Unmasking users just because: this TikTok account shows how the Internet is blurring the boundaries of privacy

Privacy in public spaces is fading by leaps and boundsbut we didn’t expect it to be a TikTok account of a Taylor Swift fan (she always includes her music in the videos she posts) who was going to remind us of it in the worst possible way.

And, with its 90,000 followers, this profile has caused alarm by exploiting the deep-rooted belief that Anything we do with content available on the Internet is valid.

The ‘modus operandi’ of this particular account is very simple: He selects his victims from people who have appeared in other viral videos and/or according to the suggestions of their followers and, once their objective is selected, their own videos document the ‘research’ process, consisting of…

  • Capture images of the person.
  • Subject them to searches within facial recognition platforms available online for any user (like Pimeyes or FaceCheck.ID).
  • Use what is called ‘open source intelligence’ or OSINT to ‘dig’ through data linked to your identity.
  • Publicly reveal your private information (full name, social media profile and even your employer).

Does not violate any TikTok content policy

Despite the concern generated by this account, and the requests made for TikTok to remove it, the platform has decided not to take any action in this regard, claiming that It does not violate any of their policies, since it only uses publicly available information.

That is the reason why neither 404 Media (the media that has dedicated a report to this story) nor we have wanted to disclose the address of this account until it is deactivated by TikTok.

One of his victims claims that this shows how vulnerable a person can be “merely by existing in a public space.”

Let us remember that these actions are carried out without the consent of the people involvedwhich raises serious ethical and legal questions… and opens the possibility that the content of said videos, or the recognition technology used in them, will be used, in the words of Eli Lloyd, one of their victims,

“For something worse than a simple thirst for online attention, such as extreme cases of harassmentFor example”.

The case of ‘Matthew’, another of his victims, is paradigmatic:was identified by the aforementioned TikTok profile after having appeared interviewed in a video from another viral content generator, one in which Matthew did not provide his full name or any other personal information..

“I felt a little violated”says this victim, who saw how the publication of his identity generated a wave of unwanted attention on the social networks of his company, whose website (which included a photo of him) was key to identifying him.

The worst thing is that the person responsible for the TikTok account shows no interest in ethically justifying his actions —of course, they have not revealed that their victims are behind any illicit activity or anything of that nature—, but rather, they feed on the mere curiosity of their followers.

In Matthew’s case, without going any further, everything was triggered because another TikTok user, one named Kenny, wrote “I need your @” (that is, your username) citing the original video in which the victim appeared. Kenny did not respond to 404 Media when asked why he wanted to unmask him.


How to open a Weibo account without a Chinese phone number

It might not be an easy to understand network due to the language its members post in, but it’s not a bad idea. have a presence on Weibo if you follow the latest technology. Do you want to enter the platform and do not know how to overcome the pitfall of Chinese mobile? No problem: there is a way to open an account with a mobile number from another territory: the international version.

The latest leaks of a future phone, direct information from Chinese manufacturers or establishing conversations with people from this country, With Weibo, you can be up to date with everything as long as you aren’t afraid of the language. And the international mobile app is great because it includes a Spanish text translator, and it doesn’t need a Chinese phone number to open an account on the platform. The start-up process is extremely simple: you will have Weibo on your Android in very few steps. And you can use it on other devices by making the appropriate « connection ».

Installer Weibo international

Weibo is available on the Google Play Store, but there are two versions: China and international. With both applications, you can access the social network, but only the international allows access with non-Chinese phone numbers: this is the one you must choose. If you want to download the app from outside of Google Play, it’s in Pure Apk.

The first requirement you already know: Download and install the Weibo international app. From Google Play, in APK, or in other stores, such as Huawei AppGallery.

Once installed, open a Weibo account:

  • Start the app and click « Start Now » at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Login” to login and register a new account.
  • Click on « Register » at the top right.
  • Now is the time to enter a valid phone number. Being an international demand, Spanish phone numbers agree: Select “Spain” from the country options and you can save the number.
  • If your number is not Spanish, try entering the country: Weibo allows registration in a wide variety of territories. If you cannot register with this number, try using a virtual SMS confirmation service.
  • Once the Weibo number is registered, the network will allow you to choose a user number. The whole process is in English and is not difficult to complete.

After registration, your Weibo account will be active. The international application works well and includes an option to translate texts into Chinese, very useful to know what they are saying. It doesn’t have excessive permissions, but you need to promote the use of your phone number: remember that all this information will go through Chinese servers. We recommend using a different staff number or accessing Weibo through a virtual number.

Source: Frandroid


PlayStation 5 accounts – Create and add new accounts, switch users, guest account, delete accounts and Quick Play on PS5 explained

When you get your PlayStation 5 (PS5) starts, you will undoubtedly want to log in to your existing PlayStation Network account to have your games and PlayStation Plus subscription back.

You can also create new PS5 account, add guest accounts and switch between PS5 accounts anytime you want. This way your family can also use the console without ruining your savegames.

Finally, this page also explains how to Deleted PS5 user accounts and how to use PlayStation 5 Quick Play.

On this page you will find:

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

Add new PS5 accounts

If you want to create a new account on your PlayStation 5, select the option ‘Add User’. You can find this option in several ways:

  • Via the ‘User’ selection screen when you start the console
  • The ‘Switch User’ option in the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you can see by pressing the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu the settings

However you get to this option, you will always end up with the same screen with three options:

  • Get Started – create a new permanent PS5 account
  • Sign In and Play – you can temporarily log into your PlayStation Network account on this console
  • Quick Play – anonymous temporary account

If you want to create a new, permanent account on your PlayStation 5, choose the option ‘Get Started.’

You will then be given the choice to log in to an existing PlayStation Network account, create a new one, or use the PSApp to log in to your account via a QR code or create an offline account.

If you want to use your previous account, log in to the PS5. Now you still have to arrange a few things, including Data Collection.

If you create a new account, you can also create a new username.

Via an offline account you can choose an icon and username, so that you can enjoy your PS5 even without an internet connection.

These instructions allow you to create an account for your child, with the only difference that you will need to visit the ‘Family and Parental Controls’ submenu in the settings to activate settings.

Switch PS5 users

There are two ways to switch accounts while playing on your PlayStation 5.

First and foremost, you can go to the home screen and go to the ‘Users’ option in the top right corner. Normally you will now see your username.

Click on it and a submenu will open with a few options including ‘Switch User.’

Selecting ‘Switch User’ will open a new menu with all users who currently have an account on this PS5.

You can choose which user you want to play as and thus gain access to all files (including save files) that the account in question has on this console. Certain parts of the account may require you to enter a password.

The second way to switch users is to press the PS button to activate the Control Center and select the User option.

Then you follow the same steps as above

Adding PS5 guests and Quick Play on PS5 explained

There are two ways to add a guest account to your PS5. Either you let someone log in temporarily via their own PlayStation Network account on your console, or a temporary guest account is created on your PS5 via Quick Play.

These options instantly delete any data created on your console during their playing time, so you don’t have to worry about impact on your storage capacity.

You can find both options by selecting the ‘Add User’ option, which can be found in several ways:

  • Via the selection screen that appears when you activate the console
  • Via the ‘Switch User’ option on the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you activate via the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu in the console settings

However you get there, after selecting ‘Add User’ you can choose from either ‘Sign In and Play’ or ‘Quick Play.’

If you choose ‘Sign In and Play’, you can log in to your PlayStation Network account and use the console as if it were yours. All your data is also stored.

If you select ‘Quick Play’, the console will automatically create a guest account that has access to all games and features downloaded to this console. If you have the physical version of the PS5, you can also play any physical disc.

The guest account will automatically disappear when you select a new user or switch off the PS5.

Remove PS5 users

To delete a user from your PS5, you must first go to the console settings. You can find it by going to the top right corner of the basic screen.

Then scroll to ‘Users and Accounts’ and select the option ‘Users.’

This will show you a list of all the accounts present on or linked to your PS5.

Now go to the account you want to delete and an icon with a trash can will appear. Select this.

Before removing it, the console will ask if you want to remove this user from the PS5.

If you confirm, the account will be deleted along with any saved data that may have been on the console.

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

Source : IGN


Baldur’s Gate III will allow cross-play and cross-save, but only if you create a Larian account

Cross-play and Cross-save will be available for Baldur’s Gate III, at least for those who have created an account Run. In preparation for early access, Larian Studios has encouraged users to create an account if they want to access any of these features. Users can create a completely new account or link their Steam, Stadia and GOG account.

Earlier last month, Larian released a community update that shed light on Baldur’s Gate III multiplayer. This included a look at how dialogue works during co-op play and confirmed Twitch integration. Through the aforementioned integration, viewers will be able to interact with their favorite streamers.

Cross-play and cross-save will be a great feature for those who want to play with friends or transfer data between the PC and Google Stadia versions of Baldur’s Gate III. However, if you are among those who want to use the two functions, you can register at this link, it only takes a few minutes.

Romantic options will also be available in Baldur’s Gate III. The interactions between characters can develop through individual conversations or how you choose to interact with the world around you.

Baldur’s Gate III is in development for PC and Stadia.

Source: Siliconera

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