Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Find and Farm Moblin Heart

How to farm Moblin hearts in the new Zelda TotK? Where can you find the Moblin and where can you farm the enemies particularly quickly? These are the questions that one or two players may have been thinking about over the past few days who plunged into the new Zelda adventure a few hours ago and are now using the Moblin Heart either as an ingredient for a dish or as upgrade material big fairies needed. Similar to its predecessor, Zelda BotW, you can also improve Link’s armor from the great fairies in the new TotK. To do this, you first have to unlock the fairies and then get the materials required for the respective armor. Some armor also requires the Moblin Heart as an upgrade material, but where do you get the heart?

Farm Moblin Heart

If you see the Moblin Heart among the required materials, then many players will probably run to the nearest enemy camp and kill a red Moblin there. After you have killed two or three red Moblins, you quickly realize that they only drop a Moblin Tusk and a Moblin Horz, but not the Moblin Heart you were looking for. To get the Moblin Heart you have to kill a blue Moblin.

The location of the blue Moblin is given as the “Plains of Hyrule” and the “Gorge of Eldin”. The Moblins usually stay in the enemy camps. In the south of the plain of Hyrule there is a very good farming route for the Moblins and therefore also for the Moblin hearts. We have marked the locations of the enemy camps with the blue Moblins on the map with the sword symbol in the following screenshot. Like other enemies, the Moblins also spawn again with the blood moon and you can farm the enemies again and again.

Buy Moblin hearts from the dealer?

So far we have not found a dealer in the world of the new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom where you can buy Moblin hearts with rubies. If this changes in the meantime, we will of course add the information here.


Diablo 4: change resolution

How to change screen resolution in Diablo 4? Why is the resolution setting greyed out and what do I have to do to be able to change the setting? Diablo 4 open beta started a few hours ago. Anyone who has downloaded the game and has already spent a minute or two in the game world will probably have taken a look at the settings and especially at the graphics settings. As you know it from Diablo games, there are also different graphics settings to choose from in the new Diablo 4, including the resolution. However, the setting will likely be grayed out for many players. The question arises, why is this so?

How to change resolution in Diablo 4?

In order to be able to change the resolution in Diablo 4, you have to change the “Display” setting to “Full Screen”. If the “Resolution” option is greyed out, in most cases this is because the window mode or the full-screen window mode is active. After switching to full screen, which by the way is possible without restarting the game, you can also change the screen resolution.

Update: With the last update for the beta, the “full screen” option was removed from the display settings. The reason for this seems to be problems with crashes and other errors. With the current version of the beta, the only options left are “windowed mode” and “full-screen windowed mode”. If you now want to change the screen resolution in Diablo 4, you have to reduce the general screen resolution under Windows. The desktop resolution is then automatically included in the game. Further information on this can also be found in the linked forum post on the subject.

The post states: “Addressed an issue with the PC client crashing when in Fullscreen mode. This mode will be disabled for the beta. Windowed and Windowed (Fullscreen) will be the only options on PC Beta.”

There is also currently another issue with Diablo 4’s voice acting. Some players cannot hear voices during dialogue.


“Why is he lying? », follow the 3rd day of the appeal trial

The appeal trial of Nicolas Zepeda, accused of the assassination of his ex-partner Narumi Kurosaki in 2016 in Besançon, continues in Vesoul (Haute-Saône). Follow the debates of the third day, minute by minute, in this article. The trial takes place from December 4 to 22, 2023.

► This article is regularly updated, do not hesitate to refresh the page. To follow the debates from the start, go to the bottom of the page.

The hearing is suspended for 15 minutes.

11:09 a.m. : Nicolas Zepeda, gets up in his box, to now respond to Me Schwerdorffer. He begins by asking her to clarify her question with some confidence. Besançon’s lawyer asks him why he didn’t say he saw Narumi Kurosaki. The accused launches into his demonstration and details the course of events since Jérémie B.’s call while he was in Chile.“I dispute the fact that the question: ‘have you seen Narumi’ was asked”said the accused. “So he’s lying?” »asks Mr. Schwerdorffer. “No, but that’s not true. », replies Nicolas Zepeda. The witness stands by his statements. “Did you have any problems with Mr. B. before this call in December 2016?continues Me Schwerdorffer. “We don’t have a close relationship, but what he says is very true (…)”, reveals Nicolas Zepeda without forgetting, to everyone’s surprise, to reveal the witness’s infidelity and to specify that he was roommates with the latter’s ex-girlfriend. The witness frowns. “I have no quarrel with him. And I don’t see the connection with the rest”replies the witness.

10:52 a.m. : “Arthur Del Piccolo was very involved in Narumi’s research”, replies Jérémie B. following a question from Etienne Manteaux, general counsel, concerning the victim’s boyfriend at the time. Me Cormier, lawyer for Nicolas Zepeda, takes up the questions. Same strategy as the day before, the lawyer from the Lyon bar tries to blur the role of Arthur Del Piccolo. For information, the latter should testify during this trial, by videoconference. His intervention is particularly awaited.Me Schwerdorffer defends his client Arthur Del Piccolo. “He hides nothing”insists the tenor of the Bisontin bar. “Do you feel like you were mistreated by Mr. Zepeda?” » asks Me Portejoie, lawyer for Nicolas Zepeda. ” Yes of course. He lied to me “, replies the witness. The Clermont-Ferrand lawyer reveals that the witness participated in the television programs Sept à Huit and Crimes, on the case. “It’s not trivial”said Me Portejoie, suspecting the witness of ” settle accounts “.

10:10 a.m. : The lawyers move on to questions from the witness, Jérémie B. Me Galley, lawyer for the victim’s family, questions him about the Zepeda-Kurosaki couple and asks him to clarify linguistic notions in relation to the Japanese language, still in the aim of demonstrating that Nicolas Zepeda used the victim’s phone to send messages to his loved ones. Me Schwerdorffer, replaced by Me Pichoff the first two days of the trial, in turn questions Jérémie B. on the basis of testimony from the time. “No, not really, I haven’t heard from Narumi recently.” I heard from someone that people were wondering where she was. »Nicolas Zepeda responded when Jérémie B. asked him about Narumi Kurosaki. “Why is he lying? Why didn’t he tell me he was with Narumi the week before? He didn’t want anyone to know that he was with her in Besançon.”analyzes the witness.

9:43 a.m. : Jérémie B.’s girlfriend at the time was a very good friend of Narumi Kurosaki. The thirty-year-old, dressed in a dark suit and a sky blue scarf, specifies that he knew the profile of Nicolas Zepeda as “of someone jealous, possessive. A bit of a burden in Narumi’s life ». “My friend actually told me about these character traits of Nicolas Zepeda. » Nicolas Zepeda appears to be taking notes on a sheet placed on his knees, listening attentively to the witness.

9:29 a.m. : The latter contacted Nicolas Zepeda directly, in December 2016, to find out if he had news of the victim, after his disappearance. “I made the link between the absence of Nicolas Zepeda on Tsukuba and the lack of contact with Narumi. I said to myself that perhaps Nicolas could have some news from him. »indicates Jérémie B. “He explained to me that he was in Chile. He sent me a photo of himself on a white background with the flag of Chile. I wondered why he sent me this photo. I had doubts about whether he was really in Chile,” explains Jérémie B. The Chilean is in Santiago and proves it by making a video with passers-by. At this time, Nicolas Zepeda does not speak to him at all about his recent meeting with Narumi Kurosaki and even tells him that he has not seen him for a long time. However, he had seen her the previous week, in Besançon. Nicolas Zepeda also explains to him that Narumi Kurosaki tends to disappear. “He explained to me Narumi’s sometimes difficult character. » The accused also told him that Narumi Kurosaki “exploited”.

I had doubts about the veracity of what he told me. It was a hunch. I was the first to think it might be him, right from the start. Apparently I wasn’t wrong.

Jérémie B., close to Japanese students

9:09 a.m. : Jérémie B. takes the stand. At the time of Narumi Kurosaki’s death, he was a reference teaching professor for exchanges between the University of Tsukuba (Japan) and that of Besançon. He was in Japan. He is of French nationality and therefore speaks in French, live on the stand.The latter knew Nicolas Zepeda. “I had the opportunity to meet him during periods of festivities. He seemed to me to be a very nice person. And I knew about his relationship with Narumi”, explains the man. He spoke with several protagonists in this case at the time of Narumi Kurosaki’s disappearance: Arthur Del Piccolo, Narumi Kurosaki’s boyfriend and Shintaro Obata, Narumi’s friend, for example.Jérémie B. said he heard about the “difficulties in the relationship between Narumi and Nicolas”. It was a close friend of Narumi Kurosaki who confided these facts to her.

9:06 a.m. : The hearing resumes. Nicolas Zepeda multiplies the questions to his lawyers, seated right in front of his dock. He seems to be giving them instructions.

The hearing is expected to begin at 9 a.m. with two new witnesses presented by the defense.. The latter did not testify at first instance.

The second day of the trial of Nicolas Zepeda, accused of the assassination of his Japanese ex-girlfriend Narumi Kurosaki in Besançon in December 2016, was devoted to the hearing of several witnesses. Former classmates and roommates, by videoconference from Japan, spoke of the “feminine” cries heard the night of the disappearance in the Crous residence in Besançon, without being able to locate them precisely.Two friends of the Japanese student confirmed that Nicolas Zepeda was putting pressure on his girlfriend by, for example, hacking her Facebook account.“He harassed her. Nicolas Zepeda tried to stay in touch with her”for example confided one of them.A friend of Nicolas Zepeda also testified. She paints an exemplary portrait of the Chilean woman, actively participating in humanizing the accused:“calm, supportive, caring and very empathetic”in his words.

As a reminder, Nicolas Zepeda was sentenced to 28 years in prison at first instance. He faces life imprisonment. The victim’s body was never found by investigators, despite considerable resources deployed over two years to find his trace.

► (Re)read the full progress of the second day of trial, Tuesday December 5, 2023.

ARCHIVES. From the disappearance of Narumi Kurosaki to the conviction at first instance of Nicolas Zepeda for assassination:

From December 4 to 22, 2023, follow the ongoing debates live in the courtroom of Nicolas Zepeda’s appeal trial in Vesoul. Visit the “LIVE” article on our website every morning.

► Find all our articles on the assassination of Narumi Kurosaki.

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Philips TV: How to set up parental controls

If you want to block certain content on your Philips smart TV at certain times, you can easily set up parental controls for this. This has the benefit of allowing your TV to broadcast family-friendly content whenever you allow it. This means that children in a family can also be better protected if, for example, a shared television is used in the living room.

Setting up the protection function on your Philips smart TV can be done in just a few steps. How you do this is explained here in detail.

Philips TV: Set up parental controls

  1. 1

    First you press the “Menu” button on your remote control.

  2. 2

    There you should be able to find the “Features” option on your Philips TV screen.

  3. 3

    The next step is to go to “Child Lock”.

  4. 4

    You will then be prompted to enter your PIN.

  5. 5

    Next you select “Lock” (Custom Lock).

  6. 6

    Here you can then navigate to the right with your remote control to confirm “Lock After”. At this point you can set the exact time yourself, according to which the lock on your Philips Smart TV should be based. You then confirm the time with “OK”.

We not only show you how to set up parental controls on your Philips TV. On SamaGame you will find more helpful instructions for your smart TV. We explain the difference between QLED and OLED or how you can connect your TV to the Internet.


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: The Underground Temple Quest

Where can you find the underground temple? In the past few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who was just at the scout post and picked up the eponymous quest “The Temple in the Underground” from the researcher Josha. The quest starts after completing the “People Underground” quest, where you have to go underground and search for Romelo there. You also have to take a picture of a statue. Since the temple you are looking for is not that easy to find underground, we have created a short guide with a solution for the quest here.

The underground temple in Zelda TotK

As mentioned above, you must first complete the “People Underground” quest before you can search for the Temple Underground. Picked up the quest from Josha and you’re good to go. The description says “Enigmatic statues can be seen on the large mural that Josha assembled from small fragments. Josha noticed that all of the statues’ gazes end at a temple-like building in the middle“. The temple-like building can be found underground at the abandoned Central Mine, which is beneath the “Forgotten Plateau” in the overworld.

  1. If unlocked, teleport to the underground root “Inoguqojk” and then simply follow the path south. Alternatively, you can teleport to the Nusimak underground root and then head southwest.
  2. If you haven’t unlocked the two underground roots yet and have no idea where to find the temple underground, you should jump into the underground entrance at the forest of times north of the Panora Mountain. At the bottom walk a few meters to the north and here you will find the mentioned Nusimak root (see screenshot). From there walk to the southwest and you can already see the temple you are looking for in the distance.
  3. At the temple you have to talk to the researcher and activate the green symbol. Link then learns the “Bauto” ability from the minion construct. After learning the Baumatik skill and building the vehicle, there is a battle against Koga, the leader of the Yiga.
  4. Finally, you have to report back to Josha, assemble the balloon using the newly learned Bautomatic ability and the “The Temple in the Underground” quest is successfully completed.

Incidentally, Bautomatic is Link’s “last hidden ability”.


France authorizes the search for natural hydrogen reserves for the first time

The French government has authorized, for the first time in France, a research project on so-called “white” hydrogen, a fuel naturally present in the subsoil and of growing interest in decarbonizing industry and transport.

Announced in the Official newspaperSunday, December 3, this “exclusive research permit on native hydrogen mines, helium and related substances known as “Save Earth H2”” will concern an area of ​​approximately 225 square kilometers located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, specifies the decree of November 23 signed by the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, and by the Minister Delegate in charge of industry, Roland Lescure .

It was granted to the company TBH2 Aquitaine for a period of five years, thus becoming the first research project on natural hydrogen to be authorized among six files submitted in France, announced the Ministry of Energy Transition. The ministry also clarified that the other five are “at instruction”.

“TBH2 Aquitaine will remain the first company in France to have obtained an exclusive research permit on native hydrogen”welcomed Vincent Bordmann, the founder of the company, evoking a ” big day ” . According to him, the granting of this permit makes it possible to begin exploration work, in particular studies, particularly seismic ones. Drilling will only take place in two or three years, after new authorizations.

Another application filed in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

In the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, another permit application was submitted in March jointly by the companies 45-8 ENERGY and Storengy, for an area of ​​266 square kilometers, adjoining the Sauve Terre H2 project over 10 kilometers.

Hydrogen is highly coveted for the decarbonization potential it offers to industries and mobility, provided that it is itself produced from green or decarbonized electricity.

Present naturally everywhere on the planet, white hydrogen arouses growing appetites, because it has the advantage of not emitting carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, unlike that produced by from fossil fuels called “gray” hydrogen.

So far, 95% of hydrogen produced worldwide is gray hydrogen, manufactured by chemical or petrochemical manufacturers by “reforming” gas, a process that nevertheless emits a lot of greenhouse gases. Other forms of hydrogen exist: “blue”, “green” and “yellow”, depending on whether they use gas with carbon capture, green electricity (wind, solar, hydroelectric) by electrolysis of water or that it is produced from nuclear electricity. .

Read also: Article reserved for our subscribers Is hydrogen the miracle solution for the energy transition?

Le Monde with AFP

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LoL: this is how the income of skins around the world is…

Many fans look forward to world skins every year to celebrate their favorite players. But how do these players benefit from your purchase? We’ll take a look!

Many players buy the world skin every year in hopes of supporting their favorite players, or just because they are generally really awesome.

LoL: How does global skin revenue work?

X/Twitter user Kevin Kim shared some information on this topic.

How Worlds skin revenue is distributed:

“(Share) 25% of revenue earned from skin sales in the launch year of each set of Team Championship skins directly with the players who inspired them, their team and their league (because it takes a village to make a champion). »

– Kevin Kim (@KevinKim0_0) November 27, 2023

25% of revenue generated from skin sales during the launch year of each set of Team Championship skins is donated to the players who inspired them. Plus, the money goes to the entire team and the entire league.

Riot started doing this in 2017, but also paid the teams that won Season 6. There’s no information on how much money players make after this initial release year ends, but we assume that it is 0.

Kevin Kim bases his information on a Riot Games article from 7 years ago which should still be accurate. He talks about LoL Esports as a whole and its future. This provides valuable insight into how Riot has planned to shape esports in the past.

Recently, T1 won the world championship and only some of their players confirmed their chosen skin. What would you like to see?

More LoL esports:


Philips TV: This is how you sort your channels

The order of the channels on your Philips TV is already specified after purchasing the device. However, if you prefer a different sorting, you can easily change it. As a result, when you switch on your smart TV, you can find what you want to watch right away. Creating such a favorites list is quick and easy.

Sorting your channels on the Philips smart TV can definitely help to get a better overview when watching TV. In just a few steps, we will show you how you can achieve this yourself.

Philips TV: Sort channels

  1. 1

    To create a favorites list of your stations, you first press the “List” button on your remote control. On the running TV screen you will immediately see that a channel list appears.

  2. 2

    You then go to the respective station that you want to mark as a favorite. If you want to select this, you click on the “Green color button”.

  3. 3

    This will mark the stations with a heart. You do this with all other stations that you want to include in your favorites list. Once you’re done creating the list, click “OK” and use the down arrow.

  4. 4

    Thus you determine the activation of the channel list. You will then see your favorites in a separate list. Or you can click the “List” button at the top of your Philips remote control.

  5. 5

    If you want to move your channels again, click on the “plus” button on your remote control in the middle right.

  6. 6

    Or you go to the options and select “Sort channels”. Then you navigate with the marked arrows and shift the order of the channels.

  7. 7

    With the “green color button” on your remote control you delete the favorites on your Philips TV again if you click on the respective channel and the heart disappears. Once you’re happy with the list you’ve created, press the “Red Color” button on your remote control to save and exit sorting mode.

If you’re looking for the best deals and bargains, check out the latest TV deals. We have put together a list of the best offers for you.


Resellers turn Pokémon exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum into terrifying chaos: on eBay the special Pikachu card already costs up to $1,500

That’s why we can’t have nice things! This Thursday, September 28, the Pokémon exhibition opened at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and, as expected, the uncivilized Pokémon resellers unleashed chaos with the aim of getting the special Pikachu card and all the merchandise they could. resell.

Through social networks, a video has become popular in which you can see a crowd of people pushing each other to get the official merchandise from Pokémon x Van Gogh. It is important to note that the idea behind the small exhibition is to encourage a taste for art in children… which is why all those crazy adults spoiled the first day of this experience.

“The Pokémon Adventure activity is developed for children from 6 years oldbut, of course, adults can also participate,” notes the official website of the Van Gogh Museum

To get the special card of Pikachu with a gray felt hat, attendees must complete a special tour where they can see the art of some Pokémon imitating the style of the artist from the Netherlands. However, Cards are limited to availability… Therefore, chaos will surely continue during the first days of the exhibition due to the resellers.

This makes me so sad and is why we can’t have nice things

I saw so many wanting to go over in the first few days just to get any cards and merch to resell. This is not an acceptable practice. If you do that, shame on you.

— Joe Merrick (@JoeMerrick) September 28, 2023

According to reports, Pikachu card with gray felt hat sells for up to 100 times its original price, with publications ranging from 100 to 1,500 dollars. Crazy… although nothing unrelated to Pokémon collecting.

In addition to the Pikachu card, the exhibition offers other types of official merchandise, inspired by the , including a stuffed Pikachu with his felt hat, a bag with the art of the card and a small figure of Pikachu with the already mentioned hat.

These are the prices in Mexico for the Pikachu x Van Gogh menu

Pokémon at the Van Gogh Museum will be a special exhibition that will take place on September 28, 2023 to January 7, 2024.


F1 23 Change weather and drive in the rain

The new F1 23 was released a few days ago and, as was to be expected, the new F1 offshoot is very popular. In addition to a revised and improved driving behavior, the innovations also include the return of the popular story mode Breaking Point. Anyone who has already completed one or the other race in F1 23 will perhaps ask themselves over time where do you actually find the weather setting? How to change the weather in F1 23?

How to set the weather in F1 23?

As in the previous F1 22, you can also drive in the F1 23 in the rain but also in the most beautiful sunshine and change the weather. If you don’t want to wait for the dynamic weather to be able to drive in the rain, you can set the weather in some game modes and set it for the entire weekend. For example, you can start a Grand Prix in the F1 World and then make the settings under “Weather and time of day” before the race. The set weather is then adopted for the entire race weekend. The following options are available here.

  • Dynamic (weather is random)
  • no clouds (dry)
  • Slightly cloudy (dry)
  • overcast (dry)
  • Wet
  • Very wet

It is important that the selected weather setting cannot be changed during the race weekend. In addition, the weather setting is not available in every game mode. In the current version of F1 23, among other things, you cannot change the weather in time trials and therefore you cannot drive for a time when it is raining.

How do you actually unlock and drive the supercars in F1 23?


Install F1 23 mods on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Are there already mods for F1 23? How can you install a mod in F1 23 and is it also possible on the console? A few days ago, the new F1 offshoot from Codemasters and Electronic Arts was released for PC and console. As every year, the new F1 23 is also very popular. Anyone who has already played some of the game’s predecessors may have downloaded and installed a mod from websites such as In addition to cheats, popular mods also include paintwork and skins, mods with which you can improve the AI, realistic graphics mods or the telemetry tool with which you can display lots of information about the car. The question arises, can the mods also be installed in F1 23?

Install mods in F1 23

The F1 22 mods are at least currently not directly compatible with F1 23. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some modders who are adapting their mods to the new part. The first modifications for the game can already be found on the well-known mod websites such as the aforementioned, but also on As in the previous versions, the installation is very easy in most cases, by simply downloading the mod and moving the contents of the .zip or .rar archive to the F1 23 installation directory.

  1. Mod as an archive of sites like or download and unzip the contents.
  2. Now move the content to the installation directory of F1 23 (close the game first). The installation directory can be displayed in Steam or Origin under Properties. From the Steam version, the path looks something like this: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\F1 23
  3. Then start the game again and the mod should be installed.

Some more complex mods sometimes require additional steps. For this reason it is always advisable to read the enclosed readme file, where the additional installation steps are often described.

Mods on the PS5 or Xbox Series?

Unfortunately, F1 23 does not yet offer official mod support. For this reason, you can’t install any modifications in the console version at the moment.

Tip: Here’s how to play F1 23 with friends in split-screen mode.


Deal : Medion Akoya E15433 in the test: 15 inch model at Aldi for 499 euros!

From January 4, 2024, the well-equipped Medion Akoya E15433 will be available at Aldi for just 499 euros. Does the 15-inch notebook with Core i5 CPU impress in the test?

Table of contents

  • Medion Akoya E15433 in the test: Simple 15-inch model
  • Full HD screen
  • Good keyboard/touchpad combo
  • A look under the hood
  • Little breath
  • Card reader, HDMI, USB-C
  • Medion Akoya E15433 in the test: conclusion

At the beginning of 2024, the discounter Aldi will be introducing the Medion Akoya E15433 (MD64180) notebook in all of its branches nationwide. The price tag on January 4th reads a moderate 499 euros. What do customers get in return? Is it worth buying? SamaGame tested the Aldi notebook Medion Akoya E15433 (MD64180).

Medion Akoya E15433 in the test: Simple 15-inch model

There are no long arms when it comes to daily transport from A to B: the Aldi notebook, which is around 2 centimeters thin, weighs less than 2 kilograms – what a thing 15.6 inch notebook is little. There are hardly any visual accents: the Akoya E15433 is a simple representative of its genre.

Good: Manufacturer Medion has framed the display with beautifully narrow edges, which looks chic and modern. The Essen-based company had to make the display edge a little thicker in the top center to accommodate the webcam. The 1 megapixel lens is just a simple example, but is completely sufficient for video calls via Teams, Skype or Zoom.

Full HD screen

The screen is also completely sufficient – ​​at least for Internet and office applications. On its almost 40 centimeter screen diagonal, it shows websites, Word and Excel documents in Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels. But the display wasn’t completely convincing. It showed photos and videos with pale and distorted colors. The maximum brightness is a bit low at 310 candelas per square meter. On sunny days, users should therefore look for a shady spot when working outdoors.

Good keyboard/touchpad combo

The keyboard could offer a slightly more precise and harder touch. Nevertheless, texts were pleasant to type in the test. The distance between the keys is sufficiently large so that users do not accidentally press two keys at the same time. There is no lighting for working in darker environments. Good: There is a number pad for entering long Excel columns. The touchpad is also pleasing; it implements input quickly and precisely. The only drawback: mouse clicks are not possible at the top.

A look under the hood

However, users don’t have to worry about long waiting times: in the speed tests, the Medion proved to be a fast notebook! No wonder: the mid-range processor Core i5-1235U from Intel serves as the engine.Alder Lake“series. It’s not the latest model (market launch: early 2022), but it’s still a powerful CPU. And the ten-core processor can transfer data to a comparatively generous 16 gigabytes of RAM.

Windows 11, programs and data are on one M.2 SSD with an effective 477 gigabytes of memory deposited. Is that not enough? An additional SSD cannot be retrofitted, but users can at least exchange the existing one for one with more memory – 2 terabyte models are available from 100 euros. The RAM can also be upgraded if necessary – to a maximum of 64 gigabytes (150 euros).

Test results Medion Akoya E15433 (MD64180)

Test results Medion Akoya E15433 (MD64180)

Test results

Medion Akoya E15433 (MD64180)


Intel Core i5-1235U

graphics chip

Intel UHD Graphics Xe


15.6 inches (1920×1080 pixels)

How fast is the notebook?

Speed ​​with Office

high (53%)

Video editing speed

high (35.9%)

Speed ​​in games (1920×1080 pixels)

very jerky (17 frames per second)

Speed ​​in games (3840×2160 pixels)

not playable

SSD speed

slow (11.7%)

USB speed (on notebook SSD)

230 MB/sec.

USB speed (on external hard drive)

280 MB/sec.

How good is the image quality?

Color fidelity

very low (87.4%)

Deviations in grayscale

low (2.4%)

color temperature

natural (7391 Kelvin)

Maximum brightness

somewhat low (310 cd/m²)

Black level

very low (0.24 cd/m²)

Contrast ratio

very low (1351:1)

Visual test

somewhat minor (washed out colors, pale skin tones, slight backlight bleeding on screen edges)

Color space sRGB

too low (63.7%)

Color space DCI-P3

too low (47.4%)

Response time (average/max.)

short (18.8 ms) / short (27.8 ms)

Number of pixels per inch

somewhat low (141 dpi at 1920×1080 pixels)

Max. brightness deviations

low (10.64%)

Gloss level screen/frame

low / very low

Max refresh rate

60 hertz

How easy is it to use on the go?

Battery life / charging time

acceptable (04:58 hours) / short (2:06 hours)

Operating noise when working / max.

very quiet (0.7 sone) / very quiet (1.8 sone)

Temperature after 30 minutes of full load

slightly high (23.0 degrees)

Weight with battery / power supply with cable

low (1.88 kg) / very low (0.22 kg)

Is everything you need included?

RAM (built-in/expandable)

a lot (2×8 GB / 2×32 GB, complete replacement required)

Data storage (built-in / expandable)

a little bit (477 GB, SSD-NVMe, Western Digital /no)


1x headset, 1xHDMI / 2x USB Type A 3.2 Gen. 1, 1x USB-C 2.0, 1x USB Type-A 2.0

WiFi / Bluetooth / Cellular

Wifi 5 / version 5.1 / no

Webcam / microphone / memory card reader

yes / yes / yes (microSD)

Included programs

Windows 11 Home

How easy is it to use?

Quality and operation of the keyboard

slightly roughened surface, pleasant writing feeling, pressure point a bit spongy

Keyboard lighting


Standard assignment / navigation button standard size

no no

Biometric access barriers


Touchpad size/quality and operation

very large / clicking at the top edge not possible, minimal latency, pleasant surface, good pressure point

Quality and operation of the touchscreen


Little breath

It’s a shame: the CPU and display suck heavily on the battery, the 55 watt-hour energy storage was enough for almost five hours of work in the test – with the display at full brightness. If you turn down the brightness a little, you can extend the battery life by an hour – but that wouldn’t be a particularly good value either. There are now notebooks like this Thomson M15 EVO, which last for almost eleven hours without a power outlet on a single battery charge – but they are usually more than twice as expensive. Also good: The Medion performed its job calmly in the test; its fan did not torment the testers with noisy rotating noises, even under full load.

Card reader, HDMI, USB-C

A card reader for microSD memory cardn is on board and external Monitors can be connected via HDMI. The Aldi notebook also offers a USB-C socket. However, the latter still works according to the lame USB 2.0 standard and not the USB 3.2 Gen 2 version, which is for fast external SSDs would be necessary.

Medion Akoya E15433 in the test: conclusion

Of course, customers shouldn’t expect a super-duper notebook with all the bells and whistles for 500 euros. The price for the Akoya E15433 is okay for the performance it offers: it works quickly and quietly, the display offers decent image quality, and the features are complete with the exception of the missing keyboard backlight.


Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 leaks its launch: Bandai Namco prepares the largest game ever created by Goku and company

It seems that very soon we will have news about Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (or whatever the game ends up being called), since multiple leaks of the game have emerged in recent days, and as expected, there has also been talk about its launch window, information that apparently will arrive very soon officially, and yes, you will enjoy it in less time than you think.

According to the well-known insider, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4 will arrive in early 2024, without giving us an exact date. This agrees with the leak that assured that we would see something of the game at Tokyo Game Show 2023, because if we will really play with Goku and company in such a short time, there is no better time for a new trailer, or at least some statement that explains it to us. How is your development going?

Users on social media obviously looked for more answers, but Geekdom101 cleverly evaded them all; The original publication, in fact, did not mention the launch window as such, but rather appeared precisely in response to one of many comments.

News in development…


Celia: How to set up and get the most out of Huawei’s voice assistant

Huawei introduced Celia in March, your own smart assistant to compete with Bixby, Google Assistant or Siri, among others. It is a proposal integrated into the latest devices of Chinese society and which is taking its first steps in this territory of the participants.

We say how to configure and use Celia Since then being a new assistant there may be several questions about how it works and how you can get the most out of it.

How to set up and use Celia

Celia is in the device settings themselves, in the “Huawei Assistant” section. Inside we will find a photo of “Hey Celia” and the list of possibilities. We will break them down one by one so that you can see how it can be configured and what can be done with this wizard.

The first section is “AI Voice”, the first thing we need to configure to start using Celia. Here we can configure voice activation and power button activation, as well as assistant languages. An important point is that one can click on the voice activation setting to reconfigure the wake-up phrase. This parameter helps the assistant to better recognize our voice.

Second, we have the “AI Objective” section. This is a Huawei function that allows you to scan QR codes, instant translations, purchases, count food calories, identify objects and other actions through the camera. This function cannot be configured and is built into the system., so you will find it in the camera interface.

AI Touch is the third function integrated into Celia and allows us identify the text on the screen with a gesture. If we tap with two fingers, for example, on an image, a search will be made for similar products, with purchase links to it, if available. This feature can be turned on or off at will and works system-wide, not just in Huawei’s official browser.

Another of the sections that we find in the ‘Huawei Assistant’ section is related to smart notifications. This is a series of notifications about app usage, weather, news, calendar events, etc. In our experience they are not bothersome, so that we can activate them without any problem. We can customize these notifications individually, as well as turn them off all at once.

AI Search is a feature that is not so related to Huawei Assistant, but it is part of Celia’s settings. This is a quick access to the search bar by swiping down on the main desktop. Here we can configure scope of research, adding or omitting applications and services that we want you to find or not.

Some of the functions that Celia can perform

Celia is still very limited, so we can’t ask for as much as Google Assistant or Siri. However, we have verified that some useful commands work.

  • Hey celia set an alarm
  • Hey Celia, search (what u wanna search) in the browser
  • Hey Celia, what’s the weather like today?
  • Hey Celia, translate (what you want to translate) into (language you want to translate)
  • Hey Celia, scan a code
  • Hey Celia, call (the person you wanna call)
  • Hey Celia, open the app (the app you want to open), it must be downloaded from the app gallery
  • Hey Celia, put on airplane mode
  • Hey Celia, turn on (or off) Bluetooth
  • Hey Celia, tell me how much is this product (the one you can make with the camera)
  • Hey celia open the settings
  • Hey celia turn on the sound
  • Hey Celia, create an event for tomorrow at 2 p.m.
  • Hi Celia, send a message to (the person you want to send the message to)

Source: Frandroid


Deal : Severin Filka KA 4850 in the test: fully automatic for filter coffee?

The premium coffee machine aims to set standards in terms of comfort and setting options. We tested the Severin Filka.

Table of contents

  • Good filter coffee is a matter of attitude
  • Stepless grinder
  • Simple operation
  • Excellent taste
  • Hassle-free care
  • Severin Filka: Prices and models
  • Severin Filka KV 4850 in the test: conclusion

With Filter coffee machines You are often left with a few options: pour water into the tank, insert the filter and fill it with coffee powder, press the button and the device starts brewing. You can only influence the amount of coffee and the taste manually and by choosing the coffee powder. Severin Filka would like to offer you far more options at the touch of a button. That’s why the German manufacturer advertises its premium coffee machine with the snappy slogan “fully automatic for filter coffee”. We tested the Filka KV 4850 and revealed whether Severin keeps his word.

Good filter coffee is a matter of attitude

In fact, the Severin Filka KV 4850 is similar in terms of operation Fully automatic coffee machines. There are sensor buttons on an LED control panel that you can use to make all sorts of settings. This also includes choosing the vessel into which the coffee should flow. There are five programs to choose from: small cup, large cup, to-go container, Thermos flask (for two to eight cups) and glass jug (for two to ten cups) – extremely practical for everyday use. In addition, the desired amount of coffee for cups (100 to 150 milliliters), mugs (175 to 225 ml) and to-go containers (250 to 350 ml) as well as the coffee strength can be adjusted in three levels. You can also adjust the Filka to the water hardness level.

Another useful feature is the optional cup shelf, which you can use if necessary. To do this, remove the cup shelf at the top in front of the water tank and hang it under the spout. The shelf has two different sides, which offer enough space depending on the size of the cup or mug. Great: Depending on the vessel selected and the preset amount, the machine only draws the required amount of water from the tank.

Stepless grinder

The Severin Filka KV 4850 is one of them Coffee machines with grinders and therefore also has a round bean container. The container sits on the top, offers space for around 230 grams of coffee beans and can be removed from the machine for cleaning purposes. The lid has a rubber seal. Tip: Before adding fresh beans, you should wipe the container with a slightly damp cloth.

Below is the conical grinder made of stainless steel, which can be infinitely adjusted. You can change the grinding level by turning the bean container to the left (finer) or right (coarser). Small markings on the casing of the coffee machine provide a little help. To find the right grind level, select the middle position. If the coffee tastes too bitter, choose a coarser grind. If the brew is too sour, set a finer setting.

After the grinding process, the ground coffee ends up in the swivel filter, which swings out to the right. Here you will also find the filter holder, which can be easily removed with one handle. The scope of delivery includes a loose cover and a gold tone permanent filter (size 4), which also has a carrying handle. This saves you from buying paper filters and reduces the waste produced.

The water tank, which can be removed from the top, can be found on the back of the coffee machine. The capacity is just under 2 liters (l). With a standard cup size of 125 milliliters (ml), one filling is enough for around 16 cups – quite a lot. Great: You can install a water filter in the Filka. Only a few filter coffee machines offer this, which is why the Severin machine also gets a slight upgrade. However, the tank does not have any markings for reading the water level.

The KA 4850 model tested comes with a non-insulating glass jug that offers space for approximately 1.25 liters of coffee (equivalent to ten cups). To ensure that the bean infusion stays nice and hot for a long time after preparation, the premium coffee machine from Severin has a warming plate under the spout.

If you occasionally remove the pot from the warming plate to pour yourself a coffee, you can do so without worry. The drip stop function of the filter holder prevents coffee from dripping onto the hot surface. A small metal spring relaxes and the spout is locked. In our test, this mostly worked well. Every now and then a drop still slipped through.

Simple operation

Preparing filter coffee works without any problems with the Severin Filka KA 4850. First make sure that there are enough coffee beans in the bean container, the water tank is filled appropriately and a paper or permanent filter is inserted in the filter holder. Then select the container size and the coffee strength using the quickly responding sensor buttons. Last but not least, place the cup, mug or jug ​​under the spout and start the preparation using the start/stop button at the bottom center. Now the grinding process begins, which takes about 75 seconds for ten cups. However, the mill is not quiet at up to 76 decibels. The machine is even advertised with a PR image of a sleeping woman next to the device. At least the Filka doesn’t make any annoying screeching noises.
After grinding, the brewing process starts including automatic pre-brewing. After 9:15 minutes (for a pot with ten cups), the machine emits a loud beep and signals via the blue flashing LED ring above the grinder that the coffee is ready and the warming plate is activated. If you need a little help with the controls, you will find what you need in the detailed operating instructions. However, you will have to figure out some of the operating steps because they are almost only explained using pictures and not in writing.

If you occasionally use pre-ground coffee, for example for decaffeinated coffee enjoyment, you can also pour the coffee powder directly into the filter. Then press the ground coffee button (second button at the bottom from the right) and start preparation. Unfortunately, a coffee spoon is not included in the scope of delivery of the Severin Filka.

Excellent taste

Many functions or not: In the end, what counts most is the taste of the filter coffee. To test the Severin Filka KA 4850, we again used freshly ground specialty coffee for filter methods with notes of milk chocolate from a private roasting company at a ratio of 6 g per 100 ml. We put a 1.25 liter (ten cups) pot on and tried it.

The result after preparation is, in a word, excellent. The Filka produces extremely delicious filter coffee that beautifully emphasizes the milk chocolate flavors and has a full-bodied body. The coffee is neither sour nor bitter and smells extremely pleasant. In terms of taste, the filter coffee from the Severin machine is just as good as the one from the Moccamaster KBG Select from Technivorm.

Hassle-free care

If you use the Severin Filka KA 4850 mill, you must also clean it regularly. But it’s easy: First, remove the bean container by turning it as far to the right as possible towards the symbol with the open lock and removing it upwards. You can then remove the remaining coffee beans from the grinder cap. The use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended for this. Then turn the grinder cap to the right and pull it out. You can now remove coffee beans and grounds from the conical grinder with a vacuum cleaner and clean it with a cleaning brush (not included). The grinding cone of the mill can be loosened with a Phillips screwdriver and then removed for more thorough cleaning. Cleaning does not take more than five to ten minutes in total.

In addition to cleaning the grinder, the rest of the maintenance of the coffee machine is also easy. You can safely put the filter holder, gold tone filter and glass jug in the dishwasher. You only have to clean the water tank by hand, ideally with a bottle brush and a little dishwashing liquid. The Severin Filka also offers automatic programs for descaling and quick rinsing of the pipes. Not every device in this product segment can claim that.

Severin Filka: Prices and models

The Severin Filka is available in two technically identical model variants: KA 4850 with a glass jug (1.25 l) and KA 4851 with a thermos jug (1 l). Like the coffee from the filter machine, the price is also quite high: at the time of testing, the version with a glass jug cost just under 250 euros, and the sister model with a thermos jug even cost around 300 euros. There are already entry-level fully automatic coffee machines for this purpose.

Test results

Test results

Severin Filka KA 4850

Manufacturer information

Variants: with glass jug (KA 4850), with thermos jug (KA 4851)
Price: 250 euros
Power / filter size: 1520 watts / 4
Water tank / coffee container capacity: 2 l / 1.25 l


Prepare 1 to 10 cups at once, to-go function available
Glass jug (non-insulating) included
Integrated grinder (stepless), removable bean container (230 g)
Swivel filter, filter holder removable
Permanent filter included
Coffee quantity (1 to 10 cups and milliliters) and coffee strength (2 levels) selectable, automatic pre-brewing
Drip stop, heating plate and timer available
Anti-slip feet, automatic switch-off (15 to 60 minutes) and illuminated switches available, no child lock

Grade: 1.8

Service &
The taste

Easy to use via sensor buttons
Detailed but somewhat confusing illustrated operating instructions
Just one press of a button to start the brewing process (1.25 l in 9:15 minutes)
Outstanding filter coffee taste

Grade: 1.3


Programs for cleaning and descaling available, water hardness adjustable
Easy to clean surface
Water tank a bit difficult to clean
Filter holder and jug dishwasher safe

Grade: 1.6

Technical tests

Average power consumption when making coffee, low in standby without the heating plate activated
Quiet brewing process, very loud grinder
A bit uncompact

Grade: 3.3


Water filter can be installed


Test results

good (grade: 1.7)

Severin Filka KV 4850 in the test: conclusion

Fans of filter coffee who are also looking for the convenience of fully automatic machines will find what they are looking for and be happy with the Severin Filka. The coffee machine is easy to use and clean, offers many useful functions and is extremely versatile thanks to the adjustable vessel size. The integrated grinder also does a good job. And the coffee from the Filka tastes outstanding. For the high price between 250 and 300 euros, the accessories are a bit puny. But the bottom line is that the purchase is definitely worth it.


New Mod for Switch provides real-time CPU, GPU and temperature monitoring – item

Some time ago, everything was done with FRAPS. These days, however, Riva Tuner Statistics Server and OCAT are the go-to tools. For decades, PC users have relied on frame rate information and monitoring various parameters displayed on the screen to get a sense of how their PC has been used. What if similar tools were also available to console gamers? Well, a recent intervention in Switch Modding has made this possible. Frame rates, percentages of CPU and GPU usage, temperature monitoring, fan speed: all these parameters have come to the fore and give us a fascinating insight into the use of Switch hardware by the various titles. during the game.

Obviously, all of this is only possible on the early versions of Switch, which were vulnerable to a hardware exploit recovery mode on which custom firmware was developed. Yes, you can fire up these tools on your own, but they do offer a way of piracy and it’s no wonder if these modified consoles connect to Nintendo’s online services, they are regularly banned. But the interesting part for us at Digital Foundry is the proliferation of homebrew software. Recently released was the Tesla Framework, code that runs on the Switch’s CPU-only SoC, and capable of bringing an interactive overlay to the screen during any gaming session. Tesla was immediately followed by the release of the switch overlay mod, which essentially brings a lot of the functionality of Riva Tuner Statistics Server to Tesla. So here we are at the full analysis: what does it tell us?

Basically you have instant confirmation that Nintendo is reserving an entire processor core for the OS and UI: the overlay shows that cores 0, 1, and 2 are dormant while navigating through the menus, with only heart three active. Likewise, the information on the screen indicates that during the docked configuration, the clock frequencies are fully unlocked during the game: 1020 MHz for the CPU and 768 MHz for the GPU, and 1600 for the EMC (controller of built-in memory).

Anyway, we now have the opportunity (and we have somehow done this in the past) to see how the hardware behaves in real time with the boost mode. This is the ability for some games to temporarily overclock the CPU to improve load times. For example, when you die in Mario Odyssey, the screen turns black and the game returns you to the previous checkpoint. This is a relatively quick operation normally, but in Mario Odyssey it is faster thanks to the boost mode. While loading, the CPU is temporarily overclocked to 1785 MHz, equal to + 75% of normal frequency. In contrast, the GPU is under-synchronized at 76.8 MHz, which is 1/10 of its maximum frequency. Nintendo essentially balances the heat output inside the SoC by overclocking the processor to the maximum and reducing the GPU to its minimum conditions.

This technique is used in many modern games: Wolfenstein Youngblood and Crash Team Racing exploit it, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have been fixed to include it. The load times are determined not only by the speed of the internal NAND and your SD card, but also by the CPU which has to decompress the assets in the background. With the screen black or displaying a static image, the graphics component does not need to be operating at full power. From the first touches of gameplay, the system restores the default clock frequencies. The boost mode certainly works great, as we found a 7 second lead in loading the main menu to the Grand Plateau in Breath of the Wild (23s vs 30s).

The system monitor overlay also reveals how some titles have managed to push Switch’s hardware to its limits to the point that Nintendo was forced to step in by providing an OS-level performance mode (one thing aside from the boost mode which only applies to portable configuration) When the switch clock frequencies were first revealed, the CPU was locked at 1020 MHz and the GPU at 307.2 MHz. Right before launch, portable mode saw the GPU increase more reasonably to 384 MHz. There are some more complex titles these days pushing the GPU to 460 MHz, but that’s only part of the story.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a prime example. Once the arena is loaded, the GPU increases by 460 MHz from opening cutscenes to gameplay. This is an exceptionally high clock rate, but limited to gameplay only. In fact, the menu reverts to 384 MHz. Super Mario Odyssey uses the same improved clock mode, but some surprisingly they don’t use it. Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice would have benefited tremendously: Its dynamic resolution would be higher and the frame rate more solid, but it runs on the standard GPU clock of 384 MHz.

We find the same situation in Link’s Awakening, which experienced frame rate issues, and some scenarios in the past have shown huge benefits in overclocking the console. The developers may have gone for standard frequencies to conserve battery life, as users are more prone to playing RPGs for long, continuous sessions. But there is an interesting starting point regarding this game. GPU overclocking certainly helps solidify the frame rate, but CPU and GPU monitoring suggests that a lot of resources go unused in the SoC when these issues are running. stuttering occurs, suggesting that the problem lies elsewhere.

One of the most fascinating results of this monitoring tool is the dynamic clock in portable mode. Games use them are few, and among them there is Luigi’s Mansion 3. The GPU varies between 307.2 MHz and 384 MHz, depending on the scenario, and in the lighter ones, it aims to preserve battery life. However, in the id Tech 6 engine used in ports developed by Panic Button, the GPU oscillates across the full range of available frequencies: 307.2 MHz, 384 MHz and also 460 MHz. Recently, fixes have been released that improve the performance of older Tech Portage IDs, and we are wondering if they are related to this factor.

The system monitor overlay also gives us detailed information about the internal temperatures of the switch. In docked mode, Doom and Wolfenstein are usually titles that focus on hardware by forcing the fan to run at full speed. In an air-conditioned office at 22 ° C, these two titles generated a lot of heat in the console bringing the SoC to 60 ° C and 55 ° C respectively. And all this with a fan running at 47%. Obviously higher speeds can be achieved, but in our experience these two titles were the ones that put the hardware stress the most, with Luigi’s Mansion 3 strangely bringing the fan to 100%. Considering these are technically complex titles, and all of them carry the CPU at 90%, that makes sense. And at the same time, it indicates that we have a lot of room for overclocking: since the TJmax of the SoC is 100 ° C, 60 ° C is very safe. The biggest problem with overclocking is definitely fan noise, which gets very annoying above 60 ° C.

But maybe the increase in clock rates is somehow in future plans from Nintendo. We know Nintendo has a developer mode that sets the processor to 1220 MHz, which is a 19.6% increase in frequency of actions. Our tests show that thanks to the OC homebrew sysclck tool, this frequency has no impact on the battery and helps a lot in solving the performance issues that plague many titles.

The system monitor overlay shows that titles like Smash Bros Ultimate, Doom, Wolfenstein, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 use over 90% CPU and more power would definitely help improve performance. A quick test at Wolfenstein Youngblood shows big improvements in fluency in the initial part of the first level, for example. Nintendo has shown that it wants to change the performance profiles of Switch as we encountered dynamic frequencies for the GPU, a boost mode for downloads, and a GPU set to 460 MHz in portable mode. There is therefore a good chance that the company will continue on this path.

Whatever the reason, whether for monitoring, overclocking, or gaming mods (as we saw recently with The Witcher 3), the low-level access to the SoC allowed us to fully understand the how the Nintendo Hybrid Console works and how the company continues to improve its performance. The detail, the system monitor overlay illustrates the machine’s versatility and the areas of hardware that can be pushed further by balancing temperature, fan speed, GPU load, and performance. This is the most general analysis we’ve done so far on the behavior of a current generation console, and it will be interesting to see what Nintendo’s next move will be.

Source : Reddit


From placing her as a goalkeeper to analyzing her animations. Forearmless footballer Carson Pickett goes viral on EA Sports FC in the cruelest way possible

Soccer, that “king sport” that brings together hundreds of millions of fans and that sometimes gives life to entire countries. It is a form of union through sport that can also serve to give visibility to people like Carson Pickett, an American player who has outdone herself and has inspired many other people. The professional player, with a birth condition and for which lacks left forearmit will be part of the next EA Sport FC 2024, or the new FIFA, and it has been done viral of the cruelest way possible.

Although she is being talked about now, Pickett’s presence dates back to the beginning of the year with the update of the FIFA 23 World Cup selections. This was the first time we were able to see the player, who has inspired many, in an interactive project at an international level, and now returns with the updated version of the beautiful sport from Electronic Arts, and also with a lot of bad slime by some players.

The Racing Louisville FC left-back will be an eligible player on the game’s player roster, and some are placing her as goalkeeper. Although EA assured that in “FIFA 24” we will not be able to put Pickett in positions inside the field that, obviously, cannot be executed for obvious reasons, there are those who have “tinkered” with the closed beta of the game to make it viral for it.


Carson Pickett in EA FC24? #eafc24 #fy #fypシ #fypage #fürdich #eafc #fifa #ea #carsonpickett

♬ Beat Automotive So So So Viral – WZ Beat

The left back for Racing Louisville FC will be a eligible player within the list of soccer players in the game, but some are placing her as a goalkeeper. Although some players have gone for black humor without wanting to harm anyone, the Internet is a very cutthroat place, and lack of respect either outbursts With the player’s condition they have led some to consider giving her the captain’s armband to see what happens when Pickett has to lift the champion’s cup at the end of the season.

Others have wanted to focus on the animations and gestures of the player when she scores a goal. Something that, by the way, she does without any type of problem or impediment, like another player outside the teasing that in TikTok is generating. With somersaults included, by the way.

On the other hand, and staying with the good thing about this viral issue, rarely the presence of a player had generated so much interest and curiosity for overcoming and physical conditions that are sometimes overshadowed. In fact, and although this time for the better, it is not the first time that Pickett has gone viral with the king of sports as the protagonist. Last 2019, the 29-year-old player starred in a tender image with a 21-month-old boy with whom she shared a fist bump, making it clear how beautiful soccer can be.

Cover image of The Seattle Times


Merlin and Raptor: the highly reusable rocket engines that made SpaceX a space benchmark

Size issues. But by launching reusable rockets, having smaller engines is part of success. That was Elon Musk and SpaceX’s strategy, from the already veteran Merlin engines to the newer Raptor engines, which are expected to be used in the Starship Super Heavy, the ship that aims to reach Mars.

The first test of the Merlin 1A took place in 2006. An engine made of polymers reinforced with carbon fibers which in its first test failed miserably. A year later, it was used in Falcon 1, kicking off the first private launch of liquid-fueled vehicles to orbit the Earth. Since then, these Merlin engines have accompanied SpaceX in its conquest of space.

Elon Musk believes that the launch of a modern rocket is based on use a large number of motors at the same time, controlled at the same time, which allow the thrust to be varied in real time and with a key advantage: reliability. Because if one of the engines fails, the rest stays.

From the failed “Merlin 1A” to the new Falcon 9 “empty Merlin 1D”

Merlin engines are Designed for recovery and rescue at sea. These reusable engines were designed by SpaceX for use in the Falcon 1, Falcon 9, and Falcon Heavy.

It cannot be said that the first versions of Merlin engines are successful. The Merlin 1A was only used once on the Falcon 1. While the Merlin 1B, an improved version with a 1,860 kW turbine was to be used on the Falcon 9 Heavy, but its use was discontinued at profit of the Merlin 1C.

At the end of 2007, SpaceX continued its engine development with the Merlin 1C version. At this point it had a regeneratively cooled nozzle and combustion chamber. But it was not until 2011 that the version of the engine that served as the basis was finally obtained of the main versions of Space X.

1D Merlin engine.

The Merlin 1D was first used in 2013 and in 2017 the company celebrated having produced the 400th in this series. Then, these Merlin engines had been started more than 440 times on orbital missions and more than 5,600 times in tests and launches, thus reaffirming its value as a reusable engine. Together, these engines have been running for over 400,000 seconds, enough power to launch 3,600 tonnes into space, which equates to the weight of 7 ISS.

Use of Merlin engines RP-1, a petroleum derivative similar to kerosene and liquid oxygen as materials to produce rocket propulsion.

The Falcon 9 takes its name from the nine Merlin engines used.

According to the technical data of the Falcon 9, which takes its name from the nine Merlin engines used, these engines have a thrust of 650 kN, a Specific vacuum pulse 311s and a 63.5 ton rise in sea level. Design details for the Merlin 1D engine were not openly shared by SpaceX, but the company said the Falcon 9 was « the world’s most powerful operational rocket. , by a factor of two ”.

In November 2013, Elon Musk explained that the engine was running at 85% of its potential and that these numbers could be improved. The result came with the Falcon 9 v1.1, which in addition to changing the placement of the nine engines, has evolved into the Merlin 1D empty.

Falcon 9 v1.0 (left) vs Falcon 9 v1.1 with Merlin 1D Vacuum engines (right).

The latest Merlin 1D vacuum motors have a pushing capacity 80 tons, with a specific impulse of 348 seconds. After several years of use, according to daily astronaut data, these Merlin engines are 99.9% reliable and can be reused for about 10 flights. However, last March, one of the Merlin 1D engines had problems. The first since 2012. For this reason, SpaceX and NASA have decided to launch an investigation.

The cost of these 1D Merlin is less than a million dollars. A very economical quantity which corresponds to the objective of putting many rockets into orbit. However, Elon Musk’s plans go further (literally) and for his larger rockets they have a different set of engines.

Raptor, the new generation of SpaceX engines

With a height of 68 meters and up to 3,300 tons of fuel, the Super Heavy is billed as a rocket quite far from the Falcon 9. And for this reason, it also has another series of engines, the Raptors. While the Starship plans to integrate seven, the Super Heavy will add 37 Raptor engines, powered by methane and oxygen, in an attempt to achieve its ambitious goal of reaching Mars.

At 90%, the Raptor engines are already able to deliver twice the horsepower of the Merlin 1D, although the cost is also double. As described by EveryDay Astronaut, the raptor engine has a boost higher than any other rocket except the space shuttle, with the additional cost of 70 times less in power.

The Raptor engine is intended for « the next generation of SpaceX launchers, designed for the exploration and colonization of Mars, » said Elon Musk in 2013 when development of this new series of engines began. Slightly larger, but also more powerful and reusable.

The design requires at least 170 metric tons of force. The engine reached a chamber pressure of 172 mT and 257 bar with a hot propellant, which means 10% to 20% more with deep cryonics.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 7 février 2019

During testing at the Texas site, the Raptor engine achieved a 172 ton boost, although still under 200 tons, which Elon Musk says is enough to energize the Starship or Super Heavy.

Size comparison. Via Reddit

“There is no other rocket engine capable of producing as much energy from methane and liquid oxygen as the Raptor engine,” said Tim Dodd, expert behind the chain for Everyday Astronaut. “And the idea is to make it more reusable. Something that will definitely help their business strategy if they can make it fly over and over again. According to SpaceX, these Raptor engines are designed to be reused up to 1000 times.

In SamaGame | COVID-19 and Major Space Agencies: How the Pandemic Affected the Space Race

Source: Engadget


‘De Kuip is coming to EA Sports FC 24’

In EA Sports FC24 you will soon be able to play football in De Kuip. This is what the Twitter account (now X account) Futzone claims.

Futzone writes the following on X: According to the X account, these stadiums are not immediately in the game, but will be added at a later date via an update. When asked how reliable the rumor about De Kuip is, Futzone answers ‘very likely’.

  • Pre-order EA Sports FC 24 now!

If De Kuip is indeed in EA Sports FC 24, the stadium will be the third Dutch stadium in the series. The Johan Cruijf ArenA and Philips Stadium were already in previous games.

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EA Sports FC 24 on Nintendo Switch ‘massive achievement’

EA Sports FC 24 will be released on September 29 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The version for the Nintendo Switch is roughly equivalent to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, according to EA’s John Shepherd. There are still some differences, but the Ultimate Team mode, for example, is the same. According to Shepherd, it is in any case a “huge achievement” that EA Sports FC 24 can run on the Switch.

EA Sports F.C. 24

Available from September 29, 2023

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Palia Finding Whale Bones: Whale Story

In the quest “Whale of a Tale” you have to get several whale bones for good Jina. After starting the quest, one or the other player may ask the question, where exactly can you find the whale bones in Palia? Are there even whales in Palia and if so, where to find the largest mammal in the game and get the bones? If you are asking yourself the same question, this short guide to the quest may be of some help.

Where to find the whale bones in Palia

The “Whale of a Tale” quest starts after fishing in Bahari Bay by the large lighthouse and pulling a large box out of the water. The box contains the first whale bone and at first we didn’t even realize we got the bone from the box. With the bone it goes to Jina and from her you get the order to fish for four more whale bones.

All you have to do now is return to the fishing spot by the lighthouse in Bahari Bay, where you pulled out the whale bone box, and cast your line again. Here, with a bit of luck, after a few attempts, you immediately fish a box with a whale bone and repeat the whole thing three more times. After delivering four whale bones to her, you have to talk to her again and the “Whale of a Tale” quest is successfully completed. The next day you get another mail from Jina and it contains a sketch of a whale.

Tip: This is how you can unlock more fields in Palia and grow more vegetables and other seeds.


TUTORIAL : How to Respawn the Sea Monster in Skull and Bones

So you’ve eliminated Kuharibu and now you want to respawn the sea monster in Skull and Bones. Well, the monster teeth aren’t going to earn themselves, and I’ll explain how you can continue farming the monster in my guide.

How to restart from the Deep Contract in Skull and Bones

Screenshot by blog.

To respawn the sea monster, you must wait at least one day in real time to restart the From the Deep contract or join a friend. Once you’ve officially killed Kuharibu for the first time in Skull and Bones, you should wait before trying to farm Monstrous Teeth. Due to the nature of the contract, it is classified as daily and you can return to the Sea People’s Huntmaster after the daily reset for the entire server.

Without a contract, there is no way to encounter the sea monster in the open sea. This is not a chance encounter, so it is extremely important for agriculture to keep track of the From the Deep contract. However, there is always a way around the system. If you have a friend or another pirate on the server who has the usual sea monster contract, you can join them and help them take down the beast. But don’t expect to be able to get all of the Huntmaster rewards.

No matter what day or pirates you join, the sea monster will always appear in the same place. The Western Basin on the African coast is still Kuharibu’s battlefield, so there’s no need to go exploring like you would the agent’s hideout. But if this is your first time fighting an unusual enemy, it might be time to start tracking down the ghost ship.

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For all the pirates who have yet to defeat Kuharibu, make sure you know exactly where to find the sea monster.


Heineken hooks up in a hilarious way on Barbie film

The Barbie movie is a huge success worldwide and numerous different marketing campaigns have been started around the movie. Everyone wants to get their share and the Dutch beer brand Heineken is also happy to participate.

Whoever talks about Barbie, is of course also talking about boyfriend Ken. This is also evident in Greta Gerwig’s film, which has been in theaters since last week. In addition to Margot Robbie in the lead role as Barbie, there are also many Kens in the blockbuster. Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Scott Evans, Ncuti Gatwa, John Cena, Rob Brydon and Tom Stourton play all kinds of Ken.

Heineken is now responding to the Barbie film by means of a special billboard in which a specific part of the beer brand is given extra attention. It concerns the last three letters of Heineken that are enlarged, while a small text can be seen at the bottom right of the board. It concerns the text: “Come on… Let’s go party!”.

Check out the ad for yourself below!

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet? Let us know in the comments below!


The best apps for your LG Smart TV with WebOS

Today we bring you a small compilation with the best applications for your LG Smart TV with WebOS operating system , so that you can install the ones you want to improve their functionalities. Unfortunately, the WebOS catalog is quite scarce in terms of applications, but we have managed to, as we did with Tizen televisions, bring you our list.

The idea is to offer you the most essential applications. Most of them are sure that you already know them well, although you will like to know that they are native to WebOS so that you do not have to connect any external devices or dongles to the TV to use them. But in addition to the famous ones, we have also included some lesser known ones that we have tried and it seemed to us that they deserve to be in the twenty that we include in the list.

We have tried that if you buy a WebOS TV, with this list you cover the most essential functions and the best ways to obtain all kinds of content. But as we always say in SamaGame Basics, if you consider that we have left out any other that you know and is recommended, do not hesitate to propose it in the comments section . Thus, all our readers will benefit from the knowledge of our Xatakers.

What smart TV to buy to play: best advice from the specialized editors of Engadget and 11 models from 300 to 1,300 euros


And we start with what is one of the most popular weather applications in the field of smartphones, which also has its own application for televisions. With it you will be able to obtain weather information for any town in the world , perfect both to know if it rains tomorrow in your city and if you will be able to have a sunny weekend on the getaway you are planning.

The application will allow you to store your most visited locations to obtain detailed weather information, with radar or satellite, as well as the forecast for the next few days. There is little more to say, if you are one of those who wants to watch these things on TV, it is the best alternative.

Amazon Alexa

An application created by Amazon to turn your TV into a smart screen with Alexa. Using voice commands, you can make the same interactions that you do with Alexa on other devices, and even control other devices or your smart home from the TV. It also serves to put music or other content without having to search for anything, Alexa does it for you.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime, you also have Prime Video, and with this platform access to hundreds of series and movies of all kinds. You also have your own productions, which without being as large as Netflix or having that halo of HBO quality, they try to find a balance between both concepts.

Another advantage of this service is that the remote controls of many high-end LG televisions have a dedicated button for it, which makes it extremely easy to access your catalog immediately.

Apple TV

Apple may have been one of the last to get to this of content streaming, but it is making a lot of effort and spending a lot of money on proper names to try to gain a foothold in the sector. Even so, it is an application a bit Frankenstein and confusing, since it really is like two services in one , something that if you are not used to it can confuse you.

On the one hand, there is Apple TV, the service that offers you a wide catalog of films and productions that you can buy or rent. And then you have Apple TV +, the streaming service created by Apple itself and with its own content. At the moment it does not have much, but it has great names in film and television.


One of the tricks of WebOS is its function of turning your TV into a digital frame on which relaxing pictures are projected. Well, with the application of the BlackDove platform, you will be able to take this concept to a new level. Your TV will have amazing artistic screensavers perfect to leave in the background while you’re together.

The application has a series of free backgrounds that will already serve to give a touch of color and distinction to the room. And in exchange for some micropayments, you will also be able to buy some more. But again, if you like the feature but don’t use it too much, the free model should suffice.


DAZN is a streaming service dedicated entirely to sports broadcasts , such as the Premier League, Moto GP, the Copa del Rey soccer, UFC, boxing and more. Therefore, if you are a sports lover and you are subscribed to this service, its application for Smart TV will facilitate its viewing without having to resort to third-party devices.

Device Information

It is an application with which you can view a file with all the data of your television , from its measurements and resolution to the firmware version, through the network to which it is connected or the name of the specific model or even if it is connected to the Internet or your IP address.

Here I do not want to deceive you. The interface of the application is very ugly and takes very little use of the space you have on the screen. However, if you always want to have your most essential information at hand without having to resort to the classic of looking for the model on Amazon to get your file, it can be useful.

Earth Online

If you are fascinated by outer space, this is a great little application that you cannot miss. With it, you will connect directly to the live streams of the International Space Station without having to look for the specific applications where they are broadcast and the channel on which they are broadcast. It is to open the app and start to see the planet earth from space.


HBO is another of the largest streaming platforms in the world, and it is especially popular thanks to the high quality of almost all of its own productions . Against it, it can be said that the Smart TV application is not as polished as that of other competitors, and that it does not have a dedicated button like Netflix or Prime Video, but in its favor you have the undeniable reality that in its catalog there are absolutely essential series.

Internet Speed 2

An application as simple as it is effective. As its name indicates, it knows how to do a connection speed analysis of your TV. You will be able to know the PING, the download speed and the upload speed that are reaching the device.

“8K Ready” on a TV is not the same as real 8K: what are the differences and why is this label now just marketing


Ok, yes, your smart TV is already capable of capturing radio stations through the antenna, but you may not capture all of them or you prefer to have an interface that unifies them better. If so, MyTuner is an Internet radio application with which you will be able to capture the most important stations in your country in a very similar way to their official website.

And there is more, because MyTuner also allows you to choose podcasts in your country, and if you are not satisfied, you can change the country to search for the main stations and podcasts of any country in the world that you select from your list.


Netflix does not need an introduction either, as it is one of the best streaming services you can find. It is famous thanks to a good collection of world-class productions and international fame, and especially for the large amount of its own content it generates so that you always have something to see and that is not available on other platforms.

Its application for WebOS is practically the same as what you can find in other devices oriented to the television, and it does not lack functions. What’s more, Netflix has the honor of being one of the two services that has its own button on the control of many LG TV models of higher ranges.


Plex is one of the most loved services by all those who want to set up their own Netflix or their own Spotify. You just have to install its server application on the device that is always connected and with the content you want to see, and then you can see that content on any other device .

And of course, the native application for WebOS means that you will not need to connect external devices to the television to be able to receive all the content you have in Plex on it. A good solution for seriéfiles and music lovers, which improves with advantages such as the free movies offered by the service or its Plex Pass paid subscription to obtain even more benefits. a la carte

Radio Televisión Española is not only a public entity, but the first television channel that began broadcasting throughout Spain. That makes this app interesting not only to watch contemporary programming with your favorite shows whenever you want , but you can also browse the vast amount of older content it offers.


The quintessential music streaming service also has its place in the application catalog of your Smart TV with WebOS, which will allow you to listen to your favorite music on the TV. This can be quite practical especially if you have a good sound system connected to the TV, since you can get the most out of it.

Best of all, Spotify allows you to manually decide on which connected device you want to listen to the playback in its mobile application, which means that you can choose to play it on the TV and use the mobile app as a remote control . And it is not that the interface of the TV app is bad, but surely you control it better with your mobile.

This is how Dolby Vision IQ works, the system that comes to improve the image on compatible televisions.


This is a great little update if you’re a fan of being able to watch IPTV channels. I have to say that I have been testing several apps to take advantage of this technology in WebOS, and this has been the easiest to use. You don’t have to register or do anything from your PC, all you have to do is write the URL of the PlayList with the channels you want to watch online and that’s it.

The application is of Russian origin, and when you install it you have a handful of channels from that country and access to all the national channels that reach you by antenna. However, you can create playlists in which you write down the URL from which you want to download them by hand. By the way, here is an open project with channels that you can add.


Twitch has become a heavyweight in the world of video content platforms in its own right, specializing in live broadcasts and pampering creators, so many YouTubers have a Twitch channel. It is owned by Amazon, who has the benefits of Prime Gaming, formerly called Twitch Prime, available to its users.

Twitch will allow you to follow the channels of your favorite broadcasters so you don’t miss their streams, and if you want to support one of them, you can also buy a paid subscription from them to help them monetize. In any case, it is a perfect site for streaming video games or creators talking about their things.


Although other platforms are winning battles such as broadcasting, YouTube is still the one where everyone has to be. This makes it essential when it comes to finding all kinds of free content, from our review videos to all kinds of music, outreach or entertainment videos.

Its version for Smart TV is quite acceptable, with an interface adapted to be easy to use with the remote control , option for subtitles and to navigate through all the channels that you have followed with your user account. All this with its free mode with ads or a paid version without them.

YouTube Kids

And we are going to finish with YouTube Kids, the version of YouTube designed so that the little ones in the house have a safe application to watch their favorite content. There are always creators who manage to bypass their algorithm, but generally, you will always find children’s content here. All this in a colorful and easy to navigate environment.

Comparison of the television of Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Virgin and others: channels, price and advantages

Bonus: The rest of streaming services

And to finish, although I think we have covered the quota of streaming services quite well, you should know that ** webOS has apps for many other services available in Spain. For example, you have the Atresplayer, MiTele, Filmin and FlixOlé applications, there is also Google Play Video, Rakuten, and even LaLiga Sports TV for sports lovers.


TUTORIAL : How many possible combinations are there in Infinite Craft? -Answer

Infinite Craft truly puts “your imagination is the limit” to the test in this endless crafting game. Here’s how many combinations there really are in Infinite Craft.

How many possible combinations are there in Infinite Craft? -Answer

Infinite Craft was released on January 31 and since then it has amassed a fan base, who have been obsessed with finding the most ridiculous combinations possible. Of course you can job Men And The Yaoi, but you can get even weirder. You can combine Yuri Satan with Yuri Rainbow to create the ultimate Yuri Yuri.

In total, Infinite Craft features at least 200,000 possible crafting combinations. The reality is that there are probably many more combinations.

In a tweet posted on Infinite Craft’s release date, Infinite Craft creator Neal Agarwal had this to say:

“200,000 unique combinations tried so far! But no one has designed Shake Shack yet.

This tweet was posted an hour after the launch of Infinite Craft, and since then there has been a surge in users. Including a user who responded to this tweet with proof that he had ultimately created Shake Shack. We can assume that since then more than 200,000 combinations have been tried. And I can’t even begin to count how many I’ve done trying to create every country in Africa. One day, I will find you again, Algeria.

Many combinations in Infinite Crafts are intuitive. Combining Mountain with Mountain will create a mountain range, for example. But others are a little more ironic. You can combine Yuri with Mitt Romney to create mittens, then combine mittens with dinosaurs to create Dinomittens.

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Or you can just keep adding numbers to a Sharknado to get Sharknado 1, Sharknado 2, and so on. Until Sharknado 69. The world is very much your unbalanced oyster in Infinite Craft, and it makes sense why so many people have lost hours of their lives to it.