in the iOS and OSX selection.

Fortunately, it is easily possible to retrofit the missing AirPlay compatibility without any additional hardware. SamaGame explains step by step how to make the XGIMI projector AirPlay compatible:

This is how you retrofit AirPlay on the MoGo 2 Pro

  1. 1

    Start your projector and open the right option “Apps” in the top menu on the Android interface.

  2. 2

    Now scroll down to the end of the app selection.

  3. 3

    Click on the button that leads to the Google Play Store.

  4. 4

    Click in the search window to search for an app.

  5. 5

    Enter “magicast” in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

  6. 6

    Once the application with the red logo is found, click “Install”.

  7. 7

    Once the app is installed, you have to look for it in the app selection and open it.

  8. 8th

    Now you will be redirected to the settings to allow screen mirroring.

  9. 9

    Look for the switch for MagiCast and activate it with one click on the remote control.

  10. 10

    Now make sure that your Apple device and the XGIMI projector are in the same WLAN network.

  11. 11

    Now the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is displayed as the receiving device in the AirPlay menu for screen synchronization. You can also activate AirPlay directly via the buttons in streaming apps (here: the non-native Rakuten Viki service) and redirect your streams to the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro.


Piscines Élégance set up a “system to rip off and overcharge” customers, according to the court

A Quebec swimming pool installer who made headlines by threatening customers who refused to pay huge extras set up a “system to rip off and overcharge” consumers, the Superior Court has just ruled.

• Read also: Ruined by their new swimming pool: money-hungry installers threaten them

Piscines Élégance and its owner, Dominic Flamand, “clearly and voluntarily (…) set up a system of overbilling to enrich themselves,” said judge Carl Lachance in a decision rendered Monday following a civil suit.

The company’s regular subcontractor, Excava Plus, owned by former drug trafficker Patrick Laurendeau, was also part of the “project to dig deeper in order to charge extras to its clients,” added the Court. superior.

The court was studying the case of Simon Comtois, who retained the services of Piscines Élégance, in September 2021, to repair his damaged swimming pool. The work was then estimated at approximately $18,400.

The work took place from October 4 to 13, 2021, following which Piscines Élégance issued an invoice for nearly $145,000, or $80,000 for the excavation.

“The final price is seven times higher than the initial price,” underlines the magistrate.

Searches “not necessary”

Simon Comtois refused to pay this entire invoice. In court, Dominic Flamand demanded $103,000 from his client. Piscines Élégance maintains that its subcontractor had to dig further and fill no less than 37 trucks with contaminated soil during the work. According to him, this is an “unsuspected” extra.

However, “the expertise establishes that the excavation work over an excessive depth and width was unprecedented and unnecessary,” wrote the magistrate.

For comparison, the first swimming pool installer at Mr. Comtois would have dug to a depth of five and a half feet. Piscines Élégance would have had it dug six feet deeper. The excavation was such that a lake was created under the swimming pool and water continually accumulated there, according to an expert witness.

Additionally, the work performed did not resolve the customer’s initial problem. The pool is still sagging and it will take some $22,600 in additional work to correct everything, we can read.

“Tactics” to overload

Patrick Laurendeau, from Excava Plus, supervised the work. The latter was conspicuous by his absence at court.

“Laurendeau did not testify most likely because her version would have been prejudicial, especially since several clients complained to the Régie du logement du Québec about Excava Plus’ tactics to charge extras in similar cases” , writes Judge Lachance.

During the trial, it was mentioned that the RBQ had conducted an investigation into the practices of Excava Plus, meeting with customers of eight sites opened between 2020 and 2022.

“In each case, the facts are similar (…) The searches are too deep and too wide compared to what is requested (…) The extras sometimes represent more than double the offer price,” writes the judge, who recalls that the RBQ has since suspended Excava Plus’ permit.

“Wrongful behavior”

In the court’s opinion, Dominic Flamand’s testimony “is unreliable and its credibility doubtful.” Piscines Élégance should have adequately informed its client about the amount of extras, the opposite constituting “reprehensible and wrongful conduct”.

Dominic Flamand thus “failed in his duty of good faith” and imagined a “system so that his company abuses its customers”, concludes the magistrate. The court thus rejected the $103,000 lawsuit filed by Piscines Élégance and instead ordered the company and its owner to pay more than $42,000 to Simon Comtois.

Remember that the Bureau of Investigation revealed, at the beginning of the year, that Piscines Élégance and Excava Plus had allegedly threatened customers who refused to pay tens of thousands of dollars in extras billed without warning or justification.

Piscines Élégance is currently facing a dozen civil suits, linked to customers who feel cheated. In one case from 2022, the company charged $177,000 more on a $92,000 bill.

The taxman is asking him for nearly $60,000

Debts and worries are piling up for Piscines Élégance, while Revenu Québec is now demanding nearly $60,000 from it.

According to documents obtained by our Investigation Office, Piscines Élégance owes more than $56,000 to the Quebec tax authorities in taxes and some $2,300 in taxes, for the years 2022 and 2023.

In June, our Bureau of Investigation also revealed that the State had taken as guarantee the residence of the owner of Piscines Élégance, Dominic Flamand. The Attorney General of Quebec then demanded more than $14,000 from him for six unpaid tickets in recent years.

Remember that Piscines Élégance made the headlines at the beginning of the year for having given a nightmare to several clients who had retained its services for the installation of their in-ground pool.

The company’s website, Facebook page and premises are closed today. At the end of last March, Dominic Flamand formed a new company specializing in the installation of swimming pools called “Fibre de verre Pro”.

With Philippe Langlois

Do you have any information to share with us about this story?

Write to us at or call us directly at 1 800-63SCOOP.



The 9 coolest gadgets of CES 2024: robots, TVs and the successor to the smartphone

CES is the biggest gadget party of the year, because tech companies in Las Vegas show the coolest new products. We have listed the nicest and most striking CES 2024 gadgets for you.

CES 2024 gadgets: the successor to the smartphone?

The year has only just started, but parties are already starting in the United States. For fans of films and series, the Golden Globes and Emmys are the highlight, but for gadget enthusiasts, CES 2024 is the place to be.

In case you don’t know, CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is a huge tech trade show that has been held in Las Vegas since 1967. Here the big tech companies show their latest gadgets. This year there is again plenty to look at greedily, so we present the best CES 2024 gadgets in this article.

1. Ballie: robot with a projector

Samsung introduces a new version of its ball-shaped robot Ballie, which keeps your home safe. The cheerful-looking robot can control the various devices in the house, has a camera so you can watch and even a projector to place screens on the wall or floor.

2. LG Signature OLED T: transparent television

If you don’t watch television, you will be left with a large, black area in your living room. LG has come up with a solution for this with its transparent television. You can simply look through this screen when you are not streaming.

You can also watch normal television, but it is more fun to place images on the screen with a transparent background. This gives you the illusion of a hologram.

3. LG Smart Home AI Agent: cheerful robot for your home

LG has a robot similar to Ballie, which monitors your house while you watch via the camera or talk via the speaker. The AI ​​technology allows the robot to understand its environment, but also your commands.

Thanks to built-in sensors, the robot knows whether the air quality, humidity and temperature in the house are OK, and then provides tips on improvements. You will even receive a notification if you have left a window open while you are no longer at home.

4. Rabbit R1: successor to the smartphone

This small, orange AI device may be the start of a smartphone-free future. The makers find it annoying that you always have to find the right app on phones and then learn how to use that app.

With the Rabbit OS operating system you should be able to do the same things, but this happens invisibly while you give all your commands via voice control. The Rabbit R1 can now be pre-ordered for 184.95 euros and will be delivered from March.

5. MSI Claw: Competition for the Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck is a great success. This handheld is a small PC for playing games on the go or on the couch. There is more and more competition on the market, including the ASUS Rog Ally and now MSI also wants to participate through the Claw.

The Claw stands out for its powerful Intel processor, while the Steam Deck and ROG Ally use an AMD processor. Some games will therefore run better on one device or another. The MSI Claw is available from $699 and will be available in stores at the end of February.

6. HRM-Fit: heart rate measurement for women

Garmin comes with a heart rate monitor especially for women. That sounds strange, because women’s hearts don’t work any differently than men’s. The difference is in the way you attach this HRM-Fit.

You can attach this to a sports bra. This should provide a better experience compared to a band that shifts during exercise. The HRM-Fit is now for sale for 159.99 euros.

7. iLume Dog Bowl and Collar

Even your dog is not safe from artificial intelligence. The company iLume wants to monitor the health of your four-legged friend with a combination of a smart food bowl and a collar.

The collar serves as a kind of Fitbit, which monitors your dog’s activity and sleep. The system also knows how much your dog eats via the food bowl. You will then receive tips on how many calories your dog needs to combat obesity.

8. Ultrahuman Home: a tracker for your home

You may know Ultrahuman from its smart rings that monitor your health and activity. Now the company wants to do the same with your home through the Ultrahuman Home.

This device measures, among other things, air quality, humidity, noise and light in a room, and then gives you tips on how to improve the situation. This data is of course combined with the data from the rings, for more tips on sleeping better or working better.

9. Skyted Mask: Talk in complete privacy

With this Skyted mask over your mouth you can talk without the person next to you hearing. Handy if you want to make calls on the plane, for example. The mask looks like an average face mask that we all wore a few years ago, but slightly thicker.

You decide how much should be muted in your own bubble. The muting can also be turned off to talk to the person next to you. Your voice will then be slightly amplified. The Skyted Mask now costs $299 for early birds. The mask will later cost $399.

The smartphones of CES 2024

In addition to the CES 2024 gadgets, smartphones were of course also shown. The ASUS ROG Phone 8 has been officially revealed and the Oppo Find X7 Ultra has an impressive camera. There is also a new Galaxy Xcover 7 and Tab Active 5.


Google Play has started identifying the 2GIS application as malicious. 2GIS says it is safe

Users began to report that Google Play began to identify the 2GIS mapping service application as malicious.

The market message states that 2GIS is “trying to gain access to personal data such as SMS, photos, audio recordings and call logs.” The service stated that this statement is not true:

These notifications are related solely to Google’s policies and are the same for all applications that are temporarily unavailable on Google Play.

— 2GIS press service

The Russian company explained that it was requesting access to the microphone and call log so that users could make search queries by voice and call organizations directly from the application. Access to SMS is needed to automatically enter a code that is sent to the user when registering in the application.

Let us remind you that Google removed the 2GIS application from its store in May 2023. (TASS)


Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life: Pickles Recipe

How to cook the pickles in the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life? What ingredients do you need for the recipe for the pickled vegetables? In the past few days, perhaps one or the other player who has bought the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life for the PC or the console will deal with these questions. In addition to the daily field work and working with the animals, there are many other activities in the new Story of Seasons, including the search for a suitable partner, marriage, excavations, but also the preparation of dishes and completing orders . In the course of the game you need different dishes, such as the pickled vegetables. The only question is how to prepare the pickled vegetables?

Preparing pickled vegetables: recipe and ingredients

For the pickled vegetables you need two ingredients and that is the carrot and the sweet beet. As some of you have probably already recognized from the name, you cannot buy the carrot seeds or the sweet beet seeds directly from Vesta. The seeds can only be obtained by crossing two other seeds. In order to be able to cross the seeds, one must in turn unlock Vinnie. In the second year of spring, Takakura approaches you and introduces you to Vennie, who can also be found in Takakura’s house afterwards. After increasing friendship, Vennie can cross two seeds to create new crops, including the Sticky Carrot and Sweet Turnip.

  • Carrot + turnip = stick carrot
  • Rutabaga + sweet potato = sweet turnip

The seeds of the carrot and the sweet turnip can then be planted between winter and summer and then harvested. From the two crops you can then prepare the pickled vegetables you are looking for in the kitchen.

We have already summarized further information on crossing plants in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life in another article.


Grounded: Acid Damage Explained

Obsidian Entertainment has made a cooperative survival game, Grounded, which places you in the tiny and dangerous micro-world of a suburban garden and challenges you to stay alive. If you remember the movie, Honey, I reduced the children, you probably have back problems, and this game will take you back to that movie.

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What is acid grounding damage and how does it work?

The world of Grounded is very cruel and unforgiving, and you need all the help you can get to survive in this unwelcoming environment. Choose your armor and your tools is of great importance for survival. Some equipment has attributes that increase certain stats. Among other things, acid status effects and attacks are also associated with certain items.

Effects of acidic state

The general property of acid attacks is to ignore all enemies armor buffs. This works both ways, so insects can harm you with acid attacks, but you can also harm them. If you equip Fire Ant Armoryou will get the Corrosion status effect. This effect will give you a 10% chance to debuff the enemy with acid. If you successfully debuff your enemy, it will cause them to take 15% more damage for 10 secondsregardless of their status effect.

Acid Armor Enhancement Effects

Selecting the “Stylish” path when upgrading armor at a Smithing Station will unlock the special effects known as Armor Upgrade Effects, which are specific to each armor set .

Fire Ant Armor

Each piece of armor or outfit in the game has a different bonus. We have already mentioned Fire Ant Armor, and you can upgrade it with Acid Damage Buff. This upgrade will increase the damage of acid attacks dealt by players by 10%.

Termite armor

Additionally, you can upgrade Termite armor with the Cloud of dust, which gives a 10% chance of releasing a cloud when hitting a creature. This cloud will slow enemies’ movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 20%but will also publish a acid splash for 5 damage.

Armor Set Bonus

Each armor set can give you a special set bonus when wearing all armor pieces at the same time. Fire Ant Armor gives you a Acid Splash Bonuswhich gives your melee attack a 10% chance To free a second acid splash that deals an additional 25 damage. The splash can hit targets at any distance. Additionally, acid damage simply ignores the resistance and defense of all enemies.


The Witcher 3: Patch 3.7 for Switch solves problems with cloud saves

  • Witcher 3 has received a new update for the Switch
  • This should solve problems with the data transfer from and to Steam or GOG
  • There is also a new patch for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has received the new update 3.7 for the Nintendo Switch.

The Complete Edition of The Witcher 3 for the hybrid console was released over a year ago. This should now be even better with another update. The patch notes show that problems with cloud saves from Steam or GOG in particular have been resolved.

A bug blocked the game progress when transferring saved games. Furthermore, the language and font for simplified Chinese in the game are said to have been improved. There are also numerous bug fixes and general stability improvements.

Switch update 1.0.2 for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales improves data transfer

The spin-off RPG Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales also received the new update 1.0.2 for the Nintendo Switch version. This is also primarily intended to improve the data transfer of saved statuses between the PC and console version. With the update, Thronebreaker also gets bug fixes and an optimization of the stability, as the patch notes reveal.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is based on the online trading card game Gwent, which was also released as a free-to-play title in 2016 as a spin-off of the Witcher series. In Thronebreaker, Gwent becomes an RPG: The combat mode consists entirely of card game duels.

With Thronebreaker, CD Projekt Red created not only a small franchise offshoot, but a surprisingly extensive, independent single player campaign. You can read whether the role-playing game was able to convince in the test of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

Order The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from Amazon

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A factory of digital cretins: on whether we are creating the first generation with “lower IQ than their parents”

‘Digital Natives’ are the first children with lower IQ than their parents“With that provocative headline, the BBC published a few days ago an interview with Michel Desmurget, a French researcher who has just published in Spain ‘The digital cretin factory’, a book about screens, myths and neuroscience. And, as a journalist, I get it, it’s a round phrase, it has a catch and it works well.

The only problem is that it is not accurate. And it is not something that only I say, Desmurget himself recognizes in his book something that we have been holding for years: that “digital natives” don’t exist. Furthermore, in the same interview, he explains that, “unfortunately, it is not yet possible to determine the specific role of each factor, including for example pollution (especially early exposure to pesticides) or exposure to screens. ”

That is to say, Desmurget catches a well known phenomenon: the stagnation of the “Flynn effect” (the steady rise in intelligence scores around the world that researchers have been looking at for over a century) and relates it to the advent of digital culture, recognizing that it is simply not possible. It is somewhat striking because his book makes much needed work ‘demolishing’ unjustified myths that try to hide the negative effects of digital culture and screens. Precisely what he does in this interview; but in the opposite direction.

A generation with less IQ than their parents?

Lets start by the beginning. In 1984, New Zealand researcher James R. Flynn realized that curiously Americans’ mean IQ scores had grown “massively” between 1932 and 1978. Picking up on this idea, a few later, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their controversial book ‘The Bell Curve’ coined the term “Flynn effect” to refer to how the results of intelligence tests rose dramatically around the world.

Were we getting smarter? In a technical sense, we could say yes. General intelligence, one of the most curious psychological traits we have found, seemed to be growing year after year in each subset of the world population that we studied. Although it was never really known what was happening, there are several explanations that were on the table: from improvements in nutrition and sanitation to an improvement in education (or that the trend towards smaller families allowed parents to dedicate more resources to them ), dozens of factors have been proposed to explain this growth.

In 2004, while examining Norwegian intelligence test data between 1950 and 2002, Jon Martin Sundet realized that growth had stalled. This “slowdown” of the Flynn Effect began to be confirmed in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia or Iceland; And indeed, the latest Norwegian studies not only expanded on the idea, but began to point out that, beyond the stagnation, the results were starting to get worse.

And, as Desmurget finely points out in the interview, we don’t know why either. Thousands of pages have been written about the causes (genetic or environmental) that may have been behind this growth and decline. IQ throughout the 20th century, but we have not come up with a scheme with which we can agree. What we do know is that this stagnation (and subsequent decline) only affects some specific countries. Meanwhile, globally the world’s average intelligence continues to grow.

Therefore, although it is imprecise to say that the young people of this generation will have a lower IQ than that of their parents (in most places, that’s just a lie), this is not the biggest problem. Taking into account the future that the most developed countries draw and that IQ has traditionally been considered a key factor in the future well-being of individuals, the biggest problem is that we don’t know why this happens. And, indeed, assigning it to the screens is not an answer: it is simplistic.

To what extent are screens a problem?

Michel Desmurget

However, if we leave the interviews aside and go to his written assignments, Desmurget and I agree on this. Above all, because what interests him is not intelligence. Desmurget is a researcher specialized in cognitive neuroscience who has dedicated several books to the world of screens and how they affect cognitive performance. The first, from 2011, was called ‘TV lobotomie’; the second, which is published now, is called ‘The Digital Cretin Factory’.

He is well aware of what the effects of screens can and cannot explain and, in that sense, the book has very interesting findings: for example, it devotes several chapters to demolishing popular ideas such as ‘digital natives’ or the belief that technology is always positive for the cognitive development of children and adolescents. In addition, it reviews quite accurately the methodological limitations of the most popular studies that have been put forward in favor of the safety of new technologies. Finally, it does a good summary of arguments against screens (arguments that we will talk about in the near future).

However, often he makes many of the mistakes that he himself points out with the intention of “getting society out of its protechnological dream”. And it is that, although it is true that screens have an impact on the functional and structural development of the brain; Moreover, although we must denounce the ‘myths’ that reject that there may be problems in that digital Arcadia, the truth is that the changes that today’s youth are undergoing go far beyond the screens. Deep down, the world is immersed in a huge social experiment that we do not know where it will take us. Nobody knows, not those who are in favor, nor those who are against.

So behind all of Desmurget’s inflated rhetoric, what we find is a call to reflection. It’s not that new technologies are making us dumber; but we have to learn to use it for our interests, those of society as a whole. The problem, and in that Desmurget is right, is that it is much easier said than done.

Source : Engadget


Android tips: What can you do with an old smartwatch?

Congratulations on your new smartwatch! In this edition of Android tips we show what you can do with an old smart watch.

Android tips for old smartwatches

Many people keep their old smartwatch in the drawer. That’s quite a shame, because there are more than enough ways to give the watch a second life, or to earn something from it.

In this edition of Android tips we show what you can do with an old smartwatch. The list is certainly not complete, but hopefully we will help you on your way.

1. Reuse old smartwatch

Starting with the simplest solution. After all, you can also just keep an old smartwatch on hand. If your current watch suddenly breaks down, you always have a spare model on hand.

You can also continue to use an old smartwatch, for example as a sleep tracker. By wearing the watch at night, you can map your sleep pattern and see how effective your night’s sleep was. An additional advantage is that your new watch always has enough power, because it can be charged overnight.

Also useful: use your old watch as a cycle computer or sports buddy. The average smartwatch is packed with sensors that can measure, among other things, the kilometers traveled, average speed and the number of calories burned.

2. Recycle

There are only winners in recycling old smartwatches. You may not think about it, but a discarded clock is packed with precious materials such as gold, platinum and silver.

By recycling a smartwatch, no new raw materials need to be extracted and the mountain of electronic waste (e-waste) will in any case not increase.

You can recycle an old smartwatch in several ways. When you buy a new watch, you can often leave the old model with the seller, but you can also find return bins for electronic waste in the hardware store or large supermarket. The WeCycle website shows collection points near you.

3. Sell

Smartwatches seem to be getting more and more expensive, but you can keep the price down by selling the old model. The value depends, among other things, on the specific model, its external condition and technical condition. Depending on these conditions, you can ask for a few tens to hundreds of euros.

Those who do not feel like negotiating with private individuals on Marktplaats or in Facebook groups can also sell directly to companies. There are several companies specialized in buying second-hand electronics, such as smart watches.

These websites actually always work the same. First you register your old clock via the website, after which a bid will be made. If this amount is sufficient, you send the package (usually free of charge). The buyer will then check the old smartwatch and pay out if the watch matches expectations.

4. An original gift

Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone has one. An old smartwatch is therefore an ideal gift – provided it still looks neat, of course.

By giving away your clock, others can easily become acquainted with all the benefits, without having to break the bank.

5. Hobbying

Are you a hobbyist? Or would you like to become more adept with technology? You can also take your old watch apart and subject it to a so-called .

In these types of videos, gadgets, such as smartwatches, are taken apart to see how everything works under the hood. Of course, you can also do this yourself. Who knows, you might learn something about the underlying technology, or at least find out what not to do.

Are you a real Handy Harry? Then the possibilities are virtually endless and you can creatively reuse an old smartwatch. For example, there are videos on the internet of people transforming their watches into a retro alarm clock or making a completely new watch with old materials.

6. An alarm clock or flashlight

Don’t want a smartphone in the bedroom, but do you need an alarm clock to wake up? An old smartwatch is ideal for this. You don’t even have to wear it, because you can just put it on your bedside table.

Speaking of which, you can also use a smart watch as a flashlight. Of course, you shouldn’t expect too much from this – as soon as you turn on the flashlight mode, the screen turns white (or yellow) – but the screen shines bright enough to navigate through the house at night, for example, without any problems.

More Android tips

Do you have any original ideas for using an old smartwatch? Then let us hear from you in the comments.


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Best perks for each character in Warhaven

In Warhaven, you will find two types of characters – Soldiers And Immortals. Soldiers are stock characters that you play as for most of the game, and Immortals are powerful heroes born after the Immortal Power Gauge is full. There are six types of soldiers and four types of immortals. In this article we bring you all their strengths and weaknesses.

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Main Character Perks in Warhaven

We’ll start the list with the strongest characters in the game and gradually move on to the weaker ones. We’ll detail each character and the weapons they carry, as well as tips on how to get the most out of each character.


The martyr is a Immortal who specializes in close combat.

  • Strengths: Guard breaks, An excellent team player who fights equally well with all classes.
  • Weaknesses: None notable, one of the strongest characters in the game.
  • SKILLS: Indomitable, Pierce, Punishment and Dash.
  • Armed: One-handed sword and shield.
  • Floor: High.


The blade is defective Soldier in Warhaven. He fights with a balanced skills.

  • Strengths: Wide range of attacks, blocks Dash attack, can fight against different types of enemies.
  • Weaknesses: Some of his abilities are ineffective against some enemies.
  • SKILLS: Ox Slash, Dash and Hilt Bash.
  • Armed: Long sword.
  • Floor: High.


A tutor is a Soldier whose main tasks are to protect its allies and disrupt the enemy.

  • Strengths: Crowd control, can take a lot of hits, holds his own.
  • Weaknesses: It takes a long time to go from attacking to blocking, and his blocking abilities aren’t very good.
  • SKILLS: Shield Charge, Shield Wall, Dash and Resilience.
  • Armed: Shield and mace.
  • Floor: Weak.

Dark gale

Darkgale is a strong Immortal who crosses the battlefield and fights on his horse.

  • Strengths: On a certain type of terrain, it is extremely effective in combat.
  • Weaknesses: Loses momentum easily.
  • SKILLS: Great Harvest, Iron Will, Rear Up, Drift and Dark Dash.
  • Armed: Spear.
  • Floor: B to A.


Raven is a Immortal. Its specialty is to bombard its enemies from a distance.

  • Strengths: Bombardment, crows assisting in the fight.
  • Weaknesses: Very static, an easy target for targeted attacks.
  • SKILLS: Rain of Heels and Elude.
  • Armed: Staff.
  • Floor:B.

war hammer

Warhammer is a Soldier. He fights with a balanced skills.

  • Strengths: Shield Break, Headbutt, Spike Balls, strong attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Collision.
  • SKILLS: Hammer strike, headbutt, ground slam and dash.
  • Armed: Hammer.
  • Floor: A.


Spike is a Soldier who is well equipped for ranged combat. She keeps her enemies at bay.

  • Strengths: Charge attacks while keeping enemies at bay.
  • Weaknesses: To dodge.
  • SKILLS: Impale, Spear Combo, Spear Parry and Dash.
  • Armed: Spear.
  • Floor: Medium.


Smoke is a Soldier which is vital for every team. She heals her allies with survival kills.

  • Strengths: Healing, mobility, knock-up.
  • Weaknesses: Projectile redirection ability.
  • SKILLS: Healing Smoke, Smoke Clone, Smoke Explosion, Wall of Smoke, Dash.
  • Armed: Staff.
  • Floor:S.

To silence

Shh is a Soldier. Its goal is to disorient enemies and exploit their weaknesses.

  • Strengths: Sprint attacks, blocking, horizontal attacks.
  • Weaknesses: Low HP
  • SKILLS: Focus, Sandstorm, Scorpion Tail, Dash and Focus Gauge.
  • Armed: Curved blade.
  • Floor:B.


Hoet is a Immortal. He is known as the master of life and death.

  • Strengths: Inflicts significant damage, helps allies and has powerful attacks.
  • Weaknesses: None notable.
  • SKILLS: Sustained immunity, loan immunity, absolution, remote resurrection, and ally resurrection.
  • Armed: Stick.
  • Floor:S.

How to choose a character in Warhaven?

What we could recommend when choosing a character in Haven of war is to adapt it to your Gameplay style And fighting style. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages which are very specific and tailored.

Choose carefully, recognize which character you could bring the most to your team with and collect as many points as possible for a high rank. Good game !


Lenovo Legion Tower 5i – Review

The cabinet chosen for this line is the Color Panthom Black which has sober but decisive lines: a 28 liter midtower with dimensions of 457x184x455 cm for approximately 12 kg of weight. It is made of a mixture of rigid plastic and black brushed aluminum, two different surfaces but the combination of which is aesthetically very pleasant. On the rigid plastic front, an inward sloping air intake stands out at the bottom, while in the upper part, the LED-lit Legion symbol is placed in a texture with oblique lines. On the left side, the aluminum panel is fitted with a plexiglass window with the word Legion on one side which allows you to see the components mounted inside. On the right side, the panel is completely made of aluminum while at the rear are the inputs for the power supply, the video card, the USB and Ethernet ports as well as the audio jacks. On the upper part, in rough plastic, detaches the carrying handle, incorporated in a spoiler inclined at 45 °.

The machine supplied by Lenovo for this test equips a Maxun B460M motherboard with an Intel i7-10700 processor at a speed of 2.90 GHz, two banks of 8 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2933 Mhz for a total of 16 GB, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU with 6GB of video memory and a 1TB SSD, all powered by a 400W ES Gold power supply. As for the connectivity on the top next to the on / off button, it There is a single combo audio jack for headphone and microphone and two USB 3.2 ports while on the rear a USB 3.2 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port and three audio jacks.

It is certainly a mid-range configuration but it should be noted that the choice of components offered by Lenovo is very varied and guarantees solutions adapted to all desires. For example, the fleet of GPUs you can choose from ranges from the GeForce RTX 2060 6GB to the RTX2080 Super 8GB, or from the AMD Radeon RX 5500 4GB to the 5700XT 8GB. Processor models go up to the tenth generation Intel® Core i9-10900, RAM starts from a minimum of 8 GB up to a maximum of 64 GB as well as the SSD storage cuts start from a base of 256 GB to get up to to 2 TB of allocation space. The possibility to choose the power model is also varied and includes three models of 350W, 400W and 650W respectively.

Cooling is guaranteed by the Legion Coldfront 2.0 system which includes two large fans installed respectively at the front for suction and at the rear for expelling air, with improved thermal fins and a CPU cooler. The different components work in synergy to ensure efficient air circulation inside the case and optimal cooling of the components. Via the software, you can choose between three different ventilation modes: silent, balanced or rated for performance with a gradual increase in noise depending on this choice. It is logically assumed that the selection of the latter occurs following the use of games which require a great deal of computing power and therefore the need for a greater cooling capacity of the components which will inevitably tend to heat up.

All components are manageable and configurable via the Lenovo Vantage, a pre-installed software belonging to the Hong Kong multinational that incorporates various features, some very interesting. On the home screen there is a monitoring section that allows you to view the main hardware components and know in real time the clock speed at which the processor is moving, the amount of RAM and video memory used and the percentage of space allocated to storage. A System Tools section allows you to update the operating system, dynamically adjust the thermal performance of the power supply, improve the visual experience and configure the properties of the screen and finally an extremely detailed analysis hardware with the ability to choose from dozens of performance and efficiency tests.

In other dedicated sections you can select ventilation mode, network optimization, automatic shutdown, use of Dolby Surround and WiFi connection security. Finally, there is a section in which to select and customize RGB lighting profiles and a section dedicated to the Legion Game Store.

Tests carried out with the help of various reference programs give the idea of ​​the excellent usability in the workplace of this PC. In those made for the CPU using Cinebench R20, the 2.90 GHz Intel Core i7-10700 scored 2994 points while with PCMark 10, software that simulates the use of various applications dedicated to productivity, it scored 6637 In graphics tests, the GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GPU with Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 scored 2893 with the preset set to Extreme while with the 3DmarkTime Spy it scored 7161. Regarding the test of storage speed, performance of 1TB SSD recorded on CristalDiskMark it made about 3528MB / s read and about 2967MB / s write. The values ​​obtained are excellent and perfectly in line with those expected from a computer of this range.

To test the game performance of this Legion Tower 5i we have chosen to try a few games selected according to the complexity and the beauty of the graphics such as in the case of Control, a third person action game in which you can enjoy the wonders offered by Ray Tracing technology which calculates in real time the path and interaction of light rays with surfaces, making the environments and shadows of games incredibly realistic.

The game Remedy has a game engine that allows for extraordinary interaction with the game world, excellent physics handling, and has one of the most compelling ray tracing available today. It was tested in Full HD mode with video resolution set to 2560 × 1080 and despite RTX set to ON, the graphics card and processor managed to ensure a constant frame rate which allowed you to enjoy the effects of incredible lighting in peace. shadows.

Then tested without the help of this amazing technology, the game gains a bit more FPS but loses much of the charm and beauty of gaming environments which are less realistic, showing once again how much this feature has. an impact on the future of the industry. video game. Updating or renewing your PC regardless of this is a mistake to be avoided.

So we decided to give Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins a try, which offers a huge open world to explore and a complex graphics engine capable of overloading any material. With the details set to maximum and the video resolution set to 2560 × 1080 during an internal in-game benchamark, the FPS average settled on the value of 61, decreasing only on rare occasions, and during very short moments, below 60. Despite the great distances offered by the view of the game and the massive presence of characters and objects simultaneously on the screen, the game experience was extremely pleasant and the stunts performed by protagonist Bayek unfolded without slowing down or uncertainties.

Finally, we passed the test of The Division 2, Massive Entertainment’s third-person shooter co-ops, which allowed us to explore the streets of a Washington devastated by an epidemic that has collapsed all forms of government and of justice. The benchmark performed with the graphics quality set to Ultra at the resolution of 2560 × 1080 returned an average result of 55 FPS with GPU usage at 94% and CPU usage at 38%. During the gaming session the graphics engine was handled carefree during the most excited phases in the presence of explosions and particle effects, while the response to commands was brilliant and responsive.

The Legion Tower 5i with the hardware configuration that Lenovo gave us is in all respects considered a mid-range PC. By setting the resolution to Full HD with all details at maximum and RTX ON if possible, it performed very well and it was possible to play all the chosen titles without uncertainties and with sporadic slowdowns and without impact on usability overall. The low weight and the handle incorporated into the case make it easy to carry while the Lenovo Vantage software turned out to be a pleasant surprise and a welcome bonus for geeks who like to control and customize every aspect of their computer. The cooling of the 28 liter volume of the case is very efficient thanks to the Legion Coldfront system and the internal layout of the improved fans and fins.

It is a very quiet case and this feature also makes it suitable for production use. Additionally, the noise intensity can be configured via software with the ability to automatically set the maximum mode if a game is started. In this case, the configuration will revert to the original configuration as soon as the game is closed. The variety of light effects is a bit sparse, if on one side the rear fan is multi-colored and with various programmable effects, the internal cabinet lighting is monochrome. The CPU cooling consists of a fan installed obliquely on the radiator and being visible, thanks to the transparent panel, it is not aesthetically the best while the connectivity is sufficient and will guarantee the strict minimum.

In short, everything is perfect then? Unfortunately no: the price at which this version is offered is quite high compared to the hardware it offers and 1800 euros including tax for our build are far too demanding, especially given the GeForce 2060 GPU of 6 GB and a power supply of 400 watts. Ok the convenience of pre-assembly and warranty, but in this price range we expect at least an 8 GB 2070 and a power supply of at least 600 watts. We advise you to keep an eye on the Lenovo site for offers which may make you opt for the higher class versions or for a price reduction which makes this version more attractive.

Site that will put this solution on sale in Italy from August: if you are looking for a pre-assembled PC that alleviates the burden of scrupulous search for compatible hardware and tedious assembly, also by virtue of the extreme configurability that lets you choose from multiple configurations, this Lenovo solution may be right for you, but be prepared for a hefty expense.

Tech Specs :

Processor Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-10900K
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
  • Up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Super 8GB
  • Up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 8GB
  • Up to NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 Super 6GB
  • Up to AMD Radeon™ RX 5700XT 8GB
Memory Up to 64GB DDR4
  • Up to 2TB PCIe SSD
  • Up to 2TB or 2 x 2TB HDD
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • 650W: ES gold
  • 400W: ES gold
  • 350W: ES bronze
Audio Dolby Atmos® Gaming Effect
Motherboard CML B460 MATX MB
Volume 28L
Dimension (W X L X H) 457mm x 184.5mm x 455.8mm / 17.99″ x 7.26″ x 17.94″
Weight Starting at 12.5kg / 27.6lb
Color Phantom Black
  • Intel® WiFi 6 (802.11 ax)
  • Intel® WiFi 5 (802.11 ax)
Bluetooth Bluetooth® 5.0
Front Ports
  • 2 x USB-C 3.2 (Gen 1)
  • Headphone / mic combo
Rear Ports
  • USB-C 3.2 (Gen 1)
  • 2 x USB-A 3.2 (Gen 1)
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • RJ45 Ethernet

Actual I/O configuration is determined by graphic card selection.

Preloaded Software
  • Legion Vantage for Gaming
  • McAfee LiveSafe™
  • Microsoft 365 30-day trial
  • Microsoft LinkedIn
  • PowerDVD / Power2Go


Fashion-conscious, ___y: This is how the Ganondorf was created “to fall in love with” in Tears of the Kingdom

A recent issue of Nintendo Dream featured a developer interview on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. A section was dedicated to the antagonist Ganondorf, including his design and depiction in the game.

The interviewer notes that Tears of the Kingdom is the first game involving director Hideomaro Fujibayashi to install Ganondorf as a villain. We remember: Fujibayashi is an old series hand. He has already taken a seat in the director’s chair for the “Oracles” games, “Minish Cap”, “Skyward Sword” and “Breath of the Wild”.

“Tears of the Kingdom” solidifies Ganondorf as a character

Fujibayashi explains. “For me, Ganondorf is untouchable or something that is very difficult to touch. He is an important figure in the long history of the Zelda series. I even thought that Ganondorf was like another protagonist.” He continues: “Ganondorf is evil personified to the people of Hyrule, but he is also a “king” with his own dignity and way of thinking, as a demon king and also as King of Gerudo.”

Series producer Eiji Aonuma adds: “This is the first time that Ganondorf is seen killing on screen, which shocked me.” So far, Ganondorf has only been gently portrayed as evil, “but in my opinion he had to be that way for this world be a villain, otherwise the story wouldn’t work. “Even though I’ve been portraying Ganondorf for a long time, I think this game really solidified his character,” explains Aonuma.

As ___y as he is evil

Ganondorf’s new look is also discussed in the interview. Fujibayashi had specific wishes. He didn’t want to just make Ganondorf look violent. The designers fulfilled his wish to “make him look overwhelmingly evil while at the same time being handsome enough that both men and women would fall in love with him.”

In addition, Ganondorf was supposed to have “a strong sense of beauty and good taste” from the start. Fujibayashi explains: “We thought that he would probably be a character who places a lot of emphasis on his appearance and demonstrates his dignity and intelligence as a king, and designed him with that in mind, designing his face, his body, down to his personality Fingertips have been carefully designed, making it appear robust and ___y at the same time.”

Aonuma also adds that Ganondorf “enjoys the Japanese aesthetic.” Fujibayashi picks up on it and explains: “We incorporated something like the coolness or essence of Japanese military generals. Look at his stance with his sword and how he unsheathes it, among other movements.”

Another important aspect for the team was to show Ganondorf’s “humanity”. “We also paid very close attention to the expression on his face when he killed. We actually wondered if we should show it at all, but we thought it would make sense, so we did it.”

What did you think of the portrayal of Ganondorf in “Tears of the Kingdom”?

via Nintendo Everything, images: NintendoThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo


Prey 2: Neuroshock Leaked Early?

The original Prey came out in 2017 and as you could read here, we really appreciated the game. We haven’t heard much from the series since then, aside from expansions, but a second game may be in development. This is reported on 4Chan.

Now that is far from a reliable source, but every now and then rumors are shared there that later turn out to be correct. The same message states that the game will be released a year after Redfall, as Arkane currently focuses on that.

It also says that the game will probably be announced at The Game Awards and that the title will be ‘Prey 2: Neuroshock’. The game would likely be shorter than its predecessor and would follow a Deus Ex-like structure. We will soon know whether all this is correct, because The Game Awards will take place on December 9th.

Nevertheless, take it with a hefty load of salt.


Who is Mustio really? This Baldur’s Gate 3 fan theory makes a lot of sense and hides a surprising secret

An interesting fan theory could have revealed to us theMustio’s true identitythat strange undead that accompanies us throughout our journey in Baldur’s Gate 3. Picked up by MeinMMO, this tells us that our good friend is actually Yérgal, the god of death in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, we are talking about the plane of Faerûn, this being the location in which the events of the video game take place. To explain this theory, the community has compiled some very interesting information that I personally think is complemented by an unmentioned detail that is related to the end of the game.

This would be Mustio’s true identity in Baldur’s Gate 3

Right off the bat, the first point they use to justify that Mustio is the god of death it is that he has the gift of bringing to life all those allies —of our group— who have fallen in various circumstances. Unlike an ordinary necromancer, they do not return as zombies, but in all their splendor.

The second point through which they have supported this theory is a story. already in act 2 we can find the diary of a homeless man who narrates his meeting with Yérgal. His description, as our colleagues at tell us, is very similar to Mustio’s, as he defines him as a creature “masked in gold, his skin thin and worn like parchment” which also gives him asked “How much is the life of a single mortal worth?“.

Without a doubt, this situation will sound familiar to you, because it is the same thing that questions us when we meet him. Finally, and this is one that I recommend you not read if you haven’t finished the game, when we reach the end, in certain circumstances we have a post-credits scene in which Yérgal talks about The Three Dead as if he knew them while belittling their figure when considering that they are not true gods.


The 5 best Viaplay documentaries in a row

Viaplay is best known as the streaming service for sports enthusiasts, but did you know that the service also has a nice selection of documentaries? We’ve listed the best five for you.

The Mighty Atom

If you thought you were strong, you will probably think differently after watching this documentary. The Mighty Atom shows the true story of Joseph Greenstein (1893 – 1977), who became the strongest man in the world at 1.70 meters. He was so strong that he could bend steel with his hands, bite through an iron nail and even stop an airplane with his hair.

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Top Science Stories of 2020

Curious what science was doing in 2020? Of course, the corona pandemic played a major role, but science was also busy with other things. Top Science Stories of 2020 shows grim warnings about the future of our planet, but above all technological triumphs and the promise that we can somehow overcome all obstacles.

polar bears

When you think of the North Pole, you probably immediately think of the polar bear. This documentary shows the extraordinary life of this all-powerful predator. With an age rating of 7+, this documentary is also perfect for the little ones among us.


Are you good at math? Probably not as good as Arthur Benjamin, the main character of the Mathemagics documentary. Benjamin doesn’t need pen and paper or a calculator: he does it all in his head. He combines this mathematical ability with magic in his ‘Mathemagics’ performances.

Hidden Japan

Japan is still closed to tourists due to corona. Fortunately, through the documentary Hidden Japan we can still travel through the land of the rising sun. The documentary mainly focuses on nature. For example, did you know that more than 130 mammals and 600 bird species live in Japan?

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Among other things, get to know the Japanese macaques that enjoy a nice bath in a hot spring and the Chinese crane that is considered to bring good luck.

Of course, these are not the only documentaries on Viaplay. The streaming service is also quite new in our country, so the range will only expand. Curious about the offer in other genres? Here you will find the best Scandinavian drama series, here the best selection for kids and here you can see which genres can be seen on the streaming service at all.


Palia Proof of Devotion: Ruins at Bahari Bay

In the new cozy MMO Palia there are a few quests where you are initially a bit on the hose and can’t get any further. Even if many quest descriptions are actually self-explanatory and often completed within a few minutes, there are one or two quest descriptions where you don’t know what to do. Some Palia players will probably feel the same way about the “Token of Devotion” quest. The quest description says “Visit the ruins in Bahari Bay”, but where exactly are the ruins located? If you are asking yourself the same question and are stuck, our guide can certainly help you.

Proof of Devotion Quest

For the “Token of Devotion” quest, one must first travel from Kilima Valley to Bahari Bay. So use the “gate” in the west of the Kilima Valley and arrived in Bahari Bay, it then goes a few meters east until just before the Pulsewater Plains. In the screenshot you can see the map section with the location of the ruins.

At the top of the small mountain you will find the statue you are looking for with which you can interact and “pay respect”. After interacting with the statue, you have to return to Jina again and after the conversation, the “Proof of Devotion” quest is already successfully completed. That’s it and you can devote yourself to a new quest.

updated: Anyone who has not yet planted wild trees on their own property must do so as part of the quest. If you have already planted five trees, the quest ends immediately.

proof of devotion

Jina told you that you need to see the ruins in Bahari Bay to learn more about the past. To find Bahari Bay, go to the gate icon on the far right of the map.

Tip: This is how you can quickly earn money and farm gold coins in Palia early in the game.