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Child Bill Clinton returns on Twitch stream

Last year, specifically in the month of December, something happened that was considered controversial in the world of video games, and that is that a boy burst in out of nowhere during the The Game Awards. This one was nicknamed the boy Bill Clintongiven that during his speech he spoke about said former president linked to the Jewish religion that confused the public.

Although two months have passed since the event, it seems that the boy does not want to leave the spotlight, so he is now going to the big leagues with the Twitch streamer known as Kai Ceinat. He was recently in a subscriber marathon, even the boy who likes to give confusing messages appeared to interrupt said broadcast.

The streamer was walking with a colleague in what appears to be an amusement or attraction park, and right behind them the boy was following their trail. Bill Clinton. And just like that, the content creator himself looked at him suspiciously, saying to the camera that he swore he had seen him before, and from there came his memories of The Game Awards.

This mentioned Dinnersomething that also includes his bodyguards:

You are the most random person I have ever seen. You’re not with us, you’re not with us but I’ve definitely seen you before. Don’t let him follow us.

Although he walked away, a short time later he broke into the cameras again with the excuse of taking a photo with the creator. Something that was really interpreted as a plan to appear worldwide in front of thousands of viewers.

Via: Twitch

Editor’s note: Without a doubt that boy knows how to rub shoulders with the stars, he even had his moment with the creator of Dark Souls. We will have to see his next appearances worldwide

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4 video game streaming apps that are not Twitch

If one talks about an app for streaming video games, it is an obligation to mention Twitch, the application par excellence for this type of services which has become one of the entertainments of millions of people around the world. Times are changing and there are many young people who, instead of watching television, spend their hours every day enjoying the best games of the most popular games of the moment. LoL, Dota or Starcraft II are capable of bringing together hundreds of thousands of people daily from their smartphones or screens.

A few days in which we live that not everything is Twitch and the reality is that we have a wide variety of apps that respond to the needs of other types of users who are looking for a platform different from this popular one. And this is where the shots go in relation to this entry in which you can find four apps for streaming video games in which you can find from a community that surrounds the great Dota, one of the greatest rivals of League of Legends, or another that dares to comment on everything that happens with that great MOBA that Riot Games published years ago to become one of the most played online multiplayer games in history.

League of Stars

This is where we start, with League of Legends or LoL itself. This MOBA video game has its League of Legends Championship Series where the best players of the moment meet, so this app called League of Stars is perfect to stay up to date with everything that happens in this title.

It allows fans to read news, see games, results and follow the overall ranking of the game. Will be able to follow your favorite LoL team, whether in the European and American leagues. The app even has fully integrated streaming functionality, to watch those games in real time or watch them later if you don’t have the time for it. This is why it offers the reminders feature so you don’t miss any of those spectacular games.


We are facing a platform that supports a community organized around game streaming, watch tournaments and connect with others who love the same games as yourself. It has the quality of being able to launch your own streaming to demonstrate how good a player you are and even be able to use the camera and microphone and delight with your skills to capture those players who will follow your games.

An app that requires Android 5.0 or higher to be able to stream, although if you only want to play content you can install it on a device with Android 4.1 or higher. You will be able to play exclusive streams of popular games such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Clash Royale, C-Opss, Vainglory and Hearthstone.


You will be able to attend the best players of all types from categories such as RPGs, casual or racing games. It allows you to participate in gamer communities and be aware of everything that happens in this world with new games, tricks and all that news so you don’t miss anything and be the biggest gamer of all. It includes the option to share thoughts, game recordings and connect with your friends so you can have a better time.

Apart from those comments, you can share your best scores, ask questions you have about games and record your own tips or recommendations for other players. GameDuck also offers real-time video streaming, and although it is not as well-known as Twitch, it is another important alternative to consider. It includes FaceCam support that allows you to add expressions to the streaming you are doing.

Live Dota

We finish the list with an essential app for Dota fans. It allows you to follow your favorite teams and leagues with notifications so that when they are live you can be there so you don’t miss a second of the broadcast. Includes real-time statistics on kills, items, graphs and much more. You can play audio streams in the background and view game statistics for recent games.

One of its details is the widget to access a general summary of online games.

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Twitch CEO resigns after 16 years in office

Emmet Shear announced his departure in a series of tweets today. According to screenshots from his blog, the birth of his child made him stop and reflect on his future in Twitch. She compared her growth from a 24/7 reality show to a site where streamers can broadcast their games to millions of people to raising a child, her first child.

Twitch He often seems like a son I’ve been raising too,” Shear said. “And although I will always want to be there if Twitch needs me, at 16 years old I feel that Twitch She is ready to move house and venture out on her own. So it is with great nostalgia that I share my decision to give up Twitch as CEO.”

Dan Clancy, the current president of Twitch, will now serve as CEO effective immediately. Shear will continue working on Twitch in an advisory role.

Shear founded Twitch in October 2006 as a 24/7 reality show called Justin TVnamed after one of its co-founders, Justin Kan, and created to document Kan’s life.

As the years went by, Shear said he didn’t think an all-day reality series focused on a single person was the best idea, so in 2013, Justin TV grew and became Twitcha site where streamers can broadcast how they play their favorite games for millions of people to see.

In the last decade, Twitch put Fortnite on the map, turned Ninja and Pokimane into stars and became a wholly owned subsidiary of amazon. He has also dealt with more than a few controversies, including a scandal involving deepfake and more. In any case, the influence of Twitch in the gaming community is undeniable, attracting millions of users a day.

Via: IGN

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This is what you can win in Kick, the Twitch competition

The numbers in Twitch They are impressive and almost no other platform can match them due to the large number of viewers and subscribers it attracts daily. However, in recent months a new platform called Kick that aims to take away the leadership in the long term.

Created by the streamer Trainwrecks with the support of Stakinga cryptocurrency online casino established in a tax haven, Kick has been attracting various popular content creators in order to offer a service and features that Twitch cannot provide. One of the notable features is the revenue sharing between the streamer and the platform, where the creator receives 95% of the profits while the platform keeps 5%.

However, as they say, practice beats theory, so Wrecks has demonstrated on his Twitter account the profits that a streamer with 3,500 subscribers can obtain in Kick. With a total of 3,470 subscribers, Wrecks has achieved an impressive amount of $16,047 dollars net. If you had the same number of subscribers in Twitchwould have earned approximately $8,000 dollars if you are from the United States or $6,000 euros if you are from Europe, which means you literally earn double on the new platform.

Of course, this has sparked the interest of numerous major streamers from Twitch, who have pointed out that the difference in profits between both platforms is abysmal. However, Twitch has an advantage that probably Kick can never match: Twitch Prime. Despite this, if at any time Twitch Prime cease to exist, we could see significant changes in the preferences of streaming platforms.

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Installing Twitch on a Samsung Smart TV is now easier

Following the request of millions of people over recent years, Twitch together with Samsung have decided to include the official app from the world’s most popular live streaming platform. While several steps previously had to be followed to be able to enjoy Twitch on smart TVs made by Samsung, the latest versions of the Tizen operating system They allow you to install this app in very few steps.

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV and want to enjoy Twitch? Well, if your television was launched on the market in 2021 or later, you should not have any type of problem to install the official app from the Samsung app store. Of course, we recommend that you follow the steps that we will provide you here, as they will facilitate access to the application in question.

How to install Twitch on a Samsung Smart TV

Before you follow the tutorial that we will leave you below, you will need to update the TV operating system to the latest version. If you have already done this, you should be able to install the Twitch app In a blink of an eye.

  • First you will have to access the main menu of your Samsung Smart TV. To do this you will have to press the house-shaped key that controls the respective television. Once you are in the main menu, you must enter the section that says “Apps”.
  • Therefore, you will have to press on the small magnifying glass that appears at the top right of the screen (it is called “Application Search”).
  • In the search field you will have to write the word “Twitch” (without quotes). Within seconds, the Twitch app should appear. You will have to press on it.
  • You must click on the white button that says “Install”.
  • Once the download and installation of the Twitch app is complete, you will be able to open it to enjoy your favorite streamers from your Samsung Smart TV.

Keep in mind that once the Twitch app is installed on your TV, You must log in with your account to view personalized content. Likewise, you can enjoy live broadcasts without the need to have a Twitch account.

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Twitch confirmed that it suffered a hacker attack where streamers’ earnings were leaked

The hack revealed data including Twitch source code and payment records and reports for a digital video game distribution service.

Twitch, Amazon’s popular video game platform, reported a hack this Wednesday following the online exposure of confidential company data.

The service, where users often stream video games live, confirmed the incident on Twitter and He explained that his “teams are working urgently to determine the scope.”

The statement followed reports of a massive release of Twitch data on the anonymous messaging grid 4Chan, where 125 gigabytes of data including Twitch’s source code were offered. payment records and reports on a digital video game distribution service that Amazon Game Studios is building.

Apparently, the leak did not include personal data of Twitch users, but the extent of the hack is still being investigated.

Google searches for “how to remove Twitch” increased eightfold as news of the hack spread, according to marketing analyst firm N. Rich.

“With such a worrying data breach from a platform as widespread and global as Twitch, Users naturally want to protect themselves and their data as soon as possible“said a spokesperson for N.Rich.

The person who posted the data left a message stating that the hack was done to encourage competition in video streaming and because the Twitch community “It is a toxic and disgusting cesspool,” according to the media.

Twitch users staged a virtual walkout last month to express their outrage over racist harassment, ___ist and homophobic that many suffer on the platform.

The phenomenon of “hate attacks” made the platform increasingly unpleasant for those streamers who are not white or straight.

The hashtag #TwitchDoBetter has attracted many complaints in the past month, primarily from female gamers, non-whites, and LGBTQ members. who allege that the platform has failed to stop internet trollswhile taking a 50% cut of the game streamers’ profits.

Twitch says it is working on improving tools to protect accounts from abuse. Besides, sued two users in a United States federal courtaccusing them of orchestrating “hate attacks.”

Find out about the current events and news in Colombia and the world:

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Streamer Pokimane leaves Twitch

For some of the most popular streaming platforms of the moment to stand out, they need some familiar faces. In this way, names like Ludwing, Amouranth or xQc have become synonymous with their respective companies. Thus, It was a surprise to hear that Pokimane, one of the most famous streamers in the world, has left Twitch.

Through her official Twitter account, Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, He no longer plans to continue broadcasting on Twitch. This news comes to light 10 years after its stream on this platform. This is what he said about it:

“The end of an era.

Twitch has been my home for a decade.

But it’s time to say thank you for all the memories and love during my League, Fortnite and Among us days.

In this regard, Twitch also commented the following:

“What an incredible journey it has been. We are very proud of everything he has accomplished and what lies ahead for him.

You will always have a home on Twitch, Poki.”

What an incredible journey it’s been. We’re so proud of everything you’ve accomplished and what’s ahead in the future.

You’ll always have a home on Twitch, Poki 💜

— Twitch (@Twitch) January 30, 2024

Pokimane leaves Twitch with more than 9.3 million followers and more than 1,400 subscriptions this January. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is, where will Pokimane go? Although the streamer has not yet revealed where his next home will be, many have pointed to YouTube and TikTok as the two companies most interested in adding this girl to their repertoire of streamers.

Recall that Ludwing and xQc were also some of the most famous streamers on Twitch, but they eventually got a better contract with YouTube and Kick respectively. The interesting thing here is, What Twitch is doing to alienate its most famous content creators. Considering the financial situation in which the Amazon division finds itself, it is very likely that this is a case where they are letting go of their greatest talent, who earns a lot, in order to avoid further losses.

We can only wait for Pokimane to reveal what its next platform will be to broadcast. On related topics, Twitch reconsiders its monetization system for partners. Likewise, implied nudity is prohibited on this site.

Editor’s Note:

Streamers are the face of companies like Twitch, and by losing one of the biggest members of the community, it is very likely that this will also mean that a substantial portion of the audience will also leave with Pokimane. We can only wait to see if this company continues to lose big names or not.

Via: Pokimane

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Twitch streamer suffers heart attack live

The world of streaming It is already our daily bread, that is precisely because there are many content creators who seek their struggle to turn their hobby into a fruitful lifestyle. All kinds of things can happen in these transmissions, from some that are quite funny to others that usually have unexpected outcomes for the worse.

Through a stream of the video game runescape Old School, something strange happened with the user known as GingerBeardie, given that in this game he had luck like few others, obtaining one of the rarest items in this title. However, that emotion turned into something else, since she fainted in her gaming chair, something that fans interpreted as a joke.

And no, it was not something done by the young man, but rather it was a direct heart attack that could have had repercussions on something much more serious. Just after two minutes of having remained in this state, is when his audience began to worry, and so one of the moderators contacted the streamer’s loved ones to find out what happened to him.

Been in hospital, covid me up bad and I’ve got inflammation on the heart and lungs.

All I want to do is go live but the heart palpitations are saying no, hopefully I will see you soon 🧡

— GingerBeardie (@GingerBeardie) May 19, 2023

I’ve been in the hospital, covid really screwed me up and I have inflammation in my heart and lungs.

All I want to do is go live, but the heart palpitations say no, hope to see you soon.

It is worth mentioning that everything is already controlled with the user, since he reported from Twitter that he went to the hospital as soon as he recovered from the fainting seen in the broadcasts. Announcing that when he gave him COVID His heart was affected, so he rested for a couple of days and then had a new broadcast and explained everything to his followers.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: The good thing is that in the end it was nothing more than a scare, and heart disease is something that should be taken with the required seriousness. So, if you feel something strange with your intestines, it’s time to go see the doctor.

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Hogwarts Legacy, February Twitch Drops revealed

Only three days left until February 10 when, on PC and next generation consoles, the highly anticipated open world inspired by the famous fantasy saga written by will be released JK Rowling. With the game’s upcoming release, Warner Bros. Games And Avalanche Software have decided to reward all the most active players in the community with gods Twitch Drops coming in launch month.

The rewards released will be different cosmetics and it is currently unclear if there will be another way to obtain them. Silver-Eyed Dragon Spectacles, Carmine Bol Lightning Scarf, Urchin Hat And Lilac Assemble they are the objects that we could have in-game thanks to this opportunity; receiving them will be very easy, every thirty minutes spent in a live game on Twitch it will be possible to redeem a prize and for it to appear in our inventory it will be enough to connect our Warner Bros. Games profile to the purple platform account.
Twitch Drops are certainly an interesting initiative to keep a game’s community active and united and this undoubtedly seems to be one of the intentions of the developers of Hogwarts Legacy. We also remember that since April 4 a version of the game will also be made available on Nintendo Switchwho knows if big N gamers will also be offered something of this type.

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Hogwarts Legacy, crying and insults on Twitch: the controversy grows

What could possibly happen while doing a live broadcast while playing the title of the moment? Certainly the streamers involved in this unfortunate story did not expect such an epilogue.

The couple of streamers Girlfriend Reviews was engaged in a live broadcast while they showed a preview of the brand new title from the world of Harry Potter, that is Hogwarts Legacyon the most famous streaming platform in the world, Twitch.

During the gameplay the live chat was invaded by a wave of hating such that the two creators interrupted the live broadcastthe girl would even be finished in tears following the insults received.

The hatred towards the title of the moment is due to some episodes of transphobia which featured the creator of the world of Hogwarts, the writer JK Rowling, who is now hated so much by the community that cannot be named not even in the Subreddit of the title.

The attack from the viewers of the live broadcast was so damaging that it pushed the creators to take a break from Twitch, as reported in one of their Tweet.

However, episodes like this do not slow down the public’s anticipation and trust in what really seems to be a magical game: we’ll tell you more about it in our review.

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Hogwarts Legacy, a site is born to see who has streamed the game on their Twitch channel

Hogwarts Legacy is the title of the moment: just a few days after its release, many content creators are having fun and showing the public a preview of the new Warner Bros. gem.

The ability to broadcast your own gameplay of the title is both a delight and a curse: this is because the game is subject to a hating attack resulted from some transphobic statements by JK Rowlingthe writer of the Harry Potter series and, albeit indirectly, the mind behind the Hogwarts Legacy universe.

The haters of the title are raging against the title and against those who play it: one case is that of the rain of insults that brought a well-known streamer to tears, or precisely the creation of a site aimed at “branding” those who have stained themselves of the guilt of having broadcast the title on the well-known streaming platform Twitch.

The name of the site is a program: the name of the title is not even mentioned, but it prefers to call itself “They broadcast THAT wizard game? (from English). Through access to your account through this site you can find out if a certain streamers that we are following is included in the “black list”.

The far from pleasant situation that the imminent release of the title is experiencing does not weigh on it at all great quality. To find out more, we invite you to read our review of Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy beats Cyberpunk 2077 on Twitch

In recent months the world of video games has certainly seen protagonists Hogwarts Legacythe new open world of Warner Bros. Games And Avalanche Software based on the famous fantasy saga by JK Rowling who, for one reason or another, did nothing but make people talk about himself well before coming out. It was certainly predictable that a game with such media coverage would sell like hot cakes once on the market but, with still two days left until its official release, the most curious fans are already following on Twitch all the live broadcasts relating to the long-awaited title, making it climb the platform’s rankings.
With the peak reached well 1,269,317 viewers Hogwarts Legacy in fact becomes the most followed singleplayer title on the streaming site at the moment, surpassing even giants such as Elden Ring and the previous record holder Cyberpunk 2077. However, the most famous multiplayer games still reign supreme on the purple platform; Fortnite, Minecraft And League of Legends they still seem to be insurmountable giants but in Hogwarts Legacy they have certainly found a new dangerous rival. Among other things, did you know that thanks to live broadcasts of the game on Twitch it is possible to obtain in-game prizes? I’ll leave you with one of our articles about it.

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This is how you can see your Twitch Recap 2023 to find out which streamers you watch the most

The month of Christmas has arrived and with it the expected annual summaries that have already become a tradition on the Internet. Here we have already explained how to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2023, YouTube Music Recap 2023, My Deezer 2023, Apple Music Replay 2023 and Reddit Recap 2023.

And now, the time has come for you to discover how to see the summary of your favorite streaming platform. That’s right, Twitch has launched its long-awaited Twitch Recap 2023 and, below, we’ll tell you how you can watch it from your mobile, tablet or computer.

How to view your 2023 Twitch Summary

For 2023, Twitch has launched a personalized summary with the streamers and categories you watch the most. In addition, this summary also includes the number of hours viewed, the days on which you entered the platform, the number of messages you sent in the chat and the achievements you achieved.

But not only that, they have also launched a interactive minigame (which you can try using this link) to see a video of the platform’s best moments during the year… What you want is to know which were the streamers you watched the most in 2023? Well, below we present the steps to follow to see it:

  • Open the twitch app on your mobile or enter your Web page.
  • Make sure you have logged in with your account from Twitch.
  • Now press on the profile icon which is in the upper left corner.
  • The next thing will be to click on Twitch Overview 2023 (may also appear as Twitch Recap 2023).
  • Finally, press the button Press Start and scroll down to see your entire summary. At the end you will see an image of your Twitch Recap 2023, which you can save by clicking on the button Share to upload it on your social networks.

And tell us… Who was the Twitch streamer you watched the most in 2023?

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Twitch updates with floating window player similar to YouTube

There are already several times that I have commented the value that a video game platform like Twitch now has, which is right now on everyone’s lips to be able to play hundreds of online games and thus continue the tough competition that exists in various online competitions in what is called eSports. Apart from this, a service like Twitch is used to learn about the new video games that appear every week for consoles and PC, so its popularity is due to several reasons. Hence, there are already several companies that are looking for a way to approach this type of service to try to take away that piece of cake that Twitch currently has.

Not to miss a beat, Twitch has launched a new feature to the app for Android mobile devices, which will surely be received with open arms by the multitude of users who use this service through their tablet or phone. This is a YouTube-style player window to be able to follow the streaming of a Twitch channel while the app is closed and we are exploring our Facebook news feed.

Follow streaming in the background

While this functionality is present on YouTube for those with a Music Key subscription, on Twitch they do not want to force the user to have a premium subscription in order to take advantage of what it can mean to watch streaming in a floating window while doing other things from your device.

So the Twitch team has announced a new feature to have this player on your device while the app is closed or minimized. To access this feature Simply click on the button located in the lower right corneror what would be through the application settings.

A customizable window

When one is already under this mode, one can even change the size of the player with a simple gesture to enlarge or reduce the dimensions of the window. From there, in the icon to the left of the player, or even from the notification bar we will return to the app.

Cite this feature It is only available on smartphones when we are in landscape mode. On a tablet it will work whether you are in portrait or landscape mode. And it is on this type of device where we will mostly take advantage of this new functionality that Twitch brings us, since on a smartphone, due to its smaller dimensions, we will have to increase the window so that we can see well what is happening in that intense League game. of Legends.

While the update is now available from the web version on Google Play, it may happen that your device has not been updated yet, so you can go to APKmirror in order to access this new feature.

A novelty that It adds to the one that Twitch itself brought a few months ago to be able to continue watching other channels while enjoying the playback of one.

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STREAMING platform centralizes content from Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more

Nerd Play Galaxy

O Nerd Galaxy It’s full of cool projects and one of them is having our “own” Nerd Community, where all users feel comfortable sharing all the types of content we love. Imagine a platform segmented into games, anime, films, comics, series, manga and much more.

As an initial step, we are launching Galáxia Nerd Play, a video sharing platform where you, who have a channel on YouTube or make videos on Facebook, Twitch etc., you will be able to centralize all your content on the platform. 20 best games of all time To do this is very simple, create your account and configure your GN Play CHANNEL as you wish. To import a video, simply enter a URL. If you are the owner of a channel, send a profile verification notification through your account. If approved, it will have the official channel seal. Look how we integrated all our YouTube and Facebook videos into our GN PLAY channel. Click here! Remembering that all views are still counted in their respective origins, if the video is from YouTube it will also receive viewing information. Furthermore, it is possible to write articles, send messages, get donations via Paypal, and soon LIVE notifications for each platform. So that’s it guys! I hope you like it and do some tests on GN Play and share it with all your friends.

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Twitch reconsiders some details regarding monetization

For a few weeks now there have been certain controversies with the platform Twitch, since they had involved some pretty tough regulations on the monetization aspect. However, and with the fear of losing great content creators, the streaming page has modified some issues with the ways in which it makes money.

Through its blog, the company announced a program known as a Plus partner, which helps creators who have just over 350 paid subscriptions to their channel from viewers. And in the following months the distribution of income with Twitch It will now be 70% in favor of the streamer, an improvement compared to 50% before.

Some data that must be taken into consideration is that the 350 subscribers must be maintained for at least three months of continuity, and that after 100,000 USD generated, the member plus function will be deactivated. For its part, once the user has reached the milestone, it does not matter if they lose memberships, they will keep 70%.

This sudden change comes after a rule was announced that streamers did not like, which does not allow advertising banners to be placed in the layout of their live stream. This has made users question whether they want to continue streaming on the platform, and this change shows the fear that the company has.

Via: Twitch

Editor’s note: The fear on the part of Twitch is noticeable, this is so that people do not move to platforms like YouTube, which now has some facilities for people who are just joining the world of videos. We’ll see if in the end they manage to get back to their preferred partners.

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Twitch will soon stop operating in Korea

Currently, the Twitch platform has remained the place par excellence for people to spend time watching their favorite content creators complete a video game or simply have a chat with them in order to give updates. This company has established itself in several countries, whether first or third world, but it seems that soon they will stop operating in a fairly large market, which clearly contributed a lot to the economy.

As mentioned, the next February 27 will stop providing services in the region of Koreathe video game and varied content streaming company published the announcement on its website, where the executive director of Twitch, Daniel Clancy, explained that the operations have been quite expensive. Even when they have tried to reduce costs, it has become an unsustainable business model because what is generated is not equivalent to the expense, something that is surprising.

The man describes how multiple adjustments were attempted to his operations in the country to reduce costs, including limiting streaming source quality to 720p. Still, network fees were 10 times more expensive in Korea than in most other countries. According to Clancyoperations outside Korea have entailed a significant financial loss and believes that there is no way to continue and achieve stability in a few weeks or months.

He February 27clients who establish Korea as their country of residence they will no longer be able to monetize and viewers in will no longer be able to make purchases through the service. Final payments for Korean streamers are expected to be made on March 16and all affiliates and partners will be terminated on June 4.That means that people will be able to continue watching their favorite channels, but they will not be able to make any type of expenses such as purchases or even member subscriptions.

Here what was mentioned:

I wanted to quickly send my thoughts to the Korean streamers who are affected by the decision we announced today. As I said in the blog and on the livestream, this was a very difficult decision that we delayed for some time. I just wanted to send you my thoughts because I am aware that this will have a real impact on them.

Something to consider is that Korea It is a very expensive country in general, so large companies cannot resign themselves to having huge losses, at least if the network and server charges are lower to reach an agreement between the corresponding people.

Via: Twitch

Editor’s note: Now with this decision it will be difficult for content creators to continue generating money as a method of making a living, unless they now decide to go fully to YouTube, it is the only alternative that streamers have at the moment.

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Twitch closes its doors in Korea: here are the reasons

Twitch has decided to end relations with Korea (South Korea obviously) because of costs too high for the maintenance of service in this country. In Korea, esports are practically a culture and it is clear that Twitch’s decision will have a strong impact on many streamers and communities. What will become of them?

The announcement of the closure of Twitch in Korea was made directly by Dan Clancy, the CEO of Twitch, through a post on the platform’s official blog. The effects of this decision will not be immediate, as Twitch will remain available in Korea until February 27, 2024.

However, the CEO was careful to explain well the reasons for which this decision was made. He himself explains that the costs of keeping the platform active in Korea are extremely high and various efforts have been made to try to keep the service active anyway. For example, Twitch has been experimenting with a feature peer to peerthen set the maximum video quality at 720p. Despite these changes, however, maintenance costs still remained approximately 10 times higher than in many other countries.

Still in the same article mentioned above, the Twitch CEO goes on to acknowledge that it was one very difficult decision to make and that several Korean streamers have made Twitch their work and career. It is inevitable, therefore, that the closure of the platform will have a very strong impact on streamers and their communities.

A very positive and “human” note on Dan Clancy’s part is that he has already started working to find one new home for all these streamers. He also adds that the Twitch team is already reaching out to several other streaming services to ease the transition to a new platform.

I want to emphasize that this was a very difficult decision and we are very sorry that we had to make it. Korea has always had and will continue to have a special role in the international esports community, and we are incredibly grateful for the communities they have built on Twitch. – Dan Clancy, Twitch CEO

For more information, you can visit this Twitch page which explains all the details and all the consequences that the closure of Twitch will also have for users outside of Korea.


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Twitch says goodbye to South Korea. What will happen to the streamer community?

Goodbye to Twitch in South Korea! An unexpected turn has shook the live streaming world, leaving South Korean creators and viewers in a state of uncertainty. The platform that was once an epicenter for diverse content and experiences is saying goodbye abruptly, raising questions about the future of streamers in the region.

In the midst of the launch of Stories for streamers on Twitch, the platform surprises by announcing the suspension of services in South Korea in February. The decision is based on network costs in Seoul, which turn out to be “ten times higher than in most other countries.”

Twitch closes in South Korea due to high costs

Twitch, known for being fertile ground for streamers and viewers around the world, has made a drastic decision in South Korea. In a letter sent by Dan Clancy to partners and affiliates, he reveals that the platform will close its services in February 2024. The reason? A increase in costs and decrease in profitability have led to this unexpected farewell.

In a blog post from the company, the official farewell of Twitch in South Korea is announced, with key dates that will mark the closing of this chapter. The curtain will fall February 27, 2024, while partners and affiliates will say goodbye on June 4. Before the big farewell, the platform promises assistance to help streamers migrate to other platforms.

Recommendations include exploring simulcasting and establishing alternative sites. This may be a opportunity for new services to stand out in the South Korean streaming scene. In the meantime, Twitch is collaborating with other platforms to facilitate a smooth and successful transition.

Network fees suffocate Twitch in Korea

Amazon’s streaming platform, Twitch, reveals operating with significant losses in Korea due to high local costs, especially network fees imposed by the country’s legislation. Despite attempts to reduce costs, such as limiting video quality to 720p, the efforts have not been sufficient.

Korean network rates are 10 times higher than most countries, making operations unfeasible. Twitch is facing financial difficulties and cannot find a solution to continue its operations in Korea. The platform is forced to close, marking an important precedent in its history.

How will this affect the community of creators and followers in the region?

In South Korea, there are many local streaming platforms, including AfreecaTV and Tving, which compete strongly with international services. Twitch stood out in the South Korean scene, especially in League of Legends eSports. The announcement of its closure has surprised many users, signaling a change regarding live streaming in Korea.

With the imminent closure of Twitch in South Korea, creators are left reflecting on the uncertain future that awaits them, investigating which platforms will give them a new stage to stand out. Twitch is not the only one that has experienced problems, this year, the gaming and streaming scene in Korea has experienced unexpected turns, with various companies facing closures and layoffs.

Users, for their part, will be forced to explore alternatives looking for platforms and services that fill the void left by the closure of Twitch. The search for new opportunities is presented as a necessity in this changing live streaming landscape in South Korea.

With the closure of Twitch in South Korea, the streaming community faces a challenge, but also the possibility of discovering new gems in the world of online entertainment.

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Twitch closes VOD service due to high costs

The streaming platform Twitch announced that it will close its video on demand (VOD) service in South Korea from December 13th this year. The decision was made due to the country’s high operating costs and regulatory requirements, which affect the quality and profitability of the service.

The VOD service allows users to watch recorded videos of streamers’ live broadcasts, as well as create and share clips and highlights of the most interesting moments. However, the Twitch reported that users in South Korea will no longer be able to access or produce this type of content, and that existing videos will be phased out by early 2023.

A Twitch had already reduced the maximum quality of videos from 1080p to 720p in South Korea since September 30, as a measure to save resources and meet regulatory standards. The company did not specify what these standards are, but many speculate that they are related to the issue of net neutrality, which involves Internet access providers charging fees to content providers.

Net neutrality is a principle that argues that all data on the internet must be treated equally, without discrimination, restriction or interference by access providers. However, some ISPs in South Korea want to charge content providers, such as YouTube, Netflix and Twitch, for the use of their networks, claiming that they generate excessive traffic and overload the infrastructure. Content providers, in turn, argue that they already pay for their own servers and connections, and that users also pay for their internet plans, so there is no reason for an additional charge.

The issue of net neutrality in South Korea has generated a lot of controversy and debate, involving politicians, companies, experts, content creators and users. Some bills on the subject are being discussed in parliament, but there is still no clear definition on the subject. Meanwhile, the Twitch appears to have chosen to close its VOD service in the country, as a form of protest or to avoid losses.

The decision of the Twitch affects thousands of streamers and viewers in South Korea, who use the platform to have fun, be informed, communicate and even make money. Many of them expressed their dissatisfaction and sadness on social media, questioning the reasons for the Twitch and asking for a solution. Some also fear that the Twitch may withdraw completely from the Korean market in the future if the situation is not resolved.

A Twitch is one of the largest live video streaming platforms in the world, especially for gaming. The company was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Amazon, and has more than 30 million daily active users. A Twitch offers several features and benefits to its users, such as the ability to interact with streamers and other viewers, to financially support their favorite creators, to participate in events and competitions, to access exclusive content and to be part of a global community. A Twitch It is also a source of income for many streamers, who receive donations, subscriptions, advertisements and sponsorships from their fans and partners.

A Twitch has not yet commented on the possible impacts of its decision on South Korea, nor on its future plans for the country. The company only said that it will continue to offer its live streaming service in South Korea, and that it is committed to providing the best possible experience for its users. However, many users in South Korea are dissatisfied and worried about the end of the VOD service, which was an important part of the platform. Some are already looking for alternatives, such as other streaming platforms or video storage services. Others hope that the Twitch review its decision, or that the issue of net neutrality in South Korea is resolved in a way that is favorable to content providers.

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Download YouTube Gaming for Android, Twitch’s new rival

A few weeks ago the guys at Google announced YouTube Gaminga service independent of YouTube but at the same time very similar that has surprised users especially due to the functionality of the Twitch-style video game competition. We could say that he comes to become his rival, and the best of all is that We can now download YouTube Gaming for Android:

YouTube Gaming – News

Do you want to enjoy incredible videos, trailers, streaming or compete with your friends in video games? YouTube Gaming is the app that makes all this possible, very similar to YouTube without a doubt but that we love because it is focused on gamers, the most gamers, so if you play it is your application. The Interface is similar to YouTube (same API) and Material Design:

We will be able to live surrounded by games, because Channels will be recommended for us to follow based on our tastespure recommendations of everything we like, and we will have the possibility of follow official gaming channels and professional players well known in the sector. So nothing is going to escape us with YouTube Gaming, which will have up to 25,000 different games.

If you want to have a gaming YouTube on your mobile, YouTube Gaming is the answer. And from now on we can enjoy a YouTube Gaming preview for Android. As always the guys from APK Mirror surprise us with an APK So that we can download it and start enjoying it without problems, go ahead and download YouTube Gaming for Android:

Download YouTube Gaming for Android

If you want to enjoy YouTube Gaming on your mobile in the purest Material Design style, you don’t have to do anything other than download this APK to enjoy this incredible app for gamers on your mobile. The guys at Google do everything well, and this app promises to be a success in video game competitions.

For now it seems that YouTube Gaming will do well in the market, and users were really waiting for this day to be able to try the application. Just left wait to see if they can overshadow Twitchbecause so far it is the pioneer in this and Google seems to want the opposite.

We’ll see, but for now We can now try YouTube Gaming for Android. Don’t hesitate to get this download and tell us what you think.

Download | YouTube Gaming for Android

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Hogwarts Legacy – Prizes to be won on Twitch

Hogwarts Legacy has been available to the greatest console fans of the world of magic for several hours now. You can further enhance your gaming experience via Twitch.

Hogwarts Legacy This is undoubtedly the production that many fans of the world created by JK Rowling have been waiting for. Starting tonight at midnight, purchasers of the Deluxe version of this title can explore the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its surroundings. As you probably remember, the game represents the RPG genre. Therefore, collecting equipment for our character must be of great importance. If you would like to obtain new robes and personalization items, it is definitely worth going to Twitch. From now until February 24, you will be able to obtain 4 pieces of gear via Twitch Drops. This is what Avalanche Software has prepared for us:

  • Silver dragon glasses
  • Hat
  • Scarf with lightning bolt
  • Set with lilies
  • Merlin’s robe

Are you ready to reap the rewards? Four exclusive #HogwartsLegacy in-game cosmetics are available with Twitch Drops from February 7th – 24th.

— Hogwarts Legacy (@HogwartsLegacy) February 6, 2023

The game’s Twitter post includes a list of steps that must be completed to receive rewards. In short, a Warner Bros. account is required. Then we need to connect our Twitch account to it and log in to our Warner Bros. account. In Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to get all the equipment, you need to watch the drop videos for 2 hours and a 20-minute broadcast organized by the game’s creators. Of course, I encourage you to recall the title’s trailer.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for owners of the Deluxe version on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. At 7 p.m. the computer edition of the magical production will be unlocked. It is compatible with Steam Deck and can be downloaded from this morning to have the files waiting for the game to be unlocked. The premiere of the standard edition on PS5 and XSX|S takes place on February 10. This title will also be released on previous generation consoles and Nintendo Switch this summer.

Thanks to @CenegaPolska we will move to the magical world of @HogwartsLegacy and check how the game works on #PS5 🙂

— (@KONSOLOWEinfo) February 6, 2023

We’ve started reviewing the game for you and once we get through it, you can of course expect our review. So remember to check in with us regularly. There will also be our comparison of graphics and performance of the version dedicated to PS5 and Steam Deck. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know, without going into spoilers, of course. We are waiting for your comments.

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Hogwarts Legacy – Limited DualSense and Twitch Record

Hogwarts Legacy arrives today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. PS5 owners may be interested in the new pad. However, there is a small “but”.

Hogwarts Legacy it’s an incredibly extensive game. I’ve been checking it for you for almost a week, and there’s no end in sight yet. For this reason, you’ll have to wait a little longer for my review. I will also prepare for you a performance and graphics comparison between the Steam Deck versions and the dedicated PlayStation 5 version. I encourage you to check the portal regularly. Now let’s return to the variant addressed to PS5 users. As you probably remember from our previous news, the production by Avalanche Software supports many functions of the DualSense controller. Touch effects, adaptive triggers, motion sensor, and backlight around the touch panel – these are just some of these functions. The biggest fans of this title would undoubtedly like to add a gamepad to their collection. I have good news for you – an official, limited DualSense controller based on… Hogwarts Legacy. You can take a look at it below.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the beginning of today’s news, there is a small “but”. Namely, this controller will only be available in the United States and the United Kingdom on PlayStation Direct. We don’t know the price of this pad. What we do know is that the world of magic has some reason to celebrate. As reported on the game’s social media, the Twitch broadcast attracted as many as 1.28 million viewers. This means that this single-player production was watched by the most people in the history of premiere shows on the mentioned platform.

Thanks to YOU ​​#HogwartsLegacy is officially the #1 Single Player game ever on @Twitch with 1.28M peak concurrent viewers at launch.

— Hogwarts Legacy (@HogwartsLegacy) February 9, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy was released today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The game is also available on computers (including Steam Deck). On April 4, versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released, and on July 25, Nintendo Switch will receive its edition.

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Amazon officially buys Twitch

It’s official, Amazon purchased the well-known streaming service “Twitch” for 970 million dollars. Surely you have heard of or used it Twitch to broadcast your gameplay on nextgen console or PC.

Amazon: Twitch successfully acquired

Broadcasting and watching gameplay has become a global phenomenon and Twitch has laid the foundations for this path, it is a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of video games every month.

We have acquired Twitch because we’re eager to learn from them and help them grow even faster in building new services for the gaming community.

These were the words of Amazon’s CEO who motivated the acquisition of the well-known streaming service. At this point the question arises spontaneously, how will Amazon use or rather exploit this acquisition? Only time will tell! There are rumors that Amazon is secretly working on a gaming console, we await confirmation or denial.

We take this opportunity to inform you that Twitch like Youtube is completely free, once you sign up you have the possibility to broadcast your gameplay from a PC, Xbox One or Playstation 4. Twitch also integrates a messenger and support for audio and webcam , in this way you will have the opportunity while playing to talk or read the comments of those who follow you.