ChatGPT vs Gemini, which AI chatbot is the best?

Since its inception, many people have seen the ChatGPT chatbot as one of the best options on the market and over time it has become an excellent way to make use of artificial intelligence. But recently, Google showed the world its new AIrenamed Gemini, which has a lot of functions that attract a lot of attention.

Both AIs have a free version and a paid version, so if you are doubtful of which chatbot with artificial intelligence is betterbe sure to read the article that we have prepared for you on this occasion.

Gemini offers more features in its free version than ChatGPT

Let’s start talking about the free versions of both artificial intelligences, on the one hand, we have ChatGPT, which for its free version uses the GPT-3.5 engine and Gemini uses Gemini Pro. Both language models are the standard version of their company and are You can pay to upgrade these AIs to the most refined version of them. However, the free feature of Gemini has many more benefits than the free version of ChatGPTlet us explain why we say this.

The free version of Gemini has Internet access, while ChatGPT has limited information

From the beginning, it was proposed that ChatGPT would have an information outage dating until January 2022, which means that the AI, in its free version, is not aware of any event that occurred after that date. While Gemini has an Internet connection and can give you accurate information about recent events without any problem.

Of course, this problem is solved with ChatGPT Plus thanks to the fact that this AI offers you an Internet connection through Bing. But if you don’t want to pay for your AI to surf the Internet, then the best thing for you will be use Gemini.

Uploading and creating images is only available for ChatGPT Plus users, but on Gemini you can do it without paying anything

Creating and interpreting images is a task that can only be achieved in ChatGPT if you have the paid version, that is, ChatGPT Plus. Instead, Gemini offers you an image generator and it also allows you to interpret images with AI in its free version.

Likewise, it is important to mention that by using the paid version of both artificial intelligences we can obtain longer and more specific responses from ChatGPT compared to Gemini. That is, GPT-4 is a little more creative in its responses than Gemini Ultra.

Gemini connects to your entire Google environment, while ChatGPT only has plugins when you pay for a subscription

A great advantage of Gemini is that connects with Gmail, Google Meet, YouTube and other Google apps, a very useful tool and the best part is that it does it for free. While ChatGPT, which has a huge number of plugins that add many functions, can only provide you with this service if you pay a monthly subscription.

In terms of price, both premium subscriptions are almost the same

ChatGPT Plus costs €18.2while the price of Gemini Advanced is €22. That is, even though ChatGPT Plus is cheaper, the price doesn’t really vary too much and Gemini Plus offers more things, in addition to an improved version of its AI. Gemini Plus also comes with 2TB of cloud storageits own VPN and features for Google One that have not yet been revealed at the time of writing this article.

Now, in terms of ability, both artificial intelligences share quite similar performance. Although it must be admitted that in our experience, GPT-4 surpasses Gemini Ultra in creativity and programming. By subjecting both to similar tests, it has been seen that even though Gemini Plus has Google’s LLM, its performance is still a bit clumsy, compared to ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT only offers you a response per prompt

A great advantage of Gemini Advanced is that it does not give you a single answer to your question, since with a single prompt, Google’s AI It offers you 3 types of answers. On the other hand, ChatGPT can do the same, but you have to press the Regenerate button to see other types of responses to the same prompt, although it is worth mentioning that ChatGPT responses tend to be longer and more elaborate in comparison.

If you want hands-free AI, ChatGPT is probably much better for you

This part can be a little tricky and that’s because Gemini can be configured on Android mobile devices to be your assistant instead of the typical Google assistant. Which would indicate that it is easier to use without having to touch your phone, but the truth is that the app ChatGPT has one of the best AI voice interaction models that may exist at the time of writing this article.

This is probably something that will change over time, but if you want to have an AI that you can converse with as if it were another person and that feels natural and fluid, it would be best to download the app. ChatGPT for your mobile. However, when configured as a virtual assistant, Gemini can do tasks on your phone such as writing an Email, setting an alarm, playing a video, interacting with other devices connected to your phone, etc.

In conclusion, both are very good options depending on what you are looking for and what you want to achieve. If you want a more creative AI with longer responses, with which you can have fluid conversations without having to touch your phone, ChatGPT is better for you. But if you are within the Google environment, you have a Gmail account, a Google Meet account, you want to have a virtual assistant with AI and you don’t want to pay a subscription, Gemini will better suit your expectations.

That’s all for now with our article on Gemini vs. ChatGPT, differences and which is better. We hope that this article has helped you clarify some doubts regarding these two artificial intelligences. If you have any questions about what we explain here, leave them in the comments section so we can help you.

By Yaakov Clark

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