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Smart clothing will conquer our closets

More and more users and companies ensure that wearables They will change our lives completely… Garments, accessories and others gadgets that will help us by integrating into our daily lives. The question is, how much longer will we have to wait for this to become a reality?

In a society like ours, increasingly saturated with technologypeople search in the smart clothes new functions. Improve our productivity, make ourselves more efficient, monitor our health… In short, give us something in exchange for all the personal information that they get from us.

The study Shift 2015 of Mindshareconducted with real device tests on people in the United Kingdom for advertising purposes, offers some interesting data on the use of smart clothing.

For a month, they used smart rings, cameras, heart monitors and other devices, to study what their real impact was on the users’ routine. All the data offered is positive; It is estimated that the penetration will grow up to 16% during the next year.

Some data about the future of wearables, by Mindshare

The garments and smart accessories They are designed to cover some fundamental needs of users, such as facilitating the acts of daily life (open the car from a device), easily connect with family or friends, or express our identity through products made with modern materials and with a current design.

Through the aforementioned study, some of the most demanded needs by users when using these devices. Inform us of the quality of our sleepmonitor our exercise and diet to suggest improvements, or identify nearby stores and businesses that may be of interest to us are the main functions that consumers demand.

If we look to the future, specifically in the year 2020, it comes into play 5Gthe fifth generation of data transmission, through which such astonishing download speeds have been achieved as the terabyte per second (1 Tbps). Being realistic, we must clarify that at the moment this has only been achieved in a laboratory, but we are starting somewhere.

This can constitute a fundamental factor when it comes to consolidating the effectiveness of the wearable devices. For a device to be useful to consumers, in addition to fulfilling some important function, it must do so quickly. Telecommunications companies such as Telephonethey are already allocating research teams to accelerate the development of this technology.


Our personal air purifier

Alexander Kostinsemi finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab Competition, has created a bracelet that emits a purifying gas, through a rechargeable carbon filter. A ecological wearable that can defend us from all that unpleasant and contaminated air that we breathe.

What if we add GPS to the helmet?

In NY, renting a bicycle to get around the city can be a simple task. The problem is that, when looking for a station to return it, things can get quite complicated.

Adafruit, a company dedicated to electronics, has created a cycling helmet that incorporates an integrated navigation system. Using lights installed to the left and right of the helmet itself, it will guide the driver to the nearest station.

Our hands, the most useful tools in the universe

ProGlobea project born in Germany, has devised a device that, incorporated into a company’s production chains, can offer impressive results.

By using them, our hands will become smart tools. In addition to accurately monitoring all the activities they carry out, they will be able to recognize in real time the temperature, voltage, parts or accessories of the object they manipulate. One last.

Wearables, ingestible?

Although for some the topic to be discussed is difficult to assimilate, experts in the sector are already considering that the new frontier could consist of conquering the body, but from the inside.

Hosain Rahmandirector of Jawboneleader in wearableshas commented in more than one conference that they are working on devices ingestible. Sensors that ‘pass through us’ and collect data from within.

At the moment, fortunately or unfortunately, there is no specific data on any of these ‘edible’ gadgets, but we can deduce that the first approaches will be directed towards health monitoring.

And we can’t stop thinking… What wonders will the future hold for us? For now, Amazon is preparing, and has already created a channel in its ‘online store’ just for wearables.

By Jack Bryant

dynamic individual with a diverse range of passions and expertise. From his early days as a machinist and USAF aircraft mechanic to his thrilling adventures as a race car driver, Jack has always had a knack for pushing boundaries. With a BS in Business, he combined his love for motorcycles and storytelling, becoming a motorcycle folklorist and futurist, uncovering the rich tales of the open road. Today, Jack thrives as a senior software engineer, applying his analytical mindset and problem-solving skills to create innovative solutions. With an unwavering drive for excellence, he continues to embrace new challenges and shape the technological landscape.