Construction Simulator 2022: Milling, applying and compacting asphalt

In the new Construction Simulator 2022, you’ll be more involved in road construction, especially at the beginning. To build a new road, various work steps are necessary. Among other things, you have to mill the asphalt and then apply and compact new asphalt. Anyone who has just started playing the game may be wondering which machines can be used to build the road. In this guide we have briefly described how you can complete the individual tasks involved in road work.

Milling asphalt

To mill the asphalt you need a cold milling machine. In the game there are several cold milling machines from different manufacturers such as CAT and BOMAG. You can then stand on the street with the cold milling machine and use the menu to “switch the milling on/off”.

  • BOMAG BM 2000/75 – 299,999 euros
  • CAT PM620 – 299,999 euros

Apply asphalt

After you have milled the asphalt you have to apply the new asphalt and for this you need a black paver. The black ceiling paver is also available from various manufacturers such as BOMAG and CAT.

  • BOMAG BF 600 C-2 – 299,000 euros
  • CAT AP1055F – 299,000 euros

Compact asphalt

Finally, the freshly applied asphalt must then be compacted with an asphalt roller. It is important to use an asphalt roller and not an earthmoving roller.

  • BOMAG BW 141 AD-5 – 79,000 euros
  • CAT CB44B – 79,000 euros
  • HAMM HD+ 90I VO – 79,000 euros
  • WACKER NEUSON RD45 – 79,000 euros

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By Ivan Rivera

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