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Pokémon launches emotional promotional to say goodbye to Ash from the anime

For some months now we have been very clear that the anime of Pokemon will pass the baton to a new generation, and that is because after more than 20 years the main character, Ash Ketchum, is going to say goodbye to viewers. And now, little by little, the last chapters have been released that until now have brought together his best friends.

Thus, in the streets of Japan, a latest promotional has been launched showing us all the generations that the character has gone through, from his beginnings in the town of Pallet to the tournament of champions in Galar. This along with emotional scenes in which she has captured different creatures, as well as goodbyes that made many cry.

Here you can see it:

Shinjuku Station east-west free passage signage, this week’s anime “Pocket Monsters” for the final episode on 3/24. Previous logos, Pokémon and friends will appear.

先日のプリキュアの広告 (リエイティブ、ぐっときますね🥲#アニポケ

— 総合報道【公式】サイン・ディスプレイ業界専門メディア (@sogohodopopeye) March 13, 2023

the anime of Pokemon was broadcast for the first time in the year 1997and from that moment Ash Ketchum He became the character we have followed for quite some time on television. He has basically gone through all the generations of video games, only with the detail of never winning a league, a bad streak that he ended in To the and Galar.

Remember that the last episode of the series is broadcast on March 24th.

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Editor’s note: Ash’s farewell was necessary for the progress of the anime, otherwise it was going to continue with that repetitive element. However, it cannot be denied that seeing Ash leave after so long does cause nostalgia.

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