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Can you imagine what would happen if Google and Apple merged?

You may have already heard that Apple has lost its position as the most valuable company in the world, being eclipsed by Alphabet, the new pseudonym of Google and all its services. However, we are sure that those from Cupertino will continue to wage war for a long time, but we have come up with a completely unrealistic and totally impossible idea, but it would be very curious: a merger of Google and Apple.

Imagine the merger of Google and Apple

This situation would be, in addition to being practically impossible, truly crazy for the technological world, since, as you know, There is a certain sectarianism between Android and iOS usersso this strange “concoction” would create either the most incredible devices to date or the immediate break with Moore’s Law.

Competition is healthy, without a doubt. These healthy “matches” between companies make companies improve their products every year and try to develop your ideas far beyond current limitationscreating incredible things and new technologies that help improve our well-being every day.

However, a merger of Google and Apple It wouldn’t have to turn out well at all.. Probably the competition against other brands would be so great that they would end up absorbing practically the entire market, becoming a lazy company with no desire for innovation.

Surely many will remember what the Internet or computers were like in the beginning. The lack of competition and little consumer interest translated into very slow development, since few They thought about investing or being pioneers in something that no one wanted. Who would have invested in Google in its beginnings.

Apple’s design combined with the power of Google

But… What if, despite being practically incompatible characters, they merged? This combination could be absolutely amazing. Many of us who are fans of Google we want our favorite company to make their devicesas Apple does, so the fusion of Apple’s designs with the power, ingenuity and innovation of Google would be a real bombshell.

A Nexus created and developed in Mountain Viewwith reasonable prices, of course, but with a purely Android heart that was born directly from the offices of the green android, without changing jackets every year depending on who offers the best specifications.

That is a dream that many of us have. Time will tell where the Google and Apple companies are headed.

And what would you think about a merger of Google and Apple?

By Henry Alexander

an accomplished IT professional with a wealth of experience in the high-tech industry. As the IT Team Lead for Validation and Embedded Software at Qualcomm, he leverages his expertise to drive innovation and ensure optimal performance. With a career spanning over 40 years in Silicon Valley startups and consulting, Henry has been at the forefront of technological advancements. From software engineering to management positions, his diverse skill set has enabled him to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Currently, as an IT Manager and Web Administrator, Henry continues to contribute his knowledge and expertise to shape the digital future.