BLACKPINK’s Stray Kids and Lisa to Perform at the 2024 Yellow Pieces Gala in Paris

Stray Kids and Lisa from BLACKPINK will be present at the annual Yellow Pieces Gala in Paris!

On December 23 local time, the famous French charity concert officially announced that Stray Kids and Lisa will perform at the 2024 show next January. The rest of the star-studded lineup includes J Balvin, Maroon 5, Pharrell and Gims.

All four members of BLACKPINK previously attended the 2023 Yellow Pieces Gala earlier this year, where they memorably teamed up with award-winning Swedish violinist Daniel Lozakovich for a special performance of their hit song “Shut Down.”

The 2024 Yellow Pieces Gala will take place on January 26, 2024 at the Accor Arena in Paris and ticket sales will begin on January 9.

In the meantime, check out BLACKPINK’s performance of “Shut Down” at this year’s gala here!

Lisa @BLACKPINK, @J. BALVIN, @maroon5, @Pharrell, @Stray_Kids, @GIMS… will be at the Accor Arena on 01/26/24 for the Yellow Pieces Gala! ?

In partnership with @FranceTV and produced by Électron Libre.

The ticket office opens on January 9 ➡️

– Accor Arena (@Accor_Arena) December 23, 2023

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Palworld type table, strengths and weaknesses explained

Mastering Palworld requires a deep understanding of the type table. All Pals in Palworld have an elemental affinity, and each element has elements that it counteracts and is opposed by.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the game type chart and the strengths and weaknesses of all of Palworld’s elements that will help you defeat any opponent you encounter in the Palpagos Islands.

How do types and elements work in Palworld?

If you know Pokemon at all, you’ll have no trouble interpreting Palworld’s type chart. The Palworld type table itself is basically a replica of the Pokemon type table. Most of it is also logical.

There are a total of nine items to fuel the rock-paper-scissors nature of Pal-on-Pal combat. If an element is strong against another, it will deal additional damage to buddies of that element type. But if an element is weak relative to another element, it will deal less damage to Pales of that element type.

Some Buddies in Palworld embody multiple elements, which increases the number of Buddies they oppose, but also the number of elements they are susceptible to.

It is important to note that just because Pal has a certain elemental affinity does not mean that all of his Active Skills have the same element. Your buddy can naturally tame a variety of items, and with the help of Skill Fruits you can teach your friends Active Skills to various items.

Palworld type chart

Here are all the elemental types in Palworld, along with their strengths and weaknesses:

Element Strong against Weak against
Fire Grass and ice Water
Grass Ground Fire
Ground Electric Grass
Electric Water Ground
Water Fire Electric
ice dragon Fire
dragon Dark ice
Dark Neutral dragon
Neutral Not applicable Dark

What is the best type in Palworld?

A quick look at the type table shows this Fire-type buddy and fire-based active skills are some of the best for fighting in Palworld. Fire is strong against both Grass and Ice, but weak only against Water. No other element is strong against multiple elements.

Conversely, fighting Neutral Buddies and Neutral Active Skills has no benefit, but Neutral Buddies are still weak to Darkness. Every other element is strong and resistant to at least one type of element, the so-called It’s worth avoiding neutral buddies (sorry, Melpako).

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Our best advice is to use a balanced team of different types when exploring, this will give you cover from most enemies. Then, when you’re up against a powerful boss, be sure to use the type chart above to take advantage of its specific weaknesses.

Unfortunately, Palworld doesn’t yet have a PvP mode, but you can create or join a guild and play with your friends in co-op or multiplayer! We’ve also listed the best starters to help you get through the early game.


Solution : Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ending explained and does Aerith die?

Making sense of the ending in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is no small task – but the question that is surely on everyone’s lips is whether everyone’s favorite Ancient Aerith still dies at the end of the game.

The ending of Disc One in the original 1997 version turned out to be one of the most iconic moments in gaming – and almost 30 years later it still remains a spoiler, but much of the game’s narrative insightfully relies on both our own knowledge and perhaps even that of the protagonist. about her death, which I highly praised in our glowing review.

However, things aren’t always as simple as you’d like them to be, and Rebirth’s willingness to play around with its own story causes the world to fall apart into different pieces – so if you’ve just finished and want to make sense of it – or just want to find out what’s going on with Aerith, read on because below you will find all the answers and your own interpretations.

SPOILER WARNING: Both Aerith’s fate and the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are heavily teased below. Only continue if you have completed the game or can’t wait to find out what happens because I’m revealing everything.

Will Aerith die?

Although it’s true Aerith continues to die at the hands of Sephiroth in the Forgotten Capital, at the same time, he also survives in another timeline which is created when the Cloud changes fate.

It’s quite a complicated ending creates multiple new timelines and realities in which Aerith’s fate changes. When Cloud breaks through the Whispers and blocks Masamune’s approaching attack, Aerith is “rescued” – but that’s only one timeline, and we quickly see that Aerith is actually killed shortly thereafter.

From what I gather, Aerith is dead in the “main” timeline where the rest of the team is, but remains “alive” in another one that perhaps only Cloud can access. In the final scene, Cloud and Aerith discuss her return and “reunion,” so we can only hope she’s not gone forever.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ending explained

Understanding the ending of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth requires knowledge of many previous games from the FF7 stratosphere, but my great friend Jack has prepared a summary of the events of Remake and Crisis Core for you.

Moreover, Zack’s involvement in the game from the very opening scene is crucial to deciphering the ending, so I will discuss this in addition to all the events that take place in Chapter 14.

As mentioned, the game picks up where Remake left off, but instead of fleeing to Kalm, we see our cast injured and potentially dead after a slab collapses in Sector 7. Then Zack shows up – who was already almost dead at the end of Crisis Core – and manages to save both Cloud and Aerith. Most importantly, we also believe that Aerith’s White Matter is complete in this timeline.

Zack then takes Aerith and Cloud back to Elmyra’s house, where they remain unconscious and Marlene is there too. In this timeline, the sky is also cracked and the plants are withering, signaling that the end of the world is very close.

We learn that Biggs, like Zack, also escaped death – and later in the game it turns out that they were both “saved” by strange white whispers. These same Whispers also appear to fight the standard gray versions when Tifa is in the heart of the WEAPON in Gongaga.

It is never explicitly revealed what or who these Whispers are, but I conclude that they are an extension of both the Planet and Aerith herself. We understand that the original gray Whispers are the “arbiters of fate” who have repeatedly stopped the timeline of the Remake trilogy from going in a different direction.

These are most likely manifestations of Sephiroth, keeping everyone on track so he can obtain the Dark Matter, kill Aerith – the last remaining Ancient – and summon Meteor to destroy the world. The White Matter, then, is the Planet and the Ancients fighting against destiny to carve out a new fate. A key part of this is saving Zack and Biggs.

Another critical moment in the game is Costa del Sol, when Aerith shows Red XIII a transparent and empty ball of Matter that we can only assume previously held the all-important White Matter. He asks why it is empty – and this plays a huge role in the final moments of Rebirth.

Jumping to Chapter 13 and the Temple of the Ancients, we see Sephiroth grabbing Black Matter as it walks away from the team. He states that “This is the key… that grants access to the true counterpart hidden between the worlds.” Earlier, when Barret and Cloud are arguing about the Black Matter, Aerith states that “there’s no point in fighting over a fake”, so I conclude that the “real” Black Matter is hidden in another world and the one in this timeline is simply a way to unlock other realities.

It all centers around the concept of “reunification” – a unification of worlds, people, and realities that allows Sephiroth to end the planet and start over. Cloud and Aerith are then sent into the abyss and “wake up” back in Elmyra’s house, where we saw Zack earlier.

Aerith tells Cloud to think of it as “her dream”, and they go on a date, taking them to different places and eventually back to the church. Aerith then gives Cloud her White Matter and states that “This isn’t about me though. It’s about saving the world – and you.” He then creates a portal to the lifestream and pushes Cloud into it, and as Cloud falls, we see Sephiroth emerge through the door behind Aerith.

I can only assume that Aerith dies in this isolated timeline, but by giving White Matter – which casts Holy and counters Black Matter Meteor – to Cloud, Aerith keeps hope of saving the world alive and stops Sephiroth’s attempts to take full control of destiny.

It is in the lifestream that Sephiroth goes some way to explaining the nature of things. It details that when the limits of fate are crossed – which happened at the end of Remake – a new reality is born. There are “many worlds” on the planet beyond the one we know, but not everyone is destined to survive. In fact, Sephiroth aims to use Meteor to unite the various worlds on the planet, but in doing so, they will all be destroyed.

Cloud then finds himself in the Sleeping Forest and reunites with Aerith. He states that Sephiroth must be stopped by Cetra and takes the White Matter from the Cloud, giving him transparent White Matter in return. He is then engulfed by the white Whispers and wakes up in the Sleeping Forest again – but this time in the “main” timeline with the rest of the team.

We then reach the Forgotten Capital, where Aerith resides, and Cloud manages to break the barrier of the gray Whispers and break into the Planet Sanctuary. He sees Aerith praying in the center and Sephiroth’s blade descending on her like in the original game.

He manages to break free from the Whispers’ bonds and clash his sword with Sephiroth’s Masamune. Critically, the sparks we see from this collision are the same rainbow light we see in the stream of life, because in its prismatic nature we see the entry of one light or reality and the splinters of several new worlds.

Cloud manages to send Masamune flying and save Aerith, but just moments later we see a green flash and blood flowing on the ground, revealing that Aerith has indeed died. Her White Matter then falls into the water, and Aerith in Cloud’s arms appears to be alive again, talking to Cloud and touching his face.

We then see several flashes and realities seem to change, with Aerith being both alive and dead in both cases. Sephiroth then claims that “the confluence of worlds begins” – alluding to the divided nature of reality that has loss at its heart. He concludes that Cloud will “never see the truth with such blurry eyes,” but what is the truth really like?

You will then fight the final boss, which evolves between Jenova Lifeclinger, Sephiroth, and then Sephiroth Reborn. During the fight, you will reunite with Zack and Aerith, but will be separated from Zack when he is once again sent to a separate reality by Sephiroth.

The fight ends with Cloud and Aerith together as she seemingly disappears back into the lifestream, and Zack himself also slips into the lifestream just before the Meteor hits the world.

Back at the Planet Sanctuary, the team surrounds Aerith as she lies dead on the floor, but then Cloud – alone and surrounded by white whispers – tells Aerith to wake up, which she does.

In subsequent scenes, only Cloud sees Aerith – although there is a moment in the final scene where Red XIII appears to feel her presence – indicating that she is probably not just a projection of Cloud’s delusions.

While it’s very unresolved and largely left to interpretation at this point, my takeaway from this is that by falling into the lifestream when Sephiroth unlocked the convergence between worlds at the end of Chapter 13, both Aerith and Cloud exist simultaneously in all realities.

Aerith is indeed killed by Sephiroth in the Forgotten Capital – and probably perishes in the church too – but remains alive in one timeline, or at least in the stream of life itself. Cloud is able to see Aerith and connect with her because he too exists outside the confines of one world and the same goes for both Zack and Sephiroth.

Before the Tiny Bronco flies away in the final scene, Cloud asks Aerith if she will “be okay when she gets back”, and she replies that wherever she is is “like a second home”. This certainly indicates that she’s out there somewhere, and hopefully we’ll see them reunite in the third installment.

As for the black and white matter, in the last scene Cloud takes out the clear white matter that Aerith gave him, but putting it back in his pocket seems to turn it into black matter. It could very well be the “real” Black Matter, hidden “between worlds”, as Sephiroth states in Chapter 13. The White Matter exists in the current timeline – albeit lost in the waters of the Forgotten Capital – perhaps creating space for the real Black Matter to take on form.

However, a lot is left hanging before we see how everything unfolds in the third and final chapter of the Remake trilogy, but that’s how I interpret the ending of Rebirth and Aerith’s fate and current status in the timeline.

If you’ve completed the game and want to come back for the Platinum Trophy, make sure to get the 7th Infantry trophy with our guide, along with all the different romance options for your Ferris Wheel date, as well as all of the Carnival Carnival solutions. But for everything else and all the tips you’ll need, there’s no better place than our dedicated Final…


Strike at the FAE: here is the progression of teachers’ salaries in Quebec

Children whose teachers are affiliated with the FAE have been deprived of school for almost a month, while negotiations with Quebec are progressing at a snail’s pace. In the streets, teachers are demanding better working conditions, and in particular a change in the composition of classes, which are full of students in difficulty. For its part, the government has released scraps of information on the salary increases it is offering teachers. Here is what these salary increases represent, in addition to the impact of the increases already granted in 2021 to make the profession more attractive.

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• Read also: The CSQ offers interest-free loans to its strikers in financial difficulty

Annual salary at entry (step 3)
  • Government offer: $60,684
  • Current salary: $53,541
  • Before the last collective agreement: $46,115

The government’s current proposal represents a salary increase of 13.34% for teachers entering the job market. If this offer is accepted, the entry salary will have increased by 31.59% from 2019 to 2028.

Annual salary after 13 years (level 17)
  • Government offer: $104,282
  • Current salary: $92,027
  • Before the last collective agreement: $82,585

The government’s offer represents a salary increase of 13.31% for teachers who have 13 years of experience. If this proposal is accepted, the maximum salary of teachers will have increased by 26.27% from 2019 to 2028.

For comparison, the average salary was $60,492 in Quebec in 2023 and it has increased by approximately 26% since 2019. During the same period, the minimum wage increased by 27%.

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Square Enix hosts “Fireworks & Music” show for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Remake

Video games not only like to conquer your hearts, sometimes they also conquer the sky. Drone shows, like those organized by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company from time to time, are particularly popular in Japan.

Square Enix doesn’t let this go and also lights up the Japanese night sky. “Final Fantasy VII Remake / Rebirth – FIREWORKS & MUSIC” was specifically announced. The event is scheduled to take place on March 23, 2024 at the Expo Commemorative Park in Osaka, entry costs 8,800 yen – around 55 euros.

The event is expected to combine music, lighting, lasers and fireworks to create a “new type of entertainment.” Famous songs from the first two parts of the remake trilogy are performed.

There are tickets available for a “dynamic area” near the fireworks and a panoramic area a little further away. Children up to 6 years old can participate free of charge.

via GameWatch, images: Square Enix


Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life House Expansion: Expand the house

How to expand the house in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life? How many house expansions are there in the game? In the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life you have to take over the farm again and overcome numerous challenges. In addition to the daily field work and working with the animals, there are also many side activities. So you have to look for a partner again and get married within the first year. In addition to the question of how to find and win over the partner of your dreams, the question also arises over the course of the game as to how you can expand the farm and expand the house. In this short guide we will show you how to unlock the house expansion and expand the farm.

Expand and extend the house

The house expansions in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life are done automatically over time by Takakura. With the wedding in the first year, Takakura’s house will be expanded and completely free of charge. The next expansion then follows with the birth of the first child and the next house expansion is carried out as the baby ages and moves into child age. The house is constantly being enlarged and additional rooms are added.

  • First House Upgrade – After Wedding
  • Second House Upgrade – After the birth of the first child
  • Third House Upgrade – Baby ages into child
  • ..

Expand the farm and buy facilities

In addition to expanding the house, you can also expand the yard. The farm expansions in the form of the facilities can be purchased via the blue order book in front of the stable.

  1. Open the blue order book in front of the stable and “order a facility”.
  2. After the successful order you then have to wait for delivery. After a day you should receive a message from Takakura that the ordered “goods” have been delivered and completed, which is also shown in a short cutscene.

The cheapest expansion is the pond for 10,000 gold. The other expansions such as the stable upgrade cost 120,000 gold, a fertilizer maker costs 45,000 gold and a fertilizer spreader costs a mere 60,000 gold. In the table below we have summarized available farm upgrades.

Furnishings price in gold
Pond 10,000
Processing room 150,000
fertilizer maker 45,000
Stable upgrade 120,000
Poultry house upgrade 100,000
Fertilizer spreader 1 60,000
Fertilizer spreader 2 60,000


Deal : Native Discount Smart TV: Don’t fall for these ads!

The offer sounds tempting: watch all television channels and streaming providers for a one-time fee of 49 euros. But there are doubts about its seriousness!

It’s not just electricity and fuel that are becoming more expensive, watching TV is also increasingly putting a strain on household budgets: for subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix & Co. prices are rising and the broadcasting rights for sports are being distributed among more and more providers – all of whom are asking for additional payment. An advertising offer that can currently be seen on countless websites comes at just the right time: “Only €49 for all TV channels for life” it says full-bodied or “Cheap way to get all TV channels“. What’s behind it? Who’s behind it? And can that really be true? SamaGame took a closer look.

Smart TV: What’s behind this offer?

A mouse click on the advertisement leads to a website of the seller Native Discount with the title “TechnoMag”. After all, there is also “advertorial” behind it – a reference to an advertisement disguised as a magazine article. There is talk of a Swiss genius named Rémy, of Silicon Valley and of a start-up. There is also a small streaming puck that looks like an old friend. This is followed by a whole barrage of inaccurate formulations and promises about television channels and streaming apps. But everything remains vague; “TechnoMag” refrains from making any specific statements about certain providers such as Sky or Netflix, as does technical information about the streaming dongle shown. The website contains many inconsistencies that raise strong doubts about its reliability:

  • Photos: The product shown looks suspiciously similar to older versions of the Google Chromecast. Anyone who searches Google Photos for the right half of a photo collage from the Native Discount website will find the mirrored image in a test Chromecast Audio from 2015 on The photo of the alleged genius is obviously a symbolic image with the keywords conference and presentation.
  • Product description: The smart TV invention is intended as a “satellite” or “relay” to provide access to all channels and offers that the start-up has allegedly acquired legally. However, this type of forwarding would be anything but legal – if it even works reliably. And it remains completely unclear which offers can actually be used.
  • Imprint: At the bottom of the post there is a link to the imprint, but it leads nowhere. The same applies to contacting the provider. The only working link leads to the order and payment page.
  • Provider: At the bottom of the order and payment page you will find links to contact details; on the corresponding pages you will find a telephone number with a British area code (+44), an email address and an office address in a free trade zone in the United Arab Emirates.

Is that really legal?

The blog and sales pages garnish the advertising with the usual ingredients of windy online shops: with alleged user quotes, with ongoing displays of alleged sales and a display of the supposedly still available number of items – which of course is visibly shrinking. In this way, the provider builds up pressure, so instead of thinking about it, it’s better to take out your credit card straight away. But given the number of inconsistencies, one can only advise against it. It is absolutely unclear what the hardware shown actually does. The manufacturer only reveals that the streaming puck has a USB port for power and a HDMI output for connection TV has. He doesn’t say a word about the operating system, functions and performance data.
There are also doubts about the promised television channels: everyone brings free-to-air TV programs Streaming stick for free on the television, which is available for less than 49 euros Amazon, Roku and other providers. On the other hand, offers that are usually paid for can never be legally viewed for free – regardless of whether they are pay TV or HD channels or content from large streaming portals. Even the most brilliant start-up founder can’t change that. In addition, orders with unclear addresses are always a risky business, if not a waste of money. So it’s better to stay away!


The 15 most crazy characters from Rockstar Games 

Rockstar has been treating us to great titles for years, but what made these games so memorable? The absurd missions of course, the immense freedom that you are offered, but above all the interesting characters you encounter. Wimpie will take you through the fifteen most deranged characters today!

Before I start, I have to admit right away: I’m a sucker for the most crazy individuals in movies and games. My black heart has a kind of weird appeal to the sick minds the entertainment world has in store for me. The wackier a character is, the better I remember him or her.

Of course, Rockstar is the perfect developer for the most evil, offensive and especially mentally ill characters, so I will no longer keep you in suspense and serve you the funniest, weirdest and most hideous Rockstar crazy people I can remember! 

Pay attention! This list contains minor spoilers for various GTA titles and Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2

15. Ricardo Diaz – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

Ricardo Diaz from Grand Theft Auto Vice City is not so much a crazy m**********r, but more of a paranoid drug lord whose product (cocaine) is getting to his head. During the missions that protagonist Tommy Vercetti carries out for Diaz, it immediately becomes clear that the coke magnate constantly thinks he is being betrayed.

He also regularly loses his self-control, causing him to pump a video recorder full of bullets and various televisions and telephones have to suffer. So I wouldn’t immediately put the stamp on Diaz as a mentally ill person, but he is definitely a crazy one!

14. Seth Briars – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

Seth Briars, a rabid grave robber, appears in the first act of Red Dead Redemption. In his own words, Seth hates living people and especially women, because they would have driven him to dig up corpses to take their valuables and find any treasure maps.

If you listen carefully to Seth’s dialogues, you will find out that he hates women since his mother died. Perhaps this indicates that he was unable to cope with that death. The lack of trust in other people is likely due to the betrayal of his former partner in crime Moses, who stole half of an important treasure map. This makes Seth more of a tragic wacky than a sicko you instantly hate

13. Clint – Bully (2006)

Bully is set in a high school, so you don’t expect crazy at the level of GTA in a somewhat smaller-scale game with mainly students in the leading roles. Yet here and there you find a character with a questionable state of mind and Clint is one of them. He has protagonist Jimmy Hopkins commit various small-scale crimes, such as stealing bicycles and mopeds and destroying mailboxes.     

12. Mikhail Faustin – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

GTA IV is also full of eccentrics and I cannot ignore this gentleman from this list: Mikhail Faustin. This Eastern European top criminal appears quite early in the story about Niko Bellic, just after the murder of Vlad Glebov. Vlad was Faustin’s partner, so he decides to have Niko and Roman kidnapped. During that kidnapping, he immediately loses his temper and shoots Roman in the stomach, causing chaos.

Faustin, like Diaz, is the prototype paranoid leader of a criminal organization whose suspicion of his own allies is driven by excessive drug use. Mikhail regularly has his nose in coke, which causes tensions with his wife and his business partner Dimitri Rascalov

11. Margaret – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

As you’ve come to expect from Rockstar in recent years, their games feature fun and sometimes weird encounters with strangers. Margaret is one of those random people who cross paths with Arthur Morgan and this gentleman … um, lady really isn’t quite hot. This stranger mission revolves around retrieving Margaret’s so-called circus animals: a zebra, a tiger and a lion.

It soon turns out that Margaret is a con man who disguises ordinary animals as the rarest tropical beasts on Earth. The mission that you can view above takes a nice turn at the end that I will of course not reveal!

10. Irish – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

An entertaining character from the first act of Red Dead Redemption. Irish, a notorious alcoholic who has to help John Marston with a rail gun for a particular mission, is so off the track that John sometimes has to literally pull him out of dire situations.

Above, for example, you see a mission in which the Irishman, lonely with booze, points his gun at a few nuns and seems ready to pull the trigger. Fortunately, John arrives just in time to intervene. Furthermore, Irish regularly leaves the shooting to John during the missions he plays in, culminating in the closing mission of the first act. Of course I will not reveal that mission to you!

9. Phil Cassidy – Grand Theft Auto III (2001), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), Vice City Stories (2006) en Liberty City Stories (2005)

The crazy Phil Cassidy is some kind of modern gunslinger in the GTA universe. With his arms business he is a formidable competitor for Ammu-Nation and during GTA Vice City he is busy making an enormous explosive substance: Boomshine. You don’t have to drink this substance to get up: ‘Just a good whiff will set you off’, says Phil himself in the video below.

Boomshine is a highly flammable mix of alcohol and drugs. So intense that Phil blows his own arm off with it. He always appears in the GTA titles after Vice City without a right arm. Phil is one of three characters physically present in four GTA parts. Those two others are ‘G*y’ Tony Prince and Johnny Klebitz. Lazlow Jones appears most often in the GTA series, but he only appeared in person in GTA V for the first time. For the rest he can be heard on the radio.

8. Micah Bell – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Now that I have almost finished Red Dead Redemption 2, I know for sure: Micah Bell is a crazy a*s m**o! Take, for example, the mission you can watch above, where Arthur must free him from Strawberry’s prison. During the rescue, Micah decides to shoot the entire town to typhus, including an innocent family. All because the gentleman has to pick up his guns if necessary. After that mission you actually already know: everything Arthur does with this man ends in a bloodbath.

7. De Love Fist-psycho – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

The higher we get on the list, the crazier the characters get! This guy from Vice City really deserves a psycho stamp, because as a fan of the Scottish rock band Love Fist, he has remarkable methods for adoring his idols. He waits armed for the band members at a room where they perform for an album release. Tommy Vercetti manages to stop the madman and kill him, but that doesn’t end the terror of this mad fan. 

In the next mission for the band it turns out that the cheerful fan has somehow built a car bomb in the limousine of the band. A variant of the movie Speed ​​is then a fact, because if you drive too slow, the limo will explode! While the band members scream murder and fire, the bomb must be defused, which eventually succeeds after a crazy ride through Downtown Vice City.

6. Catalina – Grand Theft Auto III en Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

As you read earlier in this list, Rockstar has a pleasant habit of giving his characters more depth through roles in other games. Catalina is the bad guy of GTA III, but also appears in San Andreas, where it becomes clear that she is the niece of Cesar Vialpando, CJ’s brother-in-law. During her first mission it becomes clear that the Latina is completely crazy when she wants to take a few guests in a restaurant with a butterfly knife.

The missions you carry out for her involve a number of robberies at a betting office, a bank, a liquor store and a truck full of gasoline. The collaboration between CJ and Catalina comes to an end when she meets the protagonist of GTA III, Claude. The two start a relationship, which you may remember that does not end well in GTA III. Nevertheless, the last call CJ receives from Catalina is a kind of ‘tease call’ in which it is audible that she and Claude are having a good time together.

5. Sadie Adler – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Although Sadie and Arthur regularly help each other in Red Dead Redemption 2, the tough lady is definitely in the head. That’s not surprising at all, as she lost her husband in an attack by a group of ruthless O’Driscolls before being rescued by the Van Der Linder gang. As you can see in the video above, throughout the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2, Sadie regularly loses her ‘cool’, so to speak.

4. Brucie Kibbutz – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

Brucie Kibbutz is the character that I enjoyed the most in Grand Theft Auto IV. This pumped-up ADHD person uses a special type of , something he calls ‘juicing’. According to him, the testosterone that Brucie uses for juicing comes from Chilean bull sharks and these cause him to have so-called ‘roid attacks’. In these disturbed showers, he gives Niko the most insane assignments: from stealing fat cars in broad daylight or killing certain people. This ‘juiced up’ madman doesn’t like it and so conquers a place in the top five.

3. Trevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

This psychopath actually needs no further introduction. Trevor Philips, one of the protagonists in GTA V, has in my opinion the very best introduction ever to a character in a GTA game.

The mission Mr. Philips can be seen above and as you know Trevor immediately kills a beloved character from GTA IV: Johnny Klebitz’s head is pounded to a pulp by Trevor, after which he goes on a veritable rampage to all his rivals in the Sandy Shores weapons and drug trade. to turn off. A 10/10 introduction to a 10/10 character!

2. Piggsy – Manhunt (2003)

Games in the Manhunt series are bursting with psychopathic characters so it should come as no surprise that Piggsy, a character in the first Manhunt game, is high on this list. Piggsy is a cannibalistic mass murderer with a pig mask over his head who crunches his victims with a chainsaw. Despite being clearly a grown man, he is of the mental age of a child and can only speak a few words. For the rest he just grunts and makes pig noises.

Piggsy in Munhunt’s story may be the predecessor of protagonist James Earl Cash, who was supposed to play a role in the p**n exploitation movie of Lionel Starkweather, the antagonist of Manhunt. Somewhere in that remarkable casting process, Piggsy went completely out of control, prompting Starkweather to lock the Pig Man in the dark recesses of his villa.

1. Eddie Low – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

It was difficult to choose a number one for this top 15, but Eddie Low is Rockstar’s undisputed creep in my opinion. Niko runs into him twice in Liberty City and both encounters are truly shocking. The first time you meet him, Eddie tries to break the ice with a little small talk, but his conversation topics (loneliness, death, and animal masturbation) provide the opposite. In the end, Eddie asks for a lift to the harbor, because the sports bag he has with him is far too heavy for a walk.

During the car ride, Eddie also touches on the most uncomfortable subjects, with a story about people’s screams as the low point. He says he enjoys distinguishing accents in different screams and also says that he has heard enough screams in the Alderney district. It’s time to study the screams of people in Algonquin.

The second and final meeting with Eddie reveals how up this man really is. Again he tries to chat with Niko, but when he starts talking about spanking and asks if Niko likes that, the atmosphere changes a bit. The Eastern Bloc protagonist does not like Eddie’s company and says he should flash up. Eddie gets furious and talks about the ways in which he tortured and murdered children, anally humiliated his victims and he also tells something nice about the intestines of a young girl. When Eddie pulls a knife and says that his hunger can’t be satisfied, he attacks Niko. Of course you can help Eddie to the afterlife with one of your weapons. 

So, that was a mouthful of crazy characters. If you think that this list is still missing some Rockstar wackos, do not hesitate to comment below this story.


Android Auto sounds bad: four tricks to improve the sound quality between your phone and the car

If when you go on a trip you always play your favorite music or podcasts on your Android Auto to liven up the journey and you are not satisfied with the sound quality, or even you do not hear the calls or the assistant’s instructions well, we have good and bad news for you: the bad news is that Google’s infotainment system does not have a tool to improve the audio, but Yes, there are effective solutions so that you can hear Android Auto and the sound that comes from there better..

Android Auto sounds bad. If we analyze in depth the reason for low quality sound or that it does not meet our expectations with the Google infotainment system, we will see that the critical points (leaving aside, of course, the sound system in your car with its respective limitations or possible problems) are in the connection between mobile phone and car, the sound quality of the file or the source configuration, in this case, our Android phone.

Thus, if the mobile phone and the console are connected via Bluetooth, then we face challenges such as interference or compression inherent to the technology to optimize transmission and energy consumption. Likewise, we cannot expect the same quality from a track with high-resolution sound as from a lightweight file that we have downloaded in. Finally, parameters such as volume, balance, equalization or even the sound mode configured in the application from which we play on the mobile affect the final result through the car.

I want to improve my sound experience with Android Auto

Of the possible causes why our sound experience with Android Auto can clearly be improved, some solutions can already be anticipated.

  • Better wired than Bluetooth. Wireless connections are exposed to problems such as drops, problems, delays, inferior data transfers… which with the cable you minimize the probability of happening or directly avoid. Transmitting with cable it is possible for the system to receive sound without loss or compression, which translates into sound with more sharpness and clarity.
  • With downloaded music there is less risk. In the same way that offline maps are insurance for areas without coverage, if you download the podcasts or albums that interest you to your mobile before starting your trip, you can choose the best quality for the process and enjoy it later. Otherwise, you are exposed to optimizing the use of mobile networks and the coverage.
  • Spend time setting up the playback app. It is worth investing some time in trying the different options offered by both players (if you have the music downloaded to the device) and streaming services that also allow it, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, for example the volume, the equalizer , sound effects, modes. So, if, for example, you use Spotify without downloading music, you can adjust the audio quality to the most ambitious (although you will use more data).

  • Beware of Dolby Atmos. Your phone may support Dolby Atmos, a technology that offers a more immersive and immersive experience. Bad news: Android Auto is not and that can result in some distortion or losses. So when you play music from your cell phone so that it plays in the car, it is better to deactivate it.


Aerith or Tifa? Toxic fans threaten to ruin Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, says Cloud spokesperson

Cloud and Tifa? Cloud and Aerith? Or Aerith and Tifa? Voice actor Cody Christian, who plays Cloud in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth plays, is not very enthusiastic about “shipping”. He believes that “shippers” who “overtly ___ualize any relationship can ruin the development of a great story.”

Christian commented via Twitter, following the latest Rebirth trailer shared by Square Enix. Longtime fans of the original (as well as the remake) have many opinions about who should be Cloud’s love interest in the love triangle between Tifa and Aerith, which has sparked many heated debates online.

Toxic fans threaten to ruin history

“’Shippers’ fails at the idea that one character can have meaningful relationships with MULTIPLE characters. That ensures comprehensive depth,” says Christian. “The need to overtly ___ualize any relationship can ruin the development of a great story.”

While the relationships between Cloud, Tifa and Aerith could be interpreted as platonic, the subtext of “who will he choose?” certainly appealed to many players – although the discourse around choices often veers into toxicity. However, Christian developed a thick skin after gaining fame on Teen Wolf, which prepared him for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

“The majority of people wanted me fired and replaced without ever hearing me speak,” he says. “To do what we did and make it successful and mean so much to the core audience, I’m not afraid of Rebirth.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to release exclusively for PS5 on February 29th. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

  • Deluxe Edition at Amazon*
  • Steelbook Edition at Amazon*

via SamaGame, images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


A new The Elder Scrolls game has just been released, and for free. It’s like that mobile Fallout Shelter, but with turn-based combat

Although there are still years, a few, until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will not leave us without our dose of Tamriel and Just released a new game of the franchise right now, and for free. Nobody saw it coming, but The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a reality, a project like Fallout Shelter to keep us glued to our mobile.

The American studio has opted for what is known in this industry as “shadowdrop”, that is, launching a game without giving a single minute’s notice, and announcing that it is now available to everyone. A surprise that actually appeared this morning in Spain and that you can now download for devices Android. For now, there is no mention one by one iOS versionbut judging by the previous free to play of the same style, Fallout Shelter, it is to be hoped that it will reach our iPhone and iPad.

The comparison with that 2015 game co-developed by Behavior Santiago is no coincidence, and the playable idea of ​​this TES Castle is the same. The American team has worked on an experience that allows you control your own castle and dynasty, as well as oversee your subjects as the years pass, families grow, and new rulers take the throne.

Regarding its playable aspect, Castles has some of its own details that separate it slightly from Shelters. Although the core of the experience focuses on items basics of simulators of building managementwe have a character editor to create a hero with whom to go outside and struggle against classic enemies from the saga in turn-based combat.

Of course, we are facing a . As SamaGame collects from the information in the game’s Play Store, Bethesda mentions that the game is in “early access”, so perhaps the arrival of the game in the early hours of today was anticipated as a beta of the final game.


GTA Vice City – Codes, Unlimited Money, Weapons, Easter Eggs

A GTA game is much better with cheat codes, right? We have all the GTA Vice City codes listed here, from weapons to tanks, among many others.

GTA Vice City may have been out a long time ago, but it’s worth playing in these days. The 80s personality and soundtrack, along with an incredible Miami Vice-inspired storyline, form one of the best GTA stories of all time. As with all GTA games, GTA Vice City just got better with the addition of tricks / codes.

Being able to generate weapons, vehicles and money under command is nevertheless fun, although you need to know the Vice City codes to activate them. In this GTA Vice City Cheat Guide, we will list all the codes available for Vice City. We will list all the GTA Vice City cheats available on PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox, PC and also on iOS and Android versions. We’ll also take a look at some Easter Eggs from GTA Vice City.

If we forget a code or want to report the malfunction of one, you can always use our comment box.

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GTA Vice City – Cheat Codes

You can play GTA Vice City on almost any device these days, thanks to backward compatibility and an excellent mobile port. To help you find the GTA Vice City cheats you want to know, we divide them by platform. Here are all the codes for GTA Vice City for Xbox, PS4, PS3, PC, iOS and Android.

GTA Vice City – Códigos Cheat – PS4, PS3, PS2

:: Pokémon Sword and Shield – How to evolve Eevee into Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon

The Cheat codes for GTA Vice City are the same, regardless of the PlayStation console you are playing on. With that in mind, here are all the Vice City Cheats for PS4, PS3 and PS2:

CheatCódigo Cheat

All green traffic lights Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1 ,L1, R1, R1
All invisible vehicles Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L1, L1
All Weapons Set 2 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U
All Weapons Set 3 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L
All Weapons Set 3 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D
Armor code R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Black cars O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O
Explor Cars R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1
Change Clothes Right, Right, Left, Up, L1, L2, Left, Up, Down, Right
Girls magnet Circle,X,L1,L1,R2,X,X,Circle,Triangle
Chicks with Guns Right,L1,Circle,L2,Left,X,R1,L1,L1,X
Cloudy weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T
Commit suicide R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1
Fast movement Triangle, Up, Right, Down, L2, L1, Square
Flying cars Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1
Fog R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X
Full health R1, R2, L1, O, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Women drop guns R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, L1, X
Flying boats R2, Circle, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Square, Triangle
Glider cars Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2
Download wanted level R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D
Crazy cars R2,Circle,R1,L2,Left,R1,L1,R2,L2
Media Level Meter R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T
Pedestrian attack D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2
Manifestation of lost D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1
Pedestrians with guns R2, R1, X, T, X, T, U, D
Perfect handling T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1
Pink cars Circle,L1,Down,L2,Left,X,R1,L1,Right,Circle
Play as Candy Su___ O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2
Play as Hilary King R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2
Play as Ken Rosenberg R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1
Play as Lance Vance O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1
Play as Love Fist Guy # 1 D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
Play as Love Fist Guy # 2 R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1
Play as Mercedes R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T
Play as Phil Cassady R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1 ,R, O
Play as Ricardo Diaz L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2
Play as Sonny Forelli O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
Increase wanted level R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R
Slow motion Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1
Create a Bloodring Banger U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2
Create a Bloodring Racer D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L
Create a Caddy O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X
Create a Hot Ring Racer R2, L1, circle, right, L1, R1, right, up, circle, R2
Create a Hotring Racer # 1 R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1
Create a Hotring Racer # 2 R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2
Create a Love Fist Limo R2,Up,L2,Left,Left,R1,L1,Circle,Right
Create a Rhino O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T
Create a Romero’s Hearse D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R
Create a Saber Saber R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L
Create a Trashmaster O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R
Speed ​​up time O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T
Storm R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O
Sunny weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Triangle
Cloudy weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S
Strange wheels R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, Square, Up, Down, Square
Increase wanted level R1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
Decrease wanted level R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down
Suicide Right, L2, Down, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, L2, L1

GTA Vice City – Códigos Cheat – Xbox

CheatCódigos Cheat

Aggressive traffic Black, B, R, White, Left, R, L, Black, White.
Change wheels R, A, Y, Right, Black, X, Up, Down, X.
Commit suicide Right, White, Down, R, Left, Left, R, L, White, L.
Crazy pedestrians Down, Left, Up, Left, A, Black, R, White, L.
Blow up all cars Black, White, R, L, White, Black, X, Y, B, Y, White, L.
Faster cars R, Black, L, L, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.
Faster gameplay B, B, L, X, L, X, X, X, L, Y, B, Y.
Floating cars Right, Black, B, R, White, X, R, Black.
Fog Black, A, L, L, White, White, White, A.
Chased by women B, A, L, L, Black, A, A, B, Y.
Get armor R, Black, L, A, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.
Get health R, Black, L, B, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.
Improve car handling Y, R, R, Left, R, L, Black, L.
Invisible cars Y, L, Y, Black, X, L, L.
Look like Candy Su___ B, Black, Down, R, Left, Right, R, L, A, White
Look like Hilary King R, B, Black, L, Right, R, L, A, Black
Looking like Ken Rosenberg Right, L, Up, White, L, Right, R, L, A, R
Look like Lance Vance B, White, Left, A, R, L, A, L
Look like Love Fist 1 Down, L, Down, White, Left, A, R, L, A, A
Look Like Love Fist 2 R, White, Black, L, Right, Black, Left, A, X, L
Look like Mercedes Black, L, Up, L, Right, R, Right, Up, B, Y
Looking like Phil Cassady Right, R, Up, Black, L, Right, R, L, Right, B
Looking like Ricardo Diaz L, White, R, Black, Down, L, Black, White
Look like Sonny Forelli B, L, B, White, Left, A, R, L, A, A
Low severity Right, Black, B, R, White, Down, L, R.
Lower wanted level R, R, B, Black, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.
Media Level Meter Black, B, Up, L, Right, R, Right, Up, X, Y.
Normal weather Black, A, L, L, White, White, White, Down.
Meteorology Black, A, L, L, White, White, White, X.
Pedestrians hate you Down, Up, Up, Up, A, Black, R, White, White.
Pedestrians have guns Black, R, A, Y, A, Y, Up, Down.
Rainy weather Black, A, L, L, White, White, White, B.
Increase wanted level R, R, B, Black, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.
Red clothes Right, Right, Left, Up, L, White, Left, Up, Down, Right
Robocops B, L, Down, White, Left, A, R, L, Right, A.
Slower gameplay Y, Up, Right, Down, X, Black, R.
Create a Bloodring Banger Up, Right, Right, L, Right, Up, X, White.
Create a Bloodring Banger Race Car Down, R, B, White, White, A, R, L, Left, Left.
Create a Golf Cart B, L, Up, R, White, A, R, L, B, A.
Create a Hotring Racer 1 R, B, Black, Right, L, White, A, A, X, R.
Create a Hotring Racer 2 Black, L, B, Right, L, R, Right, Up, B, Black.
Create a Love Fist Limo Black, Up, White, Left, Left, R, L, B, Right.
Create a Rhino B, B, L, B, B, B, L, White, R, Y, B, Y.
Create a Romero’s Hearse Down, Black, Down, R, White, Left, R, L, Left, Right.
Create a Saber Saber Right, White, Down, White, White, A, R, L, B, Left.
Create a Trashmaster B, R, B, R, Left, Left, R, L, B, Right.
Sunny weather Black, A, L, L, White, White, White, Y.
Make cars black B, White, Up, R, Left, A, R, L, Left, B.
Make cars pink B, L, Down, White, Left, A, R, L, Right, B.
Women drop guns Right, L, B, White, Left, A, R, L, L, A.
Weapon Set 1 Right trigger, Black, Left trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Weapon Set 2 Right trigger, Black, Left trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left
Weapon Set 3 Right trigger, Black, Left trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down
Full health Right trigger, Black, Left trigger, B, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

GTA Vice City – Códigos Cheat – PC

Cheat codes work the same way on the PC when compared to other platforms, although you have to press keys instead of buttons. Check out the PC cheats below:

CheatCódigos Cheat

Full health ASPIRIN
Increase wanted level YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE
Decrease wanted level LEAVEMEALONE
Fast mode ONSPEED
Massive motorcycle spawn FREEWAYFORANGELJOY
Airplane spawn FLYINGWAYS
Tank spawn PANZER
Spawn Bloodring Banger TRAVELINSTYLE
Fazer spawned the Alt Bloodring Banger GETTHEREQUICKLY
Spawn Sabre Turbo GETTHEREFAST
Hearse spawn THELASTRIDE
Trashmaster spawn RUBBISHCAR
Lean appearance PROGRAMMER
Flying ships AIRSHIP
Proximity explosions BIGBANG
Fury on the road MIAMITRAFFIC
Flying vehicles COMEFLYWITHME
Improved handling GRIPISEVERYTHING
Green light GREENLIGHT
Amphibious cars SEAWAYS
Clear weather ALOVELYDAY
Cloudy weather APLEASANTDAY
Cloudy weather ABITDRIEG
Slow down time BOOOOOORING
Hostile pedestrians NOBODYLIKESME
Armed female pedestrians CHICKSWITHGUNS

How to make money in GTA Vice City

One of the most useful cheats you can use in GTA Vice City is unlimited money. We list the details below:

On Umberto Robina’s first mission, get on the boat. When you’re inside, press the triangle to release the wheel. Kill the henchmen and start kicking him. You will receive $ 50 each time you do so, up to a point. At this point, wait just 10 seconds and start again. Very easy money.

GTA Vice City Mobile Cheats – Can you use GTA Vice City cheat codes on iOS and Android?

It is possible to use GTA Vice City Cheats in the iOS and Android versions of the game, but it is far from being a straightforward process. The problem is that there is no keyboard input to trigger the cheats. This means that you will have to use third party software to enable in-game cheats. One of these programs is called Game Keyboard and, as you may have guessed, it adds a keyboard to the game. You can then use the PC codes listed above to activate Vice City cheats on mobile.

Can you play GTA Vice City on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

Since you can play Vice City on PS4 and PS3, you might think the same would be true for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, you cannot play GTA Vice City on Xbox One or 360.

You can get money from the parking meters in GTA Vice City

If you need a little extra money in GTA Vice City, there is an easy trick for that. Just get in a car and then go over all the parking meters you find. The money will start to fall and you just have to catch it!

Bulletproof cars in GTA Vice City

There is a bulletproof car in GTA Vice City, useful for escaping the law. It is called Admiral and it is the white car driven by Diaz. To obtain it, start the Guardian Angels mission and kill the gang members you are directed to. Now, you just have to kill Diaz. This will fail the mission, unlocking the Admiral’s doors, which means you can simply take it back to your garage.

What is the cheat to get Caddy in GTA Vice City?

Um dos veículos mais engraçados que podes obter em GTA Vice City é o caddie de golfe. Listamos os códigos para o Caddie de GTA Vice City abaixo:

  • Xbox: B, L, Cima, R, Branco, A, R, L, B, A
  • PlayStation: O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X

Caso queiras saber tudo sobre o GTA 5 temos um guia com a solução completa, conselhos, história, multijogador, troféus, achievements, Xbox 360 e PS3. Para além disso, também podes aprender como ganhar dinheiro fácil, subir de reputação e dicas, assim como os códigos, cheats, truques e bolsa de valores com os nossos guias. Por último, também podes descobrir tudo sobre o GTA 5 Online Gunrunning – Novas armas, veículos, operações e bases, assim como os Truques e Dicas para ganhares as Corridas de Rua, e Truques, Dicas e Estratégias para o Motor Wars.

Do not forget to also consult our page where we cover the cheat codes of GTA 4 and also the cheat codes of Vice City.


LucidSound LS35X: Headset permanently reduced in price

The price of the LucidSound LS35X headset has now been reduced by 55 euros and now costs 129.99 euros.

LucidSound, one of the fastest growing gaming headset brands, announces a permanent price reduction on its award-winning LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 in Black and Rose Gold.

Two years after the Rose Gold debut in Fall 2019, consumers continue to fall in love with this color variant of the fan-favorite headset. With a price cut of 55 euros, LucidSound aims to make the premium headset more accessible to those who want to focus on profit. The LucidSound LS35X now costs 129.99 euros.

The LS35X uses Xbox Wireless technology to connect to the console with just a single button press. The crystal clear sound combined with the Quick Access Audio Controls ensures that players never miss a beat in any game. The LS35X is also designed for comfort, with ultra-soft, easily replaceable, gel-cooled ear cups with advanced memory foam, perfect for long gaming sessions.

With all of these fantastic features, both top and bottom, this €55 price cut offers amazing value for the premium LS35X for gamers everywhere!

Other important features of this gaming headset:

  • First-class tuned sound: Custom-tuned 50mm drivers deliver high-fidelity stereo and surround sound on Xbox and Windows Sonic.
  • Quick Access Audio Controls: Adjusting the volume has never been so easy. The on-earcup controls let you adjust a variety of audio options, including headset volume, game/chat balance, microphone mute, game audio mute, and microphone monitoring. Focus on winning, not fiddling with awkward controls.
  • Two microphone system: A detachable boom microphone and built-in microphone give the user the freedom to use the LS35X in any scenario, from gaming to taking calls via a mobile device.
  • Microphone monitoring: Hear your own voice in the headset so you know how loud your voice is to your team.
  • Robust metal frame: A flexible, durable metal frame gives the LS35X a premium but lightweight feel.
  • Rechargeable battery: Up to 15 hours on a single charge.
  • Designed for Xbox: Officially licensed by Xbox, the LS35X works with Xbox Series X|S and any 3.5mm audio source including PS5, PS4, PC, Mac and mobile devices.


Translation and lyrics of the song Piyala from AIGEL, which is tearing up the world Apple Music charts. What is it about?

In the wake of the popularity of the acclaimed series “The Boy’s Word. Blood on the asphalt,” a track by the group AIGEL – Pyala, which plays in almost every episode, literally breaks the world charts.

Right now the song is number one on the list of the most streamed tracks on Apple Music and number two on the Spotify global chart (UPD: the track was in this position last weekend). That is, poems in the Tatar language accompanied by trance music are heard in the headphones of millions of people around the world, and this is great. This is true multiculturalism.

The more interesting is the history of the track, and most importantly, the translation. After all, few people know what Aigel Gaisina sings about, and in general, how is the word “Pyala” translated into Russian?

But now I’ll tell you.

The track was recorded for another project, but never made it into it

Duet AIGEL: Aigel Gaisina and Ilya Baramia.

The duet of electronic musician Ilya Baramia and poetess Aigel Gaisina released this song in the Tatar language back in 2020, as part of the soundtrack to a completely different series.

Surely you even know him – at one time “Swamp”, filmed by director Vladimir Mirzoev from a script by Dmitry Glukhovsky, did well at the domestic box office thanks to its plot with a strong admixture of mysticism.

Pyyala was supposed to play in this series.

So for this series, the AIGEL group recorded a strange-sounding track that could fit perfectly into that project.

But the creators of the series abandoned the song and the musicians released the song as a simple single.

As a result, the track was moderately popular, but did not gain much fame. In addition, the group had a much more famous “banger” called Tatarin, released back in 2017.

A mixture of Russian and Tatar recitative plus an atmospheric video reached a large number of listeners far beyond the borders of Tatarstan. The video currently has over 108 million views.

And in 2023, Pyala’s track ends up in Zhora Kryzhovnikov’s project and becomes the main song in the saga about the boys of the late 80s. Moreover, it is an unofficial song, because neither the performer nor the title of the track is indicated in the credits of the series.

Perhaps that’s why “Pyyala” rose to the top of the streaming services: people simply “shazam” the track, and the algorithms of Spotify and other services register these requests and raise the song to the charts.

Nevertheless, the song is mega-popular, people sing the words, but most have no idea what the song “Pyala” is about or even how the word itself is translated from Tatar.

Well, here is the full translation of the AIGEL track:

What is Pyala and what is this song about?

Pyyala means “glass” in Tatar. The song is about a girl who is disappointed in her lover. He breaks the glass of love, looking straight into her eyes.

In fact, the chorus phrases “eye to eye” and “hand to hand” are repeated countless times and are the main lyrics of the track. And there is only one verse in the song, it is simply repeated twice.

AIGEL – Pyala in the original language:

Mahәbbәt piyalasyn
atasyn – karasyn
Chyn bәkhet piyalasyn
bәrәsen, vatasyn,
Kuzdә kүz (2 times)
kүzә kүz nurym oyala –
Kulda kul (2 times)
kulda – kulda blazed.
Mahәbbәt piyalasyn
atasyn – karasyn
Chyn bәkhet piyalasyn
bәrәsen, vatasyn,
Kuzdә kүz (2 times)
kүzә kүz nurym oyala –
Kulda kul (2 times)
kulda – kulda blazed.
kүzә kүz (5 times)
kulda kul (4 times)
kүzә kүz (4 times)
kulda kul (4 times)
kүzә kүz

Mahәbbәt piyalasyn
atasyn – karasyn
Chyn bәkhet piyalasyn
bәrәsen, vatasyn,
Kuzdә kүz (2 times)
kүzә kүz nurym oyala –
Kulda kul (2 times)
kulda – kulda blazed.
Mahәbbәt piyalasyn
atasyn – karasyn
Chyn bәkhet piyalasyn
bәrәsen, vatasyn,
Kuzdә kүz (2 times)
kүzә kүz nurym oyala –
Kulda kul (2 times)
kulda – kulda blazed.
kүzә kүz (4 times)
kulda kul (4 times)
kүzә kүz (4 times)
kulda kul (4 times)
kүzә kүz (25 times)

Translation of the song AIGEL – Pyala:


You throw glass of love – let him look
You break the glass of true happiness, breaking it into fragments
Eye to eye, eye to eye, eye to eye, the world is ashamed of my eyes
Hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, glass shard in hand


Eye to eye, eye to eye, eye to eye, eye to eye
Hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand
Eye to eye, eye to eye, eye to eye, eye to eye
Hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand, hand in hand

This simple text, sung in the Tatar language, conquers the world charts. Today it’s Shazam’s turn – Piyala is in first place in the world chart.

The track is truly atmospheric, and the series in which “Pyala” plays is excellent. Be sure to check it out.

We have already watched all the episodes released to date and are looking forward to the remaining ones. It will be very interesting how the creators will end the story.

To the point: I watched the hype series “The Boy’s Word.” Roskomnadzor has already become interested in him, but for what?


Best build order in CIV 6

It is possible to ensure total victory in Civ 6 if you play your cards well and learn to position yourself correctly using early game strategies. To get started, here is the best build order in Civ 6!

Your early game build order in Civ 6

Despite its aesthetic, Civilization 6 is a complex game in which every move counts, which is why you want to learn the best build order in the game. It’s a great way to position yourself for victory from the start.

Here we’ll go over which units and buildings you should focus on first; this way you can tackle whatever comes your way!

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Units to build first

No matter what victory condition you’re looking for, you’ll want to start with a strong force of varied units to help you take on barbarians and, perhaps, even your neighbors early in the game. But first, explore!

  • Scout: First of all, you will want to start with a scout to help you discover the immediate surroundings of your capital. Until the Scout is up and running, use your starting warrior to explore your surroundings, then switch to Scout to free your warrior for the inevitable fight against the barbarians.
  • Colon: Typically, most players will build a second warrior to bolster their armed forces against oncoming neighbors. I don’t recommend it though. Instead, I think it’s better to recruit a settler. This way you can start locking down your opponents and taking valuable land and resources from them. You find yourself stronger and with a better path to develop.
  • Worker: Next, recruit a Worker. Once they are active, upgrade the tiles surrounding your main city. You want to increase your income and improve resource generation to help you field larger armies and construct unique buildings in the short term. A few farms and mines will be enough. Your objective is to acquire two food tiles and two production tiles. Next, focus on about four hills for mines.
  • Slinger: A basic ranged unit, like the Slinger, can complement your current warrior by providing reinforcement in the form of ranged attacks. If you position the Slinger directly behind the warrior, you can hit incoming enemies and reduce their health before they attack your main combat unit.

These are of course just the first four units you should focus on in Civilization 6. Once you have laid the foundation of your economy and started to build an expeditionary combat force, it is then time to build a sizable army to confront your neighbors.

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Buildings to build first

But before your army grows too big to manage, you need additional resources and benefits only available through building construction. Your build order in Civ 6, at least when it comes to buildings, should follow this path:

  • Attic: Once you have finished recruiting a scout, a settler and a worker, I recommend that you build a granary in your capital. It provides a nice buff to food and housing, making it a viable choice for players who want to scale up quickly.
  • Monument: A +2 in Culture is never a bad thing, as it will unlock useful buffs and research opportunities. Once you’ve completed your attic, focus on your first monument. This will make your citizens happy and help you achieve one of the winning conditions.
  • Campus: If you want to progress through the ages and dominate your enemies, you must improve your research abilities to unlock new technologies. For this you need to strengthen your science with a campus. This should be the second or third building you build, depending on the victory condition you’re looking for. You will unlock the first technologies that will help strengthen your cities.
  • port: They say gold makes the world go round, and that’s absolutely true in Civ 6. If you want to field a big fighting force, you need gold. A port is vital, especially if you live near the coast, to bring in money and keep resources flowing to your forces.

That said, feel free to tailor your build, both units and buildings, to suit the specific playstyle and victory conditions you’re looking for. For example, if your goal is a scientific victory, then building the Campus before the Monument, once unlocked, makes the most sense. It’s your civilization, after all!

With your build order in Civ 6 locked in, you’ll have a better chance of winning against AI and human opponents!


How to configure mobile payments on a Xiaomi with MIUI

The democratization of NFC in practically all Android ranges is making it easier for each day to take out your mobile to pay. As usual, just activate our mobile payments application to start working (since NFC is usually activated by default) but, nevertheless, companies like Xiaomi require some extra step when setting this up.

That is why it is necessary to explain how to configure mobile payments on a Xiaomi with MIUI (In the models with Android One it does not apply), since we must configure a certain setting somewhat different to ensure that the NFC is operational when using our cards.

The HCE purse, the key to this matter

To activate mobile payments on Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI, it is necessary to activate the HCE wallet, a setting that we do not usually see on Android. HCE stands for Host Card Emulation, a technology that allows virtualize credit and debit cards in our terminal, which allows us to use our mobile software to pay with these cards.

Xiaomi mobiles do not come with the HCE wallet active, which prevents paying through NFC, even if we have everything else configured correctly

For some reason, MIUI mobiles do not have the HCE wallet activated as a security element, which prevents the phone from accessing our cards, even though we have registered them in the corresponding applications. Therefore, the first thing we must do to start configuring mobile payments is to activate it.

  • We go to the phone settings
  • ‘Connect and share’
  • We activate the NFC -‘Position of the security element ‘
  • We change the wallet to ‘Use HCE wallet’

Choosing the default method

Once we have changed the wallet to HCE, it is convenient to choose the default method to pay. If we have our cards registered in Google Pay, we just have to select this as the main payment method. However, some apps not compatible with Google Pay, but they allow you to pay by registering the app as the default payment method.

To configure the payment through the application that we want, we must follow the steps we show.

  • Settings
  • ‘Plus’
  • ‘Touch and pay’
  • Change the default payment app to the one you want

Ready. Once we have configured these two elements (HCE wallet and default payment method) there is only a third step, make sure we have configured Google Pay correctly or, if you have an independent bank app, have downloaded your cards and activated mobile payment from said app.

Source: Frandroid


23 Deep Stranded tips and tricks I wish I knew before playing

Stranded Deep is one of the most darned games you can throw on your face right now. Their multiple dangers and how easy it is for a game to get lost, make it a title that requires you to always keep your eyes wide open.

To help you with this task, we have created a Stranded Deep Guide in which to talk about all those tips and tricks that the game doesn’t tell you and you will need them to get to the end. I wish someone had taken my hand at first as we intend to do next.

First steps on the island

Patience, mother of science

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in Stranded Deep is wanting and believing that you can handle it all. Because no, you can’t continue exploring this sunken ship even if you have some oxygen left, you won’t be able to get home until dark, and you won’t be able to go a few more minutes without eating or drinking. . Above all, be patient and try to control any unforeseen events that may arise. It’s survival, not a race.

Save your game. And then start again

Another easy-to-forget resource. It doesn’t matter if everything seems to be under control and your next steps promise to be brief and safe. To save. Check that everything is as it should be in terms of health and mobility and insure your game in case something goes too far 20 seconds later. Better than running around here and there looking for a solution to your problem.

Secure large amounts of water

Your main objective on the initial island is to ensure a good supply of water. Create one or more water filters and place palm leaves on its base to make it work. Not only will you need it constantly to keep you hydrated, but you’ll also be glad you were proactive when you started planting your garden.

First harvest the fibers and cassava

Fibrous leaves are one of the things that worry you the most when starting out in the game and, in fact, one of the least headaches you will ever get. Cassava plants and small palm trees are replenished every one or two days, so even if you can’t find them on the island, do something else as they will appear soon. Precisely for this reason, collect as much as possible whenever they are available so that you don’t have to worry about waiting.

Aware of all that is toxic

Lilac starfish, snakes, moray eels and the cursed lionfish. They are now your greatest enemies, so keep an eye out for them and try to avoid them at all costs. Poisoning always happens at the worst time and can upset you with relative ease.

Secure Piss (not that piss)

To avoid suffering more than the number above, you will need a coconut with a bottled rope and two Pipi herbs. They are hard to find because being green they camouflage themselves quite well in the undergrowth, so whenever you have a free space with little to do, take the opportunity to look for them.

Don’t binge on coconut

Coconut is one of the best places to start. After peeling it, you can drink its water and, once empty, you can break it to eat its interior. Of course, do it in pairs and with breaks between them or you’ll end up with stomach pain and vomiting which promotes dehydration.

The king of crafts

Resources are scarce and do not reappear

You can see a lot of palm trees, stones, and other materials on your first few walks, which will undoubtedly lead to a false perception of abundance on the island. Nothing is further from reality. Anything you harvest, except plants that provide fibrous leaves, will fret when picked and never come back. This doesn’t stop you from leaving the island below the minimums, but watch out for basics like coconuts and plan well what you’ll use your gear.

You can see the content of each recipe

If a crafting recipe holds up, you can always hit the ‘examine’ button to figure out what makes up that item and get an idea of ​​where to find it. With the exception of vehicles and their parts, everything you can build is mined from materials you can collect or find on wrecks.

Create items even if they are not in your inventory

Your inventory is limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly change gear. If they’re on the ground near you, they’ll be marked as being in your possession as well, so get up close to that pile of sticks nearby if you want to create something with them instead of picking them up.

Don’t give too much importance to your home

While it looks great in promotional images and videos, the use of a shelter is pretty anecdotal and will only serve to create shade and decorate. Make sure you have enough supplies before you board a building, as this can leave your inventory shaking.

Your main goal should be to create a raft

Focus your efforts on everything you need to create a face and eye raft. Sooner or later, let whatever you do focus on this step. Having an engine or sailboat that will allow you to move between islands at a higher speed and carry more equipment on the go will be essential.

Better the fishing spear than the rod

Returning to the idea of ​​economy mode, take advantage of the fishing spear to get food on the shores or your dives. Don’t waste time or materials on the rod as it is much slower and inefficient.

Go for the choice instead of the ax

Another similar case is that of the beak, which will be used both for cutting down trees and for extracting stones and mud. One tool is better than two, especially for your low inventory, so use peak force as a measure of austerity.

Better the hunting spear than the bow

As above. While it is true that the arrows in the bow are faster and it is easier to aim at the pigs running around here and there, the basic spear is more than sufficient for the purpose. Also, don’t waste the resources of the Improved Spear as its usefulness doesn’t compensate for sticking with the materials.

Attentive to the durability of your items

As in many other games, in Stranded Deep tools don’t last forever, so it’s best to pay attention to their durability before setting out on a discovery. You don’t want to run out of oxygen or a good ax before you reach your goal.


In search of pigs and potatoes

At some point, you’ll have no choice but to leave your island, but beyond the items you’ll find in sunken ships, you won’t find any interesting news to see. Of course, focus on bringing more pigs and potatoes to your island, the better. You’re going to need it.

Don’t venture beyond the neighboring islands

The map is diamond shaped, so it will be easy for your island to be surrounded by four or five other similar islands. You can go there with the inflatable raft, but it is a slow and cumbersome process that the raft with sail or motor completely eliminates. Don’t venture too far as the return can be boring. Wait until you have a raft with a sail or motor before going any further.

A spring can be very useful

A good way to keep your rafts under control is to create a dock to drop anchor in (although it is less comfortable but it is recommended that you slide them down to shore to avoid wasting stones on an anchor). However, the main asset of the pier is to create it next to a sunken ship and take advantage of the structure to hunt sharks in a safe place.

Create something to mark where you came from on each island

Whenever you travel to an island, try to do it in a straight line, and once you hit the shore, create something like a bonfire or leaf tent to mark where you came from. Also, where have you gone if there are no more buildings on the island. It will be very helpful for you to understand which path you have taken if you are confused.

Destroy the trees on the small islands as a guide

Visualize which island you walked on and which can’t be a toothache when you’ve already had multiple stages. A good way to mark them is to make a tall structure or, easier and cheaper, to destroy all the trees on the island. So you can see from a distance whether you went there or not.

The limit of the map is marked by virtual buoys

If during one of your trips you reach some sort of virtual buoy in a straight line, turn around because you have reached the limit of the map. Don’t bother to venture further, but try to remember where that line was as it can come in handy towards the end of the adventure.

Circle virtual buoys if you can’t find the special islands

If you’ve made it this far you have a good raft or vehicle and want to tackle the last stretch, congratulations it wasn’t easy. You must now find two islands. One with an abandoned aircraft carrier and the other with an oil rig. The second will give you access to the latest missions of the game and the first to your passport for its final cutscene. To find them, follow the line of buoys around the perimeter of the map.

Source: Gadgetsnow


Download: all official Pixel 7 (Pro) wallpapers

Do you want to use a Google Pixel 7 (Pro) wallpaper on your own device? Which can! All wallpapers of the 7 and 7 Pro can now be downloaded and we explain how that works.

Download all Google Pixel 7 (Pro) wallpapers

Google’s latest smartphones were recently officially presented. They are equipped with faster hardware and many new features. They are also the first devices that run Android 13 as standard. This also means that we see new wallpapers and they can now be downloaded by everyone.

You can find and download them all via the well-known website. They have a high resolution of 2400 by 1080 or 3120 by 1440 pixels and feathers take center stage in all kinds of shapes and colors. You can easily download via this link and there are 15 pieces in total.

Google Pixel 7 (Pro): review coming soon

Both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are now officially for sale in the Netherlands. The more expensive Pixel 7 Pro costs 899 (128GB) or 999 (256GB) euros. The normal Pixel 7 has a suggested retail price of 649 euros for the 128GB variant, the 256GB version costs 749 euros.

Of course we have written more about Google smartphones. We explain everything about facial recognition and list the differences between the two superpowers. We told you all about the update policy and compared the Pixel 7 to last year’s Pixel 6.

Read more about the Google Pixel 7 (Pro):


How to find an infinite fuel zombie bike in MW3 Zombies?

When a new zombies mode comes out, players make sure to scour the maps to find all the special items. And in MW3 there is a special vehicle that will help you in almost any situation. Let’s go ahead and find out how to find infinite fuel zombie bike in MW3 zombies.

As you move from zone to zone in MWZ, you’re bound to discover even better things as you progress. One of these things is a special zombie bike called the Blood Burner. Aside from a few interesting Easter eggs associated with it, the Blood Burner is also the only vehicle in MWZ that don’t run out of fuel.

Where to find the Blood Burner Infinite Fuel Bike in MW3 Zombies (MWZ)

This bike isn’t like most vehicles, meaning you can’t just see it on the map and navigate to it. You can find the blood burner mainly in the Tier 2 zonewith a few people mentioning finding it on level 3. Once you can see the bike in your field of vision, you will also be able to see it on the map.

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Unfortunately, the Blood Burner doesn’t have a set spawn outside of certain areas. Additionally, since it is an uncommon vehicle, once you get off the bike, other players around you can simply drive off with it. But if you can keep it for a while, you’ll start to understand why someone would steal it. Not only is it the only infinite fuel bike among MW3 zombies, but it can also cross the waterin addition to offering you a Free quick cola by jumping from the large eagle statue near the Legacy Fortress. Be sure to keep an eye on this bike if you’re looking to go far in MWZ. Because you’ll never know when you’ll need to quickly escape the clutches of death.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2: new dual braking system and more lights to improve safety

Xiaomi renews its most powerful electric scooter. During his global presentation today, he unveiled the new Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, a version of his scooter with more autonomy. The new 2020 model offers similar characteristics to the first generation Pro model, but incorporates new features in the lighting and brake kit.

We have a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, to adapt to the regulations, as well as a 45 km range. The Mi Scooter Pro 2 is capable of climbing 20 degree slopes and can be folded up for easy transport. These are its characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 technical sheet

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro
Speed Up to 25 km / h

Echo: 15 km / h

Autonomy Up to 45 km
protection IP 54
Dimensions and weight 1130 x 430 x 1180 mm
14,2 kg
Power 300 W
Weight 14,2 kg
Drums 12800 mAh


500 cycles up to at least 70% of capacity

Loading time 8.5 hours
Braking system E-ABS + mechanical anti-lock
Support Up to 100 kg
Height between 120-200 cm
Other LCD screen
Front, rear and side reflectors
Compatible with Android 4.3 or iOS 9.0
Price 549,99 euros

Xiaomi has renewed its scooter with different design integrations, mainly in terms of safety. On the one hand, we have a renovation of your braking system. The new Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 incorporates a double brake, while the first generation model only had one.

It’s # MiElectricScooterPro2 ?
We are sure it will add a lot of fun and convenience to your life.

– Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) July 15, 2020

the LED lights are now twice as bright (2W), reaching beyond 10 meters. Where there is no change is in the suspension system or the resistance of the scooter, which continues to offer the IP54 certification.

The brake light system is now synchronized with the rest of the lights and added 5 reflectors on the front and on the sides for easy identification on poorly lit roads.

At the battery level, the Mi Scooter Pro 2 model maintains the Batterie 474 Wh of the original Pro model, allowing it to obtain a range of 45 kilometers.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 versions and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 arrives in Europe with an official price starting from 499 euros, which will remain in 549.99 euros in Spain, available for purchase on its official website, Mi Stores, El Corte Inglés and MediaMarkt. With the new model, the Mi Electric Scooter 1S will be available at a price of 449.99 euros.

During the presentation, Xiaomi announced that the new Mi Scooter Pro 2 will arrive in a special version in collaboration with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

Source : Engadget


MediaMarkt VAT-free days 2023: the best Android promotions at a glance

Is it time for a new smartphone, tablet or other gadget? Then you have come to the right place at MediaMarkt, because MediaMarkt says: “VAT: get rid of it”. We collect the best deals of the VAT-free days in this article.

VAT-free days at MediaMarkt from 2023

MediaMarkt is doing stunts again and offers you sky-high discounts during the MediaMarkt VAT-free days. Until January 29 you can score your new toy without having to pay VAT.

When you say MediaMarkt, you say electronics. Especially during the VAT-free days, you can get an Oppo smartphone, Samsung tablet or Sony headphones at a big discount. Are you looking for gadgets to make your home smarter? Then you have also come to the right place at MediaMarkt.

Not a 21 percent discount, but 17.36 percent

Although you don’t pay VAT, that doesn’t mean you get a 21 percent discount. In reality, the discount is ‘only’ 17.36 percent. To explain this clearly, we have an example for you.

Suppose a chosen product costs 242 euros, then that price consists of 200 euros for the product and another 42 euros in VAT (21 percent). During the VAT-free days, MediaMarkt will give you 42 euros as a gift. That is a discount of 17.36 percent on the total amount of the aforementioned 242 euros.

Smartphones on offer

Is your current phone slow, does it run out of power quickly or are you just ready for something new? For example, you will receive a discount of up to 145 euros on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but you can also get a lot of savings on brands such as Motorola and Oppo. Check out the best offers that MediaMarkt has to offer below.

Samsung smartphone deals:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 908.21 euros (190.79 euros discount)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: 825.57 euros (173.43 euros benefit)
  • Samsung Galaxy A13: 165.27 euros (34.72 euros discount)
  • Samsung Galaxy A52s: 308.24 euros (64.75 euros discount)

Other smartphone brands on offer:

  • Motorola Moto G51: 165.27 euros (34.72 euros discount)
  • Motorola Moto G100: 288.41 euros (60.59 euros discount)
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11: 165.27 euros (34.72 euros discount)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2022): 156.19 euros (32.81 euros discount)
  • OPPO Reno 7: 255.36 euros (53.64 euros benefit)
  • OPPO Reno 8 Lite: 271.88 euros (57.11 euros benefit)

Smartwatch deals

Do you not have your smartphone nearby, but you still don’t want to miss any notifications? Then a smartwatch cannot be missing. In addition to ensuring that no phone call escapes your attention, this smart watch also keeps track of all your health values ​​for you. Want to know which offers are the best during the MediaMarkt VAT-free days? Check it out below!

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm: 144.61 euros (30.38 euros discount)
  • Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro: 404.11 euros (84.89 euros benefit)
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4S: 190.06 euros (39.93 euros discount)
  • Huawei Watch GT 3 Active 42mm: 162.80 euros (34.20 euros discount)
  • Fitbit Sense 2: 219.81 euros (46.10 euros discount)

Wireless headphones and headsets

Your favorite music flows clearest into your ears through the latest headphones or earplugs, which you can of course also get for the best price during MediaMarkt VAT-free days. Discover the coolest deals below.

  • JBL Tune 230NC TWS: 57.84 euros (12.15 euros discount)
  • JBL Tour One M2: 247.09 euros (51.91 euros discount)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: 48.75 euros (10.24 euros discount)
  • Bose Quietcomfort 45: 247.09 euros (51.91 euros discount)
  • Sennheiser HD 350BT: 56.19 euros (11.80 euros discount)

Tablets with the highest discount

Maybe you are looking for a tablet to watch your favorite movies or to help you with your studies or work. You can also score this without VAT at MediaMarkt. To help you get started in choosing the right tablet for you, we have collected the best tablet offers below.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: 577.65 euros (121.35 euros discount)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: 180.98 euros (38.11 euros discount)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022): 262.62 euros (55.38 euros benefit)
  • Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd gen): 165.27 euros (34.72 euros benefit)
  • Lenovo Tab P11 Plus: 247.09 euros (51.91 euros discount)

Smart home and accessories

Make your home smarter with various useful gadgets and make your life a little easier. Check out the best smart home deals below.

  • EUFY Smart Doorbell Battery 1080p: 81.81 euros (17.19 euros discount)
  • Google Nest Mini: 34.70 euros (7.29 euros discount)
  • Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen. smoke and carbon monoxide detector: 98.34 euros (20.66 euros discount)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4: 164.45 euros (34.55 euros discount)
  • TILE Starter Pack (2022) 2 pack: 45.44 euros (9.55 euros discount)

Despite all the deals, have you still not found what you were looking for? MediaMarkt offers an extensive range with the best offers during the VAT-free days. You can view the complete range via the button below.


Baldur’s Gate 3 is censored in Japan, but fans are having a lot of fun with it

Spike Chunsoft released the Japanese version of on December 21st Baldur’s Gate 3 published by Larian Studios for the PS5. Japanese fans who have already gotten their hands on a copy seem particularly amused by the creative decisions involved in self-censoring the characters’ private parts.

Even before release, it was announced that the Japanese PS5 version of Baldur’s Gate 3 would contain some changes compared to the global version – that is, explicit content such as depictions of blood and genitals would be self-censored.

While the standard version of the game lets you choose whether to allow or hide nudity in cutscenes, these options have been removed from the Japanese version, making it censored by default.

However, the self-censorship of characters’ genitals using a single, carefully placed fig leaf appears to have had primarily a comedic effect. The amusing measure even contributed to that people are completely okay with these cuts. But why is it so popular?


Well, for one thing, it’s simply an amusing picture. But there is a little more context: namely a bizarre song and music video that has apparently burned itself into the collective memory of many Japanese people. We’re talking about “Yatta!”, a parody song from 2001 by the fictional boy band “Green Leaves”. The music video shows the members wearing nothing more than their underwear with a fig leaf detail. The song was a chart hit at the time and lives on today as an immortal internet meme.

But back to Baldur’s Gate 3. Why is the Japanese version censored at all? Games ported to consoles in Japan must limit depictions of genitalia to comply with CERO guidelines. Fortunately, there are no regulations regarding the form in which this self-censorship must take place. Hence the amusing fig leaf approach, which has apparently hit a completely unexpected nerve of nostalgia among Japanese players.

In any case, the creative decision to censor character privacy in Larian Studio’s Baldur’s Gate 3 seems to have struck a completely unexpected chord of nostalgia and humor among Japanese gamers.

via Automaton Media, images: Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios, Spike Chunsoft


Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Solo Kill Haderax Raid Cheesing Guide

Inexplicably, there’s a new DL campaign for Borderlands 2 — and it’s not just any expansion, but an update that brings the game closer to Borderlands 3 introduces. You will see the characters after the events of the main story and level up to new heights. The level cap has been raised to 80 and there is a new quality tier of loot – Rainbow.

The best possible way to get incredible loot is by defeating the raid boss – and he’s special. Haderax, the latest incarnation of Crawmerax, is a giant subterranean worm that takes a great deal of time and effort to defeat – and you’ll need a team if you want to defeat him without tricks.

But there is a way to defeat this monster solo as well. Read on to learn how to do this.

How To Kill Haderax Solo | Raid Cheesing Guide

It’s actually possible to defeat Haderax solo if you prepare properly. First of all, you need a slag weapon. Haderax will heal quickly at certain points in the fight – if you want to defeat him solo, you’ll need to stop his healing. The only way to do this is by hitting Haderax with Slag Element weapons.

Then you need to reach the special “cheesing” point – that’s an area where Haderax can’t hit you. As you enter the arena, face the hole in the wall on the left – that’s your objective. Stand under it and wait for Haderax to appear. When he appears, it is associated with a violent gust of air/blast of air that can carry you up onto the rocky ledge – run into the dark hole. There you can hide without taking damage.

Of course, you will eventually need ammo. Kill the little guys that appear below, and when you’re out of ammo you can drop down and scour the zone for crates. Take as much as you can, then use the gust again to get to your hideout. Repeat as many times as necessary.

This is an easy method, but even with very, very powerful weapons, this is a tough and brutally long fight. Unless you’re very well armed, it can take you over an hour to finally kill the boss. Don’t forget that the worm will try to heal itself when its health is down to around half. Save your slag ammo for now, then blast the boss with it – Haderax can fully heal if you can’t stop his healing process quickly.

Fight relentlessly to eventually enjoy the reward – a dead Haderax and lots of very high quality loot.

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ARK: Survival Ascended: All 120 mods in one list

Image: Studio Wildcard

Here is a list of all tested mods for ARK: Survival Ascended.

As we previously reported, there are more than 120 mods available for ARK: Survival Ascended on Xbox. All mods support cross-platform play and can therefore be played on Xbox & PC (later also with PlayStation).

A list of all checked and approved mods is available here:

  • Additions Ascended: Archelon
  • Additions Ascended: Brachiosaurus
  • Additions Ascended: Ceratosaurus
  • Additions Ascended: Deinosuchus
  • Additions Ascended: Deinotherium
  • Additions Ascended: Helicoprion
  • Additions Ascended: Xiphactinus
  • Alfa Oceanic Platforms
  • Any Color Sets
  • AP: Death Recovery
  • Ark Primal Chaos
  • Arkitect Structures Remastered
  • ArkNav
  • ArkWarfare Community Mod
  • Ascended Server Tracker
  • AutoDoors
  • Automated Ark
  • Autorunner
  • Bangin Tranqs
  • basilisks
  • Better chat
  • Better Elevators
  • Better Feeding Troughs
  • Better Forges
  • Better Oviraptor
  • Better refrigerator
  • Chaos Creator
  • Cheat Death (Homing Pigeon reloaded)
  • Classic Glider Ascended
  • Cliffan’s Vanilla Weapon Skins
  • CliffPlatforms
  • Configurable Stack Mod
  • CrunkQoL
  • Death Inventory Keeper
  • Death Recovery Item Tool
  • Dino Auto Attack
  • Dino Kill Potion
  • Dino+ (Nanny, Hatchey)
  • DinoCloud (a Dino Storage Solution)
  • DKA Mod
  • Draconic Chronicles (ALPHA) (Wyverns and more)
  • Dwarven Builders Mod
  • Easy pumps
  • Eclectic Ascended
  • Element Harvesting
  • Empire Gaming Community Mod
  • EnglarkMod
  • Ez Engram Unlocker
  • Ez Grapple Crossbow
  • Ez Guns on Dinos
  • Ez Resource Vouchers
  • EZ Stacks
  • Flyer Seatbelts (Cross Platform)
  • Gaia: Elixir
  • Gaia: No Fall Damage
  • Gaia: Spawn Shield
  • Gaia: Starter Pack
  • Glyph Transformations
  • Gnome’s Early Tek Binoculars
  • Gnome’s Enhanced Fridge
  • GoA_Mod
  • griffins
  • Gryphons
  • Improved Industrial Cooker
  • Industrial dehydrator
  • Infused ARK Community Mod
  • Irradiator
  • Itens Alfa
  • Just Be Reasonable! (rhynio craving change)
  • KJ’s Ark
  • Klinger Additional Boats
  • Klinger Additional Structures
  • Legacy Meat Spoilers
  • LoyaltyARK Community Mod
  • maewings
  • Manager arm mrs
  • Marvelous Spyglass
  • More rideables
  • MuchStuffPack
  • Mystic Isles Community Mod
  • Nanite Owls Structures
  • Nanoh’s Reusables
  • No Untameables
  • Pelayori’s Cryo Storage
  • PhoenixARK Mod
  • Pirate Chests
  • Project Zodiac
  • Radical storage
  • Rockwell’s Smithy
  • RR FantasyGliderWings
  • RR-Homedeco and more! beta
  • RR Potions
  • S-dino variants
  • ScrappedAssets
  • Silent Structures
  • Simple flat map
  • Sinomacrops
  • Sodium The Community Mod
  • Solo Farm Mod
  • Great Spyglass Plus
  • Super Spyglass/Super Binoculars
  • Surprise Machines
  • Survival atmosphere
  • Svartalfheim
  • Svartalfheim Armory
  • TC’s Odin
  • TC’s Storage Box
  • tekbows
  • TG Stacking Mod
  • TG Stacking Mod 1000-50
  • TG Stacking Mod 1000-90
  • The Working Class
  • TPC Pike
  • Ultimate Tranqs
  • Unknown’s test 3
  • Upgrade station
  • Utilities Plus

Have you tried mods for ARK: Survival Ascended yet?