Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life cheats for Switch, PS5 or PC?

Are there also cheats for the Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series or PC for the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful? Can you cheat yourself infinite money with a money cheat? One or the other player of the new SoS A Wonderful Life who has already spent a few hours in the game or who would like to try something out quickly and now needs money for it will perhaps deal with these questions.

Are there cheats for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life?

As you already know from previous Story of Seasons parts, there are no official cheats in the new (old) Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life either. So the developers haven’t integrated any cheat codes into the game that you can use to cheat for infinite money or get infinite stamina, for example. However, if you play the game on the PC, you can now use trainers. On the net you can find both free and paid trainers with a money cheat, but also with cheats for stamina, no hunger, infinite energy, water fields automatically and fertilize or increase friendship with a certain villager to the maximum.

In older parts there were some different glitches that could be used as money cheats. For example, a glitch is a duplication glitch that allows you to duplicate items. You can then sell the duplicated items to the dealer and use them as a kind of money cheat. So far, no glitch has been found in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life on Switch, PS5, Xbox Series or PC. Should this change over time, we will add the information here.

Trainer for SoS A Wonderful Life

If you are looking for a trainer with a money cheat and other cheats for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, we recommend this one linked FLiNG trainer. As mentioned above, the trainer offers various cheats for money, stamina, energy, friendship and other useful features such as automatic watering and fertilizing of the crops. You can also set and increase the game speed to make the time in the game run out even faster.

Update: The first cheat table for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is now available. You can use the cheat table via the free cheat engine and use it to cheat money, among other things.

By the way, when downloading trainers, you should make sure that you download them from “trustworthy websites”. Unfortunately, there are always cases where malware or other adware can be found in the trainer.

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