Learn more about Bodycount

Bodycount, the FPS we already told you about in our preview, almost seemed to have reached the end of its days when creative director Stuart Black and general director Adrian Bolton moved away from it, but that wasn’t the case. Codemaster is still at work and seems to be well underway. So let’s find out something more about Bodycount.

During our preview, we told you about different types of enemies, but we mainly focused on the “normal” class. This time, let’s also look at the doctors and scavengers. The doctors they should always be your first target, as they have the ability to revive enemies on the ground and therefore take on extra work. The scavengerinstead, they are characters who they will collect the Intel of the eliminated enemies, instead of you. Intel is the “currency” of Bodycount, thanks to which you can purchase new weapons or objects.

What differentiates this title from other FPS with mechanics cover is that while you are covered, you can still move the character with the analog sticks to position yourself better or lower yourself even more. Some of the coverage may also be destructible, so it is a must to always be careful and be ready to find another one immediately. Much of the environment may be destroyed, but don’t expect complete house collapses or anything else. In most cases, if it seems unstable, then probably yours bullets they will cross it.

It is indeed an FPS, but it was created with the intention of being very arcade, or perhaps simplified so as not to interrupt the frenetic pace. This can be easily noticed by them Intel and other enemy drops now fallen. As for the Intels, it will be quite simple to collect them, as they will automatically approach you. The ammunition, however, you will have to collect yourself. There would then seem to be a drop system based on kill performance. The missions are rather linear, but in any case you will often explore the surrounding area, without limiting yourself to continuing “straight”. If you have any orientation problems, you can always rely on directions on your UI.

Surely Bodycount has a lot to offer and Codemaster it has all the capabilities to make it a title worthy of remaining etched in players’ memories. If you are interested, know that it will be available during next summeron Playstation 3 And Xbox 360.

By Daniel Wright

With over 25 years of experience as an operating system developer, I have dedicated my career to mastering the intricacies of various operating systems. My journey with Linux began in 1999, and since 2015, it has become my everyday operating system of choice. Sharing my knowledge and passion for technology, I also serve as a teacher at The Game Assembly, nurturing the next generation of talented developers. With a focus on DDoS security, I strive to protect systems and networks from malicious attacks, ensuring a secure and stable online environment.