aliexpress ram Ξ TREND

VONTAR X3 with 4GB RAM and Amlogic S905x3 SoC on offer at Aliexpress BF

The one we have during Aliexpress Black Friday for a Smart Box that integrates the Amlogic SoC is very good S905X3 and what does it take 4GB RAM called VOTE X3.

He VOTE X3 It can work perfectly as a 4K media player with KODI, OpenEleC and has plenty of power to run any app and the vast majority of Android games. For the €28.58 from this offer we have Ethernet Gigabit and Wifi AC in its configuration, aspects where most Chinese brands generally cut back, so this is a good option to get it.

SoC, RAM and storage

The Smart TV Box VOTE X3 includes the new SoC AMlogic S905X3, a Quad Core manufactured in 12nm, that reaches up to 1.9 GHz speed and integrates a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU, a SoC that you can learn about in our REVIEW. This SoC has 4 CPU cores ARM Cortex-A55 and also an NPU for iA. The VPU is a Amlogic Video Engine 10 with HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG support among others. This Box is available in versions with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and 32/64/128GB of eMMc storage memory that can be expanded from the included micro SD card reader.

Other specifications

In the field of wireless connectivity we find Wifi Dual Band AC and Bluetooth 4.1 for all versions of this Smart Box. The connectors included in the plastic box are the usual ones that we find in most boxes, a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0a connector Gigabit Ethernetan analog AV interface and a video output HDMI 2.1. The operating system is Android 9.0 and a basic IR remote control is included.

Offer price

  • The Smart Box VOTE X3 can be purchased at from alone €28.58 ($34) with free shipping in its 4/32 GB version.

oneplus Ξ TREND

You can now buy the OnePlus X without invitation forever

Until now it was only possible buy the OnePlus X without invitation from time to time but it seems that now OnePlus has finally announced that it is now possible to buy the OnePlus X without invitation at any time.

The invitation purchase system is not bad at all but the truth is that OnePlus still has to learn a lot in this regard and releasing the phones at the time of sale is vital for them to achieve high sales figures as they want. Like the OnePlus and the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X can now be buy without invitation from AmazonAt the end of the article we leave you an exclusive link to access the purchase of the OnePlus X without invitation.

OnePlus X uninvited forever

It is always good news that OnePlus announces on its forum that it is now capable of meet the demand of your buyers without having to ask for an invitation since this system, although it is not entirely bad, always ends up stopping many buyers. One of the main reasons for not buying a mobile phone is that it is difficult to get and although in the first days it was quite easy to get one, it will always end up putting many users off.

Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus Unlike the OnePlus One, which has taken a long time to be sold without invitation, this time it is now possible buy the OnePlus X a few months after its launch and the same thing has also happened with the OnePlus 2.

If we take into account that the profit margins of a company like OnePlus are very low, we must bear in mind that the company does this to protect itself and the truth is that it is necessary if it wants to maintain these costs. With the launch of the OnePlus defined an unknown line to date for them. We don’t know what the OnePlus 3 has in store for us nor do we know when it will hit the market but the truth is that they will surely be able to surprise us. Will they be having a good time at OnePlus?

Above we leave you the link to buy the OnePlus in black or white. The current price is 289 euros, although it may vary depending on Amazon’s pricing policy. If anyone has bought it, we would like to know if you are happy with it.

konami Ξ TREND

Konami registers trademark that could be related to Castlevania

Despite the bumps it has had in recent years, Konami has decided to return to the path of video games, since last year they launched the collection of TMNTas well as the revelation of many projects of Silent Hill. However, there is a problem, that is precisely that absolutely nothing has been known about the saga Castlevania.

The latter could soon change to the fortune of many fans, given that they recently registered a well-known brand with the name of Project Zircon, of which we searched for what we want to use it for, that is precisely that of software for commercial video game machines. Therefore, there must be something related to Castlevania.

For those who are somewhat new to the franchise, or who simply don’t remember it, the word zircon is directly linked to the vampire saga, since it is a type of jewel that was first incorporated in Symphony of the Night. And this nickname has continued in other titles of the moderately modern line of the series, those considered Metroidvania,

However, there is no need to get too excited, since the registry also covers arcade prize machines, and that places direct emphasis on pachinkos, where users put in coins and are given random prizes. Furthermore, we cannot forget that on the last anniversary of this specific saga, they sold NFTs instead of prizes.

For now, we have to wait for a revelation within the E3 2023since Konami promises to attend the expo.

Via: SamaGame

Editor’s note: It would be nice to have a reboot of the franchise, but for the people in charge of working on it to be official fans of the series. It wouldn’t hurt if they contacted Mercury Steam, after all they have done great things with Metroid and in fact, they worked on Castlevania itself.

honor volume Ξ TREND

How to increase the volume on Honor 7S

Sometimes the original volume of the Honor 7S is not suitable for its intended use. In fact, phones like the Honor 7S have a volume control. Thus, European legislation forces brands to curb the volume of telephones. Therefore, the Honor 7S has a default volume of 100 dB. Assuming this is not enough for you and you want to increase the volume of the Honor 7S, please note that this can be achieved. We will therefore discover in this text what will be the techniques to increase the volume of the Honor 7S. First we will learn how to debride volume with Ultimate Volume Booster. Later we will see how to increase the volume using the Volume Booster Goodev application. Finally, we will discover another application that offers the opportunity to increase the volume of the Honor 7S. First of all, we want to remind you that listening for a long time at too high a volume can cause hearing loss. Therefore, pay attention to your beautiful ears!

Release the volume of an Honor 7S with the Ultimate Volume Booster app

The first application that we will discover is Ultimate Volume Booster. Therefore, this application allows you to increase the volume of the Honor 7S. What is appreciated about this application is its ease of use. And yes, you only need to turn a knob to increase the volume. Normally, you should be able to increase the volume of the Honor 7S by up to 30%. Which is pretty bad! If you decide to use this application, all you have to do is download and install it. In case you don’t know how to do it, take a look at our tutorial to install an app on Honor 7S.

Increase the volume of Honor 7S with the Volume Booster Goodev app

Volume Booster Goodev is another application that gives you the opportunity to increase the volume of your Honor 7S. Therefore, this app allows you to manage volume and boost in one place. So all you have to do is move the slider to increase the volume. What we like about this app is the option to make the boost slider appear in the notification bar. So it’s very convenient. Occasionally the app may not work on some devices. It’s up to you to see if it runs on your Honor 7S.

Increase the volume of Honor 7S using the Volume Booster Pro app

The last application we will see is Volume Booster Pro. It stands out from the other two apps for the option that allows you to differentiate certain types of volumes for the Honor 7S. This reveals that you will be able to increase the volume of the music, without increasing other volumes, such as the ringtone. So you decide if you want to increase the volume of the system, calls, music or ringtone. It’s up to you to make your small adjustments according to your preferences.

samsung samsung galaxy series Ξ TREND

Samsung will announce the next Galaxy series device on August 15th

After the release of the Galaxy S III, the time has come for Samsung to present something new: this August 15th Indeed Samsung will hold an event where it will officially present a new device belonging to the Galaxy series.

Naturally, most people will focus on the announcement of the long-awaited Galaxy Note 2, which seemed destined to see the light of day during IFA in Berlin. However there are two other possible products that Samsung could present:

  • The first, very likely, would simply be the announcement of the “new” Galaxy Note 10.1 in America, with Exynos 4412 quad-core processor.
  • The second, unlikely, would be the long-awaited announcement of Galaxy Tab 11.6equipped with a processor Exynos 5250 at 2.0 GHz and an 11.6-inch screen with WQXGA resolution (2560×1600 pixels).

The most likely choice will be anyway the successor to the Galaxy Noteif we have new information we will update you.

While the latest video published by Samsung leads us to think that on the 15th we will only talk about Galaxy Note 10.1, new rumors are circulating online. In fact, he thinks about fueling the rumors BGRto which a source very close to Samsung would actually confirm that the Galaxy Note 2 will be presented on August 15thwith a display of 5.5 inches and a design characterized by reduced thickness and generally reduced dimensions. We’ll see!



A character from the first season returns to the Simpsons

It looks like The Simpsons will be bringing back a surprise character from season 1 of the series in the upcoming episode of season 34! The past few seasons of The Simpsons have experimented with several things that haven’t been seen before in the franchise.

Not only have they shaken up the format of some episodes, but they’ve also been telling new stories with some of the characters that have been in the background for a long time. Now it looks like a surprise character is back for another round.

It’s not unusual for Simpsons characters to reappear in the series after their debut in several crowd shots and other extra moments featuring the citizens of Springfield, but this return will likely especially surprise longtime fans. The Simpsons executive producer Al Jean tweeted to tease the next episode of season 34 (airing Sunday, March 19 on FOX) and announced that Jacques will return in the episode titled “Pin Gal” since marge needs help with bowling. That’s how Jean provoked Simpsons fans on Twitter:

“Don’t sleep on Sunday’s new episode. Pin Gal with the return of Jacques!”

And he confirmed in a response to another fan question, Albert Brooks will reprise his role as Jacques in the English version of the episode. First seen in episode 9 of season 1 of The Simpsons “Life in the Fast Lane”, Jacques was the bowling instructor marge who ends up flirting with her. (When marge starts bowling after Homer buys him a bowling ball as a gift).

Also notable is the return of Jacques to The Simpsons in season 34, as it will be the first time he returns to play one of the roles he has had over the years. Albert Brooks has appeared in nine different episodes as different characters, and was notably the antagonist of the film. The Simpson also. But Brooks has yet to revisit a character until now. As for what to expect from “Pin Gal,” the episode synopsis introduces him as such, “a mysterious figure from Pin Gal’s past.” marge “He comes back to train her for a bowling tournament.”

Via: Comicbook

microsoft Ξ TREND

Microsoft warns that Chinese hackers managed to access users’ email

In an entry on Microsoft’s official blog, its corporate vice president for security and user trust, Tom Burt, indicated that hackers took advantage of four previously unknown system weaknesses.

The American multinational Microsoft software
warned this Tuesday that hackers supported by the Chinese Government They gained access to email accounts from their business service ExchangeServer.

In an entry in eThe official company blogyour corporate vice president for security and user trust, Tom Burtindicated that hackers took advantage of four previously unknown system weaknesses.

This group of hackers with the support of the chinese government They sought to steal information from organizations USA in areas as diverse as research infectious diseases, law firms, higher education, defense contractorsthink tanks and NGOs.

Through its failures in the system that the hackers managed to identify, they accessed the server, from which they were able to steal information such as email accounts and contacts and at the same time install elements of malicious software or malware.

Last December, the company specialized in cybersecurity FireEyeone of the largest in the US, reported that hackers linked to the Government of a foreign country – suspicions center on Russia- They managed to access their systems and steal material from them.

In that occasionFireEye called the attacker “highly sophisticated” and made available to its clients a series of tools aimed at countering any attack in the event that hackers tried to use the stolen material to access their equipment.

The material stolen by the hackers In that case they were products that the firm uses to detect weaknesses in the networks of their customers and thus provide a remedy, so they could be used for precisely the opposite: identify vulnerabilities and proceed to attack.

android Ξ TREND

How to lock Apps using your Android’s fingerprint reader

In the following practical video tutorial I am going to show you how to protect all our applications to control their access using the fingerprint readers already incorporated into most of today’s Android terminals. So, I’m going to show you a very simple way to lock Apps using the fingerprint reader simply by downloading and installing a completely free application for Android.

The application that responds to the name of Fingersecurity, as it could not be otherwise, we have it available for free in the Google Play Store. A fully functional free version for block any application installed on our Android terminal, which also has a paid or Premium version that also allows us to customize various aspects of the user interface itself. Next, by clicking on “Continue Reading this post” you will access the direct link to download through the Google Play Store, as well as learn about everything that what, for me, is the best application to manage access to installed applications, offers us. on our Android using the fingerprint reader of our Androids.

What does Fingersecurity offer us?

Fingersecurity is an application created to provide security to the applications installed on our Android terminals. security and total control of the applications installed on our devicessystem settings and even new or future applications that we install from the Google Play Store or externally by downloading and installing APK files.

This extra security can be applied app by app via fingerprint reader of our Androids, or through a password, pattern or PIN if you do not have an Android terminal with a built-in fingerprint reader. At the same time, it is valid for most of today’s fingerprint readers, both those that are built into the Home button of our Android and those that are installed on the back of the device.

How can I lock Apps using the fingerprint reader?

In the attached video with which we began this post, I show you in a complete step-by-step tutorial, the simple use of the Fingersecurity application to block Apps using the fingerprint reader of our Androidsan application that is very easy to use and that, from its completely free version, allows us to do things as interesting as those that I will list below:

  1. Protect installed applications, system applications or system settings without a maximum limit.
  2. Show or hide the fingerprint indicator to unlock the protected app.
  3. Animations on the app lock screen.
  4. Option to directly protect new installed applications, whether installed through the Play Store or manually by downloading and installing APKs. It also has options to do nothing in this regard or to ask when installing a new application
  5. Protection so that from the recent applications window you are also asked for your fingerprint or password to access the protected application.
  6. Option to continuously block selected apps so that as soon as we exit the application in question we are asked for our fingerprint again.
  7. Application lock option only once until the screen turns off and the terminal goes to sleep.
  8. Easy App unlock option so we will only be asked for our fingerprint once per session, this until we lock our Android again, to only ask for our fingerprint the first time we access any protected app.
  9. Option to protect the application so that it cannot be uninstalled unless we enter the fingerprint or, failing that, password, pattern or pin.
  10. Options to change the theme or fingerprint animation to be displayed on the application lock screen.

Download Fingersecurity for free from the Google Play Store

Another option to block Apps using the fingerprint reader for Samsung terminals

If you have a Samsung terminal, as is my case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plusyou will surely find or have installed one Modified Rom that has the added functionality in the settings called App Lock.

In the attached video that I have left just above these lines I show you this option integrated into the NoNaMe V5 Rom which I have been flashing for a long time on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. One of the best and most stable Rom that I have tried on my Samsung and that I showed you how to install in this post plus video tutorial.

xiaomi Ξ TREND

Xiaomi prepares to present a new economic smartphone Bruno Coelho December 2, 2023

Xiaomi is preparing to present a new smartphone from its Redmi sub-brand globally. According to the different certifications, this will be a new economical smartphone called Redmi 11A.

Initially, the equipment appeared registered in the TENAA database, where images showing its design were discovered. These are the ones we share below.

Finally, the device also ended up being registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards, indicating that it will be introduced in China and India. It is now known that it will also have a global launch.

Redmi 11A will have the right to a global launch

The device has been registered in the IMDA database with the model number. 22120RN86G. In case you don’t know, the ‘G’ at the end of the model number means it’s a global version.

The smartphone is expected to hit the market with a 6.7-inch IPS LCD display with HD+ resolution. Its processor is not yet known, but it may have a version of 2, 4, 6 and 8 GB of RAM. Additionally, a storage of 32, 64, 128 or 256 is expected.

It should be noted that this one is still expected to have a 5000 mAh battery. As for details about cameras and operating system, we will have to wait for new information leaks.

It will be a matter of time before Xiaomi launches this device, which is referenced with December 2022 in the model number. If confirmed, we may only have to wait a few weeks for the launch of this new budget smartphone.

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ram tablet Ξ TREND

Alldocube iPlay 40 a powerful 10.4″ tablet that is more than enough with 8GB of RAM

It seems that the tablet market is booming again and interesting models such as the Alldocube iPlay 40a tablet that surprises us with its 8GB RAMsomething new in Chinese tablets of this type.

This tablet has a large screen 10.4″ inches 2Kit also has the powerful Octa Core Chip UNISOC T618 made in 12nm which includes 2 ARM Cortex-A75 processors for applications that need power and 6 low-power Cortex-A55 chips. This tablet already arrives with Android 10 installed and a modem 4G-LTE to connect us anywhere.

SoC, RAM and Storage

The tablet Alldocube iPlay 40 integrates an SoC as an engine UNISOC T618 An Octa Core includes 2 high-performance ARM Cortex-A75 processors capable of reaching 2.0 GHz, six ARM Cortex-A55 processors with a maximum speed of 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A55 and an ARM Mali-G52 MP3 GPU. In the memory section we have some generous 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and storage we have 128GB eMMc memory that we can expand with the card reader micro SD even with 2TB.

Screen and other specifications

The touch screen of the Alldocube iPlay 40 is a 10.4 inch IPS In-Cell (screen on one layer) with a resolution 2K of 2000×1200 pixels with reduced frames, 10 touch points and support for active stylus. At the top of the screen we have a 5 MP camera with a microphone that complements the rear one as well. 8MP with flash.

This tablet integrates a 4G-LTE modem Multibands with Dual SIM tray, Wifi ACBluetooth 5.0, GPS and a battery 6000mAh which theoretically allows us to see even 7 hours of movies. In terms of connectivity we have a single port USB Type-C for data and battery recharging. The audio section includes four BOX speakers.

Price and availability

  • The new tablet Alldocube iPlay 40 with UNISOC T618 and 8 GB of RAM is not yet available, but we will soon have it in its official store for a price that will be around €200.


FEAR 2 Review

And after having published many videowritten several articles mine arrives review on Project Origin the continuation of First Encounter Assault Recon

After trying the demoon my personal computer I have the full version of the game: before talking about the game, i.e. graphics, sound, playability and anything else I wanted to underline almost zero loading times. I don’t know if it depends on my computer, but I find it fast loading and I let the program auto-configure the graphics settings: so despite an advanced enginethe game is very easy to load.

Again in relation to the PC version, I haven’t noticed any kind of slowdown: in case you will prove me wrong in the comments, but for me represents a note of merit that should not be underestimated.

Going into the specifics and the central part, the core of the FEAR 2 review it’s a excellent title: the history it certainly won’t be very original, we’ll find frequent analogies with other games or even movies (also Alma remember the little girl of “The Ring” and the atmosphere of the film “The Grudge“); but what matters in my opinion is the tension, intense fear without dead spots that every part of the game provides. Certainly developers have favored the latter, on the other hand an original story is now almost impossible to create given the vast repertoire we can draw on, and we will always seem to take themes from other games and/or cinematographic films.

They are very effective interludes which add suspense and mystery to the story and also explain some key points: well done and well inserted throughout the game and above all never repetitive and long. Sometimes the very length of the interludes exasperates us: in FEAR 2 these are intense and never banal.

Now the question is: what has changed compared to FEAR? It is obvious, but I would say useless, to point out the graphic evolution; what is perhaps most interesting is enemy AI. THE creators they pointed out and underlined that several times enemies will not be “cannon fodder” ready to die but they will try to defend themselves and implement survival strategies: it will be but I don’t see a drastic changeI put normal difficulty and the enemies I always find a little obvious and predictable also because up to now I haven’t died even once and I’m on the third interlude…

There are new enemieshowever, to be fought, paranormal entities to deal with and perhaps things change here and it won’t be so easy. There has therefore not been, in my opinion, an evolution in this sense: which in any case does not want to diminish the game, on the contrary I find the game very interesting and engaging; was a consideration to make since it was highlighted several times by development team.

It’s been a while since I finished FEARI don’t remember exactly how it was structured the Hud that monitors health, shield and allows you to interact with the environment: in the course of missionshaving as its aim that of unlock achievementsthe documents to collect with a location icon that appears. What definitely useful but what it greatly facilitates the collection of them; however, this does not affect my evaluation of the final game.

You can also access with Tab key (default) to objectives, tutorials and documents collected so far; talking about again difficulty it must be noted that It is not possible to save the game at any time but (as in Halo) there will be gods checkpoint and the computer will automatically save your mission progress for you.

A very good thing on the one hand, no menus to open, no buttons to press, consequently we have continuous involvement; some users may object to this lack of “freedom” regarding saves, which could make the game difficult. It must be said that i Checkpoints are frequent: of course it’s a nuisance to start over from scratch in the event of a kill but in my opinion it’s the right thing to do.

Regarding the sector Audiothere isn’t a soundtrack that will remain in our memory: in many games it is very well-finished, indispensable but perhaps in this one it isn’t; the music however underlines the key passages and becomes an accomplice to the protagonist’s emotions.

About the storylinewe will find out more details above Almathe true protagonist of the game: hers childhood, his powers and the destruction and death they create personally upsetting the life of the character we play. Even our electronic devices will not be immune to them: extreme tension which will result in frequent hallucinations, seeing ghosts from which we will also have to defend ourselves at times.

The graphics engine here it makes a fundamental contribution: the trails of the ghosts of these ectoplasms have been really well developed. Talking about playability, I find involvement is immediate That the use of controls to interact: to the classic elements of traditional shooterthe possibility of is added slow down time bullet time style (as indeed in Fear 1 And Max Payne so to speak) and also the thermal vision (Predator docet ;-)); only thing: how to zoom for weapons?

Graphics: 8

Graphics engine advanced and effective

Sound: 7

Discreet music and perhaps more refined sound effects

Playability: 8

Immediate even if we don’t have any new elements

History: 7

We may find a lack of originality but the tension remains constant during the game

Involvement: 9

A game that you will surely remember and you will try to finish it as soon as possible and you will certainly not get bored!

Final judgement: 8

Aside from longevitypossibly I’ll make an addition once the game is finishedas I said at the beginning the The game is engaging and well made. At the same time there aren’t all these new features compared to both the first chapter of Fear and today’s shooters. Also there difficulty and intelligence of enemies it doesn’t seem to be as advanced as it was said: those who are used to playing these titles will find it very easy to hit and kill enemies (I’m speaking in normal difficulty and having the army as enemies). There was therefore no pre-announced evolution; in any case Fear 2 Project Origin It’s definitely a must play, a title that will remain imprintedhoping that the evolution will materialize in a possible third chapter, why not 😉

house led netflix Ξ TREND

Netflix opens a new software house led by Chacko Sonny

Netflix has decided to announce the opening of its fifth gaming studio to be based in Southern California. This new software house will be followed by none other than Sonny Chacko, executive producer at Blizzardwho decided to leave the company in 2021. When Chacko decided to abandon the fate of Blizzard, he sent a message saying that he would like to “take a break”.

The break of the former Blizzard executive producer did not last long, given that the president of Netflix’s gaming division, Mike Verdu, during the event SamaGame Disruptmade the start of the new collaboration official:

We’re starting another new organic studio in Southern California, this time around Chacko Sonny, who oversaw the production of God of War Ascenion for Santa Monica, and then was an executive producer on a little franchise called Overwatch.

Verdu continued, saying:

He could have gone anywhere, he could have raised money, he could have done anything and he chose to come here. We’re building a team around him and trying to reinvent what games can be. You can’t get people like that to come to your organization to build the next big thing in gaming unless there’s a sense that we’re in it for the long haul and the right reasons.

Netflix is ​​focusing really hard on the world of video game entertainment, also winning over an expert in the sector of the caliber of Sonny Chacko. The company does not intend to exclusively develop its own IPs, but also wants to extend its catalog with the entry of third-party video games.

launch oppo Ξ TREND

OPPO will launch ColorOS 13 for these smartphones still in December Carlos Oliveira December 1, 2023

OPPO was one of the first brands to offer Android 13 for your smartphones. It did so with the availability of ColorOS 13 last September for its top-of-the-range models, but there is more work to be done in this chapter.

Now that we have entered December, a new stage of this update campaign begins. And to keep users well informed, the Chinese technology company has just published its official plans for this month.

The schedule provided by OPPO covers the stable version of ColorOS 13 as well as its beta version. In fact, if you have an OPPO smartphone that has not yet received this software, here you will find out if it will be among the next ones on the list.

Smartphone to receive and stable version of ColorOS 13 in December

From 15 from December

  • Oppo Find X3 Lite (France)
  • Oppo Reno7 5G (India)
  • Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G (Indonesia, Saudi Arabia)
  • Oppo Reno6 5G (India)
  • Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G (Saudi Arabia)
  • Oppo Reno5 5G (Indonesia)

Since December 21

  • Oppo Find X3 Neo (France)

Since December 28

  • Oppo Reno6 Z (Thailand)
  • Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G (India, Pakistan)
  • Oppo Reno5 Z (United Arab Emirates)
  • Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G (India)

Since December 29

  • Oppo Find X5 Lite (France)
  • Oppo A74 5G (India, Indonesia)

Smartphone to receive and beta version of ColorOS 13 in December

From 9 from December

  • Oppo Reno8 Z (Thailand)
  • Oppo F21s Pro 5G (India)

Since December 23

  • Oppo F19s (India)
  • Oppo F19 (India)
  • Oppo A95 (Indonesia)
  • Oppo A77s (India, Indonesia)
  • Oppo A74 (Indonesia)

OPPO emphasizes that these dates are approximate and may change in case any obstacles arise in the process. It also establishes that the versions linked to the operators will be subject to the operators’ own plans.

For Portuguese users, we have a guide on what to expect from the launch of ColorOS 13. Our market is not included in this list, but it may receive the necessary update soon after reaching other European markets.

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android Ξ TREND

Are you a dinosaur fan? These Android games are for you

Have you ever dreamed of traveling back in time and seeing dinosaurs in their natural habitat? With the dinosaur games for Androidnow you can do it.

Dinosaurs have been a source of fascination for humanity for centuries. These prehistoric reptiles were huge, majestic and often dangerous. No wonder they are a popular theme for games.

In this article, we are going to know some of the best dinosaur games for Android. These titles offer a variety of different experiences, from action and survival games to strategy and construction games.

The dinosaur games for Android that you can’t miss

Below you can see some of the best dinosaur games for Android. We will tell you everything you need to know to choose the perfect game for you. Are you ready?

LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World is one of the most exciting action-adventure games developed by TT Fusion and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

It is based on the 4 films from the Jurassic Park franchiseand allows you to relive key moments from the stories, as well as freely explore the worlds of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.

In this game, you will be able control more than 16 different species of dinosaurs, from little Compy to the fearsome T. rex. Dinosaurs can be used to cause chaos in the game world, or to help players complete objectives.

Jurassic World: the game

Jurassic World: The Game is a strategy and action title for mobile devices that allows you create your own dinosaur theme park.

In the game, you will be able Collect, hatch and evolve over 300 unique dinosaurs, build and upgrade iconic buildings and lush landscapes, and challenge rivals from around the world in grand battles. It’s a unique and fun way to pass the time, especially if you like dinosaurs.

Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter

Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is one of the best third-person shooting games where you will be a sniper in a post-apocalyptic world full of dinosaurs and zombies. Sound epic? Well it is!

In this title, you must use your aiming skills to Eliminate enemies from a safe distance. In addition, you will have to be stealthy and avoid being discovered, since the enemies are very dangerous.

The game offers a variety of weapons and accessories to choose from, and also has 3 game modes: story mode, survival mode and multiplayer mode.

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter

Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter is another exciting free online multiplayer shooter game available for Android. In this game, you will be able to take on the role of dinosaurs fighting each other in challenging battles.

It has 17 dinosaurs to choose from, each with their own skills and strengths. You can also customize your characters with combat tools and other accessories to improve their performance.

The best of all is that you can attack your opponents directlyuse the environment to your advantage or team up with other players to create an unstoppable force.

Jurassic Monster World

Jurassic Monster World is another of the best dinosaur games for Android. It is a PvP action title that puts you in the shoes of a mechanical, organic or augmented dinosaur to fight against other players in 5 on 5 battles.

This game transports you to a post-apocalyptic world, offering a unique and exciting experience for all fans of dinosaurs and legendary battles.

With a variety of modes and environments, Jurassic Monster World adds depth to the game, allowing you to explore various strategies and tactics to annihilate your opponents.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD

In Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD, you will enter an exciting hunting simulation on a distant planet full of dinosaurs.

Here, you can explore 7 3D environmentswhere you will go from being a mere observer to an astute hunter, challenging even ferocious T-Rex.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to customize the environment to your likingchoosing the time of day and using tools like camouflage and radar.

Likewise, you can decide between the intensity of hunting with weapons by storing your trophies in a life-size room or simply observe wildlife with a camera.

Dino Tamers – Jurassic MMO

Dino Tamers – Jurassic MMO is a multiplayer game where you can explore an open world full of dinosaurs of all sizes and species.

In this title, you will be able domesticate herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs to explore the world, fight other players or complete missions.

You can also evolve your dinosaurs to improve your skills and unlock fascinating features.

Life on Earth: evolution game

If you are looking for a educational and entertaining game About the evolution of life on Earth, Life on Earth: Evolution game is the perfect game for you.

In this opportunity, you will assume the role of a scientist working in a paleontology laboratory. Your mission is to study the history of life on Earth, from the first single-celled organisms to humans.

To progress within the game, you won’t need much, since it is a idle game. The only thing you will have to do is collect fossils and complete missions.

The good news is that you can go unlocking new ancient creatureswhich you can use to defeat enemies.

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is a augmented reality adventure and combat game where you can capture and train dinosaurs to fight.

As you explore your environment, you can find dinosaurs of all kinds. Use a variety of methods to capture them, such as tranquilizer darts or traps. Then raise them to create new hybrids even more powerful.

Path of Titans

Path of Titans is a open world MMO dinosaur video game available for Android. Like other titles, you will be a fierce dinosaur and you will be able to adventure in a realistic prehistoric world.

The platform presents more than 30 dinosaurseach with its own special characteristics and behaviors, which you can customize to your liking.

You can also form herds with other dinosaurs to survive and thrive in this hostile environment.

Those are some of the dinosaur games for Android which you should definitely try. If you think we’ve missed any, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

fire kingdom Ξ TREND

Kingdom Under Fire II Preview

Blueside works on a new real-time strategy game with amazing graphics and fantasy settings. Furthermore, it is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

History takes note about 50 years after the events that occurred in the previous chapter and will include The Human Alliance and the Dark Legion, together with another faction, the Encablossians, whose aim will be to reset the cycle of light and the dark ages by destroying the current Age of Light which, by now, has gone well beyond its natural course. This faction is led by Regnier who allied himself with the Enclabossa while stranded in the Dark Dimension (as told in KUF: The Circle of Doom). Another character will also return in this new title, Kendal That, in the Dark Dimension he underwent a mutation which he can now control. He came out to eliminate Regnier, the only person capable of stopping the power of his mutation.

The CEO of BlusideSejung Kim, he said We are preparing a huge game that will not only include battlefields, but also titanic siege engines and thousands of units that will swarm in monstrous fortresses during battles of epic dimensions.

Below, we list the other features of Kingdom Under Fire II:

  • A true RTS action game, inherited from the acclaimed world of the Kingdom Under Fire series, which continues the saga of the Bersian heroes in the Kingdom Under Fire universe.
  • Mode multiplayer where thousands of players will be able to cooperate and write their own epic war story.
  • A revamped real-time strategy system with intense action and intuitive controls, but with the same merits as previous versions.
  • A never-before-seen castle siege mode to bring a real medieval battle right under your nose.
  • An even deeper and richer companion mode than in “Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders”
  • Competition and war between 3 factions for the domination of the continent of Bersia; Human Alliance, Dark Legion and a new entry.

At the moment we still know very little but Kingdom Under Fire II will be distributed for PC, Xbox 360 And PS3 before the end of 2009. In addition to the new features mentioned above, it also seems to boast, as the title suggests, breathtaking graphics that you can admire in the gallery and debut video below. See you soon for further news and updates!

dark whatsapp Ξ TREND

Whatsapp: 2.2 Million Portuguese with data for sale on the Dark Web Rui Bacelar December 1, 2023

In Portugal more than 2 million two hundred thousand records were affected by the attack WhatsApp. For the past four days, the files, which include international dialing codes that are made available for sale for the first time, have been distributed freely to hackers.

The alert was given by Check Point Research, a cybersecurity agency that analyzed files related to WhatsApp user data for sale on the Dark Web.

The agency also notes that the leak contains 360 million phone numbers of WhatsApp users from 108 countries.

The attack could affect up to 500 million WhatsApp users

First, once cybercriminals have access to phone numbers that they then sell, attacks like dressing either crushing they are likely to continue. That said, it is important to know the dangers of these criminal methodologies.

oh dressing is a form of social engineering attack in which the victim is tricked into providing information over the phone, while smshing is done via SMS.

Therefore, with millions of records available to purchase, it is very likely that these types of attacks will increase.

It is also possible for hackers to access other online services using the phone number, which could have more damaging consequences.

Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday were busiest occasions

What’s more, the agency found an increase in phishing attacks during the holiday season, with a 17% increase in malicious emails during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

This year, Amazon Prime Day also saw an 86% increase in Amazon-related phishing emails.

More recently, following the WhatsApp data breach, and given the time of year, here are some simple tips to stay safe.

1. Make sure the sender is trustworthy. Never click on links from unknown senders. If you do not have the number assigned to a known contact and cannot verify their identity, block the number immediately.

2. Go directly to the source. If the link within a WhatsApp message appears to connect to a legitimate service you want to use, go directly to the company’s website to explore products and make transactions.

3. Don’t click on any suspicious links: If the URL in the message looks suspicious, it probably is. Please do not click on anything or forward this message to avoid spreading malicious links to friends and family.

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oppo Ξ TREND

OPPO Find N2 Flip will be the most elegant foldable of 2023, here is the video Rui Bacelar December 1, 2023

oh Search and flip 2 is the next pearl of mobile technology that will arrive in 2022. It will be to close the year with a flourish that the Chinese technology company will present its next folding smartphone, the OPPO Find N2 Flipjust like him OPPO Find N2 Fold.

Both phones with folding format should be revealed during the INNO Day 2022 event, the brand’s own event aimed at publicizing their added value. So, it seems that we will not only have new smartphonesbut also the “”.

First foldable smartphone with clamshell format, the OPPO Find N2 Flip

For all fans, or simply curious about technology, we have the first folding smartphone in case format, just like the current one. Galaxy Samsung’s Z Flip4. Now we have the product in all its splendor, already on video.

The product itself has escaped scrutiny, avoiding considerable information leaks to date. Today everything changes. Thanks to a leak of information published on the Chinese social network Weboya we have the OPPO Find N2 Flip on video.

NoteIf the The mobile phone is “dressed” in a heavy protective case., undoubtedly also to disguise your appearance and try to reduce prying eyes. However, when it comes to a foldable mobile phone, this task is exponentially arduous.

However, even with the heavy and thick cover, we can see a slim profile for this smartphone. In fact, its reduced thickness is expected to be one of the product’s greatest assets, without leaving aside, of course, the impact of outdoor screen.

The external secondary display is one of the highlights of OPPO’s foldable smartphone

OPPO Find N2 Flip Prototype VideoFind N2, the configuration of the two phones is also similar, equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, did not use Snapdragon 8 The reason for Gen2 is to further explore the market price of folding screens, especially this Find N2 Flip,

-VARISH KHAN (@VARISHK52330751) December 1, 2022

Especially when on the back of the smartphone we have what can best be described as a second phone. A miniature screen that occupies much of the back of the supposed OPPO Find N2 Flip.

The source in question indicates that this cell phone has a 6.8-inch main (internal) screen when opened. It could be a screen E6 AMOLED (from Samsung), with resolution Full HD+ and high refresh rate up to 120Hz.

On the other hand, the external screen can have up to 3.26 inches diagonal, with resolution to be determined. Plus, we have a camera. 32 megapixelsSony IMX709 sensor.

Its rear will have a range of two cameras with two Sony sensors. More specifically, the Sony IMX890 50 megapixels (wide angle lens), as well as a second camera (ultra wide angle) 8 deputy with the Sony IMX366 sensor.

The heart of this foldable could be MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000

The processor will power this high-end foldable smartphone Dimension 9000 from the MediaTek. NoteThis is the top-of-the-range “engine” of the previous generation of the Taiwanese manufacturer, and there is already the Dimensity 9200, presented in November.

On the other hand, it is possible (and even probable in the author’s opinion) that for the global/European market OPPO will opt for the S chipset.napdragon 8+Gen 1 from the Qualcommreserving the MediaTek chip for China.

We also have the interface ColorOS 13, Based on operating system Android 13 of Google. It will also have a battery. 4 300mAh capacity, with fast charging 44Was well as even 12GB memory RAM Is 256GB internal storage.

Finally, at the moment we have no information or predictions regarding its retail price. However, we are counting on its presentation in mid-December during the INNO Day 2022 event.

As a final note, it is important to highlight that until the official presentation of the product, this information should be interpreted with some caution, since it is not official. However, we believe that this is indeed the final product, but of course only the future will tell.

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office pc ram Ξ TREND

IPASON MINI2 a small office PC with 8GB of RAM

He IPASON MINI2 It is a small PC with a traditional box format custom designed for this product, but small in size, since it has a volume of only 5 liters.

A mini PC with a large number of available ports and aimed at office work, web browsing and little else, since it includes an entry-level processor from Intel. Despite its processor we have 8GB RAMso moving Windows 10 will not be a problem with the IPASON MINI2 which by the way includes a mouse and keyboard in its price.

Processor, RAM and Storage

The MiniPC IPASON MINI2 includes Quad Core processor Intel Celeron J3160 capable of reaching 2.24GHz and it has a GPU Intel HD Graphics 400this model has an internal fan.We also have 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a SSD disk of 128GB capacity and it is possible that we have some more free bay given the dimensions of the box.

Other specifications

It also includes a module on the board Wifi although we do not know its detailed characteristics. In the area of ​​connectors on the perimeter of the box we have 2 USB 3.0 portsothers 4 USB 2.05 3.5 mm audio jacks, connector Gigabit Ethernettwo PS/2 ports and VGA and HDMI 1.4a video outputs that support video up to 4K@30fps resolutions.

Price and availability

  • The mini PC IPASON MINI2 can be purchased at for about €171 ($205) with shipping included using the seller’s discount coupon.

rock Ξ TREND

Rock Band: new songs available

Harmonix And MTV Games have announced the addition of eight new songs to the content catalog for Rock Bands available for download.

The songs are by: Steve Miller Band, Godsmack, Belly, Ghost Hounds, Mute Math and Rob Zombie.

After “Rock’n’Me”, fans of the Stive Miller Band can expand their collection with the three new tracks in this pack which are: “The Joker” from the album The Joker (1973), “Take The Money And Run” from the album Fly Like An Eagle (1976), and “Space Cowboy” from Brave New World (1969). The alternative metal group Godsmack debuts on Rock Band with the song “I Stand Alone” from the album Faceless (2003). Also present in the pack are the songs “Typical” by Mute Math, “Feed the Tree” by the alternative rock group Belly, “Wind Me Up” by Ghost Hounds (their second song present in Rock Band, after “Ashes to Fire”), and, finally, “War Zone” by Rob Zombie, present as the soundtrack to the 2008 Marvel film, Punisher: War Zone.

The price of each song is $1.99 (equivalent to 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox360), and $5.49 (440 MP) for the Steve Miller Band patch.

google google pixel pixel Ξ TREND

Google Pixel 7a will be an excellent mid-range with a familiar design Carlos Oliveira November 30, 2023

The year 2022 is not over yet, but the next Google Pixel 7a has already given a lot to talk about. Several sources point to an anticipation in its presentation, something that makes some sense given the number of rumors already registered.

And what would we tech lovers do without taking an early look at the Pixel 7a’s design? For this audience, nothing better than the high-quality ones from the renowned @OnLeaks.

Google Pixel 7a will have a design similar to the Pixel 7

As expected, the published images of the Pixel 7a reveal a product very similar to the Pixel 7. That is, Google’s next mid-range was inspired by current top-of-the-range technology.

On the front we see a screen with reduced edges, although the bottom edge is thicker than the others. In the center of the screen there will also be a small hole to house the front camera of the smartphone.

Looking at the back of the Google Pixel 7a, we see the same lines as the Pixel 7. The highlight is clearly its camera module, which will move to a metal bar at one end or the other of the back of the device.

These renders show that Google will once again rely on two cameras on the back of the Pixel 7a. The specifications of these sensors are not yet known, but an improvement over the current model is expected.

On the right side of the Pixel 7a we have the traditional volume selector buttons and the power button. The latter should also serve to house the fingerprint sensor of this smartphone.

The alleged specifications of the Google Pixel 7a are already leaving fans excited. This is because the North American company will be preparing several improvements to the hardware of its next mid-range product.

First of all we will have the Tensor G2 processor, the same one that is part of Google’s current top of the range. Its screen will once again be OLED, but this time it will have a 90 Hz refresh rate.

Another interesting detail will be the use of a new main sensor for its 64 MP rear camera. Next to it there will be a sensor. 13 MP with a purpose yet to be known.

That said, something that is still in question is the product’s presentation date. If Google follows its usual schedule, the Pixel 7a will be presented in June or July 2023.

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pokémon Ξ TREND

Pokémon composer pleads guilty to ___ual harassment

His name is Hidekazu Tanaka, you may not recognize him from that, or from his face, but you do recognize him from his musical creations that have served as soundtracks to several video game and anime franchises, including Pokémon. From now on, neither his name nor his face will be forgotten and it will not be for good reason.

The Japanese composer pleaded guilty to harassing a minor and is now under arrest. According to information from Kotaku, Tanaka admitted in court that he harassed and made ___ual advances toward a 15-year-old girl.

But that’s not all, this accusation is just a small part of more than 10 years of inappropriate behavior that includes showing his genitals in public and taking upskirt photographs of women he bumps into on the train.

In a preliminary trial, Tanaka, who is 35 years old, admitted that he made proposals to the minor to have ___ with her in exchange for money. During this incident he held her hand forcefully. It is worth mentioning that Tanaka had already been arrested in October last year for “forced indecency.” This is a charge that, according to Japanese law, refers to the act of intimidating people with ___ual connotations.

“I want to feel the excitement of being discovered or not. I did it to release my daily frustration and stress from work,” Tanaka confessed.

Via: SamaGame

Editor’s note: I honestly don’t want to comment on this, these are the type of events that make me feel that our society is rotten. It is very sad that behind something that brings happiness to many people, a monster like this guy hides.

pc windows windows 11 Ξ TREND

Windows 11 update puts PC at risk

Currently the operating system of Windows It is version 11, which since its arrival has not been very well accepted by users, due to compatibility issues or because it simply does not make use of certain already established programs. And now, a new update shows that the problems are still present.

The latest OS patch could have caused failed situations with security, thus disabling the Windows Defendwhich is a kind of simple antivirus that helps with the basics of computer protection. Defend It is normally in charge of verifying password changes, because by not having it the PC remains vulnerable.

All this has been made known by a user of the forums Microsoft, indicating the problem that may arise when people en masse download the update. Here is his comment:

It seems that the problem has been circulating since late February and is now exploding as more Windows Update updates are being released.

However, it’s not all bad, as another user discovered a way to fix it, at least until Microsoft fix things yourself. Here are the four steps to follow:

1.- Open a text file from Notepad, and copy and paste the following text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



2.- Save the file as ‘Enable LSA.reg’ (not as .txt).

3.- Open the file: this will automatically introduce changes to the Windows Registry without having to manipulate issues in Regedit.

4.- Restart the equipment.

For now, it is the only way to solve this problem, but surely Microsoft fix the bug in the near future. So those who have not put the latest update, it is better not to activate it.

Via: Microsoft Forums

Editor’s note: Since Windows 11 arrived it has always been a disaster, hopefully we will soon reach a stage where things remain stable. For that reason I continue with Windows 10, and for now I am not going to move.


Norway launches hybrid boat manufacturing

A public private initiative has launched a plan to manufacture hybrid ships, which run on liquid natural gas and electricity.

For two decades, Norway has promoted renewable energies in order to reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere and promote an energy model for the future. The last of the initiatives consists of hybrid boat manufacturing, powered by electricity and liquefied natural gas. This is a public private project that contemplates the construction of this type of vessels, as well as the conversion of some vessels that are currently in operation.

The initiative is carried out by the Norwegian government and the company DNV GL, based in Oslo and specialized in sustainability. The goal is to build ships that are more environmentally friendly. For this it has been agreed that the most viable technology is the use of batteries and liquefied natural gas. The result is an energy propulsion formula that would be equivalent to that used by hybrid cars.

The idea is that this initiative will grow little by little to form an entire fleet of battery powered fishing boats, ferries and vessels dedicated to transporting goods. The project also contemplates the construction of port facilities more efficient and that they do not release as many emissions into the atmosphere.

Norway is one of the most suitable countries to carry out this experimentation, since a large part of its economy is related to the sea and ships. The boats sail on the ocean, but also on rivers and fjords. And some of them pollute a lot. A few years ago some figures appeared that estimated that a large goods transport ship It polluted the same amount as 50 million cars per year..

Four hybrid projects

The Norwegian government and DNV GL plan to The first project within its hybrid ship plan is a ferry. The boat can be plugged into the mains to recharge its batteries and will only be capable of short trips. But the scope of the initiative does not end here. A second experiment will be the launch of an oil tanker, also with a battery, intended to move near the coast.

The third planned vessel will be dedicated to commercial fishing, while the fourth will result from conversion of a traditional cargo ship in one that uses liquefied natural gas and a battery to propel itself. From the type of boats that the initiative plans to launch, it can be deduced that these are large scale tests, covering different commercial sectors and the main applications that the boats have in Norway. A nation that has oil, but also a strong fishing sector, while ferries and maritime freight transport are common.

Images: Tynesider and Martin Bischoff

huawei xiaomi Ξ TREND

Xiaomi and Huawei would use flexible OLEDs in upcoming smartphones

Regarding the largest manufacturers of OLED panels, we have Samsung and LG confronted for bringing their products to the different manufacturers who want to have the best technology in this regard. It is now known that LG is increasing the production of small-sized OLED panels for terminals.

And this is because it would be in charge of supplying this type of OLED panels, apart from use them for your products, but also for Xiaomi and Huawei and the future smartphones they launch on the market. Right now, we have the Nexus 6P, made by Huawei, like the one that uses a Quad HD AMOLED panel.

LG has also dropped that it is now supplying a flexible panel for a Huawei phone It wouldn’t take long to arrive and we still have to know what it will be. What is clear is that for LG it will be a great move, since Huawei is one of the manufacturers that sells the most in China and those OLED panels, in a great smartphone, would become a great economic benefit for the Korean company.

On the other hand, it still remains to be known what will be the Xiaomi phone that will end up using this type of screen, since the source indicates that it will be an “edge” screen and that it could be closer to a flexible plastic substrate, instead of glass.

Apple is also another of the companies whose AMOLED technology is known to be will include in the next iPhone 8, the only thing that remains in doubt about those from Cupertino is whether they will use those flexible screens or in some way that finish as happens in the edge. What is certain is that this type of flexible panels have a good future as there are more and more manufacturers interested in this technology to offer other types of devices.