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Phil Spencer assures that Xbox will not abandon consoles

Throughout the week we heard multiple rumors about the future of Xbox. Although this division of Microsoft is expected to carry out a public presentation to clarify all the doubts that the public has, it has been announced that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, made an internal presentation a few days ago to assure your employees that there are no plans to stop console production.

One of the biggest reports that were released last week indicates that production of the Xbox Series X|S would have stopped completely. However, Shannon Liao, a journalist, has mentioned that a few days ago Spencer held an internal presentation to assure his employees that he has no plans to leave the console marketsince hardware is part of the Microsoft division’s strategy, which includes “multiple devices.”

At the moment, it is expected that at some point this week we will see a special presentation that will finally clarify all the rumors we have heard so far. Some reports have indicated that in this event, Spencer and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announce a series of plans for Xbox to become a third-party publisherand thus bring titles like Hi-Fi Rush and Starfield to the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

However, so far there is no official information from the company. The only issue that has been clarified, and only internally, has been the production of the Xbox Series X|S. Considering what Liao mentioned, the console is likely to become another platform for Xbox titlesand not the only place where titles like Fable and Avowed can be played.

We can only wait for Microsoft and Xbox to share more information about their future, something that could happen at any time. In related topics, Ubisoft CEO talks about Xbox rumors. Likewise, the Xbox Series X|S logo disappears from the Fable and Avowed sites.

Editor’s Note:

It is very likely that Xbox is in a situation similar to that of Nintendo during the Wii U era, and instead of simply throwing in the towel, they are thinking about giving us a new console that will captivate the public, and considering the success of the Switch , as well as devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, this device is likely at this address.

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