Iron Oath Classes Explained

The Iron Oath is a squad-based strategy game in which players form groups of different characters and put them into battle. The characters are divided into classes, and each class defines a character’s combat ability and role on the battlefield. Each class has unique abilitiesand classes can work together against enemies.

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The Iron Oath Courses

In the current version of the game, players can use six different classes. You can build your ideal battle squad using the Pyrolancer, the Guardian, the Pugilist, the Stormcaller, the Huntress and the Valkyrie. Each of these classes has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to find them. an optimal combination for your playstyle. Your squad is made up of four members, so you need to choose your units carefully to have a balanced squad.

Course overview

There are three types of units in this game: Tank, support and attacker. Each class in the game corresponds to at least one of these roles. The tanks have great strength and constitution, so that they can fight in front and protect the weaker members by avoiding attacks on themselves. Support units help the team by healing but also by improving certain statistics. Attackers are damage dealing units and have certain tools that will increase the damage dealt. A balanced team would have a tank, at least one support and one or two attackers.


The Pyrolancier is a melee attacker class that uses fire to boost its attacks. Pyrolancer primarily fits into the Striker group due to its fire-based buffs. Pyrolancers Really love fire, so they enhance their attacks by setting fire to the ground or enemies. Pyrolancer specializes in Burn attacks, which, guess what, burn enemies.


Tutors are a very versatile class, providing a large number of useful capabilities. They are the ultimate support class, with their tendency to heal, weaken and cleanse statuses. They can even fight if necessary. Thanks to their high Conviction stat, they are solid tanks, but they can’t match the Valkyries. You should always have a spot for a Guardian on your team.


Pugilist is a class that likes to do things up close and personal. They can move fast and avoid strikes, making them ideal for flanking. This makes the pugilist a Attacker class, but they can also have an area of ​​effective healing and cleansing abilities. Their Battle Instinct ability can deal huge damage. However, from a distance, they are almost helpless.

Storm Summoner

If The Iron Oath was an X-Men game, Stormcaller would obviously be Storm. This class uses weather to deal damage to opposing forces. Of course, Stormcallers aren’t particularly good for first lines, so make sure to protect them from attacks. This unit can control your morale and has very useful healing and single target damage areas of effect.


The Huntress is a class that likes inflict physical damage up close and personal. In addition, she takes care more damage the closer it is to the enemy. It’s up to you to find a balance between safety and damage. She has more health than Stormcaller, but not enough to be on the front line. Also, some of his attacks rely on luck for maximum performance.


The Valkyrie class is the main choice for the squad tank. Their high conviction gives them lots of defense propertiesbut unlike Guardians, they have the ability to taunt and reduce damage. They can also move in different ways to place themselves and their allies in the right place. The only downside to the Valkyrie class is the lack of ranged offensive options.

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