Construction Simulator 2022 Create Multiplayer: Join and Invite Servers

How does the multiplayer actually work in the new Construction Simulator 2022? How to create a server and invite friends? This may be the question asked by one or two players who have bought the new Construction Simulator 2022 and would like to play a round with friends. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to create a server and play multiplayer with friends.


  • Create server and invite friends
  • Join server
  • Play multiplayer in crossplay?

Create server and invite friends

In the Construction Simulator 2022 you can play together with up to four players on a server and work through the challenges in the open game world together. In order to be able to play multiplayer with friends, you first have to complete the opening campaign. After you complete the tutorial, which you can’t skip, you can create a multiplayer game (Update: You can apparently join a server without completing the tutorial).

  1. Open the menu in the game and go to the “Online” tab.
  2. Next you have to enter the game name for the server. If you only want to play with friends and not with “stranger players”, then you also have to enter a password.
  3. Under the “Requirements” you can then set the minimum level and limit the number of players (the maximum is currently 4 players).
  4. Finally, you click on the “Create game” button and can then create a group with friends via “Construction team”. Unfortunately, there is currently no “invite friends” function (at least we couldn’t find one on the PC). However, friends can search for and join the server using the server search.

Join server

If you want to join a server in Construction Simulator 2022, you must first go to the main menu and continue the game (if you have not yet created a character, you must do this first). You can then view and list the servers using “Join multiplayer game”. You can also search specifically for a server name using “Search game” at the top left.

  1. Start Construction Simulator 2022 and continue the game.
  2. Search for the server via “Join multiplayer game”, select the server and join. If the game server is password protected, you still have to enter the password here.

Play multiplayer in crossplay?

Finally, the question arises, what about crossplay? Can you play Construction Simulator 2022 together on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series regardless of platform? The short answer to the question is no, unfortunately that’s not possible. So far, only players on the same platforms can play together in multiplayer. If anything changes in the future, we will add the information here.

If there are problems in Construction Simulator 2022 Multiplayer and the server is not displayed, you should firstly check the server region set and secondly deactivate the set filters.

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