Crusader Kings 3 Chapter 3 Roadmap Explained

A new year is coming, and with it a new chapter for Crusader Kings 3. We already have an outline of Chapter 3 and the new additions to the game that you can expect in 2024.

Crusader Kings 3 has fully established how to deliver new content to fans, with each chapter consisting of four different types of DLC packs.

Some make major changes to the game, adding new mechanics, systems and extensions to existing ones, while others make cosmetic changes and add a little spice to events or narrative moments.

If you want to find out everything Chapter 3 has to offer this year, check out everything we know so far below.

Chapter 3 price

PC Developer Diary #143 – Next Chapter 📖
Crusader Kings III #ChapterIII has been revealed! This year you can expect Plagues, Legends, Landless Adventurers, Byzantium and much more. Read the latest #CK3 Developer Diary where you’ll find all the details!

— Crusader Kings III (@CrusaderKings) February 6, 2024

You can now purchase the Chapter 3 bundle for free £38.48 / $43.98 / €43.98.

This way, you will save some money by purchasing the DLCs rather than buying them individually over time.

Capetian fashion

Couture of the Capets is the first DLC for Chapter 3 of CK3, which is: cosmetics packaging which introduces high fashion styles drawing inspiration from French royal culture from the late Middle Ages.

If you purchase Chapter 3 now, the pack will be unlocked immediately, but you cannot purchase it separately.

Once Chapter 3 ends and the next one is announced, it will be available for purchase as part of the CK3 Collection Bundle on Steam, but that will likely happen sometime next year.

Legends of the dead

Legends of the Dead is the first part Core expansion Chapter 3, which will be launched on March 4, 2024.

The expansion focuses entirely on your family’s legacy, both material and abstract, giving you greater control over your dynasty with new systems and expanded mechanics.

Here are the main features:

  • Legends – Build the legend of your dynasty through great deeds or by commissioning a history of your family that can last through the ages
  • Legendary play style – Brand new decisions and actions that contribute to the legend of your dynasty
  • Legendary buildings – As your legend progresses, you will gain access to new buildings
  • Legendary feasts – Throw an amazing party where poets and bards will wax lyrical about your dynastic achievements and spread the word of your greatness
  • Court Chronicles – A new court position for your family’s official historian
  • Two new inheritances – A heroic dynastic legacy for the heirs of characters who have achieved legendary status, and a legacy of legitimacy that will help promote your dynasty as the true rulers of your chosen kingdom
  • New diseases and mourning – Three new deadly diseases have been added, and you can now honor deceased family members with faith-specific funeral rituals
  • Black Death – The greatest plague in history can now wreak havoc across the land, changing the society and politics of your kingdom and the entire continent
  • New art – Brand new map table, clothing types, unit models and facility designs

Roads to power

Roads to Power is the next major DLC for this chapter and is called Major expansion by Paradox.

His centered around the Byzantine Empire, enabling the creation of a new administrative government in Constantinople. There will also be a number of events and flavors typical of the region.

Finally, it adds new playstyles wherever possible traverse the map and become an adventurer.

There’s no word on a release date for Roads to Power, but we’ll keep this roadmap updated with any new information.

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Wandering nobility

Finally, there are the Wandering Nobility. This is Event package is intended to build on many of the systems added in the “Tours & Tournaments” expansion from Chapter 2.

Adding new ones Traveling lifestylenew forms of travelingreasons why you should leave the safe kingdom and a handful of events, incidents and stories related to traveling.

We also have no information about the release date of this pack.

You can find more guides on our Crusader Kings 3 home page. We’ve also covered the best starts and how to use debug mode, and for those who haven’t tried the previous core expansion, we’ve prepared a review of tours and tournaments.

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