Dead Island 2: increase inventory

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new zombie shredder Dead Island 2 will certainly have found some weapons and other consumables such as ammunition or projectiles and parts. Sooner or later the message “Inventory full” will appear and in this context the question usually arises, how can the inventory in Dead Island 2 be increased? Is it even possible to change the size of the inventory?

Inventory full: how to increase?

The short answer to the question is no, unfortunately you cannot increase the inventory or, more precisely, the backpack. In Dead Island 2 you can carry a maximum of 16 different weapons, as well as ammunition and other consumables. The limit also affects the parts, i.e. the crafting materials. Each material can be carried a maximum of 99 pieces. When the inventory is full, you have to make room and there are several ways in the game to do that.

  • Dropping weapons: Most of the time you always have one or the other weapon in your inventory that you really don’t want to use. You can then simply drop the weapons via the inventory.
  • Disassemble and recycle weapons: At the workbench, you can not only repair and improve weapons, but also disassemble weapons and use them to get useful parts for crafting.
  • Selling weapons: You can buy and sell weapons from the dealer. You can earn good money by selling weapons, which you can then spend at the dealer or use for weapon repairs and mods.

Store weapons and items

In the safe houses you will find safes in which you can store the excess items such as weapons. The safes are especially useful for storing weapons that you don’t need at the moment but might want to use again later. The stored weapons then no longer take up space in the inventory.

By Peter Hughes

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