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Meta reveals the price of Quest Pro and the arrival of Xbox Game Pass

During the Meta Connect 2022 there were several interesting announcements, some of them really big. Mark Zuckerberg in fact presented the company’s new virtual reality viewer, the Meta Quest Pro, with the details of the product and its price, not exactly permissive. It doesn’t end here, because among the other announcements of the evening the most sensational, all things considered, concerns again Xboxwho will see the comingXbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on Meta Quest Store. The best thing about all this? It will be possible to play Xbox Game Pass games on a 2D screen. Let’s proceed in order:

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is a technological gem that provides the color passthrough (so far only in black and white) with 4 cameras on the outside of the device, but a black and white version is also available on the Quest 2. The feature will allow the player a mixed reality which will superimpose real contents on digital ones.

The size of the accessory is significantly reduced, featuring a 40% thinner display stack than the Quest 2, and will supporteye tracking. The headset will use a Chipset Snapdragon XR2+ and a 1800×1920 mini-LED display for each eye. The integrated RAM is 12 GB, while the storage space is 256 GB. THE controller they have been redesigned and boast a built-in camera. We don’t have too much information battery lifebut it seems to be quite smallbetween one and two hours.

The viewer is available for pre-order from today and it will come shipped from October 25th.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming

As mentioned previously, it will be possible to take advantage of theXbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on the various devices, and which in the future will also include Meta Quest 2. When the service is launched, players will be able to use their headset to play directly downloaded titles in cloud gaming from your library Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: this using the 2D virtual screen which will give the sensation of having a gigantic private cinema always available.

However the date for the publication of the service has not yet been announcedbut the official Oculus website said it hopes to be able to share more information with us as soon as possible.

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