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New side functions arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We don’t stop giving you more details about what Samsung’s next flagship will be like. Now we know one more piece of information, and that is that The side functions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have been leaked, thus revealing one of the unknowns of this new popular terminal, which is already a success even before it has been launched on the market. Next February 21 we will know in detail its full potential, but in the meantime, some rumors that could be true are already circulating on the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Side Features

The Galaxy S7 It is one of the most anticipated devices of the year and Samsung knows it. He has made a very risky move by making his presentation just before the most important fair of the year, the MWC, and this may be the key to his success, that and the popularity that he has earned through the trajectory of his latest creations. It is not surprising that little by little even more details about their new products are leaking.

The guys from PhoneArena have published a news where They show us the new features of the side panel of the next Galaxy S7 Edge. This has been possible since Samsung has made the Look SDK available to developers, with which to create applications compatible with this curved edge of the next Galaxy S7, thus giving free rein to speculation.

The S6 Edge already revolutionized the market with the double curved side panel, with a totally unique design that broke with everything established, but now it could arrive with new functions for its side panel that will make it even more unique. The S7 Edge comes with more and better.

The Edge Single Plus option can be used in several different ways, in addition to showing even more information, or the one up until now, but much more detailedgiving the side panel a mandatory functionality for all users, who will now find it essential.

Samsung is giving its customers what they ask for, an impressive design with very careful finishesin addition to features like this that give the new Samsung Galaxy S7 a special flavor.

What do you think of the new side features of the Samsung Galaxy S7?

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