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They show official art of Ganondorf from Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Today a new trailer has been released for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoma game that has the most die-hard fans of Nintendo, and we have been able to see a lot of content in just three minutes. And of course, what caught the most attention was finally the official reveal of the villain Ganondorf.

This made the Japanese company itself share an official art of the character on its social networks, having quite interesting details that can lend themselves to the well-known theories among fans. And the appearance he has on this occasion is very similar to that of Wind Waker, but with some details of Twilight Princess.

Chek out:

Remember that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom goes on sale on May 12 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: The truth looks very imposing, but there is still the question if it is a version of the past, or if it is the skeleton that appears in the first trailers that somehow managed to regain its power.

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Oppo R9 and R9 Plus are here

Oppo is another of those companies that They are joining Xiaomi and that phone battalion Chinese to show us that there is another way of doing things without forgetting a great design, hardware with great features and a very affordable price for a large number of users who do not want to pay €700 to have the latest in technology.

We can see this in its two new announced phones: the Oppo R9 and the R9 Plus. Two smartphones that we already have here and that are the flagships of that manufacturer for this year 2016. The Oppo R9 is the smaller of the two with a 5.5 inch screen, while the R9 Plus reaches up to 6 inches. Both are characterized by an identical design by having almost the entire metal body and quite remarkable hardware by using the MediaTek Helio P10 MT7655 chip in the first, while the second is switched to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 652 chip.

Two phones focusing on the camera

The smaller of the two, the Oppo R9, has a 5.5-inch screen with 1080p resolution and its CPU we found a MediaTek Helio P10 MT7655 which takes us up to a clock speed of 2.0 GHz. The largest, the Oppo R9 Plus, has a screen that reaches 6 inches with the same resolution, although with a lower pixel density. Its chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, one dedicated specifically to mid-range devices.

What they do find is in the amount of RAM with 4 GB and in storage with 64 GB. But what draws the most attention about these two phones that reach the medium-high range but which it turns out can be close to the high in several details, is their cameras.

In the Oppo R9 we have a 13 megapixel rear with an f/2.2 aperture and 4K video recording. In the Oppo R9 Plus, we are going towards a 16 megapixel one with F72.0 aperture and the Sony IMX 298 sensor, which we can complete with phase detection autofocus. A surprise is the number of megapixels, although these are becoming less and less important, with 16 and an angle of 78 degrees. They also have features like Beauty 4.0 to improve the photos we take with these cameras.

Your other details

At the moment we don’t have any signal about some technologies that Oppo presented at the MWC, such as MEMS-based optical image stabilization or SuperVOOC fast charging.

The battery of the two terminals is 4,210 mAh for the R9 Plus and 2,850 for the R9. By having VOOC based technology, Oppo claims that two hours of battery life will be provided for only 5 minutes of charging.

As for the design, nothing. We are surprised to see some very evident similarities with Apple phones. Something that we are already used to but if we had to look for phones that were good looking, the two new ones from Oppo would pass the casting tests. One of the details is the integration of a physical home button that hides the fingerprint sensor.

Oppo R9 technical specifications

  • 5.5″ screen 1080p resolution
  • Helium P10 Chip
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16 MP rear camera
  • 13 MP front camera
  • 64 GB internal storage
  • 2,850 mAh battery
  • Color OS 3.0
  • Dimensions: 151.8 x 74.3 x 6.6mm
  • Weight: 145 grams

Oppo R9 Plus specifications

  • 6 inch 1080p screen
  • Snapdragon 652 chip clock speed 1.8 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 16 MP Sony IMX 298 rear camera, 1/2.8″, f/2.0
  • 16 MP front camera
  • 64/128 GB internal storage
  • 4,120 mAh battery
  • Color OS 3.0
  • Dimensions: 163.1 x 80.8 x 7.4mm
  • 185 grams

The two phones will be launched in China and They will arrive a little later to other countries, although there is no official confirmation about possible dates. Oppo has announced the price of the R9 which is close to $430, while the R9 Plus in its 64 GB variant reaches $510. The day for its arrival on the market is April 12.

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32 kilometers of solar roof for the new bike path built in South Korea

South Korea boasts the world’s first bicycle lane with 32 kilometers of solar roof, as an energy solution to power road lighting and charging points for electric vehicles

If we thought that the possibilities of technology photovoltaic in the urban design of cycle paths were exhausted with the SolarRoad experimental project built in the Dutch city of Krommenie, we were wrong. In South Korea have taken a giant step in combining solar energy with this sustainable means of transportation, by building the first bicycle lane with solar roof of the world.

As we can see in the video recorded with the help of a drone, the kilometer long structure of photovoltaic cells far exceeds 100 meters of the experimental section of the Dutch city. The bike path not only stands out for its cover, but also for the intelligent use of the space occupied by the median which usually separates the two directions of circulation of a dual carriageway. In this case, the separating plant hedges have been replaced by a double circulation platform for exclusive use for cyclists covering the interurban route of 32 kilometers that separates the South Korean city from Daejeon with Sejong.

Bike path with sunroof

The structure of photovoltaic panels that covers the upper part of the bike lane fulfills a dual function. While the shade generated by the sunroof protects cyclists from the direct action of the sun wave rain During pedaling, the surface integrated by the silicon photovoltaic cells generates enough energy to cover the energy demands of the bike. Lighting system of the highway and the energy supply of the charging points of electric cars. Unlike the case of Krommenie, not only is the length of the route exceeded, but the annual performance of the SolarRoad estimated at 50kWh per square meter is also far exceeded.

Another notable aspect of this innovative infrastructure lies in the security of cyclists on the road. So that they can circulate with complete peace of mind, it has been decided to close the bike lane laterally with a structure of side fences that act as protection against possible accidents due to road departures, while minimizing the psychological sensation of vehicles passing at full speed just a few centimeters from the user.

Taking advantage of the median of a highway is an interesting exercise in use of existing infrastructure for the integration of interurban stopover cycle paths. If it is also complemented with innovative solutions and creative production solar energy to power electric car charging points and related roadside facilities with 100% clean energythe savings can be important.

Logically, the investment necessary to cover the 32 kilometers of the bike lane with millions of photovoltaic cells is very high, which may raise certain doubts about the economic viability of the project. Still, the promoters of the world’s first solar roofed bike lane claim that it is profitable in the medium and long term. An aspect that could be optimized shortly with the latest advances in photovoltaic cells low cost and high efficiency that come

Images | via Solar Business Hub

Video | via Youtube by Janbaz Salehi

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Brendan Iribe: Oculus Rifts could be free in the future

The Oculus Riftthe sinful dream of every gamer, in the future they could be free, the CEO of Oculus, Brendan Iribe to the microphones of Edge

The lower the price the greater the audience

My motto is The lower the price, the bigger the audience. I am obviously referring to the Oculus Rift. I would like to offer it for free in the future. At the beginning it won’t be like this, we still aim to sell it at a cost of 300 dollars, but I plan to further reduce the cost until it reaches zero with collaborations and strategies.

If Microsoft and Sony decided to subsidize us to use the sensor on their consoles, we would have enough money to offer it for free or with monthly payments ranging from 10 to 100 dollars. We are currently still working on the development kit which you can already purchase for the same amount mentioned above, but being a developer version, don’t expect full compatibility with all the titles. Furthermore, I inform you that the final product, when ready for the market, will be better than this and will fully support your PC.

Virtual reality

The Oculus Rift is a virtual sensor that allows the player to use two lenses (one for each eye) to play, which means that it is no longer necessary to play while looking into a display, as it will be like being inside a game, where the camera will be managed by the movement of our head.

For years we have always talked about virtual reality and not just in films. How many times have you imagined finding yourself in the game and being the protagonist? Whether I can say, I fought side by side with the Templars in the Crusades, I flew a plane or I escaped from the Slender. With Oculus it is possible to get closer to this fantastic virtual world. The headset will be available for now only on PC at a cost of $300 as soon as it is ready (most likely in 2014).


LG presents the first 5-inch display with Full HD resolution

We talked about it a few weeks ago, mentioning some initial characteristics, and today, finally, LG presented the first one to the whole world 5-inch display with Full HD resolution. The first example of display for mobile devices with 1080p resolution was presented during the apt event of Boston Display Week. Currently the first prototype of FHD display produced by LG it is not installed in a smartphone to be able to evaluate its potential, but is simply installed on the wall and protected by a case.

The features of this display they are unique in their species and it will certainly be exciting to be able to look at them up close and appreciate the quality, definition and sharpness of the images shown, even behind a display case.

As we now well know, this 5 inch display made by the South Korean manufacturer, as well as having a rFull HD resolutionthat is, a 1080pwas made with AH-IPS technology (Advanced High-Performance In Plane Switching), which improves the viewing angle compared to the current one IPS.

Furthermore the display can boast a pixel density record-breaking, no one has surpassed it yet, that is, well 440 ppi. Obviously these small images that we have reported do not do justice to the display qualitybut certainly with the continued development of LG and other large market giants, within a few months we will be able to see the first examples of Android smartphones with Full HD display.



RUMOR: Jet Set Radio reboot will be announced soon

A new game of Jet Set Radio could be revealed very soon. In April 2022, a SamaGame report emerged claiming that a “reboot” of Jet Set Radio budget was in development along with a “reboot” of Crazy Taxi.

At the time, the report noted that the games would be ready in two or three years. That was a year ago. Now, our first look at this assumption reboot unannounced has appeared online. Combining this leak with the previously provided timeline, it’s possible that an official reveal is very close.

The fact that game footage is leaking online suggests that there is footage ready to be shown and perhaps being prepared for it. And even if this is not true, this leak could accelerate plans for an official reveal.

Of course, sega could reveal the reboot on their own terms, but leaks often speed up game reveals. Who knows if sega will reveal it on his own or give the revelation to Geoff Keighley and Summer Games Festival.

However, there is little doubt about the validity of this leak. And SamaGame is also an excellent source. Combining the report and the leak, everything seems to suggest that the reveal will officially happen in the coming months, if not sooner.

That said, for now, this is just speculation. At the time of publication, SEGA He has not commented on the matter, nor on the leaked images. In other words, we don’t anticipate this changing, however, if it does, we’ll be sure to update the story accordingly.

In the meantime, we will also keep an eye on any further developments and update the story as necessary in this regard.

Via: Comicbook

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First smartphone with Ubuntu by next year

Surely Ubuntu it is one of the operating systems that all technology lovers would like to see on ours soon smartphones And mobile devices. Nowadays, thanks to the projects of Canonicalwe have repeatedly seen running on ours mobile devices a first mobile version Of Ubuntuwhich during the month of April she didn’t seem ready to make her official debut on the mobile market. Instead, according to the latest rumors, one of the Linux distribution most used and famous could arrive in a first smartphone by next year.

This interesting news comes directly from the founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworthwho, communicating the arrival of first smartphone with a mobile version of Ubuntu bynext yearwas unable to provide one exact date.

Furthermore, unlike the desktop version, which is accessible to any user, the mobile version Of Ubuntu it will be distributed only to all manufacturers interested in creating devices with this new OS.

Surely, thanks to nature itself, allo common kernelwe will soon be able to see many smartphones with two operating systems, that is Android and Ubuntuas we have already seen during the last one Mobile World Congress 2012that is, a smartphone that starts with Android and which connected to a dock will present the system Ubuntu.

We will definitely be talking about it again soon Ubuntu for our smartphones, even if we will have to wait many more months to see the first examples.

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Fury Roads Survivor, the Apocalypse arrives at Milan Games Week (and on Switch)

During the Milan Games Week 2022 we had the opportunity to try the new version first hand Fury Roads Survivor: it’s about the version for Nintendo Switch, whose release date is not yet known, but which we can say is already very solid from a build point of view. The title of One or One Games is already available on mobile, however this new “skin” of the game will not be identical to the title we know, because it contains new tasty features, which enrich everything without distorting the main concept.

The development of this new version is natural consequence of the success of the game, thanks also to the great results in terms of sales, and the low cost. Coming to Switch is clearly taking work from a gameplay perspective.console optimizationbut this is also giving the development team the opportunity to optimize various factors, such as difficulty balance.

Fury Roads Survivor is still strong on its iconic graphicssome polygons that did not go unnoticed during the fair and which made the game recognized by those who have already spent pleasant hours with their mobile device.

The biggest news is undoubtedly the multiplayer, which can be applied either by driving two different cars or the same one (in that case, the player roles will be divided). In this way Fury Roads Survivor becomes choral experiencequick, which will get you into the loop in company.

Furthermore, on Switch the game will see some richer maps from the point of view of the distribution of objects (the various barrels that we can collect), maps which have been reduced to 3 for now, but with more coming soon after launch free updates. Obviously the game will be continuously supported, and the maps are not the only content that will be expanded.

As regards the usable cars Instead, there are over 60: some will be available immediately, others we will have to unlock them using game currency. In addition to the great classics, the racing cars that we have come to know on mobile, there are also dozens of cars inspired by pop culture, each with its own characteristics and performances. Will you be able to recognize them all?

The public response to the Milanese fair was incredible: theIndie Dungeons it was flocked by thousands of visitors, many of whom also had the opportunity to try out the game on the pitch, trying to beat the best records. Furthermore, on Saturday, a meeting was organised tournament of the game. “It was nice to see those who recognize the game, thanks to its iconic nature, it’s a great satisfaction,” Gioele, one of the developers, told us, “we are also happy with the players’ response, they are happy both to play together in multiplayer and to new control system, more suitable for the game”.

After ours Practice Testwe can absolutely confirm what was said: the build is solid, the gameplay is genuinely streamlinedand above all the more will depend by the player’s skillnot only when driving (or with a firearm, if you play in co-op), but also in predict where to go or how to use the map. Depending on your car you will have to choose in advance when to steer, how to manage the barrels to heal yourself, and above all try not to get stuck in the various objects on the map (or on the walls): it goes without saying that a level of comfort in the controls is therefore fundamental, and this switch version completely succeeds. There choice Of do not understand touch commands it was desired and winningas it poorly fits the purpose and philosophy of console gaming.

As we anticipated at the beginning, we still don’t know when this new version will be available for purchase, but from what we have seen so far, we can only be confident. Appointment at the release, or why not, at some other occasion even before it.


How to give spells and potions in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of those very interesting titles that we find on Android and we can never stop, the best thing is when we discover that the next updates will bring interesting possibilities such as the option of donate spells and potions to your Clash of Clans companions.

This feature to donate spells and potions is expected to come in the December update of Clash of Clans and the truth is that it will give a lot of play to this interesting title that millions of people play. Just as you can donate troops to fight and win clan wars, you can now donate potions and spells in the game with the new December update.

How to donate spells and potions in Clash of Clans?

The operation of the spells and potions In Clash of Clans the donation time is very similar to the troop donation system. You can simply ask for the spells and potions you need and your clan members or friends can give them to you without any major problems.

It also doesn’t hurt to mention that there are some tricks to donate free troops in Clash of Clans, we don’t know if free donation potions and spells will work with this new update. Of course, although this is a minor trick, remember that more than once we have recommended the best tricks and tips to succeed in Clash of Clans.

More possibilities for lower level members

What potions and spells can be donated in Clash of Clans?

Just like the troops you will not be able to donate potions and spells without anyone asking for them, users can request the potions and spells they need, normally it will be done directly in the clan chat (you will see the Donate button and you can contribute what you have of what they ask for, you will not be able to donate random things), and the other members of the group will provide you with all the necessary support, this is useful when there are team members who are over-resourced and some others need extra support to achieve a much higher score in the clan war. What do you think?

microsoft office windows Ξ TREND

Microsoft warned about a vulnerability in Windows through malicious Office documents

Victims receive a file in the ‘.docx’ format of Microsoft Office and are tricked into opening it to infect the system.

Recently, the technology company Microsoft warned about the existence of a vulnerability in its Windows operating system that has already been hacked by cybercriminals. to be able to carry out attacks using malicious Microsoft Office documents and files.

Apparently the failure is in the Internet Explorer rendering engine known as Trident or also known as MSHTML, which uses Microsoft Office documents. According to the company, victims receive a file in the ‘.docx’ format and They are tricked into opening it and thus stealing their information.

They achieve this thanks to the automatic execution they perform after downloading the file, and it sends them to a malicious web page that contains an ActiveX control that destroys ‘malware’ on the computer in order to infect the system.

It is for this reason that Microsoft assured that it is necessary to activate its standard antivirus, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Defender for Endopoint, which help detect and protect against the vulnerability. It also helps fix the issue in one of the upcoming monthly security patches.

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asus screen Ξ TREND

ASUS Taichi: here is the new dual-screen Transformer

Asus has created the first dual-screen tablet capable of allowing two users to work simultaneously by combining the characteristics of a tablet and a notebook with two 11.6 or 13.3-inch displays. Super IPS+ which can be used independently to run different applications.

As mentioned in the introduction ASUS Taichi mounts Very useful for those who work in group. Inside the tablet we find a third generation Intel Core i7 processor, 4 GB of RAM, SSD, two USB 3.0 ports, mini DisplayPort and micro HDMI outputs, 5 Megapixel rear and front cameras with HD resolution and NFC chip. ASUS Taichi it was designed for Windows 8 but it will definitely mount too Android 4.0 ICS.

Also interesting is the illuminated keyboard with which you can use it ASUS Taichi even at night. Truly an excellent product that will make happy especially those who use the tablet to work every day.

Here is the communication from ASUS on the official Facebook page:

ASUS Taichi is a revolutionary new product just presented at Computex 2012 that combines the power of an ultrabook with the mobility and flexibility of a tablet. It was designed for Windows 8 and has a dual IPS/FHD LED display. The screen on the cover is equipped with touch functionality and allows you to use this ultraportable as if it were a tablet, when it is closed. Furthermore, the two screens are completely independent, so ASUS Taichi can even be used by two different users at the same time!



fantasy final fantasy Ξ TREND

Final Fantasy XVI: Renewal and longing

Final Fantasy XVI will hit the market next June 22, becoming one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation 5receiving the same treatment that he had at the time Final Fantasy VII Remakeas if it were an exclusive first party.

During the last Status of Playit was possible to observe its gameplay for a period of 25 minutes, where it was evident that the combat mechanics will be focused entirely on the action, leaving aside the turn-based fights that for so many years were a benchmark in the iconic franchise.

From what we have seen so far, this action RPG has a combat system that has been developed by Ryota Suzukiwho has extensive experience on the subject, having collaborated with Capcom in Devil May Cry V and Dragon’s Dogma.

The gameplay will be marked by real-time actions interspersed with cinematics, while the configuration of weapons and equipment will be done from a camp headed by clivein which deep customization will be present.

Regarding the duration of the main campaign, around 35 hoursadding various secondary missions and the exploration will not be set in an open world, but will address a structure tending towards linearity as occurred in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XII.

Like every launch AAA, there will be a wide variety of editions, from the standard, through the deluxe, to the collector’s edition that includes a figure and multiple accessories. It remains to be seen if, with the release date approaching, Sony decides to announce both a PS5 as a DualSense thematic.

Final Fantasy XVI It is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated products in digital entertainment and will be one of PlayStation’s strongest bets for this year. On the horizon, the question remains whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will make its landing during the Christmas season.

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The Squid Game would have its American version

During the pandemic season, a program emerged that has been liked by several viewers around the world, that is precisely The Squid Game (Squid Game), series Korean that came to put an interesting plot. This has led to a second season being currently in production, but it seems that is not all.

Recently, reports were released indicating interest in making an American version of the program, which could change the original story in certain aspects to adapt it to that audience. This is something that USA has done with other series, the most notable being Mighty Morphin Power Rangerswhich was taken from Super Sentai.

As reported by the media, Jeff Sneider from the podcast The Hot Mic , Netflix is looking to remake this western version of Squid Game and will be produced by David Fincher (Seven, Zodiac, Gone Girl). Although, at this time there is not any type of deal being closed that is currently in circulation.

This is the synopsis of the main program:

Hundreds of players with money problems accept a very strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize and deadly challenges await them.

The original version is available at Netflix.

Via: gamingbible

Editor’s note: The United States always seeks to make profits of this type, so it is not surprising that they are going to pay for the license to make their own show. It worked for the Powers Rangers, so I don’t see why not with this saga.

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Apple releases iOS 16.0.3 to solve problems with your new iPhone Bruno Coelho October 11, 2023

Before releasing iOS 16.1, Apple continues to release small updates to fix minor bugs on its new smartphones. And the latest update in this regard is iOS 16.0.3.

As you can see from the update details below, this is especially aimed at users with iPhone 14 series smartphones and fixing the issues discovered on them.

One of the issues seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max was the issue of non-delivery or delayed notifications. Apparently this will be solved with this update.

On iPhone 14 Call volume could also decrease in CarPlay, and this will eventually be fixed. Delay when starting or switching between modes on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max was also finally reviewed by Apple. After receiving an invalid email, the Mail app will no longer block it.

The details of iOS 16.0.3

  • Notifications for incoming calls and apps may arrive late or not reach your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 ProMax;
  • Microphone volume may be lowered during phone calls via CarPlay on iPhone 14 models;
  • The camera may take a while to start up or switch modes on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 ProMax;
  • Mail failed to launch after receiving an invalid email.

To perform this update simply go to DefinitionsClick on General Is Software update on your iPhone 8 or newer.

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Advantages and disadvantages of 5.5-inch mobile phones

exist 3 types of users: users who want a large mobile phone, users who want a small mobile phone and users who doubt whether one size or another is better. In this article we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of 5.5-inch mobile phonesin case you are one of those doubtful users and it is clearer which is the best option when buying a smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages of 5.5-inch mobile phones

Throughout these years we have been going from large mobile phones to small mobile phones, and then from small mobiles to large mobiles again. What’s going on? Why do some users look for larger screens and others smaller ones? In this article we will analyze it and see what to choose and why.

In my opinion, I prefer the large screens from 5.5 inches and up. Below I will tell you from my point of view what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone as large as 5.5 inches or more. Let us also remember that this is the size that Apple has also opted for, despite being small mobile phones:

Advantages 5.5 inches

  • More screen to enjoy multimedia content: without a doubt the great advantage of having a large mobile phone is that we have more screen to enjoy multimedia content (watch movies, watch music videos, photos…) and of course, play the best games, since gambling is not the same for a regular size screen than for a large one that allows us much more.
  • Better application management: Having a large mobile phone will also allow us to better handle many applications, such as office automation. Being able to edit documents on a large screen is great because we have more space to do it, which makes it a more comfortable task that will allow us to despair less than from a small mobile phone through which we would not see anything.
  • Ideal for users who cannot see fine print well: If we give our parents or someone older a 5.5-inch mobile phone, they may throw it at our heads because it is huge. However, to use it you will not have to stretch your phone all the time or pick up your glasses to be able to send a WhatsApp. We could also solve this with a smaller mobile phone, but changing to larger font for accessibility, for example.
  • Easier to write: By having a large screen we can write more comfortably and quickly. If you find it difficult to write on your small phone, you will surely notice the change if you go to the minimum 5.5 inches.

Disadvantages 5.5 inches

  • More difficult to transport: It is clear that having a large mobile phone has limitations, such as being difficult to transport from one place to another. Being a girl it’s easy because we carry a bag, but boys have it more complicated. Although the truth is that a 5.5-inch cell phone fits in the front pockets of most boys’ pants (although many believe not).
  • The battery drains faster: It is clear that the more screen we have, the more battery we use. Normally manufacturers make it proportional so that if a user purchases a large terminal, he will have more mAh of battery so that the battery lasts longer proportionally. However, it always ends sooner. This depends on the use and how we have our device optimized.
  • Does it take longer to load? This depends more on the terminal than anything else. Normally, if the mobile phone is 5.5 inches it has a larger battery capacity, so it is normal that it takes longer to charge than a smaller one. However, it can come perfectly with fast charging and leave us speechless.
  • Is changing the screen more expensive? Normally, if we want to replace the screen because it has broken, it is more expensive if it is larger, although this is not true for all cases because it also depends on the quality. But what is clear is that if a 5.5-inch one breaks, you will have to go to the checkout and pay more.
  • More difficult to operate with one hand: It doesn’t have to be if you have big hands, but otherwise you might notice that you drop it more easily or simply find it difficult to handle it with one hand to unlock it or write on it. Yes, it is true that it will be difficult for us to handle it with one hand, it is not a myth, but it also gives us other things.

What do users prefer?

Each user is a world. Normally, if we focus on ages, we see that young people prefer large terminals, however, once they reach an age they already opt for smaller ones, perhaps because of transportation or because they simply think it is too big and they are not going to get the most out of it. so much juice

In my case I have a Nexus 6 5.96 inches. The truth is that it is not as big as it seems, since it takes advantage of the edges very well, and from top to bottom it is practically the same as the iPhone 6s, which is 5.5 inches. Why do I prefer a minimum 5.5-inch mobile phone? By the following:

  • More screen -> more possibilities.

A large mobile phone allows you to do everything, even do without a tablet because you can edit files, play games, take it anywhere and do everything you want without limits. That’s why it’s called a phablet. Definitely, 5.5 inches is the size I recommend to everyonebecause once you try it you will not want to go back to a mobile phone with a smaller screen.

What cell phone do you have? Does it seem exaggerated to you to have a mobile phone that is 5.5 inches or larger? It must be taken into account that 5.5 for many is the perfect size and there are even few terminals larger than 5.5 inches on the market.


‘Inspiration 4’: When and at what time does the first space mission with civilians take off?

The trip will last three days and will take the four civilians to a distance from Earth greater than that of the International Space Station.

The first Space mission composed only of civilians, an initiative with scientific and charitable purposes launched by the successful 38-year-old businessman and pilot Jared Isaacman is ready to start this Wednesday from Florida their three-day trip aboard a SpaceX company ship.

The window to launch the Falcon 9 rocket that will put in space the Dragon shipwith Isaacman, the aeronautical engineer Chris Sembroskithe medical assistant Hayley Arceneaux and the scientist and educator Sian Proctoron board, was reduced to five hours, starting at 8:02 p.m. Miami time (00:02 GMT on Thursday).

Passionate about aviation, Isaacman hired SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, to make a personal dream come true and vindicate the role of “common people” in space adventure.

He chose his traveling companions through a contest and aims to raise money with the mission 200 million dollars for free treatment of children with cancer.

The four have been receiving training for months for the trip that, if everything goes as planned, will begin froml Kennedy Space Centerin Cape Canaveral (Florida), at 8:02 at night, this Wednesday, September 15,

The journey will last three days and will lead to four civilianIt is at a greater distance from Earth than the International Space Station.

Follow the live stream of the Inspiration 4 mission:


Thinking about creating an app? Expert advice to be successful

There are thousands of applications that are available to users. Learn what mistakes you should avoid.

Nicolás Rojas, CEO and co-founder of Imagine Apps, commented on the microphones of La Nube
What are the tips that companies should follow to create applications that are successful in the market. Furthermore, he pointed out that a very common mistake is creating an App without a clear objective.

“The main problem is developing it without a specific purpose. Create it because everyone is doing it. You have to think very carefully about the problem that this application seeks to solve.”he commented.

He emphasized that “an application is not for any company”, Well, you must think about whether this way benefits the client or the user.

“Put yourself in the shoes of the end user, what the client wants. It is common for disappointment in the application to be high, If you don’t see what you want in two clicks, you’re going to delete it,” he added.

Besides, He highlighted that entering the application should be easy, “We have to think about whether all the screens we have are really necessary, many times the answer is no.”

“When you try to be very innovative, you become extravagant. Maybe that works against you and the person becomes distracted. It is always good to ask for feedback from both users and experts,” he concluded.

apple Ξ TREND

Apple is the only brand that is growing in the computer market Carlos Oliveira October 10, 2023

Market analysis agency Canalys recently published a new report on the global computing market. In the data for the third quarter of this year, only Apple managed to grow.

Between July and September of this year, the global computer market was in the red with a general contraction. However, the source reports a reverse trend on the part of Apple, with this being the only brand to improve its performance.

Apple grows 1.7% when all your competitors fall

Analyzing the metrics published by Canalys, we see an Apple isolated in the green with a growth of 1.7% compared to the same period in 2021. This means that the American technology was sold about 8 million copies.

However, these figures place Apple in fourth position in the market with a share of 11.5%. That is, although it was the only one that registered effective growth in the third quarter of the year, it was not the one that sold the most computers during that period.

It is interesting to note that IDC also reports similar behavior, although with very different values. For this market analysis agency, Apple grew an impressive 40.2% in the same period, placing more than 10 million computers on the market.

The reason for this discrepancy is not well known, as both market analysis companies supposedly use similar metrics. In any case, the trend is the same and only the American giant sold more than the previous year.

For both institutions, this positive performance is due to the excellent work done by Apple with its M1 and M2 products. Furthermore, the recent presentation of the new MacBook Air with M2 has only consolidated the growth trend of American technology.

Lenovo continues to be the one that sells the most computers in the world

At the top of this hierarchy is, according to Canalys, the Chinese company Lenovo. This company comfortably leads the world computer market, despite its 16.3% contraction.

Despite this value, the Chinese company sold 16 million 880 thousand copies in the third quarter of 2022. This gave it a market share of 24.3%, very far from HP, which occupies second place.

This recorded an even steeper drop of 27.8% for a market share of 18.3%. In third place we have Dell with a market share of 17.2% after a contraction of 21.2%.

In total, the computer market sold 69,423 million units in the third quarter of 2022. This represents a drop of 17.7% which, according to Canalys, is due to the global macroeconomic situation and the current geopolitical situation.

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battery moto motorola Ξ TREND

How to save battery for Motorola Moto e5

Without a doubt, saving battery on the Motorola Moto e5 is a good solution if you often run out of battery on your Motorola Moto e5. Indeed, with these times and when we see how much we use our cell phones, saving a little battery is not a luxury. Everyone has already found themselves in the battery compartment in the middle of the night or during a crucial moment. If you no longer want this to happen, here is a brief summary of all the tips that will save battery on your Motorola Moto e5. So the bottom line is that we are eager for battery saving tips. To conclude, let’s see which applications specialize in battery saving.

Our battery saving solutions for Motorola Moto e5

Reduce the brightness of the Motorola Moto e5 screen

The Motorola Moto e5 screen and the backlight are probably the two things that consume the most energy on the mobile. Since you will need to use the screen, the most efficient way to save battery power on your Motorola Moto e5 is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we suggest that you reduce it manually and do not set it to automatic adjustment.

Close apps you don’t use

Apps are a major source of power consumption on the Motorola Moto e5. Therefore, we suggest that you close all applications that you do not use. Besides that, it’s also great to close apps that are running in the background by going to the application manager. Some apps are greedier than others.

Turn off 4G when you are not using it

Whether 3G or 4G is enabled on the Motorola Moto e5, battery power is used. In fact, one of the best ways to save battery power is to turn off 3G when you’re not using it. You will notice that it gains a lot of autonomy.

Set up a quick standby mode on your Motorola Moto e5

Because the screen uses a battery pack, it makes a lot of sense to quickly save the screen and save battery power. Indeed, when you no longer use your Motorola Moto e5, you will benefit from the screen being cut off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to the minimum.

Put a black wallpaper on your Motorola Moto e5

Everything is against it, but it is good to know that colored wallpapers consume more energy than black wallpaper. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice beauty for a bit of percussion, you know what you’ve got left to do.

Cut voice support from Motorola Moto e5

It is still a potential source of energy consumption. In practice, if you do not use the voice support of the Android operating system, absolutely nothing helps you leave it activated. You can disable it in the settings, it will already save you money for your Motorola Moto e5.

Use as few widgets as possible

These lovely widget devices are proving to be very useful but not very good for battery life. So the less there is, the better. We suggest you delete all of them and encourage the use of the applications.

Disable useless notifications

Apps send larigot notices and these are not necessarily important. On top of that, notifications use the battery lightly. This way you can also delete notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce the use of the vibrator

Another thing to correct is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to what many believe, the vibrator consumes more battery than the ringtone of your Motorola Moto e5. Therefore, you will be able to promote the ringtone with the vibrator, if it is possible for you.

Save battery for Motorola Moto e5 with a dedicated app

When you don’t want to get tired of all these settings, you should know that there are applications that can save battery on your Motorola Moto e5. In fact, apps like McAfee Battery Saver allow you to manage all previously seen settings in one place. Therefore, you will be able to choose your settings and save maximum battery power! All you have to do is install the app and let it guide you.

Small bonus for not falling into the battery compartment

Even with each of the solutions we have just seen, it often happens that your battery is not enough for your use. As expected, if you use your Motorola Moto e5 all the time, saving battery will not be enough. All you need is a second battery. So below is our list of the best portable batteries on the market. With this, you will be a painter:

chromecast Ξ TREND

You are closer to turning your Chromecast into a console

Is it possible to convert Chromecast into a console? It will be very soon thanks to Unity and Google. And this is how the guys from Google announced it with a new Google Cast Remote Display plugin for Unity (a convenient tool for creating video games) and that would allow developers to send games to the TV itself. Is Google looking to give great extra functionality to the Chromecast? Of course, because we could enjoy the Chromecast like a real console.

Convert Chromecast into a console: a close reality

This is what we read through the Google Developers Blog, with the development of a plugin for Unity, since it is the tool that many users use for their game creations for android. He surprises us with a magnificent environmentalthough the installation is heavy and requires space and resources, but if you try it you will surely like it.

With this new Google Cast Remote Display plugin, developers working on games will be able to integrate it with the Chromecast more easily so that we can play directly on the Chromecast as a console. This will achieve something very positive: more games compatible with Chromecast.

What games do we have for Chromecast?

exist Chromecast compatible games today like Monopoly or Just Dance Now, but the best is yet to come in the sense that we will have more powerful games in every sense. I take this opportunity to remind you that I once told you the 5 best games for Chromecast, so you can take the opportunity to take a look at them.

We’ll see how sending a game to the big screen goes. We have to see the future limitations with more powerful games, in the meantime the idea is bright and we are super happy that it is a reality. Bravo Google!

When we have more fresh data and more powerful games, we will tell you in detail how to turn our Chromecast into a great consolewe will tell you the best bets.

What do you think of this news? Are you happy to know that your Chromecast will soon be a console?


Mentors, the entrepreneurship volunteers

They are not looking for fame or money. They don’t expect recognition either. They were entrepreneurs before and now they altruistically contribute their knowledge to guide an entrepreneurial project to success. That is the goal of mentors, and their reward.

For those immersed in the world of startups and entrepreneurs, the figure of mentors is part of the ecosystem. The name comes from Mentorcharacter from Homer’s Odyssey who He was the advisor of Telemachus, and which has survived to this day as a synonym for guidance, not only for people but also for companies that are starting out. «The mentor is that person who has experience in what an entrepreneur wants to achieve with his business and embarks with him on his adventure,” says Francesc Hinojosa, CEO of Eureka Experts and Eureka Startups. A guide that can be essential for the project to develop with certain guarantees of success and come to fruition. And these expectations are not free but are based on the fact that the vast majority of mentors have been entrepreneurs before, with their business successes and failures. And for that reason alone they have knowledge, personal experience and a vision that can provide approaches, solutions and help entrepreneurs grow in a more effective way What if they did it alone. «A mentor can help detect needs and define strategies in those areas in which they have more experience. But a mentor is not a coach, although sometimes he acts as a coach,” explains Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen, from Mobile Jazz and mentor at the Startupbootcamp business accelerator.

This outside experience must serve to avoid mistakes and save entrepreneurs disappointment. “It is an opportunity to share your own experience with new business leaders in order to help them be more successful faster and avoid the mistakes you yourself made,” says Luke Angell, Director of Business Development at Vittalia Internet and also a mentor. at Startupbootcamp.

However, having been an entrepreneur is no guarantee of being a good mentor. And in addition to knowledge and experience, an analytical approach, honesty and sincerity, willingness to help and generosity are required. «As a mentor, based on my experience, I try to help business growth and personal to my mind, helping in the rethinking of approaches, in the validation of alternatives, always basing the relationship on trust, transparency and honesty”, details Helena Torras, VP Operations Abiquo & Board Director, Managing Partner PaoCapital and mentor in Wayra, StartupBootCamp, Menorca Millenials and Barcelona Mentoring Program.

But there are also other necessary characteristics that mentors must possess, such as knowing how to listen, excite and convince (in short, communicate) and be patient. Empathy is also essential “to understand what lies beyond the business project and the people who lead it. It is also necessary to be very realistic but drink from the entrepreneur’s passion and know how to manage time and emotions. The mentor must, ultimately, provide balance«, highlights Lali Oms, businesswoman and mentor.

And what do entrepreneurs and startups expect from mentors? Well, let them guide you in “the development of a business in its entire process: from the conceptualization of the business model, through market analysis and even finding partners for the launch of the product,” indicates Roc Fages, partner at Lead To Change and startup mentor. such as Memora, MyABCKit, Gonnafit, Rehavitat and Hardrones.

And all this advice includes, above all, the creating contacts and in many cases attracting investors. “Entrepreneurs are looking for guidance, advice and contacts and introductions in the mentor’s network of potential investors, clients and partners,” says Angell, who has mentored startups such as The Social Coin and Plytix.

Without remuneration

And all this in exchange for nothing, since in most cases there is no remuneration for this work. Mentors are altruistic profiles, board and advisory volunteers, whose objective is to add value to startups. “I don’t charge anything, it’s part of personal enrichment, I allocate a part of my time to helping others, just like they did with me before,” he points out. Torras, who has served as a mentor for startups such as Marfeel, Treeveo or Cookbooth. In general, this altruism is part of the role.
«If I had to charge for it, I would completely lose the meaning of being a mentor, which is having the personal satisfaction of being able to help young people with advice and information that I would have liked to have had when I started entrepreneurship and had to make my way completely alone,” recalls Óscar Fuente Castrillejo, general director and founder of IEBS Business School and mentor at Seedrocket.

And the compensation or consideration for mentors in many cases is simply personal satisfaction: “I don’t do it for a specific reward. My reward is helping startups avoid the mistakes I’ve made and accelerate them on their path to success,” says Luke Angell, mentor at Startupbootcamp.

Others want to return the favor that was done to them, a tribute to the Law of Karma: «Many entrepreneurs and figures in the sector helped me in my beginnings, and I want help in the same way. Besides, I think that The mentor mentee relationship is very enriching for everyone.«comments Helena Torras, who also clarifies that «there are companies in which you end up dedicating a lot and you really influence, positively, their destiny, and you would like, even if it were, a symbolic percentage of the company, so that when they are successful, they form part of it.” Some mentors, after the incubation process, end up being part of the startup’s board of directors. But that is another story.

In this sense, for Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen, “when there is remuneration there is involvement with personal interests, so we can go from a mentor role to a management role. Both necessary, but perhaps not in the same person.

In any case, anyone who becomes involved as a mentor seeking reward or recognition “is doing it for the wrong reasons,” says Angell. So that mentors do not even aspire to social recognition as consideration. «When you offer your time you do it knowing that your role is to give without having to receive anything in return. If you have that attitude, there is nothing that is unpleasant,” says the Startupbootcamp mentor. «If I expected something in return then I might have been disappointed. “If it is true that I have ever felt that my work has not been valued to the extent of the impact it has had, but I don’t care, it is not what I am looking for,” he remarks. Oscar Fuentementor of startups such as Palbin, Reallylatebooking, Infantium, Chicfy,, Brandrain and Edukame.

And mentors, in general, do not need social recognition. «The best recognition is the success of your business projects and those you mentor. Being a mentor is an honor and a responsibility just as it is being a professor at the University. There is an important part of vocation,” says Lali Oms, who has served as a mentor for mostly industrial companies, which she indicates have fewer opportunities to enter mentoring circles although the results are faster.

The reward for these volunteers is when the mentors’ suggestions and advice lead to what they want. Luke Angell calls it a “Eureka moment”, which represents a great advance for the founders. «See how companies survive thanks to your contributions and performances or that when you give them ideas or suggestions and you think that they are not listening to you, then they tell you that they have applied it and that they have had a before and after, which makes the remuneration you get in return much more valuable than money,” highlights the general director and founder of IEBS Business School and mentor at Seedrocket.

Limits, a necessity

One of the most complicated parts is find out what kind of guidance, advice, start up support most needed. «Many startups have so many problems to solve that they have to know where to start, others think that they know what they need. But in reality it is something else, which is often difficult to communicate to the founders,” comments the business development director at Vittalia Internet.

Setting boundaries is also important. «It is not an unlimited open bar service but rather a high impact work for entrepreneurs. You have to set limits for yourself and also set them with the entrepreneur to avoid complicating your life and reaching situations of saturation. We are non dispensing mentors with unlimited capacity,” comments the CEO and founder of IEBS Business School. Along the same lines, Torras comments: «I establish the limits. How many companies can I mentor in each accelerator and how much time can I dedicate to them?

It is important to define priorities: «You have to structure the time you want to invest, define well at what points you want to add value so as not to end up involved in everything. and define the ways that allow optimization of interactions and time invested. Understand well where the company comes from and where it is going, without judging too quickly based on our personal experience,” explains Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen, who currently serves as a mentor for Zolertia.

Another aspect to Avoiding the confusion of a mentor with a business coach. «This last figure is for a specific period of time, and on a regular basis, with a company to help set up the business model. A mentor gets the job done more punctually, and with specific recommendations on specific topics,” says Roc Fages. Although sometimes there are also delicate situations “in which it is not only a business decision, but the mentee raises emotional issues,” Torras clarifies.

And, as Oms explains, sometimes the success of a company can be that two partners do not constantly fight. “And the mentor’s work has to be more about coaching than anything else to guarantee future success.”

To improve

Although the honesty and sincerity They are one of the main qualities that a mentor must have, the Lead To Change partner warns that in Spain the mentor is still expected to be condescending to those advised. «If you want to learn, you must say things exactly as you think.. If something is wrong, you must be very honest«.

As a suggestion, Angell says that it would help a lot if incubator and accelerator programs could better explain to startups how to use a mentor to reduce the time spent trying to figure out how to work together, and be able to use it more to solve specific problems.

Other proposals for improvement go through link two types of mentors for each project. «The business mentor and the senior manager mentor of an organization. Business mentors would have to be established businessmen with successes and failures behind them. If they only have successes they are a danger, if they only have failures they slow down innovation. Management mentors from large companies provide global visions“Your support, advice and relationship is vital for many projects,” explains the businesswoman and mentor. Lali Oms.

And perhaps the most basic: clarify the differences between mentor, consultant, advisory board, board of directors, intermediary, business coaches…and the thing is that currently, the word mentor includes many things, too many. «The mentor performs the functions of the figure of the reference person that we all haves: someone you can trust, who tells you few things, but clear, forceful, meaningful and focused on the solution,” he concludes. Roc Fages.

Images via | Shutterstock and Flickr (Michael boullay)


MSQRD, how to use the fashion app to create your videos with fun masks

If just a couple of days ago my colleague Manuel Ramirez was telling you about the arrival of MSQRD on Android, the app that everyone is talking about, today I want to do the same and show you how to use the fashion app to create your videos with fun masks to save them in the internal or external memory of your Android terminals or simply share it through your favorite social networks and entertain yourself by being geeky with your friends and acquaintances.

In the attached video with which we began this article, a video that you can see in the header of the post, apart from teach them the simple operation of MSQRDthe trendy application that everyone is talking about, also, as an example, right at the beginning of it, I show you what we can achieve with MSQRD and the use of the different masks available, all of them completely free of charge without cheating or cardboard or integrated in-app purchases or anything like that.

What does MSQRD offer us?

MSQRD It is a completely free application that has been successful for some time in the Apple iOS operating system for its mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Now we have it available equally free and without any limitations for the Android operating system. specifically for terminals with a version of Android 4.3 or higher versions thereof.

MSQRD allows us in a very simple way, just It will be enough to fit our face into the oval figure that is shown to us on the screen of our Android terminalso that the mask selected from among the 13 different ones that we have available is applied live and directly by simply moving the bar at the bottom of the interface where in the first instance the mask of a monkey is shown to us.

Then, just by clicking on the camera button we can either take a still photo of the mask applied to our face, or best of all, record a video message in which we transform, thanks to the aforementioned masks, into the selected character.

Once the photograph has been taken or the video has been made with the mask of our choice, just by clicking on the end recording button we will be shown a preview screen of the video or photo, from which we will be able to share or save our creation easily with just Click on the arrow-shaped icon pointing up.

In order to physically save the recording or photograph in the internal or external memory of our Android terminals, we will need to have a file explorer for android compatible with the “saved to….” sharing function.

And this is all, just by following these steps you will be able to create your own funny videos using MSQRD and have a good time sharing nonsense through social networks. Steps that I remember that I also explain in more detail in the video with which we began this article and in which I take the maximum risk of you calling me a geek. Although as that wise saying goes: “When you cease what belongs to Caesar,” don’t you think?

Download MSQRD completely free from the Google Play Store

generation qualcomm snapdragon Ξ TREND

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 generation 2 arrives to end the problem of “hot hands” Mónica Marques October 10, 2023

It will be next November when Qualcomm presents its new top Snapdragon 8 generation 2 processor.

It appears that the chip brings with it an improvement in performance and eliminates the problem of overheating, also known as “hot hands.”

Snapdragon 8 generation 2: better performance and without high temperatures

between the 15th and 17th Next November Qualcomm will hold the Snapdragon Technology Summit, where it will present its new next-generation Snapdragon chip. 8 generation 2. And, for now, rumors point to several improvements.

This is raising expectations, especially considering that the latest updates to Qualcomm’s top-of-the-range processor did not meet expectations in terms of energy consumption, in addition to having registered some overheating or “hot hands” problems.

However, according to leaker Ice Universe, everything will change. The well-known leaker claims that, compared to the Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 processor, the new Snapdragon 8 generation 2 improves CPU performance by 10%, energy efficiency by 15%, GPU performance by 20% and even performance AI up to 10%.

But the most important thing is that Snapdragon 8 generation 2 It comes to solve the overheating problem registered in its predecessors. According to rumors, the new chip will at this point be more similar to the Snapdragon 835, which received excellent reviews in its day.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are already testing the new Qualcomm chip

Still according to the information provided by the leaker Ice Universe, the large Chinese smartphone manufacturers received the chip and are already testing it.

Apparently, the results have been quite satisfactory, since energy efficiency can be improved by at least 15%.

Remember that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor uses Samsung’s 5nm process, but the upgraded version, Snapdragon 8+Gen 1, now uses TSMC’s 4nm process. It seems that Qualcomm will use this TSMC 4nm process also in the new Snapdragon 8 generation 2 chip.

Immediately after Qualcomm’s announcement, the race for smartphone brands begins to see who first manufactures the smartphone equipped with the new processor.

For now, it seems that Xiaomi will win this race with the new Xiaomi 13 series that will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen chip and that could be launched in the Chinese market during the month of November.

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elden ring Ξ TREND

The director of Elden Ring wonders about the success of the game

Hidetaka Miyazaki director at FromSoftware of genre-defining games, i Souls is wondering about the resounding success achieved with Elden Ring.

After reaching 17 million copies sold, the title Bandai-Namco is preparing to win several AI awards The Game Awards which will be held in December.

In a recent interview published by Famitsu, a well-known Japanese newspaper, Miyazaki-san declared that he felt honored for having won the Users’ Choice, that is, having been awarded by the public rather than by a commission of experts.

“When they ask me why it happened so much, I can’t understand, but my feeling is that I don’t intend to change the way I did things in the future”

And then again:

I try not to think about it too much, because it might become a distraction when I do the next project. However, I am very grateful and feel honored. Personally, I try not to look directly at user comments, qThis is because I can’t listen to everyone’s opinions: I’m afraid that if I did, they would have a strong influence on my future decisions, so I’m careful.

Then he specified:

However, when I look at the reactions, I notice that there are many people who have played for the first time, with Elden Ring a title that is de facto the same genre as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, etc. It makes me nostalgic: I remember feeling very happy when I tried Demon’s Souls for the first time.
It’s an exciting title to discover and we’ve had an increase in new users. Personally, I was happy to hear this kind of feedback.

According to the producer, his secret is that he continues to create products that interest him, following his own path.