Classic WoW – What is the Game’s Most Overplayed Class?

There are a variety of different classes for you to select in Classic WoW, and here is who players pick more often.

There is a variety of different classes for you to choose from in Classic WoW. However, there are certain classes that are used more often than others. If you are looking to take a break from hunting down WoW Classic Gold and dungeon crawling, and want to take a look into what the most overplayed class is in the classic rendition of the MMORPG, then your answer is the Warrior.

If you were to take a look at the majority of polls online regarding Classic WoW classes and their popularity, then more often than not you will find that the Warrior class comes out on top. So, what is it that makes them so popular?

WoW Classic Max Level Advantages

In terms of power leveling, playing as a Warrior can be difficult. This is because there is a lack of end game gear to enjoy, and their skills are rather weak at the early stages. However, once you reach max level, your perseverance will be more than rewarded. Once you hit max level, you will have access to the best scaling DPS, as well as some of the best gear that you can get in the entire game.

By having better gear, this means that they are better at generating their main resource of Rage. The lack of end game gear and having weak skills early on can affect Rage, so by having more Rage you are able to pull off additional special attacks.

DPS Strengths

In terms of being a DPS class, the Warrior offers the highest possible damage potential when having the right gear. This is thanks to the scaling that is available when you have the relevant gear. Also, having a Rage resource can be extremely handy. The great thing about Rage is that it means that you will never be depleted of resources. What’s more, you will achieve further Rage to use for DPS with the more damage that you take.

Fun Class to Play

It may be a bit hard to get started with the Warrior due to its limits early on, but it more than pays off later on. Its high DPS and reliability as a tank make the Warrior very popular to play as.

Once you have reached that high level with Charge, your gameplay experience will completely change. You will find that you have much higher damage output and far more mobility. They do become a very overpowered class, which is something that will attract old and new players alike. Alongside a healer, the Warrior is incredibly difficult for you to contend with.

Other Positives in WOW Classic

With all of these positive traits, you will find that they are very useful in both PvE and PvP. When you couple this with the exceptional end gam scaling, then you have something that is virtually unstoppable. This is also enhanced even further by how well they work with healing partners. If you have the correct WoW Classic items, then the Warrior is a great choice.

So, you can probably see why the Warrior class often finds itself at the top of the list when it comes to breaking down which are the most popular classes in World of Warcraft Classic. The great thing about this MMORPG is that there is enough range for you to choose from that will cater to your playstyle. The Warrior is one that will pay off down the line, but when it does, then you will be feared by all those who oppose you.

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