Exoprimal release date and more leaked

We are moments away from the Capcom Spotlight will be broadcast live and some news is already leaking, this has to do with the release date of Exoprimal, the action game with dinosaurs that could arrive sooner than we think.

According to information from someone inside Capcomone of the announcements that the company will make in a few moments, is the launch date of Exoprimal, which will be July 14.

It is a third-person shooter and, although there is not much information about it, it is said that on the servers of the PlayStation Networkthere is data indicating that there will be an open beta during the coming months, another possible announcement that will make Capcom during his spotlight.

But that’s not all, the announcement of a demo of the remake of Resident Evil 4 and more details about Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion for PlayStation and Xbox, information about Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and the remastering of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

The attractive thing about Exoprimal is that it is an online team action game where you and your friends face fierce dinosaurs protected by armor that are grouped by roles.

A mode called Cretaceous Tide in which two teams of five players compete in various missions in which they face the environment and the opposing team. They will follow instructions to meet objectives and whoever does it first will win. The missions vary depending on the skill of each player so no game will be identical.

Via: Vandal

Editor’s note: Now that they delayed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Exoprimal could be an option for online team play, now I just need friends…

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