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How to send GIF on Telegram

If you have updated Telegram you can now send GIFs, and after many requests from users in the comments below we will see how to send GIF on Telegram. The truth is that it is very simple because we don’t even have to leave the application, but at first you are not a fortune teller to know how to do it. We will tell you very quickly, so you don’t stop sending GIFs. We start with the tutorial.

Send GIF on Telegram

If you have updated Telegram (even from Google Play because GIFs have been with us for a long time), all you have to do to send GIF on Telegram This is the next thing we show you in the images, so in less than a few seconds you will be sending gifs.

  • Open any conversation > write @gif.

If you type @gif and a space, gifs will appear. If you type @gif (and whatever you want), what you are looking for will appear. For the example, we have tried with @gif Android, and the result does not have much to do with what we were looking for (an Apple Watch appears), but surely you will have better luck. You can try @gif Atleti, @gif elrubius, @gif gato and anything you want.

There is a huge GIF compilation, and there are also many well-known characters. I can already tell you that you will find animations that you didn’t think could be there, but you have to search carefully because the gif search engine is the key. I insist, you only have to do the above because as soon as you put @gif and a space some will appear, unless you indicate otherwise.

How do I see the GIF?

From Telegram Settings you can activate «GIF autoplay«, otherwise, you can click on the GIF yourself to play it. Any of the options you choose will be fine, I think it is already activated by default, but if not it will be as easy as going to the settings and choosing the behavior ourselves.

What are your favorite gifs? Have you managed to send gif on Telegram? Great job the guys at Telegram have done with this update. I told you, they have been with us for a long time, but if you didn’t know how to use it now we hope to have helped you.

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Telegram brings the functions most requested by users, find out everything! Rui Bacelar December 31, 2023

There are new prompts to use, new drawing tools for the messaging app, and much more! oh Telegram It’s more fun, more capable, and above all, lighter on your Android and iOS (iPhone) phone’s internal storage.

The Christmas season comes to an end with the New Year, but not before having a package of surprises on this instant communication platform. This is possibly the best alternative to WhatsApp, it is lighter and deserves to be known.

Telegram brings us excellent news before the start of 2023

Communication is essential and if you travel during these holidays and New Year’s holidays, then you know how important it is to save data and space on your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone (iOS).

With this in mind, Telegram brings new features to save internal storage space, new effects and capabilities for multimedia files, and more.

First of all, possibly the best. telegram news 9.3 is the option to cover images and photographs sent in chats and channels with a spoiler alert filter. This way, the user will know that the image may contain a sensitive topic.

Sensitive content filter with spoiler alert on Telegram

This new filter is useful if we want to safeguard the surprise effect that an image contains. Thus, only if the recipient and other participants in the conversation so wish, the content of the image will appear. In other words, a welcome safeguard!

At the same time, Telegram has another perfect tool to alleviate the burden of all received images, videos, files, sound clips and other multimedia files. In fact, there is a new content and storage manager that can even be automated by the user to delete content and save space on the cell phone.

Storage manager saves space on your smartphone memory

Control is handed over to the user. However, this tool can be programmed to automatically delete various files and files received by Telegram. Everything to save space on your Android and iOS smartphone, from videos to conversations.

Thus, the user will be able to configure this new option to automatically delete certain files received in group or individual chats on this communication platform.

There is even a new visual and graphic representation to help us understand what takes up the most space on the phone and, therefore, manage it in a simplified way.

Text and drawing options, like on Snapchat

Telegram now has new text editing options that appear to have been imported from Snapchat. There are several creative options that give us the possibility of creating texts and messages in a more personalized, lively and generally beautiful way.

Therefore, after the update arrives, you will be able to use these resources to express yourself in the best possible way with all the editing resources already available.

Additionally, Telegram also has some changes for profile photos, allowing users to replace the images of each contact without the other user noticing.

There are more customization options that, once again, reinforce the communication and, above all, self-expression capabilities on this rival WhatsApp platform.

Finally, after the idea was brought forward by 4gnews readers, whom we thank in advance, we once again put their interests first. To stay up to date with news, analysis and curiosities, follow our channelin Telegram.

You can use Telegram to follow the news from 4gnews

  1. Install the Telegram app for Android, iOS or for Windows computers (PC) and Mac

  2. Create an account on this platform, or log in with your credentials
  3. Subscribe/Join 4gnews channel
  4. Adjust notifications based on usage/interest type
  5. Enjoy the 4gnews channel.

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Telegram awaits you to follow the Premier League from these channels and groups

Everyone will have their opinion about it, but no one can deny that The English league is one of the most competitive on the planet. During its 38 days the fight for the title is fierce, although the middle positions of the table are not slowing down too much either. With each passing year, English football entertains as much or more than in previous years, which is why we all want to keep track of it.

However, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the games, either because some are not available or because they are only on paid platforms. Luckily, by knowing how to search you can always find some way to watch each game for free, obviously legally. Today we will show you one of them by telling you how to watch the Premier League for free on Telegram and the best channels or groups for it.

Why follow the Premier League from Telegram?

Unlike other social networks where you have to put together a real hunt to follow any soccer league or sports tournament, on Telegram it is very simple. Simply enter the correct terms in the search engine or go directly to the link of a channel or group, join and start enjoying.

Furthermore, you can do it without installing anything separately and in a format that is often quite digestible. Because? Because you’re not forced to stick with live media streams. As you will see in several of the channels that we will recommend below, there are some that are only text and others that offer very specific videos. Both things allow for very complete monitoring without collapsing, including several teams simultaneously. That said, we recommend you take a look at these Telegram channels and groups:

Football & FPL Fantasy Premier League

It is a Telegram channel with more than 11,700 subscribers at the time of writing this article, one of the best and so far they have never been penalized. The reason? Because they do not broadcast the matches directly, but rather They focus on broadcasting videos of the goalsalthough almost in real time.

Additionally, this group is an excellent space for know the performance and current status of any player. This is great if you’re involved in any premier fantasy leagues, so it’s worth checking out.

Football Live

This channel does follow-up with texts and videos of each match important of the English league, although it is not exclusive to this competition. There is also content about the Spanish league, the Italian Serie A, the Bundesliga and other tournaments.

With more than 33,500 subscribers, It is one of the most complete channels about football that you will find on Telegram. Apart, sometimes they release links to watch the games live, although we invite you to be careful with the platforms they may use to avoid a bad time.

Premier League ES

Entirely in Spanish, Premier League ES has nearly 8,200 subscribers and offers complete monitoring of each day of the English league. They don’t publish links, but the coverage is minute by minute, detailed and practically in real time.

It is a light and practical way to find out everything that happens day after day with your favorite team and its main rivals.

Premier League

Like our friends from the previous channel, these guys didn’t want to worry about names and played it safe. Premier League is a channel that is booming, with just 1,570 subscriptions, but we love it because they make excellent minute-by-minute coverage.

Furthermore, this coverage of English league matches is seasoned with videos of goals, important plays, fouls and other shorts of the main games of each day.

There is a channel with the same name that has more than 41,000 followers and it is very good. However, it only covers text, instead of text and image like this one we are recommending. You can still write it down there as an extra.

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Is it possible to make money with Telegram? We present you 3 bots to make money

Telegram is a messaging app widely known for the wide variety of functions it has, in terms of versatility, it stands out among the competition. One of its best features is the bots, since they give you functions to download music, watch anime, download series and movies, etc. In this case we will talk about Telegram bots to make money.

In the following article we will tell you about some bot options to make money on Telegram and we will tell you a little about our experience on the subject. If you are interested in the possibility of generate an income using these Telegram botsbe sure to read the article that we have prepared for you on this occasion.

3 Telegram bots to earn money from the app

Each of these bots share the same characteristic, in them you have to complete tasks that will give you a virtual currency that will help you get more virtual coins to increase your income and eventually withdraw them. The ways to do it and the names given to digital credits are endless, but the principle remains. We present our list with 3 Telegram bots to make money.

  • Animal Farm: a clear farm metaphor to refer to the tasks that must be performed in this bot to earn money. In short, the job consists of buying farm animals with the credits they give you when you enter the bot. Then use those animals to obtain meat, which you sell for diamonds. By having enough diamonds you can exchange these for fractions of Bitcoin.Visit | Animal Farm.
  • Earn BCH or Advertise – HKBot– This bot works through advertising, different pages need visitors, for their groups and pages, so your job here will be to join these groups and view these pages to get credits. The more places you visit, the more credits you will have and once you have enough you can withdraw them in BCH.Visit | Earn BCH or Advertise – HKBot.
  • GoldLY Trade LTD: Things work a little differently with this bot, since it explains to you that it is passive income, all you have to do is join the groups it asks you to, make an investment and as the days go by you will generate profits. The amount of money you generate increases with the number of people who make an investment, that is, the bot invites you to bring more people to invest in order to generate more income.Visit | GoldLY Trade LTD.

Is it safe to trust Telegram bots to make money?

The truth is that unfortunately many of the Telegram bots that you can find online to generate money are actually a scam. The vast majority do not fulfill what they promise, others require a huge amount of tasks for tiny rewards, which in order to obtain them you have to pay real money, and others are simple pyramid scams.

So our main recommendation when it comes to search for Telegram bots to make money It is well informed before giving real money or sensitive personal data. That’s all with our article on the 3 best Telegram bots to make money. We hope it has been useful to you and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments so we can help you.

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Telegram adds support for HTML 5 games

Thanks to the HTML 5 programming language and the latest Telegram update for Android, from now on users will be able to play games very similar to those found in the Google Play Store, but without having to leave the application.

Telegram, for many the best instant messaging application that exists today, above WhatsApp, has reached its version 3.13, launching the Gaming Platform that will also allow you to activate the games in any conversation, so that you do not enjoy them alone.

With Telegram you can now play without leaving the app

The new version of Telegram 3.13 for Android is now available for free download in the App Store and incorporates games in HTML 5 language that we mentioned to you.

To start enjoying this new feature, in addition to having updated Telegram, all you will have to do is mention any of the available bots so that, immediately, all the games it has appear. Select your favorite game and get going!

When you select the game, it loads as if it were a website, so another window will open to play. These are therefore 100% online games that are not stored within Telegram and, therefore, They won’t take up any space.

Also, as you progress, Your scores will be published in the chat where you have opened said game. So now you can start competing with your friends to see who gets the most points.

Surely very soon the numbers will continue to multiply Telegram bots with HTML 5 games. At the moment, a server, not very fond of games, by the way, is going to leave you two quite good ones:

  • @gamebotwhich includes three games
  • @gameewhich already has more than thirty games

Whether we like this novelty more or less, what is clear is that Telegram is always ahead. Or you don’t believe it?

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Android Alert: Malware steals messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram Rui Bacelar December 27, 2023

oh Android operating system is coveted for its openness and its wide range of free applications in its content store. No, and although in this case the attack vector is not the Play Store, this very openness makes it a tempting target for bad actors, a reality exacerbated by the global user base, the potential targets.

The latest case of Android malware has been exposed by the ESET team of researchers. The European entity, specialized in cybersecurity, identified an active campaign aimed at Android users.

The malicious application used was a “trojanized” version of one of two legitimate VPN applications, SoftVPN and OpenVPN.

This same campaign is carried out by the malicious group Bahamut, the main objective of the spyware campaign is theft of sensitive data of users. This, in addition to spying activities from popular messaging apps, raising further concerns. Among the platforms targeted are services such as WhatsApp, Facebook MessengerSignal, Viber and Telegram.

More specifically, at different periods, the application used was a “trojanized” version of one of the two legitimate VPN applications, SoftVPN and OpenVPN. In both cases, the app was customized with code. spyware of the Bahamut group.

The security agency warns about requiring at least eight versions of these malicious applications customized with code changes. According to the information, it is updated through a distribution website.

In other words, both characteristics that reveal a well organized campaign and which has been active since the beginning of 2022.

However, none of the malicious apps were available for download from the Google Play store. NoteIt is clear that, as a rule, the distribution method of spyware applications reveals an organized campaign.

The group’s spyware apps are distributed through a fake SecureVPN website that only offers “Trojanized” Android apps for download. This website has no association with the legitimate and cross-platform SecureVPN software and service.

Spyware aims to steal information from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram

The main The objective of the campaign is to steal contacts, SMS messages, recorded phone calls. This is in addition to chat messages from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram.

According to the agency, these are likely very specific infiltration attempts. The malicious app requests an activation key before the VPN and spyware functionality is activated.

Both the password and the spoofed website link are likely to be sent directly to specific target users. This security layer aims to protect the malicious payload from being activated shortly after it is sent to an unwanted end device or when it is being analyzed.

The investigation detected a similar protection method in another campaign by the Bahamut group.

Data theft is the main objective of this Android malware

All diverted data is stored in a local database and then sent to the Command and Control (C&C) server.

The group’s spyware functionality includes the ability to update the malicious application upon receiving a link to a new version of the C&C server.

The Bahamut malicious group often uses phishing messages and fake applications as an initial attack vector against entities and individuals in the Middle East and South Asia.

In the case of this campaign, the initial distribution vector is not yet known. Bahamut specializes in cyber espionage and is known as a group of mercenaries with unauthorized access to payment services for various clients.

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Download Telegram 3.6 with many new features

Telegram for Android just updated to the version 3.6 with many new features. These guys don’t stop! WhatsApp can now shake, because Telegram does not stop adding more and new functionalities to its ranks, this time we are talking about Telegram 3.6 that can now be downloaded to have the version.

What’s new in Telegram 3.6

The guys from the messaging service, rival of WhatsApp, have updated Telegram to version 3.6. These are the new features, which we see in the following image but which we tell you below so you can discover in detail.

  • Edit your messages in channels and supergroups (a functionality that we were crying out for and that we finally have).
  • Share links to posts on channels, from the sharing menu.
  • Add administrator signatures to channel messages (I think users will really like this one, because we could say that it goes further).
  • Send silent messages in channels, which will be notified to members. It’s useful for non-urgent posts in the middle of the night, so we won’t wake anyone up.
  • Forward messages from bots with the share button (works for messages with links, photos or videos).

And that’s it, but to measure, they give us a extra below with the following:

  • Sticker preview. Now it’s for everyone, you can press and hold to see the stickers in full size without it being sent. We already had this available, but now it works everywhere. Also the suggestions from emojis and in “Add stickers”.

It’s great what’s new about these guys, they revolves around channels and supergroups. If you don’t use any of this, you’re probably not that interested, but it’s important to keep it in mind if you use Telegram frequently.

Download Telegram 3.6 for Android

It is also important to live updated. We have already been updated directly when connected by Wi-Fi. Below we leave you the link for you to download Telegram on Google Play and enjoy it in the version 3.6 if you haven’t already. Remember that when you update, you will receive the typical message from these guys as just another conversation.

What do you think of Telegram 3.6?

Download | Telegram 3.6 on Google Play

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How to play 2 Pokemon Go accounts at the same time on the same Android terminal. Valid for apps like WhatsApp, Telegram…..

In this new post, as a simple practical tutorial, I am going to show you how easy it is. have two Pokemon Go accounts on the same Android terminal and be able to run the application at the same time to play both accounts at the same time.

We are going to do this thanks to the possibility offered to us on Android, by downloading and installing a completely free application available in the Google Play Store, with which we will be able to clone our favorite applications to achieve what concerns us today, which is nothing other than being able to have two active Pokemon Go accounts at the same time and being able to play both from the same Android terminal without having to constantly enter and exit the application.

The easy-to-use application where there is one, responds to the name of Parallel Spaces and as I have told you before, we can download it completely free for Android from Google Play, the official application store for Android through the direct link that I leave a little below these lines.

Parallel Spacesapart from serving to be able play 2 Pokemon Go accounts at the same time on the same Android terminalit will also help us to achieve the same thing with different applications for Android such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, Chrome, Clash of Clans or any application that needs a user identity such as our Google credentials or number to function. phone to work.

So from Parallel Space, in addition to being able to play 2 Pokemon Go accounts at the same time, it will also allow us things as useful and functional as carry 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android terminal, 2 Skype accounts, 2 Facebook accounts or even 2 game accounts like Clash Of Clans, which has been so successful on Android for a long time. And all this for, without having to leave the original application or log outbeing able to use both applications at the same time without disconnection problems or anything like that.

In addition to this, which is not little, Parellel Spaces allows us to install applications in private modethis is a new functionality with which we will be able to enjoy our favorite applications without having to physically install them on our Android, just with the virtual installation through the Parellel Spaces application.

The Parallel Spaces app is so easy to use that all you need to do is select the application to cloneand once opened from the Parallel Spaces Launcher, Log in with the new credentials that we want to use and that’s it.. In addition, for greater functionality, from Parallel Spaces’ own Launche, we will also be given the opportunity to crear shortcuts of cloned applications so that we can access them without having to go through the Parallel Spaces application.

Although at first this may sound Chinese to you, I advise you to take a look at the attached video tutorial in which you I explain the simple process of cloning an Android application in order to be able to play 2 Pokemon Go accounts at the same time on the same Android terminal. Good to two Pokemon Go accounts or 2 app accounts that you want to clone.

Download Parallel Spaces for free from the Google Play Store

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Telegram, the alternative to WhatsApp, will have functions for which you have to pay

Of course, the current services will continue to be free, an advantage for those who plan to migrate and leave WhatsApp.

Much has been said about alternatives to WhatsAppafter the instant messaging application announced changes that affect user privacy.
One of them is the Telegram messaging service, which has great advantages over its other competitors. However, a few weeks ago, Telegram announced that starting in 2021 it will introduce new payment features.

Of course, the current services will continue to be free, advanced the founder of the service Pável Dúrov in his blog.

The businessman assured that “all the current services of Telegramwill remain free” and that “additional features will be offered for commercial teams and users with advanced needs.”

“Some of these new features will be resource-intensive and therefore will be paid for,” he said.

All Telegram services for regular users will remain free and ad-free, Durov added.

“Regular users will be able to continue enjoying Telegram, free, forever (…) We assume that advertising in personal and group chats is unacceptable. “Communication between people should not be interrupted by advertising,” he said.

According to the computer magnate, Telegram has almost 500 million active users and therefore has very high associated costs.

“If a technology company grows to this size, there are only two ways, start making money to cover costs, or sell it to a larger player (…) Thanks to the level we have achieved, we will be able to monetize Telegram in a non-profit way. intrusive, most users will hardly notice any major changes,” Durov said.

Likewise, the director of Telegram He stated that he has no plans to sell the company, as the founders of WhatsApp did.

“The world needs an independent project, which respect user rights and provide high quality of service (…) Telegram will exist for a long time“he added.

Apart from the new additional features, monetization will be carried out through advertising, but on massive public channels, for which Telegram will offer its own advertising platform, the statement says.

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Telegram registers record downloads after new WhatsApp rules

“People no longer trade their privacy for free services. They no longer want to be held hostage by technology monopolies,” said the founder of the platform

Some 25 million users have signed up for the Telegram messaging platform in the last 72 hoursstated this Tuesday its founder, the Russian Pável Dúrov, in reaction to the announcement of its competitor WhatsApp that it will share more data with its parent company, Facebook.

“During In the first week of January, Telegram surpassed 500 million active monthly users. After this, it continued to grow: 25 million new users came to Telegram in the last 72 hours,” Durov said on his online channel.

“This is a significant increase compared to last year,” he continued, adding that Telegram had already had sudden waves of registrations during his “seven years of experience in protecting the privacy of its users”but, “this time it’s different.”

“People no longer trade their privacy for free services. It no longer wants to be held hostage by technological monopolies“added the 36-year-old billionaire.

Without mentioning its competition, it refers to WhatsApp, under fire from criticism since last Thursday after having asked its two billion subscribers to accept new conditions of use.

Those users who reject them They will not be able to access their accounts starting February 8. The group searches in this way Make your platform profitable by allowing advertisers to contact their customers through WhatsAppand even sell their products directly, as is already happening in India.

This anouncement It also had consequences for another messaging application, Signal, which has been on the list since last week one of the most downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms from several countries.

Founded in 2013 by brothers Pável and Nikolái Dúrov, former creators of the popular Russian social network VKontakte, Telegram claims that security is his priority and generally refuses to collaborate with authoritieswhich has led to attempted blockades in some countries, especially in Russia.

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Download Telegram 3.5 with many new features

New Telegram update available for download, which corresponds to Telegram 3.5. As always, it has reached us through Telegram itself as a message, informing us of all the news, which is quite a bit. We find changes in voice messages, secret chat, privacy and photo editor, so you can’t miss them. Download/update Telegram 3.5 right now. These are the news:

Telegram 3.5 – News

These are the news that come to us with Telegram 3.5 for Android:

  • Voice messages: view of the waves, new player and recording. We are also informed that it is an experimental characteristic to elevate for speaking and listening.
  • secret chats: here we finally find support for GIFs, a functionality that users have been crying out for. On the other hand, responses, comments, also the preview of stickers (being able to see them in a larger size when we select them) and integrated bots. It also improves the view of the encryption key. Link preview is optional.
  • Privacy– Control who can add you to groups and channels.
  • Photo editor: rotate, fade, tint and curves.

As we can see, we have important news. If we record a voice message, we will see that the waves actually appear. We also found all the other changes. Now the photo editor is more complete, there is more potential in this feature.

Download Telegram 3.5 on Google Play

Telegram 3.5 can now be downloaded on Google Play. You will just have to search for Telegram and you will see that the option to update does appear, and if not, it may be updated automatically. You will find all the changes when you enter Telegram.

Leave us a comment if you have questions!

Download | Telegram 3.5 on Google Play

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Telegram allows you to import your WhatsApp conversations, learn how to do it

The application bets everything to attract users who seek to maintain communication with their contacts all the time.

According to the new update of Telegram, now you can import your WhatsApp conversations to have them hosted directly in this instant messaging app that has gained so much strength in recent days.

This new Telegram news appeared with the update that is available for iOS, so Android users will have to wait a little longer while it is developed.

What is most striking about this update is that users will be able to have complete conversations from other applications in Telegram, making it easier to search for specific messages in the history, even if the conversation has not occurred there natively.

How to import conversations from WhatsApp?

  • Open the chat of the person you want to export
  • In the contact information select the ‘Export chat’ option
  • Among the sharing options, select Telegram
  • Open the Telegram app and select the contact where you want to import the conversation

You must keep in mind that The application does not recognize the contact of origin of the conversation so you must make sure to import it into Telegram correctlysince it does not require prior confirmation for the process.

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Keep an eye on the information: this is how you can put a security code on Telegram chats

Learn the step by step of how to add a security code to chats from iPhone and Android, as they are two different configuration processes for correct activation.

The instant messaging application Telegram
It increasingly demonstrates more functionalities of its operating system, new features that its users take full advantage of, such as the security alternative for messages.

Therefore, know the step by step of how to put a security code in chats from iPhone and Android, since they are two different configuration processes for activation.

For iPhone:

The first step is to open the Telegram application on your cell phone, then enter the settings tab and there select the option security privacy, click on the face ID code and finally activate it. It must be six digits.

For Android:

You must open the app and click on the three lines in the upper left corner, then a settings tab opens, there you choose the option privacy and security, then choose lock code and enter password. You have to confirm it to finish the process.

With this setting, only the person who has the key or code you will be able to see and access Telegram chats.

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The possible Telegram of the future is leaked

A design of Telegram a little strange, but that could be the design of the future. In this article we will tell you what we could expect from Telegram for next month, these guys drop the date as March 8, but we don’t know anything about those rumors, because they could be just that and never come to exist. However, they seem to be important rumors that are practically 100% true, it is best that you see the images and features of the new Telegram:

The possible new design of Telegram

We have learned all this from the guys at Appelmo, an Italian blog that has reported on this version of Telegram. It seems to have characteristics that sooner or later would reach the official update, and from what we have been able to find out, they are the following:

  • New app design, more Material Design as we can see in the previous image. A design that seems strange to us at first glance but that we like.
  • More functional interface, usability. We can also see this through the photos. It’s well thought out.
  • A appears new menu in which you can see preview images. This is similar to what we already have now.
  • New player for videos and music. We already told you about this advantage of Telegram over other messaging services, since you can listen to music or watch videos without leaving Telegram. We can expand the video to full screen to enjoy a better experience. It is also said that we could even access all the music in the library and create playlists.
  • Voice notes with waves. As we see in the previous photo, we expect to see the typical sound waves in the voice notes. It looks cool and is original, a functionality that is not really necessary but is very good.
  • Swipe to reply. This feature would reach messages, and we would have the option to swipe a message to reply. Kind of a quick response.
  • Improvements in mentioning people in a group. We can also see it in the previous photo, highlighted by the one selected in blue. It is a great novelty and improvement.

Did you know that this comes from a contest?

As you can see, there are quite a few features. And you’re probably wondering… where does all this come from? It seems that it is a contest that the head of Telegram has put up, Pavel Durovso we could be facing a secondary app based on Telegram, with the aim that the best will be added to the official client. And we may see it soon.

Will we enjoy these features for the month of March? Everything indicates yes. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of this new design and its features.

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Telegram receives an important update with 7 most requested news Rui Bacelar December 8, 2023

oh Telegram It is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp for those looking for an instant messaging and communications application. In time for Christmas, this platform is now receiving one of the biggest updates of the year with the Version 9.2 full of improvements focusing on privacy and automation.

Below we present the main new features, from the possibility of registering on Telegram without a SIM card, that is, without the obligation to have a card installed, through several other implementations highly requested by users.

1. Completely anonymous use of Telegram

From now on, with the arrival of telegram version 9.2 Users do not need to have an active SIM card to subscribe to the Telegram service. Something that until now was mandatory and that is still present, for example, in its rival WhatsApp.

This is a measure intended to protect user privacy. In practice, you remain anonymous from the moment you register and create your account on the platform. However, we need to indicate a contact/phone number.

In short, to create a new account it is not necessary to have an active SIM, but we must indicate a phone number to associate with the account. This change is possible thanks to the use of the Fragmentouno platform of the benefits of technology to guarantee online privacy.

Themes 2.0 in the Telegram application

Following the previous update that gave large group administrators the option to organize conversations by topic. In practice, combining classic forums with new messaging platforms.

Since then, the themes have become even more useful. The best of all? They are available for groups of 100 members or more.

Groups with topics open in a two column modeso we can access other chats with the same agility.

Furthermore, for go to the thread with the most recent message directly from the chat list, just tap the new button in the preview.

Groups now have a default theme, the Generalwhich contains the group service messages and the Message history previous topics.

This thread is available for all group members to find older messages, but they can rename the topic or hide it from the main list.

To quickly see all the most recent messages at once, we can switch to mode.

Each message in this mode now has a button that shows where it was published – and we can tap to get straight to the point. Finally, we can now, in groups, have up to 5 Topics published to better organize conversations.

3. Aggressive anti-spam filter

Telegram is one of the largest instant communication platforms. However, its popularity also attracts several outside friends, always trying to deceive other users, or promote illegal services and products on the platform itself.

Taking this into account, those responsible for Telegram are now redoubling their efforts to combat this electronic “waste” that is still very present on the platform. Something that, especially in group chats with several members, can be especially annoying.

Therefore, from now on, administrators of groups with more than 200 members will be able to choose to use all the proactive power of Telegram’s own algorithms. In practice, activating the new aggressive mode for automated spam filters

4. Temporary QR Codes

The platform gives the user the possibility of creating temporary QR codes, to quickly share the profile and contact on this platform. It is one more safeguard for the privacy of the user who now reserves the possibility of creating these temporary codes.

NoteIt is believed that reading the code will allow people to instantly add the user as a contact, even without knowing the phone number.

5. Smarter emoji search (now on iOS)

Telegram users on iPhone (and iPad) can now take advantage of a new emoji search feature. This is a feature that is already available in the Android app and is now also available for iOS users.

It is the easiest way to find the emojis we want, as well as the custom packages themselves.

6. Accurate information about the use of Internal Storage

The page Storage usage has been redesigned on Android so that iOS users will find a familiar one. This is because the page now shows how much space every chat is using on the device.

Additionally, multimedia files individual chats It can now be cleared from the cache, based on filters by file type, such as photos, videos, music and files.

7. Automatically delete all chats on Telegram

The option to schedule a message on Telegram was introduced in 2013. Now, however, this same principle applies to all content, all chats and messages on Telegram.

Control is given to the user who can, in the future, set a timer to automatically delete all chats from the platform if they wish. It is a powerful privacy feature that ensures the app stays clean.

Finally, we have even more customization options, custom emojis, among other diverse content.

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Listen to music and play videos from Telegram

Listening to music and watching videos without leaving Telegram is possible, without having to leave the application itself at all. The truth is that it is very convenient that we can suddenly listen to our favorite music that is sent to us or watch videos directly from the Telegram conversation, without having to go outside to do so. Many times it bothers us that the app is closed or minimized to be able to play something that is sent to us, so this is a great advantage.

Telegram allows you to listen to music and watch videos from the app

The Telegram guys hide extra features up your sleeve, when we compare it with WhatsApp these turn out to be the winners. In this case, we have found 2 that are not new but that we did not know about.

  • Listen to music from Telegram. In most applications, when a music file is sent to us (which is not the same as an instant recording), we have to exit the app to listen to it, choosing a medium to do so. However, Telegram has its own player, and we can play the songs directly from the conversation.
  • Play videos from Telegram. The same for music, for videos. On this occasion, it also supports video playback, so we will not have to leave the conversation to watch the video, as happens in many other services.

We are faced with two very good advantages that we like. Back in the day we compared WhatsApp with Telegram, but the truth is that we loved this new unknown.

Get the latest version of Telegram

We don’t know what version it is from, but if you download the latest version of Telegram for Android you will surely have it. Let’s remember that in this latest version of Telegram we find gifts and bots so there is no waste.

Note: After research, these new features have been on Telegram since July 17, 2015.

Did you know this Telegram secret? The truth is that we had never realized it, but it is another advantage over WhatsApp.

More information | Telegram Blog

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Elon Musk wants to bring the best of WhatsApp and Telegram to Twitter Rui Bacelar November 27, 2023

Elon MuskThe South African (and North American) tycoon is unstoppable in his redesign and optimization of the social network Twitter. After announcing the return of Twitter Blue with three verification levels and colors, we now have the promise of further improvements.

More specifically, we can have support for end-to-end encrypted communications through DM’s, Twitter direct messages, as well as the WhatsApp and Telegram messaging application.

Additionally, video calling can also come to Elon Musk’s platform through direct messages, but there is even more to Musk’s plans for this platform.

Encryption, video calls and more advantages of WhatsApp and Telegram

Musk came to shake up Big Tech (a group that includes FacebookWhatsapp, Instagram, Apple, Amazon and Google) significantly. The result? Only the future will reveal it, but the truth is that we are already beginning to see changes in the functioning of the bluebird social network.

The richest man in the world began by considerably reducing Twitter’s workforce by firing, in one fell swoop, an important part of its employees.

Now, the executive is hiring new talent and engineers to bring Twitter back into the spotlight, with faster, more efficient and more secure operations.

In addition, Musk has already guaranteed the return of Twitter Blue, your subscription plan for the social network, with three different color levels for verified users. At the same time, Musk wants Direct Messaging Gets Smarter and More Secure.

Secure direct messages like WhatsApp and Telegram or Signal

Currently Twitter has a direct messaging service, the DM’s of the social network. However, this aspect of the platform is far from being as dynamic, advanced or secure (given the lack of encryption) compared to other alternatives on the market.

It is certain that Twitter is not our first option when we need to send a message to someone. However, according to Musk, if the functionality exists, it should be at least at the same level, or preferably surpass its main rivals.

As we can see above, in the presentation shared by the leader of the Twitter, DMs will be subject to several improvements in the near future. The objective? Incorporate an effective encryption mechanism, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal.

Strengthen social media capabilities. Twitter (2.0)

Musk also refers to the arrival of video calls through his platform, as well as the implementation of a payment system on the social network. Factors that, according to the executive, will increase the attractiveness of Twitter for users and advertisers.

Easily accessible, faster, with more possibilities for expression (like Telegram), and above all more secure. Likewise, emphasis was placed on the security of the entire platform and the protection of communications made through their DMs.

According to the publication, Musk will have spoken with Moxie Marlinspike, creator of the Signal application, one of the most secure for direct messages.

The goal would be to get help to renew this function on his new social network since the founder of Signal has even worked on his Twitter account.

If it were possible to make Twitter a place that tended more toward positivity and goodwill, is that something people here would really want? Or is the point of Twitter to create a space where callout culture gives people a sense of agency in an absence of power?

– Moxie Marlinspike (@moxie) November 3, 2022

Finally, we have a gradual implementation of these new functions for the platform, from the encryption of communications, to voice and video calls, as well as a payment system.

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The best Telegram client is called Plus Messenger and it is FREE!!

Today I want to present and recommend what for me and for many Telegram users is, without a doubt, the best Telegram client for its high levels of extreme customization. An application that even allows the download and application of themes or Skins that completely change the user interface of Telegram for Android, in addition to coming with a lot of options or exclusive functions such as the organization of its main interface in comfortable and useful tabs that The truth is very interesting, useful and functional.

The application that, as I mentioned in the title of the post, is completely free, we can download it officially from the Android application store in the Google Play Store by just clicking on the link that I leave a little further down, or by doing a search by typing Plus Messenger on Google Play. Below I explain the main features of this sensational application for Android based on the official Telegram APIan application that many Telegram users consider essential on our Androids.

What does Plus Messenger offer us to be considered by many as one of the best Telegram clients for Android?

The main peculiarity of Plus Messenger and what differentiates it from other Telegram clients for Android, lies mainly in all the customization options that it offers us, some customization options that from the application settings and manually, we will be able to tune the application in all its aspects to leave it to the taste of each user and their own needs.

Are extreme customization options that Plus Messenger offers us, are finished off with the possibility of, by installing a second equally free application called Themes for Plus Messenger and we can also download it officially from the Google Play Store, have the possibility of tuning the application with the download and install thousands of free themes to be able to apply them to Plus Messenger with just one click.

If we add to this what was mentioned above about having a main screen of the application in which it is shown as tabswe are looking at what for me and for many is the best Telegram application for Android.

Are tabs that help us keep our Telegram better organizedin principle they are activated by default, although if you personally do not like this option, you have the possibility from the settings of the application itself and by simply unchecking a box, to deactivate it completely so that it is shown to you the main screen as you would see it in the official Telegram application for Android.

If you want to see what the Plus Messenger user interface is like, how to download a theme and apply it or how to change the appearance manually, I advise you to take a look at the video with which we started this post, a video in which you I show how beautiful and different the interface of our Telegram account for Android can look.

Download Plus Messenger for free from the Google Play Store

Download Themes for Plus Messenger for free from the Google Play Store

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Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

It has always been said that Telegram is more secure than WhatsAppBut to what extent is all this true? In this article we will analyze it, and you may be in for a big surprise, because Telegram is not more secure than WhatsApp, at least not as much as you think. These messaging services have been questioned for a long time about our privacy, and the truth is that we are giving away our private life. But do you know how to talk privately without anyone knowing? Find out that and much more below:

Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

There has always been talk of Telegram’s powerful encryption, but all systems are hackable, does that make Telegram more insecure? Not at all, but what happens is that in recent months many security specialists affirm that Telegram encryption is buggy. Without going any further, Edward Snowden declared that he was concerned about Telegram’s security protocols. So what is happening with this messaging service?

Telegram has two chats: the cloud (default) and secret chat. The messages we exchange in the cloud are encrypted with MTProto, which is typical of Telegram, and that is where the problem would be. And the messages we send on Telegram are encrypted before sending them to servers. So, where is the problem? That the server can decrypt the message and read it as plain text, so it is not strong encryption by any means.

Telegram should not store messages on the server (but it has to, and we’ll see why later). These messages cannot be accessible by the server, because it would be handling all our messages however it wanted, it could read them at any time.

So why has Telegram decided to do it like this? Because you want the messages to be accessible on different platforms and devices (unlike the secret chat), hence you need to store the messages on the server, and then capture them on other platforms, otherwise everything we write on the mobile phone would not be able to be seen on the PC. The only point in Telegram’s favor is that it seems that the keys and encrypted data would be stored in different CPDs.

Telegram’s secret chat is safe

Once again the security of Telegram is questioned. Is secret chat safer? It is end-to-end encrypted, and the keys are stored by the users themselves. This means that they are totally safehence they are only available from the device on which it is started, and there is no way to synchronize it with more, for our safety.

Conclusion: With all this, Telegram is not more secure than WhatsApp. This second uses point-to-point encryption for conversations between two users. Telegram would be more secure than WhatsApp using secret chat, otherwise, it is not. This means that as a rule both are equally secure, but Telegram offers us extra security that WhatsApp has not yet decided to add.

So if you really want to talk privately, you’ll have to opt for secret Telegram chatyou already know that you will lose everything with self-destruction, although you can always handle it to your liking.

What do you think of all this? Which messaging service from your point of view is more secure, Telegram or WhatsApp? Don’t hesitate to tell us if you think Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. It is clear that with the secret chat option, they have taken a big step.

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Telegram receives improvements in the interface, stickers and bots 2.0 in the new version 3.8.0

We are in a day of updates and now it is Telegram that gets on this train after the last one received. That app that is causing certain messaging apps to shake of text like WhatsApp upon learning that it recently reached 100 million active monthly users, which may mean that at any moment its use will explode and multiply those hundreds of millions. That could happen at some point, since the more users you have in your contact list, the more time you will spend with her and less with others.

Now Telegram has been updated with tweaks to the interface, the inclusion of stickers from the pack preview menu and what is the API for bots 2.0, the biggest update for this functionality according to the team itself since June 2015. Among those bots that are already active you can find: @music, @sticker, @youtube or @foursquare. It is Telegram itself that warns that more will be arriving apart from those four that you can already try and that we will detail below apart from the other news related to the design.

Before entering into the big news related to Bots 2.0, comment that part of the application has been retouched in the design with some redesigned chat windows, optimized colors, new buttons and bubbles for messages, beautiful progress bars, documents and other renewed attachments. In this way, Telegram defines those points where users usually relegate to do their daily things with this great app that is improving enormously to distance itself from the competition without others doing much for it.

The other novelty outside of Bots 2.0 is the ability to view any sticker and add it to your collection. From the pack preview menu you can send them simply and easily.

The big update: Bots 2.0

Those of you who use Telegram daily will surely you have gotten a lot of use out of @gif. A fun and simple way to share all kinds of animated Gifs with the contacts or groups with whom you usually chat and that is giving a lot of life and fun from this app known as Telegram.

Today Telegram gives developers a new dimension with Bots 2.0: new integrated keyboards with callback, buttons to “open URL” or “switch to integrated mode” and the ability to edit existing messages on the fly by interacting with them. These new bots can also generate any type of content so that you can share it with your friends, including documents, MP3s, videos, stickers, animations and contacts.

To whet your appetite, you can play with four new bots: @music, @youtube, @foursquare and @sticker. Telegram defines the new possibilities of Bots 2.0 in four important sections:

New keyboards and actions

@music works in such a way that uses an integrated keyboard that allows you to interact with him without sending any message. It updates with its own messages in real time as you scroll through the page results.

New types of content

The same @music bot works with the integrated mode which means that can help you send MP3 to any of your chats from the text entry field itself. These types of built-in bots can send all types of attachments that are available on Telegram.

Another of this type of bots is @sticker which is responsible for finding featured stickers for you based on an emoticon or emoji.

New mechanics

Like the @music bot, @youtube also works in two ways. Use a clever way to switch between the two mechanisms to connect your Telegram account to YouTube. Once the account is connected, extra settings can be accessed from the menu option.

New permissions

@foursquare is now a Integrated bot that uses new location features and helps the user to send directions of nearby places. The first time it will ask for permission to use your location.

With all these new features in the API, Telegram wants this year to be the year of the bots for your application and more developers are encouraged to integrate it, since it can offer a wide range of features to the user if they know how to apply them well.

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WhatsApp is a surveillance application, accuses Pavel Durov of Telegram Rui Bacelar October 11, 2023

WhatsApp is without a doubt the most popular instant communications platform in the world. However, the messaging app is occasionally affected by some breaches or security breaches which, according to Telegram strongman Pavel Durov, are a sign of something much worse.

According to the founder of Telegram, “hackers could have complete access to everything that happened on users’ WhatsApp,” in reference to a recent breach in the platform’s security. A gap that the Meta group platform soon filled with an update to the app for Android and iOS.

Pavel Durov urges users to stay away from WhatsApp: “It is a surveillance tool”

WhatsApp has been in the news for all the functions that it is gradually adding to its platform, or for changes in the operation of certain aspects of its application. However, we recently alerted you to a security flaw in their service that was resolved with the release of an emergency update.

This lapse affected the Android and iOS versions of this messaging application equally and also brought new criticism from the founder of the rival platform, Telegram, to WhatsApp.

According to Durov, “hackers could have full access to everything that happens on users’ WhatsApp.” As if that were not enough, the executive referred to WhatsApp as a surveillance platform and information gathering tool.

WhatsApp is full of backdoors no matter how much they try to combat them

Durov guarantees that WhatsApp suffered a serious security breach whose effects were quickly mitigated by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

However, as long as the breach existed, a malicious party could gain full access to the victim’s smartphone, for example.

Furthermore, the founder of Telegram said that WhatsApp went through something similar in 2017, 2018, 2019 and also in 2020.

In all these cases, user data and information were exposed, as demonstrated by the phone of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, a victim of one of these leaks.

Pavel Durov claims that WhatsApp is full of hidden doors that, once discovered, are simply modified to be reintroduced into the application code, thus becoming valid again.

Telegram does not need advertising, it is growing and it is recommended

Telegram is among the top 5 most downloaded applications in the world. Of these top 5 apps, Telegram is the only one that doesn’t spend billions on marketing to buy downloads. In a way, we are the only app that is on the list simply because people really love it 💙

– Pavel Durov (@durov) April 28, 2022

Ultimately, for Durov, it doesn’t matter how many emergency updates come to WhatsApp for Android and iOS. The structure of the platform itself has been so studied and dissected by several organized agencies dedicated to hacking that the constant effort of those responsible for the messaging app is barely making any progress.

Durov also guarantees that his Telegram does not need more advertising. With more than 700 million active users around the world, and 2 Million new subscribers, its instant messaging platform is booming.

Therefore, it is solely up to the user to decide on the risk. The convenience and ubiquity of WhatsApp is undeniable. We all have at least one contact in our calendar that is on WhatsApp (probably most will be), and now it is a personal decision.

Finally, there are even more secure alternatives such as Signal, although Telegram is widely seen as the alternative to WhatsApp and is undoubtedly the most popular in this role.

It doesn’t matter if you are the richest person in the world if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, all your data from all the apps on your device is accessible, as Jeff Bezos discovered in 2020. That’s why I removed WhatsApp from my devices years ago. Having it installed creates

— Aiydin, Günaydın (@AiydinELC) October 6, 2022

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Telegram too? Users on social networks report intermittency in the application

Facebook services, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, suffer a global drop this Monday

What is happening with the internet and social networks? That is the question that many people ask themselves after the services of Facebook, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. In addition, to complete, it presents Telegram intermittency, the network that many people switch to when something like this happens.

And that is the biggest concern, that Telegram, an application that almost never fails, just the day that Facebook and WhatsApp There are also problems in their service.

At the moment, there has not been ato official communication from the company, But network users justify the intermittency due to the massive migration of people from other platforms.

According to the DownDetector site, the difficulties with Telegram They began to be reported at noon in countries like Brazil, Panama, Colombia and Peru.

In addition to Telegram, lNetizens have also expressed problems with Tik Tok.

But, as the saying goes, bad weather looks good, and users on networks know that, who have taken advantage of on Twitter to share memes due to the fall of other networks.

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Why Telegram will make you forget about WhatsApp?

There are many Telegram features that you are unaware of, and that is why you continue using WhatsApp. We imagine that if you use WhatsApp – the leading messaging service -, it is because all the people you communicate with use it, since we could say that WhatsApp “everyone uses it”, while Telegram only a few. but they exist advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp that you probably don’t know, we will tell you:

Telegram will make you forget about WhatsApp

Telegram is going to make you want to try it from the moment you finish reading this, and make you consider whether leave WhatsApp. These are the advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp:

  • secret chat: You don’t need Snapchat to talk secretly, nor a WhatsApp where anyone can see your conversations (with the number of tricks there are to do so), since the more you use a service, the easier it will be to hack. Telegram’s secret chat functionality is wonderful, because everything you say automatically disappears and in the time you say. What you write or write can disappear in seconds or minutes, it’s up to you. If you want to discuss more private and personal things, Telegram is better than WhatsApp.
  • Supergroups: Telegram allows you to create groups of up to 1,000 people with its new update. In this way, we will be able to have work groups or whatever we want on Telegram without any type of limit. Ideal for medium or large companies, because workers will be able to talk safely and be in contact through groups. Telegram allows groups of 1000 people, WhatsApp only 100.
  • Stickers: Telegram stickers are truly amazing, as soon as you discover them you won’t stop putting them in all your conversations. Stickers are great, plus we have already told you how to create your stickers. The best thing is that you can download all kinds of them, and they are very fun. Do you want Shin Chan or Pokémon stickers? You have them on Telegram, and of course many more fun ones and everything you are looking for. At WhatsApp we only have big hearts, so as soon as you try them you will want to stay.
  • The latest emojis: For a month or more we have had the latest emojis, which have not yet landed on WhatsApp. These funny emojis that arrived in the last update on iOS and that allow us to add new funny emojis from a robot. On Telegram they are now available practically at the same time as on iOS. WhatsApp is still waiting to have them.
  • Updates report: Another advantage that Telegram has over WhatsApp is that whenever we update it informs us of the news in the latest update, this is wonderful because it will allow us to be up to date at all times with everything that is happening. He informs us in a normal conversation with them.
  • Send images faster: within a contact, if we click on the attached send button, we have the latest images taken or captured that we can send to the user with a click. We won’t have to delve into folders if what we want is to send those latest photos, we have them at the click of a button without having to search for them.
  • Search for images without leaving Telegram: Telegram allows us to search for images on the Internet from Telegram, without having to leave the application. It is an advantage over WhatsApp. We will only have to enter the keywords and wait to see the search results.
  • Security: Telegram has always taken on WhatsApp for this feature, saying that it is much more secure than WhatsApp. Is it really? Yes, because although we don’t know it, it includes several protection filters. 2-step verification is an example of this, in addition to setting a password for conversations, among other features.
  • Notice the photos: When a user is taking a photo, Telegram notifies that they are actually taking a photo and then sends it to us. So if we are talking to someone and a message appears above like “recording audio” or “sending photo”, we already know why they are not answering and what they are doing. I love this functionality!

What service do you choose?

It is clear that Telegram offers us many more thingsHowever, WhatsApp arrived earlier and more users use it, so it goes to mass. As much as we like Telegram, if the people we talk to are on WhatsApp we would be left without talking to them. But if you want to try it, you can do like me, which I use both services to talk to different people.

In the case of the family, I have practically everything on WhatsApp. It is the service they know, and it was already difficult for them to learn how to use it to now offer them something new. However, many friends or classmates already they opt more for Telegram for all the functionalities it offers. Look how good it looks on my Nexus 6:

But if you have a good cell phone with enough space, If I were you, I would use both at the same time to try them out. and live more connected. This way you can enjoy the advantages of one, and advantages of the other. It can be used as a complement.

  • WhatsApp for voice calls.
  • WhatsApp to save favorite messages.
  • Telegram for secret conversations.
  • Telegram for large groups.
  • Telegram to use the new emojis and stickers.

Which service do you choose and why? What do you think of the advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp? Take advantage of the comments to start the debate.

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WhatsApp is down, but there are other messaging platforms: How to access Telegram Web?

Telegram works in a similar way to WhatsApp, but it allows you to send files from your cell phone to your PC and vice versa, it allows you to compress photos, create GIFs and can even be used from your computer.

This Monday, 4th of Octobera global fall of Facebook and its associated networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram. However, until now, the reasons for this failure are unknown.

Given the unexpected fall of social networks, other messaging applications such as Telegram and signal they experienced a increase in users since the interruption persisted for at least six hours. However, Telegrama also presented some flaws.

Due to the fall of WhatsAppespecially, many users affiliated with the messaging app They decided to migrate to others to be able to communicate with their contacts and Telegram It was one of them, although during the day it also had some failures.

However, this did not prevent new users join the messaging network and try it for the first time, because it works in a similar way to WhatsApp, pbut this allows you to send files cell phone to PC and vice versa, allows compress photoscreate GIF and can even be used from the computer.

How to access Telegram Web?

We tell you how to use Telegram Web and to do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter
  2. Register
  3. Enter your country and phone number
  4. Open Telegram on your cell phone
  5. You will receive a verification code on your cell phone to log in
  6. Write the code in Telegram Web
  7. Chats, groups, among others will automatically be synchronized

This way you can enter Telegram Web and have easy access to any conversation you have on the messaging network.