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Compete against other players in legendary 2D races in ReRunners

The endless runners put us faced with the situation of not stopping running until we almost find that the level is infinite and that the score we obtain and those characters or powers that we can block are more important. If we remove the term “endless”, it remains a runner, so we are left with a video game in which you have to run like a madman with a level that is supposed to have an end. If we add the term “multiplayer” to that “runner”, we will find a series of players, either synchronously or asynchronously, whom we will have to beat in any way possible to be the best player on the planet. More or less this is what ReRunners proposes.

ReRunners is a competitive multiplayer video game in which you will have to take first place to get better powers and abilities. A game in which the variety of content with more than 60 levels full of color, a large number of characters to unlock, a lot of objects to use against enemies and a very retro visual style, puts us before one of the most casual games that we have seen pass through these lines in recent months. In that customization, with characters that may remind those of Lucas Arts’ Maniac Mansion, this video game will try to make those races even crazier.

Run at full speed

You will have to choose a character who will represent you and who will be the one with whom you will go through a tutorial in which you will be presented with the basics of the game. This includes knowing that you can unlock extra capabilities for your hero such as double jumping or the ability to run faster for a few seconds among many other powers. After the tutorial you will be able to compete against other players synchronously, so ReRunners has a great multiplayer component that is quite attractive.

And it is not just about the customizations and the multiplayer aspect, but also the levels, more than 60, they will put all the meat on the grill so that you can really enjoy each race and are waiting for it to finish to start another. In order to win these races you will have to know how to correctly use the powers that you will unlock in order to beat your rivals. These powers will have to be unlocked, and since it is a freemium model, you can have them immediately without making micropayments within the application, otherwise you will have to wait a while.

With an RPG touch

ReRunners has the possibility of raise the level of your heroes, so it has a bit of that RPG element, although it only remains that. You can also improve the skills you learn, so that your hero is able to face the rest of the rivals with a little advantage. And how could it be otherwise, you can also customize his appearance to differentiate yourself from other players.

A video game that has a lot of content and which you can spoil for hours. The truth is that it has known how to play its cards not only in its fun races, since they are quite intense, but also offers customization, level up, skill improvement and many levels to play. You have it for free from the Google Play Store with the obvious micropayments that allow you to save time on the improvements and other powers that your runner will obtain.

Technical quality

ReRunners has a great looking visually to the retro pixel that is capable of making us take those nostalgic moments back to our memory. Apart from this visual language, the character designs are very successful and have great quality to be similar to the protagonists of Maniac Mansion. For the rest, it has good quality as a whole to give us a great arcade runner in which to enjoy competing against other players.

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  • Its retro Maniac Mansion style
  • Lots of content
  • Its crazy characters


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