Construction Simulator 2022: Buy Company Premises 2

How can you buy the company premises 2 in Construction Simulator 2022? How can you expand and activate the company premises in order to meet the requirements for expansion level S? This is what one or two players might ask in the first few hours of play who have bought the new Construction Simulator 2022 for the PC or console. After you have created a character, you first have to familiarize yourself with the basic features and, above all, the control of individual vehicles and machines as part of the “opening campaign”. As part of the opening campaign, you also have to reach expansion level S with your own virtual company and to do this you have to own three construction machines, buy company premises 2 and complete the Expansion job.

Buy company premises in Construction Simulator 2022

You can simply buy or rent the construction equipment from the vehicle dealer, depending on how much money you have. You can complete the Expansion job (USA region) simply by completing the work required in the job (complete the opening campaign under Job and Campaign). But how can you buy the company premises?

In order to buy the “Company Site 2” and thus reach expansion level S, you simply have to open the menu in the game, open the “Expansion Levels” under the “Company” tab and then you can unlock or purchase the individual features on the right. There is, among other things, the “Company Site II”, which you can buy here for $150,000. It is important that you can only enter the second company premises once you have completed the Expansion job from the opening campaign. However, the “goal” should be marked as completed immediately after purchase, regardless of whether you have already completed the order from the opening campaign or not.

Is there actually a money cheat for the new Construction Simulator 2022 on the PC and console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One)?

By Russell Morgan

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