Minecraft Switch: Install shaders

How to install a shader in Minecraft on Nintendo Switch? Does the version of Minecraft on the Switch even support shaders? One or two questions from a Minecraft player who has been playing the game on the Nintendo Switch for a few weeks might look something like this. The question about shaders usually arises if you have already played Minecraft on the PC. In this guide we show what is currently possible and what is not.

What are shaders in Minecraft?

Simply put, you can use a shader to improve the graphics in Minecraft. In addition to generally better graphics, the shaders also improve graphic effects such as water, lighting effects or the sky. In addition, many well-known shaders such as OptiFine offer various other setting options when it comes to graphics.

Install shaders in Minecraft Switch?

Even though there are now some options for Minecraft on consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, such as skins and texture packs that are familiar from the PC and with which you can adjust the graphics, unfortunately the shaders are not yet available in the “official store”. ” done. Since you can only install the shaders in the Java version of Minecraft, there are currently (and probably in the near future) no shaders for Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. The “RTX” switch for ray tracing that is in the settings probably won’t make it to the Nintendo Switch.

By the way, you can find some videos online showing Minecraft shaders on the Nintendo Switch. If you take a closer look at the upload date of the videos, you will quickly notice that something is wrong with the videos. Keyword April 1st.

If, contrary to what is currently expected, there is a way to install and use shaders in Minecraft Switch in the future, then we will of course update this article with the information. However, you probably shouldn’t have the highest hopes that you’ll be able to use a shader like OptiFine in the Switch version in the near future.

By Daniel Wright

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