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Don’t activate Instagram notifications, don’t be stupid

No it’s not true, no need to activate Instagram notifications. I have seen in the specialized press that a hoax has been echoed through Instagram. Many people have caused chaos to dominate the Facebook application because in theory Instagram is going to stop showing notifications as before.

Yes, it is true, a few weeks ago we confirmed that Instagram will modify the timeline to show publications according to relevance and not in chronological order, but this modification is not going to arrive at the moment. Until Instagram has made a clarification on Twitter that he will do it in a few months and that he will do it in the best possible way, as a result of this hoax.

No, it is not necessary to activate notifications on Instagram

Instagrammers have bombarded their followers so that «Turn on my notifications please» and they got tired of repeating it. Hit the three dots and activate notifications. The hoax says that this Tuesday Instagram changes to show photographs for relevance but it is not true.

The Instagram algorithm will work like this in a few weeks or months but not yet, don’t worry. Notifications are used to Every time someone posts something it shows in your notification bar and that is a hassle. If you have done it by mistake, you should know that the step to deactivate them is the same.

Instagram claims that people miss 70% of the content and that is why it will show the publications differently but it will show them all. At the moment Instagram is still talking about listening to the community and it is still possible that this modification does not arrive in this way or that Instagram allows you to view the photos in chronological order as well. More than 56,000 people have used the hashtag #turmeonis the hashtag used to follow some accounts for fear that their posts will be lost.

If you do this you will have hundreds of notifications in your bar and you will go crazy. Seriously, don’t pay any attention, Instagram will work as usual for the next few weeks. Ignore this type of spam.

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Android now has an official Instagram account

One of the greatest rules of marketing is be where the audience isand in these days and times so vital for digital, social media is where you have to have an important presence so that they know about you and you can advertise your products and services.

This is why we can see possible “competitors” entering their own services to be present in that audience that makes a call to follow them, as is the case with Android, which from today you already have an official account On Instagram.

Google has created a official account @Android on Instagram and has posted six images with his “Hello World” collage. Technically, these are 4 images and two videos, but really together they form an animation like an Android making a small wave.

In these six images there is a repertoire of well-known products for everyone and ranging from a Google Pixel, a pair of Nexus 6P, a Picel C, a pair of Android Wear smartwatches, notes related to Android Auto and Android Pay, and another couple of interesting reasons related to what the OS itself is. .

There are also some references to thats sweetened Android versions that have helped us to be present in the face of the evolution of the most installed operating system for mobile devices of the moment, as we learned not long ago and that puts Android with incredibly spectacular figures.

Now we only have to know what content Google will launch from its @Android account on Instagram so promote products, news or anything that you see as interesting for your horde of followers who in the coming days and weeks will begin to follow you on this social network that was initially for photographs and has even ended up for video.

Follow Android on Instagram

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Instagram vetoes political content

Instagram vetoes political content as a strategy to avoid legal conflicts, in the face of the United States presidential elections that will take place on November 5. Especially when one of the candidates this year is former President Donald Trump.

Let us remember that in the 2017 presidential elections when Trump was accused of “cheating” to achieve victory, using Facebook. Meta does not want to relive this tedious process and his policy on Instagram will be to veto everything related to the topic. Let’s learn more about this decision, what it is about and when it comes into effect.

What is Instagram’s political veto about?

Social networks have been very benevolent with the political issue on their platforms and this has caught the attention of authorities. For this reason Meta has decided to ban political content from Instagram and Threads. What does this prohibition consist of?

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According to a statement issued by a Meta executive named Adam Mosseri, it indicates that will not proactively promote posts with political content from accounts that users do not follow. That is, if you do not follow an account that touches on local, national or international political issues, you will not see them, but if you follow them, they will be shown to you as is usually done.

Posted by @mosseri View in Threads

Mosseri added that the objective of Meta’s social networks is maintain the decision-making power of users to see what they want, this includes the political issue, how they interact with these accounts and their passion for them. Disputes over political issues are common on these platforms, which is why Instagram and Threads want to try to avoid them as much as possible.

How will this decision affect users?

Actually the decision to veto the political topic on Instagram and Threads will not affect users directly. Especially, those who do not follow accounts of this style because they simply will not see them as such. It will also not affect users who are passionate about these topics because they will simply continue to see this content if they follow the corresponding accounts.

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The big question is will it affect the accounts of politicians and other public figures? In these groups of accounts where the central topic is politics, parties, news or topics linked to them, they will be affected, especially when it comes to promote posts. In this case, Meta has been very precise in indicating that it will not amplify them on its social networks.

Another issue that worries about the “ambiguity” of the statement is that it does not clarify what it is a “political content«. For example, if an account does not generate publications about a political party or a candidate, but publishes a Post supporting a certain character, will it be considered political content? o Is the veto only for politically active accounts, candidates, parties or news?

Another question that raises doubts is whetherThis political veto will apply to paid publications? Considering that in 2018 Meta generated more than 4 billion dollars by promoting political propaganda. These questions have remained unanswered, leaving an uncertain outlook for users who do not know the limits of political content.

When does Instagram’s political veto start?

The political veto of Instagram has already started and since February 15 You have to be careful with what you publish because it can be considered “political content.” Furthermore, without knowing it you would be losing exposure on accounts that do not follow you. It is important to know these details well and inform yourself about the subject.

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The political veto of Instagram and Threads is quite a controversy as it is such a delicate issue and seeing how they have treated it from Meta, with so little detail. The strategy may be successful for social networks and thus watch their backs, but it leaves an uncertain scenario among users. What do you think of this measure taken by social networks?

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What was missing! Spotify would go the same way as Instagram and incorporate stories

Spotify would be joining the trend of Instagram, Facebook and now Twitter, as it is trying to incorporate its own stories into the music platform.

The Spotify music platform would be joining this new trend of stories just like Instagram, Facebook and now Twitter.

The fashion of stories or ‘stories’ was born thanks to Snapchat and Instagrambut little by little others social networks like Facebook and Twitter they were incorporatingwhich has become a controversial topic among fans of these platforms.

Now, as if that were not enough, Spotify would be implementing this new modalitysince a video shared on Twitter would demonstrate this new alternative in the music platform.

The stories would include artists that are on the playlist and would only be available fors singers found on the popular music platformwho would use them to Recommend songs and your musical tastes.

However, this new modality until now would be a trialsince it is expected that in the future they will put this story option into operation in Spotify.

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Instagram Stories moves to the explore tab

This past summer Instagram deployed an interesting novelty that he called it like Instagram Stories. This allows users to share photos and videos that last 24 hours before they disappear. It is now that Instagram puts those stories in a place where they can be found more easily.

There are many social networks that are joining that fashion of creating “stories” or “moments”, as has happened to Twitter with one of its best developments in recent months and which it integrated several weeks ago. Twitter Moments or Instagram Stories, or whatever you want to call them, are almost the same.

But it also happens that if you launch a new functionality, in this case the stories or Instagram Stories, they must be easily accessible by users, because if it cannot go unnoticed. This is where the focus that Instagram wanted to give you is found with the new update that makes it easier to discover new stories by bringing Stories to the exploration tab.

Stories will appear at the top of the page and, similarly to the explore tab, they will be personalized according to your own interests. Instagram has stated that more than 100 million people visit the explore tab every day to discover new photos and videos from people they don’t follow yet.

Like this feature, it competes with Snapchat, and it is another of the copies that Facebook makes without thinking and without much shame, is closely related to Twitter Moments. Now we would have to think about which social network is missing to add its “Instants” or whatever you want to call it, because what one creates is then copied by the others one after the other.

Something that happens in the hardware world and telephony with those edge screen trends or dual cameras.

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Instagram launches fiction series and new features

A fictional series with 15 second episodes, is it possible? Yes, and it’s on Instagram. The popular social network of photographs and videos grows, reinvents itself and transforms our user experience with functionalities adapted to new consumer habits.

There are things that do not change. instagram continues to be the social network par excellence to see and share photos of food, great people at the gym, pouting selfies, latest fashion acquisitions, legs and feet on the beach, romantic sunsets and famous pets. #Love has been the most used hashtag over the last three years, and @Cristiano, @realmadrid and @fcbarcelona continue to occupy the ranking of the most followed accounts in Spain. But Instagram grows and it does so at the rate that our consumer habits change and our demands increase.. The social network of multimedia content, owned by Facebook, reinvents itself, opens up to brands and advertisers, and transforms and improves our user experience. Here are some of their latest news and improvements:

First original series

Fiction series are no longer the exclusive province of television. Consumer habits change, and speed and precision triumph. Instagram wanted to join the series fever and take advantage of the network’s features with Shield 5, a thriller made up of 28 15 second episodes. The series premiered on February 1 and is published daily on the open account @shieldfive, a new chapter along with photographs that provide data and help unravel the mystery that surrounds John Swift, a bodyguard who is accused of robbery and murder. , and who escapes to prove his innocence.

A display of creativity and concision that opens a new field with great possibilities and the ability to reach a potential audience of millions of people.

Here you can see the first chapter.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @shieldfive

Manage multiple accounts finally!

Finally, Instagram has just announced that it now allows all users Manage up to five accounts within the same application. Until now, if you managed multiple accounts, you had to log out and open a new one each time you wanted to log in. A torture. Now, you will only have to configure your profile and add the accounts to easily jump from one to another, by clicking on it. Identical to Twitter. Tip: update your app (to be able to use multiple accounts on Instagram you must have version 7.15 for iOS and Android) and always look at the avatar or image of the open account, don’t make a mistake and publish the snapshot of your last party on your company’s Instagram.

It is now possible to schedule publications (or almost)

There are different tools that allow you to upload images from your computer to Instagram, but what many (especially community managers) have been asking for for a long time was the way to schedule these publications. The summer of 2015 brought the good news: Instagram was integrated into Hootsuite. The improvement is undoubtedly useful, but it does not convince all users. Because? Unlike what happens with Facebook or Twitter, Uploaded content and post dated shows in Hootsuite are not automatically publishedbut first, you receive a notification on your mobile that the content is ready to be published. Until you press “send” the image will not be launched (something similar could already be done with applications like Lategramme, Publish and Chronogram).

So, The new functionality requires having a phone on hand and keeping an eye on it, but it serves as a kind of reminder, and to prepare and store content.

Goodbye to the square format

It was one of its hallmarks, its photos and videos in square format, but the trickery of users to avoid the restriction and sneak in content with other formats has caused the network to give in to the satisfaction of many. For a few months now, You can now be more creative and upload the photos or videos to Instagram exactly as you have taken them with your mobile phone, or, if you use the computer, those you have captured with your SLR camera. (Instagram camera still takes square photos). The filters and all the typical Instagram tools continue to work and although the photo will continue to appear square centered on your profile to fit into the mosaic, when you click on it it will be seen with its original dimensions.

Definitive landing of advertising

It seems that the season has been opened and advertisers have entered Instagram through the front door. Months ago, Instagram began to monetize its service and began to implement the business model in the image and likeness of Facebook. On September 30, the company opened its advertising platform to companies of any size from more than 30 markets, including Spain (until then the advertising service was only available for certain companies) and extended the duration of the videos to 30 seconds (the limit for users is 15). It seems that the performance of video ads provides very positive figures, and the demand is high, which has led Instagram to announce, just a few days ago, the launch of 60 second promotional videos. At the moment there are a few advertisers selected to test this new format, but everything indicates that these video advertisements will become normalized and will be added to the advertising photos in panoramic format.

Here you have one of the first one minute #VideoAds, from the T Mobile operator.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by T Mobile (@tmobile)

In addition, Instagram has also launched new tools for campaign optimization and a new advertising format, called Marqueedesigned so that brands can “broadcast” interesting events, such as, for example, a movie premiere or the launch of a new product.

What will be next? A BUY button?

According to a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, Instagram users follow their brands the most (53%) and search for products on social networks (44%). That of Instagram is the highest percentage among users of the main platforms, while Facebook registers the worst data. Instagram knows it. Hence the new advertising functionalities and services. Advertisers know it. Hence, part of the marketing budget that traditionally went directly to Facebook is now allocated to hiring advertising on the star multimedia content platform.

If 14% of Instagram users acknowledge that they would be willing to use a “buy” button within the application, how long will it take before we see them implemented?

Instagram and journalism

I’m a newbie to Instagram, I arrived late (very late) and I think I’m becoming the “typical” user with “typical” photos of my dishes, my DIY creations and my dogs. But as a journalist, every day I discover new features and uses of Instagram that surprise and hook me. Its potential as an extension of the media and escape from major events is enormous.. I followed and enjoyed the Film Academy’s recent coverage of the Goya Awards. It happened before with the Golden Globes and it will surely happen with the Oscars. Media such as MTV, HBO, BBC or The Guardian, among others, are already very popular on the social network. And in Spain, some media, such as El País Semanal, the magazine ¡HOLA!, the magazine Cuore or the newspaper 20 Minutos, also use the social network to share how their reports are made, funny moments or interesting photographs and videos for users. .

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Academia de Cine|Premios Goya (@academiadecine)

Instagram is having a very sweet moment. It is a platform that offers a lot of play and has great possibilities for users, brands and the media.. There are already more than 400 million people who, at least, use the platform once a month. And its creators say they have found the key to creating engagement with users: the quality of the people they follow. For this reason, Instagram uses the artificial intelligence, algorithms and human criteria to recommend new content. “We talk about capturing and sharing the world’s moments. “We want Instagram to be timely and personal.” These are the words of Mike Krieger, one of its co founders.

I will be attentive to the evolution of the platform, to how the media and brands take advantage of its resources. And, of course, I will continue to share photos of my dogs. Hopefully the advertising is just as “timely and personal” as the rest of the content and serves to improve our user experience, not hinder it.

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There would be a charge for verified Facebook and Instagram accounts

For some months now the platform Twitter has been a site of disasters due to the new president of the company, Elon Musk, which began with certain mass layoffs and the charge for two-step verification, as well as the verified account fee. And it seems that now the owner of Facebook and instagram wants to follow this trend that implies a lot of profits.

Thus his own mark Zuckerberg has presented the initiative of Meta Verifiedwhich will give users that feeling of verification just like Twitteronly on the platforms of Goal. However, this award will not be for those who have stood out as creators or anything similar, but rather it will be a kind of subscription to be paid monthly.

Among the virtues of paying for this membership, it is noted that users will have greater visibility, protection against identity theft, faster customer service, among other details. As for the price, this will be $11.99 USD per month if done from the computer and $14.99 for cell phones, this is due to taxes. Google and Manzana.

Here is his comment:

This week we began rolling out Meta Verified, a subscription service that allows you to verify your account with an ID, earn a blue badge, get additional phishing protection against accounts claiming to be you, and get direct access to customer support. customer. This new feature seeks to increase authenticity and security in all our services.

Apparently, this new option will be arriving for users in the coming days. And those who already have their blue arrow will not suffer from changes, so they should not worry in any way.

Via: instagram

Editor’s note: Elon Musk unleashed a wave of bad decisions, and now other big businessmen want to emulate what he has done. The worst thing is that it is not perceived as something that is irreversible in a short time.

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Instagram: with these tools you can know who stopped following you

In this article we will explain how you can check if someone stopped following you on Instagram, whether using the same application or third-party tools, it is worth clarifying that their use is under your responsibility.

Instagram has become one of the social networks where people interact the most with their followers, since allows you to share videos, photos and musical tastes through the audio available in direct messages.

These options, which were added little by little to Instagram, have generated closer interaction between users. However, Sometimes we notice that the number of followers decreases and we do not know who was the person who stopped following our profile.

Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can check if someone unfollowed you on Instagram, Whether using the same application or third-party tools, it is worth clarifying that its use is at your own risk.

The first option we will offer you is through Instagram, for that you must do the following:

  1. Go to the Instagram profile of the person you follow.
  2. Tap the box that says “Following”.
  3. You will find a list of the people that person follows.
  4. If you know for sure that they were following you but don’t find your name on that list, you can assume Surely they have stopped following you.

Other ways to see who unfollowed you on Instagram

Followers Tracker Pro

With Followers Tracker Pro, you can analyze your Instagram account, getting detailed statistics on followers, popular posts and effective hashtags. Besides, helps you manage your relationship with followers by showing you who has unfollowed you and other important interactions. The free version lets you know how many followers you’ve lost, while premium features can be unlocked through in-app purchases. Available only on iOS.


FollowMeter is an application for Instagram that allows you to know who has stopped following you, who has not followed you back, and who has blocked you. It has a free version and a paid version that offers additional data, such as who views your stories the most and who engages with your posts the most. Available on iOS and Android.


Instafollow is a tool to manage your Instagram account, performing automatic actions such as following and unfollowing users based on specific criteria. It is important to keep in mind that its use may violate the rules of the social network and lead to disciplinary actions from Instagram. Available only in the App Store.

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Instagram already includes a draft post to launch it later

A week ago Instagram was updated with a feature that had been requested by the user community for some time. It already allows the ability to moderate comments to all users, which even allows you to create a list of words that will be automatically moderated so that we don’t even see them on the timeline. A great way to offer more protection to the user who enters this social photography network daily.

This is when a new feature has been rolled out in the latest version that allows users save posts as drafts. It is something similar to what Telegram included not so long ago. You write a message, in the case of Telegram, and go to another conversation window, so that when you return to the original one, you can finish the message and publish it in one of the chats you are in.

The app focused on photography, and lately also on videos, began to try this feature already in the month of July through several selected users. But it is now when it is available to everyone. This way you can save a draft:

  • You click on it camera button at the bottom of the screen, then you take or upload a photo or video from the gallery
  • You add effectsfilters or your location
  • You return to the filtering and editing step, click again on the arrow to go back in the top left-hand corner
  • Then you have to save in “Save draft”

In order to access saved drafts, you will have to click on the camera button which is located in the central part of the bottom Instagram button. They will appear in the image gallery section above your photographs. Instagram clarifies that if you don’t edit the post or entry, tag a person, or add a location, you won’t be able to save the entry as a draft.

A pretty important feature for Instagram that will allow users have a moment to save drafts and thus publish them at the right time of day when they are busy with other tasks.

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Will you use TikTok? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram block Trump accounts after chaos in Washington

Twitter removed several tweets in which Trump, according to its rules, incited violence. The social network threatened to permanently suspend the account if the messages were not permanently deleted.

Twitter threatened on Wednesday to permanently suspend from its platformthe president of the United States, donald trumpto which He blocked his account for 12 hours for alleged incitement to violence and also removed a video with sympathizers. and ordered the removal of three tweets that violated its rules.

“As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC, we have required the removal of three tweets from @realDonaldTrump that were posted today for repeated and serious violations of our civic integrity policy,” Twitter stated in a post. “If the tweets are not deleted, the account will remain blocked,” he stressed.

This is what Trump’s account looks like:

Donald Trump justified the assault on the Capitol by his supporters in a tweet this Wednesdayalleging that he was responding to an alleged fraud that stole his victory in the elections, something of which there is no proof.

Twitter took an unprecedented step to date and removed that comment from the president, which normally only marks as a disputed opinion or that does not take into account the facts, while blocking the president’s account for 12 hours amid the violence that has been unleashed in the capital and threatening permanent suspension

“These are things and events that happen when a landslide electoral victory is taken away so abruptly.” and tainted the great patriots who have been treated so unfairly and badly for so long. Go home and in peace “Remember this day forever!” stated the now-deleted tweet.

After the assault by his supporters on the Capitol, Trump issued several messages in which he was not critical of the violent raid on the legislative headquarters and limited himself to asking to “go back home.” to the thousands of people who gathered today in Washington to protest against the certification of the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden, elected president in accordance with the country’s electoral rules.

Trump has consistently alleged frauddespite there being no evidence of this, something that has led Twitter to mark these comments as inaccurate and disputed, so they cannot be retweeted or interacted with.

“As a result of the current situation of violence in Washington DC we have proceeded to delete three tweets from (the account) @realDonaldTrump that were published today for repeated and severe violations of our civic integrity policy,” Twitter said in a statement.

As a result of this measure, Twitter suspends the president’s account for 12 hours as per its internal policy.

Twitter assured that new violations of its rules of civility and against violence by Donald Trump will lead to the permanent suspension of his accountwhich he has turned into one of his main channels of communication and transmission of executive orders during his Presidency.


After Twitter, Facebook temporarily suspended US President Donald Trump’s account on Wednesdayafter a day of violence at the headquarters of Congress where his supporters interrupted the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

“We have determined two violations of our rules on President Donald Trump’s page that result in a 24-hour suspension, which means that loses the ability to publish on the platform during this period”, the group explained.

In addition, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, revealed that that social network will make the same determination with Trump’s account, for 24 hours.

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Instagram removes one of its coolest features

Photo Map is one of those very special Instagram features that is found in your profile, precisely in the location tab, and that allows you to see the photos where you would have taken them, if you usually geolocate them. One of those special features that have always been in this photography service and that it seems that Instagram is going to withdraw as we know today.

Instagram has confirmed to a medium that it really is deleting Photo Map having started disabling this feature for some users last week. In a statement he maintains that: “Photo Map was not used in a general way, so we have decided to eliminate it to focus on other priorities.”

The joy for some of these features that for some users makes these apps terrible in something special. And what we are left with is that if one of those features is not used massively, it will finally be removed from that app. A functionality that exists in the profile, in one of those tabs, and that quickly allows you to see at a glance the locations of those photos taken and thus you can show them to anyone in an instant.

Anyway, Instagram it is not canceling other features based on location in your app. You will still be able to tag places while uploading photos and search for others shared by the community for a specific place. The API will also continue so developers can get that information for public entries.

This brings us to an Instagram that is more focused on the competition, Snapchat with its “Stories”, and focusing on other ways for users to Share content regularly from its platform. So it would not be surprising if it soon removed many others that are not used massively.

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Instagram will soon allow pinch-to-zoom for photos and videos

Instagram, from being a specific service in photographs with a square format, which earned it this as a sign of identity, has moved on to another type of app since it was purchased by Facebook to integrate all kinds of features to finally also focus on the video. Is he video one of the central axes of many services and apps, so it was not surprising that it opted for this aspect.

It is now that he has announced that the pinch-to-zoom or pinch on the screen to zoom in on photos and videos to appreciate all the details if we wish. The only thing that happens is that this feature is already available for iOS and will soon be available on Android in the coming weeks. A date for arrival that could be next week or a few more.

The curious thing about this news is that this zoom is going to be done on images that are uploaded to Instagram at a resolution of 1080, so unless they don’t raise the resolution of the photos that are uploaded, it really won’t offer much benefit to users. The only thing is that, if you are used to performing this gesture in other image apps, now you will not be left saying that it does not work on Instagram, since you will be able to appreciate those details that you want if you do the gesture.

Starting today, you can click to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. Over the past six months, you’ve seen many exciting changes come to Instagram, from a new icon to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram. Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS. Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

A post shared by Instagram (@instagram) on Aug 31, 2016 at 8:00am PDT

Although where it is most difficult for us to understand zoom is in videos, since, being in a low quality resolution, such as 640 x 480, zooming in on a video that is already a little out of focus can become a not at all desirable experience. What can open the door for Instagram to allow the uploading of images and videos with a higher resolution so that this feature is more interesting to use.

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New York denounces TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube for “youth mental crisis”

It is worth remembering that on January 24, New York declared social networks “threats to mental health” and equated them in their dangerousness with drugs and weapons.

The city of NY filed a formal complaint this Wednesday against five of the largest social networks -TikTok, instagram,Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube- for “encouraging a mental health crisis among minors throughout the nation.

The complaint – formalized before the Supreme Court of California, the state where most technology companies are based – was presented today by Mayor Eric Adams and has been proposed jointly by the Mayor’s Office, the Department of Education and the Department of Health.

New York – said the mayor – spends 100 million dollars a year on youth mental health treatment programs: “Our city was built on innovation and technology, but many social networks put into pendanger children’s mental health, promote addictions and encourage unhealthy behaviors,” he explained.

On January 24, the city of New York declared to social networks “mental health threats” and equated them in their dangerousness with drugs and weapons.

“We cannot stand by and let Big Tech monetize our children’s privacy,” The mayor then stressed, who relied on a report from the Department of Mental Health that said that 77% of high school students spend three hours or more a day in front of a screen in their leisure time.

The complaint filed today describes some of the tactics of social networks, such as “the use of algorithms to keep users connected and encourage compulsive use”, the design of game-like mechanisms in the design of applications and the abuse of the “reciprocity” or making the user feel the need to interact with the application.

New York is the first major city to file a complaint against five large technology companies – some of them are among the queens of Wall Street – but New York was preceded 41 states that reported Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) for the same reasons last October.

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Instagram updates to version 3.0.4

An important ad update has been available on the Play Store for a few hours Instagram, the official Android application of the well-known photographic social network. The update will bring the app to the version 3.0.4 adding new functions and slightly modifying the graphical interface.

There is no official changelog, however the news is:

  • Added “photo map”a new way to see geotagged shots
  • Ability to write much longer descriptions
  • New interface for the “Profile” tab
  • Infinite scrolling: now there will no longer be a need to press “load more”, everything will happen automatically

Although there is a slight change in the interface, unfortunately this does not yet fully reflect the Holo style and it still reminds us too much of the classic iPhone.

We remind you that you can download Instagram from the Play Store for free by following the link below:

android developers

AppBrain Link | Google Play Store link


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Instagram adds two-step verification

Instagram is a network that is causing a stir, a consolidated platform that does not stop add improvements to your platform so that it is a cutting-edge platform and is at the height of everything that comes ahead.

Through your blog and users get to know each other upcoming Instagram news but this time we had to go to SamaGame to find out that Instagram will add the two-step verification option for all users. This is the next change that will be added to Android and, as expected, it will increase user security.

Two-step verification for Instagram

When logging into your account from your mobile with two-step verification The security of our images and comments is significantly increasednow it will be much more difficult for our photos on Instagram to be stolen.

Facebook has had this for a long time two-step verification and it is time to allow it to be done in your “small” network of photographs as well. Now, this two-step verification is now available in the trial version for Android and will be among users very soon.

Instagram has tried several ways and in the end has opted for the most classic. Once the phone number and it is confirmed that it is valid when you want to access Instagram from an unknown device, the application will send a unique code for login (in addition to entering the username and password).

Increasing the security of Instagram is necessary since we cannot forget that many profiles already get a good amount of income with your Instagram account and leaving it as a second-class platform is not the ideal option. For now, perhaps you should know what the marketing trends will be on Instagram for 2016. As soon as two-step verification is available (at the moment, despite being a beta tester, we do not have it) we will make a tutorial to explain how to activate this function, but you must know that it is about to fall.

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The 5 marketing strategies for Instagram in 2016

2016 begins and like every new year (although we have already been in it for a few days) the new trends are visible. One of those social applications that has gained many users has been Instagram and despite the fact that in 2015 it already had a great role It will be in 2016 when it begins to prevail above many others.

As the new year begins, we would like to define in a small summary the 5 marketing trends that will be on Instagram during 2016, if you are still green or would like to know much more about this application, pay attention to the following lines.

The 5 marketing strategies to be used on Instagram in 2016

Some of them fall flat but many others are still not being applied in some areas and it is interesting that you know them, you must be ahead of the competition if you want to know success.

GIFs on Instagram

We see more and more GIFs on Instagram and the truth is that 2016 will be the year of photos that move on Instagram. The Boomerang application will encourage these types of creations so that you are not left behind. Between the live photos and the gifs you will see on Instagram new movements that they will have nothing to do with the videos but that sometimes, with some creativity, they can be very original.

Ads on Instagram, increasingly

This is not the first time we have talked about the importance of monetize Instagram and the platform will increasingly use in-app advertising. Now everyone can advertise on Instagram and 2016 will be a good time for all brands to join this phenomenon. You can have ads with up to 30 seconds of video and that is very important.

Higher quality photos

With the push of Instagram for any type of marketing, creators or account managers have begun to demand quality content. The higher quality photographs (normally created on PC and made with very advanced cameras) will be increasingly in demand. There are platforms that allow you to find quality material for Instagram and 2016 will be the year in which these platforms become more important.

More links and hyperlinks

It is relatively easy to get people to Instagram but getting them off the platform is very complicated. Everyone is looking forward to Instagram adding the possibility of insert links in posts during this year but if not (although they will probably do it with their own browser), we will see how companies manage to take people to their purchasing platform or their website. A buy now button on Instagram will be ideal but we don’t know if that is Facebook’s idea.

Multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram allows you to create several accounts for the same brand and the multi-account adoption During this year, having several accounts for the same brand will be one of the trends that will stand out the most throughout this year. Imagine a clothing brand, you can create several accounts depending on the type of clothing or accessory you sell. Furthermore, we cannot forget that Instagram already allows you to use multiple accounts.

If you still don’t have the management of multiple accounts on Instagram, you can easily do it with Latergramme. And you? Are you addicted to Instagram? Do you think these will be the trends to follow in 2016? We are sure that yes.

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Instagram introduces video event channels to the explore feed

Instagram is bidding heavily on video content that can be obtained from your service. Last year around this time it introduced promotional videos and offered more capabilities to users so that instead of seeing Instagram as a service aimed at photographs, it can also be used to share videos with followers and contacts.

It is now that Instagram is bringing more video content to its platform with the launch of the new video event channels in the exploration section. These channels highlight videos of events, so you can play them at any time and not miss anything. An interesting proposal that continues to expand the capabilities of this app that at the time was only dedicated to photos in square format.

These video event channels are provided exclusively for each user according to your tastes and predilectionsso surely the content that this channel offers you will be adjusted to what you could expect to see.

With this new movement in the explore channel, Instagram continues betting heavily on video, since it is this type of media that is in vogue today with all those live streaming platforms, YouTube and many more. The idea of ​​Instagram is to separate itself from this connection to a photography platform so that it is increasingly seen as appropriate for all types of multimedia content, mainly videos.

Even if they are short videos, with millions of users everyone who uses Instagram, it will be a matter of time before it becomes increasingly popular as a video platform. And this is why Instagram has introduced this video channel to make it easier to find this type of content.

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Instagram has a perfect new role for Digital Influencers Rui Bacelar December 14, 2023

oh instagram It is one of the most popular social networks in the world and also one of the fastest in introducing new features to its platform. Proof of this is the arrival, already in force, of a functionality similar to that implemented by Elon Musk in it Twitter.

What is at stake is the Notes feature that will allow users to post (Flag) a text post to their profile/Timeline. As we have now, for Twitter Azul subscribers, the possibility of publishing messages with up to 4,000 characters for each one.

The notes function is the new feature coming to the Instagram social network

Without wasting time, the social network of the Meta group has already implemented a similar function that will allow you to publish notes, messages and perhaps lists with links to affiliates and purchase routes. Something that could be of interest to digital influencers and beyond.

Notes, the name of the new feature, will also allow users to send text messages through Instagram. In fact, one of the functions most requested by users in recent times, as a way to replace direct messages or DM’s on the platform.

Send Instagram text messages like on Facebook Messenger

The operation of this option is simple. As in Facebook Messenger, also in Instagram We will have a relatively simple chat function. Additionally, with these Notes we can create quick posts to appear in Stories as a new type of post, but for now they will have a limit of 60 characters and support for emojis.

However, this is the beginning of greater convergence between the functions of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, that is, the Chat option. A new feature that brings more communication and publishing options to the platform, once again similar to what is slowly being implemented on Twitter.

Status or status messages with text for Instagram Stories

The novelty “was born” as the possibility of publishing a text message as a Status on Instagram. Something that WhatsApp users will find familiar since on this Metagroups platform they also have the possibility of posting Status messages.

In addition, Instagram announced also testing new features for Stories such as, for example, Profile Groups and Candid Stories, or relaxed stories. In addition, we also have the format of collaborations or Collaborative Collections.

This last type of Stories will be ideal for capturing live moments, without major worries, to capture the natural expressions of users and connect with their followers.

Finally, we are now waiting for the general availability of not only the new Notes, but also the aforementioned formats for this social network.

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Cosplayer Reysuka lights up Instagram with her Mikasa and Historia cosplay

Historia and Mikasa are some of the favorite characters in the Shingeki no Kyojin series, also known as Attack on Titan. Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, it tells the story of the appearance of giants who eat people and force humanity to take refuge in a city surrounded and protected by three high walls.

The American artist, paleontologist and cosplayer @reysuka_ characterized herself as Mikasa Ackerman and published some daring images accompanied by Historia Reiss, played by @duhbuffaloo.

Due to the nature of the photographs and to comply with the rules of the social network. The images are censored, but they are still provocative. But don’t worry, if you want to see the content “naturally” you can find links in Reysuka’s profile bio.

It is worth mentioning that the third part of the final season of Attack on Titan is now available on platforms such as Crunchyroll.

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by Reysuka (@reysuka_)

Editor’s note: Reysuka also has her Twitch channel where you can watch her stream games like The Sims 4 and Fortnite.

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How to disable autoplay on Instagram for Android

Since the videos have arrived on Instagram (it seems like it’s been a while) everyone has uploaded one to this social network and the most normal thing is to see them directly on the timeline since they play on their own. The problem is that videos that play alone on Instagram use more battery and data and many users look for the option to disable autoplay videos on Instagram.

If we go to the Instagram settings we will not find an option as such But it is true that you can disable autoplay for videos on Instagram easily and the process consists of entering the application’s Settings and choosing the correct option. Do you know how to disable videos on Instagram? Coming up next, we tell you.

How to disable video autoplay on Instagram?

To disable the automatic playback of videos on Instagram a few months ago we made a small tutorial on how to do it but the process has changed and that is why we bring you the process again so that you can disable autoplay videos.

  • You enter Instagram and go to your profile tab (the one on the bottom right).
  • Once there (if you look at the image) we go to the 3 points at the top right to access the Settings from Instagram.
  • We look for the Configuration section and enter the option Mobile data usage.
  • We mark the option Use less data than disable the automatic playback of videos on Instagram with mobile data and it will allow us to see only the videos that matter to us, saving a considerable amount of data if you are very addicted to the photography application.

As you can see, the process is very simple, the problem is that the option does not say anywhere that it will allow us to deactivate the autoplay of the videos on Android, so it is necessary to clarify that this is the only one current method to do it and it won’t take us more than a minute. Have you uploaded any videos to Instagram?

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How to convert images to ASCII on Instagram

You don’t have to be a geek to like it. convert your Instagram photos to ASCII. We have discovered this trick and it is amazing, so in this article we will tell you how to convert images to ASCII on Instagram easily. It will surprise you, and they will be super cool.

Convert images to ASCII on Instagram

As we have been able to find out, we can do this only from the web version of Instagram. To do this, we will follow the following steps. I already told you that it is not entirely easy if you are not used to moving around these parts, but there is no loss.

  • Enter Instagram (web version).
  • Open any of your photos and once inside do the following:
    • Secondary click on the image > Inspect.
    • In the top bar, you will find Resources.
    • In the left bar, you will find Frames > Images > here you will see all the photos you have available, you will only have to choose one to carry out the process. You should see the previous section that we show you in the image.
    • Secondary click on the photo > copy image url.
    • Once you have the url, paste it into the search engine and add “.html” at the end. Your image will automatically be transformed into ASCII and will look really cool.

If you have done all this, you will already have your photo perfectly converted to ASCII.


The result of the above is something similar to the following. As you can see, the image looks very good, and It could still be cooler. It depends how it is. The following is what we have left with a very cute little one that we had lying around:

What did you think of the tutorial? Have you converted your Instagram photos to ASCII? Take advantage of the comments to tell us.

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Facebook and Instagram will ban the sale of weapons

Obama, the current president of the United States, wants to repeat his term, and one of the main pillars of his electoral campaign is the control of firearms in American homes. This may or may not have been the reason for this change that we are going to talk about, but Facebook and Instagram will prohibit selling weapons on their pages and profilesor at least that is what Marc Zuckerberg has assured, who changed the Terms of Service of his page this past Friday.

Facebook and Instagram will ban the sale of weapons

Whether it is ethical or not, each nation must decide, but the truth is that guns are a big problem in Americasince its Laws protect the right of each citizen to have one of these tools, passing at least minimal controls.

The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, intends to fight against this and apparently so does Zuckerberg and his company. Since this past Friday Both Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow public display of weapons sales ads. through their profiles and pages, which will make the illegal sale of this type of merchandise more difficult.

Although the terms of service of social networks owned by Zuckerberg do not allow direct salesmany users were dedicated to publishing photos of the products, which fostered contact between companies and individuals, in the vast majority of times doing so illegally.

Facebook and Instagram against the sale of weapons

From this very moment, the ban has been extendedpunishing those users who use these social networks to make contacts for the sale and purchase of weapons, thus adding to the sales of some hallucinogenic substances, medications and various other drugs, in addition to illegal products depending on which country we are in.

Facebook and its social little brothers are doing everything they can to clean your social network of “all the existing illegality”blocking everything related to issues as complex as weapons, drugs or even human trafficking.

Of course, some organizations in the United States are against these bans and we are sure that they will have a lot to say as the months go by in relation to these measures. Perhaps the White House does not have as much support for these changes, time will tell.

Do you think Facebook and Instagram will ban the sale of weapons permanently? Does this seem like a good measure to you?

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Live Rooms, the new Instagram option in which up to four people can interact live

Instagram recently multiplied its new functions, like many of its competitors, due to the explosion in the use of digital media during the pandemic and launched Live Rooms, the new modality in which up to four people can interact.

Instagram launched its function this Monday “Live Rooms” which enables film and broadcast live exchanges with up to four people as its parent company Facebook and the rising social network do in their own way Club House.

The social network, which has based its success in photos and videos, I already had a tool “live”, but it was limited to only two animators. Recently, it multiplied its new functions, like many of its competitors, due to the explosion in the use of digital media during the pandemic.

Live broadcasts from platforms replaced conferences, theaters or sports venues that the public cannot attend due to the sanitary restrictions.

From the application model of video conferencingZoom, platforms created or increased their tools to virtual meetings among dozens of people, privately or with media.

But these formats have the drawback that they usually fatigue users who already spend almost all day in front of a screen or even a camera.

This helped the success of Club House, an application launched in the past boreal spring, and in which the participants broadcast their conversations but without images. Users listen to what interests them while cooking or walking their dog.

These types of functionalities allow the so-called “influencers”, users who are followed by many others; beyond the fact that the dominant principle applies on the web: free services with advertising.

This social network considers adding other audio tools and control options for better moderate exchanges.

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Instagram mistakenly hid the ‘likes’ and caused a stir among millions of users

Internet users did not let what happened go by and turned to other social networks to express their discontent.

The renowned social network Instagram began to experiment in some countries with what it would mean to hide ‘likes’ from its users, however, the situation seems to have gotten out of control and became an error that caused discontent among several of its users. , some of them influencers.

“We’ve been testing a new experience to hide likes on posts in feeds. We’ve unintentionally added more people to today’s test, which was a mistake; we are solving this problem and restoring the number of ‘likes’ to those people as soon as possible,” was the message that Instagram announced through its official account.

Although Instagram mentioned that it was all a mistake, Internet users did not let what happened go by and They took to Twitter
to express what they were experiencing with this social network.

Let us remember that the intention of Instagram in the end is that users care more about the content than by the amount of ‘likes’ that each of the posts may have.

“We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your post has. During that test, only you will be able to see the total number of likes,” the company said.