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How guest mode works on Chromecast

If you have a Chromecastyou know, the Google gadget that allows you to stream content, you may not know about a somewhat secret feature: the guest mode. This mode allows guests who arrive at our house to also send content to the Chromecast using a PIN. In this article we will see how guest mode works on Chromecast.

Guest mode on Chromecast

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re wondering how guest mode works on Chromecast. The first thing you have to do for it to work is activate it. How do we know it is activated? Because it emits a light. Another way to check is by opening an app compatible with Chromecast, because the icon to send content will appear.

If guest mode is active, Chromecast generates a Random 4-digit PIN, which guest users will need to cast content to the Chromecast. Remember that if the Chromecast logo does not appear, something is wrong and it is not activated. (If it doesn’t work or you don’t see the Chromecast logo, make sure it is connected to the TV and on the same Wi-Fi, this is the main thing).

With the PIN, we will only have to connect to the Chromecast to send contentthe linking will be done through a kind of ultrasound. We will need that PIN to do it, otherwise anyone could connect to a nearby Chromecast and change what we are seeing.

This PIN changes every 24 hours

In the event that pairing fails, the guest can also connect manually by entering the PIN that appears on the TV and on the Chromecast screen, just like when we set up a Chromecast. Remember that this PIN will reset every 24 hours or whenever the Chromecast is restarted.

Write to us if you have questions about configuring guest mode on Chromecast. The truth is that it is a great way to get the most out of the experience of this device, and at the same time, that more users learn to use it and want to buy it.

Do you already know how guest mode works on Chromecast? Write to us if you have questions.

By Russell Morgan

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