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Fans are upset with the price of the Switch Oled Zelda edition

This week has been quite important for fans of Nintendosince a new gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, in which more movements are seen within the map. All this was accompanied by the revelation of accessories such as a special edition Pro Controller, and of course, the switch Oled.

This device was recently put on pre-sale at amazon Mexicowith a price of $10,299 MX, which is a little out of the suggested compared to USA, since it costs there $349 USDan equivalent to just over $6,000 MX. Then the gain of $4,000 nor it has pleased the fans who already criticized the figure.

This anger comes directly from those who think that it is an abusive price, since in other stores like amazon in your division Japanesewhere with shipping it comes out in a little more than $6,000 MX. Thus, many have chosen to pre-sell their imported edition, only there is the risk of the guarantee, since it only applies in the country where it was purchased.

Something that also surprised is that despite everything, the pre-sale of the console has ended, so the most seasoned fans of Zelda and Nintendo They don’t mind paying almost double the price to have their collector’s edition. This was demonstrated when the game was released with special items in the same store and sold out within seconds.

Remember that the Switch Oled edspecial edition of Zelda goes on sale on 28th of April.

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Editor’s Note: The truth is that it is very expensive, but that is what happened with other similar editions such as Splatoon 3 and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, at least in the national edition. Ordering it imported is also valid, but the problem is the guarantee if it does not work correctly.



If you are anxiously awaiting the release of Bulletstormnew branded masterpiece Epic and you own one Xbox360then today is your lucky day, especially if you love unlocking achievements, because we at gamerbrain We have prepared the complete and official list of unlockable objectives which you can find below.

Like A Boss (5G): Defeat a miniboss – Anarchy Mode.
Inferno Disc (10G): Kill all enemies without ever taking your feet off the ground on the outskirts of the city.
Guerrilla Tactics (10G): Perform at least 25 Skillshots in an Echo round.
Insecticide (10G): Destroy 50% of the Electroflies – Single Player Campaign.
Major Malfunction (10G): Destroy 50% of the Newsbots – Single Player Campaign.
Om Nom Nom! (10G): Feed a flytrap with a Nom parasite.
Pointless (10G): Get at least 10 headshots before finding the first Dropkit.
Red Barrels (10G): Blast all the red barrels on the roof while flying in a helicopter.
Remembrance (10G): Play 3 different Echoes.
Shooting Star (10G): Get at least one star in one of the first 14 Echoes.
Space Pirate (10G): Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice – Single Player Campaign.
Star struck (10G): Get 3 stars in 10 different Echoes.
Straight Edge (10G): Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice – Single Player Campaign.
Team Player (10G): Complete 200 team matches in your career – Anarchy Mode.
Wannabe (10G): Complete 10 different skillshots – Single Player Mode.
All Bow To Heavy Metal (15G): Big head, big headache.
Armed and dangerous (15G): Grow as a person, discover betrayal. Still.
Damsel in Distress (15G): Save the princess.
Destroyer of Worlds (15G): Causes great destruction.
Fits Like a Glove (15G): Meet your new best friend.
Grilled Meat (15G): Prepare a large meal using an improvised electric stove.
Halfway There (15G): Get at least 21 stars in Echoes mode.
Minced Meat (15G): Take away the Mall’s main customer.
Old School (15G): Complete an Echo round without performing any Skillshots.
Patched Up (15G): Get a software update for your whip.
Sìze Matters (15G): Use your biggest weapon.
Stowaway (15G): Take a tour.
Weed Killer (15G): Clean up the yard.
Bounty Hunter (20G): Achieve a score of at least 75,000 points in the overall leaderboard – Echoes Mode.
Destructive Beat (20G): Complete the campaign on Very Easy or Easy.
Enforcers (20G): Score at least 15,000 points in an Echo round.
Environment Master (20G): Perform each Anarchy environmental skillshot.
I might be late (20G): Kill all enemies during the rush to jump from the ship.
Just one last thing (20G): Kill all enemies before reaching the escape pod.
No Man Left Behind (20G): Kill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building.
Pest Control (20G): Destroy all Electroflies – Single Player Campaign.
Somebody (20G): Perform at least 25% of the Single Player skillshots.
Total Malfunction (20G): Destroy all Newsbots – Single Player Campaign.
Anarchy Master (30G): Score at least 50,000 points as a team – Anarchy Mode.
Big Cheese (30G): Perform at least 50% of the Single Player skillshots.
Chop-Chopper (30G): Kill the enemy inside the helicopter in the park.
Violent Melody (30G): Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty.
Brutal Chorus (40G): Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty.
Celebrities (40G): Perform at least 75% of the Single Player skillshots.
Final Echo (40G): Reach level 65 – Anarchy Mode.
Hoarder (40G): Achieve a score of at least 150,000 points in the total leaderboard – Echoes Mode.
Master of Disaster (40G): Get 2000 points or more once.
Supernova (40G): Get 3 stars in each of the first 14 Echoes.
Blood Symphony (50G): Complete the campaign on Very Hard difficulty.
Golden Idol (50G): Perform each Single Player skillshot.


Synthetic biology achieves the first artificial protein factory

North American scientists publish in Nature the creation of the first artificial ribosome, Ribo T, thanks to the use of synthetic biology.

Proteins are essential biological molecules for the proper functioning of our cells. Among other functions, they are part of our immune system, they work as hormones or transport vehicles, they are responsible for muscle movement and even help in the regulation of our genes. In our body, machines known as ribosomes They are responsible for producing proteins, as if they were miniaturized factories.

Being able to reproduce these cellular machines could allow us, for example, to more easily produce biomaterials or drugs. The arrival of the synthetic biology has managed to create the first artificial protein factory, thanks to joint research by the University of Illinois in Chicago and Northwestern University in the United States.

The scientists were able to reproduce in the laboratory the first artificial ribosome, which they have called Ribo T, as published in the journal Nature. His results showed that it was feasible to create this machine in the laboratory by joining the subunits that compose it, and make it work not only in vitro, but also in Escherichia coli bacterial cells.

Thanks to research in synthetic biology, North American scientists believe that it could be feasible to go one step beyond simply recreating Ribo T in the laboratory. In their conclusions, the scientists propose that this artificial biological factory can help us better understand unknown functions of ribosomes, as well as use this machine in the production of molecules of interest.

And Ribo T was not only able to function within Escherichia coli bacteria, but keep these cells alive in the absence of natural ribosomes. An achievement that the team of Alexander Mankin and Michael Jewett did not expect, who have once again demonstrated the potential of synthetic biology.

According to Jewett, “synthetic biology can help go beyond the genetic code in a way that is as unique as it is revolutionary.” This new discipline, heir to the biotechnologyhas already demonstrated some really curious applications.

Since its birth in 1961 thanks to the work of Jacques L. Monod and François Jacob, research in synthetic biology has managed to manufacture robots with “bacterial brains” or even recreate transistors inside a living bacteria. Without a doubt, the promises of this scientific field are beginning to come true through results as important as this first artificial ribosome.

Images | Fdardel (Wikimedia), University of Illinois, NIAID (Flickr)

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God of War Ragnarok – Hel’s Essences Location Guide

God of War Ragnarok they have 6 Essences of Hel, these are nothing more than rifts that give you access to a resource. You will need to find them all to complete one of the game’s Favors. No Essence of Hel is loseableso you will have the opportunity to obtain them during the main story and free roam.

From this point on you may encounter spoilers for God of War Ragnarok. So if you don’t want to know details of the new Santa Monica adventure, stop your reading here.

Hel’s Essences will begin to appear on the game map during the twelfth mission of the main storyline. And know that you will need them for get 100% God of War Ragnarok. They are also obtainable in any order after the first two. But be aware that to close the gaps you will have to face waves of enemies, so get your weapons ready.

House of Sindri

It will close automatically after mission number twelve.

Shining Punishment, Helheim

He will be on your way once you advance to the twelfth mission.

Aurvangar Wetlands, Svartlfheim

It is available on the coast, to be precise on the right side of the Wetlands, climb the scaffolding to reach it.

The Strond, Alfheim

Directly south of the Mystic Portal, in the lower area.

Shining Punishment, Helheim

In front of the Mystical Portal.

Well of Urd, Midgard

On top of the hill leading to Urd’s Well.

And here’s how to find all the Essences of Hel.

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ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. join forces to create a sports streaming platform

The new sports streaming platform, which can be combined with the offers of Disney+, Hulu and Max, would also include some broadcasts of the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball, NASCAR, UFC and university sports.

The giants of entertainment ESPN – a Disney subsidiary -, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery announced this Tuesday the launch of a sports streaming platforman important rapprochement between competitors in an era of high costs of broadcast rights.

In a press release, the three media groups reported that a company will be created also joint to manage the new platform, which will only be available to consumers in the United States.

Its launch, scheduled for autumn 2024, It represents the creation of a kind of Netflix of sport in that country.

The companies indicated that the formation of the package is subject to reaching “definitive agreements.”

Together, the three companies control the rights to all major American championships, as well as Formula 1, the 2026 soccer World Cup, three of the four major tennis tournaments and the PGA professional golf circuit.

The new platform, which can be combined with the Disney+, Hulu and Max offers, It would also include some broadcasts of the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball, NASCAR, UFC and college sports.

No video on demand service in the world currently offers an equivalent or close product.

Until now, the fragmentation of sports rights between various platforms It forced sports fans in the United States to take out more than one subscription.

ESPN, the world’s number one sports network, has so far refused to broadcast its biggest events on its dedicated platform ESPN+, so as not to enter into direct competition with cable television, which continues to provide significant income.

The fight between platforms has even been reinforced by the emergence of new actors interested in sports broadcasting rights.

The alliance announced this Tuesday is, therefore, not very encouraging news for those who will not participate, in particular Amazon, Apple, Comcast and also Paramount Global, which broadcasts American football (NFL), golf and college basketball.

The launch of this unique platform could give the trio of ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros. a greater margin for negotiation with sports leagues, whose broadcast rights costs have skyrocketed in recent years.

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How to make a copy paste on Wiko Lenny 5

Being able to copy and paste text on the Wiko Lenny 5 is absolutely necessary. Without a doubt, there is nothing more convenient than the copy and paste technique. We imagine you won’t want to rewrite everything every time. That is why we plan to create this small tutorial to know how to do a copy and paste on a Wiko Lenny 5. We will first discover the method to copy and paste text on your Wiko Lenny 5 and we will discover secondly, the copy and paste technique. pasting of documents.

How to make a copy paste on the Wiko Lenny 5

Select the text on your Wiko Lenny 5

The first step to prepare a copy and paste on your Wiko Lenny 5 is to select the text. To select the text you want to copy and paste, you will need to display the two small square brackets that will help you select the text. There are two ways to display small hooks and they differ depending on the smartphone. The first thing is to stay pressed the text for several seconds. The second is for double tap the text. If both keys are displayed, all you have to do is move them to select the text.

Copy the text you want to paste on your Wiko Lenny 5

To copy the phrase or paragraph you just selected to your Wiko Lenny 5, select the two leaves icon. It should be displayed at the top of the screen. Once this is done, the text is placed on the paper press and is ready to be pasted.

paste the text

Once you have selected and copied the text on your Wiko Lenny 5, simply paste it. To do this, go to the page where you want to paste the text. As soon as it’s there, you’ll need to keep pressing where you want the text to go and click the paste icon.

Tutorial to copy and paste files or photos on Wiko Lenny 5

If you ever want to copy and paste a file on your Wiko Lenny 5, you will see that it is not very complicated. To do this, you will need to use the app File Manager, which is already installed on your Wiko Lenny 5. Once you have found the application, open it and browse the folders to find the file to copy and paste. Once the file is found, you can partition it by clicking on it. you have to later click the copy icon and select which folder you want to paste the file into.

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Android games from the Google Play Store now available for PC in Beta version Rui Bacelar November 9, 2023

The service Google Play Games is expanding and reaches, with its Beta testing program, also PRAÇA. This means that users can play their favorite games from Google Play Store not only on your smartphones Androidbut also on Windows computer.

The announcement was made by Google itself and, after a testing phase limited to regions such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, it now faces a new phase of expansion. In fact, Google’s service is growing to include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Android games from Google Play Store coming to Windows PC

First of all, according to the North American Giant itself, only a few games will be available in this mode. That is, we have the titles 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle, Cookie Run: Kingdom, as well as the game Evony: The King’s Return.

According to the company, the application will synchronize game progress between Windows PCs and Android smartphones. This is so that they can resume a game started on their cell phone from their PC and vice versa.

For now, however, there are only 85 titles available worldwide to take advantage of this Google service.

“We are excited to expand our platform to more markets so that players can enjoy their favorite games on Google Play,” said Arjun Dayal, head of Google Play Games.

“As we move toward a full release, we will continue to add new features and evaluate feedback from developers and players.” adds Dayal.

From your Android smartphone to your Windows 11 computer

It is important to highlight that Google Play Games is its own app, independent of the collaboration that Microsoft has made with Google to reinforce the selection of content and games in its Windows 11.

We remember, by the way, that Microsoft also partnered with Amazon in order to bring more applications and games available in the Amazon AppStore to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11.

In this sense, as Microsoft announced then, we have a Windows Subsystem to support Android in Windows 11. However, Google has now developed and made available its own application to bring more Android games to PC.

The Beta version will arrive in Portugal later

Anyone interested can now download the application, in the countries where it is already available. Unfortunately, Portugal is not on the list of the first countries to receive this benefit, so we will have to wait.

Finally, Google claims that this app, capable of bringing several Android games from Google Play to Windows 11, will in fact work with older machines.

According to him, in the list of minimum system requirements we have a quad core CPUOS Windows 10 Is Integrated graphics. This is all you need to start playing.

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Google Glass Sessions explains what to do with a pair of hyper-technological glasses

Google Glass it is certainly the “peripheral” (even if it seems simplistic to define this as a real evolution of a commonly used object) of greatest interest from a future perspective. Yet as admitted by Big G herself it is still unripe fruit: there is a need to have suitable programs and to fix numerous bugs, and also there is a need to show a what can really be useful a pair of Google Glass glasses. This last problem tries to solve Google Glass Sessions.

With the video series called Google Glass Sessions the Mountain View company is therefore trying to give a precise direction to the flow of ideas that revolves around his most innovative creation. Sequences therefore created to show real and realistic applications of glasses as well as the direction in which Google is working on the software side.

The first video shows a Googler’s wife uses superglasses to share the moments she spends with her newborn with her family in France. Good vision!



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Disney brings magic and adventure into homes with Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound for Nintendo DS

It has arrived Wizards of Waverly Place: SpellboundThe new video game For Nintendo DS inspired by television series successful Wizards of Waverly Place Of Disney Channel.

The video games transports i players in a‘adventure fascinating, through five engaging episodes full of mystery, magic and spells.

In Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound, Alex, there hero, participate in a fashion competition but soon they start happening around her strange facts: Her dress mysteriously disappears and the mannequins come to life.

It’s up to Alex and his brothers clarify the situation and find out who is behind all this… with the magicObviously!

The passionate they will solve theenigma learning to throw new spells on objects and characters, move and lock objects, travel at turbo speed, transform into hamsters and much more.

They will be able to move around history and live there‘adventureinteracting with i personages best known and exploring the places made famous by TV show as Tribeca Prep, The Wizard Lair and The Sub Shop.

In the video games, furthermore, i players will be able to access bonus magic challenges and win new elegant clothes.

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Dragon Ball Super artist shares art of Garlic Jr.

Although the fiction in development within the extensive Akira Toriyama franchise is Dragon Ball SuperToyotaro pleases fans with drawings, stories and portraits of classic characters to maintain the connection with the roots of the story, mainly starring Son Goku and Vegeta.

The artist of Dragon Ball Super has presented a new work in which a very popular villain from the stage of Dragon Ball Z: Garlic Jr. Although this character initially caused laughter due to his size, he became a fan favorite thanks to his transformation abilities.

The mangaka has expressed his interest in drawing the transformation of Garlic Jr. in one of his works, after this character made his debut in one of the films of dragon ball and later in the television series. As fans will remember, this character had the ability to transform into a larger, more muscular, and scarier version of himself, which increased his power and pushed away his funnier, friendlier personality. In the past, Toyotaro has resurrected other classic characters such as Bardockthe father of Son Gokuwho appeared on one of the most iconic covers of manga.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super incorporated the plot of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in its history, allowing the history of Son Gohan and Piccolo becomes an integral part of this new story arc. This is notable and deserves recognition, since it is possible to give a rest to Goku and Vegeta so that other characters, who had been a little neglected, have main plots and their full potential is explored, even reaching new limits with transformations never seen before.

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10 new Windows 10 features that you may have overlooked

Windows 10 comes loaded with great improvements and some of them may go unnoticed. We show you 10 of the most interesting and useful ones we found.

We already showed you how to reserve the Windows 10 upgrade and we told you why it was a good idea to do so. We also tried to show what the best features of Microsoft’s new operating system were, and yet it is not until you try it thoroughly that you can discover many of the new things it offers. Here are some that you may not have noticed.

1.Game DVR

Windows 10 includes something called “Game DVR” along with a “Game Bar” thanks to the Xbox Live application that the system includes. This new feature allows you to record a video of something you are playing on your computer. To configure it, you can open the Xbox application from the start menu or by typing “Xbox” in the search box on the taskbar. To start recording you just need to press the Windows key + G inside the game. If it doesn’t work, try starting the game in windowed mode. This also allows you to record other things you are doing on the computer, one window at a time. Then, from the Xbox app you can apply basic editing to your video and share it.

2. Locate files remotely

OneDrive comes installed by default in Windows 10, which might sound annoying for a user who uses Dropbox, Drive, or any other similar service. However, OneDrive has improved a lot and has a very useful feature that allows you to locate files remotely. For example, let’s say you went out and left an extremely important file that you need on your home computer. If you left your PC on, you can connect to OneDrive from your phone and get it. This feature is active by default, so there is nothing to change.

3. Timed Screenshots

In Windows you can take screenshots with the good old tool cuts (Snipping tool), however, for Windows 10 they have improved it a little, now it allows you to add a delay to the capture so you can decide how long it should take. You can do this by pressing the “Snooze” button and selecting 1 to 5 seconds.

4. Command Prompt now supports keyboard shortcuts

The Windows terminal is not exactly something that is widely used by most people, but that does not mean that it is not extremely useful. Previously it did not support keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+V to paste commands. Now we can do this without any problem.

5. Scroll over inactive applications

In the mouse settings there is a section that is activated by default that allows you to scroll over inactive windows in the background. Simply hover the mouse over the inactive window and then scroll, either with the wheel that mice bring or with the necessary gesture if you use a touchpad, you no longer have to bring the window to the front.

6. Individual scaling on multiple monitors

Let’s say you’re using a laptop that has a 1080p display with a secondary 4K monitor. The 4K monitor may need to increase the text size a little because it looks very small, previously, when doing this the text and applications looked very large on the lower resolution main monitor. With Windows 10 you can customize the scale you want to use on each of your screens separately.

7. Quick access in the browser

Windows Explorer looks almost the same as always, but it now has a quick access section at the top of the navigation pane. In Windows 8.1 we had favorites, but now it is much better, and it adds the folders that the user uses most frequently automatically, in addition to allowing them to be pinned manually.

8. Battery saving on laptops

There is a new battery saving setting that will be very useful for those of us who use a laptop. What it does is help you extend battery life by limiting background app activity and notifications. It will start doing this when the battery reaches 20%. To use this feature you have to open the system settings and activate it.

9. Sync Google Calendar

The Windows 10 calendar app is minimalist and easy to use. With it you can synchronize everything that happens in Google Calendar and to do so you simply have to open the application from the start menu and click on the nut that appears at the bottom and to the left. When the configuration opens, a line called “Accounts” will be displayed where you can link the Google account.

10. Recent files

Another improvement that comes to Windows Explorer, now when you open it for the first time it shows you a list with the last 20 files that have been modified, you can see the details, the last modification time and the folder where they are located.

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How to delete a word suggestion on Google Keyboard

The update to version 5.0 of Google Keyboard arrived days ago and it brought with it some very interesting new features such as one-handed mode, new gestures and much more that you can find from the published entry where we talk about everything new about this extremely quality app.

Among all these changes, among which you can find the possibility of changing the height of the keyboard, there is a small feature that offers great functionality and perhaps you were unaware of, such as cursor control and this one that we are going to teach you how to use. This is the option for delete a word suggestion in a very fast way and that denotes the great user interaction that Google is providing to this keyboard app.

How to remove a word suggestion from Google Keyboard

The gesture is very simple and intuitive, and the moment you get used to it you will be able to get used to its use, since it is really very easy to use and very comfortable. Remember that you need version 5.0 of Google Keyboard.

  • Among all the words that are suggested from the three options that appear above the keyboard, select one
  • You keep pressing long way over the chosen word and the trash icon appears
  • You drag the word to the trash and will be removed from future suggestions

This way you can eliminate those words you want that disappear from the repertoire of suggestions and that in some cases can be well compromised. That dictionary of words that a keyboard app has can denote certain actions, since it can be offensive that when you leave your smartphone with a friend they discover certain bad-sounding words.

Also the keyboard will suggest the words you commonly use so you will be able to get more out of an app that was updated to 5.0, raising its quality.

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How to hide posts from a friend on Facebook without deleting them?

If you have a friend on Facebook who posts a lot or bothers you too much, it is best to stop following them. The easiest thing to stop seeing a friend’s posts on Facebook is to delete it from our friends list but on Facebook it is very easy to stop seeing a friend’s posts without deleting them from Facebook.

If you are a Facebook friend, the most common thing is that you do not want to delete it, but it is true that there are many friends who, for example, because of their work, They share a lot of things on Facebook that their friends are not interested in. and the most normal thing is that they stop following you so that they do not constantly receive notifications.

How to stop following a friend on Facebook?

The best way to remain friends with that person on Facebook without deleting them is to stop following them and block your posts on our timeline So when we want to know something we go directly to their profile to see their latest publications.

How many times have you seen your friends get upset because you post too much or because a friend of yours writes too many things on the Internet and keeps bothering them? In that case, many do not know that they can stop following you and although this option has been on the web for a long time, there are still those who do not know it in 2016 and that is why we have made this article. For unfollow a friend on Facebook you just have to follow these steps:

  • We enter the profile of a Facebook friend and we look at what’s on your profile.
  • We will see the 3 Friends buttons, you follow him and Message.
  • We click on You Follow Him, if it says Follow it means that you have already stopped following him a long time ago.
  • Now, in the three options that appear, we click on Stop following.

The best thing about all this is that your friend won’t know anything that you have stopped following him on Facebook and you will not have problems with your relationship, yes, he will realize that you do not usually see his publications if you do not enter his profile because you will never interact with them but that is something that is no longer done slight. Did you know this method?

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TP-Link AC1200 Deco M4 a mesh WiFi system for the whole house on offer

The Wifi repeaters They are one of the devices that have had the most sales during this last year, for obvious reasons it seems that this 2021 they will also be in top sales, although a better option is to set up a network WiFi Mesh.

He TP-Link AC1200 Deco M4 It is a pack of 2 Wifi bases, which is on sale and can cover up to an area of ​​up to 260 m2 with just one unique Wifi network name and that allow a great improvement in wireless connectivity compared to traditional Wi-Fi repeaters. Thanks to its technology WiFi mesh Our Wifi connection is derived to the best located repeater that can provide us with the highest connection speed. A Kit that we naturally have to connect to the router that we normally use and that today is on flash sale at at a discounted price.


He TP-Link AC1200 Deco M4 On offer is a pack of 2 bases that have dual band connectivity WiFi aC 1200 MU-MIMO and 2 ports are included Gigabit ethernet at each base. The configuration and administration of the network is easily done through an APP from which we can even create user profiles, with, for example, usage time limits or profiles for temporary guests with their own network.

He TP-Link AC1200 Deco M4 it’s compatible with Amazon Alexaso we can give you commands by voice and IFTTT and we can easily expand the network simply by adding another base to the existing ones. It also allows the connection of up to 100 different devices

Offer price

  • The pack TP-Link AC1200 Deco M4 can be purchased on flash sale at by €87.99 with free shipping for Prime customers.

How to make a copy paste on Umidigi Z2

Being able to copy and paste text on your Umidigi Z2 is absolutely essential. In fact, there is nothing more convenient than the copy and paste technique. We can only imagine that you don’t want to rewrite everything every time. That’s why we decided to do this little tutorial to learn how to make a copy paste on the Umidigi Z2. We will first discover how to copy and paste text on your Umidigi Z2 and then we will discover how to copy and paste files.

What are the steps to make a copy paste on your Umidigi Z2

Select the text with your Umidigi Z2

The first step to copy and paste on a Umidigi Z2 is to select the text. To select the text you want to copy and paste, you will need to display the two small square brackets that will help you select the text. There are two ways to make these mini hooks appear and they can change depending on the cell phones. The first thing is to stay pressed the text for a few seconds. The 2nd consists of double tap on a word. When both hooks have appeared, all you have to do is move them to select what you need to copy.

Copy the text you want to paste on your Umidigi Z2

To copy the text that you have currently selected on your Umidigi Z2, you must select the icon that represents two sheets. It should be present at the top of the screen. When it is good, the text is placed on the paper press and is ready to be pasted.

paste the text

In case you have selected and copied the text on your Umidigi Z2, you just need to paste it. To do this, you must go to the page where you want to paste the text. Once you’re there, you’ll need to keep pressing where you want the text to go and select the paste icon.

The method to copy and paste files or photos on Umidigi Z2

If you ever want to copy and paste a file on your Umidigi Z2, you will see that it is not very complex. To do this, you will need to use the app File Manager, which is already present on your Umidigi Z2. Once you have found the app, open it and browse the folders to find the file you want to copy and paste. Once the file is found, you can partition it by clicking on it. you have to later select the copy icon and choose which folder you want to paste the file into.

cup fifa Ξ TREND

Who will win the 2023 World Cup? EA Sports makes prediction about FIFA 23 Bruno Coelho November 9, 2023

The next World Cup is just around the corner. Four years after France’s victory, 32 teams are preparing for the competition to be held in Qatar.

After correctly predicting the last 3 World Cup winners, EA Sports shared its prediction again, this time for the 2022 edition. To do so, it made use of the latest technology from FIFA 23 and HyperMotion2.

Argentina wins the 2022 World Cup in EA Sports prediction

In the FIFA 23 prediction, Lionel Messi will have a (probable) dream World Cup final. This is because, according to this prediction, it will be Argentina that will win the tournament, in a very close final with the eternal rival Brazil.

And the most exciting thing is that, in this simulation, it was with Lionel Messi’s eighth goal of the tournament that Argentina won the tournament for the first time since 1986. This would even be the third title for the albiceleste team.

As we mentioned before, the EA Sports simulation predicts that Lionel Messi will be the golden boot of the tournament, with 8 goals in 7 games. The player inevitably ends up winning the Ballon d’Or as the best player of the tournament.

As for the goalkeepers, there was a four-way tie for the Golden Glove between Rui Patrício of Portugal, Alisson of Brazil, Dominik Livaković of Croatia and Emiliano Martínez of Argentina. But it was Martínez who received the award, for going the furthest in the tournament.

EA Sports also shared its prediction for 11 of the tournament. This is basically based on a team with players from Argentina and Brazil, with João Cancelo from Portugal, Raphael Varane and Kylian Mbappé from France in between.

  • Emiliano Martínez-ARG
  • João Cancelo – BY
  • Raphaël Varane – FRA
  • Marquinhos – BRA
  • Marcos Acuña – ARG
  • Leandro Paredes – ARG
  • Rodrigo de Pablo – ARG
  • Vinícius Jr – BRA
  • Lionel Messi-ARG
  • Kylian Mbappé – FRA
  • Richarlison – BRA

Starting this Wednesday, November 9, you will also be able to play the 2022 FIFA World Cup in FIFA 23 from PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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android jelly jelly bean samsung Ξ TREND

Samsung has its say on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

After the enthusiasm of HTC, too Samsung is called into question and has her say on Google’s new operating system, jelly Beanwhich however seems to have been positively received among Android smartphone (and also hardware) manufacturers.

Here are Samsung’s words:

Samsung will announce soon which devices will be updated to Jelly Bean. As the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung dominates the community with best-selling products like the Galaxy S III and is creating new device categories, such as the Galaxy Note. Samsung is the company that has shipped the most Nexus-branded devices and we are happy that Google will bring Jelly Bean to our Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.”

So no date and no indication of which terminals will be updatedif nothing else the good will is all there (but that’s not enough). For the Galaxy S III the update should be more than safe, the unknown is terminals such as the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note or Galaxy R, we await news from Samsung on this matter.

According to some rumors, Samsung has confirmed the arrival of Jelly Bean on Galaxy S III, both international and US, during the last quarter of 2012 (Q4 2012).

We await confirmation from the South Korean manufacturer.



How to make a copy paste on Meizu M8

Knowing how to copy and paste text on your Meizu M8 is absolutely essential. In practice, nothing is more convenient than copy and paste. We imagine you don’t want to rewrite everything every time. That is why we chose to create this short tutorial to learn how to do a copy and paste on a Meizu M8. We will first discover how to copy and paste text on your Meizu M8, and secondly, we will see the technique to copy and paste documents.

What are the steps to make a copy paste on your Meizu M8

Select the text with your Meizu M8

The first step to copy and paste on a Meizu M8 is to select the text. To select the text you want to copy and paste, you must display the 2 mini brackets that will be used to select the text. There are 2 ways to make these mini hooks appear and they can change depending on the cell phones. The 1st stays again pressed the text for a few seconds. the second is double tap on text. Once the 2 hooks have appeared, all you have to do is move them to select what you need to copy.

Copy the text you want to paste on your Meizu M8

To copy the phrase or paragraph that you have currently selected on your Meizu M8, you must click on the icon which is represented by two leaves. It should be displayed at the top of the screen. When it is good, the text is placed on the paper press and is ready to be pasted.

paste the text

Once you have selected and copied the text on your Meizu M8, all you have to do now is paste it. To do this, you will need to go to the page where you want to paste the text. When you are there, you will have to keep pressing where you want to drag the text and click the paste icon.

The technique to copy and paste files or images on Meizu M8

If you ever want to copy and paste a file on your Meizu M8, you will see that it is not very complicated. To do this, you will need to use the app File Manager, which is already installed on your Meizu M8. Once you have found the app, open it and browse the directories to find the file to copy and paste. Once the file is found, you can partition it by clicking on it. you have to finish select the copy icon and select which file you want to paste the file into.

clancy sony tom clancy ubisoft Ξ TREND


Ubisoft announces that Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy HD will be available for PlayStation3 during the first semester of 2011.

There trilogy will offer players the opportunity to relive the acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series with a new HD graphics And 3D support. The game in fact it includes in a single Blu-Ray disc the first three chapters of the series: Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Main features of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy HD:

– Relive the famous series Sam Fisher in High Definition.

Thanks to HD graphics, the trilogy of Splinter Cell it will look even more incredible and spectacular.

Splinter Cell in the third dimension.

Live more intensely Adventures of Sam Fisher thanks to stereoscopic 3D graphics (requires 3D TV).

– Ultra-technological devices and exclusive features.

Take advantage of a wide range of devices and equipment equipped with the most sophisticated technologieslike the famous Sam’s night vision device. Furthermore, to offer an experience of game even more rewarding and engaging, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Trilogy HD includes a new system trophies And rewards.

google Ξ TREND

Google cars now scan for pollution

Google and Aclima technology join forces to map the level of polluting agents in the air of the main cities, in real time

It is no secret to the vast majority of citizens that the air we breathe in cities contains pollutants in quantities higher than the limits tolerated by humans. A problem generated by the uncontrolled growth and development of population centers that is causing ecological imbalances that seriously affect the health and well being of citizens. That’s why Google has partnered with a startup to study environmental pollution in the city of Denver with environmental sensors installed in three of its street view cars.

On July 29, the San Francisco based environmental startup, Aclimaand the Internet giant, made public the results of an experimental project to collect data on nine pollutants different present in the air of the city of Denver. For this, three units of their Street View cars were equipped with multi environmental sensors manufactured by Aclima, with the purpose of walking the streets of the city for a month to obtain a virtual map of air quality and detect possible nodes of high concentration of pollutants.

With this pioneering experience, in which the EPAthe Environmental Defense Fund –FED and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratorythe foundations will be laid for a future world wide web of air quality sensors. An open database that will allow any citizen to consult in real time the least contaminated places or where the elderly are concentrated. pollution levels at any time of day.

Given the good results achieved in 2014, when the EDF partnered with Google to implement methane detectors in their vehicles to sniff out possible leaks in the infrastructure of the cities of Boston, Indianapolis and NYthe environmental startup decided to use Google technology to train its software and improve certain accuracy imbalances in the reading of its sensors.

However, the viability for the deployment of a national network of environmental sensors has a significant handicap. It must be taken into account that the levels of contaminants in the air are very sensitive to the wind changes, temperature and humidity, giving rise to great fluctuation throughout the day. This circumstance requires the use of highly precise sensors for each of the pollutants existing in the air and which, in general, tend to be quite expensive to implement globally.

The advantage that Aclima technology offers is that its multi sensor platform It allows you to detect the vast majority of pollutants present in the air of cities with a single unit. This circumstance greatly reduces the implementation cost of the environmental sensor network, but even so the manufacturing costs of just one of these multi environmental sensors remain high, at least for the moment. That is why the startup is working together with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop an improved version of its environmental sensors, much more little ones, efficient and economical.

For the Google company, its participation in the programs for measuring methane levels and atmospheric pollutants is also part of a project called Google Earth Outreach. This is a character database informative and scientist available to local and state governments, with the aim of contributing to improving air quality in cities.

Until now, all data collected will be stored in cloud servers, to then be validated by Aclima environmental scientists. At the moment, this data will not be available for download, but once the real time air quality mapping of the cities studied is completed, it will form part of a future free access database that could be extended to other cities. cities of the world.

Images | via Aclima


Demon Slayer Season 3 Coming to Crunchyroll

Among the many classic anime franchises preparing to release new seasons this spring anime season, perhaps none are as anticipated as the third season of Demon Slayer. Intending to lead Tanjiro and his young companions to the Swordsmith Village arc, the highest followers of the demon lord Muzan are finally preparing to enter the fray.

Fortunately, fans around the world will have the opportunity to watch the series on Crunchyroll, as the streaming service revealed the Ufotable series’ release date for next month. The first episode of the third season of Demon Slayer has already been broadcast thanks to the recent release in cinemas of Demon Slayer: Towards the Swordsmiths’ Village.

the anime of Demon Slayer has helped sell many copies of the manga, to the point where Koyoharo Gotoge’s shonen series has surpassed One Piece in sales. While the manga’s story ended years ago, the anime is still catching up as anime fans continue to debate how many additional seasons and/or movies the franchise will spawn to continue following Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and the other members of the Corps. Demon hunters.

According to a new press release, the third season of Demon Slayer will come to Crunchyroll on Sunday, April 9. Episodes will be released weekly as Tanjiro and his friends face new threats, but are aided by two Hashira who will give them much-needed help in the fight against Muzan.

After the tragic events of both Infinity Train as of Entertainment District, Tanjiro and his team won’t have much time to rest. This is how he describes Crunchyroll the next season, which will see the consequences of Tanjiro and his team’s tough battle during the arc of Entertainment District from the second season:

“And the story reaches a new place. Tanjiro’s journey takes him to the Swordsmiths Villagewhere he is reunited with two Hashira, members of the highest swordsmen of the Demon Hunters – the Hashira of Mist Muichiro Tokito and the Hashira of Love Mitsuri Kanroji.

Via: Comicbook


The satellite technology used by the Ungrd to monitor forest fires in Colombia

In La Nube, the coordinator of the Ungrd crisis room explains how technology and coordination between different entities are fundamental for the monitoring and control of fires.

Due to the El Niño phenomenon that the country is facing, several fires have occurred that have destroyed hundreds of hectares, affecting the fauna and flora. Therefore, to avoid further impact in the country, The National Risk Management Unit (Ungrd) began using satellite technology to monitor these emergencies.

In conversation with La Nube, Karen Ávila, coordinator of the Ungrd crisis room, detailed how this technology works and how the work is coordinated with the different authorities of the country to control the fires.

“Geographic information systems allow us to analyze data and make decisions and execute them. In this case, Colombia has taken the Evry platform, which in this case the product we use is Argi online. It allows us to receive information on possible hot spots and thus carry out monitoring in that area to verify if it is a burning, a fire and, of course, deploy personnel or helicopters to the area,” Ávila explained on Blu Radio.

In addition, this technology also works to predict fires or detect anomalies in areas. The data collected is shared with the Colombian Aerospace Force (FAC), firefighters and other entities to exchange information, and thus have a timely reaction to a possible fire.

In fact, by observing heat points it is possible to determine whether it is a burning or a forest fire (10-18).

Why do they burn?

According to the coordinator of the Ungrd crisis room, some indigenous or peasant communities burn several hectares to “prepare” the land for crops, but when they get out of control they end up in serious forest fires.

Many of the farmers and some areas where indigenous communities remain prepare the land by burning. That’s what they do as a practice prior to starting their crops this season,” he concluded.

geforce medium nvidia Ξ TREND

NVIDIA GeForce NOW adds The medium and seven more games to its catalog

NVIDIA this week has presented new features for its service GeForce NOWa cloud video game system that allows us to play very demanding titles on any hardware, smartphone or tablet.

Among the new titles added to the service, the recent The Mediumthe free demo of Immortals Fenyx Rising and Dyson Sphere Program. Some titles that add to the more than 800 games available, including 80 of the most important free video games.

  • You can play your purchased or free-to-play games for free with GeForce NOW on any device.

With these new games the initiative is presented Thursday GFNa concept that marks on the calendar the day on which GeForce NOW will present the news of each week. NVIDIA has selected Thursday for several reasons: many releases from last year were released on this day, as well as a large number of free-to-play and competitive titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Destiny 2 They usually implement the most important news on Thursdays.

The Medium (Steam and Epic Games Store)

Members with Founders accounts will be able to play with ray tracing and discover a dark mystery whose solution can only come from the hand of a medium. Users must travel to an abandoned communist facility and use their psychic abilities to uncover the deepest secrets, solve puzzles between two realities, survive attacks by sinister spirits and explore two dimensions at the same time.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo (Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store)

In this new free demo released by Ubisoft, players will be able to embody Fenyx, a new winged demigod, on an adventure to save the Greek gods and their home from a dark curse. Users must fight mythological beasts, master the legendary powers of the gods and defeat Typhon, the deadliest titan in Greek mythology, in an epic battle.

Members who own the full game, as well as the season pass, will have access to the new DLC, titled A New God, starting January 28.

Dyson Sphere Program (Steam)

In this strategy and space simulation game, players must build the most efficient intergalactic factory possible. Users must harness the power of the stars, collect resources, plan and design production lines and develop their interstellar factory, starting from a small space workshop to a galaxy-wide industrial empire.

With these announcements, NVIDIA has also presented the new blog dedicated to GeForce NOW news, and has anticipated that next GFN Thursday will be special, as it celebrates the first anniversary since its implementation.

New on GeForce NOW

  • The Medium (Steam, Epic Games Store)
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo (Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store)
  • Beholder (Steam)
  • Caves of Qud (Steam)
  • Dyson Sphere Program (Steam)
  • Kathy Rain (Steam)
  • Neon Abyss (Epic Games Store)
  • Gods Will Fall (launching Friday on Steam, Epic Games Store)
whatsapp Ξ TREND

Animated backgrounds will soon arrive on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not stop adding new functions but far from integrating the video calling function, which was leaked a few days ago in images, this time one of the new features What the application plans is the launch of some very particular wallpapers.

In it WhatsApp Spanish translation center A new function has been found for iPhone that would allow us to enjoy the moving backgrounds most typical of iOS, backgrounds that we can see on the iPhone, backgrounds that use the parallax effect.

Moving backgrounds for WhatsApp

The backgrounds with Parallax effect that we can see on iPhone and iPad are not the classic moving backgrounds that we can see on any mobile phone, since iOS 7 you can use these backgrounds that use the accelerometer and the gyroscope to give the image a movement that It will depend on the position of the mobile, which will cause the perspective of the image to change instantly and give us the sensation of being in front of a 3D background or a background with depth.

These are the funds that WhatsApp would plan to add since in the leak we can see that the function in English is called “Perspective” and they tell us that it will be a new wallpaper mode. What we do not know is if they will finally also reach Android since has not been found homonymous in the WhatsApp translation center for the Android version.

Moving backgrounds that eat battery

We cannot forget that these backgrounds with movement, especially when used a lot, they use up a lot of battery of the mobile phone and in an application with almost constant use, in many cases the battery may drop more than expected.

Now we just have to wait and closely follow all the beta versions of WhatsApp to find out if finally the backgrounds with parallax effect are going to soon reach the iPhone and also Android or if they will remain a mere intention. Do you consider them necessary? To us they seem rather expendable but it is also true that the ability of the user to customize the application makes them free to use them and it would not be a problem if anyone who does not want it should not put it.