Fallout heading to Boston?

It’s no longer really a mystery, even if no official announcement has come to confirm it, Fallout 4 is well under development. While waiting for the long-awaited declaration of Bethesdathe registration in Germany of the trademark Fallout: Shadow of Bostonunearthed by NeoGafshould thrill the community of many fans of the saga.

The document refers to the field of video games, but also mentions auditions for a television show. Should we see this as a sign of a series associated with the next opus of the franchise? A step that we will not take, even if we must admit that this eventuality does not leave us unmoved.

If this deposit is confirmed, why not during the next VGXit would confirm various leaks from last February, already evoking the release in 2017 of a certain Fallout: Shadow of Bostonwith the presence of Ron Perlman.

As a reminder, the show Spike TV will take place on December 5 next time, we’ll see if Bethesda will make an appearance there or if we will have to wait a little longer to finally have more information on the rest of the saga fallout.

By Billy Jones

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