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Nothing comes to 1 million products sold and opens physical store Bruno Coelho December 10, 2023

Nothing is one of the fast growing manufacturers in the technology industry. The startup led by Carl Pei has a strong aesthetic component, which makes its products stand out in this field.

With very safe and sustained steps, the brand announced this week that it reached an important milestone. Through social networks it was revealed that they have already been sold. 1 million products.

NadaOído (1) was the brand’s first product

A large portion of these sales will obviously be related to the brand’s first product, the Nothing Ear headphones (1). Let us remember that, in June, Carl Pei revealed that 530 thousand units of headphones had already been sold.

Later, the Nothing Phone (1), a smartphone with a truly distinctive design. It certainly helped boost these numbers, and you can read my thoughts on it in this article.

More recently, the brand’s third product hit the market. You Nothing Ear (stick) These are headphones with a semi-in-ear design, with a similar approach to AirPods. However, its cylindrical charging case is very different from what we’ve seen before and we’ve tested them as well.

Nothing’s physical store opened on December 10

These numbers are revealed at a time when Nothing has already opened its physical store, which opened to the public on December 10, this Saturday. It is located in the Soho neighborhood of London.

The first 100 customers to arrive had the opportunity to purchase one of 100 limited edition Nothing Ear (stick) units. The photographs already developed show the space and convey the atmosphere created by the Nothing products.

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