Mario Day: Nintendo gets you in the mood with discounts and promotions

March 10th is MAR10 DAY! The first rumors are already rushing ahead of the annual anniversary, and now Nintendo is also joining in. We want to get you in the mood to celebrate with discounts and various promotions.

From March 7th to March 24th, 2024, you will receive 10 percent back in the form of gold points in the Nintendo eShop if you buy selected games with Mario involvement. There will also be various discounts on Mario items in the My Nintendo Store from March 7th to April 7th. Anyone who buys a Mario game during this period will receive a notebook.

On top of that, “various icon pieces from a selection of Super Mario games will be available as exclusive member rewards” in March. You can earn some platinum points in new special missions, for example for the SNES classic Super Mario World.

There’s already a gift available today: In the My Nintendo Store you can download new wallpapers for Mario Day in various formats as a free reward. Nintendo fans can hope for the next surprises in the next few days.

Already official: LEGO will present new things in a live stream on March 9th. If they aren’t new LEGO sets. There may also be news about Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate and Luigi’s Mansion 2 as part of the celebration. Brand new: Princess Peach should also play a role. And now take a look at the teaser image from Nintendo…

And this is how Nintendo of America celebrates:

Image material: Nintendo

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