Real-time strategy with Battleplans, a new game with a great visual touch

Today is RTS day, and if we have already had one of the best bets in recent months with Crush Your Enemies!, now we are going for another. The RTS genre is a bit lame on Android. I suppose that having Starcraft II dominating other solar systems in which the graphics and processing power is still light years away, does not allow us to get as close to this category as we would like. It may be a matter of time before one day we will be enjoying a real RTS from our smartphone in which we can play lag-free games with hundreds of players from all over the world. It’s okay that Clash Royale comes somewhat close, but it’s far from what a Starcraft-type RTS really is, the genie of the lamp in this genre.

Battleplans is another RTS that comes with a more careful visual appearance to take us to flat colors, rich character designs and a great variety in all types of combat skills to delight us and satisfy that player soul that we have seeking new experiences. Mathie Castelli and the team at CM4 Productions have released this video game that is a nice challenge, although it may consume the battery very quickly. A genre that is adding more quality with this title and that little by little is taking good steps, so let’s go on to learn about the vicissitudes and secrets of Battleplans.

A well finished and defined game

The game begins as if we were in a DOTA type tutorial in which we meet the hero and his soldiers who fight for different strategic positions to finally achieve victory. In these first games it is evident that it is a very well defined and developed game. It can be seen well in the way we can control the troops and how they require a little skill to be able to develop oneself with a strategy that gives you final victory.

It is not very complicated to play, which is appreciated, but it does have some depth for the player who wants to get into the gameplay. It is true that we miss games with great depthbut like better RTS, it will take time for this to happen like this.

Battleplans puts you before the Conquest of territories in real-time battles and in which you have to know how to use tactics. Combining the different squads and using heroes with those special abilities will allow the player to win. And you can be present in combats with up to 100 units on each side.

An RTS that lets you love and play

In Battleplans you will get sick of attacking, but you will also have to defend conquered territories. You also have the option of being able to play against other players in which you will have to destroy their defense plans, just as they will be able to do the same with you.

The league of wars puts you before the conquest of territories to maintain them and thus extract precious resources. You will also have to know how to unlock new units, perfect your hero’s skills and be a general in combat in those battles with a large number of combatants. It is in the variety where another of his faculties is found.

After being in a regional release, Battleplans finds itself globally available in the Google Play Store. An RTS to take into account and that you have for free with the obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

The effects, character design, environments and everything in this game It is very well designed. It is difficult to find a negative point that tarnishes the gaming experience, but after this regional launch and having fixed the bugs, it is in a formidable state. Now all that remains is for it to be widely played and for the studio to be able to release updates with more content.

Editor’s opinion

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  • His great visual style
  • Its multiplayer aspect
  • Ability to manage several squads at the same time


  • Has some bug

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