Powercom expands UPS battery range

Powercom has announced the expansion of its line of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (batteries) designed for use in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Now it features seven 12-volt models with nominal capacities from 5 to 17 Ah.

The manufacturer has met all the requirements for products in this category: sealed housing, corrosion resistance, high discharge capacity and low self-discharge level, which allows them to be used after long-term storage without mandatory recharging.

Powercom batteries are universal and can be used in UPSs not only from Powercom, but also from other manufacturers. In addition, these batteries are suitable for use in emergency lighting systems, fire and security alarms, communications and automation, telecommunications equipment, as well as in power plants and electrical substations.

The new products are characterized by a long service life, high reliability and safety level, as well as maximum ease of installation and maintenance. Brief information about the models is given in the table:

More detailed information can be found on the manufacturer’s website by following this link.


Here’s how I did a 365-day time lapse with the iPhone and two simple shortcuts

Today, I just completed a one-year Time Lapse. My tools? An iPhone and two shortcuts. With the greatest simplicity, I photograph the view from my house for 356 days and the result is a video of the changing of the seasons, from spring to spring.

Every day at 3 p.m.

Today, I just completed a one-year Time Lapse. My tools? An iPhone and two shortcuts.

You can find a detailed guide at @SamaGame.

– David Bernal Raspall (@ david_br8) May 19, 2020

Simplicity and ease have been key to carrying out the projectSince I wanted to avoid having tripods, dedicated cameras and other mounts around the house. So after several tests and trials, I established some simple rules and followed them for a whole year. The objective of the exercise was to photograph the view of my house every day at three in the afternoon, a favorable time for me and well lit.

The first challenge that was presented was storage of photographs. Of course I could just take the photos and save them in the app Pictures, but the idea of ​​having so many photos mixed together seemed messy, so I decided on a shortcut.

Thanks to the app Shortcuts I immediately knew I could do two things: save photos outside of Pictures easily and automatically edit the video without any intervention on my part. So I put get down to business and I created two shortcuts.

Shortcuts, my main tool

The first shortcut is very simple. Take a photo, rename it, and save it to iCloud. Let’s see in more detail how to create this shortcut:

  • We open the app Shortcuts on our iPhone (or iPad).
  • We touch To create a shortcut.
  • We are looking for Photo and we add To take a picture, our first step.
  • We are looking for Last name and we add Set the name.
  • We are looking for record and we add Save file.

We have the three basic steps of our shortcut, now let’s adjust the details:

  • We locate Rename the photo to and we touch in the section Last name below.
  • We touch Variables.
  • We choose Current date.
  • In the third step, that of savings, we deactivate Ask where to save.
  • In Destination path, behind / Shortcuts /, we write the name of a folder.
  • We are pressing following.
  • We define a name, for example TimeLapse Photoand click OK.

Shortcut created. We went one more step.

  • We open the app Records.
  • We enter the file Shortcuts in iCloud Drive.
  • We create a folder with the same name as the one we wrote in step 5 of the previous paragraph.

Ready. We can now start to photograph. To remind us to take photos every day at the same time, we have several resources, a reminder can be a good option, but the best option is automate Shortcuts. With this system we can receive a notification every day at a specific time and with a simple touch the system will launch the shortcut for us with the camera ready. Let’s do it:

  • We open the app Shortcuts.
  • We enter the tab Automate.
  • We have hit the « + ».
  • We choose Create personal automation.
  • We touch Time of the day.
  • We choose the precise time.
  • We are pressing following.
  • We touch Add action.
  • We are looking for Shortcuts and we add Run the shortcut.
  • We touch Shortcut, which appears in blue on a gray background.
  • We select our shortcut TimeLapse Photo.
  • We are pressing following.
  • We are pressing Okay.

And do I photograph like that?

The short answer is yes. Along has a few recommendations. One of the least enjoyable things about time lapse videos is shaky video. It goes beyond everyone’s aesthetic taste, he can get giddy to see it. For this reason, photographs in a time lapse must be cropped, straightened, etc. This, yes, with some recommendations we can avoid a lot of post-production work:

  • Let’s go down always in the same place Take the picture. If it’s at home, you can even count the tiles or use a specific reference.
  • Let’s put the camera more or less at the same height, for example around neck height and a few inches away from us.
  • Let’s focus and frame all the photos in the same way. It may sound complex, but it is simple. Once we have followed the previous two steps take two points as a reference. The first one we will use to determine if we are focusing up or down, the second for the right or the left. In my case, for example, there was a floor lamp, the top edge of which still allowed a millimeter to be seen at the bottom of the photo. In addition, he also used the door of a specific house which still only allowed a millimeter to be seen on the far right of the photograph.

Through these steps, we will get the photos almost ready to produce the video without having to make any other adjustments. Every day when we decided, simply we run the shortcut and take the picture, we examine it, we repeat it if necessary or we touch record consider it good.

Postproduction, the other shortcut

After taking all the photos we consider appropriate, we will move on to post-production. I mean, for create a GIF or video with everyone. Again, we’ll do this with a shortcut. We will create it like this:

  • We open the app Shortcuts on our iPhone (or iPad).
  • We touch To create a shortcut.
  • We are looking for Archiver and we add Recover File.
  • We are looking for Filtered and we add Filter files.
  • We are looking for GIF and we add Create GIF.
  • We are looking for View and we add Quick overview.

As before, we will adjust some details:

  • In the action of Recover Files we will activate Select multiple.
  • In the action of Filter files we will touch sort by and we will choose Creation date.
  • In the GIF converting action, we will discuss Show more et en Seconds per photo we will write 0.1. In Width, we will write 2000.

According to my tests, a speed of 0.1 is most suitable, although we can test with 0.2, in which the video will go at half the speed, or other values. Once finished, and as with the previous shortcut, we will touch following, we will write a name then Okay.

To create our GIF, just run the shortcut, in the file selector find our photo file and select all files. When we see the GIF on the screen, we can use the share menu to send it or hang it on our social networks.

How to create our first iOS shortcut step by step

The steps might seem a bit complex, but they’re really straightforward, especially if we know something about the Shortcuts app, which we saw an introduction to a few weeks ago. Once the habit of running the shortcut and photographing has been created, the rest is very simple. Ideas? A daily photo of a factory or a building under construction can give very interesting results.


Prime Video and Atresmedia come together to create the definitive subscription: Atresplayer Premium Familiar comes to Amazon

Amazon’s alliances to fill its video streaming platform with channels are continuing, now with the incorporation of Atresplayer as a channel on Prime Video: starting today Atresplayer Premium Family will be available as a subscription to the Amazon service. The price is maintained.

The pack that gives access to Amazon’s free deliveries grew in services year after year to include everything from free music to a huge number of movies, series and documentaries under the Prime Video umbrella. In Spain we are still far from what Amazon includes with Prime in the United Statesboth in content and in price (there it is worth more than double, $139 per year), but little by little we are catching up on channels, even with our own options: Atresplayer is coming to the Amazon platform.

Atresplayer Premium Familiar arrives as a channel on Amazon Prime

Amazon and Atresmedia have sealed an agreement under the subscription service of the Spanish company Goes as an optional channel to Prime Video. This implies that anyone who has Amazon Prime, and wants to access Atresplayer content, does not have to subscribe to said platform: they can do it directly through Amazon.

Prime Video will offer access to all the content that Atresplayer Premium Familiar already includes independently. Poison, Cardo, The nights of Tefía, The protected… and upcoming releases; such as FoQ: The Next Generation, A New Dawn, Dressed in Blue and The Purple Net, all can be seen on the new Prime Video channel.

To qualify for the Atresmedia subscription, it is first essential to be a subscriber to Amazon Prime. The cost of the Spanish platform is 7.99 euros per month, exactly the same that Atresmedia offers through its own media. And only the Premium Family option will be available, not the more accessible Atresmedia Premium subscription: this, whose cost is 4.99 euros per month, is left out of Prime Video. Also the option to subscribe for a year (it is exclusive to the Atresplayer app and website).

Atresmedia Player Familiar joins a long list of channels that are already present on Prime Video; such as MGM+, Flixolé, DAZN, La Liga Smartbank, Acontra+ or AMC+. The advantage of having these subscriptions as channels is that no separate app needed: Both downloads and streaming are done through the Prime Video app.


Powercom begins supplying Sentinel series UPS to the Russian market

Powercom announced the start of deliveries of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of the Sentinel (SNT) series to the Russian market. These are online UPSs with pure sine wave output, designed to protect power supplies and ensure continuous operation of servers, as well as network, telecommunications, medical and other equipment that impose strict requirements on power quality and/or support critical processes.

The series includes models SNT-1000, SNT-1500, SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 with a nominal power of 1; 1.5; 2 and 3 kV•A respectively. The new products are made in universal 2U high cases, which can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack or on the floor using the removable supports included in the delivery package.

To connect protected devices, the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models have six outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors. In turn, the SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 UPSs are equipped with eight outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors and one with a C19 socket.

The load is powered in autonomous mode from sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries located in the UPS housing. It is possible to connect external battery packs to increase battery life. The design of the Sentinel series models allows for hot-swappable batteries. Thanks to their placement in rigid trays, the process of replacing and maintaining batteries is extremely simple.

An important advantage of the Sentinel series models is zero switching time to battery power. High power factor (PF=1) ensures maximum performance. It is possible to segment the load to increase battery life. High efficiency mode reduces energy and UPS maintenance costs.

All Sentinel series models are equipped with a control panel with a rotating LCD display. There are USB and RS-232 ports for connecting to a PC, as well as a slot for installing an optional SNMP adapter card. The latter allows you to monitor the status of the UPS and manage its settings from a remote workstation.

Case dimensions of the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models are 428x425x84 mm; SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 – 428x635x84 mm.

The Sentinel series UPS will be available in warehouses at Russian Powercom distributors in August.


The dizzying evolution of the iPhone CPU and GPU over the years on the doorstep of the iPhone 12

The processor designed by Apple for each generation of Apple has been a symbol of its power for a decade. Just weeks after the launch of the iPhone 12, which presumably will bring under its hood the A14 processor, we examined the dizzying evolution of these chips. An improvement that has multiplied by more than 160 times the power of its CPU and by nearly 2000 times that of its GPU.

All iPhone chips and their technical evolution

Processor IPhone model An CPU increase Boost GPU Frequency RAM Nanometers
Samsung APL0098 iPhone Edge 2007 412 MHz 128 Mo 90 nm
Samsung APL0098 iPhone 3G 2008 0% 0% 412 MHz 128 Mo 90 nm
Samsung APL0298 iPhone 3GS 2009 100% 100% 600 MHz 256 Mo 65 nm
A4 iphone 4 2010 100% 100% 800 MHz 512 Mo 45 nm
TO 5 iphone 4s 2011 100% 800% 800 MHz 512 Mo 45 nm
A6 iphone 5 2012 100% 100% 1,3 GHz 512 Mo 32 nm
A7 iphone 5s 2013 100% 100% 1,4 GHz 1 Go 28 nm
A8 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 2014 25% fifty% 1,5 GHz 1 Go 20 nm
A9 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 2015 70% 90% 1,85 GHz 2 Go 14 to 16 nm
Fusion A10 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 2016 40% fifty% 2,34 GHz 2 à 3 Go 16 nm
A11 Bionics iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X 2017 25% 70% 2,39 GHz 2 à 3 Go 10 nm
A12 Bionics iPhone XR, Xs et Xs Plus 2018 fifteen% fifty% 2,49 GHz 3 à 4 Go 7 nm
A13 Bionics iPhone 11, 11 Pro et 11 Pro Max 2019 twenty% twenty% 2,66 GHz 4 Go 7 nm

A power multiplied by 160 in its CPU and by 1900 times its GPU

Early iPhone models had a processor designed and manufactured by Samsung. IPhone Edge and iPhone 3G they used the same processor, called Samsung APL 0098, with a frequency of 412 MHz, 128MB of RAM and manufactured in a 90nm process. Fast forward to 2019, when Apple introduced the iPhone 11 family and its designed A13 Bionic at home, with dizzying characteristics: 2.66 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 7 nm.

Between the two, a path has been traveled with several unique milestones in the industry. The first was undoubtedly the A4 launched in 2010, since it involved the first design developed by the Apple company and not by a third party. It debuted on the original iPad and, months later, on the iPhone 4 (although under-clocked). Three years later, the A7 arrived in the iPhone 5s, the first 64-bit mobile chip that caused panic in the industry.

Apple processors consistently rank among mobile chips for their performance

Later, the A10 Fusion, which launched cores of different sizes for different tasks (efficiency and power) on the platform. And the Bionic generations brought the neural engine to perform machine learning tasks. Until we get to the A13 Bionic from last year.

If we compare the evolution and increases in power, both CPU and GPU, we get charts like the ones accompanying this section. The CPU has multiplied its power by 164.2, while the GPU did it 1883.7 times (The A5 was an improvement of the 9x GPU over the previous version). Apple tends to accompany its presentations with new iPhones or iPads with similar graphics, especially when the jump is considerable.

An A14 processor for 2020 iPhones: 40% more CPU and 50% more GPU

The logical evolution leads to more powerful chips every year. Of course, not every year there is great progress. According to some leaks, the A14 chip that we will see this year will count with an increase compared to the A13 Bionic which would be as follows:

  • CPU: 40% more, up to 230 times on the iPhone Edge.
  • GPU: 50% more, up to 2,825 times on the iPhone Edge.

If this forecast comes true, we would be facing a very significant rise on both fronts. The one that, on the processor side, had not been produced since the A10 Fusion 2016. In recent years, Apple’s “A” processors rivaled those of Intel in terms of performanceSo it’s no wonder we’ve seen the company use the A14 in their early Macs with Apple Silicon.

Intel’s straightjacket and the journey to Apple Silicon

A most interesting fall is to come on the Apple front. When the iPhone 12 launches, we are waiting the first Mac model with Apple Silicon, with which the company will test the waters of the first transformer at home for your conventional computers. In a few weeks, we will get rid of the doubts.


New Movistar Smart WiFi 6 Go router: everything we know about it

Of all the routers that Movistar customers currently have, the most widespread is the HGU model with WiFi 5, but the most advanced is the xHGU with Wi-Fi 6. The latter, which the operator launched commercially a few months ago under the trade name of Smart WiFi 6, will soon coexist with a new variant.

According to Banda Ancha, Movistar has introduced some modifications to the equipment’s hardware and has renamed it Smart Wi-Fi 6 Go. Next, we will tell you everything we know about this renewed router and its future arrival on the market.

Same on the outside, slightly different on the inside

Movistar’s new Smart WiFi 6 Go router received certification last May and has already begun to be distributedin Spain. From Telefónica, they assure that they are deploying several thousand teams to do network stability tests.

Image | Broadband

It is, yes, a controlled deployment for clients who they still have an old ONT and routerSo the operator is taking advantage of this testing phase to update the old equipment that is still present in many homes.

The date of mass commercialization is not yet known, but they anticipate that will be availablein the coming months”. It is very likely that it will also end up reaching O2 customers, as has happened with other teams, but it will go on sale first with Movistar.

The price is not confirmed either, but we can get an idea by seeing how much does the Smart Wifi 6 model cost current: 50 euros if you install it yourself or 100 euros if you want a technician to come to your house to configure it and start it up.

And how is the new Smart WiFi 6 Go different from that current model? Its design is exactly the same, the only thing that changes is the WiFi. Instead of the Onsemi chips that the first generation mounts, the new variant (MitraStar GPT-2742GX4X5 v6) opts for those of the Airoha brand (owned by MediaTek).

With that, lose an antenna in the 5 GHz bandSo the new router includes four antennas in the 2.4 GHz band and another four in the 5 GHz band. The rest of the features are exactly the same.


Platinum Trophy from Exoprimal seems to be a very time consuming job

Of course it is also possible to collect Trophies in Exoprimal. In the run-up to the release at the end of this week, Capcom has now put the Trophies on the PlayStation Network, giving us a good idea of ​​what we need to do to get that coveted platinum.

In general, the list does not look too difficult, although it will take a lot of time. For example, you will have to finish 100,000 dinosaurs for a golden Trophy. There are also Trophies linked to cumulative activities, such as healing, collecting items and more.

This makes Exoprimal especially look like a time-consuming activity if you go for the full 100% with the Trophies. The game will also receive Xbox Achievements, but they are not online yet. It remains to be seen what the value of the Achievements will be, in terms of objectives it matches as always.



-Acquired all Exoprimal trophies.


Ancient Problems, Modern Solutions

-Defeated a large number of dinosaurs summoned by Leviathan.

Cretaceous Eradicator

-Eliminated a total of 100,000 dinosaurs.

Exosuit Researcher

-Collected 50 modules.

Ace Pilot

-Reached suit level ten with ten exosuits.

Whatever They Won’t See Coming

-Escape from Bikitoa.


Prized Research Subjects

-Defeated Durban.

A New Tyrant

-Defeated a T. rex.


-Emerged victorious using five different exosuits in Dino Survival.

Exosuit Developer

-Customized the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus exosuits in the Hangar.

Arm Dealer

– Unlock three rigs.


Welcome to Aibius

-Completed the tutorial.

Research facility

-Returned from Dino Survival for the first time.

Good News!

-Checked a report from Leviathan.

Magnum’s Investigation

-Helped with Magnum’s investigation.

Meet Durban

-Defeated a powerful Neosaur.

Durban’s Trial

-Survived a combat test in the abyss.

Man in the Machine

-Witnessed Leviathan’s Abnormality.

Peerless Shooter

-Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Deadeye.

Riding the Wind

-Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Zephyr.

Highly Explosive

-Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Barrage.

Battlefield Recon

-Defeated 1,000 dinosaurs with Vigilant.

Dead End

-Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Roadblock.


-Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Krieger.

Mechanical Bushido

-Blocked a total of 10,000 damage with Murasame.

Healing Practices

-Repaired 10,000 total health with Witchdoctor.

Ruler of the Skies

-Repaired 10,000 total health with Skywave.

Dangerous Skater

-Repaired 10,000 total health with Nimbus.


-Stopped a Triceratops charge with Roadblock.

Carnivore No More

-Defeated a Carnotaurus.

Shield Slayer

– Defeated a Triceratops.

Dinosaur Handler

-Used a Dominator for the first time.

Threat Level Rising

-Experienced a dinosaur upgrade for the first time.

A Sample of Suits

– Tried ten different exosuits.

No Exo suit? No problem

-Eliminated 20 dinosaurs as a pilot in a single match.

Decisions, Decisions

-Equipped a module for the first time.

One Small Step

-Increased your suit level for the first time.

Exfighter’s Honor

-Equipped an award for the first time.

Fashionable, Yet Deadly

-Set a suit skin, weapon skin, decal, and charm on a single exosuit.

Escape Path

-Checked Lost Data for the first time.

Exoprimal will be available this Friday, July 14 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


HYENAS: Gameplay Trailer, Closed Beta and More

HYENAS gameplay trailer released! The PC closed beta starts on August 31st and you can play it at Gamescom.

SEGA Europe Limited and Creative Assembly have unveiled the official gameplay trailer for HYENAS, showcasing chaotic zero-g heist action.

Watch as the hyenas fight their way through the Earth Vintage Raider, stealing loads of merchandise and taking out MURFs along the way. The whole thing culminates in a brilliant anti-gravity showdown.

HYENAS is a hero-based multiplayer extraction shooter that pits five teams of three against each other (and against merciless NPC security forces known as MURFs) to steal precious pop-culture memorabilia from huge, themed raiders.

HYENAS can be played publicly in Hall 8 of Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming trade fair, from August 23rd to 27th.

If you can’t make it to Gamescom, don’t worry: all PC gamers are cordially invited to the first closed beta, which will take place from August 31st to September 11th. Budding hyenas can register for the playtest via Steam.

In this closed beta, you can play as one of eight Specialists, including new additions Mozie – the original hyena – and rock ‘n’ roll roadie and pyrotechnician Digits.

They join ballerina Prima, astronaut Commander Wright, lightning-fast cosplayer Hero-ki, sniper El Silbón, gamer Doc Hotfix, and defense expert and drag queen Galaxia as they embark on zero-gravity action on the colossal raider Earth Vintage.

In line with the unveiling of the new gameplay trailer, HYENAS has also released the official key art illustration. It features Prima, Digits, and Commander Wright in a three-player team, coming out of a teleporter to attack a scavenger ship.

HYENAS will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Steam and Mac.



Fortnite – Guide on Getting the Fortnite Ninja Skin

Ever wondered how players got a skin of one of the most popular streamers on the planet? Here’s how.

For a lot of players, the popular Battle Royale title isn’t all about using a Fortnite tracker to improve their game, or building and looting that makes up the foundations of the game. Cosmetics play a huge part of Fortnite for many fans, and introducing a Fortnite skin for the likes of Ninja made a big impact earlier this year.

This gave players the opportunity to use Ninja’s likeness in the game for the first time. With his unique blue hair, coupled with a futuristic coat and his logo also featuring, those who follow the streamer were able to be amongst the first to play as a streamer’s likeness. The Fortnite skin is part of the Fortnite Icon Series, which brings “the artistic vision, personality and attitude of top creators to Fortnite.”

What Does the Fortnite Skin Feature?

If you wanted to pick up the Ninja skin, you would receive a few neat features. As well as the Njnja outfit there was also an Edge Back Bling, and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe. So there is some authenticity there, but for a true Ninja feel there is also the Pon Pon victory dance, which serves as Ninja’s emote.

If you wanted to find this skin, then there was a specific way of doing so, which we will discuss below.

How to Get the Ninja Skin

To get the Ninja skin, you need to wait until the cosmetic has gone live. Epic Games has a habit of going through the introduction of Fortnite skins on a regular basis. These are often put into rotation, meaning they often disappear only to be brought back at a later date. The skin when available costs 1,500 V-Bucks, and you had to be logged in at a specific time. The code NINJA was also provided by the streamer when it first arrived. This code was revealed in a tweet in which Ninja expressed that it was his dream to have a skin in Fortnite ever since he started playing the game, and that his dream had now become reality.

Will the Ninja Skin Return?

As stated, Epic have a habit of bringing back Fortnite skins from the past that have been in rotation. We could honestly see it again sometime soon, but there is no way of knowing at this time. Given his popularity, you would expect to see it again at some point or other. With the closure of Mixer, at the time of writing this we know that Ninja is looking at a new platform to stream on. Perhaps the hype surrounding that will be enough to bring the skin back.

For the time being, we will need to sit tight, and if you have the Ninja skin already, then prepare to Pon Pon your way to victory on the battlefield. Who knows, you could be sporting a Fortnite skin that is set to become one of the rarest available in the game altogether if it does take a while to return.

Have you got the Ninja skin? Let us know in the comments section below!


Find Palia Juniper Seeds

Where to find the juniper seeds in Palia? Which dealer can you buy juniper seeds from? In the past few days, perhaps one or the other player of the new Palia from Singularity 6 will be dealing with this question, who either needs the seeds for the weekly wishes of the residents or wants to plant a tree on their own property. In this short guide we show where to get the juniper seeds from.

Where to get the juniper seeds in Palia?

The juniper seeds are the “tree seeds” in Palia. You can use the tree seeds to plant wild trees on the property yourself. For the juniper tree (trees with the orange leaves) you need the juniper seeds and you get them similar to the other tree seeds by chopping down the respective trees with the axe. Every time you cut down a tree, there is a small chance of getting the tree seed as well, like in this case the juniper seed. Sometimes you have to cut down around 8 to 10 trees before you get the seed. The juniper seed is automatically collected when you pick up the wood.

Plant wild tree over juniper seed

If you don’t want to use the juniper seeds as a gift for the residents’ weekly wishes, then you can also plant the tree seeds on your own property, as mentioned. To do this, you have to press the H key on the property to open the “build mode”. Then you can select the seed on the left and place it in a free spot. The tree then stands in its place, without having to wait for it to grow. Unlike the seeds for vegetables, the wild trees you plant yourself do not have to be watered regularly.

Tip: This is how you can buy more soil in Palia and unlock more fields.


Earning Money in Anno 1800: Mastering the Art of Prosperity – CHEAT CODES for 2024

Introduction to Wealth Building in Anno 1800

Anno 1800, a complex and engaging city-building game, offers a unique blend of strategy and economics. Mastering the art of wealth accumulation in this game requires not just skill but also a deep understanding of its mechanics. This comprehensive guide aims to equip players with proven strategies, tips, and even some clever tricks to boost their financial success in Anno 1800.

Understanding the Basics of Anno 1800 Economy

Before diving into advanced techniques, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of the game’s economy. Anno 1800’s economic system is built on resource management, trade, and population control. Balancing these elements is key to establishing a strong economic foundation.

Resource Management: The Backbone of Your Economy

Resource management involves efficient production, usage, and distribution of resources. Ensuring a steady supply of essential goods like wood, steel, and food not only keeps your population happy but also fuels your city’s growth.

Efficient Production Lines

Creating efficient production lines is vital. Align your production buildings in proximity to related industries to minimize transportation time and costs. Also, constantly upgrade your production facilities to maximize output.

Strategic Resource Distribution

Equally important is strategic resource distribution. Ensure that all your islands and trade routes have access to necessary resources. This prevents bottlenecks and ensures a smooth supply chain.

Trade: Expanding Your Economic Reach

Trade plays a pivotal role in Anno 1800. Establishing trade routes with neighbors can turn a modest profit into a substantial income.

Maximizing Trade Profits

To maximize trade profits, identify high-demand goods in the market and focus your production on these items. Keep an eye on fluctuating prices to sell at peak value.

Population Control: The Key to a Balanced Economy

Your population is both your workforce and your primary source of income through taxes. Managing your population’s growth and needs is essential for a balanced economy.

Balancing Population Growth

Rapid population growth can strain your resources. Balance growth by ensuring your city’s infrastructure can support new residents. Also, aim for higher-tier citizens as they pay more taxes and have more complex needs, leading to more sophisticated and profitable production chains.

Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Wealth

With the basics covered, let’s delve into more advanced strategies.

Diversifying Your City’s Economy

Diversification is critical. Don’t rely on a single resource or industry. A diverse economy is more resilient to market changes and can tap into multiple income sources.

Investing in New Industries

Investing in new industries like tourism or advanced manufacturing can open new revenue streams. These sectors often have higher profit margins and can significantly boost your city’s income.

Exploiting Trade Route Efficiencies

Optimizing trade routes can drastically increase your profits. Use larger ships for longer routes to maximize cargo space and minimize trips. Also, consider establishing trade agreements with AI players for exclusive trade rights.

Utilizing Cheats and Tricks Wisely

While not necessary, cheats and tricks can provide an edge.

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes can give instant access to resources or money. However, use them sparingly as they can reduce the game’s challenge and enjoyment.

Gameplay Tricks

Learning gameplay tricks, like exploiting AI weaknesses in trade or manipulating market prices, can give you a significant advantage. These require a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and AI behavior.

Anno 1800 Cheats

  1. Unlimited Influences: Player used unlimited influences 
  2. Infinite Health: Health level is on peek point
  3. Max Diplomacy: Make a diplomatic state as your own choice
  4. Unlimited Gold/Money: Get more money while fighting with other
  5. Unlimited Timber: Available Timber quantity is unlimited
  6. Unlimited Bricks: Bricks for construction is infinite
  7. Unlimited Steel Beam: Steel beam is also in the infinite value
  8. Unlimited Window: Have unlimited numbers of window
  9. Unlimited Oil: Oil for ships is available in high quantity
  10. Unlimited Warehouse Resources: Available resources in the warehouse if infinite
  11. Max Ship Health: Ships have the capacity to bear attack of the enemy
  12. SuperSpeed: Ship speed is boosted up when the enemy attack
  13. Instant Ship Production: Produce a new ship when you need
  14. Infinite Construction Resource: Provide a variety of resources to construct something

How to Install ANNO 1800 Trainer

  1. Download the trainer the given link
  2. Extract the .rar file using the WinRAR
  3. Now open the train.exe and change what you want

How To Use ANNO 1800 Trainer

  1. Run the trainer,
  2. Then play the game.

During the game you will be able to use the following Option keys

ANNO 1800 Cheats

Escape: Close Postcard View

NUMPAD1: Instant Ship Protection

NUMPAD2: Unlimited ship Health

NUMPAD3: Expedition Morale

NUMPAD4: Change window

NUMPAD5: Super Ship Speed

NUMPAD6: Super Speed

NUMPAD7: Edit Ship Inventory

NUMPAD8: Edit Harbor

F1: Change Oil

F2: Change Cash

F3: Change Influences

F4: Change Timber

F5: Change Bricks

F6: Change Steel Beam

F7: Change Reinforced Concrete

F8: Perfect People Need

F9: Unlimited Resource

F10: Perfect Diplomacy

Mastering Anno 1800: Expert Strategies for Game Success

Navigating Game Hiccups: Solving Freezing Issues in Anno 1800 : One of the occasional challenges in Anno 1800: Console Edition is the freezing issue when toggling between apps on the PS5. This glitch can cause the game’s pause menu to lock up if you switch back from another app. While this can be frustrating, a simple restart of the game resolves the issue. Thankfully, Anno 1800’s autosave feature ensures you won’t lose progress, as it captures the state of play right before the freeze occurs.

Optimal Beer Production in Anno 1800: A Comprehensive Layout Guide : For those aiming to excel in Anno 1800’s intricate economy, mastering beer production is crucial. This process requires a strategic layout, beginning with a spacious area dedicated to brewing. Starting with a warehouse, you’ll need to strategically place two breweries and a malthouse in close proximity, connected by a single road to the city. Opposite this road, the layout demands two grain farms and three hop farms, with the fields extended to maximize yield. Finally, encircle the entire farming area with a road for efficient access. This layout can be replicated across your map to boost beer production.

Accelerating Wealth: Effective Money-Making Strategies in Anno 1800 : Economic growth in Anno 1800 hinges on smart trading strategies. A lucrative approach involves establishing trade routes, particularly with Eli Bleaksworth Harbor’s prison, which offers high returns for soap. Continuously selling soap to this destination can quickly amass over 500,000 gold coins. Another profitable venture is trading pocket watches. Buy these from Archibald Blake’s Harbor and sell them at a higher price to Ketema’s Harbor. This buy-low, sell-high strategy applies to various commodities, ensuring a steady stream of income.

Timber Production Mastery: Essential Steps for Efficient Wood Harvesting : In Anno 1800, timber is a vital resource, making efficient wood production key to city success. Start by constructing two warehouses near a forest to ensure ample storage. Next, establish four sawmills and lumberjack huts, connected by a road network for easy access. It’s important to replicate this setup across the forest, maintaining a continuous supply chain. Planting trees around depleted areas ensures sustainability and uninterrupted production.

Selecting the Ideal Island: Key to Resource Management in Anno 1800 : Resource management is paramount in Anno 1800, and choosing the right island plays a critical role. Look for islands rich in natural resources like potatoes, oil, grain, iron, and hops. An island with these resources will sustain your village and prevent the dire situation of resource depletion.

Citizen Advancement: The Path from Farmers to Artisans : The progression of your citizens in Anno 1800, from farmers to workers and then artisans, is a delicate balancing act. While upgrading citizens is essential for development, maintaining a sufficient number of farmers to manage agriculture is equally important. Replacing upgraded citizens ensures a balanced workforce, avoiding an excess of any one class.

In conclusion, mastering Anno 1800 requires a blend of strategic planning, efficient resource management, and savvy economic tactics. By addressing game glitches promptly, optimizing production layouts, implementing smart trading routes, and managing your citizenry and resources wisely, you can ensure the prosperity and growth of your virtual city.

Conclusion: Building a Thriving Economy in Anno 1800

Mastering the art of earning money in Anno 1800 is a rewarding challenge. By understanding the basics, implementing advanced strategies, and perhaps using a few tricks, players can build thriving, prosperous cities. This guide provides the foundation, but the path to wealth in Anno 1800 is as unique as your strategy.


Classic WoW – What is the Game’s Most Overplayed Class?

There are a variety of different classes for you to select in Classic WoW, and here is who players pick more often.

There is a variety of different classes for you to choose from in Classic WoW. However, there are certain classes that are used more often than others. If you are looking to take a break from hunting down WoW Classic Gold and dungeon crawling, and want to take a look into what the most overplayed class is in the classic rendition of the MMORPG, then your answer is the Warrior.

If you were to take a look at the majority of polls online regarding Classic WoW classes and their popularity, then more often than not you will find that the Warrior class comes out on top. So, what is it that makes them so popular?

WoW Classic Max Level Advantages

In terms of power leveling, playing as a Warrior can be difficult. This is because there is a lack of end game gear to enjoy, and their skills are rather weak at the early stages. However, once you reach max level, your perseverance will be more than rewarded. Once you hit max level, you will have access to the best scaling DPS, as well as some of the best gear that you can get in the entire game.

By having better gear, this means that they are better at generating their main resource of Rage. The lack of end game gear and having weak skills early on can affect Rage, so by having more Rage you are able to pull off additional special attacks.

DPS Strengths

In terms of being a DPS class, the Warrior offers the highest possible damage potential when having the right gear. This is thanks to the scaling that is available when you have the relevant gear. Also, having a Rage resource can be extremely handy. The great thing about Rage is that it means that you will never be depleted of resources. What’s more, you will achieve further Rage to use for DPS with the more damage that you take.

Fun Class to Play

It may be a bit hard to get started with the Warrior due to its limits early on, but it more than pays off later on. Its high DPS and reliability as a tank make the Warrior very popular to play as.

Once you have reached that high level with Charge, your gameplay experience will completely change. You will find that you have much higher damage output and far more mobility. They do become a very overpowered class, which is something that will attract old and new players alike. Alongside a healer, the Warrior is incredibly difficult for you to contend with.

Other Positives in WOW Classic

With all of these positive traits, you will find that they are very useful in both PvE and PvP. When you couple this with the exceptional end gam scaling, then you have something that is virtually unstoppable. This is also enhanced even further by how well they work with healing partners. If you have the correct WoW Classic items, then the Warrior is a great choice.

So, you can probably see why the Warrior class often finds itself at the top of the list when it comes to breaking down which are the most popular classes in World of Warcraft Classic. The great thing about this MMORPG is that there is enough range for you to choose from that will cater to your playstyle. The Warrior is one that will pay off down the line, but when it does, then you will be feared by all those who oppose you.

Have you played as the Warrior? Let us know in the comments section below!