FIFA 23 career mode Become a captain

How to become the team captain in FIFA 23 Player Career? How do you select the captain in career mode and how is it decided which player wears the captain’s armband? One or two players of the new FIFA 23 who have just started a new playing career will probably have to deal with these questions. In your playing career you take control of a player, who you can then gradually develop into a top star. As a top player, you would like to become captain sooner or later, but how does that work?

Become a captain in your playing career

Similar to the previous FIFA parts and the player’s career, in FIFA 23 it is not that easy for the player to become the captain. The reason for this is that the captain is automatically selected by the AI ​​in the background and you don’t have much influence on it. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being selected as team captain.

  1. Players with the Leadership attribute are more often preferred as captains.
  2. Club loyal player who stays with the club for a long time and delivers good performances.
  3. Players in the midfield position are usually chosen more often.

Becoming a captain is a trick

If you really want to play as a captain in your playing career, you can use a little trick by simply replacing the right player with the captain’s armband with your own player.

  1. Start FIFA 23 and open the “Customize” menu in the main menu using the gear symbol.
  2. “Create a player” and then exchange this with the team captain using “tactical templates”.
  3. Finally, you have to select the player as captain and you can start your playing career with an “authentic player” that you have previously created yourself.

Tip: This is how you can expand and change the stadium in FIFA 23 career mode.

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