Ark: Survival Ascended – Update planned for tomorrow is postponed – again

Once again, developer Studio Wildcard is about to have almost no content for dinosaur survival Ark: Survival Ascended canceled. A big update with a new map was actually supposed to appear on February 28th and has now been postponed indefinitely.

The only reason given is that the “The Center” update was not yet at the level of quality that Studio Wildcard wanted. It is not the first approach of this kind from the developer – even when the game was released there were still problems a few days before.

Ark: Survival Ascended – Release plans are repeatedly not met

The official statement says that the studio itself is blamed for nothing Homepage of the game: “Our partners working on Center while we focus on the Scorched Earth expansion need more time to do so the content meets our and your requirementsThe fact that such a development only seems to be foreseeable a day before the planned release is annoying enough – but more so because this is not the first time that something like this has happened as part of the release of Ark: Survival Ascended.

Already that one Released on Xbox Series X|S was a day before the scheduled date postponed due to an ongoing approval process. The expansion card Scorched Earth was actually supposed to be released with the main game last November; April is currently expected.

“We apologize for this change of plans, but we know that when The Center launches, it will be worth the wait,” Wildcards continued. After all: The one newly introduced for the expansion Gigantoraptor will be available as planned from February 28th integrated into the game. But that shouldn’t make the fans mild, as there were cynical posts in the comment column.

Community reacts mockingly

“If you didn’t focus so much on distributing content that no one asked for, but on content that we paid for, you could maybe also meet your deadlines“, it says, for example. The Unreal 5 remake of Ark: Survival Evolved has struggled with bugs and server problems since its release. Negative reviews Steam describe the game in a desolate state.

That Studio Wildcard constant running after the time goals you have set yourself, suggests that the effort involved in Ark: Survival Ascended may have been misjudged. A survival game that has made a better impression on us recently is Enshrouded, whose review you can read here.


Is your Xbox controller disconnecting? The reason is a ban from Microsoft itself

The Xbox support page has confirmed that it has started banning devices without an official license

Having an official controller for any console is a guarantee against any possible setback, and it is something that many users have experienced first-hand this week. In recent days, several Xbox players have taken to social networks and forums to talk about some problems, ensuring that Xbox controller keeps disconnectingpreventing you from enjoying your games.

Specifically, all users who have reported this type of problem are talking about third-party wireless controllers, not the official console controller. Apparently, all of them have seen how they were prohibited from using the controller after two weeks of purchasing the device, something that led many users to talk about this problem en masse. However, it seems that everything has an explanation.

Xbox console-related product Issue Update

— Brook Gaming (@brookgamingfans) October 20, 2023

Xbox controller disconnects due to lack of official license

Xbox’s own support page has confirmed that if the Xbox controller disconnects due to error 0x82d60002, it is because it is an accessory that “was not manufactured by Microsoft or another Xbox licensed hardware partner”. Therefore, this means that Microsoft has banned all devices that do not have an official license from the brand.

One of the accessories you are trying to connect was not manufactured by Microsoft or another Xbox licensed hardware partner.

The account of Brook Gaming on Twitter, confirming that several of its products will stop working or will be partially affected by the aforementioned error. In fact, it is confirmed that the models that the company cites will receive a countdown of two weeks from when they are connected to the console for the first time, after which their use will be permanently blocked in it, changing the code. error for a 0x82d60003.

Which brands are free from Microsoft ban?

Apparently, the change was introduced in the penultimate update that Xbox consoles received in the month of October, causing unlicensed controllers to disconnect after the stipulated time. This will lead many of you to ask What are the brands that currently have an Xbox license?. Well, currently, some of the brands that will continue to operate are the following:

  • Razer
  • Turtle Beach
  • Power-A
  • Thrustmaster
  • Victrix
  • PDP
  • HyperX

Whenever you come across an Xbox controller that incorporate the “licensed by Xbox” message, you will be sure that you will be able to continue using them in the future. Therefore, if you have recently considered the possibility of purchasing a new controller for your Xbox, it is important that you pay attention to these types of things, in order to avoid disappointment just two weeks later.


Layoffs do not stop in Silicon Valley. Google among the four companies that will lay off more than 1,700 employees

Layoffs at tech companies seemed to have taken a breather in mid-2023, but it appears it was nothing more than the calm before the storm.

The year began with more than 100,000 layoffs for all of Silicon Valley’s large technology companies, but little by little the pace slowed until it settled at a level that could be considered normal. The poor economic results expected for the fourth quarter and the adjustments for 2024 mean that many technology companies have reactivated workforce adjustment plans, once again laying off hundreds of employees. Google is among those that continues to confirm declines in the coming months.

The trickle of layoffs from Google. Just two months ago Google announced a staff cut that mainly affected its human resources department since, as the company itself confessed through its representative Brian Ong, “Unfortunately we need to make a significant reduction in the size of the company.” recruiting organization.

Now, the company has decided to let go of around twenty data scientists in its voice assistant division, according to sources. This is Google’s third round of layoffs so far this year after reducing its recruiting staff and layoffs on the Google News team.

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous driving division, has already had three rounds of layoffs so far this year, reducing this division’s 2,500 employees by up to 10%.

Informatica, the Silicon Valley cloud is not spared either. Cloud data company Informatica is also not immune to layoffs, and on Wednesday announced the layoff of 10% of its workforce following poor financial results in the third quarter.

The measure affects about 545 employees and seeks cost savings in 2024 of 70 million dollars and between 35 and 45 million in expenses. The company has already announced the first 90 layoffs, which will be carried out before December 31 for employees at its headquarters in Redwood City. This would be the second round of layoffs in 2023 for the company, which shed 407 employees at the beginning of the year and posted net income of $79.2 million in the third quarter of the year.

Faire has lasted a year without firing anyone. The e-commerce platform Faire is facing its second round of layoffs after reducing its workforce by 7% just a year ago. According to Insider, Faire will be somewhat more expeditious this time, laying off 20% of its staff with a total of 250 new layoffs.

The platform has been valued at 12.5 billion dollars and during the year it has accumulated 416 million in profits.

Viasat puts its feet on the ground and fires 10% of its staff. The satellite communications company Viasat has not been spared from workforce cuts in 2023, announcing in a statement the dismissal of 800 employees, which represents 10% of its current workforce. In this way, the company intensifies the cuts it already made in April with the dismissal of 300 employees.

Again, poor economic forecasts lead the company to contract its infrastructure in order to save up to 100 million dollars until 2025.

Splunk reduces its workforce before its merger. The cybersecurity company Splunk has been the latest to announce that it joins the increasingly large club of companies that are laying off employees in Silicon Valley with a 7% cut in its workforce before formalizing its merger with the giant Cisco.

The layoff plan affects 537 employees and will mark the second round of layoffs of the year. Splunk had laid off 325 employees in February. “The changes we are announcing are not the result of our agreement with Cisco; they are a continuation of the important initiatives we have undertaken at Splunk for more than a year to align our resources and operational structure to deliver continuous and incremental value to our customers” said Gary Steele, president and CEO of Splunk.


Deal : Roborock Zeo One: the conclusion of the reader testers

Is the Zeo One the one for all? Three readers have tested the Roborock washing machine with its innovative drying function and report on their experiences.

Washing dirty laundry is a Sunday ritual in which you spend the whole day washing and thinking about the laundry every hour. Correct? Incorrect! Because the new Zeo One from Roborock is smart and does everything in one go, from washing to dosing detergent and drying. But how good is such a combination device really and can the drying function keep up with a full-blooded dryer? Three readers have tested Roborock’s washer-dryer in their everyday lives and report on their experiences.

The Roborock Zeo One: an elegant heavyweight

Before the test phase, SamaGame provided readers with a uniform test protocol on which they could record their evaluations and observations. We wanted to know how much you like the look of the Zeo One, how satisfied you are with the programs, the washing results and the drying function and of course how much the device can make your everyday life easier.

The testers were very excited when the washer-dryer was delivered to them well packaged. The first impression after unpacking was extremely positive. “The design is really very successful. The machine fits well into the surroundings and looks timelessly modern,” says tester Thomas Boczian. Rhea Henninger is also impressed by the design. The first thing she noticed was the machine’s generous display: “I like it best when it’s turned on because the display looks great.” The testers also praised the straight lens of the Zeo One. Because it prevents annoying dust from collecting in the porthole. With this convincing overall package, the testers gave the Zeo One 4.7 out of 5 stars for its design.
But although the Zeo One looks elegant and modern, it is a real heavyweight. At 90 kilograms, it weighs a good 30 to 60 kilograms more than a conventional device. “Delivery to the installation site is absolutely recommended,” says Thomas Boczian. After the Zeo One had taken its final place in the testers’ home, it was time to put it into practice. How intuitive is the operation and how satisfactory are the washing results?

Large selection of programs with intuitive operation

Although the machine did not come with an operating manual, the Zeo One was easy for readers to use and earned 4.3 stars. “The display and the corresponding operation are a small highlight of the machine. The display is razor-sharp and has a pleasant contrast,” reports Thomas Boczian. There are many different programs available for washing that can be adapted to personal habits and preferences, for example the temperature, number of rinse cycles or spin speed. The only downside: “Unfortunately, not all washing programs are accessible on the display,” says tester Swen Dilk.
However, the app gives you access to the full range of programs and functions, including the dosage of detergent. Once filled, the smart Zeo One can add this to the laundry fully automatically, which readers found very useful and rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The Roborock app

The app is a kind of monitor during the washing process and shows, for example, the remaining time of the program and the set parameters such as temperature and number of rinse cycles. It also notifies the user as soon as the laundry is finished or there are problems during the washing process. Tester Swen Dilk likes this: “Every error message is displayed on the cell phone and you are immediately made aware of it if pop-up message is activated on the cell phone.”
You can also use the app to start other programs that are not initially accessible on the display. However, it is not possible to control the machine remotely via the app. To Rhea Henninger’s regret, every attempt to start a program via an app must be approved on the machine. This leads to a slight point deduction when evaluating the app, even if the testers otherwise find it successful. “It’s nice that you can create your own program in the app and transfer it to the washing machine,” says Swen Dilk. It can then be accessed manually at any time using the “App Program” button.

Clean thing: washing and drying with the Zeo One

According to the testers, the washing results of the Zeo One are “perfect” and they rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. “All stains, even the stubborn ones from children’s clothes, have been completely removed,” reports tester Rhea Henninger. She finds the drying process with the Zeo One “also flawless and particularly gentle.” Because it takes place at particularly low temperatures. Drying takes a little longer than with conventional devices, but is therefore more environmentally friendly and also more clothes-friendly. “We even dried four children’s leggings that were not suitable for tumble drying and didn’t notice any change,” says Rhea Henninger.

Another advantage of the Zeo One: It washes and dries in one go, whisper-quietly and without the hassle of moving the laundry around. Even cleaning the dryer after the end of the program is no longer necessary because the smart washer-dryer from Roborock has a practical self-cleaning program. Thomas Boczian: “Emptying a water tank, cleaning the lint filter and changing any filters or additional sieves are no longer necessary.” The self-cleaning impressed the testers, who gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

No product is perfect

With so much positive feedback, is there anything that could be improved? Yes – the testers see a need for action, especially with the app. This sometimes shows large jumps in time when counting down the remaining time during the program. However, this could theoretically be fixed with an upcoming update. The parental controls also need to be improved, as they are too easy to deactivate. Apart from that, all testers would recommend the Roborock Zeo One (current retail price: 1,299 euros) because of its otherwise harmonious overall package and the high level of comfort.

The conclusion of the reader testers about the Roborock Zeo One

Roborock Zeo One: the testers’ conclusion

With a total of 4.1 out of 5 stars, the Roborock Zeo One achieved a solid, good result in the reader test. It was particularly impressive with its attractive design, the impeccable washing results and the high level of comfort thanks to smart functions such as automatic detergent dosage or notifications via app. It made everyday life much easier for readers, as they no longer had to monitor the progress of washing and were able to dry their laundry without having to move it. “I no longer just wash on the weekend, but as soon as the laundry basket is full. Because I can integrate the washing process into my everyday life as a secondary activity,” reports Swen Dilk. Tester Rhea Henninger summarizes her summary as follows: “The comfort and cleaning results are great, the price is clearly justified. I especially recommend the machine to families with more than three people, as with this washer-dryer you no longer have annoying and unsightly rotary clotheslines in the apartment “must have standing”. You can find more detailed impressions of the testers in the photo gallery above.


Cyberpunk 2077: Update 2.11 fixes the most common problems

Image: CD Projekt RED

The most common issues in Cyberpunk 207 have been fixed with the new update 2.11.

CD Projekt RED is rolling out another update for Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC today.

Among the bugs corrected in today’s update is the resolution of an issue for melee finishers.

The developer continued to make adjustments to the chase scenes so that they occur less frequently and no longer overlap.

Mainly the update contains bug fixes and improvements for the open world and quests, including the Phantom Liberty expansion.

The German fold-out patch notes reveal all patch notes.

Update 2.11 Patch Notes


  • Melee finishers now work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where health items were removed from the quick access slot after using consumables.
  • On AZERTY keyboards, the Z and W key bindings can now be swapped as intended.
  • With the classic keybinding, charging no longer causes V to duck.
  • Fixed a bug where the interaction still required using the F key (default) even though the key binding was changed.
  • Setting the right mouse button for an action other than aiming no longer results in aiming and performing the other action at the same time.
  • The Axolotl cyberware now also reduces the cooldown when neutralizing an enemy in a non-lethal manner.
  • The iconic Infestation quickhack now correctly triggers an explosion when combined with the Overheat quickhack.
  • The Psalm 11:6 and Buzzsaw schematics have been unlocked for players who have completed the required activities but did not receive the schematics.
  • Fixed an issue where players on Xbox were unable to upgrade items to Category 5++.
  • Skeleton Cyberware will no longer be degraded when level 3 of the License to Chrome perk is unlocked.
  • Skill Shards will no longer be spawned for skills that have already reached max level.
  • The storage cost for the Cyberpsychosis quickhack is now properly reduced when using Cyberware Disruption or an EMP effect.
  • Killing NPCs who are drunk or braindancing will now properly activate the police system.
  • Fixed a bug where Cyberware Memory Recovery would recover less memory than stated in the description.
  • Fixed a bug where fists had no chance of bleeding after reaching level 20 of the solo skill.
  • The Biomonitor cyberware description has been corrected to correctly state that it heals V when health drops below 50% rather than 35%.
  • Sandevistan can now be used during ongoing holo calls when V is in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where V could be killed by a quickhack while Berserk was active, although Berserk ensures that health cannot go below 25%.
  • Cyberware capacity cannot rise above 450 in the future. Cyberware that exceeds this limit will be removed.
  • Fixed a bug where loot could float in mid-air or respawn in the same spot after being picked up.

Quests & Open World

  • Chase scenes have been adjusted so that they do not occur too often and do not overlap.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles purchased on the AUTOFIXER netpage were not added to the list of vehicles owned even though the money was spent.
  • It is now possible to obtain the iconic BFC 9000 weapon even if players missed the crashed AV in Rancho Coronado.
  • Fixed a bug where the animation of V looking at the NCART City Pass would trigger in the elevator, causing V to fall through the elevator.
  • Fixed an issue where the message from NCART customer service unlocking the metro would not arrive even though the requirements were met.
  • Fixed several bugs where jobs could get stuck in the journal as incomplete with no destination.

For Phantom Liberty

  • There are now endings other than a message from Reed in the credits at the end of the game.
  • Attachments can no longer be attached to the iconic Catahoula pistol.
  • Fixed an issue where the Perception Protocol perk could be activated even though it was on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Synapse Accelerator cyberware could be activated even though it was on cooldown.
  • You now need a cyberdeck installed to use the cyberware Cogito Lattice.
  • Fixed a bug where the buff after blowing up an enemy with the Grenade Detonation quickhack was not as described.

user interface

  • A “Radio Port” category has been added under Settings → Gameplay to customize the radio port. Enable Sync with Vehicle Radio to keep music playing when V leaves a vehicle. With “Switch stations with one touch” you can easily switch between radio stations by simply pressing the radio port button without opening the radio menu. Activate “Save current station” so that the radio port immediately plays this station again when loading a save file.
  • The data window that opens when scanning no longer shows the “Hacking” tab instead of “Data” by default. Instead, the tab that was last opened is displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not exchange cyberware and see the cyberware capacity indicator in Ripperdoc.
  • If Sandevistan cannot be activated while a holo call is in progress, a pop-up message will now appear.
  • Iconic quickhacks, like non-iconic variants, no longer show the duration in the description.
  • Some details in the appearance of Netpages have been improved.


  • The neon rims of the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X now glow as intended.
  • Fixed the shadows on V’s torso when wearing tank tops.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dark shadows to appear on V’s hands when he/she used certain weapons with ray tracing enabled
  • The Devil and Judgment tarot cards now display correctly on the end-game rewards screen.


  • Tire tracks now appear where the tires touched the ground.
  • Adjusted the suspension movements of some vehicles in traffic to make them look better.
  • Motorcycle suspension has been improved to minimize clipping with roads and curbs. The brakes have also been improved. Some vehicles, including cars and trucks, now land better after big jumps.
  • Brake torque distribution has been added in driving mode simulation. This change reduces understeer in vehicles that were previously affected too much when braking too suddenly in a corner (particularly front-wheel drive and rear or mid-engine vehicles).
  • Various small changes to improve drifting on most vehicles:
  • – Four-wheel drive vehicles now distribute energy more evenly across the front differential gear when exiting drifts in Burn Out mode (see the driving manual in the database for more information).
  • – Dynamic stability management has been adjusted to run more smoothly after drifts in “Burn Out” mode.
  • – Burn Out mode implementation has been improved for most mid-engine cars to be lighter and more usable, including the Rayfield Caliburn, Quadra Turbo R, Herrera Riptide.
  • Improved or changed tuning for different vehicles. These include: Mizutani Hozuki MH1, MH2 and “Hoseki”, Villefort Deleon V400, V410 Coupe and “Vindicator”, Thorton Colby CST40, Mahir Supron FS3-T, Chevillon Centurion 1000, Quadra Type 66 “Hoon” and more.


  • A new Hybrid Processor Usage setting has been introduced, located under Gameplay → Performance. It can be set to “Automatic” (the operating system automatically decides how the threads are divided between the cores) and “Prioritize P-cores” (performance cores are prioritized). The default setting is “Automatic”.
  • Performance has been improved, especially for “AMD RX Vega” graphics cards.


  • The new CrystalCoat feature allows players to change the color of vehicles. Because this technology was developed exclusively by Rayfield, it is currently only available for the Rayfield vehicles you own.
  • The inner zero zone of controllers has been set to new defaults for players who have not customized them, as the old defaults could cause the stick to drift.
  • Fixed an issue where the apartment door in Mega Building H10 would sometimes not close automatically.


The address list for modders has been updated.



Q1 23: How many chapters in Braking Point 2? (playing time)

The new F1 23 was released a few days ago and the new F1 offshoot from Codemasters is enjoying great popularity again. The new features include the second part of the popular story mode Braking Point, which took a break in the last part. Braking Point 2 tells the story of the young and aspiring racing driver Aiden Jackson and his protagonist Devon Butler. You find yourself in the middle of the duel between the two drivers and the cutscenes are shown in a kind of documentary style that may remind some players of the “Drive to Survive” Netflix documentary. Anyone who has just plunged into the adventure of F1 23 Braking Point 2 may be wondering about the playing time and duration of the campaign. How many chapters are there in Breaking Point 2 and approximately how long does the story campaign last?

F1 23 Breaking Point 2: How many chapters are there?

In terms of length and playing time, Braking Point 2 is slightly longer than the first part and there are a total of 17 chapters in the story mode. Depending on the style of play and level of difficulty, you will spend around 7 to 8 hours on the story. In each race you have to complete various objectives in order to unlock the next chapter. The goals include, among other things, reaching a certain position in a race, overtaking a certain driver by up to one lap or finishing in first place and thus winning the race. In addition to the main goals, there are also various optional goals with which you can, for example, unlock further answer options in the interviews after the race.

Tip: You can create your own league in F1 23 and race together with friends or players from all over the world.


What You Need to Know About the Fortnite Winter Trials

Here’s a look at what to expect in the Fortnite Winter Trials event


It’s not every day that game developers themselves are the ones that leak their plans for the future, but that’s exactly what happened. In the case of Epic Games, they accidentally leaked the Winter Trials, their upcoming event. That’s quite an oopsie on their part! And while Epic Games managed to take it down from their website quickly, they didn’t do it quick enough. Well-known Fortnite news sharers and data miners such as the likes of HYPEX managed to catch a glimpse and took screenshots here and there as irrefutable evidence. As a result, there’s quite a chunk of information that we’re able to deliver to you. If you want to know more about the upcoming Fortnite Winter Trials and new skins for the event in the Fortnite item shop, then read on down below!

What are the Winter Trials All About?

According to the leaks that were made, the Fortnite Winter Trials is a tournament where popular influencers will be starring throughout the event. The tournament will provide rewards to active players that will participate in it. Some of which include never-before-seen winter-themed skins which can be purchased in the Fortnite item shop. So sip your hot cocoa before it gets cold, because the Winter Trials is more than just a cool breeze. The Fortnite Winter Trial rewards system is a great way to unlock free stuff for players to enjoy as well. You can support your favorite influencer while playing the game at the same time. To support your favorite streamer/influencer, you can vote on the team that they’re in for the Winter Trials tournament. There’s not much information about the tournament itself, but it’s highly plausible that each team will go head-to-head in a grueling match where only one team can become victorious.

Earning Badges

One of the things that you can do in the Winter Trials is earn badges which, in turn, will net you some cool rewards—literally! How can you earn these badges, you ask? Fret not, because we’ll give you all of the details you’ll need to get all of them. There is a total of twelve badges that you can earn while the event is ongoing, and there are several ways to go about earning them. Players can do so by voting for challenges. These challenges can include your usual “quests” that you see on your menu loadout such as “eliminate an x number of players” or “deal an x amount of damage using a pistol”. Another way to earn badges is by supporting the influencer’s team that you like the most by clicking the thumbs up button to vote for them which can earn you one badge daily. And finally, the last way to earn a badge is by playing Fortnite for 20 minutes. That’s it! Sounds easy enough, eh? So long as you play even just a single match which can last more than 20 minutes, then you’ll nab yourself that sweet badge. Note that for every 20 minutes that you’re in the main game, you’ll automatically be rewarded with a batch. For example, if the duration of the match went over for an hour, then you’ll have three badges by the end of the match for your efforts. You don’t even have to do all of the other options to get the badges, you can just simply play Fortnite!

Cool Rewards

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned when it comes to playing Fortnite, it’s that there’s not an event or update where there won’t be any rewards that players can get for free; and the Fortnite Winter Trials event is no exception. There are a dozen rewards that players can redeem. There’s not much information to go about here, as Epic revealed only three of the rewards. The first reward is a unicorn spray, the sixth reward seems to look like an emote of a snowman’s head, and the twelfth reward is a gun wrap which is like a skin for your Fortnite Weapons. It seems like Epic deliberately showed only the first, middle, and the last part of the rewards that you’ll be able to get and we’ll just have to wait to see the rest!


The Fortnite Winter Trials is an event that won’t give you the cold shoulder. In fact, it’s an event that will warm you up with tons of rewards that aren’t even available in the Fortnite item shop. Without a buy-in, anyone can participate in it. The tournament for the Fortnite Winter Trials started on January 25 and will end on February 1, so there’s still time to catch up. What do you think of the event? Will you be participating in it to support your favorite influencer or are you just in it for the free stuff? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!


Is Lies of P a difficult game or also unfair? We are going to analyze in depth where the challenge of the new fashionable soulslike lies

I started Lies of P late, which is a condition in these games. As soon as you enter magazines, communities and networks, you quickly find feedback from the first players. The one from the Round8 game became clear to me quickly: They called it one of the most difficult games in the Souls formula, which is not saying something, taking into account the fifteen years that we have been playing this type of games under our belt.

In particular, a few bosses were mentioned as really tough, to the point that many reviews have called him unfair and today the Korean studio has released a patch that reduces the health and chance of stuns of some bosses and enemies. So, with all this, I started to get curious not only about the game, but the reasons why many players were talking about it so much. Today with the game finished (and the bosses defeated without the help of NPCs) I think I have a clearer idea why.

The first thing to say is that the criticisms seem respectable to me. We are not talking about players who have never approached this formula. It has been confirmed that 87% of Lies of P players have played Souls-type games previously and therefore come with a degree of experience. Come on, it’s not the eternal debate about whether these games should have an easy difficulty mode or anything like that.

The point is that I don’t think the problem with Lies of P’s difficulty lies in the bosses themselves, as some players or even the team, who have altered them in patches, seem to indicate. Yes, it is true that there are some enemies who have an exaggerated life bar and one, the one at the end of the opera stage, not to be explicit, I played before the patch and it seemed to me to be the most representative of all this. But, all in all, I think the challenge of Lies of P is not so much in the patterns of the enemies as in their Defense mechanics: the parry and the dodge.


The studio has created the most closed windows of opportunity I have seen in a long time. They are more so than games like Sekiro, Wo Long or any of the Platinum Games games. The famous dodge from Bloodborne, for example, contains few frames of invulnerability (the famous i-frames), while the parry has to be nailed at a very precise moment at the risk of not absorbing the damage. Can it be argued that the Souls’ parry was also tight? You can, but (except in rare cases like Gwyn) the game was not made to necessarily pass the bosses with this mechanic, while Bloodborne and Sekiro contain a much wider frame window.

Several more factors are added to all this. What enemies are constant attacking machines. When I switched to a faster build, and especially when I got the katana in the game, I did much better than with a heavy weapon, since most bosses keep attacking constantly. This forces you to play very safely or face them willing to parry everything they throw at you. As if that were not enough, the game loves feints. There are few bosses who don’t do them. The problem with feinting abuse is that it generates an arrhythmic defense, you cannot be guided by your instincts. The feints that FromSoftware began to use were very striking, especially in Elden Ring, but they should not be abused. Sekiro, for example, is a music sheet– The game sends cues in animations, sounds, and visuals so you know exactly when to block. Lies of P, willfully, sounds like an out-of-tune symphony. Be careful, I don’t want to say that this is always bad, but it is everything seems to be designed so that you make mistakes.

There are two ways to think about this. The personal opinion, of course, is the opinion of each player and respectable. To me, for example, it seems like an unnecessarily difficult game because the balance between risk and reward is somewhat imbalanced. You play a lot and win very little, since you don’t even have any information about how much you are breaking your stance when doing a parry, for example, since the stun bar is invisible.

But beyond personal opinion, there is an effect that this approach to design produces: on the fine line that separates GitGud of the pattern learning, Lies of P opts for the former. It’s a game that rewards the stubborn, not the observant. The observer can study enemy patterns and know how to counter them. He can make use of secondary attacks, take advantage of errors and windows of opportunity, adjust his strategy or change it radically… The Git Gud only relies on one thing: improve your response time to a mechanic. It reminds me, for example, of training in a fighting game until you learn a complicated combo perfectly. With some tough bosses, Lies of P wants you to learn to parry on cue or die. No middle ground.

There is an enemy that makes a nightmarish attack on you, with an exaggerated number of hits. He reminded me of the famous attack of Malenia, the one that it is better not to catch you close because it is practically unblockable and will take all your life. The difference is that here you will not be able to escape from this attack; You have to succeed with the parry or the dodge to the point of feeling like Daigo in the famous Street Fighter III combat. This attack sums up a lot of what Lies of P can be. Of course, it’s not an impossible game. But something strange also happens: Lies of P is probably one of the best soulslikes that have come out, but the best. And leaning towards that demand in the response instead of learning and the opportunity will cause many people to miss it and not discover all its benefits and the bright future that, as its epilogue ventures, it can have.


WoW | Shadowlands Surefire Leveling Tips

Zoom from 1 to 60 in a jiffy!

The changes that Shadowlands brought to World of Warcraft have forever changed the game’s landscape. In fact, it has done so in a somewhat drastic manner. While change may come as a shock to some who have been lulled into complacency, the general consensus among the WoW faithful is that these changes are welcome ones. Think of them as a much-needed change of pace for a game that was beginning to stagnate.

In no aspect of WoW are the changes more felt than in leveling. From the lofty 120 level, the max has now been halved as it was whittled down to 60. But if you’re worried about how this will affect your brand new character, allow us to reassure you right here and now. Don’t fret because here are some surefire tips from us to you to help you level up your character—whether main or secondary—from 1 all the way to 60 as you reap tremendous amounts of WoW gold!

Understand the Changes

If you go about your leveling in Shadowlands the way you always have, then you’d be wasting a chunk of your time. You must first understand the changes that took place before proceeding. Take note that in Shadowlands, leveling is much faster—so much so that it pretty much takes half the time as it did before. You’ll also want to take advantage of optional “Starter Zones” such as Exile’s Reach (levels 1-10) before plunging straight into Azeroth. Also, what your character dons matters. You gain special bonuses just by wearing multiple heirloom items. Lastly, be aware of Timewalking Campaigns as it lets you choose which of the expansion’s content you want to do your leveling up in.

XP is Still King

While Shadowlands did indeed bring about changes, certain aspects of WoW never change. One such example is XP as it remains the core of leveling. You need it to go past levels and you need it to raise your status. Its mechanics stay pretty much the same as you’ll still need to scour the open world and look through every nook and cranny of dungeons to kill mobs. Foolproof methods such as imbibing potions, switching on War Mode utilizing gem sockets, and participating in Seasonal Events are still highly recommended.

Know the Expansions

As previously stated, you have the option to do your leveling on any of the content. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t be gung-ho about it. Be smart. And the smartest place to do your leveling would be in WoD (Warlords of Draenor). This is due, in large part, to the Bonus Objectives that can be found in its zones. Believe us, the time you’ll spend here will be well worth it considering the amount of XP you’ll be reaping. It’s almost like getting to buy WoW gold at half the price!

Employ Your Specs

Being smart also includes knowing your specs. Any veteran WoW player would tell you that certain ones have clear advantages over others. Always consider ranged specs as they are good for tagging enemies from a safe distance—mobs won’t even know what hit ‘em. Being mobile is an equally important factor as you’ll need to traverse the battlefield with ease. Also, AoE can’t be neglected as you’ll oftentimes be up against multiple enemies flanking you from all sides. Lastly, self-healing abilities will save your hide sooner or later. No matter how good you are, you’ll always succumb to damage over time. You can’t level up if you keep taking damage, or worse, if you keep dying.

And there you have it! Leveling up in Shadowlands may be somewhat of a tall order, but with these tips in mind, you’re sure to zoom from 1-60 in no time at all! Make sure to jot these tips down before you go off in Azeroth searching for cheap WoW gold, rare WoW items, and relentless adventures!

What about you? Do you have any surefire tips you’d like to share? Don’t be stingy! Leave a comment below and let us know about it!


Life is Strange 3: Game could be called Aperture

There are reports about the presentation of Life is Strange 3, which will be called “Aperture”.

A report about Life is Strange 3 has surfaced online. Accordingly, the game is called: Life is Strange 3: Aperture and takes place ten years after Life is Strange.

Please note that the following information should be taken with caution and contains spoilers.

“For anyone who is interested: The content of LiS3 presented to us in this survey is a direct continuation of the first LiS with a time jump of 10 years. Max teaches photography at a small town college and has not used her powers since the end of LiS. It follows the timeline in which Chloe dies. While walking through the park at night, Max comes across a dead student of hers and debates whether or not she should use her powers to find out who committed the crime.”

“The game mechanics were changed a bit as the working title of the game was LiS: Aperture and using Max’s camera would stimulate the time mechanics through the lens of what she is looking at.”

“We saw various character models showing what Max would look like 10 years in the future, as well as concept art of the city and college campus. We also saw concepts for an apartment that you could own and furnish with different furniture and decorations. There was also a side quest that involved a cat that would eventually become your pet.”

“There was also talk of expansions and microtransactions, but only on the basis of ‘What is the most you would pay for alternate outfits, home furnishings, or holiday items when certain holidays come up?’ It almost seemed like a live service, but no more information was given.”

“Overall, it seemed very promising and everyone who attended the Zoom (including me) was very excited about it.”



“The Internet is not a right…” – Africa Guinea

CONAKRY- The spokesperson for the Guinean Government, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, reacted this Thursday, November 30, 2023, to restrictions on access to social networks. Questioned on the sidelines of the traditional information point after the council of ministers, the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy developed this subject which is making headlines in the city. Explanations.

Restriction of social networks

“The Internet is not a right. It’s not cut, it works. Our country is only connected by a single submarine cable. We’re not going to repeat this every time there are problems. We have to take certain positions. declared the government spokesperson.

According to Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, each time a journalist is arrested or questioned, we brandish press freedom. » It’s good because it’s a freedom that is important in democracy, even in a country under construction. This freedom also concerns responsibility. One does not go without the other. We cannot claim freedom of expression without assuming the responsibility that goes with it.

Throughout the day, when a citizen is indicted by the courts, most media outlets conduct the trial in their studios. It is a scandal. When a person is charged, they are presumed innocent. We don’t comment on it. It is not the role of the press to judge justice. Judicial information is regulated… It is together that we will all develop this freedom, that everyone plays their role so that things go very well, so that the citizen can have access to information in an objective manner. explained the government spokesperson.

We will come back to it!

Camara Dance


Created on November 30, 2023 8:27 p.m.

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Threads: 5 tips to make the social media platform better

With a new social media platform, you always have to figure out how to customize it and which settings you prefer. That’s why we’re happy to help you with five Threads tips for a better user experience.

1. Turn off Threads suggestions

You may have noticed that Threads posts also appear regularly on Instagram. Nice if you want to be found, but if you prefer to separate it, it is a clumsy affair. Fortunately, you can turn this off.

Go to your profile and press the two lines at the top right. Then go to ‘Privacy > Suggest messages on other apps’. Here you can disable the suggestion of your posts on both Facebook and Instagram. Does that one former colleague no longer see your drunken posts?

Threads, an Instagram app


7.8 (288,804 reviews)


via Google Play

2. Follow accounts that are not yet on Threads

Do you want to easily follow a number of accounts that you follow on Instagram on Threads? You already get that option when you create your account, but after that it is more difficult. Especially if those accounts have not yet created a Threads page, or have not yet appeared on your timeline.

Fortunately, you can easily look this up via the settings. In your profile, go to the two lines at the top right and then to ‘Follow and invite friends’. Below you will see under the heading Follow > Instagram friends. Here you can find Instagram accounts you follow in a list and easily tap the follow button to follow them.

Aren’t they on Threads yet? Then you can follow them in advance when they create their Threads account. You will also receive notifications, provided you have enabled the notifications of course.

3. Filter Threads you don’t want to see

You may have noticed it in the first few weeks: there is quite a bit of rubbish. Meta’s algorithm doesn’t seem to fully understand what a user does and doesn’t find interesting. As a result, you see posts on the ‘For you’ timeline that are often not relevant. Are you really fed up with certain topics? Then you can filter them out.

You do this by going to your profile and tapping the two lines at the top right. Then choose ‘Other account settings’. You will now be redirected to the settings in the Instagram app. Here, tap ‘Suggested content > Specific words and phrases’. You can now add words here that relate to topics you do not want to see. You can add several at the same time by placing a comma between the words.

It’s not ideal, but this way you can get a little more control over your timeline and what you see there. Don’t feel like reading threads about crypto, for example? Then you can easily put that word in the list.

4. Easily quote a Thread

Do you have a post that you would like to repost with your own addition? There is no really useful term for it yet, but the phenomenon is the same as ‘quote tweeting’ on Twitter, now X. Of course, a handy shortcut cannot be missing from our list of Threads tips.

Everyone was talking about it for three days, even though it’s actually not that exciting. If you want to quote a Thread, press and hold the repost button. Then the editor opens where you already have the Thread in, with space above it to type something.

Is it really more effort to open a Thread and then tap the repost arrows? Not as far as we are concerned. Nevertheless, it is a fun option and may be useful for live events in the future.

5. Translate threads from other languages

Curious what the Thread says on your timeline, but don’t feel like using Google Translate? That is not necessary, because Threads can already show you a translation of the Thread from your timeline. A post has a translation icon at the bottom right. When you tap this, the Thread changes to the language you have set the app to (such as Dutch).

Would you rather change the language of your app? Then go to your settings via your profile and tap Language to choose which one you prefer to use.


Baldur’s Gate 3: The long-awaited update is finally here and fixes the most brutal bug yet

Previously, Xbox players had… Baldur’s Gate 3 It was a really difficult time because they had to constantly worry about their save status, which could have been playing for several hours.

We were a bit unlucky your data on Microsoft’s console namely simply deleted and that is of course quite a nuisance with such a comprehensive title. The developers at Larian Studios have now provided a workaround with online storage on their own servers, now the bug is thanks of a new update but finally be history.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Your Xbox save should be safe again thanks to the update

The all-clear came not from Larian Studios, but from Xbox Support on twitter. There it was announced that a new system update for your console is available for download and is intended to fix the bug that may have destroyed your Baldur’s Gate 3 save. If you don’t want to wait for the whole thing to install itself, you can also do the process in the settings start manually.

Even though Larian Studios no longer received any information, Xbox Support retweeted the original post to inform as many people as possible. Breathe deeply But apparently they can’t yet: In the comments, some players say that the update didn’t have the desired effect and that saves were still lost even after the download.

An Xbox System Update will be rolling out from today to address the Save Game issue on Baldur’s Gate 3. You can manually update your console via the Settings or it will roll out to your console within the next week.

— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) January 16, 2024

Especially from Crash is the talk, but according to users, newly created data has also fallen victim to the bug. So if you’re not too keen to finally play Baldur’s Gate 3 on your Xbox, it’s worth it. maybe have to wait a bit longer and to keep an eye on the game’s subreddit until the players staying there give the all-clear. In the meantime, you can pursue your adventure with peace of mind on your PC – and Thanks to a mod, firearms are now available in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 bring.


Digital Foundry tests Ghost of Tsushima’s 60 FPS on PS5

Unsurprisingly, Ghost of Tsushima can be played at 60 FPS on PS5 (a performance boost over PS4 and PS4 Pro), but it is only now that Digital Foundry has had time to dwell on the changes the game goes through when played on the new console.

The conclusion reached is that the increase to 60 FPS is a change made on a global scale, without having optimized the code programming.

On PS5 there are practically no breaks in the frame-rate, but when they do – for example, when you activate photo mode – they always coincide with the same performance drops as PS4 and PS4 Pro.

These simultaneous drops point to such a change made at the system level, without the Sucker Punch having revised the code to better take advantage of the greater power of the PS5. Still, the result is satisfactory and Digital Foundry even recommends that you play on PS5 if you have not yet had contact with the game.

The game preserves the option to choose between a performance mode and a resolution mode, but playing on PS5, there is no difference in performance between the two modes. In resolution mode the game runs at 1600p, with no problem reaching the 60 FPS target most of the time.

As there are cinematics that mix real time with pre-rendered elements, these will be the occasions when performance on PS5 is limited to 30 FPS. Check out the Digital Foundry video below.


Hello Kitty is worth its weight in gold: you can now get this figure for almost 7,000 euros

The little cat Hello Kitty is already 50 years old. To celebrate, Sanrio and Kurotani have announced two Hello Kitty gold figurines and a gold card. The figures and cards will be available in limited quantities with a serial number. They’re made of 24-karat gold and will be available for pre-order later this month.

The figures are in a wooden box with a mirror in it. One figure shows a seated Hello Kitty holding a 50 in her hand. It is limited to 25 pieces. There is also a dancing Hello Kitty, of which there are 50 copies.

The sitting Hello Kitty weighs 20 g and costs the equivalent of around 6,700 euros. The dancing Hello Kitty weighs only 6 g and is said to cost around 2,600 euros. There will also be a card showing Hello Kitty sitting surrounded by Sanrio characters. It costs around 1,400 euros and there will be 50 pieces available.

via Siliconera, images: Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Kurotani


AnyDesk, complete guide: this is how the application works to access your computer from Android

You’ve probably heard of apps like Team Viewer and Google Chrome Remote Desktop. These applications are generally used for remote access from one device to anotherand are useful for controlling the computer from the mobile. There are several, but one of the most popular is AnyDesk, not only because it works well, but because it is completely free for personal use.

AnyDesk doesn’t require advanced computer skills or anything like that, you just need to have a stable WiFi connection and smartphone, Android or iPhone. It’s a really comprehensive app, so let’s see how it’s used and how to get all the juice out.

The best Android apps of 2019 (so far)

How to download and configure AnyDesk

The basis for the operation of AnyDesk is the DeskRT codec. This one, which was developed by the company itself, is able to compress and transfer the image of a device « without any problem, even with a bandwidth of only 100 kb per second ». It doesn’t require any kind of weird configuration by the user, to the point that no program should be installed on the computer. It is an executable that you will launch only and exclusively when you want to use it.

For those who are concerned with security. AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 and RSA 2048 encryption to verify user identity

How it works? Very simple. The first thing you need to do is go to AnyDesk website and download the client for your desktop operating system. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi. Once you have it, go to Google Play and download the Android app. You must have installed the app on both devicesYes, because you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Run the downloaded file on your PC or Mac.
  • A window with a nine-digit code appears.
  • Open the app on your mobile.
  • In the « Other Tasks » section, enter the nine-digit code displayed on the computer.
  • On the computer, a window will appear in which you will have to accept the incoming connection. Do it.

This code is that you need to enter on your mobile to connect to the computer.

When you accept the connection, your computer screen immediately appears on the mobile and you can control it as usual. It is important to note that you do not need to be connected to the same WiFi network as the computer, so you can use AnyDesk to, for example, control the home office PC, and vice versa.

Understanding the controls

By default, the activated controls are tactile, so to manipulate yourself through the interface, you will need to know what each gesture does:

  • Swipe with one finger: move the cursor.
  • Press: left click.
  • Long press: right click.
  • Long press twice (hold the second press): select.
  • Swipe with three fingers: scroll the screen.

These are the basics, but let’s go deeper. During the remote session, you will see that a black button appears with the logo of the app. If you hold it down, a cake drop-down menu will appear with different access. The first concerns the parameters from which we can modify the data entry, the quality of the streaming and the sound. Do not touch anything, because it is configured, it works perfectly.

The button below (marked in yellow) is the options d’introduction, which is divided into five sections. From top to bottom:

  • Special buttons like F1, system key, command, etc.
  • Keyboard: open the default keyboard that you have configured on your mobile (although when you click on a text box, it does so automatically).
  • Mouse emulation: this is the default mode, you control the computer screen with basic mouse gestures.
  • Touchpad emulation: AnyDesk will make the mobile screen behave like a “touchpad” on the computer.
  • Transmit gestures: the app transfers gestures from the phone to the computer, provided they are compatible.

The next button is used to change monitor, something not too useful if you only have one. However, if you had two screens connected in turn, you can switch between them. In general, you will use it rather little.

All actions available on AnyDesk

The third button is the ActionsIt is interesting to know what this is for. From top to bottom, the functions are:

  • Take a screenshot.
    Move the AnyDesk button to another location.
  • Download files to the remote computer: when you touch them, your mobile’s file manager opens. Select the desired file and, on your computer, press Ctrl + V to paste it.
  • Download the file from the computer: you just have to copy any file from your computer (right click> copy) and click this button to download the file to your mobile.
  • Request Elevation: This function requests administrator access to the remote device.
  • Send the command Ctrl + Alt + Del to the remote device.
  • VPN activation: if supported by the computer, a « tunneled » connection will be applied to the session.
  • Confidentiality mode: the session will become private.

The last button, which appears as an X below, is used to disconnect instantly. This is quick access to avoid having to tap and close it from the main app window.

And can the mobile be controlled from the computer?

Remotely controlling a Xiaomi with Android 10 using AnyDesk

Yes, but not all devices (It will depend on the manufacturer and the Android version). To access the mobile control from the computer, it is necessary to allow AnyDesk to appear above other applications. Once the authorization has been granted and as long as the mobile is compatible, the mouse can transfer the keys to the mobile remotely.

To control the phone remotely, you need to allow AnyDesk to overlap other apps

In addition to controlling the mobile from the computer, which is not possible on all models, AnyDesk allows you to see the phone screen remotely. This can be useful, for example, when a family member calls you because something is wrong with your mobile. If you install the app, you can give you directions and mark where you need to press.

In case you have a Samsung mobile or tablet, you will need to perform a few more steps to view (and control) the mobile screen on the computer:

  • Open the app on your Samsung and give it all the necessary permissions.
  • On your computer, enter the nine-digit code that appears on the mobile.
  • Accept the Knox terms and conditions which will appear on your mobile.
  • When finished, the mobile screen will be played on the computer and you can control it with the mouse as if it was your finger.

If you are using a mobile with physical buttons (for example, we tested it on a Galaxy S7 edge), to go back, you will have to press the « Esc » key. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S8, which has the navigation bar integrated into the screen, you shouldn’t have a bigger problem. By the way, you can control the mobile from another mobile, you don’t need to use the computer.

AnyDesk, advantages and disadvantages

What is certain is that AnyDesk works really well. When you control the computer from the mobile, the response is instantaneous, although sometimes you have to be very precise with the keys. For example, I am using an ultra wide monitor so the screen looks a bit small and you have to make it bigger if you want to play well and not accidentally close a window.

Sending files is magicIt works great, great even with relatively large files, and the fact that you don’t have to configure anything makes the experience pretty good.

Saving the little fluidity when controlling the mobile from the PC, AnyDesk works perfectly and fulfills its mission

It is also possible For writing. In fact, I am writing this paragraph controlling the computer from the mobile and, although it is true that I do it more slowly than if I were using the PC keyboard (because we cannot activate the automatic corrector, mainly ), we cannot order more.

It’s hard to put a single take, to the point that the only negative point is that it does not control all Android phones or iPhones. For the rest, it is a highly recommended application and, for more information, completely free for private use. If you want to use it at the corporate level, prices start from five euros.

  • Navigation is smooth and transparent, even on less powerful connections.
  • It’s multiplatform.
  • You can send and receive files.
  • It’s totally free.
  • Not all Android devices can be controlled from the computer.
  • Mobile control can be somewhat slow.


How to get all Utopia endings in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood invites players into a fascinating realm where choices and consequences intertwine to shape a gripping narrative. This interactive visual novel immerses players in a cosmic tapestry of complex relationships, puzzling mysteries, moral dilemmas, and ___y interdimensional beings.

Like all good visual novels, The Sisterhood of the Cosmic Wheel has several purposes. Among these endings are the four “Utopia” endings, which are considered the best endings in the game. Read on to find out how to get all four Utopia endings in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood!

How to get all Utopia endings in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

There are four total utopia endings in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood: the cat utopia ending, the Goddess Utopia ending, the Eden Utopia end, and the Deadly Utopia END. It may seem difficult to get them all at first, but once you know what you’re doing, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

First of all: you will have to participate in elections, earnAnd eat Aedanna become a super witch. Then, once you get to the end of the game where Abramar tells you it’s time to pay the price, you’ll have to continually refuse his request (it hurts, I know, but get through it).

Eventually you will get to a point where you can draw a card to escape your situation. You’ll have a variety of choices depending on which card you draw, but they all present you with more or less the same escape route: a whole new universe into which you and your loved ones can escape.

After that, you can draw three more cards to shape your new reality: Existence, Good and Evil, and Abramar. Utopia’s endings will all depend primarily on the placement of the Existence card, so be careful which card you choose to assign.

You will also need to pay attention to the card you assign to the “Abramar” location, because you could potentially erase him from your new reality if you assign him a card full of fire or earth magic. Let’s be real, none of us are heartless enough to abandon our precious Abramar, so try assigning a card full of water or wind magic in his place instead.

Also, speaking of Abramar, it’s worth mentioning that you have the option to strip him of his Behemoth status and turn him into your equal, or allow him to remain a Behemoth and travel to and from your new utopia as he pleases. Depending on your choice, your ending animation will change.

cat utopia

This ending is the most sought after by fans of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, and it’s easy to see why. I mean, look how cute the little kittens are! This ending turns you and everyone close to you (yes, even Abramar) into cats, cared for by kind and gentle fishermen in an ideal world.

To complete the chat, you will need to try to assign a card that is either incredibly diverse (a great arcana, if you can)Or one who is full of mainly earthly magic. Also, a little off topic, BUT LOOK HOW CUTE KITTY ABRAMAR IS. LOOK AT HIM (THE STRIPED ONE ON THE FAR RIGHT). ABRAMWAR.

Goddess Utopia

The ending of Goddess Utopia is pretty cool, as it turns you and all your friends into goddesses capable of creating and controlling entire worlds. This one is widely considered the most fitting for Fortuna, as she becomes a goddess-like super witch after devouring Aedanna anyway.

To get this ending you will have to award a card full of fire magicOr a card that contains a wide range of magic (like a Super Arcana). If you want to get a glimpse of the beauty of Abramar shirtless and meditating, be sure to get this ending after forcing Abramar to abandon his Behemoth status and become your equal.

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Eden Utopia

THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. LOOK AT ABRAMAR’S ADORABLE LITTLE NAKED . He looks so shy. I’m in love with him and his . Anyway. This ending of utopia essentially recreates the Garden of Eden and places you and everyone close to you inside it, unclothed (and unashamed).

If you too want to look at Abramar’s cute naked , then you will want to assign a card full of earth or wind magic (or of course, a card full of several different types of magic) to the “Existence” slot. (Also, in order to get a good look at the glorious orbs of Abramar, you should make sure to assign a card filled with water magic to his slot in order to make him your equal. You’re welcome.)

Deadly Utopia

This may be an unpopular opinion, but this ending is one of the most boring utopia endings in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. Like, yeah, okay, it puts you and your friends in some ideal universe or whatever, but it also turns you into boring old mortals. (although admittedly, a shirtless mortal, Abramar, sipping wine while gazing wistfully into the distance, is far too blessed a sight for my sinful eyes).

Even though this ending may be one of the most boring endings in the game, it still contains a ___y shirtless Abramar, so it’s worth getting. To get this ending, you just need to assign a card full of water or air magic to the “Existence” slot. Or, you know, a card that has a good range of magic in it. Shirtless Abramar supremacy.


MW3 GA List and Official Restrictions

In competitive CoD (i.e. Ranked and CDL), players must follow a different set of rules. All overpowered items in normal gameplay are banned, and between pros, even more items are unofficially banned through a “GA” (Gentleman’s Agreement). Here is a complete list of everything banned by the League and everything that has been GA. Unsurprisingly, the list of MW3 GAs is already quite substantial.

If you’re jumping into the more competitive side of CoD this year, you might be surprised to see how different the competitive rules are from normal play. Among other changes, most of the game’s best weapons and perks are banned in the comp versionbecause they are considered mastered.

However, there are two types of bans to be aware of: official restrictions implemented by developers and “GA” implemented by professional players. We have provided an explanation of the official AGs and restrictions below, then Further down the page you can find the MW3 GA roster and current competitive settings..

What is a “GA” in CoD?

A “GA” (Gentlemen’s Agreement) is in fact a truce between professional players not to use a certain item because it is too powerful. They use GAs to ban items from CDL or third-party tournaments that they consider to be too strong, even if those items have not been officially banned by the Call of Duty developers. The way professional players enforce these GAs is to agree that if one team breaks the rules, other teams will not train with them.

It’s also worth noting that there is a GA MW3 roster for the CDL, but also separate GA rosters for different Challenger regions (the leagues just below the professional level). The same items are often found on GA lists in Challenger and CDL regions, but pros are generally a bit slower than Challenger players in agreeing on various bans.

GAs do not affect you as a normal Ranked or CDL Moshpit player. The only exception to this rule is if you are participating in an open tournament on a third-party site like CMG, in which case GAs may also apply.

What are the official restrictions?

Official restrictions are item bans that CoD developers themselves implement. These bans apply to all modes that use “Competitive Settings”, which includes all CDL modes, all Ranked Play modes, and CDL Moshpit. The developers enforce these official restrictions simply by removing the player’s ability to equip these items when playing competitive mode.

Generally speaking, CoD developers ban the most obviously broken elements, then the pros comb through what’s left. Sometimes CoD developers will officially ban something that they missed early on, and that the pros did in GA, if they agree with the ban and think it should affect all players who enter the rankings, not just professional CDL players.

Official restrictions will affect you as a normal Ranked or CDL Moshpit player.. And thank goodness it does, because otherwise we would never escape the BAS-Bs.

MW3 GA List

Here is the current list of MW3 GAs for the CDL and the different Challenger regions:

Item type CDL GA GA Challenger NA AG EU Challenger GA Challenger APAC GA LATAM Challenger
  • MWII Weapons
  • Holger 556
  • MTZ
  • DG-58
  • EN 5.56
  • Melee weapons (knife and karambit)*
  • MWII Weapons
  • Holger 556
  • DG-58
  • EN 5.56
  • Melee weapons (knife and karambit)*
  • MWII Weapons
  • Holger 556
  • DG-58
  • EN 5.56
  • Melee weapons (knife and karambit)*
  • MWII Weapons
  • Holger 556
  • MTZ
  • DG-58
  • EN 5.56
  • Melee weapons (knife and karambit)*
  • MWII Weapons
  • Holger 556
  • MTZ
  • DG-58
  • EN 5.56
  • Melee weapons (knife and karambit)*
  • The optic must be used on the AR
  • Rate of fire triggers
  • The optic must be used on the AR
  • Rate of fire triggers
  • The optic must be used on the AR
  • Rate of fire triggers
  • 5.56 NATO high grain shell
  • All muzzle accessories that increase melee damage
  • The optic must be used on the AR
  • Rate of fire triggers
  • The optic must be used on the AR
  • Rate of fire triggers
Lethals, tactics, field upgrades
  • 1 SND smoke
  • 2 trophies reappear
  • 1 SND smoke
  • 2 trophies reappear
  • 1 SND smoke
  • 2 trophies reappear
  • 1 SND smoke
  • 2 trophies reappear
  • 1 SND smoke
  • 2 trophies reappear
  • Use only default operators
  • Use only default operators
  • Use only default operators
  • Use only default operators
  • Use only default operators

*If you haven’t used the knife or karambit in MW3, you might be surprised to see that it has already been GA. But the fact is that the knife is way too powerful this year. Needing only one hit to kill, it’s a better option to use at close range than any SMG, and it provides an incredible lunge.

MW3 Competitive Parameters and Official Restrictions

The official competition settings are published annually on the official CDL website for each game. Currently, it still shows the competitive settings of MWII, because the new competitive parameters of MWIII are still being finalized. But given that it is now the fifth year of the CDL, we can already predict the following official bans with 99% certainty:

  • All combat rifles
  • All LMGs
  • All MMR
  • All shotguns
  • All launchers
  • Riot shields
  • All tactics except stuns (and smoke allowed in SnD)
  • All mortals except Frags or Semtex
  • Every field upgrade except Dead Silence and Trophy system
  • All lasers, thermal optics and silencers
  • Underbarrel Launchers/Shotguns

We will update the list with official bans as soon as they are published, although you should only expect this list to grow, not shrink.

This was your guide to the official GAs and competitive settings for MW3, as well as the current MW3 GA roster. Don’t be discouraged from watching the CDL or playing Ranked based on this seemingly restrictive set of rules; without GA and official bans, competitive CoD would be an absolute mess, and on most maps you’d probably see four Holgers used.


Silent Hill: Series producer wants to deliver in 2024, Silent Hill Ascension was just the beginning

As part of the annual Famitsu New Year’s messages, Motoi Okamoto, main producer of the Silent Hill series, also spoke. Okamoto’s key word for the new year is “delivery” and he confirms that 2024 will be the start of new Silent Hill game releases.

The producer’s ambition for 2024 is to further expand the Silent Hill series with both games and other types of media. Motoi Okamoto mentioned the November 2023 release of the interactive streaming project Silent Hill Ascension as one of these types of non-game media for the franchise.

Konami originally announced production of three Silent Hill games and two non-game titles for October 2022. Silent Hill f is a new main installment in the franchise developed by Neobards Entertainment and written by the author of the sound novel series “When They Cry” Ryukishi07. Bloober Team is developing the “Silent Hill 2” remake for PS5 and PC in collaboration with artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka.

Konami is also collaborating with publisher Annapurna Interactive and “Observation” developer No Code on the upcoming “Silent Hill: Townfall.” None of these projects have a release date yet. If you believe Okamoto, one or two titles are likely to be released this year.

With the live-action film “Return to Silent Hill”, another multimedia project for the franchise is coming up, for which director Christophe Gans is responsible. Gans previously directed the first live-action Silent Hill film.

via Siliconera, images: Silent Hill 2, Konami, Bloober Team


“Huawei P30 Pro Will Still Receive Android 11 Update”

Since the US sanctions in 2019, there has been a lot of uncertainty about the rollout of future Android updates for Huawei smartphones. However, there are now rumors going around that speak of an Android 11 update for the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro.

Because Huawei has been blacklisted by the US government, the Chinese manufacturer is no longer allowed to collaborate with Google. As a result, Huawei is currently unable to market new Android smartphones that use Google services. The future of Android updates for existing smartphones also does not look bright, because people outside China attach great importance to applications such as Gmail, Maps and YouTube. The absence of these Google services in future Android updates will not be appreciated by users.

However, Huawei is still working on Android updates. Huawei previously indicated that the manufacturer will continue to work on security updates and customer service for existing Android smartphones. The manufacturer also indicated that the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro will receive an Android 10 update. However, according to the German website SmartDroid, Huawei will also roll out an Android 11 update.

Following an earlier message about the P30 series, a Huawei PR employee reportedly contacted the website. This employee indicated that the Huawei P30 will be updated to Android 11. This is remarkable since Huawei has been working on its own operating system Harmony OS 2.0 for some time. However, this operating system is based on Android 10. Information about Huawei and Android 11 has not surfaced before. We therefore wonder whether Huawei has indeed been working hard behind the scenes on an Android 11 update or whether this message may be incorrect.

via (AW)


Details about Dead Island 2 Neighborhood Watch released

There are two additional campaigns on the way for Dead Island 2, but the game will also have an extra mode called: Neighborhood Watch. More information about this has now become available.

Thanks to Insider Gaming, we now know that Neighborhood Watch is played with three players. The goal is to protect a safehouse for five in-game days. You have to survive by placing traps, finding weapons and looking for provisions.

You can also earn items by achieving daily goals. These become more difficult every day, but you can also choose to tackle the most difficult goals on day one. Of course, the more difficult the assignment, the stronger the weapons and other rewards you can earn.

It is not yet known when Neighborhood Watch will be added to the game. It is also possible that this mode is included with one of the additional campaigns.


Dauntless – The Best Builds (With Full Gear)

Dauntless is a game in which you should experiment with weapon and armor combinations until you find the right armor and all the other items that increase the stats of your dream weapon. If this is too tedious or time consuming for you, read on because here are the top two builds currently available in Dauntless gives.

The best Dauntless builds

It’s not easy being the best Dauntless Builds to find, as the game has a wide variety of weapons, armor, lanterns, and cells that can be combined, each with different effects. This is quite time-consuming and tedious, so here I am presenting you the best builds currently available in Dauntless are to be found.

Dauntless Hammer Build

This Dauntless build is the absolute best when it comes to dealing Stagger Damage to enemies. The Skarn’s Vengeance Hammer already comes with a +3 Knockout King Perk that increases Stagger Damage, and you can even add another Knockout King Bonus using free Cell slots.

  • Skarn’s Vengeance

  • Shrikedown helmet

  • Shrikedown Plate

  • Shrikedown Gloves

  • Shrikedown Greaves

  • Shrike’s Zeal

You need to make sure you’re popping agility focused cells into empty cell armor slots. Skarn’s Vengeance’s Weighted Strikes perk requires you to max out your dodging speed to potentially deal +400 damage after dodging an attack or rolling.

Dauntless Ax Build

The Iceborne Perk is key to unlocking the potential of this Dauntless unlock build. It means you can play offensively without having to pay too much attention to your health, as the damage you take is reduced by 30% when your health is below half. While this buff is active, you also gain 8% Lifesteal on all attacks, healing you in no time.

  • Any ax

  • Hellplate Casque

  • Draskscale Plate

  • Gnasher grips

  • Boreal March

  • Drak’s Eye

Dauntless – The Best Starting Weapons: Hammer, Sword Repeater, Ax (Guide)

Dauntless – The Weaknesses of All Behemoths (Guide)

Dauntless – How To Defeat The Boreus Monster (Guide)


Update 1.07 for Oddworld: Soulstorm addresses bugs and other issues

Oddworld: Soulstorm has been available since last week and we have been working hard on updates for the game since then. For example, update 1.06 was released quite recently and, among other things, addressed the AI ​​in the game. In the same message it became clear that the next update 1.07 was coming and it is now available for download.

This update makes short work of a number of bugs and issues. The AI ​​is again improved and this time it is specifically about Sligs. A number of things related to the menu and options will also be adjusted. Below you can read all the changes to update 1.07.

Update 1.07 for Oddworld: Soulstorm

  • Mudokons now throw given items at Sligs after dying and reloading a save
  • Improvements to Slig AI
  • Spender statistic can now be improved on repeated playthroughs
  • Fixed control lockup in levels with many flares
  • Door interaction is now prioritized over pickpocketing
  • Mudokon Followers will follow Abe regardless of how far Abe gets from them
  • Restart Level from the Pause Menu now has a confirmation step
  • Fixed Sawblade getting stuck in the down position in Necrum, which was blocking progress
  • The Good Ending video will now play when conditions are right
  • Explosions now explode more reliably
  • Cured Mudokon followers no longer show prompt to be Healed a second time when hit by Sligs
  • Removed option to Continue to the next level from the End of Level Summary screen when in Level Select mode. This was a bug, Level Select mode is supposed to be self-contained levels!
  • Tweaked cover in The Blimp level so that it is easier to avoid being hit
  • Rebalanced Slig Mama to make it easier to complete the Hijack the Train level.
  • Changed the counter for savable Mudokons in The Ruins so that it now shows the correct figure of 200.
  • The game will no longer crash when run on systems set to Arabic.


Palia In Search of Answers: Finding Faadhil’s Letters

Where to find the three Faadhil’s letters in Palia? What do you have to do to solve the “In Search of Answers” quest? Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new cozy MMO Palia will probably have explored the area called Bahari Bay in the east in addition to Kilima Village. In the east of Bahari Bay you will find a large tower in which you will find a book on the table at the bottom. If you take a closer look at the book and leaf through the seven pages, the “In Search of Answers” quest will automatically start. In this short guide we will show you how to complete the quest very easily.

Catch and read Faadhil’s letters

After leafing through the book in the tower to the east of Bahari Bay, the quest “Catch and read Faadhil’s letters” will start.

The letters from Faadhil can be found not far from the tower. East of the tower is a large jetty where you have to fish for the letters in the message in a bottle at the very end. Cast out the fishing rod without bait and fish until you have pulled the three bottles with Faadhil’s letters out of the water. You now have to open the three bottles with the “Lighthouse Keeper’s Letter” via the inventory and read the letter.

In Search of Answers Complete the quest

Next, the task “Search the secret location of the lighthouse keepers” will start. The secret location is marked with a yellow area on the map and is at the Lighthouse Lagoon north of the lighthouse. We’ve marked the exact location of the secret location on the screenshot, which is further north from the marker on the big rock. Once there, pick up the glowing bottle from the ground and read the letter again via the inventory. This successfully completes the “In Search of Answers” quest in Palia.