HOMTOM HT7 PRO, in-depth analysis in Spanish

We return with the reviews and in-depth analysis of terminals of Chinese origin with this HOMTOM HT7 PROor what is the same, a improved version of the HOMTOM HT7 which we already had the pleasure of analyzing right here at Androidsis and which gave us very good feelings.

In this improved or vitaminized version under the name of HOMTOM HT7 PROthe prestigious Android mobile manufacturer brand Doogee, surprises us with a new terminal improved in every way in which it has been doubled RAM and internal storage memory, new processor with better energy performance, a more elegant and current design, moving away from the horrible rear casing of its previous model, and even reducing the total weight of the terminal without harming it in terms of battery capacity and autonomy. All this without increasing the price excessively and for just 83 euros including shipping costs, we are going to enjoy an entire Android Lollipop with the guarantee of HOMTOM and Doogee. Below are all the technical details of the HOMTOM HT7 PRO as well as my most sincere opinion about this new low-cost, good-performance Android terminal.

Complete technical specifications of the HOMTOM HT7 PRO

Model HT7 PRO
OS Android 5.1 Lollipop
Screen 5.5″ IPS LCD and HD resolution 1280 x 720 320 dpi
Processor Mediatek 6735P Quad Core at 1 Ghz
GPU Mali T720
Internal storage 16 GB expandable via MicroSD up to 128 GB maximum capacity
Rear camera 8 mpx with 2.0 focal aperture and Single FlasLED included
Front camera 2mpx
Connectivity DaulSIM 2G – 3G – 4G: FDD-LTE Band 1 (2100MHz) Band 3 (1800MHz) Band 7 (2600MHz) Band 20 (800MHz) Bluetooth 4.0 – Wifi 802.11 b/g/n – FM Radio – USB OTG – GPS and aGPS –
Other features Smart Gestures – Smart Wake Up – Three Finger Screenshot – Smart Standby Battery Saving –
Battery 3000 mAh lithium polymer
Dimensions 155.5 x 78 x 7.9mm
Weight 170 grams
Price 82.89 Euros in special offer

The best of the HOMTOM HT7 PRO

As for the best of HOMTOM HT7 PROlogically ignoring its best feature which is none other than its very tight official launch price, a terminal that we can get for the ridiculous amount of just 83 Euros already in our home, are without a doubt, its tremendous technical specifications the height of any self-respecting Android mid-range and that make it a terminal specially designed and oriented for the entry-level Android user who are looking for a good battle terminal that responds adequately for the most common use on a daily basis without having to do without the speed of 4G or LTE connectivity with the band 20 or band 800 mHz enabled for the European territory.

Among the good or outstanding things that should be mentioned or highlighted about this new HOMTOM HT7 PRO that we can get for just 30 euros more than the previous version, it is worth highlighting its 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage, or what is the same twice as much as the previous model. Likewise, defects or things that could be improved from the previous HOMTOM HT7 have been corrected, such as its best sound quality in terms of clarity and power.

On the other hand, the previous processor, the Mediatek 6580, has been changed to the MTK6735P which is much more efficient in terms of performance and in terms of energy efficiency refers In addition to gaining in terms of its integrated GPU, which notices a great leap in quality when going from the Mali T400 to the Mali T720, which is noticeable and in what way when shooting games that require certain graphic resources such as the Dead Trigger 2 that we usually test on all the terminals that we usually analyze here at Androidsis and in this HOMTOM HT7 PRO it performs perfectly.

Another thing in which improvement is noted, even without being one of the greatest virtues of this low-cost Android terminal, can be found in its integrated cameras, which, although they are the simplest cameras we can imagine, these They perform their task perfectly, giving us a great quality when taking photos and videos outdoors or in places where light conditions are good. On the contrary, if we want to take photographs or videos in poorly lit places or at night, even with FlasLED integrated into the back of the terminal, the captures taken and the videos will leave much to be desired.

To finish with the positive things about this HOMTOM HT7 PRO, I couldn’t say goodbye to this section of good things without talking about the sensational 5.5″ IPS screen with HD resolutiona screen that offers us a very good touch experience and in which the brightness level, both low and high levels, are more than correct to adapt the use of the screen for poorly lit or indoor places so that we are able to see it without problems outdoors and in direct sunlight.


  • Good finishes
  • IPS HD screen
  • 2GB RAM
  • MicroSD support up to 128 GB
  • Band 20 LTE 4G
  • 3000 mAh battery

The worst thing about the HOMTOM HT7 PRO

As for the worst thing I can tell you about this HOMTOM HT7 PRO and always making a fair assessment comparing it with other terminals in this price range, perhaps we can point out a negative point simply because of its conservative design where there is one in which the square lines are observed and prevail, which take away a certain appeal if we compare it with other models in the sector that are aimed at a younger audience and that have more current designs and a greater range of possibilities in terms of available colors.

We can find another of the negative points of the HOMTOM HT7, as I have mentioned in the previous section of the good or positive things to highlight about the terminal, we have it in mind. the fair quality of its integrated cameras speaking in terms of recording video or taking photographs in low light conditions. A terrible quality in which we will see a lot of noise even when using the FlashLED integrated into the back of the terminal.


  • Very sober design
  • Fair cameras in low light conditions

HOMTOM HT7 PRO camera test

Editor’s opinions

  • Editor’s rating
  • Score 3.5 stars
  • Very good


  • 60%
  • Review of: Francisco Ruiz
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • DesignPublisher: 85%
  • ScreenPublisher: 85%
  • PerformancePublisher: 85%
  • CameraPublisher: 75%
  • AutonomyPublisher: 90%
  • Portability (size/weight)Publisher: 80%
  • Price qualityPublisher: 95%

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google Ξ TREND

Google finally launches WearOS 3 for less recent smartwatches Carlos Oliveira October 13, 2023

Released in mid-2021, Wear OS 3 came to revitalize the operating system for Google smartwatches. The first brand to adopt this. system It was Samsung and since then many have wondered if other models will be entitled to the same software.

Soon we will have the first batch of smart watches that will be updated to Wear OS 3. The first models were designed by Fossil, with the brand itself announcing the proximity of an update to its products.

Fossil prepares to launch Wear OS 3 for generation 6 models

The American watch brand announced that it will begin making Wear OS 3 available for its products on October 17. It will, therefore, be at the beginning of next week that the owners of some Gen. 6 will receive the much desired update.

Strictly speaking, this update will come to Fossil Gen 6Michael Kors General 6 and Skagen Falster Gen 6. Gen 6 Wellness Edition is also added to this list, whose market launch is scheduled precisely for October 17.

To proceed with the desired upgrade to Wear OS 3, users will need to restore their watches to factory settings. Additionally, they will need to update the Fossil companion app to its latest version.

Regarding this update, Fossil reports that its users should expect a user interface similar to that of the Pixel Watch. That is, the brand will not apply strong customization like Samsung, opting for a design closer to the base version of Wear OS.

Even so, the brand will apply some of its own tricks that you will not find in equipment from other brands. For example, you will have customizable battery modes, the Wellness app for health and sports tracking, and iOS compatibility.

It’s true, Fossil smartwatches will be the first with Wear OS 3 to be compatible with the iPhone. For anyone who uses an Apple smartphone but prefers Google’s operating system, Fossil’s Gen 6 models are the perfect choice.

It’s also important to note that the Wear OS 3 update for Fossil watches will arrive without Google Assistant. Apparently, this absence is due to compatibility problems of this software with watches with Qualcomm processors.

For those who value the presence of a virtual assistant on their watch, the alternative is Amazon’s Alexa. The corresponding app has been available for Fossil watches since the beginning of this year.

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OnlyFans reverses its decision to ban ___ual content

The decision gave breath back to thousands of users and influencers who make huge profits from the platform.

The OnlyFans platform reverses its decision to ban ___ual content. The announcement had generated concern for influencers and users.

The OnlyFans website, known for its risqué content and which gained popularity during the pandemic, had announced on Thursday that it would censor all “explicit ___ual” content starting in October.
The British-based company, which declares have two million of “content creators” paid to upload photos and videos, indicated that it would allow nudity within an “acceptable use policy” still being defined.

OnlyFans noted in a statement that the changes are in response to concerns of bankers and investorswhile seeking to expand its audience beyond adult content, with photos and videos of cooking or yoga.

Starting October 1, “OnlyFans will prohibit the publication of any content with explicit ___ual behavior“, notes the bulletin.

“Creators will be able to continue publishing (…) nudes as long as they are consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy“he adds.

heroes lords mobile Ξ TREND

Build your empire and take on the most powerful heroes in Lords Mobile

we cast missing more real-time strategy video games. I’m referring more to those in the style of the Total Wars series instead of the numerous Clash of Clans type ones. Video games where we can control our troops and direct them in combat to place archers, cavalry or our best swords in certain locations so that they do more damage. It also wouldn’t be bad if we had one similar to Starcraft, but for this we still have to wait unless Blizzard surprises us all with one dedicated to mobile phones. There are some ports, like the great Z Steel Soldiers, but there is a need for one created from scratch for smartphones.

Lords Mobile has some of these virtues, although where it stands out is in the variety of content offered, since we can build our empire like Clash of Clans or Civilization, fight in battles involving hundreds of enemies or venture through landscapes with our team of heroes to kill final bosses. It is in this distinction where it distances itself from other titles such as those mentioned to take that privileged position. Perhaps we can blame its freemium model, but today, and after knowing Punch Club’s piracy figures yesterday, more games will arrive with these free options plus micropayments.

Your empire awaits you

Lords Mobile does not have a great epic story in which it puts us into the game, but rather it places us in a dictatorial position in which we must destroy all those who stand in our way. path to dominate the entire earth. Why create a lore when you have that epic goal, the entire planet to yourself.

For this to come to fruition, it has a tutorial that will take you through all the ins and outs of the game as it is. construction and improvement of buildings in that territory that you have at the beginning, the first steps in combat against other empires in which you will face hundreds of enemies in battles more like Total War and those champions that you will unlock and that takes you directly to another game in which You will go through levels to kill the final bosses. These final bosses will be added to your team the moment you defeat them.

In that melee combat with your team of heroes, you will have a Final Fantasy style of combat in which you must swipe to select several targets so that the fire damage reaches everyone. It is quite commendable that Lords Mobile relies on several gameplays in the same title, which makes it a special game, even if it has that string of freemium model.

Clans and fight against other players

To a video game like this You can’t miss multiplayer games and the ability to create or join a clan. You will have a chat on the top screen where hundreds of players gather to discuss conquests or search for a clan. It gives a great touch to being able to share your empire with other players and look for others to face them.

Between all that variety of gameplay and having to defend your citadel You will have a lot to do, it will be another thing if you do not have enough time to defend it, since if you play alone at night you will see that you have been attacked like Clash of Clans. has done a great job with Lords Mobile. This available for free with the freemium model of micropayments. Needless to say, the best items and heroes are worth paying for, but for the rest you will find a lot to do, such as the ability to even spy on your enemies. A game that borders on perfection so that you can go straight to building your empire and becoming the most infamous player on the planet.

Technical quality

By having different gameplays one might think that one would be weak in one, and not at all. Perhaps it can be attributed to In battle mode you are almost a simple spectator when all you have to do is select troops and release them into battle.

Graphically it is spectacular, the graphic effects are very successful, there is no lack of performance, the animations are very successful and the character design borders on perfection. Technically it is at a high level in all elements, which includes a good soundtrack and good sound effects. Almost a ten in this sense.

Editor’s opinion

  • Editor’s rating
  • Rating 4.5 stars
  • Exceptional
  • 80%
  • Lords Mobile
  • Review of: Manuel Ramirez
  • Posted on:
  • Last modification:
  • GameplayPublisher: 90%
  • GraphicsPublisher: 95%
  • SoundPublisher: 90%
  • Price qualityPublisher: 90%


  • Great variety of content
  • Being able to build, battle and fight hand to hand
  • Great technical quality


  • Well embedded freemium model

Download Application

child digital facebook red Ξ TREND

Facebook, Escuela Digital and Red PaPaz join together to raise awareness about child exploitation

Facebook, the Digital School and Red PaPaz join forces in Colombia to raise awareness about the importance of not disseminating content on social networks that could re-victimize girls, boys and adolescents who suffer child ___ual exploitation.

The initiative offers guidance on what to do when, while browsing the Internet, you come across content that exposes people under 18 years of age and warns that sharing it – even out of outrage, horror or shock – is illegal, aggravates the situation and causes further harm to the community. victim by reliving it. The campaign also explains How to report these cases:

  • Through the virtual line of I protect you ( and the Te Protejo app), administered by Red PaPaz, or through the telephone line 141
  • Reporting content or conversations on Facebook

According to a Facebook analysis, 90% of the illegal content (material exploiting children and adolescents) that the company reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) between October and November 2020, was the same , or visually similar, to that shared in previous reports. According to this same analysis, 75% of people shared this content to show indignation or a bad sense of humor.

So far in 2021, Te Protejo has processed 14,011 reports, of which 95% were related to risks and situations in digital environments. Regarding the analysis of ___ual exploitation material of girls, boys and adolescents:

  • 177,644 images, videos and other materials have been analyzed, of which 119,556 were classified as illegal content of child ___ual exploitation through the ICCAM platforms of INHOPE and Arachnid of the Canadian Center for Child Protection.
  • The dismantling of 9,033 URLs in the different hosting countries was requested through INHOPE’s ICCAM platform, supporting the National Police in this process.

“We want to give Facebook users more tools to combat child exploitation. That is why we launched this campaign in several countries around the world, joining efforts in Colombia with the Digital School and Red PaPaz, which have been working to promote the relevance of reporting this type of content, instead of sharing it,” he expressed. María Cristina Capelo, Safety and Wellbeing Leader for Facebook in Latin America.

Carolina Piñeros Ospina, Executive Director of Red Papaz, explained: “With this alliance between Facebook, the Digital School and Red PaPaz we will make more people aware of the importance of being clear and letting others know about “I report it, but I do not share it”, when it comes to abusive material. or ___ual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents.”

To learn more about Facebook’s child protection efforts, visit:

launch samsung samsung galaxy Ξ TREND

Samsung Galaxy S7: Launch, prices, specifications and features

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most anticipated mobile phone of 2016 and everything indicates that the future Galaxy S7 will be released at the beginning of the same year. That is why there is already talk about the price and launch date of the mobile. At the moment so much information has been leaked that it is difficult to know what the mobile will be like but we have tried to summarize what is credible so that you get an idea of ​​what the mobile will be like.

Although the Samsung Galaxy are no longer Samsung’s currently best-selling mobile phones, at the moment the S series is the best-selling and that is why thousands of people waiting for this release like May water. We cannot forget that there are many leaks and some of them are false, we will try to rule them out along the way.

Samsung Galaxy S7, what do we know about Samsung’s mobile future?

We must not forget that Samsung reached its moment of glory with the Galaxy S4 that it had been reaping since the launch of the Galaxy S, later the Galaxy S5 was a big hit and this year the Galaxy S6 Edge has managed to captivate many users but without reaching raise astronomical figures, what’s more, the design that has captivated us will probably not reach the Galaxy S7 since, as we mentioned when we spoke and had tested the terminal, the real improvement was in the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S7: Release date

You have to play at being a witch to guess the launch date but knowing that all the generations were announced in February – March during the MWC we believe that the Galaxy S7 could be presented at the Samsung Unpacked 2016a pre-MWC 2016 event.

The 2016 MWC will be held from February 22 to 25, so the Galaxy S7 could be presented on Sunday, February 21, it seems like a very good date. This time Samsung will have to launch the S7 earlier than normal, just as it has done with the Note 5. That is why everything indicates that instead of arriving so late to the market it could be presented on January 19, 2016 and reach the market in February so as not to step on the sales of other company terminals.

What’s more, Samsung is already manufacturing the processor that the Galaxy S7 will have. Now, there are still leakers that talk about the MWC for the presentation date, we have two doubts but we know that the S7 will be presented in February or will be launched on the market in Februarythere aren’t many other options.

Galaxy S7: Price and availability

The Galaxy S7 could be 10% cheaper than the S6 thanks to taking advantage of the previous year’s design, although hey, it is not the first time we have heard that Samsung’s next mobile it will be cheaper and in the end it is a lie.

Samsung claims it will sacrifice profits to gain share and we expect the S7 to cost between $600 and $700 unlocked. Refering to Availability Samsung is expected to hold back the S7 with respect to some markets although it is unlikely as it is their most universal series. It should be in stores 3 to 4 weeks after the presentation.

Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications

The Galaxy S6 changed many things, without microSD, without removable battery and a scandalous design. What will the Galaxy S7 do? Will it continue to bring controversy? It is expected to bring some of the following things:

Galaxy S7 screen

5.2 inches Super AMOLED with Quad HD resolution and Gorilla Glass 4 protection, we don’t think it can improve the S6 screen much, it is very good. They should improve its efficiency and quality a little, although it could also stretch the diagonal to 5.3 inches, all depending on the surface/screen ratio they use. A 4K screen wouldn’t make sense but who knows.

Galaxy S7 processor and RAM

It is expected a Snapdragon 820 in the United States and China, however mounting the Exynos 8890 in Europe and Asia, both configurations with 4 GB of RAM. Either option should be really good.

Galaxy S7 Storage

32 and 64 GB of RAM with the possibility of expanding via microSD. Surely the 128 GB model has been a failure in sales and it is very likely that it will be eliminated, especially if the possibility of expanding storage with microSD is included but at the moment it is not confirmed, has Samsung changed its decision so easily? The S6’s storage is so fast that I don’t miss the microSD.

Galaxy S7 cameras

There are two different rumors regarding the camera. The first states that it will mount a Sony sensor and another suggests that it will mount a Samsung sensor. If Sony were to mount it, it would mount the 20 MP IMX300. In another case I would mount a 12 MP ISOCELL sensor with Ultra-Pixels to improve light sensitivity but it seems difficult for Samsung to reduce the amount of MP, the amount of detail in the S6 is impressive.

Here the differences are too big for it to use both sensors and thinking that the fundamental improvement of the S7 will be the camera, it should use the best sensor or mount the new BRITECELL, who knows.

Galaxy S7 battery

The autonomy of the S6 is very fair. Samsung seems like it would add fast and wireless charging to the S7 again but we don’t know what the battery will be like, the new Exynos is more efficient and we hope that the capacity is increased a little to achieve very good autonomy.

Galaxy S7 Connectivity

All versions of the S7 are also expected to have a LTE Cat.12 modem with download speeds reaching up to 600 Mbps in ideal environments.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Main features

The Galaxy S7 could bring some very interesting new features such as:

  • Samsung Pay: Using the fingerprint reader and working fine.
  • ClearForce: Synaptic’s technology to bring the 3D Touch of the iPhone 6S to Android, we cannot forget that Samsung has a patent for this technology.
  • Good sound: The S7 could bring high-quality stereo sound with minimal distortion thanks to the new chip used.
  • USB Type-C: The S7 is expected to already have USB Type-C, it seems that it will be the new standard and not integrating it would be a mistake.

Galaxy S7 design

After years of receiving criticism, the S6 has finally abandoned plastic and replaced it with metal and glass. The S6 is undoubtedly the most beautiful Galaxy S to date but the S7 could be very similar, not many changes are expected. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is offering different finisheswho knows.

Will there be a Galaxy S7 Edge?

The Edge is amazing, it’s very pretty. Now, we should trust the launch of an S7 Edge since half of the S6 sold had a curved screen. How many versions of the S7 would there be? The ideal move would be to launch two terminals:

  • A mobile phone with a 5.2 or 5.3-inch screen with Edge and normal versions.
  • A mobile phone with a 5.8 or 5.9-inch screen with Edge and normal versions.

There would be 4 versions but they could conquer any buyer looking for a high-end mobile. The mini versions are no longer so desired in the case of Samsung and Having a 5.2-inch S7 is already part of the priority of manychoosing the finish is also an interesting option.

Galaxy S7 models

Although the S7 has not yet been released on the market, version numbers of the Galaxy S7 have already been leaked, they could be these:

  • Verizon (SM-G930V, SM-G935V)
  • Sprint (SM-G930P, SM-G935P)
  • US Cellular (SM-G930R4, SM-G935R4)
  • AT&T (SM-G930A, SM-G935A)
  • T-Mobile (SM-G930T, SM-G935T)
  • International Unlocked (SM-G930F, SM-G935F)
  • China (SM-G9300, G9350-SM)
  • Canada (SM-G930W8, SM-G935W8)
  • Korea (SM-G930 S/K/L, SM-G935 S/K/L)

The code name of the project, Project Lucky is also funny and yes, here you have all the leaked data of the Galaxy S7 with its launch, features and price of the S7. Yes, remember that nothing is official but it would be very strange if we haven’t made too many mistakes. The S7 is the turning point for Samsung.

series xiaomi Ξ TREND

The Xiaomi 12T Series now available in Portuguese stores: prices and features Bruno Coelho October 13, 2023

At the beginning of October, the new top-of-the-range series of Xiaomi smartphones was presented. This one is called Series 12T and promises “next level moments.”

They will now be available in stores in Portugal, starting this Thursday. You will be able to buy Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro in two variants, the details of which are detailed below.

The prices of the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro in Portugal

  • Xiaomi 12T with 8 GB + 256 GB in black and blue – €649.99
  • Xiaomi 12T Pro with 12 GB + 256 GB in black and blue – €849.99

Highlights of the Xiaomi 12T Pro

Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 processor

12 GB of RAM

256 GB Internal storage

5000mah battery

120W HyperCharge for charging in just 19 minutes

200MP main camera

Highlights of the Xiaomi 12T

MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Ultra Processor

8 GB of RAM

256 GB Internal storage

5000mah battery

120W HyperCharge for charging in just 19 minutes

108 megapixel main camera

These devices also feature a premium design. This combines reduced fingerprints on the rear panel with a compact feel in the hand.

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battery Ξ TREND

How to save battery Condor Plume L2 |

Saving Condor Plume L2 battery can be a great technique in case you are still running out of battery on your Condor Plume L2. Indeed, in these times and given the frequency of use of our smartphones, saving a little battery doesn’t hurt. Everyone has already seen themselves in the battery compartment in the middle of the night or at an important moment. If you ever feel like it, we have written a small summary of all the tricks that will save battery on your Condor Plume L2. Therefore, first we will see what are the tricks to save battery. And then we will see which applications specialize in saving battery.

Our solutions to save battery for the Condor Plume L2

Decrease the brightness of the Condor Plume L2 screen

The screen of the Condor Plume L2 and its backlight are definitely the 2 things that consume the most power on the smartphone. Since you’ll still need to use the screen, your best way to save on the Condor Plume L2’s battery is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you lower it manually and not set it to the automatic setting.

Close apps you don’t use

Apps are a big source of power consumption on the Condor Plume L2. Therefore, we recommend that you delete all applications that you do not use. In addition, it is also interesting to cut apps that run in the background by going to the application manager. Some applications consume more than others.

Delete internet when not in use

Enabling 3G or 4G on the Condor Plume L2 consumes battery power. In practice, a basic trick to save battery is to open the 3G as soon as you are not using it. You will notice that it is very self-sufficient.

Set up a quick standby mode on the Condor Plume L2

Since the screen consumes a battery, it makes a lot of sense that a fast screen protector would save battery power. Indeed, when you no longer use your Condor Plume L2, you have the advantage that the screen turns off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to the minimum.

Use a black wallpaper on the Condor Plume L2

Everything is against it, but it is good to know that colored wallpapers consume more than a black wallpaper. So, in case you agree to sacrifice aesthetics for a little battery, you know what you’re going to have to do.

Remove voice support from the Condor Plume L2

It is also a source of potential energy consumption. In fact, if you don’t use Android voice support, there’s no point in activating it. It is easy to turn it off in the settings, it will always consume less for your Condor Plume L2.

Use as few widgets as possible

These lovely gadgets that are widgets are very convenient but not really cost effective for battery life. Therefore, the fewer there are, the better it will be. We recommend that you delete all of them and prioritize using apps.

Delete useless notifications

Various apps send notifications in abundance and these are not necessarily important. Additionally, notifications consume a bit of battery power. So you should also cut off notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce vibrator use

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to what many people believe, the vibrator consumes more battery than the ringtone of your Condor Plume L2. Therefore, you should give preference to the ringtone on the vibrator, in case it is possible for you.

Save Condor Plume L2 battery with a dedicated app

In case you don’t want to bother with all these settings, you should know that there may be applications that can save battery on your Condor Plume L2. And yes, apps like Deep Sleep Battery Saver allow you to manage all previously seen settings in one place. So you can choose your preferences and save maximum battery life! All you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.

Small bonus for not falling into the battery compartment

Even with all the above solutions, your battery may not be enough to use. In fact, if you use your Condor Plume L2 all day, saving battery will not be enough. All you need is a second battery. That’s why below you will find our selection of the best portable batteries on the market. With this, you will be calm:

microsoft Ξ TREND

Microsoft has already started deleting Hotmail accounts due to a 2019 activity policy

This measure will include all Hotmail, Live, Outlook and MSA accounts that meet Microsoft’s requirements to be purged by the activity policy announced in 2019.

As of this Monday, August 30, a new activity policy that Microsoft had warned about two years ago came into effect. All Hotmail, Live, Outlook and MSA accounts that have not registered activity, at least once a year from August 30, 2019, it will be deleted.

The accounts of the well-known Hotmail email service platform, today called Outlook, that have become inactive because users did not log in to them againin a two-year period marked from August 30, 2019 to August 30, 2021, They began to be closed.

This decision is due to Microsoft’s quest to clean its servers of all those abandoned accounts, that cause errors in the company’s internal database.

The minimum requirement for the company to not close an account is to register activity. Nevertheless, Even if you have not used an account for a period of two years, if you have it enrolled in a Microsoft service such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, will not be considered for removal.

In the same way, nor the accounts used to publish an application in the Microsoft Store (so that the app is not suspended for not having a valid email), nor those that have a debt with the company, will be deleted.

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battery Ξ TREND

How to save battery for Condor Plume P8 pro

Saving the Condor Plume P8 pro battery is undoubtedly a great technique in case you run out of battery on your Condor Plume P8 pro. And yes, given these times and how much we use our smartphones, saving a little battery doesn’t hurt. Each individual has already found themselves in the battery compartment in the middle of the night or at a crucial moment. Assuming that you no longer want this to happen, we have put together a small summary of all the tricks that give you the possibility of saving the battery of your Condor Plume P8 pro. Therefore, we will first see what are the solutions to save battery. Finally, we will discover which are the effective applications in saving battery.

Our solutions to save battery for the Condor Plume P8 pro

Lower the screen brightness of the Condor Plume P8 pro

The Condor Plume P8 pro’s screen and backlight are potentially the 2 things that pump the most battery into your smartphone. Since you will still need to use the screen, the best way to save battery on the Condor Plume P8 pro is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you reduce it manually and do not set it to automatic adjustment.

Close apps you don’t use

Apps are a strong source of power consumption on the Condor Plume P8 pro. Therefore, we recommend that you close all applications that you do not use. Apart from this, it is also beneficial to close the apps that are running in the background by going to the application manager. Some apps are greedier than others.

Turn off 3G when you are not using it

Enabling 3G or 4G on the Condor Plume P8 pro consumes battery power. And yes, the best way to save money is to turn on 4g if you don’t use it. You will notice that it gains a lot of autonomy.

Set an accelerated standby mode on your Condor Plume P8 pro

Since the screen consumes a lot of power, it makes sense that a fast screen protector would save battery power. Indeed, in case you no longer use your Condor Plume P8 pro, you will have all the advantages of the screen turning off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to the minimum.

Use a black wallpaper on your Condor Plume P8 pro

It’s silly, but it’s useful to know that colored wallpapers consume more power than a black wallpaper. So, in case you agree to sacrifice beauty for a little battery, you know what you will have to do.

Remove voice support from the Condor Plume P8 pro

It is still a potential source of energy consumption. Of course, if you don’t use Android voice support, there’s no point in letting it work. It is easy to disable it in the settings, it will consume less for your Condor Plume P8 pro.

Use as few widgets as possible

You will find that these little gadgets that are widgets are very convenient but are not downright beneficial for battery life. So the less you have, the better. We recommend that you delete all of them and encourage use of the applications.

Disable useless notifications

Some apps send notifications and these are not necessarily important. Additionally, notifications consume a bit of battery power. Then you can also delete notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce the use of the vibrator

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the vibrator consumes more energy than the ringtone of your Condor Plume P8 pro. So you can promote the ringtone vibrator, when feasible for you.

Save battery with Condor Plume P8 pro with a special application

When you don’t want to get tired of all these settings, keep in mind that there are applications that can save battery on your Condor Plume P8 pro. In fact, applications like Battery Saver provide the opportunity to manage all previously seen settings in one place. This way you can customize your settings and save maximum battery power! All you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions.

Small bonus for not falling into the battery compartment

Even with all the solutions we just looked at, your battery is probably not good enough for use. In fact, if you use your Condor Plume P8 pro day and night, saving battery will unfortunately not be enough for you. All you need is a second battery. That’s why you will find below our selection of the best portable batteries on the market. Thanks to this, you will be serene:

twitter Ξ TREND

Twitter launches new feature to shield your account from insults and hate comments

Twitter’s announcement comes several weeks after Instagram unveiled new tools to fight abusive content.

The social network Twitter launched a “safe mode” to stop “disruptive interactions” and make conversations “healthier”the American company announced on Wednesday, under great pressure to protect its users against online hate.

This “Safety mode” is a feature that temporarily blocks (seven days) accounts that use “potentially harmful language”such as insults, hateful comments or “repetitive and unsolicited mentions.”

“The Authors of messages considered harmful or unsolicited according to our technology will be automatically blocked, which means they will temporarily not be able to follow your account, view your messages, or send direct messages,” Twitter explained in a statement.

The social network declared that I had consulted experts in internet safety, mental health and human rights to create this tool.

This new functionality had previously been used by a small number of users, especially women journalists and other groups of people who often suffer this type of abuse.

Like other social media giants, Twitter allows users to flag posts they consider hateful, such as racist, homophobic and ___ist messages. But many users have long complained about flaws in the company’s policy, which allow violent or discriminatory comments to remain visible in many cases.

In France, for example, The platform was denounced by six anti-discrimination groups that accuse it of “persistent” failures in blocking hateful comments. In July, French justice ordered Twitter to communicate, within a period of two months, the documents explaining how it fights online hate.

Twitter’s announcement comes several weeks after Instagram (which belongs to Facebook) unveiled new tools to fight abusive content and racists, after a series of racist comments directed against the footballers of the England team after the last Euro Cup.

Follow and listen No taboo: relationships, ___uality and ___ on Spotify:

instagram Ξ TREND

Instagram crashed worldwide

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again,” says the message that appears to users when they try to enter.

Social media users reported this Thursday the fall of the social network Instagram Worldwide.

In accordance with Downdetectorthe application that allows you to monitor these social networks, the 48% of users have charging problems, 27% with the application and 25% with the server connection.

The incident occurred around 7:00 in the morning and, at the moment, it is not clear what caused this. error and Instagram has not issued a statement on the matter.

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Try again”says the message that appears to users when they try to log in.

Many users, on other social networks, began to use HT #InstagramDown to express your annoyance.

community Ξ TREND

The podcast that insulted the gamer community returns

A few weeks ago a topic arose that moved the networks very strongly, especially in the community of people whose main hobby is trying out video games. And a clip of a podcast in which some people express themselves badly about those who usually have this as a hobby, this led to players becoming offended and filling their networks with threats.

Thus, all their accounts were deleted due to the spam that people generated, and with this it was thought that they would no longer transmit anything, despite having apologized to those offended through two statements. However, recently a new program appeared that says Everything I didn’t know (pilot) / The world of gaming.

In the video you can see the same people involved in the previous show, only they have as a guest Santiago Bernaldo of Quirozco-founder of E-SQUAD. All to avoid misinformation regarding the world that encompasses video games.

Here the podcast:

Remember that this is the first chapter of some more that will address different topics, or at least that is what it says in the video description.

Via: Youtube

Editor’s note: I don’t know how effective it is to launch a chapter of this type, because people who play sometimes take things very personally. But we’ll see if things go positively or just the opposite.

dead series walking walking dead Ξ TREND

The Walking Dead 11 – Review of the final episode of the season and the series

Here we are, finally. And the season finale and the series finale of this very long show that began way back in 2010, which ran for 11 seasons and 177 episodes, and which needed a period of assimilation to be treated in review. A show that invented a new type of seriality, in this case based on the comic by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead was – and still is – a mass phenomenon, despite the sharp decline in ratings that began in the seventh season, the one which saw the introduction of the excellent character of Neganwhich however opened up a series of weak and repetitive narrative threads.

We have already talked about it many times during the reviews of this anomalous eleventh and final season, made up of 24 episodes, 8 more than the usual 16 we were used to since the third season, and to which we were also accustomed in the spin-off Fear The Walking Dead: the closer we got to the ending, the more it seemed that it eluded us and that we preferred to open new situations rather than close them. A bit like the syndrome of the aforementioned LOST, which did nothing in the sixth and final season to confuse its viewers more. This was the case for The Walking Deadapart from the very final lines of the show.

More or less from the 20-21st episode, in fact, there seemed to be a recovery, which moved the series towards its finale, albeit with confusion. We have also already said how many times we found ourselves faced with scenes we had already seen and reviewed, with situations that were repeated over the years. Dynamics between friendly and enemy characters, clashes, dialogues… Little originality, few really interesting situations and few characters who were able to provide good moments. With exceptions, of course.

A first third focused unnecessarily on Reapersthen abandoned together with the wasted character of Leaha second third dedicated more to the internal affairs of the Commonwealthto Lance Hornsby and other lieutenants, to the Governor Pamela Milton and his son Sebastianto the army and its general Mercer.

A final third divided between the inside and outside of the Commonwealth, with Eugene tried, the exiles from the Commonwealth, the war on Pamela Milton, but also the old and new threat of the undead, who have also managed to evolve into the variant of the Climbers, the only originality, perhaps, of these last lines of the series. And now we are ready to talk about this ending, without being able to refrain from giving spoilers.

The ending of The Walking Dead and references to the past

We had therefore left in the penultimate episode, one Judith Grimes suffering, fainted, in the arms of Daryl who rescued her by taking her out of the Commonwealth Government Building, where Pamela Milton had just shot her. Alexandria’s group, retreating from the same building, had found itself targeted by the threat of the climbers who had breached the Commonwealth and which not even the army itself was able to cope with. Daryl and the others manage to take Judith to the hospital and here appears the link between the beginning and the end of this long-running series: as well as the best friend Shane he had tried to protect Rickin a coma in hospital in the very first episode with a stretcher blocking the door of the room where he was hospitalized, is now Daryl to try to protect, doing the same thing with his daughter Judith (who, by the way, is perhaps Shane’s daughter). Finally, a few minutes into the episode, the children are found and saved.

References to the pilot episode aside, we find ourselves immersed in an ending where the first key word is la leak. Both by climbers and by the Commonwealth Army. Escape also for Pamela Milton, but from his own citizens. Rather than defending his community, in fact, he definitively reveals himself for what he is: selfish and nothing more. He locks himself away in a small area of ​​the Commonwealth, locking citizens out and leaving them to die. A scene that reminds us of the flashbacks of Father Gabrielwhen he locked the faithful of his community outside the church only to survive a zombie attack.

Only the remaining part of the army, the one no longer controlled by Mercer, will be the tipping point that will be able to definitively remove the former Governor after the great scene dedicated to Father Gabriel, who, going towards death (which then never arrives) , manages to open the gates of salvation for the last remaining citizens of the Commonwealth. Just like he hadn’t done in the past. Army convinced only by the intervention of Darylwhich has its moment of the season here, with a speech nor even Gandhi.

Rest in peace

An ending full of references to the past, but which also has an important title: Rest in peace. We therefore have to deal with death, as we have done very often throughout the show. Let’s say goodbye soon Luke And Jules, the couple reintroduced just a couple of episodes in only to be eliminated after a ridiculous amount of time (at this point they could have just made them disappear). It must be said, however, that the scene of the last farewell to the most complete musician of The Walking Dead was well constructed. However, we do not say goodbye to either Judith or Lydia and, therefore, we wonder what that great death is that justifies such a title, to have the confirmation that we have now had since the very famous episode 15 of the ninth season: No major characters die in The Walking Dead anymore. Even Ezekiel, who died in the comic, manages to survive a tumor in a post-apocalyptic world. Lack of “courage” on the part of the screenwriters?

The problem, perhaps, is that The Walking Dead it doesn’t end. Let’s explain better: this is a good ending, because it closes all the narrative arcs of the saga. Each character has his own ending that can satisfy the audience. However, we know that the spin-offs will have to be released, and this is precisely what “ruins” the party for us. Negan And Maggie they will not die, because they will have their show; Daryl And Carol they won’t die, because they should have had theirs (but only Daryl will have it). Well, in short, it’s up to Rosita. In the quest to save the children, without being seen, she is bitten shortly before saving hers Coco. Thus, her character leaves the show right at the end and it is truly touching to see the way in which she says goodbye to her daughter forever, knowing that she will never be able to raise her, as touching is the way in which her friends will have to say goodbye to her, Rosita, right at the moment of the festival in which the return of civilization and Alexandria was celebrated. A character who was never incisive throughout her presence in The Walking Dead, but to whose presence we were accustomed since season four.

The ending of The Walking Dead is sometimes predictable, sometimes “too good”, but with some important moments. That of the greeting between Carol and Daryl, which announces his trip; Negan’s apology to Maggie, who doesn’t forgive him but she definitely decides to try to stop hating him. It seems obvious to say that the best character of the final season and probably of the show in general It’s really Negan, whose painstaking writing managed to perfectly and coherently transform a villain into a hero. Without Negan The Walking Dead is not The Walking Dead, and we dream, sooner or later, of a meeting with the one who first gave him a second chance: Rick Grimes (and here there is another parallel, since Maggie saves Pamela from the bite of Lance Hornsby zombie by having her arrested instead of killing her. The very one he saw die Glenn at the hands of Negan).

Only him missing, we named him: Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead ends the only way it could have ended: with the return, in a certain sense, of its protagonist. The only way, because The Walking Dead it has no purpose. Let’s open and close a parenthesis to explain this concept by answering a question: why is the story of Game of thrones? Why does it start and end exactly that way? The answer may be “because it is a parable”. A story, a long event, which takes the world of Westeros from the absolutist Monarchy to the Oligarchic Monarchy, making us imagine in a distant future, a second narrative that perhaps leads this oligarchy to a democracy. Perhaps.

The Walking Dead is not like that: there is no beginning and end to a pandemic, on the contrary. There is no “and they lived happily ever after”, because the concept of cannot exist forever as long as the zombies are still alive. So, Rick could only return and, at the same time, Michonne. We find out that both are still alive. The first, fleeing from the CRM (covered in The Walking Dead: the world beyond); the second, engaged in searching for him. We also see a flashback in which Rick, fleeing from a CRM helicopter, hides his assets on a boat. The same goods that we see Michonne find in the tenth season, when she leaves the show and somehow enters her spin-off.

In short, the main series of The Walking Dead is over, but the AMC Universe still leaves us Tales of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne, The Dead Island and it Daryl spin-off, title unknown. However, we will still miss him, partly for pleasure, partly for tradition, despite a disappointing last season and not up to the level of the previous two, however on the upswing.

angry warzone Ξ TREND

Players angry over pay-to-win content in Warzone 2.0

Last night, season 3 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2.0. Receipt of content added in Warzone 2.0 DMZ has been negative, with players who have expressed themselves on social networks to criticize Activision for including pay-to-win elements.

Patch notes for the update season 3 indicate that “certain” packs have been added to the in-game store that include additional Active Duty Operator slots. Players start with 3 slots by default, and there is no other way to get more than by purchasing the new pack Bomb Squadwhich costs around 10 dollars.

The cosmetic pack contains other benefits that players have pointed out. One of the improvements is a skin that upgrades the player’s backpack, allowing them to carry more items. Dataminers have found references to a pack that will allow players to start with a UAV, which will presumably go on sale in a future season.

Reactions to leaked packets Bomb Squad have been almost universally negative. Some players have asked others not to purchase the pack, pointing out the benefits that cannot be obtained otherwise by playing the mode. DMZ.

Others are concerned about what this signals for the future of DMZas leaks suggest that Activision plans to add more pay-to-win packages in later updates. Previously, Activision received criticism for selling an all-black cosmetic suit in season 1 of Warzone 2.0, allowing players to camouflage themselves in the shadows. The publisher then updated the cosmetic to make it more visible.

Via: SamaGame

battery Ξ TREND

How to save the battery of your Condor Allure M3

Storing the Condor Allure M3 battery is probably a good combination in case you run out of battery in your Condor Allure M3. Without a doubt, given the current times and the use we make of our smartphones, saving battery is not a luxury. Every individual has already seen their battery fail in the middle of a night or during a crucial moment. If you no longer want this to happen, we have prepared a brief summary of each of the tips that will save the battery of the Condor Allure M3. So the bottom line is that we are looking forward to the battery life. And then we will see which applications specialize in increasing battery life.

Our Condor Allure M3 battery saving solutions

Decrease the screen brightness of the Condor Allure M3

The screen of the Condor Allure M3 and its backlight are probably the 2 things that pump the most power into the smartphone. Since you will always need to use the screen, the most effective way to save battery on the Condor Allure M3 is to reduce the brightness. To do this, we recommend that you reduce it manually and not auto-tune.

Delete apps you don’t use

Apps are a big source of power consumption on the Condor Allure M3. Therefore, we recommend that you close all applications that you do not use. Apart from that, it is also beneficial to close the apps that are running in the background by going to the application manager. Some applications consume more than others.

Delete internet if you don’t use it

The fact that Internet is enabled on the Condor Allure M3 consumes battery. And yes, there are some basic ways to save battery power by turning off 3g when you’re not using it. You will notice that it provides a lot of autonomy.

Set up a quick standby mode on your Condor Allure M3

Since the screen uses a lot of battery, it is quite logical that a fast screen saver will save battery. Indeed, as soon as you stop using your Condor Allure M3, you have every interest in the screen turning off quickly. To do this, set the time before idle to the minimum.

Use a black wallpaper on your Condor Allure M3

It’s silly, but it’s important to know that colored wallpapers consume more energy than a black wallpaper. So, in case you’re ready to sacrifice beauty for some percussion, you know what you’ll have to do.

Remove Condor Allure M3 voice assistance

It is still a potential source of energy consumption. In fact, if you don’t use the voice support of the Android operating system, there is no point in leaving it activated. It is easy to turn it off in the settings, it will always consume less for your Condor Allure M3.

Use as few widgets as possible

These little gadgets that are widgets are going to be very useful, but they are not very profitable for battery life. So the less you have, the better. We recommend that you delete them all and prioritize the use of apps.

Delete useless notifications

Apps move notices at a glance and the latter are not necessarily important. On top of that, notifications use a bit of battery. This way, you can also cut off notifications that are not useful to you.

Reduce vibrator use

One of the last things to change is the use of the vibrator. Contrary to popular belief, the vibrator uses more battery than the Condor Allure M3 ringtone. Therefore, you should prioritize ringtone vibration, assuming it is possible for you.

Save on Condor Allure M3 battery with the dedicated app

When you don’t want to bother with all these manipulations, keep in mind that there are applications that offer the possibility of saving Condor Allure M3 battery. In fact, apps like Battery Saver 2017 give you the ability to manage all previously seen settings in one place. This way you can customize your settings and save maximum battery power! All you have to do is install the app and let it guide you.

Little bonus to never run out of battery

Even with all the solutions we just read, there are times when the battery is not good enough for you to use. For example, if you use your Condor Allure M3 all day, saving battery power may not be enough. All you need is a second battery. So below is our list of the best portable batteries on the market. With the help of this, you will be sure:

justice league squad Ξ TREND

Official delay confirmed for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

A few weeks ago a rumor spread that until today seemed uncertain, that was precisely to delay Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League to a date much further away than the one we already knew. However, Rocksteady and WB Games They didn’t say anything about it, and finally they released the bitter news to everyone.

The game was originally going to go on sale next May 26a schedule that was delayed until February 2, 2024, a considerable number of months that no one saw coming. All of this may be due to the negative comments that arose after the gameplay reveal in the last State of Play, And no one ended up being fascinated by the concept.

This is what they mention in their statement:

— Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (@suicidesquadRS) April 13, 2023

We have made the difficult but necessary decision to take the time to work to make the game the best quality experience for players.

Thank you to our incredible community for the continued support, patience and understanding. There is much more to share in the coming months and we hope to see you in Metropolis next year.

This leaves us with the last game of WB Games dthe year will be Hogwarts Legacygiven that they were the only two titles that the production company had planned to land on consoles and PC. However, a latent rumor arose that Mortal Kombat will be revealed shortly, so it could be your letter to end this 2023.

Remember that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will go on sale on February 2, 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

Via: IGN

Editor’s note: You could see the truth coming, because everyone spoke negatively about the game as soon as the gameplay trailer was released. In terms of graphics it’s not bad at all, but the fun factor was going to fail greatly.


They ban talking about Palworld in Japan

In the blink of an eye, Palworld became one of the biggest releases of the year. However, this popularity has also brought a number of problems, including an investigation by The Pokémon Company to find out whether the copyright of your pocket creatures has been violated or not. Now, It is reported that celebrities in Japan are prohibited from mentioning Palworld to avoid problems with The Pokémon Company.

According to a report by Tokyo Sports, A talent company in Japan has asked its talent to avoid talking about Palworld in public or on social media, in order to avoid any problems with The Pokémon Company that put current and possible collaborations with the owners of Pikachu at risk. This is what was said about it:

“We have told our talent not to mention Palworld on social media or in public. This was done out of consideration for the Pokémon side as an agency. “This decision was made in consideration of potential future collaborations.”

Let’s remember that Pokémon is a very important brand in Japan, and It is very likely that talent agencies want to avoid any problems with this companyat least until they make it clear whether they intend to sue Pocketpair, the developers of Palworld, for plagiarism or not.

Although Palworld has managed to conquer players with its survival system, many more have pointed out that the popularity of this title lies in the plagiarism it makes of the designs of multiple Pokémon that we already know, so morbidity has played a role. important in your success. However, This has not stopped the exponential growth of this installment on Steam and Xbox, to the point that this title became the biggest launch in Game Pass history.

In this way, we can only wait to see what The Pokémon Company’s final decision will be, The only thing that is clear is that no one wants to make Pikachu’s owners angry right now.. On related topics, Xbox will help the development of Palworld. Likewise, you can learn more about The Pokémon Company’s lawsuit here.

Editor’s Note:

This is reaching ridiculous levels. Although I believe that Palworld is a plagiarism of Pokémon in terms of the monster designs, this should not be an impediment to talking about this title in public. If players like this game, they have the right to talk about it, and that also includes celebrities in Japan.

Via: SamaGame

phone windows windows phone Ξ TREND

Recommended apps on Windows Phone

We present you the best Windows Phone applications to get the most out of your smartphone

Almost two years ago we talked to you about recommended applications for Windows Phone. During this time, many new applications have arrived in the Windows Store. Now, as Poki, the Windows Phone brand, is about to be integrated into Windows 10 to better represent the unique experience that Microsoft’s new system represents, we are once again recommending applications. An updated list so that owners of smartphones with Windows Phone can get the most out of them, at least if we talk about possibilities with applications.

  • Poki. A fantastic Pocket client, the “read later” service. Recently renovated, it syncs in the background, allows you to listen to articles with language detection included, has several color themes and allows you to manage articles even offline.
  • Wunderlist. Talking about Wunderlist is, surely, talking about the best application to manage lists. Tasks, purchases, ideas… It allows you to include all types of files in the list items, share them (with instant synchronization) and even has a small chat in said items. Perfect.
  • Tweetium. For demanding Twitter users who are not satisfied with the official client and want to go a little further. Tweetium offers advanced configuration possibilities, uploading multiple images and GIFs and smooth operation of TweetMarker.

Enpass. A great password manager also present on Windows (desktop), OS X and Linux. It has AES 256 encryption and its own password generator. Once the application is paid for, it does not require subscription payments or in app purchases.

Shazam. Another essential. Saves from all the situations where we hear a song, we like it, and we can’t get its name anywhere. By bringing the microphone of the terminal closer for a few seconds, it will tell us what song it is, who sings it, what album it appears on and some other details. Essential.

  • Dropbox. Another essential. One of the most popular cloud storage services, as an alternative to the native OneDrive, which also has a universal application to cover the entire Windows ecosystem.

Perfect Workout. An application that has perfectly understood the design in Windows Phone, and from it helps us stay in shape with exercises that we can do at home. Includes animations and tracking.

Readit. One of the best Reddit clients that we can find on Windows Phone. Highly configurable, great usability, and a careful design that extends to transitions and fluidity.

Evernote. Is there anyone who doesn’t know Evernote? It is perhaps the most well known and used note manager in the world. It serves both personal and professional organization. Plus, it’s everywhere: Windows, OS X, web, iOS, Android, BlackBerry…

musiXmatch. It can be used to read song lyrics and context about the music we are listening to, but also directly as a rich player of the music we have on our terminal. For music lovers it will quickly become a must have.

Cool Tiles. This one goes for those who love customization. The characteristic live tiles of Windows can be highly personalized thanks to this application. It has several applications ready to create specific tiles for them, as well as system settings. Also some phone tools.


LastPass launches its own two-step verification app

LastPass, one of the best-known password management services, has launched your app for two-step verification to the Google Play Store. Available for Android and iOS, LastPass Authenticator will bring two-factor authentication (2FA) to your LastPass account and other supported apps.

Another great offer for security that joins those that users can choose natively in version 6.0 of Android Marshmallow. LastPass gets you the steps are very easy for an application that has almost just landed on the Play Store.

To set up two-step verification through this LastPass Authenticator app, only The app must be connected to any of the services supported that one likes. This will be responsible for sending a unique 6-digit code that will allow you to access your account.

This code It will only be sent to you so that you are the only one who can access the login process. LastPass Authenticator works with any service or app that supports Google Authenticator or TOTP-based methods.

Some of these striking features of this service can be found in other similar ones such as assign certain devices as “trusted”, allowing you to pass two-step verification when you’re there. It also offers support for SMS messages, so that you can receive your unique code if you prefer to receive it this way.

The app is available for free in the Play Store since yesterday. A new service that Seamlessly adds to your LastPass account to make it safer. A simple, secure offer that generates codes quickly and easily. If you haven’t tried these services yet, perhaps now is the time to do so.

android android 10 launcher windows windows 10 Ξ TREND

How to enjoy Windows 10 on Android thanks to a sensational free Launcher

In the next post, as a practical video tutorial, I am going to show you how to enjoy Windows 10 on Android thanks to the simple installation of a completely free Launcher that we will be able to download officially through Google’s own Play Store, the official store of applications and games for Android.

The fact that we have created a video tutorial to show you the complete operation of this Android application that, to install and enjoy, simply download the app from the Android Market and run it, giving it permissions to make it the default Launcher of our terminal, it is because of the fact that from the internal settings of the app itself, we will have at our disposal a multitude of possibilities to take into account to create a Launcher that gives us the most faithful user experience possible to the original Windows 10. So if you don’t want to miss a bit of everything it offers us Launcher 8 WP Style To enjoy Windows 10 on Androidor at least the appearance of it without losing everything that the Android operating system offers us, don’t miss the video and the article where I explain everything to you in all kinds of details.

For get the full look of Windows 10 on AndroidAs I promise you in the title of this article but without losing all the advantages and possibilities that Andy’s operating system offers us, the first thing we will have to do is download from the official Android application store, the Play Store, Launcher 8 WP Style.

Download Launcher 8 WP Style for free from the Google Play Store

Once downloaded, we will be ready to run the application and follow the steps that I explain in the video that I leave a little below. the complete configuration of the Launcher and that it gives us the best appearance and resembles the original interface of Microsoft Windows 10 always adjusting it as much as possible to our particular needs.

Everything that Launcher 8 WP Style offers us

The main purpose of this sensational application, Launcher 8 WP Styleis to give the main screen of our Android terminal the complete appearance of Microsoft’s Windows 10 or Windows 10 Phone operating system, all without losing the tremendous functionality and advantages of being users of the best mobile operating system in history, I mean continuing to enjoy all the benefits and advantages that Android offers us.

Between the main features to highlight of Launcher 8 WP Stylewe can specifically list the following functionalities:

Main features to highlight of Launcher 8 WP Style

  • Identical appearance of Windows 10 Phone
  • Possibility of modifying the size of the tiles
  • Possibility of creating folders by simply dragging icons on top
  • Full possibility of editing icons, being able to select downloaded icon packs
  • Windows 10 Phone Lock System
  • Possibility of including desktop widgets and own widgets that the application has
  • Ability to select the original Windows 10 Phone bar as the taskbar
  • Possibility of completely configuring the view of the application drawer, being able to select between view mode and various types of grid
  • Ability to change the font color of the app drawer icons
  • Possibility of changing the color of the tiles individually
  • Themes or skins store where we can find a multitude of free themes.
  • Custom transparency for the app drawer, both for the background and for the icons
  • Transparency to set the opacity of the main desktop tiles
  • Many more configuration options

Video: How to use Launcher 8 WP Style to enjoy Windows 10 on Android

ball death dragon dragon ball note Ξ TREND

Author of Death Note will collaborate with Dragon Ball

As you probably already know, 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of dragon ball. In this way, Shonen Jump, the magazine where this manga debuted, began a special celebration some time ago where multiple mangakas have taken on the task of redesigning iconic covers made by Akira Toriyama at the time. Now, It was recently revealed that Death Note illustrator Takeshi Obata has joined the project.

Although at the moment their collaboration is not available, it has been mentioned that Takeshi Obata’s special illustration will be available in the February issue of Saikyo Jump magazineso we won’t have to wait long to see his finished work.

Takeshi Obata, artist of DEATH NOTE and Show-ha Shoten!, will be the next artist to participate in the DRAGON BALL Super Gallery Project in next month’s Saikyo Jump Issue #4 2024.

— Shonen Jump News (@WSJ_manga) January 30, 2024

So far, Masashi Kishimoto, Kohei Horikoshi, Tite Kubo, Gege Akutami, Yusuke Murata, and Sui Ishida, authors of some of the most popular manga of the moment, such as My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen, have already participated in this project, and fans are looking forward to Obata’s collaborationwhich will introduce us to Dragon Ball characters with their characteristic style.

Although Obata is remembered for Death Note, The illustrator has an extensive library, and his most recent work, Show-ha Shoten!, introduces us to a pair of young people exploring their passion for music. On related topics, this is the trailer for the latest DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Likewise, a lot of Dragon Ball content comes to Prime Video.

Editor’s Note:

This celebration has not only given us the opportunity to see fantastic works from some of the most famous creative minds of the moment, but it makes clear the role that Dragon Ball played in the history of anime and manga. Almost all battle shonen have taken inspiration from the work of Akira Toriyama, and this work honors his work.

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Games With Gold, here are the free games for December 2022

The free games included in Xbox Live Goldalso available to users subscribed to Xbox Game Passwere made official by Microsoftand they will be Colt Canyonavailable from 1 to 31 December, e Bladed Furyavailable from December 16, 2022 to January 15, 2023.

Volt Canyon is a roguelike developed by Retrifica small German software house, which in the production of its video games has the main objective of placing entertainment at the heart of its productions, penalizing if necessary the plot and other technical characteristics typical of the video game market. Bladed Fury is a 2D platformer that puts the player in the shoes of Ji, the young daughter of a Chinese ruler, who is struck by a curse that forces her to kill her father. Accused of murder, Ji he has to escape, separating himself from his sister, who is soon arrested. To return to save her, the protagonist must ally herself with unusual creatures who will be willing to give her their extraordinary powers to help her face her enemies.

Microsoft confirms itself as increasingly inclined to expand the offering of its services, adding more and more titles to the already extensive catalog of Xbox Game Passwhose owners can also access the titles added to Xbox Live Gold on a monthly basis

survival Ξ TREND

Don’t Starve Beta: The gothic open world survival!

Today, we want to talk to you about a new game with very particular graphics that recall the style of Tim Burton. Directly from the creators of Shank 2 he arrives Don’t Starve.

The aim of the game is to survive in an open world with day-night cycles, collecting useful objects to make weapons, tools and much more. View from above, 2D elements, a three-dimensional world and particular graphics that you can admire in the photo above or in the video at the end of the article. The developers have chosen to adopt a cartoony but at the same time gothic style, a game set in the middle of autumn. To face enemies, the protagonist will be able to use his sword while to illuminate the path during the night, he will have a torch at his disposal.

Don’t Starve it is already available in FREE DEMO and paid BETA format. The demo requires Chrome and can be downloaded as an app from this page. For the beta, however, the cost is €5.5 and allows access to 2 copies of the game which will have a final cost of €15 and will be distributed on the platform Steam. The most interesting news concerns the continuous updates expected as happens with Minecraft. So those who purchase the game will have the option in the future to also download DLC to extend the fun and longevity.

To try the demo, download it from the store, then click on Start, you will be directed to a link where you will have to log in with your Google data. Once this is done, click on Start and wait for it to load to start playing. Like any demo, compared to the beta version it is very limited, also because it is free! We invite you to only keep the game open to avoid stutters, crashes or other types of problems. Tested on Windows 8 with the latest version of Chrome!